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One One Four

Postby laozu Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:05 am

The events which led to my consideration of the "114", and one way to construct it, are related in the topic "108" posted in this same forum.

When I constructed it outside, after disassembling the "108", I found that the positive dome of qi was no longer there, nor was there a cylinder of negative qi rising up from the center.

There was a strong line of positive qi rising up into the sky in the center, and negative qi was being attracted to it, in some way like the operation of a CB.

Thus the "114" was more dynamic than the "108" in that the qi was moving rather than static (in the "108" the qi did not seem to be moving in or out of the dome, or moving in or out of the cylinder, at least from my viewpoint on the ground.

Two weeks later I visited Manfred in Pinkafeld, Austria, and we built another "114", examining its properties with more care and attention. This will be the subject of a subsequent post.

As before, I emphasize that I am promoting nothing here -- just recording observations.
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Re: One One Four

Postby Edostar Sat Sep 12, 2009 3:01 am

This is a drawing of the 114:
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Postby M. Hotwagner Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:13 pm

This is a picture of the 114 which Kelly and I compiled, when he was here in Austria last week.

The etheric dynamics of it are really different to the ones of the 108.
It created a strong flow of orgone towards the pattern from all directions.
The drawn DOR was transformed into POR and went right up into the sky.
This movement of Qi was very strong at the begining, then slowing down.
On the next morning it was slightly noticeable, but still working in the same manner: creating a flow to the center and then moving the Qi up into the sky.

The 108 I had asembled in my workshop about a week or so before behaved different, more stable, but, nevertheless it built up a pleasant feeling of positive energy inside the house.
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Re: One One Four

Postby laozu Wed Sep 16, 2009 7:42 pm

The photograph Manfred posted above, being taken at night, does not show some bushes to the right, which rise some seven or eight feet above the porch, as I recall. After we set up the "114" on the porch, qi rose up through the stalks of the bushes, and then from the tips into the the POR swirl going up (being transformed in the process).

An hour or so after we set up the "114", we took a walk down the nearby street to observe from how far the DOR, or negative qi, was being attracted. While doing so, Manfred noticed a curious phenomenon: that as the qi flowed from behind a section of metal chain-link fence toward the "114", the flow was retarded near the fence. It was not completely stopped, but markedly slowed.

Later we drove up to the top of a hill just outside the city limits, to get a better perspective. The flow toward the "114" seemed to be coming from several miles around.

As Manfred stated, the next day the flow was much reduced, although still in evidence, and POR was still going up from the center. It may have been due to much of the DOR in the neighborhoodf having been, at leasted temporarily, exhausted. But I cannot not be sure due to having to leave the country that day, and not being able to observe the situation in the following days.