Pulling the Plug on the Jan 20/21 Suitcase Nuke Attacks

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Post Pulling the Plug on the Jan 20/21 Suitcase Nuke Attacks 
All month, in the chat sessions (three per week, this month) we've been striving to disable the corporate families' desperate plan to commit mass murder in the US with false flag attacks, most of which seem to include the murder of the terrorist regime's new chief executive.

Today's session was the most frantic, perhaps because these satanic families' window of opportunity is fast closing. The psychics want to have another session tomorrow, January 19, in case we missed something essential up to now, so be there if you want to witness and participate. It will be the same time as the weekend sessions:  11AM Pacific Time (US/Canada).

It's been hard for some of us to keep up with the progress of the psychics in this group effort and today felt particularly historic for us, I think.  This was the first time they attempted to work ahead in time and they apparently found it quite easy, thanks to the Operators' very explicit guidance.   When they started working on the target dates (Jan 20 & 21) they saw Washington, DC, as a smoking ruin and the Obomination killed.  They saw seven suitcase nukes set to be detonated during that time period, including three in Washington, DC, for Jan 20.  Remember when teh New York cops accidentally found a big stash of suitcase nukes in the Israeli consulate there?   At the first glimpse at those dates, the psychics were overwhelmed with a vision of CIA, MI6 and Mossadomite® operatives deploying those nukes.  I assume all the bombs are in place.  Most of them were seen in teh vicinity of monuments.

After about an hour of concerted, assisted work, the future scenes looked peaceful; idyllic, even. Carol has explained to me that when psychics see future scenarios they're looking at probable outcomes. It's actually impossible to predict the future, now.  Everything is changeable.  It may be that this was caused by the 1943 event--an alleged alteration of the timestream by the Americans and Germans at Philadelphia's navy yard, then.

Washington, DC, has so much orgonite in it, especially on and around teh big satanic pentagram that's outlined in the streets, that it's unlikely that any nuke could be detonated, assuming that a dense DOR field is required for that, but we don't want to take any chances, so we spent several hours in today's session, about the last half of which was devoted to finding and disabling those triggers.   In the first half, while helping Georg Ritschl's sabotaged business (orgonise-africa.net) the psychics found a primary energy connection between Zimbabwe, China and Washington, DC.  Yesterday, we pretty much obliterated the remaining occult underpinnings of the Washington abomination. I think all that orgonite that several of us deployed in DC over the past six years really softened the target Cool

No mattter what psychics and their energy boosters might accomplish, we all feel that it's important to also gift the targetted physical sites in order to keep those locations out of the hands of the corporate energy pirates.  I doubt they'll ever be able to counteract the powerful healing and vitalizing effects of simple orgonite and everything else can probably be seen as a temporary fix in the long run.  In many cases, the temporary effect is a strategic victory, though, and this is what we all felt, today.

I think Dooney and/or Francie are going to post more about today's watershed experience but I wanted to get something  online about the false flag attack plans for this week becuase just mentioning their secret plans publicly is often enough to prevent the corporate freaks' horrific 'surprises.'

There are a lot of skilled psychics and others who are working against the corporate world order, this way.  We might be the only group who does it in a public way and we may be the little minority among that group who are not spiritually  shackled by luciferic Theosophical assumptions and posturing but even the latter bunch are probably scoring some hits on this putrid world order, to be fair.

Of course, martial law probably wouldn't last a week in the US because the terrorist organization (the US Gov't) hasn't the ability to enforce it among an armed populace but we dearly want to prevent them from murdering millions of people  in an attempt to enslave and imprison the rest of us.

I bet the army is close to mutiny after six years in the Iraq/Afghanistan meat grinder Cool


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Post Re: Pulling The Plug On The Jan 20/21 Suitcase Nuke Attacks 
It would be easy to read Don’s subjective reports of the things that happen in the chat sessions and chalk them up to the ramblings of a self-aggrandizing egotist who is trying to make a name for himself by posting outlandish and improbable musings on his bully pulpit of a forum.  Many dis-info artists and corporate sponsored websites are trying to paint Don with that brush on a regular basis because that is the sole reason for their existence.  Don’t believe them.

I’ve participated in these chats for many months.  They are open to any members of this forum.  Few avail themselves of the opportunity.  I can say this about the experience: the topics (and targets) are wide-ranging, the effects are palpable, and, most importantly, the participants are sincere.  History (even as tainted as it is by NWO influences) is replete with examples of the differences made by small groups committed to a common cause.  Some changes have been positive for mankind, but most have lined the pockets of the few.  This chat effort is, in my estimation, one of the good ones.

Several attributes are consistently present in these sessions:  

First, we seek to help each other with any external things that may be affecting our health, our lives, or our livelihoods.  We are influenced and work purely by the power of love.  

Second, we leverage the abilities of those who have been blessed with etheric discernment gifts by providing our support to them and by relaying our hints and confirmations about the directions our “hunting parties” are taking.  Where and whenever possible we ask that two or more folks with extended vision see the same things.  

