Exerpts of The Wilcher Report -The Truth About Waco


Mind Control & Memory Blocks to Ease the Consciences of the CIA's PROFESSIONAL Killers:
Koresh's Enormous Stockpile of Weapons:
One Reason why Koresh was so Skilled in Controlling his Followers
The Reasons behind the Original February 28th BATF Raid:

Rumor Mill News was started in June of 1996 by Gunther and Rayelan Russbacher and several of Gunther's colleagues. Gunther and two of his best friends were the men who gave Paul Wilcher the information that is contained in the Wilcher Report
Paul Wilcher was a lawyer and investigator who had met Gunther and Rayelan shortly after Gunther had gone public that he was the October Surprise Pilot. This revelation on Gunther's part, earned him a 21 year prison sentence.
Paul Wilcher went from Washington D.C. to Jefferson City, Missouri to help Russbacher prove that he was a CIA deep cover operative. If this could be proved, Missouri would have to release him from prison. Wilcher stayed over three months interviewing and debriefing Russbacher. Many documents and tapes were produced from these meetings with Russbacher.
In addition to learning about the October Surprise scandal, Wilcher learned about the related pattern of crimes and coverups that have been committed by various branches of the United States government. Wilcher was privy to current inside information because Russbacher, even though in prison, received daily CIA briefings.
The following information was passed to Paul Wilcher via telephone by Gunther Russbacher and others. Wilcher recorded the conversations and wrote a letter to Janet Reno that was over 100 pages long. Gunther Russbacher told his wife, Rayelan and author, Rodney Stich, that the complete Wilcher letter was 105 pages. The last four pages are missing. * * * * *
From the Wilcher Report Starting on Page 29
#16) Mind Control & Memory Blocks to Ease the Consciences of the CIA's PROFESSIONAL Killers:
Thus far, we have been discussing mind control and memory blocks in the context of the CIA's "Manchurian-Candidate-type robot assassins - those low-level individuals -- like Sirhan Sirhan, David Hinckley, Mark David Chapman (who assassinated the Beatles' lead singer/song writer John Lennon), and the six (6) Black men murdered in Pershing Park -- as discussed starting on Page 22 above -- persons who are programmed by the Agency to be used only once and then "thrown away" and discarded -- i.e., persons who are destined either to be killed or imprisoned for the rest of their lives, once they have performed their pre-ordained secret mission. In other words, these low-level individuals are highly expendable -- particularly when getting rid of them will 'preserve the "plausible deniability" that the Agency had anything to' do with their training, conduct, or activities.
In the context of these low-level individuals, the mind control programming we have been discussing is used not only to condition the desired robotic response to a pre-ordained secret signal, but also to prevent the subject from remembering anything about the conditioning and programming experience, so that he is virtually helpless to counteract or overcome it -- without many years of deep hypnosis and therapy -- as in the case of Candy Jones, discussed on pages 20 and 21 above. There is, however, a totally different category of covert operatives employed by the CIA -- the real PROFESSIONAL killers -- who are used for multiple high- level, top secret missions, over an entire life time. These top-level "black" operatives are generally men of extraordinary intelligence, education, talent, training, and experience, and it is into their hands that most of the real 'dirty work" of the Agency -- including top-level assassinations is entrusted.
For example, the Agency will use a low-level programed robot like a Sirhan Sirhan or a David Hinckley -- to be the "patsy" for a top-level assassination, or assassination attempt (like the murder and attempted murder of Senator Robert Kennedy and President Reagan, respectively). But they rarely entrust the task of actually pulling the trigger in such a high-profile case to such a low- level cutout.
Instead, the real work in such top-level assassinations is carried out only by the Agency's true PROFESSIONAL killers -- persons who are NOT used just once and then discarded, but who, instead, are used over and over again, year in and year out, for nearly all of the Agency's most secret and sensitive dirty work. "Wet" Ops: Such dirty work is generally referred to, among "black" (covert) operatives within the Agency, as "wet" operations -- operations where one or more persons are to be killed, where human blood (which is wet) is to be--spilled.
The normal procedure is that after each "BLACK" or "wet" operation all persons participating in or connected with the operation are totally debriefed by a special debriefing team sent from Agency headquarters -- including a psychiatrist skilled in the various mind control and memory block techniques we have been discussing.
In this debriefing, each member of the "wet" team is required recite to the debriefing team exactly what happened during the operation, in a precise, step-by-step, detailed manner. Each member's recitation is generally repeated several times -- once normally, once under hypnosis, once with a polygraph, and once under scopolamine -- and only when the debriefers are fully satisfied that they have gotten ALL the details and that there are no glaring inconsistencies between these different recitations, is the debriefing brought to a close.
Part of the reason for this debriefing process is to provide detailed records and feedback to the Agency concerning all of the top-level "black" and "wet" operations -- i.e., precisely what was done? Was the operation a "success"? Did it go off as planned? What mistakes, if any, were made? And what improvements can be made so that on succeeding operations, the task at hand can accomplished even more professionally and expeditiously?
The importance of this point cannot be overstated. For, this means that deep within the bowels of the Central Intelligence Agency -- if you only know where to look -- you can find the detailed debriefing records on all of the "black" and "wet" operations carried out by the CIA over the past,30 years or so.
