Psychics' update and maybe some unrelated commentary---- Don Croft 

Sept 7, 2007

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 Psychics' update and maybe some unrelated commentary 
Let’s get the subjective component of the report and commentary out of the way:

For the past few weeks, the psychics have been seeing insectoid aliens in large numbers underground in the world odor’s bases and tunnels.  These seem to be a ‘last resort’ deployed from a previously hidden  sort of paradigm due to  the failure of the more recognized world-odor hierarchies, such as the Vryal, Jesuits, CIA, Mossad, MI6, etc. and their draconian and reptilian members and supervisors.   The world odor's genocide/enslavement  agenda is probably abandoned by now in favor of mere survival in their vast underground infrastructure.

It seems apparent that the scores of big H-bombs on the seabed that we and the whales found and neutralized, also some artificially boosted seismic activity at various volcanic sites and some WWIII-inducing CIA/Mossad/MI6 suitcase nukes in select cities, all of which we try our best to keep tabs on and neutralize each week, are designed to derail the current, accelerating and unregulated progress toward world peace and unity.

Dooney, STevo, Carol and I gifted Yellowstone Lake last weekend, for instance, so that the sewer rats can't wipe out civilization with a mega-eruption there.   Wow--what a big lake!  Carol and I earthpiped most of the larger, encompassing Yellowstonet caldera with earthpipes, three years ago, and stopped the then-current threat but the sewer rats had been jacking up the segment of the larger caldera that's right under the lake, which we hadn't done before.  We had the most dramatic interaction, so far, with Undines by the way.

 It seems that we’ve disabled or destroyed so many draconians who were deployed against us that attrition has finally come into play, hence the desperate, recent deployment of bug hives against us.  For the past year and a half, during the Sunday sessions, Dr Stevo has been particularly ardent at clearing out a chamber on the draconian homeworld from which their  activities are directed on our world.  The psychics say that the big chamber usually looks like an abatoir instead of a sanctuary Cool

The whales have been particularly interested in and busy with our efforts against the draconians and related human sewer rat agencies, including the US and British navies, each of which have been actively involved in slaughtering cetaceans for decades, on behalf of the draconians, mostly with countless thousands of seabed transmitters and scores of submarines and surface ships.

The bugs are apparently organized in hives, like the earthly reptilians are, so we generally hunt for the queens.  Compared to the hardier draconian parasites, the bug hives are more vulnerable to etheric assaults by humans in groups.
Until lately, we rarely encountered insect aliens aligned with the world odor. In fact, the only two big bugs we’d found and disabled were underground at the Rosicrucian headquarters in San Jose, California, and ‘Ramtha’ HQ at Yelm, Washington after some of our associates were assaulted by those bugs and their human sycophants.

The other aliens who might be called insectoids were the spidery squid-like ones that Carol first encountered underground in Ireland and UK, four years ago after she gifted Maab’s tomb in Ireland.  Finding these ancient aliens a few days later in an MI6 portal she gifted at  foggy Mort (‘death’) Point in SW England showed Carol that the world odor was already connected to these hardy parasites.  She saw the other end of that particular wormhole portal at Montauk, by the way. For a few months after that, all the psychics were molested by these aliens, which is largely what inspired us to get more proficient at tossing energy. That eventually led to

The other newer development from the psychics has been their discovery that the earth’s vortices each relate to a chakra system that is lined up from the north to south magnetic poles in a line thru the middle of the planet, though this is perhaps an approximation of a more hyper dimensional paradigm.   This has made sense to them of the phenomenon of various earth vortices having specific colors, related to specific inner earth chakras.  They found, along the way, that the disturbances of earth vortices by the world odor are only superficial, not deep or high.   This helped us understand why it‘s been so easy to heal some of the vortices, also why a few of the primary vortices, especially the ‘Creator Vortex‘ in Western Iran, near Iraq, remained  vital and unpolluted by the sewer rat agencies even though its in teh heart of a region that's saturated with DOR.

If you've read much on EW, you hopefully know that there's no pressure on you to blindly accept anything that's reported. Our collective hope is that we can at least inspire you to start gathering your own confirmations from your own gifting efforts, that's all.

Some or much of this psychicly-obtained data isn’t new, by the way, but we’re probably the first people to publicize it. Some of us feel that all information can be shared, now, because enough people are taking responsibility for our own discernment. Also, organizations are all found to be inadequate in terms of authority by now when it comes to the newer enquiries, as Dr Reich explained.

Pedro, who gifts in and around Sao Paolo, Brazil, sent me an email, recently, asking  why I’m not posting more updates about what the psychics are finding in our chat sessions, especially in regard to the world odor’s failure to put their latest  HAARPicane (Dean) into or near US waters.

