Kirlian photography of aluminium orgonite[The name Orgonite was first coined by Karl Welz  (who possibly created the first basic Orgone Generator) to describe a mixture of non-organic (metal shavings) and organic (fibreglass resin) materials, the combination of which produces (generates) Orgone energy (possibly the same or similar to life force energy, chi, or prana), and will also eat DOR; a discovery of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who created Accumulators (ref).   Don & Carol Croft invented 'tactical' Orgonite (see for Don's account of that) devices (the idea they believe came from the Andromedan race whom Carol and a couple other psychics have interacted with), called Orgone generators (as well as adding crystals to enhance their effect) named the Holy Hand Grenade (HHG), Towerbuster (TB) and Cloudbuster (CB) to deal with Chemtrails, HAARP, generated Weather, Reptoids Death towers among many other applications (Laozu is opening earth energy vortices with TBs), as well as inventing an Orgonite zapper, and energy weapons to deal with the dark side attacks (it will also protect from Radiation assassination attempts).  The best introduction is Don's book: The Life Etheric With Carol Croft and The Adventures.  Read Don's comments about ingredients here before buying or making any yourself, also Orgonite Q and A.  Recommended vendors listed here, along with tutorials, forums (Don's forum is Etheric Warriors), and some articles on how and where to distribute Orgonite (called gifting).  The power of Orgone energy in combating the ruling Nazi parasites, can be gleaned from the way they murdered Dr Reich, and burnt 6 tons of his books, journals and papers (ref).  To see how they control information on Orgone see the present Wikipedia page, an earlier page was deleted, as was a Don Croft pageSee: Wikipedia, Assassinations.  It is very telling that it has never been mentioned on the What To Think Network.Wink  Further evidence it annoys the Matrix is the way Ziopedia deleted the Orgonite page 1 and merged it into an Orgone page with nary a mention of 'Orgonite', and no mention on snopesFor physical evidence of Orgonite effects see: Evidence of Orgonite effects Kirlian photography of aluminium Orgonite.]

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"The Empire never ended Who had built the prison and why he could not say. But he could discern one good thing: the prison lay under attack. An organization of Christians, not regular Christians such as those who attended church every Sunday and prayed, but secret Christians wearing light gray-colored robes, had started an assault on the prison, and with success. Everyone who had ever lived was literally surrounded by the iron walls of the prison; they were all inside it and none of them knew it except for the gray-robed secret Christians." Philip K. Dick, VALIS (1981)  Vast Active Living Intelligence System"

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Best spade for digging EARTH PIPE & Peacemaker holes (you can cut handle down to 3-4ft):

Bulldog (UK) 
Rabbiting Spade (Long Handle)  Code 5391006580

I think most of us have punched these holes in overcast skies. It often happens whenever a new orgonite device and/or arrangement of devices is deployed in an area, such as an orgonite cloudbuster, some earthpipes, a large 108 or another inspired arrangement or device.  The holes usually close up again after a new balance is achieved but these are bona fide miracles as far as I'm concerned.
    There are probably other ways to make blue holes, including Slim Spurlings various harmonizers but I think most of the blue holes being noted are from orgonite devices.  If I'm correct it's probably because they're easiest to make and require no interaction or 'programming.'  The liars like to claim that even tower busters need 'programming' and 'intention.' I've come to loathe the latter word, since it's obvious enough that even scoundrels usually have good intentions Wink  --Hitler used to close the curtains on his touring car when he was driven through bombed areas, for instance, because 'He didn't want his compassion to weaken his resolve.'  See how subtle the ego can be? --Don