You should subpoena these records immediately, Attorney General. And once you get them -- If you ever get them -- you should put them under the tightest security imaginable to protect them from being tampered with or destroyed.
All these records should then be made available for the debriefing and complete testimony of the 16 or so top covert operatives who now wish to come forward to testify -- see pages 102
(RMNews--The copy of his report that Paul Wilcher left with his friend Sarah McClendon contained only the first 101 pages. The copy left with McClendon is the copy from which all the copies of the Wilcher Report, which are now in circulation, have come. The Wilcher Reports, which are currently being printed, are being made from the copy Wilcher gave to McClendon)
(Wilcher Report cont.) and following below and as their testimony is given, released to the public.
Then, at the conclusion of the debriefing, once the debriefers are confident they have gotten ALL of the factual details, each operative is put under deep hypnosis, and the psychiatrist in the team implants memory blocks into his subconscious memory:
(a) first, to make it far more difficult for him to remember what he and his other "wet" team members did during the operation i.e., to block many of the gory details as to precisely how each of the persons targeted for "elimination" was "taken out" (i.e., murdered) -- so that he will be less likely to be troubled by recurring nightmares concerning what he and his team members have just done; and
(b) second, to alleviate the guilt which would otherwise be associated with these memories, and to allow him to justify in his mind, to the extent he is able to remember what happened, that what he and his fellow team members did was "praiseworthy," rather than highly criminal -- i.e., that the person or persons they murdered were a "menace" to society and deserved to die, and that he was doing his country a valuable service by eliminating these "targets" from society.
Of course, these memories of what he and his fellows have done on these various "wet" operations are never completely erased, and can, with work, be fully recovered. But at least these mental blocks make it easier for the operative to live with himself and his conscience, and help to keep these vivid and gory images from flooding into his consciousness, and becoming obsessive thoughts and recurring nightmares.
These memory blocks are also a way for the operative to justify his having acted as the targets' accuser, prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner -- all in one fell swoop, without the target's having been given the benefit of due process whatsoever -- i.e., NO notice, NO hearing, NO right to confront and cross-examine his accusers, NO right to put on a defense, NO right to testify personally or call witnesses in his behalf, and NO right to be tried before an honest judge and a jury of his peers, according to the laws and the Constitution of the United States.
These memory blocks thus help the operative to suppress all these troubling thoughts which might otherwise disturb his waking hours or his restful sleep -- thoughts which might otherwise force him to reexamine his calling as one of the CIA's top professional killers, and to consider seriously whether he ought to pursue some other line of work.
There may be sow argument in favor of such "wet" operations to "take out" the agents of foreign governments who were the sworn enemies of this nation during the "Cold War" era, or even today, in the instance of state-sponsored foreign or domestic terrorism.
But when such "wet" operations are used instead to "take out" citizens of this country who do NOT pose a legitimate threat to the society at large
Like David Koresh and the other 85 men, women, and children at the Branch Davidian compound -- and whose only real threat is that IF they were given a legitimate trial before an honest judge and jury, they might expose some of the CIA's dirty business concerning its top secret mind control operations and the murderous purposes for which they are used -- i.e., where these "wet" operations are used merely for the purpose of covering up and burying the truth, along with the innocent victims, in order to protect the guilty -- -- as clearly was the case both in Waco and in Jonestown -- not to mention the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Senator Robert F. Kennedy, and countless other persons whom the CIA has deemed a threat to its existence then such "wet" operations have clearly gone way out of bounds, and absolutely must be exposed, so that those responsible can be held accountable, and so that such operations can be prevented from happening ever again in the future.
But I am getting way ahead of myself here. Let's return to David Koresh and his 6 fellow "sleepers" in Waco, Texas.
#17) Returning to David Koresh and his 6 Fellow "Sleepers" in Waco: The point to be made here is that David Koresh and his 6 fellow "sleepers" were low-level Manchurian-Candidate-type programmed robot assassins -- who were scheduled to be used at some point in the future, but who had NOT yet been used for their pre-ordained secret missions
(RMNews--Paul Wilcher was not told about the mission the Waco "sleepers" had been prepared to carry out. Gunther Russbacher, Wilcher's primary source for the information contained in "The Wilcher Report", wrote an outline from memory of the chemical device the "sleepers" were constructing and alluded to how and where it would have been used. (Russbacher wrote this outline on a napkin in the visitors section of the prison where he was housed. A fellow covert operative smuggled the napkin out of the visitors's room and faxed it to Russbacher's wife. The operative typed it on an old typewriter. This is the only way he could be certain that no one knew he had the information until AFTER it had been faxed. Upon receiving the information, Mrs. Russbacher immediately put it out over her Fax- tree network. Before the Internet became so popular, Fax-trees were the way whistle blowers had to work. In other words, the information had to get out to hundreds of thousands of people in a short period of time to insure their safety.)
(Wilcher Report cont.) Note Well: whereas the "wet" team that went in to "take them out" were some of the CIA's top professional killers.
