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See: Nazi list  NASA

Disney Nazis

[vid] The True History and Purpose of NASA

[vid] How the CIA was hijacked by the Nazis and their supporters in Corporate America  From the book "America's Nazi Secret"

Ford and the Führer By Ken Silverstein

[Interview with Gregory Douglas] Müller, chief of the Gestapo, was officially listed as killed during the final days of World War II

Mass Graves Of Children Found Near Montreal; Another Duplessis Orphan Tells Of Being Tortured As A Child In CIA Experimentaion Programs Using Nazi Doctor

[Media] British nerve gas death tests ‘had Nazi scientists’

See: [2002] Selling technology to the Nazis
"The juxtaposition of all these sources--the new German documents, Justice Department records, the IBM files and eyewitness sources--indicates it was not just trading with the enemy...This is the proof that IBM enabled the Holocaust. The connection to New York is now proven."

America's Nazi Secret: An Insider's History by John Loftus

Book Review: A Nation Betrayed: The Chilling True Story of Secret Cold War Experiments Performed on our Children and Other Innocent People by Carol Rutz

Linda Hunt Secret Agenda, St. Martins Press, 1991
Yet another essential book on Project Paperclip - and one that is particularly difficult to find - reveals that countless Nazis were brought to the U.S. and placed in military installations, universities, and private corporations, regardless of their wartime records. Dave McGowan

Christopher Simpson  Blowback, Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 1988
Another essential book on the Paperclip project, focusing primarily on the recruitment of fascist émigré groups for use as stay-behind 'anti-communist' guerrilla armies, disseminators of pro-Western propaganda, etc. Dave McGowan

[Excerpts] Project Paperclip by Clarence G. Lasby

[1990] War-Crime Charges Haunt Scientist

[2005] Project Paperclip: Dark side of the Moon

Project Paperclip: Nazi Scientists Who Performed Human Experimentation in the U. S.

Post-World War II Reccruitment of German Scientists--Project Paperclip A staff memorandum from the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (possible links between Paperclip scientists and radiation experiments)

CIA use of nazi research contains brief biographies of scientists associated with Project Paperclip

Some Aspects of Anti-Personnel Electromagnetic Weapons Synopsis prepared for the ICRC Symposium The Medical Profession and the Effects of Weapons by David G. Guyatt. Part 1 includes a description of mind control experiments by scientists involved in Project Paperclip. From Parascope.


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