Mark Phythian


BA (Hons) (II/i) History Politics Manchester Polytechnic, 1985
MA (Distinction) Latin American Politics, University of Liverpool, 1987
PhD, University of Liverpool, 1994
Further & Adult Education Teaching Cert., St Helens College, 1989




Arming Iraq, Northeastern University Press, Boston, Mass; 1996 (ISBN 1-55553-285-3)

The Politics of British Arms Sales Since 1964, Manchester University Press, 2000

Currently working on:

  1. Blurring the Boundaries of Illegality:  Understanding the Illicit Arms Trade, Routledge, 2001
  2. The foreign policy of the Wilson Governments, 1964-1970 (with J. Callaghan)


The Arms Trade, in B Thompson and F F Ridley (eds) Under the Scott-Light, Oxford University Press, 1997 (ISBN 0-19-922278-9)


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The Cold War, Modern History Review, Forthcomingh 2000

The Illicit Arms Trade:  Cold War and Post-Cold War, Crime, Law and Social Change, Forthcoming, 2000

Book Reviews

Millennium Journal of International Studies, Vol 23, No 3, Winter 1994, pp 777-779 Sersey Koulik & Richard Kokoski: Conventional Arms Control : Perspectives on Verification.

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Millennium:  Journal of International Studies, Vol 27 No 3 1998, pp790-791:  Raymond Tranter:  'Rogue Regimes' - Terrorism and Proliferation

Conference Papers/Research Seminars:

The Politics of the Supergun, Paper presented at Conference on Corruption, Fraud and Business Crime, University of Liverpool, March 1993

Developing the UN Register of Conventional Arms, seminar at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London, 5 April 1993.

Methodological Issues for PhD Students studying Latin America, Society for Latin American Studies Annual Conference, University of Liverpool, March 1994 (Session Chaired)

Understanding British Arms Export Performance - Paper presented at University of Bradford, School of Peace Studies, Research Seminar, 2 February 1995

From Monitoring to Manipulation? - Intelligence and 'Iraqgate' - Paper presented at SISG Session, PSA Conference, University of York, 18 April 1995

SISG Workshop: Britain's Intelligence Requirements/Accountability and Control, Ship Hotel, Reading, 22/23 Sept, 1995.

The Scott Report and the Arms Trade - Leeds Civic Hall, 24 Feb 1996

The Appendices to the Scott Report on CD-ROM: Intelligence and Matrix Churchill Revisited, Paper presented at SISG session, PSA Conference, University of Ulster at Jordanstown, 8-10 April 1997

Negotiating Transparency and Restraint in Conventional Arms transfers: The UN and Wassenaar Arrangement: Seminar at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London, 10 July 1997.

The Arms-To-Iraq Affair:  An Analysis of Perceptions and Misperceptions Over the Question of the Export of Arms and 'Dual Use' Equipment, paper presented at BISA Conference, University of Leeds, 17 December 1997

Crime and Law Enforcement, SISG Session, PSA Conference, Keele University, 8th April 1998 (session chaired)

Examining the Present:  Freedom of Information Legislation, 'National Security' Exemptions, and Data Protection Issues, SISG Conference:  Security Intelligence Files - Current Issues Regarding Use, Access and Research, Gladstone Hotel, Liverpool, 31.10.98 (Session chaired)

Hunters in the Backyard?:  The US, the UK and the Question of Arms for Castro's Cuba, Paper presented at the David Bruce Centre for American Studies, Keele University, 02.12.98

David Shayler's Critique of MI5 Management, paper delivered at SISG Session, PSA Conference, University of Nottingham, 24 March 1999.

'Hunters In The Backyard?':  The US, the UK and the Question of Arms for Castro's Cuba, paper presented at the 25th annual conference for the Society of Historians of American Foreign Relations, Princeton University, 26.6.99.

UNSCOM in the Time of Cholera:  The Continuing Lessions and Arms Control Implications for the UNSCOM Experience, presented at the APSA annual meeting, Atlanta Hilton and Towers Hotel, Atlanta, 5.9.99

The Subterranean Arms Trade, Panel Convened and Chaired, BISA Annual Conference, UMIST, 21.12.99


Current Research Interests

The Evolution of UK Arms Export Policy Since 1945 (Funded by Leverhulme Trust)
US & UK Foreign Policy Formulation, esp. towards the Middle East (esp Iran-Contra, Saudi Arabia)
The Role of US Arms Sales in US Foreign Policy
The Illicit Arms Trade
Labour Party, Labour Government and Foreign Policy