The term "sleeper" in this context connotes:
(a) that the mind control programming which had been done on Koresh and his inner circle had probably been done a number of years earlier;
(b)that the secret instructions implanted deep into their subconscious memories had lain dormant over the intervening years;
(c) that the CIA now had to arouse Koresh and the other 6 from their "sleep" -- i.e., to reactivate the secret conditioned responses implanted into their subconscious memories -- in order to get them to perform their pre-ordained secret missions on cue, whenever the CIA deemed it appropriate; and
(d) that the CIA could also activate the secret "self-destruct" signal, discussed on pages 20 to 22 above, to cause the robotic "suicides" of Koresh and his inner circle, once they had been performed their secret mission,, or at any other time the CIA decided they were no longer of any use to the Agency
(RMNews--The "sleepers" had been programmed to commit suicide in a specific way. They were not programmed to kill the other members of the cult.)
(Wilcher Report cont.) At least that's how all this mind control programming was supposed; to work in theory.
#18) Koresh's Enormous Stockpile of Weapons:
It is also important to understand that the enormous cache of' automatic weapons, military equipment, ordinance, and ammunition which Koresh and his followers had acquired, had customized for their purposes, and had stockpiled in the Branch Davidian compound was all accumulated with the apparent knowledge and consent of the CIA over a period of several years.
The point to be made here is that David Koresh had acquired this considerable arsenal for a specific purpose -- which was NOT just to be able to defend himself and his followers against the government -- should it ever decide to attack.
Rather, the primary purpose of this enormous arsenal was to allow Koresh and his 6 fellow "sleepers" to carry out whatever secret assignments they were to be given by their CIA "handlers", if and when those handlers felt the time was right to activate the CIA's prior secret mind control programming of these 7 robotic assassins.
#19) One Reason why Koresh was so Skilled in Controlling his Followers:
Therefore, one of the reasons why Koresh was so successful in controlling and subjugating the minds and wills of his followers was that he and these 6 men in his inner circle had been through such intensive and total mind control programming themselves.
(RMNews Waco has been used since the 1950's as a center for CIA experiments in mind control. One form of mind control that is taught at Waco is similar to Neural Linguistic Programming. It is a form of mind control that can been used on an individual to bring him or her under the control of the operative in an extremely rapid manner. Sometimes less than five minutes. (This form of programming can also be used on cult followers, such as those in Jonestown and many other so called religious cults around the world. Recent information has been given to RMNews that various Christian Millennialists who will be in the Holy Lands for Y2K, have been programmed to bring about Armageddon, most probably by blowing up Islam's most sacred site, the Dome of the Rock. This "Super NLP" method was taught to CIA operatives at the Life Management Institute, LMI, located in Waco.)
(Wilcher Report cont.) But once the CIA had trained these pre-programmed robot assassins, it felt it could NOT just wind them up, and let them go. It had to keep a careful watch over them -- and, if push came to shove, to "take them out" (i.e., to kill them), if the CIA ever felt that Koresh and his 6 fellow "sleepers" could no longer be counted on to carry out their pre-assigned mission at some date in the future or, as ultimately occurred, if there was any danger that they might someday testify in a Court of law, or otherwise be able expose to the public the real truth about the CIA's mind control operations.
(RMNews Wilcher was not told that the "sleepers" had "accidently been triggered" and they were building a chemical device which they were planning on using on Oklahoma City. The "sleepers" had been programmed many years before. In the ensuing time, it was discovered that the wind currents in Oklahoma City would have dispersed the chemical so that it would have been rendered ineffective. In other words, it would not have killed the massive number of people that needed to be killed to send a message to the American people. The chemical device, which the 7 "sleepers" were in the process of constructing, could have killed up to 350,000 people. (Which ever agency or department was in control of the "sleepers" and this project, made the determination that Houston would be a better target than Oklahoma City, in other words, more people would have been killed. The seven "sleepers" had not yet been "recalled" and reprogrammed with the new instructions such as dates and locations.)
(Wilcher Report cont.) #20) The Reasons behind the Original February 28th BATF Raid:
By the way, I have no idea what the secret mission of Koresh and his follow "sleepers" was to be
(RMNews-- The operatives who gave Wilcher this information used the typical CIA "Need to Know" protocols. Wilcher was never given more information that he "needed to know".)
(Wilcher Report cont.) although I am confident that you (Janet Reno) will learn what it would have been when the 16 covert operatives discussed below finally come forward to testify.
But apparently, one of the factors which strongly influenced the CIA to initiate the original BATF raid on February 28th, in the first place, was that Koresh and his 6 fellow "sleepers" were said to be resisting the attempts by their handlers to prepare them for that secret mission.
(RMNews Wilcher means that the "sleepers" had refused to be picked up by government agents and taken to be reprogrammed. Members of the Davidian church did not trust the government, therefore they resisted attempts to be taken from the compound by men who appeared to be government agents.)
(Wilcher Report cont.) Therefore, one of the Principal reasons for the initial February 28th raid was to chasten Koresh and his fellow "sleepers" -- to frighten them , and to whip them into shape .