Third, we follow our “armchair” promptings with 3D work.  In other words, we gift.  We back up our hunches with action.  

Finally, and probably most importantly, we seek confirmation for ourselves of the veracity of the things we are sharing with one another.  It’s not “group-think” as much as verifying the direction that The Operators want us to take.

Is it a mental jump to believe that sitting around directing “heart-energy” toward someone or something is going to make any difference at all?  Sure, it is.  Does it make any more sense to believe that an institution or corporation is going to look out for our welfare before their own?  Of course it doesn’t.  I’ll take the chat-room approach and continue to work on issues in the unseen realm hands-down!

This is subjective of course, but I feel we are making a difference and knocking the long-standing oppressive foundations from under our terrorist regimes by the work that we are doing in the chats.  Time itself will tell, soon enough.

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Post Re: Pulling the Plug on the Jan 20/21 Suitcase Nuke Attacks 
Thx, Dean--in fact I only post the bare bones of what transpires in the sessions, as you know,  and my role in those sessions is mainly to provide my share of energy to the psychics.  I'm always mindful of a few of our readers' credulity, which is the inclination to believe something on slight evidence.  That's why we stress the subjective nature of the collective experiences in the chatroom.

Fortunately, when we offer anything at all in the form of subjective experience or observation our readers are not going to feel obligated to accept or reject it.  This approach has been a terrific boon to the growth of this unorganized network over the past eight years.   Eight years is a pretty long time for something like this to remain clear of infiltration and corruption.

One reason our detractors rarely attack our reputations, head on, is because I already know how ridiculous I can be.  I'm not kidding.  I think they aim for me, most of the time, because they can't conceive any group of people that's not dominated by an alpha personality.   This new paradigm that humanity has quietly entered rather favors beta personalities, which most of us are; these are the ones who easily work with each other without seeking an advantage over anyone else.  Also, alpha personalities make good targets on account of their rigidity and their craving for leadership.  They also aim at Carol a lot, but she reads very little on the internet, so rarely sees it firsthand and in context.   I usually learn about the character attacks in email from people who read them.  I get a sick feeling whenever I visit disinformation sites or faker forums, so I avoid them.  I think that one has to learn to feel revulsion for poisonous material in order to get entirely clear of it.  A lot of folks get stuck in that rut and those are the ones who don't end up doing much worthwhile work in this global network.

Character traits such as virtue, truthfulness, intellectual integrity, faith, detachment, etc., have always been considered optional by society in general. They've even been considered handicaps by egoists and excessively ambitious people but as I've watched the progress of the chatroom efforts over the past six and a half years I've been fascinated by the way that these traits are always requirements for 'next level' realizations and strategies, which the Operators have been kind enough to provide.

It seems that the more we know, the more obligated we are to hold ourselves to stricter standards and to develop a genuine sense of humility.  A year or so ago, our psychics were being severely tested by an entity whom they could have mistaken for 'the devil,' but it turned out to be a supporter; a test giver.  Failing to achieve that realization might have halted and scattered our group effort and I get a sense that we'll all continue to be tested from time to time, this way.  It's no different than any other educational process, really, except that the teachers are incredibly advanced and benevolent and that this isn't a human institution.  I don't use the word, 'divine,' because it seems presumptuous to me, as do all of the rote mind-control trigger terms that make up the default metaphysical paradigm, Theosophy/masonry.

I don't think many of us are beyond having our discernment short circuited by the use of this terminology, which is well designed to foster alpha-personality domination and thus mindless conformity.   Some general said, 'If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.' Cool   This is why I've hammered people about using their own words to describe what they're seeing and feeling, rather than resort to any ideological paradigm. If bornagain chumps were drawn to participate in psychic activities they'd bring along all their dysinterpreted, infantile BibleBull$#!+ mind control terminology but their preachers constantly terrorize them away from these pursuits, so the defalut Theosophy/masonic mummery occasionally tends to manifest.  I want to thank everyone in the chats for making such a supreme effort to avoid using these mind-numbing, goose-stepping, luciferic affectations.

Anyone who will contemplate The Operators' methods over the past years will note that they're not organized except in an organic, effortless, synergistic way and that their humor is as evident as their unfathomable wisdom, skill and compassion.  I think that if we continue to play our cards right, they'll continue to lead us along the path of genuine empowerment and service.

The Western tendency to have all the answers, all the time, is a disservice to the process of this sort of education, which requires us to take so much of what we experience on faith for awhile, until more and more data is assimilated, later on. I think that anyone who is reading this understands that I'm not talking about merely religious faith.  Faith is a dynamic aspect, after all, never an institutional one.  Lots of religious people have faith on account of the teachings of the Prophets but it's usually in spite of clergy and all their parasitic, man-made churchiology.  I personally enjoy waiting for answers--it's refreshing to remain open rather than slam the gate on a new experience by relegating it to a familiar but inadequate phrase or word.  That tendency is especially unfortunate in a group effort, I think.

