Operation "Flowering Dessert" and Santiago Gifting

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Post Operation "Flowering Dessert" and Santiago Gifting 
The time has finally come for a big gifting mission. This year, thanks to our efforts with Kelly and Juan Antonio Cortez's efforts in the edge of the Atacama, in the Valley of Elqui and surroundings,  the very arid regions  bordering the Atacama dessert to the south have gotten an "abnormal" increase rain this year. The area of Combarbalá and Quilitapia, where those giant xtals are, have had plenty of rain for the first time in decades!  Theses succeses are surprising, considering all the HAARP and death tower infrastructure still functioning on the strech of highway from Santiago to La Serena. Juan Antonio (Toņo) and I have planned a gifting trip that will cover all the highway and hiltop arrays in between Santiago and La Serena. Javi is swamped in work so cannot join us  Sad We will also deploy some 800 TBs within the city limits of Santiago, in the worst DOR hotspots.  Toņo recently got a list of cel phone tower sites in the city of Santiago, given to him by an ex-cell-tower tecnitian, who has joined the orgonite cause. This lists over 1800 death tower sites only from one company! There are two other cell phone companys with just as many towers. This means Santiago has at least 5500 death towers, yikes! Only 500 or so of these have been gifted so far. This does not include the HAARP arrays in and arround the city.

 A generous gifter from Norway has contributed enough money to make these 800+ TBs we will deploy in Santiago before travelling to La Serena.  We still need more money for buying resin (got plenty of xtals and metal) and for diesel money for the trip to the dessert. Diesel prices have skyrocketed  this year, and now I pay twice as much for the liter. It will cost 400+ dolars on diesel costs alone. The more money we get the more can be acomplished.

About once every 10 or 15 years, "freak" rainstorms enter the edges of the Atacama dessert and produce a phenomenon known as "Desierto Florido" or Flowering Dessert. The desolate, dead lanscape becomes alive with millions of beautiful flowers, the brown hills and valleys become purple, yellow, orange, red and blue. It is truly a spectacle.
This year we are on the threshold of having the flowering dessert phenomenon. We just need a little more rain. We are confident that with this gifting trip, not only will this be achieved, but we will have the most beautiful desierto florido in many many years. It really is amazing how a dead place like the Atacama can come alive with a little rain. The seeds remain latent for years and years until the right time comes. Our Earth is very capable of healing itself, it just needs a little help right now to get the parasites of its back.  With a couple of years of consitent rain, the Atacama will transform into a jungle, how it used to be only 1000 years ago.

Juan Antonio told me that this winter, the rats' chemtrail spraying has been incesant, almost non-stop. However he has become quite skilled at clearing the skies with a small scale Reich style cloudbuster (with no orgonite). This type of cloudbusting is much more difficult and requires alot of skill. He aims his makeshift CB directly at the planes, and the trails fail to form at all, he also directs the CBs to atract rain fronts from Argentina or from the Pacific with good results. I'll ask him to post something about his cloudbusting in more detail. Inspite of the non-stop chemtrails, and HAARP assaults, rain has still managed to fall on this arid region.

Donations are very welcome, we need your support to pull this one off!


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New post Re: Operation "Flowering Dessert" and Santiago Gif 
Ale, I'm stunned by your followup report on the increased rain in that region after that gifting expedition, last year!  Congratulations!  And thanks for posting the reports for the record.

You have the envious benefit of being one of only a handful of gifters on an entire continent, which means that your gifting produces easily-measured and substantive results.

I hope that your readers can see that the more money you get in donations, the larger the scope of your, Javi's and Antonio's efforts will be in coming months.  

I also want your readers in your region to feel compelled by your reports to match and even exceed your efforts, the way many, many people have outstripped mine, by now  Cool

That's the only sort of competition that seems fun, to me.

It might be that there is one death tower for every 2,000 residents in Santiago, as has been the case in most of the areas we've gifted.  Along the way, please keep an eye out for all those death transmitters and weather weapons that don't show up on anyone's list, okay?  Also if you get any tech details from that ex-death tower technician I hope you can share them, here, assuming he knows anything.   The techs in America and some other countries who work on the death towers don't have a clue what they're working on but I'm hoping your friend does.   I think that leaving his name out will protect him, otherwise we'll be happy to knock the CIA freaks off his back if they give him any trouble, after the fact. That sort of etheric  work has gotten pretty routine, I'm happy to say, and we often get good feedback about success.

Today's Orgonite Production 
Today's orgonite production; preparations for the trip...

many thanks to the people who donated the money to buy the resin    Mr. Yellow

Ale and Toņo working hard:

Lola keeping company...


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New post Re: Operation "Flowering Dessert" and Santiago Gif 
Juan Antonio's ex-death tower tecnitian friend has just been fired from his new job, two days ago. He's sure its because he shared the death tower list since he had just been congratulated about his work by his boss only a couple of days before being fired. Boosts are welcome, his name is Leo.  Thanks!,