Fighting the Kinsey Fraud:

Interview with Dr. Judith Reisman


Dr. Judith ReismanDr. Judith Reisman is president of the Institute for Media Education and author of Kinsey, Sex and Fraud (1990); Soft Porn Plays Hardball (1991); and the explosive 1998 exposé Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences. A talented musician and songwriter, she has produced educational music histories for museums in Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Cleveland, and during the 1970s she produced music videos for Captain Kangaroo, the long-running children’s television program.

Dr. Reisman received her Ph.D. in communications from Case Western Reserve University and has lectured and testified the world over to professional organizations, legislatures, parliaments, and courts regarding the power and effect of images and the media to alter human behavior. She has served as a consultant to the U.S. Departments of Justice, Education, and Health and Human Services. Dr. Reisman was interviewed by William F. Jasper, senior editor of THE NEW AMERICAN.

Q. To begin with, Dr. Reisman, allow me to extend, personally, a profound "Thank you" for your perseverance over the past 20 years in your investigation of the monstrous fraud perpetrated by Dr. Alfred Kinsey and his disciples and supporters. I vividly recall, 28 years ago, while studying psychology as an undergraduate student, the frustration that I and many of my fellow students felt at being confronted with the absurd "scientific" claims of the militant sexologists for the moral legitimacy and "normalcy" of homosexuality, pornography, pedophilia, incest, sadomasochism, adultery, group sex — virtually any and every sexual deviancy imaginable. Always, the "research" of Kinsey and his successors was cited to refute and silence the "moralistic" qualms of dissenters. Finally, 50 years after Kinsey burst upon the scene with such devastating impact, your book, Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences, exposes not only the incredibly fraudulent "science" of Kinsey and company, but the depraved, criminal activities of Kinsey and his pedophile associates. Everyone concerned about the terrible moral and social breakdown we see all about us owes you a big debt of gratitude for your excellent work.

A. Thank you, and let me also note my appreciation for the wonderfully positive review your magazine gave my book [see January 4th issue], which hasn’t enjoyed a universally favorable reception. As you said, it’s been 50 years since Alfred Kinsey published his infamous 1948 report, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, which has so profoundly and grievously affected not only American society, but the moral, social, and political order worldwide. It is difficult to exaggerate the horrendous effects of the widespread promotion and acceptance of his work. Kinsey’s "research" shook America’s moral foundations and launched the Sexual Revolution in the 1960s. Its terrible results are obvious in the skyrocketing incidence of all the social pathologies afflicting us today: divorce, abortion, sexual promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, illegitimate births, cohabitation, pornography, homosexuality, sadomasochism, rape, child molestation, sexual crimes of all types, family breakup, endemic violence, etc. We cannot hope to reverse this destructive, downward spiral if we do not recognize and openly confront the Kinseyite falsehoods and subversive premises and ideas that undergird popular attitudes and official policies today.

Q. What specific changes would you cite that most dramatically demonstrate Kinsey’s negative impact on society today?

A. Well, I think the influences most people recognize — although they may not understand Kinsey’s role — have to do with the erosion of sexual mores and inhibitions. I’m referring particularly to the erosion of morals as reflected in what is now considered acceptable in popular culture — in the movies, television, books, magazines, advertisements, etc. — and the steady invasion of more and more sexually explicit and pornographic material into these areas. This is troubling to a great many people because it has become so all-pervasive and is so clearly destructive.Alfred Kinsey

Certainly the cultural validating and "mainstreaming" of homosexuality is one of the major shifts that can be marked down as a Kinsey triumph. And the people who are trying to preserve traditional values and Judeo-Christian morality — and I believe we are still the majority — feel desperately besieged on all sides by this "new morality" being promoted by the small but powerful minority of artistic, intellectual, academic, and scientific elite.

One of the important areas where I think my research has made a very significant contribution is in uncovering the legal subversion that Kinsey is greatly responsible for. Very few Americans have any knowledge or appreciation for the enormity of his influence in this important realm. One indicator of this is the fact that Kinsey is the most cited sex scientist by far in Westlaw and the other legal indices. In my latest book I give several pages listing hundreds of law journal citations. His bogus science has been cited in case after case to overturn laws, for instance, that protect society against sex offenders.