(RMNews has been given conflicting information as to why the BATF got involved. Our information came from three of the same sources that gave the original information to Wilcher. According to our sources, the BATF had no idea what was really going on at the Davidian compound. The BATF was carrying out a raid similar to the raid on Randy Weaver's family at Ruby Ridge. (The BATF was given information that Koresh was dealing in illegal weapons. They were also told Koresh and his followers were a Christian Doomsday cult who were preparing to use the weapons to commit terrorist acts. The BATF had no idea that a chemical device was being constructed in the underground bunker or that the device could wipe out up to 350,000 people. (The BATF was told that Koresh and his followers had most of their weapons stored in a nearby hanger. The arms and ammunition was being readied for transport by Buffalo Airlines to drug dealers in South America. RMNews does not know if this information, which was given to BATF agents, was accurate. What is known, is the BATF did not expect the members at the compound to be as fully and powerfully armed as they were.)
(Wilcher Report cont.) This is apparently why the BATF did not try to kidnap Koresh while he was jogging along the county roads near the compound, and also why it did NOT postpone or call off the raid even after it knew, to an absolute certainty, that the supposed element of surprise had been taken away, since Koresh and his followers had been tipped off in advance that the raid was about to occur.
(RMNews Paul was almost correct in what he stated. The BATF DID want to "send a message" to Koresh, his followers, and Christian Patriots nationwide. The message that was being sent was the same message being sent at Ruby Ridge, i.e. that patriots and their families will be horribly murdered if they continue to resist the New World Order. Many people never knew that while the siege was taking place at Ruby Ridge, a government unit tried to drop flammable liquid on the Weaver's cabin and burn them alive... just like what happened at Waco. The only thing that stopped them was the reporters and the friends and family of the Weavers who were close enough to see what was going on. (According to CIA operative Gunther Russbacher, there was another message being sent. Russbacher once stated that Randy Weaver was also a programmed "sleeper". Russbacher indicated that Vickie Weaver had somehow "deactivated" Randy's programming. Russbacher seemed to imply that the attack on Ruby Ridge was intended to send a message not only to the Patriot community, but to all "sleepers" from the special forces community. Some of these "sleepers" realized they had been programed, and were trying to find the "sleeper" program and deactivate it. Russbacher said this was happening in some of the men who had been programmed during the Viet Nam War. (In "Operation Open Eyes" an article written by Rayelan Russbacher from notes given to her by her husband, Gunther, it is detailed how mind controlled Manchurian Candidates are created. The article discusses the fact that all Special Forces operatives have been subjected to the same three levels of programing that "sleepers" go through. "Operation Open Eyes" can be found on Jeff Rense's Sightings web page. www.sightings.com  Or it can be easily downloaded from the Ru Mills One List archives. You have to join Ru Mills One List Community to be able to download the article. www.onelist.com  )
(Wilcher Report cont.) Thus, the purpose of the raid was NOT to surprise Koresh, or to take him peacefully. The purpose was to be as heavy handed, and as unsubtle, as possible
(RMNews According to Russbacher, this is true) so that Koresh and his fellow "sleepers" could not possibly miss the message: "Either shape up and get back into line, or we will 'take you out' -- i.e., "WE WILL KILL YOU."
Therefore, the fact that there was a gun battle on February 28th, and that 4 BATF officers, along with 6 cult members, were killed, was NOT a tragedy from the CIA's point of view. (RMNews-- nor from the standpoint of President Clinton who used the raid to dispose of men who knew too much about Clinton's past.) Those 10 deaths merely served to underscore the point they wanted to make to Koresh and his 6 fellow "sleepers" -- as well as to any other "sleepers" who might be getting out of line elsewhere across the country:
"Be prepared to carry out the orders we will give you, exactly as you have been pre-programmed to do, or you and all your loved ones will have hell to pay for your disobedience."
The deaths on February 28th also gave the government the excuse it needed to mount a permanent armed siege against the compound. After all (so the argument goes), how can you let ordinary citizens get away with killing 4 BATF agents in the line of duty?!
(RMNews Paul added his own comments here. Paul was not fully briefed and as such, when things did not make sense to him, he improvised. The truth of the matter is, from what our sources have told us, is the BATF stuck its nose in something it didn't understand. The BATF learned that a special operations unit from the CIA was preparing to mount an operation at the Davidian compound. -- The BATF had no knowledge of a chemical device or of a mind control operation.-- The rivalry between the various Bureaus, Departments and Agencies is really what is to blame for this tragedy. The BATF leaped into this situation, without appropriate background intel, because they wanted to beat the CIA to the punch and in the process, achieve what they thought would be positive media coverage.)
(Wilcher Report cont.) Never mind that the whole thing was set up precisely so that one or more BATF agents were guaranteed to be killed, in order to provide the continuing excuse for this military siege!
(RMNews to the best of our knowledge and belief, this statement of Paul's is not accurate. The moment the BATF attacked, special units in the FBI were briefed as to what was really going on. RMNews believes this unit is the same unit that was headed by Richard Rogers, who was responsible for ordering the murder of Vickie Weaver at Ruby Ridge. At the highest level of this FBI unit, the entire story was known. William Sessions, the director of the FBI at the time of Waco, knew the truth, but he was held, literally under house arrest, while Clinton and the same FBI unit responsible for Ruby Ridge, carried out their own agendas. Sessions barely escaped several assassination attempts. Sessions had lived in Waco, served on the City Council, and had intimate knowledge of the mind control operations that were going on in Waco. Wilcher is correct when he says that Attorney General Janet Reno had no idea what was really going on.)
