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APRIL 3, 2004. A paranormal researcher once told me that he'd sought a job teaching at an American university. He had a rather impressive list of credentials in his field: conducting studies on ESP phenomena in the lab.

He was turned down by the university.

"I knew," he said, "that the university was squeamish about the idea that I would be given faculty status. But after I was rejected, one of the deans, in an unguarded moment during a private conversation, said that he was a member of a Masonic lodge, and it was his understanding that paranormal phenomena were achieved through RITUAL.

"I said that was quite interesting. I asked the dean whether he had taken part in such rituals. He said yes, but declined to describe the ceremonies. He was essentially telling me that a secret society was the proper home for the paranormal. His attitude as I read it implied that the paranormal was THE PROPERTY of secret societies---and the great unwashed masses were barred from such knowledge. It was the first time I realized there might be more to the prejudice against paranormal research than meets the eye..."

For some people, so-called scientific opposition to allowing and funding paranormal research is merely a pose. These people are actually perverse mystics, and they want to protect their "monopoly" on the subject. They also want the kind of psychic control over others they think is possible through their ritualistic practices.

From published accounts about the famous Skull and Bones society at Yale (Kerry and Bush are both members), it's possible to see that some of these men view their powerful corporate and financial and governmental connections as more than just an old-boy network.

Some bonesmen view their secret rituals as psychic platforms from which they can attain special powers over the uninitated masses.

Inside the core of the Vatican, there are men who have this same view.

In both cases, rituals are more than just a pumping up of personal juice. They involve the invoking (creation) of "special" entities who can grant exceptional power. Are these secret-society men, who want, above all, DOMINATION, looking to the light or dark side? The answer is obvious.

To give credence to paranormal studies conducted in labs, where the volunteers are just ordinary people---well, this seems like an incursion and a threat to these secret-society power brokers.

You might remember that Hitler, who was deeply involved with various conjurings and extra-normal predictions, eventually banned all groups in Germany who engaged in paranormal activities. He wanted to the field all to himself and his minions.

IG Farben, the Nazi octopus of all global chemical cartels, was a prototype for future pharmaceutical giants. These days, the drug houses are bent on tranquilizing and twisting the minds of the populace. This is about more than just profits. It, too, is about keeping the paranormal out of the public arena.

In the many interviews I've done with people who have performed very well in paranormal lab studies, I recall one with a woman who, in later years, went on to take Valium. She became addicted. She told me it was impossible to do telepathy while she was under the influence.

She said, "My mind felt like a saturated sponge. I would reach out with my 'sensors' and nothing would happen. I was in a chemical straitjacket."

There is significant evidence that a few of Freud's key early patients were recounting, in therapy, ACTUAL memories of abuse at the hands of their parents. Freud was dismayed about what would happen to his career if he published these case histories. Powerful people (the parents) would align against him.

So he couched his discoveries as fantasies. That is, he claimed the patients were imagining the abuse, as part of a larger fantasy structure that would, during analysis, lead back to a core incest desire ON THE PART OF THE PATIENT.

Eventually, through many twists and turns, we come down to the modern practice of drugging most patients who come to therapists with problems of any kind.

It turns out that a surprising proportion of such patients have problems relating to the fact that they have some sort of psychic perception...and they have trouble understanding and managing that ability.

Instead of working to support the paranormal capacities of patients, the doctors offer toxic and perverse drugs.

Just as most people in the world don't know what agenda they are actually serving, most of these doctors don't realize they are working in a secret tradition of trampling on the capabilities of these patients. They just do their jobs.

Seven years ago, I had an ongoing practice in which I saw clients and did a form of laying on of hands. One client, who was quite anxious, lay down on the table. We worked in silence for about an hour. At the end of that time, she told me she had always had the capacity to "travel" to distant places and times and visit friends and relatives (alive and dead). However, she had kept this ability secret, for fear of discovery by her family. During our session, she had let go, and she'd gone to a dozen or so places and psychically resolved old situations and conflicts with a number of people, including a beloved grandfather.

She now felt renewed and refreshed, as if she'd gained a new lease on life.

This happening mirrored a number of similar accounts from clients I worked with.

If they had gone to psychiatrists and spilled their guts, they would have been given various drugs, including the most dangerous compounds: the so-called anti-psychotics (AKA major tranquilizers). Those drugs can and do cause brain damage. At which point their psychic abilities would have seemed like the least of their problems.

We are all, in fact, living in a Sea of the Paranormal; however, our civilization is constructed to deny it.