We did some group work on Dean when it was in the vicinity of Jamaica, while it was still ‘predicted’ to hit the Northern Mexico Gulf Coast, or perhaps Texas.  

‘El Jeno’ who is an enormous elemental in the region along the Yucatan Coast and the adjoining Gulf area to the north (introduced to us through Jeff McKinley, almost two years ago) was invited, then seen by the psychics to apply pressure to the approaching storm.  Storms are extreme low pressure systems.  I think that very low atmospheric pressure is one of the best evidences of strong deadly orgone radiation, which is the world odor’s ‘currency,’ in its myriad species:  death, disease, debt, hopelessness, confusion, paranoia, national socialism, racism and prejudice of all kinds.

I asked Carol, after an international chatblast session,  to see why Dean wasn’t getting close to Cuba or the upper Yucatan coastal area and she saw that the orgonite tossed in the sea in 2006 had been taken all over the Caribbean region north of Dean’s path, including the southern coastal water of Cuba by now, thanks to some generous Canadian tourist/gifters in the case of Cuba.  Some gifting has been done in Jamaica, which is in a fairly isolated southern position.  

Remember that HAARPicane Wilma  in October, 2005, was accurately ‘predicted’ to reach the Atantic coast on it’s eastward path at Jupiter, where we had just arrived a few weeks before.  That prediction was made several days earlier, when the storm was still meandering in the Gulf.  Of course, that was some months before Jeff, Eric Carlsen and I got around to disabling all the death towers and HAARP arrays in the rural areas between the two South Florida coasts.   There’s no doubt that the towers were used to boost and guide that HAARPicane to hit such a tiny  ‘ground zero,’ and if Nature were in charge of that storm, it would have dissipated over such a large landmass and taken a very erratic, unpredictable course, meanwhile.

We had gotten intermittent reports from people ’vacation-gifting’ the Caribbean Yucatan Coast (facing Cuba) over the years, which might explain why the HAARPicane came ashore  very far south of Cozumel, close to Belize.   We haven’t heard of anyone gifting in Belize, by the way.

‘El Jeno’ means ‘the Genie’ in Spanish, by the way.   The reason the name seems especially significant to me is that Muhammad commented on the existence of the Jinn (elementals/genies) as being ’people made of clear fire’ who were pre-existent to physical entities (man) and in some ways superior to us.  From my own experience with elementals, I’ve noticed that they have a distinct sense of humor, hence that one’s stated name, perhaps.  Jeff received that name psychicly when he asked  the elemental  for it during our first meeting with him in Tequesta, Florida, when we were working on one of the HAARPicanes after Katrina.  A few weeks later, the word odor managed to throw HAARPicane Wilma at us from across the peninsula in an un-natural straight path, after which we started tossing orgonite regularly from our new boat in the Atlantic and Gulf coastal waters of South Florida for about ten months.

What I’m reporting isn’t more than empirical evidence, by the way; it‘s just a subjective account of this and others’ subjective accounts, which we all use as ‘battlefield intelligence‘ during our  weekly international online sessions. It’s remarkable to see how the psychics apparently can see the same ‘scenes’ in progress when we hunt for the world odor’s chief troublemakers and heal wounded earth-energy sites.  In both cases, we’re finding more and more participation by whales, dolphins and, now, even Lemurians, who had been observers, Operators and healers until lately.  Now, the psychics are seeing Lemurians going after the mass murderers, along with the cetaceans and ourselves.  I’m looking forward to more ordinary, unpretentious people like us standing up and reporting their similar efforts on behalf of humanity and the rest of Earth’s non-predatory, non-parasitic  inhabitants.

During that ten months after Wilma, we tracked the distribution of our and Dave Emmett’s (on Barbados) thousands of  pieces of sea-tossed orgonite two ways:  the psychics looked for ‘points of light’ on the visualized charts of the ocean at those latitudes, all the way from the Americas to Africa, and we noted the complete failure of the world odor, during the 2006 HAAARPicane season, to achieve the successful creation of distinct centers of tropical storms in the Atlantic.  The HAARPicanes in the Eastern Pacific were unabated, so they showed a distinct contrast  of how bad things still are where orgonite isn’t present.

In the Pacific, where not as much gifting has been done, the 2006 hurricane season produced regular, very distinct and potentially destructive HAARPicanes, originating near the coast of Southern Mexico and traveling toward Hawaii, the nearest  landmass.  By then gifters in Hawaii had apparently tossed enough orgonite in the sea for the dolphins and whales to distribute in the surrounding water, as had happened in the Caribbean and Gulf regions and is now also happening on a grand scale in the Indonesian waters around  Bali, Java and Sumatra, thanks to Dan Daum.  We assume this is why no destruction occurred in Hawaii, then.