(Wilcher Report cont.) Therefore, - the loss of life which occurred on February 28th played right into the CIA's hands, allowing it to blame Koresh and his followers for all the violence which had occurred as well as all of the far greater violence which was yet to come to desensitize the public to all that violence, and to build public acceptance of (and even support for) the proposition that the government "simply had no other choice" in dealing with Koresh and people like him.
(RMNews Wilcher would have been correct if he had said FBI instead of CIA in the above sentence.)
(Wilcher Report cont.) The bottom line here is that this propaganda we were being fed by the CIA (RMNews read this as FBI) was to pave the way for a general acceptance of the imposition of martial law when situations like this "get out of hand" -- which is the way the CIA (read-- FBI) wants us to view its 51-day siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco.
Since, as we have seen, the entire Waco incident grew out of the CIA's mind control programing of Koresh and his fellow "sleepers", it should not be at all surprising that such attempts to control the subconscious minds and wills of Koresh and his followers continued throughout the entire 51-day siege which followed the February 28th BATF raid.
Throughout the siege, for example, we were told each evening on the nightly news that the FBI was shining high-powered spotlights onto the compound at night, and bombarding those inside with various kinds of loud and obnoxious noises -acid rock music, Tibetan chants, Christmas songs, and the like -- in an attempt to annoy Koresh and his followers, to deprive them of their sleep, to make them cranky and irritable, and thus to make them more pliable to the FBI's demands that they surrender peacefully - - so that there would be no loss of life. That's what we were told.
The truth, however, is far different. That ability and determination to withstand even the most intense adversity is apparently what made those in charge of the siege angry beyond all comprehension. And that official anger and frustration apparently is what led to the final, fatal assault on the compound on Monday, April 19th.
(RMNews again, Paul... who was a good friend and colleague did not have all the facts and jumped to his own erroneous conclusions in the above statements. While it is true that Koresh and his followers were able to withstand the psyops warfare that was being directed at them, it is not true that this act of "defiance" so angered the FBI that the FBI attacked the compound in an angry rage and burned the Davidians to death. (The FBI WAS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FIRES THAT WERE SET! Paul lays this out very clearly in section #18 "How the fires Were Started.". The Delta Force Group that was sent in to kill the seven "sleepers", and anyone else who got in their way, was responsible for setting the fires. The voices that were heard by the FBI recordings, were probably the voices of this unit. The Delta Force Group was ordered to set the fires. The men who made up the group were "compartmentalized." This means they only thing they knew was that they were ordered to kill "potential terrorists" and start fires.)
(RMNews Penultimate means the "second to the last")
Before we get to a discussion of what actually happened on April 19th, however, there was one penultimate plan to end the siege which was proposed to you, Attorney General Reno (according to what I have been told), which you apparently turned down -- only 2 to 3 weeks before that final fateful Monday, April 19th.
This plan, had it gone forward, would have involved the following,
#1) The plan would have been carried out by "The Delta Force" -- an elite commando-type military unit- Composed of specially trained members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, operating under the command of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the CIA;
#2) It would have involved a night raid on the compound, when the place was pitch black -- NOT illuminated by the usual spotlights;
#3) It would have been carried out by crack commandos dressed all in black.
#4) It would have depended for its success on the elements of surprise, lightning-quick speed, and precise execution;
#5) And it would have resulted in the vast majority of the 95 men, women, and children in -the compound at the time being brought out alive, safe, and unharmed.
There was, however, one other crucial element of this plan which was highly controversial, but upon which the commanders of "The Delta Force" and the CIA were most insistent. And IF you were informed of this element, Attorney General Reno -- though I seriously doubt that you were -- this may well have been why you reportedly rejected the plan, and refused to go forward with it.
#6) This last element was that the members of "The Delta Force" were to bring everyone out alive -- except for David Koresh and his six (6) fellow CIA "sleepers" Those 7 men were to be killed -- no questions asked period. For under NO circumstances were these 7 ever to be allowed to testify in a Court of law or otherwise to reveal to the public what they knew about the CIA's secret mind control programing or its "Manchurian Candidate type" robot assassins.
In other words, this "Delta Force" plan, had it been allowed to proceed, would have been a CIA "wet" operation -- carried out by some of the CIA's top professional killers, fittingly dressed in all black garb, to "take out" these 7 CIA "sleepers" once and for all, so that their potentially explosive testimony concerning the CIA's secret mind control program would be silenced forever.
This brings us then to what actually happened at the Branch Davidian compound on Monday, April 19th, 1993.
You have reported to the nation, Attorney General Reno, that you met with President Clinton on Sunday, April 18th, and that after outlining the plan you had been given to him, and going over it in some detail, he told you to go ahead IF YOU THOUGHT THIS WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.
You have also reported to the nation that having given the ultimate go ahead for the plan, you (and President Clinton) are the ones ultimately responsible for what happened in Waco on Monday, April 19th, 1993.
That, however, is simply NOT true, Attorney General Reno. What happened in Waco is NOT your fault. (RMNews this is true) Nor is it President Clinton' s fault. ( RMNews-- This is not true. President Clinton, being fully knowledgeable of mind control operations, knew exactly what was going on. He used the situation to rid himself of people who knew too much about his drug involvements at Mena, and his long list of women.)
