The Port Arthur Massacre

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[2016 vid] Port Arthur Massacre - GUNMEN named!

The Port Arthur Massacre-- Was Martin Bryant Framed? by Carl Wernerhoff

Mass murder in Australia: Tavistock's Martin Bryant by Allen Douglas and Michael J. Sharp


The key to understanding the massacre is thus that it contained at its heart a "double-cross" mechanism enabling it to eliminate a substantial part of the personnel who had actually been involved in planning it. It is certainly hard not to believe that Anthony Nightingale was involved in the plot: as soon as the shooting started, he leapt up from his seat to cry out, "No, no, not here!" Clearly, Nightingale knew, or thought he knew, where the massacre was supposed to take place. Yet the gunman fired on regardless.
    The best answer, therefore, to the question of why no survivors have come forward is that many, if not most, were intelligence operatives. Those who knew about the massacre were expecting to be able to observe it from a safe distance. Those at the highest levels of the plot had in mind a quite different development: the massacre would lead to the elimination of most of the people who knew anything about it. This was easily done—only a handful needed to know that the carnage would really take place inside the café—and would ensure that afterwards there were very few left who actually knew what had happened and so there could be few leaks. The survivors, having been tricked in this way, would have been left in an extremely awkward position. They could hardly have gone public with what they knew, for to do so would oblige them to admit that they had been involved in a plot to murder the tourists on the Isle of the Dead.
    If my theory is correct, there is a silver lining to the horrendous dark cloud that was the Port Arthur Massacre. At least some of the dead had themselves been party to a conspiracy to murder dozens of innocent people. Maybe there is some justice in their becoming victims of their own planning. The Port Arthur Massacre-- Was Martin Bryant Framed? by Carl Wernerhoff

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Ned Wood, "The Port Arthur Massacre 10 Years On: The Secrecy Continues." "Roland Browne, then co-chair of the National Coalition for Gun Control (NCGC), who, with astonishing accuracy, predicted the Port Arthur Massacre when he stated, 'We are going to see a mass shooting in Tasmania...unless we get national gun control laws.'- (ACA ,with Ray Martin, March 1996)
    The Sun Herald reported May 5 1996 that ex-Premier of NSW, Barry Unsworth made this prediction in 1987 - 'Before Uniform Gun Laws become possible in all States there will have to be a massacre in Tasmania.' Can politicians and people for gun control really see into the future?"

[2001] A Presentation of the Port Arthur Incident by Mr Noel McDonald

[2016 vid] Port Arthur Massacre - GUNMEN named!