Kinsey claimed to have proven, based upon the deviant samples used in his research, that 95 percent of American men engaged in deviant sex and thus were sex offenders. This obviously proved that our sex laws were based on repressive, antiquated notions and had to be radically changed. Morris Ernst, Kinsey’s ACLU lawyer, wrote that "virtually every page of the Kinsey Report touches on some section of the legal code." That was no exaggeration. Kinsey believed that all sex was legitimate — pedophilia, bestiality, incest, adultery, prostitution, group sex, transvestitism, sadomasochism — and he worked to overthrow all laws prohibiting any of these perversions.

He and his associates also testified and wrote in favor of parole for sex offenders and violent felons, and are greatly responsible for the reduction of penalties for rapists and child molesters and the release of these repeat offenders back into society. In the Kinseyan view, brutal sex predators were deserving of "therapeutic," not "retributive," action. Millions of American children and women have been brutally victimized as a result of these Kinsey-inspired "reforms."

Q. One of your important discoveries is the connection between the Kinsey cabal and the American Law Institute (ALI) — the "educational arm" of the American Bar Association — and ALI’s adoption of the Model Penal Code in 1955 to alter the sex crime laws and family laws of America, both nationally and state by state. Explain this nexus and its significance.

A. My chapter on Kinsey’s impact on American law provides evidence of the deceitful coordination and collaboration between Kinsey and key members of the ALI to overthrow the Common Law, biblical, and constitutional underpinnings of the legal protections provided against sexual predators. The ALI’s chief author of the Model Penal Code was Professor Herbert Wechsler, acclaimed legal scholar at Columbia University and formerly a confidential assistant to President Franklin Roosevelt. Wechsler launched the Kinsey/ALI crusade with an article in the May 1952 Harvard Law Review entitled "The Challenge of a Model Penal Code." Three years later, the ALI’s Model Penal Code was sent to state legislatures and our society’s legal protections began to crumble under a coordinated assault.

Kinsey’s network included New York Judge Morris Ploscowe, who published Sexual Patterns and the Law in 1951; journalist Albert Deutsch, who published Sex Habits of American Men in 1948; the notorious French pedophile and jurist Rene Guyon, who wrote The Ethics of Sexual Acts in 1948; and Morris Ernst and David Loth, who co-authored American Sexual Behavior and the Kinsey Report in 1948. Dr. Manfred Guttmacher and Dr. Harry Benjamin were also part of the Kinsey cabal.

This cadre of "experts" had a very well-oiled propaganda apparatus in the sympathetic national media, which accepted and promoted the Kinseyan legal and scientific claims without question. Kinsey was on the cover of most of our magazines and was celebrated in newspaper headlines and television news stories as a great scientist who was freeing the world from our unhealthy, puritanical sex repressions.

Q. The Kinsey/ALI cadre had a "hit list" of 52 crimes and legal subjects that they targeted for radical revision.

A. Yes, they intended to topple, or greatly weaken, laws concerning rape, statutory rape, seduction, prostitution, sodomy, bestiality, indecent exposure, incest, bigamy, nudity, obscenity, adultery, fornication, adult-child sex, illicit cohabitation, pornography, smoking opium and other narcotics, etc. Fully 100 percent of the Code’s citations addressing empirically any American data for sex behavior refer to Kinsey’s false research. The effects have been calamitous.

Prior to Kinsey, rape was treated as a heinous crime in keeping with the Common Law standard. If convicted, rapists faced mandatory execution in three states, the possibility of a death penalty in 20 states, and a minimum of a 20-year sentence in all but one of the states. Kinsey changed all that.

Now the most vulnerable of society — women and children — are victimized twice: once by sexual crimes and vice, and again by the changed laws that refuse to penalize the perpetrator. This is Kinsey’s legacy, which is anti-marriage, anti-father, anti-mother, and, most definitely, anti-child.

Q. Kinsey made a world tour and testified in England before Britain’s Wolfendon Commission and in California before the state legislature.

A. Kinsey’s triumphal tour included Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and England. In England he helped craft the Wolfendon Report to Parliament recommendingAlfred Kinsey sexual license and the end of restrictive laws. In Sicily he made a pilgrimage to Thelema Abbey, the Satanic temple where the fiendish Aleister Crowley conducted his brutal orgies and human sacrifices. Kinsey was fascinated by Crowley and wanted to acquire his diaries for the Kinsey Institute.

Q. Kinsey portrayed himself as a normal "family man"and "devoted father" from Indiana University in conservative Bloomington, Indiana, but that was an enormous lie, wasn’t it?