(Wilcher Report cont.) For, the Reagan and Bush holdovers at the Justice Department, the FBI, the BATF, and the CIA, etc., who carefully planned and orchestrated this disaster, never informed you as to what their secret right-wing political agenda was in all this. Therefore, neither you nor President Clinton had any idea what had actually been planned for this operation in Waco -- much less any hint of the secret agenda which was to be served by this mass murder and cover up to protect the criminal machinations of the CIA.
(RMNews Paul had just begun to wake up to the fact that a New World Order existed. At the time he wrote this document, he was still thinking that the right wing Republicans were the bad guys and the left wing Democrats were the good guys. Had he lived a little longer and seen what the Clinton Administration has done, he would have realized that instead of calling this a "secret right wing agenda", he should have labeled it as a "New World Order" agenda.)
(Wilcher Report cont.) What actually happened in Waco, according to the information I have been given, is as follows:
#1) As early as Sunday afternoon or evening, April 18th (shortly after your conference with President Clinton), calls went in to Parkland Hospital in Dallas -- the very same hospital where President Kennedy was taken after his assassination in Dealey Plaza on November 22nd, 1963 -- again, at the hands of CIA Professional killers -- to be prepared to receive a large number of serious burn victims from Waco the following day.
#2) On the morning of April 19th, the same Delta Force commando team actually, a select group of the CIA's top professional killers -which would have carried out what I have referred to above as "the penultimate plan", had it been approved -- was on the ground in Waco to carry out all aspects of the "wet" operation planned for that Monday.
#3) This mass murder was then to be covered up and made to look like a "mass suicide -- just like Jonestown" -- thereby layering one monstrous CIA lie upon another -- since both Waco and Jonestown were CIA mass murders, and NOT mass suicides.
#4) This "Delta Force" group was composed of 15 men in all, headed by a Lieutenant Colonel who was a CIA liaison officer. The group flew into Texas on their own C-130 Transport plane, parked it either at the Waco or Dallas airport all day, and then departed once their "dirty work" had been completed. The plane belonged to "Triangle."
#5) Among the 15 men in this larger group, .there were two (2) smaller operational teams -- the 4-man- team which actually made the insertion into the compound, as described in detail below, and a back-up team, which apparently was never used.
#6) These men were dressed all in black -- black pants, black shoes, black jackets, black gas masks, black gloves -- very poetic for a "black" (or "wet") operation -- and were dressed to look like all of the other FBI officers on the ground -- probably even wearing jackets with FBI insignias on them (though I am not certain of this), so that to any outside observer, there would have been virtually no way of telling these 4 men apart from any of the other federal officers on the scene at the time.
#7) The whole nation watched on TV that morning as the FBI used MI-Al tanks to punch holes in the exterior walls of the compound's living quarters. We were later told that at the same time they had battered down these walls, the tanks had also lobbed massive quantities of a very virulent form of tear gas into the compound.
#8) This tear gas had been designed to be used for crowd control -i.e., it was so virulent and irritating that even in a fresh air, out-of-doors situation, it was guaranteed to cause people to flee from its presence instantly simply in order to be able to breathe.
#9) Now, it was being used in a closed, indoor living quarters situation where 95 men, women, and children were trapped inside. The logical expectation would have been that all 95 of these persons would have fled out-of- doors instantly , just to be able to breathe. But strangely, not a single person cam out of the compound -- even after this noisome substance had been poured into the compound in enormous quantities over a period of several hours.
#10) The logical question therefore arises: Why? Why did not ANY of these 95 men, women, and children --- particularly, the women and their children -- instantly flee for fresh air into the out of doors?
The answer we have been given by the news media and the official FBI spokesmen is that David Koresh and his cult members had stockpiled and outfitted themselves with gas masks.
#11) The real truth, however, is much more sinister and cold-blooded. For what actually happened here is that the tear gas -- as virulent and noisome as it was -- was only the mask or cover for the -real, active ingredient being propelled by the tanks into the compound.
What was actually propelled into the compound was a nerve reagent - a neuro toxin -- NERVE GAS -- a virulent poisonous substance, like curare -- which instantly paralyzed and rendered totally helpless and defenseless all of the 95 men, women, and children inside the compound -- except for those 9, later rescued, like David Thibideaux, who were on the 2nd or 3rd floor with their windows wide open on both sides, and who were thus spared the deadly effects of this tear gas/nerve gas combination. (RMNews Paul was killed with curare)
For all the others, that could no longer coordinate their muscles in the effort required even just to get up, much less to flee to the life- sustaining fresh air outside, only a few feet away. 3
(RMNews--The number "3" which is above, is a footnote. Evidently, the footnotes were included in the pages of the Wilcher Report which were not given to Sarah McClendon. The copy given to Sarah McClendon was spiral bound by Wilcher, himself, using his own equipment. Wilcher did not include the additional pages in the copy he gave to Sarah McClendon.)
(Wilcher Report cont.) This is an extremely serious matter, Attorney General Reno. For it means that here the U.S. military, the FBI, and the Justice Department -- all directed by the CIA -- used nerve gas on innocent men, women, and children in our civilian population -- and then proceeded to murder them in cold blood, as is set forth in detail below. This clearly rises to the level of War Crimes on a civilian population during peace time, an unspeakable human rights violation.
