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Psychotronic Generators

Tim Rifat is the world’s leading expert on RV and RI. Unlike all other RV/RI companies, Tim has never worked for any government. He is therefore able to give you the real RV and RI technology – RV Science.

All US RV/RI experts are former DIA/CIA personnel and are prohibited by US Federal Law from disclosing anything of real value, as this would endanger US Security. This means all US courses are low level and substandard products.

For those who wish to learn real RV and RI, Tim is the only scientist in the field able to give you state of the art Psi technology. All RI needs large quantities of energy to function effectively, and all US courses omit this simple fact, thus the US RI drains the body of energy, leading to premature ageing. Time travel and deep penetration RV to enter top secret sites requires considerable amounts of energy; US RV technology as sold to the public simply cannot perform in this area.

To this end, Tim supplies Psychotronic generators charged with biophysical energy, these psychic batteries enable all forms of RI and advanced RV as mentioned above. All my competitors merely charge crystals by touch – this is ineffective and does not work. All RV Science psychotronic generators are charged from government, financial, military and other power sites by Tim Rifat, who carries out this work twice daily throughout the year, to abstract all energy from these biophysical and physical domains; consequently, the RV Science crystal withdraws energy from all other crystal generators – power goes to power, as money goes to money.

Psychotronic generators

The Psychotronic generators sold are:

Seven psycrystals to tap into the seven realms of psychic space, to exploit this biophysical energy for luck, money, health, RV psychic powers, psychic protection and anti-ageing.

Nine BSRI-E psycrystals to disassemble the matrix of human reality, to fuel physical, mind-over-matter events to enable RI. The crystals channel the power of the council of nine – the biocomputer/entities that control the matrix, “shredding” them for fuel.

Three power rings, the gold, silver and platinum power rings feed off the power of the gold meme – love of money, the silver meme – worship of magic idolatry, and the platinum meme – the RV science meme Psi, warfare in the market place.

The power rings feed off man’s insane lust for money – gold, man’s obsession with worshipping idols, spirits… the gold and silver power rings therefore can tap into immense power for constructing new realities of wealth and power for the wearer.

Seven psycrystals and nine BSR-E make the sixteen psycrystal psychotronic generator accelerators used for Quantum Time-tunneling RV to acquire technology from the present and future.

To go with these psychotronic generators are comprehensive courses on RV and RS detailed in psiopsmanagement.com, my business site.

All taped RI courses to use the BSRI-E

All taped RV courses to use the sixteen psycrystal quantum/time tunnel.

The Tarot

The Tarot is a system of Remote Influencing used for many years in the UK to influence events inspired by secret magical techniques developed by the Golden Dawn and used by Aleister Crowley. Centered around Torsion Field Technology, M-Theory, Quantum Mechanics and higher dimensional topological Riemann manifolds; the System makes all other forms of Remote Influencing obsolete. The key to the system is a programmed psychotronic amplifier crystal which acts as the operating system for the strategic remote influencing. Instructions are given on the biophysical torsion field soliton used by Russian Remote Influencers ultra-raised to strategic levels of effect using British metaphysic programming uncovered by Paul Hughes-Barlow.

Rvscience now offers Tarot readings.

Tim Rifat

Tim RifatTim Rifat is Europe's leading expert on remote viewing, psychic spying and Psi-warfare. As the only independent scientist in the field, he has had numerous articles already published, in Nexus Magazine, Alien Encounters, the X Factor... Tim has appeared on Channel 4, ITV, and BBC1, discussing remote viewing , as well as having appeared on numerous  other TV and radio shows, including, Steve Wright on Radio 2 and the Jeff Rense Show, the national US radio show.

Tim Rifat runs Paranormal Management Systems, the most comprehensive remote viewing training business in Europe. Remote viewing was developed by the superpowers, it is military clairvoyance and led to the development of remote sensing, remote influencing and telekinesis. Scientists in America have proved that telekinesis can influence machines. Books and Courses by Tim Rifat are found on www.psiopsmanagement.com.

Paul Hughes-Barlow

Paul Hughes-Barlow is the United Kingdom's foremost investigative historian on the secret occult knowledge of Great Britain. Paul's new book Tarot and the Magus on the spiritual and magical powers of the Tarot will be available in November 2003.