Big Porn: A Dem's best friend

By Judith A. Reisman

Posted: August 15, 2000
1:00 am Eastern


Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Calif., is unique. While promoted by Playboy, Sanchez has not yet been displayed nude (like Playboy's other Latinas), to be used by those lonely or loony enough to pay a few dollars for the glossy skin review. After having rebuffed Al Gore's request that she dump Playboy mansion digs, Shanchez apologized by locating another venue for her Democratic Party Hispanic Unity Caucus fund-raiser.

But why would Sanchez forsake a Democratic pornography party when the Clinton-Reno administration has opened the doors for the porno flood into every form of mass media, even local libraries and corner stores, and when her friends at the White House use taxpayer money to download teenage and bestial films from the Internet?

Suddenly, with the alleged "conscience of the Senate" in tow, Gore struck the Hispanic co-chairwoman from the Democratic National Committee as a convention speaker -- for her public ties to pornographers! What a national slap in the face for Hugh and Cristie Hefner. They've paid enough money for decades to make it through the front door of respectable people's houses and they're still banished to the back. Just when we thought there was no meaning to the term "decent folk," Gore refuses to be seen in public with the Hefner clan on his arm.

Clearly the focus groups long used to judge these things, found many Americans still distrusting the pornography industry represented by Playboy. Hypocrites all, says RNC Chairman, Jim Nicholson. He says Gore's staff is "conveniently overlooking" what he claimed were "five-figure contributions from" the Hefners to "Gore and his allied campaign committees."

Sanchez championed her Big Pornography patron, ignoring her exposure of the fact that Playboy's sex industry may be in bed (albeit in the back room) with the Democrats, receiving unjustified legislative advantages, damaging to the common people. Despite Gore's recent huffing and puffing, one wonders how long Big Tobacco has been replaced by Big Pornography as a legislative power?

Sanchez' "Hispanic" pornography ties were loftily advanced by the recent Latina Playboy "centerfold," Rebecca Ramos, a lawyer, interviewed this June by Adam McManus on KSLR radio. For some, Ms. Ramos cast doubt upon her struggle to be an attorney, explaining that posing naked for Playboy's consumers was as noteworthy an achievement as obtaining her law degree.

Ms. Ramos insisted that her naked photos reveal her as a modern, intelligent and self-reliant Hispanic woman. Asked about the cynical operatives who use her pictures to seduce thousands of vulnerable young Latinas to strip as an expression of Hispanic pride (and often, later, blackmailed with those photos), Ms. Ramos was unresponsive.

She was shaken however when a man phoned in to say that her "independent" picture is used by millions of men and boys like all the others -- for non-intellectual purposes.

Then, McManus introduced me, saying I was on the phone and would discuss my 2,000 page U.S. Department of Justice, Juvenile Justice study, "Images of Children, Crime and Violence in Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler," which exposed Playboy as a child pornographer. I read to Ms. Ramos the testimony before the Attorney General's Commission on Pornography of the first Latina centerfold, Miki Garcia. Ms. Garcia reported rape, forced breast surgery, illegal drugs and much worse at the Playboy mansion. Having stated that her life was in danger due to her testimony, Ms. Garcia has since disappeared.

I asked Ms. Ramos if she knew about Garcia, or that Playboy produced child pornography, sexualized children under age 18, in photos, cartoons and illustrations, or that Playboy Press had published the infamous photographs of a nude, oiled, 10-year-old Brooke Shields? Did she know that from 1954 to 1984 Playboy averaged eight child images an issue, mixed with crime, violence, wife battery, rape and other unmanly "humor?"

No, she didn't know she said and refused to believe me. Fine, call my number, I said. Get my executive summary, including the (now-censored) pictures, dates and page numbers. Suddenly, as I was describing some of Playboy's child pornography, from out of the cavernous sound studio a man's angry voice insisted they leave the program. Ms. Ramos' manager hustled his independent lawyer off the McManus show, long before the scheduled hour had ended. Playboy had spent a fortune in time and trouble to cover up the truth about their child sex abuse photos, illustrations and cartoons. They abruptly fled the radio station.

Later, a Hispanic woman caller complained that women like Ramos compromise other women, crippling the ambitions and tainting the success of those who work for professional success without sinking to the level of brothel performer or madam.

Ms. Sanchez and Ms. Ramos, allegedly an anticipated guest at the Hispanic bash, have much in common. Planning Big Pornography's "after-dinner gathering in a tent on the Playboy mansion's grounds" exposed the economic clout of Big Pornography over California's Democratic party. And back door or front, Sanchez has indicted the national party.

It is fair to ask, as a more "respectable" venue is planned, will Legislator Sanchez and attorney Ramos demand that the Hefners reveal, the truth about Playboy's child pornography history? Or, will either woman inquire, "What did happen to Miki Garcia?"