Perpetrators (perps)

What is a Perpetrator?

A Perpetrator is anyone who has been trained to  harass, torture, maim, and kill a Target, either by direct means, or by covert means including, electronic, biological, or "accidental" means.  Career perps make a good living dealing misery to hapless individuals.  Perps usually do not know the victim personally, but are supplied enough information to allow a well oiled campaign of gang stalking and harassment. 

How may a perpetrator be identified?

Mostly by their actions. If the Perps are doing their job, they will reveal themselves. 
Look for the following:

    Irrational Hatred:  Hatred of the Target for no rational reason.  When pressed as  to why they hate the Target, the Perp will give a really lame excuse like:  "I don't like your luggage."  Or something else just as stupid and illogical.  The Perp is not going to tell the Target the real reason because  they are being paid to hate the target.  It is that particular Perp's job assignment to hate the Target.  That is how they earn their paycheck.  This can be inconsequential unless that Perp happens to be married to the Target's best friend or a family member.  The ultimate goal is to destroy the Target's relationship with that person and isolate the Target from friends and family.  Eventually, this will work in most cases.

     Hidden Agenda:  Perps pretend to be going about doing ordinary things; however, careful observation will reveal a different agenda than most folks.  Perps follow the Target into a place of business, then spend most of the time crowding the Target's space, and sometimes wind up doing very little business with the establishment.  The Perp's follow the Target out the door and appear to leave.  Observation sometimes reveals, they circle the block and come back, as that establishment is their assignment for a period of time that day.

     Visage devoid of soul:  The longer a perp has been in this vile business, the less human they become.  This is especially true of those who have made this their life-long career.  Career Perps are required to do evil to Targets everyday without feeling remorse.  This is a job requirement and inevitably results in a hardened, cold face, lacking in compassion.  Some of the Targets report this as being most helpful in early identification of Perps.

    Secret Hand  signs:  Careful observation reveals the perps may use hand signs to communicate with each other.  A sign that has been used repeatedly is bringing the had up to cover the nose and mouth, then back down again.  It is made to look like the perp is scratching his nose but what it really means is:  Heads up!  The target is approaching and is right behind me.

     Unnecessary Rudeness:  Perps will consistently engage in rude behavior directed toward the target.  "Street Theater", usually involving invasion of space, is a daily occurrence.  Every retail establishment, parking lot, post office, Doctor's office, has it's own assigned cadre of perps to do the dirty work.  Regardless of the time of day, perp gangs crowd in line at cash registers just ahead of the target and usually have a credit card that does not work, a price that needs to be checked, or simply engage the checker in endless conversation.  The result is a lot of wasted time.

Who are the Perpetrators?

     1.  Perps who apply for the job:

     Perps who apply are usually people who can't find a real job
They just don't have what it takes to succeed on their own.  Perps don't have to be smart.  Anyone can be a Perp and make easy money, all they have to do is:

            a.  Follow orders
            b.  Never admit the truth

     This type of perp usually does not advance, but will, nonetheless; have job security for as long as the American people continue to believe that this kind of harassment is nothing but paranoid delusion reported by a few loonies.

      2.  Perps who are recruited for the job:

     Anyone can be recruited.  Many people turn to the dark side and join this vast network of evil.  Homeless people, rich people, retarded people, addicts, alcoholics, young, old, geniuses, morons, people of any profession, people of all faiths and persuasions.  Anyone desiring a place in this dark madness may have one.  The most disappointing and pathetic of all are the christians.  There are a quite a lot of "pretend-a-christians"  involved in this conspiracy who have been tricked into joining. 

These Pretend-a-Christians attend more Perp meetings than Christian meetings and go about the day serving the dark side  by heaping misery on Targeted Individuals.  Convinced that Christians are god's chosen; and therefore, chosen to decide who is undesirable and who isn't and who will live and  who will die.  How this is done is inconsequential.  These type of Perps mean well but will continue to do evil until they truly find God.

     3.  Perps who enjoy sado-machostic activities:

      This type of Perp has found Perpdom to be the fulfillment of a life long dream.  How else can anyone commit trespass, burglary, slander, vandalism, terrorism, drugging, rape, abduction, and even murder without being called to task?  This power hungry Perp enjoys inflicting pain on the target and feeds off their fear.  This Perp definitely has a life long career in perpdom and will advance far up the ladder to become part of the management team.

