Portals, Stargates

[Portals are doorways to other locations.  They have this technology to go to the Moon, Mars etc.]

Stargate Detroit by Chad Stuemke Hart Plaza may be an urban portal or even a stargate considering the large amounts of gateway and stargate symbolism found on the park grounds. Let me clarify the kind of stargate we will be discussing today. A stargate can be perceived or referred to in several different ways. There is of course the classic stargate made popular in science fiction programs. Generally in that instance it will be portrayed as a transportation device that can relocate people or objects across galactic space from locations on Earth at less than the speed of light

“A stargate may be a place on Earth that is a shamanic-trance portal to other worlds where energy pulsing(ringing) from our star, from other stars or star systems is easily received.”--William Henry (American Rite) DVD

Portals are hyper-dimensional. They’re specific locations, usually in natural vortices, through which the reptilians can pass from their deep, underground hives to the surface. There is a force that prohibits them from interacting with us in 3D when we’re in a fully awake state, but apparently this force is gradually becoming inactive, since we’re able to see their craft more and more and many people are seeing them peripherally. Energy-sensitive people like Carol see them more clearly, but still as not-quite-physical entities. [2002] The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft – Parts 11 – 20

There was another time portal then at the Stonehenge site in Salem, New Hampshire, so we drove right up there.  The snow was pretty deep when we got there and it was around midnight.  Carol found the energy of the place and we only had to go ¼ mile into the woods.  Apparently time portals appear at certain times in certain locations, related to astronomical/astrological arrangements. [2001] The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft – Parts 1 - 10

[vid] Third Reich - Operation UFO (Nazi Base In Antarctica) Complete Documentary