And it was committed by our "intelligence" community against innocent men, women, and children -- simply to bury the truth concerning the CIA's criminal use of mind control programing to "manufacture" "Manchurian Candidate type" robot assassins, whose very existence is an unspeakable outrage, in and of itself.
#12) After this deadly tear gas/nerve gas combination had had time to do its debilitating and paralyzing work on all the men, women, and children in the compound, the 4-man "Delta Force" "Team" -- actually some of the CIA's top professional assassins -- made its entry into the compound. Fittingly, for a "black" operation, they were dressed all in black, from head to toe, as stated above.
#13) They were dropped onto the roof of the compound by one of the several low-flying. heavily armed military helicopters which hovered overhead throughout much of the day -- while all of the television cameras were focused on the outside of the building at ground level -- for example, focusing on the tanks which had just lobbed the tear gas/nerve gas combination into the building. The actual Insertion into the building came at approximately 10:25 AM.
#14) Before they entered the compound, however, this 4-man team of assassins had received shots of atropine, the antidote to the nerve gas, so that they too, would NOT be overcome and paralyzed by it.
#15) According to testimony given before the House Judiciary Committee on the day of your testimony, Attorney General Reno, the fires in the Branch Davidian compound did not become visible until approximately 11:45 AM that morning. This means that the team had something in the neighborhood of one (1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes, or so, in which to do their "dirty work," and then to make their escape.
#16) The Murder of David Koresh: One of the first things they did, obviously, was to go into the so-called communications center, just off the kitchen, where they found, and quickly subdued and killed, David Koresh, along with any of his close associates who were nearby. Koresh was killed with single bullet to the middle of the forehead, about an inch above the eyes, fired from a distance of about 4 inches away.
In this regard, an article on page A-3 of The Washington Post, on Tuesday, May 18th, 1993, is directly relevant. It quotes noted forensic pathologist, Dr. Cyril H. Wecht of Pittsburgh, who recently completed an independent autopsy of the bodies of David Koresh and Steve Schneider, one of his chief lieutenants, as saying that the gunshot wound in the middle of the forehead, which killed Koresh, and the gunshot wound in the back of the head, which killed Schneider, are "not typical of suicide." And no wonder! They were, in fact, NOT killed by suicide at all. This was a calculated, carefully planned, cold-blooded mass murder, carried out with precision, by the one of the best teams of professional assassins this nation has to offer!
Note also that the FBI's psychological profile of Koresh showed him NOT to be suicidal -- and the FBI (through the CIA) had access to all of the relevant information on him, dating back to, and including, his programming to become one of the CIA's Manchurian Candidate type robot assassins. They must have known, even that early on, that the normal "self-destruct" programmed response implanted into the subconscious psyche of most CIA "sleepers" would NOT work on Koresh. Consider also the point made by a teenage girl, on the NBC Nightly News, Tuesday, May 4th, 1993, who had been a member of the Branch Davidian cult in Waco until shortly before the April 19th disaster. She stated in this interview that all of the children in the compound were repeatedly grilled by Koresh on precisely how to commit suicide -- either by taking cyanide poison, or by gunshot. But she said Koresh always insisted that you must put the gun IN YOUR MOUTH before pulling the trigger. 'If you put the gun to your temple, there is always the danger that you might survive [as a vegetable]."
If this was the message which Koresh so carefully taught everyone in the compound over a number of years, is it probable that Koresh himself, and all of the other men around his who died by gunfire, would have committed "suicide" by shooting themselves in some manner other than the one they had so carefully drummed into their children's minds over all those years?! For apparently, not a single one of the persons who died of gunshot wounds died of a bullet wound to the roof of his or her mouth!
#17) From the communications center, the "wet" team then fanned out throughout the rest of the compound, and methodically "took out" (i.e., murdered) all of the other six (6) CIA "sleepers" they would have killed earlier, in what I have called-"the penultimate plan," had that plan been allowed to go forward, plus a number of other persons along the way. According to an article on page A-18 of The New York Times on Wednesday, May 5th, 1993, two-thirds of the bodies autopsied thus far -- more than 2 dozen then, and still counting -- have bullet wounds in them of some kind which the medical examiners say were inflicted after the date of the initial BATF raid on February 28th.
It is highly likely that ALL of these gunshot wounds were inflicted by this team of CIA assassins, as they went throughout the compound doing their pre- assigned 'dirty work.'
This same article in the New York Times also states that it appears that at least 17 of the children were killed by means of poisonous injections. Although I have no specific information on that point, all my other information -- including the fact that everyone else in the building, except those 9 who had been targeted to be saved -were paralyzed by the nerve gas and thus had been rendered incapable of moving at all -- strongly suggests that these children were likewise "taken out" by this CIA "wet" team. (RMNews Paul is speculating on this.)
#18) The remaining task for this "wet" team -- after the multiple murders, described above, had been carried out -- while they were still inside, was to place 3 or 4 canisters of "Willie Peter" (White phosphorus) in strategic locations throughout the compound in order to start the fires.
