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Cancer on the lawn Children from houses where hanging insecticidal strips are used are at almost twice the risk of developing leukaemia. The risk rises to threefold if the strips were used in the last three months of pregnancy. Dichlorvos, the main insecticide used in hanging strips is classified by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a human carcinogen.

[2009 May] Research exposes health problems of low level OP use

[2009 April] Parkinson's partially linked to pesticides


Pesticide Nun
[Media UK, April 2003, Pesticide poisoning] Georgina's fight against toxic peril

[Media UK, April 2003, Pesticide poisoning] Suffering and tragedy in a Kent village

[Media Aug 2001] COVER-UP (Organo-phosphorous poisoning disguised as Toxic Oil Syndrome)

[Media] Pesticide is linked to Parkinson's

[Media] Exposure to pesticides can cause birth defects and childhood cancers

[2006] Pesticides exposure associated with parkinson's disease

[2006] Pesticide Use Increases Chance of Parkinson's in Men

[May 13, 2004] Barren Justice: Banana Workers Fight for Pesticide Settlement

Media Dec 2003 Benlate fungicide] Eyeless children championed by Observer win $7m test case

[Media Aug 21, 1993] Poisoning the wells of science. Pesticides may be behind many ailments, but the government will not investigate

[Media Agent Orange]
What it did, according to the Hanoi government, is cause up to 500,000 children to be born with congenital defects......Of the 60 to 100 births that take place every day at the hospital, at least one or two are stillborn......The number of births of so-called Agent Orange babies peaked in 1985, but there are still more than 300 children born with birth defects at Tu Du Hospital every year.

[Media 1996] The scandal of how Britain's babies are being crippled from birth  by sprays and pesticides