I’ve posted about all of this, as has Jeff , but Etheric Warriors has been destroyed by the hacking CIA/MI6 sewer rat hordes a few times since then, so maybe it’s useful to say all of it again, in light of the continuing failure of the world odor’s  HAARP hierarchy to destroy American and Caribbean coastal areas with artificially-boosted storms.  I notice that the Weather Channel ‘personalities’ show up on location like hungry vultures in anticipation  of HAARPicane landfalls, by the way,  but you can probably see that they’re trying to cover their butts by now in order to retain a shred of credibility among the increasingly disinterested pajama people.

Carol and I saw a Newsweek cover with the headline ‘Is Global Warming a Hoax?’  See how that sacred cow is disintegrating now?   In order to retain credibility with the pajama people, especially my generation (the present wave of ‘environmentalist’ National Socialists who were the already-myopic, endorphin-fogged  Woodstock Nation: the first generation of Monarch Program Assets) the What To Think Network has to now state the obvious, then explain it away to further confuse the PJ folks even more.  We didn’t read the article, since the cover was obviously a setup to defend  the Global Warming myth.

In the back of my mind, for three years, I’ve kept the notion that the earth’s rotational axis has shifted dramatically.   The What To Think Network and academia have apparently taken great pains to keep people from noticing or discussing it but a note from Al McAllister, a long-time gifter in  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  who has , piqued my interest enough, today, to measure where the sun rises and sets on the compass.  Here’s what he had to say:

Hello Don,

This is a follow up to something you mentioned last year,  you asked me to observe
that the sun has changed position where it rises and sets, because of an earth axis
shift. Well, someone put together a website with photos and charts showing this, it
at w w w dot divulgence dot net  I got this from a post in alternative health forum.
I am aware of this because in previous years' winter months one side of my yard
would get plenty of sun, this year virtually none, just a small patch for about an
hour and a half.


By the way, Al told me, recently, that vo Joanna is still watching out for us in the etheric realm.  She's a remarkable entity whose very dependable 'horse' is Dona Leda. Al's very lucky to  know Dona  Leda, I think.  It's kind of like the appreciation I feel for my wife, Carol, and for the other psychics, Dooney, Stevo and Dr Dirk.

Right now, in Northern Idaho, the summer sun has been setting slightly south of due west.  Sunrise is considerably far north  of due east, which indicates that the rotational axis has shifted to the west and north, in relation to me.

Pekka in Finland  will be getting a compass pretty soon and will share his observed sunrise/sunset data from where he lives in the Arctic Circle and I’m asking EW members who live close to the equator in Africa,  South America and SE Asia to do the same. Let’s see whether the present orbital axis is fixed or is still travelling, okay?

Three years ago, I put out a request for people to send me measurements of their own sunrises and sunsets and in each case it was obvious, even then, that the axis had shifted and the earth's rotation rate had possibly changed, though apparently not as far as it has shifted by now.  Ryan McGinty took a timelapse photo from a mountain top that included the Polar Star at the time, which was only seen to move very slightly but, I think, the star’s elevation, relative to the traditional position would be a clue to where the rotational axis is.

You probably noticed that the moon sometimes rises almost due south and stays very low in the sky.  At other times, it’s seen directly overhead.   Historically, the moon has always been in approximately the same plane of ecliptic as the earth and other planets.   The moon was seen to have assumed a very erratic orbit about four years ago, when people in my northern latitude, during winter, were suddenly seeing it out of windows on the north side of our houses and, apparently, the eclipses since that time have not happened in the way they were predicted.  In northern winters, the moon and sun traditionally stay very low in the southern sky, never north of the east/west axis.

It’s characteristic of humans that new information is not often welcomed by most people because we all have a sort of built-in inertia, like a big flywheel.  Along with  the decomposition of human institutions  has come the even more welcome emergence of new evidence and information about the nature of the soul.  People like Danion Brinkley, James von Praagh and others who have one foot in this world and the other foot in the next world are sharing an awful lot of potentially-liberating information about the next one and this is flying in the face of both the traditional irrational religious dogmas and the widespread, insidious ‘catchall’ Theosophical paradigm, both of which can be said to induce devotees to ‘trade eternity for a bad infinity.’

I was having a conversation with some acquaintances,  who had brought up the notion of reincarnation ( I can’t help but ‘answer back’ when I feel that someone is proselytizing), and during our discussion it occurred to me that this doctrine is similar to the heaven/hell idea in that it appeals to the human ego. I think clergy,  throughout history, have had to appeal to their gullible flocks’ egos in order to hold them in thrall and turn them into profitable proselyte assets.  All cults operate that way, of  course, because it means a lot less work for the controllers and ensures that the believers will self-police and exercise peer pressure on the rest of the flock.  In this emerged paradigm, I think, we’ve become aware that  intellectual integrity is its own reward and it’s harder to con people into ‘trading eternity for a bad infinity.’  These dry, oppressive dogmae are losing their appeal, thank God, in favor of more empowering and broadening, integrative concepts of the nature of reality.