     4.  The disgruntled ex-husband or ex-boyfriend:

      Increasing numbers of callers have indicated that their ex-husbands and ex-boyfriends are targeting them for breaking up with them.  Usually, the actual harassment is done by a group of thugs hired by the ex-boyfriend or ex-husband so he will not have to "get his hands dirty" or risk arrest for the illegal activities.  Reports of revenge for hire groups are increasing as more and more people become targeted.

How could anyone be "forced" into Perpdom?

Anyone can be tricked into joining in the torture of the Targets by the following means:

     Lies:  The newly recruited Perp is told the Target is a drug pusher, terrorist, homosexual, socialist, jew, muslim, Democrat, etc.  It is easy to find out where the new Perp's "hot buttons" are and push them in order to motivate them to do things that may be against their moral beliefs.  The information may not be conveyed directly, but rather inferred.  Even so, this will work on a subliminal level until finally, in the Perp's mind, the Target is trash and therefore, does not deserve to live.  Perps are brainwashed to believe "the end justifies the  means",  that is, some people will have to be done away with in order to make the world a better place for all to live.  The message is "we know what is best for society and what kind of person deserves to live in the new world order."  How this is done is inconsequential. 

     Co-ercion:  Threats to the person or their family members, pets, or friends.  Usually this does not come in the form of a direct verbal threat.  Threats can be implied.  The death of a pet, terrorist break-ins, street theater continually crowding the Targets space or implying threats.  At least one really good person became real co-operative and joined this evil network after his daughter was involved in a suspicious car wreck.  Seems the guy crossed two lanes of traffic to hit her.  Perps are also able to infiltrate and cause on the job harassment,  sabotage of work, loss of job, and blacklisting so that regardless of the qualifications, the Target cannot find employment.

     Either-OR:  Either you work for us or you are going to jail.  The number of Perps forcibly recruited in this manner is not known.  Some of our callers report that a background check on the Perps will often result in the discovery of a criminal record.  These Perps usually start out as informants, and advance into street theater if they can stay out of trouble.  That is why some of the Perps appear to have been drug addicts with no history of legal employment.  Recruiters have found a gold mine in the mandatory sentencing laws for minor drug offenses.  Of course, these involuntary Perps will never be free.  They will serve a lifetime of perpdom because anyone who tries to leave,  will meet with an "accident" or die of "natural causes."

Who would want this job?

Perps are often recruited from broken Targets who finally just give up after months or years of harassment and veiled threats to their family and friends.  Usually, the Target cannot hold a job due to continual Perpetrator influence; ie, infiltration of the job site, sabotage, continual vandalization of the Target's mode of transportation, etc.  It is easier to join evil than to resist.  Eventually, for some perps, evil becomes fun, a high, and they are turned forever to the dark side. 

Why would anyone want to be a perpetrator?

Most new Perps are in it for the money and training for a new career.  They have a sense of belonging to an elite group, privy to information that others do not have. They may be told they are ridding the world of "undesirables" (people with unconventional attitudes).  As they work their way from informant to orchestrator, Perps become privy to more and more information.  They are carefully groomed and hardened so that as they inflict more and more pain on the Targeted Individuals, they feel no remorse.  Perps are convinced Targets are just dumb smucks who don't deserve to live anyway.

No doubt there are many perps who think they can avoid becoming a target if they co-operate and join the ranks of the secret gangs trained in this line of work.  What they don't know is that we are getting an increasing number of calls from survivors who have observed some of the perps are targets themselves.  Looks like some of the perps are becoming aware that joining the evil will not protect them from becoming a target.

Perps are trained not to question why someone is undesirable, only to follow orders and observe the rules of secrecy.  Therefore, it does not matter what kind of person the Perp is asked to target, the Perp is to obey without question.

Perps are trained in street theater, and become informants, then agent provocateurs, then move up to orchestrator.  The longer a Perp has been in the program, the less conscience and humanity the Perp will retain.  Long time Perps are usually easy to identify.  The daily schedule of continous evil doing eventually leaves them with a visage devoid of soul. 

Convinced they are part of an elite group whose destiny it is to shape the world into what they have been brainwashed to believe is a better place, Perpetrators are willing to do anything for the cause.  Even murder, so long as they can't be caught.  This is easily accomplished with Directed Energy Weapons.  These devices can be directed to single out one person, causing sleep depravation and permanent damage to the body.  Eventually the Target dies, apparently from natural causes.  The perfect crime has been committed.  No one really knows how many victims the Perps have killed because most Doctors cannot recognize the symptoms of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)