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Clusters by Mast Sanity


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Location Recorded Illnesses so far Information
Exeter 3 Leukaemias and 1 cancer Within 300m of Orange mast. Erected 96. 
London 5 cancers, rashes, fatigue, sleep disorders, electric shocks. Orange + T-Mobile.  4 Houses in a row hit by cancer
Lincolnshire 14 cases of cancer Orange mast erected 1995.  200yr radius of mast
Lancashire 2 cancers, 1 Leukaemia,  1 mysterious illness that destroyed a childs pancreas All cases in 3 neighbouring houses.  Less than 250m from 40ft mast
Leeds Brain Tumour, Short term memory loss and sleep disturbance Vodafone 16m mast.  In one home, 20m from mast 


Surrey 2 Brain haemorrhages, 8 cancers,

Skin rashes, low white blood cell count, nosebleeds,  miscarriage, strokes, increased number of allergies, non hodgkins lymphoma, brittle bone disease

Identical haemorrhages in 2 neighbouring houses

Also gentleman who is being continually tested as something making him very ill but specialists cannot find anything physical


Stoke on Trent 4 brain haemorrhages, High blood pressure, Epilepsy Mast erected 1993.  With the brain haemorrhages,  3 were neighbours All died Dates 1998 2000 2000 all cases within 100m of 25m mast. Cluster of at least 5 with high blood pressure. Also 2 dogs have got and died of epilepsy
Norwich 8 cancers All in one road.  120ft mast Orange BTCellnet T-Mobile
Wales Lesions on Brain, Headaches, Return of Crohns disease, Thyroid problems, Skin rashes, Ear infections. Sleep disorders, fatigue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, severe nosebleeds, Cancer. All within 150m of 2 radio masts. 1 up for 12 years other up for 6.  In road of 15 houses
Northern Ireland 6 cancers All in first row of houses facing mast. Erected in 1993
Northern Ireland 9 children with leukaemia.  7 adults with cancers 2 masts near to primary school
Crediton 3 Leukaemia, 1 cancer 19m Orange masts
Lancashire 3 Deaths from Cancer in last year, Leukaemia, Alzheimers, Memory loss Area round mast reported to have highest cancer incident rate.

Orange mast erected in 1997


North Cornelly Intense headaches, dizzy spells and a sinus condition that creates a burning sensation. Non malignant growths increased sense of smell, tumour  
Shropshire Several cancers, Headaches and fatigue.  Re-emergence and worsening of MS Several people on one road next to mast have cancer.  At least one other has died. 
Luton Sleep disorders, fatigue, intense headaches, 55% of population within 100m of mast effected

T-Mobile and Tetra

Exeter 1 non hodgkins lymphoma, 13 cancers Mast erected 1981
South West 2 Leukaemia, 1 cancer, 1Crohns disease 1 Leukaemia and Crohns disease within same household and devt in same year
West Midlands 5 breast cancers, low white blood cell counts, nosebleeds, growths, rashes, immune problems, electrical hypersensitivity, hormone deficiency, numerous abnormal/pre cancerous smear tests, persistent viral infections, headaches, fatigue Mast erected 1994.  Many other symptoms/cases.


Many residents say conditions improve when away form home for a least 1 week