In the receding paradigm, which has been almost nihilistic in terms of materialistic science and mind-breaking dogma, when one felt a need to believe in the eternal nature of the soul he or she generally opted to accept either the heaven/hell myth or reincarnation.  Nobody, much, seemed to be comfortable with not knowing the specifics of the soul’s condition after physical death, even though it’s apparent that the finite mind can’t really encompass such a vast concept.   It seems that  this discomfort in the face of the linear mind’s handicap usually translates into an almost militant defense of inadequate explanations like heaven/hell and reincarnation and many people who want to believe in the indestructible, incorruptible nature of the soul wear their dogmas on their sleeves as a sort of filtering exercise in order to avoid people who don’t believe as they do.

As a believer in God, I feel instant kinship with everyone I meet who believes in God but I don’t really care what religion they belong to.  One reason  I got on so well with Wilhelm Muller is that, at our first meeting, when he asked me, ‘Do you believe in God?’ I said, sincerely, ‘Yes.’   As a survivor of a Vryal concentration camp in the 1930s and 40s, Bill Muller was probably unlikely to feel thankful to his Creator but the opposite happened. I once took a potential investor to see him and Bill couldn’t seem to wait to get that slick Alabama mason out of his house 8).

I think people who profess any genuine religion can  easily do away with clergy-created dogmas, after all, because all of the real religions carry the spark of creative energy,  thanks to their Prophet founders.  When you dig down through the age-old baggage of their parasitic clergy and ’theologians’ every genuine religion can truly be seen as a unifying force.   I think that  getting an inkling of  the existence of our own souls leads eventually to an awareness and appreciation  of the concept of the Maker of souls but  there’s no need to hit anyone over the head with the idea.  After all, each one of us remain unaware of one or another simple truth as long as we draw breath.  

Apparently,  the intention of the world odor's clever architects of the ego-stroking luciferic paradigm (Theosophy and religious fundamentalism) had been to push people away from the revealed religions, thus conning them to disconnect from the Creative Word, the way Monarch assets are systematically conned to disconnect their minds from their hearts.

Gifters have often noted that we (humanity) all seem to progress quickly when enough of us have recognized and assimilated a simple truth.   My parents’ generation, the Depression Babies, are still shackled with some pretty grievous prejudices and fears that succeeding generations  have overcome effortlessly or were simply not programmed to accept and this is all happening without and/or in spite of human organizations. It’s now considered bad form, if one is white,  to be a racial bigot, for instance.  That’s a huge leap forward in awareness. Xenophobia (fear of foreigners) has also suffered a permanent setback and we humans generally recognize by now that we’re all related to each other in a familial way.

Carol’s fond  of telling people that she had to practically drag me to Danion Brinkley’s lecture in  Spokane in August, 2001, but that when I was there I was completely enthralled and gave him a big hug at the end.   There was so much  vibrant information coming from his bright presence that it was impossible to keep up and also impossible to stop laughing, most of the time.   The newagers, who made up most of the audience, probably didn’t have as much fun as I did but I could tell that a lot of people were absorbing it all,  as Carol and I were.  Somebody asked him about the bright light at the end of a tunnel that many people encounter during near-death  experiences and he simply said, ‘That’s your own soul,’ and indicated that we simply don’t have the capacity to encounter the Creator directly.   That’s probably not good news for Shirley MacLaine, who announced that she is God, or for the hordes of other Monarch assets who proselytize spirit-bludgeoning Theosophy in its myriad forms.

I found out directly, in  the 1960s, that not blindly accepting and then parroting Theosophy dogmas like reincarnation and ‘you are God,’ made it impossible to associate with  an awful lot of people who have the appearance of being clever, awake and vital, so I was a pretty lonely fellow for a long time after that.  The heaven/hell crowd are even less pleasant company, after all, and atheists are just plain depressing to be around. As a wage slave until age 41 I couldn't even find companionship at work but when I started operating my own little company I finally met a few other genuine free-thinkers, at least: fellow small businessmen who at least had an active interest in personal  freedom.

Lately, I’ve found that quite a few folks around the world empathize with me on account of this involuntary forced intellectual isolation and, thanks to the internet, we can finally talk to each  other, which is very nice.

Not knowing something can be enjoyable, after all, and talking freely about the things we don’t fully understand creates a very nice synergy that opens new pathways to discovery and real empowerment, which is what the gifting movement and The Operators seem to be all about. I set up partly to encourage open discussions about all the important stuff that can’t be crammed into lineal concepts.