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The Return of Arnold's Nazi Belt Buckle

JonesReport.com | February 21, 2008

For at least the second time now, Gov. Arnold Schwartzenegger has posed in trendy magazines bearing a Nazi-issue 'deathshead' belt buckle. Arnold, the son of a high ranking officer in the Austrian Nazi Party, first made waves with the belt-buckle when he posed with Mayor Bloomberg on the cover of TIME (June 21, 2007).

Now, Esquire has written a glowing-- if not worshipful-- piece on the Austrian-born Arnold as governor (transforming into a stately god?) that proclaims him the "president of 12% of us" while he grandstands in various poses with his cigar, the Nazi deathshead belt buckle and also a chair decorated with eagles.

This is anything but the first time propaganda has pushed the image of Arnold as President-- not only was a full-bore campaign launched to convince the subjects of the U.S. to "amend for Arnold" circa 2004, but the 2008 GOP debates featured at least two canned questions where candidates were asked to 'look Arnold in the eye' and tell whether or not they would change the Constitution to acquiesce to Arnold's thirst for power (McCain and Huckabee didn't seem to mind). Even in 1993, the film 'Demolition Man' features a scenario where the Constitution is amended and Schwarzenegger becomes President.

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Left to right - Schwarzenegger belt, Nazi Deathshead Skull, Skull and Bones society logo. Below: Arnold and Bloomberg on the cover of TIME with the belt buckle and then on the cover of Esquire as the 'president of 12% of us.'