A. Even by today’s more liberalized standards, Kinsey would be considered a terrible pervert by most people. He was a homosexual sadomasochist who not only pushed his wife and his Kinsey Institute colleagues into engaging in immoral, humiliating, and illegal sex, but he actually filmed many of these sessions in his attic. He so immersed himself in every kind of sexual deviancy that he found, as usually happens with such persons, it was taking more and more bizarre and painful stimuli to arouse himself. This led, ultimately, to his sexual self-mutilation.

Q. You have mentioned Kinsey’s use of fraudulent data and methods, which has been admitted by many of his colleagues. What are some of the means by which he perpetrated scientific fraud?

A. Well, they are many. One of the most egregious examples was his deliberate, repeated use of aberrant samples of males and females for his study, and then claiming that the sexual practices of these groups were representative of the activity of normal men and women. His male sampling was heavy with homosexuals, pedophiles, pederasts, convicts, pimps, and other sexually aggressive males whom he recruited at homosexual bars and bath houses, so these were completely unrepresentative of the average American male. The same was true of his female cohorts, which included the most sexually radical women: prostitutes, burlesque performers, models, artists, and strippers.

In addition, Kinsey’s "interview" technique involved leading and badgering the subject to obtain the answers Kinsey wanted. And when the subjects still didn’t give the desired answers — meaning, they didn’t admit to engaging in the sexual activity Kinsey wanted them to admit to — Kinsey regularly played "God," dismissing their responses and putting down what he thought their answers should be. All of this was necessary, of course, in order to obtain the much higher reports of deviant behavior, which could then be redefined as "normal" because it is supposedly so commonplace.

Q. One of your most shocking revelations concerns Kinsey’s use of criminal pedophiles to sexually abuse children, including infants, in the name of "research." Not only have the Kinsey associates escaped prosecution and punishment for these unspeakably evil acts, but they have not even been condemned and repudiated by professional colleagues, public officials, or the media.

A. This is one of the greatest scandals of our day. Kinsey stands condemned by his own "research," but no one seems to have the courage to declare the obvious. Kinsey claimed that his data proved that children are "sexual" from birth. What was this based upon? According to the admission of his associates, such as Wardell Pomeroy and Paul Gebhard, much of this data came from an habitual pedophile Kinsey code-named "Mr. Green" (also referred to sometimes as "Mr. X"), who had molested as many as 800 boys and girls over many years, and who kept meticulous records of his exploits.

We now know that this predatory pervert was Rex King, a U.S. government land examiner, who traveled about Arizona, New Mexico, and the Southwest. Much of Kinsey’s data comes from the diaries of this monster who sexually tortured children, some infants as young as three months, and recorded their screams of pain as "orgasms."

Instead of being repulsed and horrified by this, as any normal person would be, Kinsey was tantalized. He told King, "I congratulate you on the research spirit which has led you to collect data over these many years." He assured King that his insidious criminal activity had great scientific importance. Research spirit! We do not know how many other violent pedophiles — even child murderers — Kinsey may have used as "researchers," nor do we know for certain how many children Kinsey and/or members of his staff directly abused themselves, but there is evidence in their own notes that they were present and at least witnessed some of this activity.

Q. What Kinsey and his teammates were involved in was not only evil and morally repellent, but blatantly illegal back then, and much of it would still be illegal now. The perpetrators could have been not only imprisoned, but possibly even executed.

A. Kinsey knew much of what he did was illegal, but the moral questions didn’t concern him. He scorned "morality" and intensely hated Christianity and Judaism for shackling society with "repressive" moralistic retraints. One of Kinsey’s main associates, Paul Gebhard, admitted in his seminar with fellow sexologists Masters and Johnson that what he, Kinsey, and their associates were involved in was "definitely coercion." But Gebhard felt that "coercion is acceptable in the interest of encouraging research participation." He also said of the Kinsey Institute’s work, in a recent interview in the excellent British television documentary, Kinsey’s Paedophiles: "It was illegal and we knew it was illegal, but it’s very important to study childhood sexuality...." The Kinsey people still justify and defend their indefensible, horrid practices.

Q. One of the tremendous advantages that the Kinseyites and their ilk enjoy is that they are able to operate largely without critical examination because the things they are dealing with are so disgusting. Most of the people who form the natural pool of opposition to these schemes do not want to sully themselves with even thinking about this stuff, let alone researching and refuting it.

