[2010 Sept] Hollywood Hitmen  According to Wendy, Gary had become “very disturbed” by his research into Panama, especially over US weapons-testing and alleged money-laundering. He had once told her that the US had used illegal laser weapons to split a bus full of Panamanian civilians from front to back and then buried them in unmarked graves. To this day, Wendy can’t shake the memory of her husband in his dimly lit office one evening, uncharacteristically hunched at his desk, head in hands: “The deeper you look, the dirtier it gets,” he had said.

A riveting Academy Award winning documentary, this special extended version is made all the more timely by recent U.S. invasions and the current "war on terror".
THE PANAMA DECEPTION documents the untold story of the December 1989 U.S. invasion of Panama, the events which led to it, the excessive force used, the enormity of the death and destruction and the devastating aftermath.

The Panama DeceptionAcclaimed filmmakers Barbara Trent and David Kasper uncover the real reasons for this internationally condemned attack, and reveal General Manuel Noriega's longstanding relationship with the C.I.A., the D.E.A, and George Bush, Sr. Utilizing devastating footage, expert commentary and eyewitness testimony, the film shines a spotlight on this pivotal moment in U.S. history. Network news clips and media critics contribute to a staggering analysis of media control and self-censorship used to deceive the American public--a film hauntingly relevant today.

An example of documentary journalism at it's best, THE PANAMA DECEPTION is "...tough, provocative, highly answer to the official United States Government line about the 1989 invasion of Panama." (The New York Times)
New DVD Features: Follow-up Interviews with filmmakers Barbara Trent and David Kasper. The Politics of Demonization and Fear; The Future of Panama and Latin America ; Panama to Iraq; The Trajectory of U.S. Militarism; Panama after the Invasion, with former Panamanian Diplomat Humberto Brown, Phyllis Bennis (Institute for Policy Studies), and former CIA analyst David MacMichael; Trailers from; A Resource Guide with live web links; Filmmakers Biographies.