I'll say from my own perspective that the Operators we can contemplate in three dimensions are the dolphins, whales and the Sylphs' 'garment' or sculptures.  The others can be perceived according to our imaginations and native abilities and of course the psychics see more than the rest of us.  I'm lucky enough to be married to a woman who has the skill and innocence to see more than most, which is why many people who read my reports feel some resonance with them.

Francie is another psychic who seems to have a strong, innate bond with some of the Operators, which was apparently brought home to her, again, recently when a pod of dolphins approached, then swam all around Francie and her daughter in the Gulf of Mexico, to the amazement of the other bathers and the folks on the beach,  and a big blue hole opened up in the overcast sky above them.  These are the sort of confirmations we watch and hope for.  This is what we can build our personal faith on: evident confirmations; miracles.  It's up to us to witness them and glean their value; there usually won't be a Hollywood soundtrack in the background or a spotlight Cool

Another good thing about the miracles that we directly experience is that nobody is capable of explaining them away or convincing us that they didn't happen.  Seeing spaceships is like that, too--even the nasty ones.  Unfortnately, or fortunately (according to our perception) the miracles we witness and experience can't be the basis for anyone else's faith but ours.    Clergy often try to break that universal law Wink

Faith teaches us that arrogance in the face of the Operators' generosity just cuts us off from them; I suppose the only drawback for them might be that they'd need to go find and inspire someone else to do the work when someone's ego gets inflated past a certain point.  I want to stay in the game, so I hope to be always mindful to leave my ego at the door in these group sessions. I want all of us to stay in the saddle and I want thousands of people to eventually do something like what we're doing, and also in a public way.  There are lots of ways to get this done, by the way.  To assume otherwise would be to institutionalize this vibrant, liberating activity, which would also kill it.

Dooney and Stevo are an incredible team, capable of just about anything and they exemplify the importance of allowing our imaginations to run free in the group sessions.   The remote healings that are mainly conducted by these two are consistently dramatic and substantive, according to the feedback we get from teh people who benefit from these efforts. Dooney has been training a lot of people around the globe to use the techniques we're acquiring for healing and for balancing predators. Dr Stevo, as both a skilled physician and a remote healer,  is a historical rarity and I'm hoping he'll be discovered by a lot more  people for that before long.  The corporate/occult  agencies have tried awfully hard to keep him hidden but I think we're helping him break free of all that interference, finally.

Most of the assaults on this network look like fishing expeditions, by now, and just end up bringing more and more new people to read our offerings and then try their hands at gifting.     I think that's a very good sign of progress.  There isn't much about us that the CIA, NSA or MI6 agents saboteurs or their Monarch-programmed  Greek chorus' can sink their long, yellow teeth into, after all Cool

'Trouble' is still just another word for 'fun,' for me, short of physical violence Wink


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Post Re: Pulling the Plug on the Jan 20/21 Suitcase Nuke Attacks 
Speaking of religion, I once read a clever riddle:  Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Krishna and Muhammad are in a room with only one chair. Who will sit in it?

Of course the trick is that the followers of any one of the prophets will automatically pick their favorite one but the answer is:  None will choose to sit because they're all the essence of humility.  This old riddle reminds me of how the Operators seem to relate to each other and I think it's easier to follow their example than to follow the Prophets' example because we all lack the Prophets' clear, innate (as opposed to arbitrary, like clergy steal)  authority.  I don't think any sane, balanced person wants any authority.  As far as I can tell by watching people through history who have craved arbitrary authority, there was nothing ahead for them but madness and isolation; sort of like watching a truckload of stones being dumped into a drinking glass Wink .   That said, I don't know whether the Prophets are among the Operators. It wouldn't surprise me if they were, though.

The Operators, who may include several alien species and non-physical entities, might be more like us, rather, and some of them seem to have a vested interest in our success and victories, which makes them feel more 'human' and understandable than divine to me.  The Prophets have always left me with the impression that they have a higher station; part divine, so essentially inscrutable ('not readily comprehensible: mysterious'). The Operators make it clear what they want for and from us and they're teaching us some new tricks just about every week.  I've long felt that the Prophets' role has been to inspire us to use our God-given tools of discernment and judgement so that we can make our own connections and create working partnerships rather than to download 'answers.'  Exploring reality with a rational, open mind is a satisfying and enriching, lifelong process, unlike blindly accepting rote, usually irrational ideologies like Theosophy and bornagain chumpism is.

Of course I'm only sharing my subjective view, conditioned by my own limited level of understanding.  As you can guess, just mentioning the word, 'divine,' can be phenomenally divisive, which is why this is the first time (maybe the last) that I've written it in a post.

I know a lot of people who read this will think I'm nuts Wink  but I just feel like expressing these thoughts. If I were seeking a following I'd just say all the things that the spiritual jackboots want to hear; Theosophical skullduggery Cool

Skullduggery is 'underhanded or unscrupulous behavior.'