A. That is a major problem, because these things are, naturally, repellent to any moral person. But ignoring it is a sure guarantee that the evil will spread and encourage even worse depravity. And don’t think it won’t get worse. Even ten years ago, few would have imagined that the homosexual movement would be triumphantly dominating our culture as it is today, and that Satanic, androgynous creatures like Marilyn Manson would be leading legions of young people into the most hideous lifestyles and violent crime.

Legitimizing pedophilia is now the current Kinseyan campaign. In 1973 the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality from its list of "disorders." Most observers of the homosexual movement recognize that that move by the APA was a major milestone in the legitimizing process. Just 22 years later, in 1995, the APA removed pedophilia and sadism from the "disordered" classifications in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV.

Just as the homosexual propaganda and psychological softening campaign took years to get us where we are today, the pedophile lobby is following the same road to "normalizing" adult-child sex. They already have the APA "professionals" on their side. Homosexuals are winning the "right" to adopt children. Textbooks and "diversity" classes are recruiting children into the homosexual ranks. The organized child molesters have gotten "consultative status" at the UN and you have all of these UN conferences and conventions proclaiming the "rights of children," including "sexual rights."

Parents, grandparents, and everyone who believes in morality had better realize soon that we are in the middle of a terrible war, and "our side" hasn’t bothered to mount a defense, much less an offense.

Q. A key factor in Kinsey’s impact was his early funding and promotion from the Rockefeller Foundation, correct?

A. Yes. The Rockefeller Foundation was the major funding source for Kinsey, even though it had ample, repeated warning from noted statisticians and social scientists that Kinsey’s pseudo-science was a hoax. The Rockefeller Foundation began funding Kinsey in 1941, mostly by grants funneled through the National Research Council, but it also funded Kinsey directly.

In the early 1950s, when the Reece Committee of Congress exposed Rockefeller grants in support of Communism and socialism, and started going after the Foundation’s funding of Kinsey’s sex research, the Rockefeller people backed off from funding Kinsey. Besides, he had already done his work for them. The next step was to apply Kinsey — to the law, education, etc. — so Rockefeller funding shifted over to the Kinsey-allied American Law Institute and SIECUS [Sex Information and Education Council of the United States]. The Ford Foundation and others have also funded Kinsey. Let me read to you here from the Kinsey Institute’s Spring 1998 Kinsey Today newsletter, which reports that the Institute has received a Ford Foundation grant to "fund a media relations firm in planning a pro-active strategy to counter the on-going campaign to shut down the Kinsey Institute and discredit its character."

Q. It sounds like the Kinsey folks are concerned about your work. I’ve seen Kinsey’s Paedophiles, the powerful British television documentary based on your work. Has that been shown yet in this country? And has CBS’ 60 Minutes or any of the other network programs followed through and produced anything on this huge story?

A. No, Kinsey’s Paedophiles has not been shown here. That really shocked the British producers, because they are a prestigious company and their programs are regularly aired here. And they knew they had a very explosive story that deserved a big showing. They just didn’t realize how powerful are the interests they were exposing. 60 Minutes has backed off, apparently, as have the other television programs that initially expressed interest.

Q. Your latest book, Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences has been out now for several months. Has it been reviewed yet by the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Time, Newsweek, or any of the major press?

A. No. In fact, even some of the more conservative publications, like the Washington Times, have not reviewed it. There has been a concerted effort by the Kinsey people to discredit and silence me. When I sued the Kinsey Institute for libel and defamation, we obtained in the discovery process the notes of June Reinisch, the director of the Institute, in which she outlined their plan of attack. They went after American University where I was doing my research, to stop me. They told people that my degrees and the professional experience listed in my vita were bogus. They collaborated with Penthouse, Playboy, and Hustler to attack me.

Naturally, they have many sympathetic ears in the media and academe, even though the vile crimes of Kinsey and the Institute have been exposed — by others beside myself — and even admitted to by many of the Kinsey associates.

Kinsey is second only to Darwin in the secular pantheon, and a lot of people recognize that exposing Kinsey’s lies is a major assault on the Sexual Revolution and a threat to the sexual license that they enjoy. I learned this long ago, back in 1981, when I created an uproar at the Fifth World Congress of Sexology in Jerusalem with my early research on Kinsey’s child abuse. I was sure my fellow research professionals would be as outraged as I was at Kinsey’s phony data and his reliance on pedophiles in his child sex research But, instead, the global human sexuality brain trust turned its wrath on me!