These canisters were all equipped with delayed timing devices, all set to go off simultaneously -- apparently at or shortly before 11:45 AM, since that's when the fires were actually sighted by outside observers on the scene. White phosphorus is one of the most fearsome incendiary device imaginable, and is therefore a favorite of CIA's "wet" teams, ignites instantly, immediately burns with white hot intensity, consumes, beyond all recognition, everything in its path -- thereby destroying all possible forensic evidence -- and covering, as well as one can possibly imagine, the trail of assassins (like this particular "wet" team) who want to try to claim later that their actual mass murder was merely a "mass suicide" or a "tragic accident."
CIA "wet" teams have also been known to corner their intended targets into a closed quarter, and then throw "Willie Peter" in their midst, so that these victims are instantly immolated right before the team's eyes. The fire which "Willie Peter" produces is so intense, and the combustion so complete, that victims -- as was the case here in Waco -- can only be identified by their dental records.
But here, because the team itself was inside the closed quarters they had to use delayed timing devices on the "Willie Peter" canisters -- to give themselves time to make their own exit before the entire compound was consumed in the monumental conflagration all watched in horror on television.
#19) Notice that this explanation of how the fires started comports with the observations on the scene -- with what the television cameras ground level recorded, and with what the military helicopters and their infrared cameras overhead observed -- i.e., that 3 or 4 fires started simultaneously at different places in the compound. And then these separate fires spread rapidly (because of the wood construction, the straw which was everywhere, the high winds, and the white hot "Willie Peter" incendiary devices which had started these separate blazes in the first place), until they united into cohesive whole, involving the entire compound, which became far more destructive than the sum of these separate smaller fires, until it ultimately became a massive conflagration which consumed everything in sight.
One possible contrary explanation, which has been offered by, commentators and "tragic accident" theory advocates, is that the tear gas sprayed into, the compound by the tanks [ignoring the fact that what was injected was NOT just tear gas, but a tear gas/nerve gas combination] was itself a combustible substance, that one of the tanks, in punching holes in the exterior walls, had accidentally knocked over a kerosine lantern or container, and that the kerosine had then ignited the tear gas, which then resulted in the conflagration.
This "tragic accident theory, however, simply does NOT square with the known facts, preserved on video tape, because the compound did NOT explode into a massive fire ball all at once (as would have been the case if the tear gas itself had been combustible, and had been ignited by a torch, like lighted kerosine).
#20) The other point to be made here is that, while the "wet" team did kill many of those inside the compound prior to setting the fires (by means of the"Willie Peter" canisters on delayed timing devices, discussed above), they apparently did NOT murder (at least, directly) ALL of the 86 men, women, and children who ultimately died in the tragedy -- meaning that many of those who died were left paralyzed by the nerve gas, unable to get up or free themselves from this disaster in progress, and were thus consigned to being consumed alive in the giant conflagration brought on by the white phosphorus.
(RMNews We have been told that the reason the men who made up the Delta Force Group came forward and told their stories to Gunther Russbacher, who then told the story to Wilcher, was because they did not know that the people were immobilized with the nerve gas. They believed the women and children could escape once the fire started.)
(Wilcher Report Cont.) And those consigned to this horrible fiery fate -- being burned alive -- apparently included men, women, and children.
#21) The bottom line here is that 86 men, women, and children died - i.e., they were murdered in the Branch Davidian compound on Monday, April 19th, 1993 ALL at the hands of the 4 members of this CIA "wet" team, operating under the cover of the Delta Force.
#22)The bottom line is also that high ranking officials in our government -- though NOT yourself, Attorney General Reno, (RMNews true), and NOT President Clinton (RMNews not true) including senior Reagan and Bush Administration holdovers in the Justice Department, the FBI, the BATF, the Pentagon, and the CIA - all knew in advance that this Waco operation was designed from the start to be a mass murder in which only those few individuals whom the CIA had-targeted in advance to be saved would be allowed to survive -- and that AU of the other 86 son, women, and children in the compound would be murdered in cold blood by these CIA-Delta Form assassins.
(RMNews this is true but it isn't the whole truth. There were different reasons that the different units wanted these people dead. Those people who are trying to implement a New World Order, wanted to use WACO to send a powerful message to everyone who is trying to resist the plan for a One World Government. President Clinton knew there were people within the Davidian Compound who had been part of the drugs for arms operation that was being run out of Mena, Arkansas. Some of the arms that were stored in the hanger, were about to be shipped on Buffalo Airlines, to the drug dealers, AKA communist terrorists, who were trying to overthrow their elected government.
(There was only a small group of people who knew the real truth. Some FBI officials knew that the Waco compound was part of a mind control operation, but these people did not know that the "sleepers" had begun to assemble a chemical device that could have killed everyone in the area if it had been detonated. (The small group of people who knew the whole story, believed that the chemical device was going to "trigger", either on its own, or by the "sleepers". RMNews is speculating here... but we think it is an educated speculation if the "sleepers" had already been programmed with the location where they were to use the chemical device, perhaps a date for the release of the chemicals, had also been programmed. Another RMNews theory if the "sleepers" were accidently triggered, and if they started assembling the chemical device, maybe they were on their own schedule for the release of it deadly chemicals. (What is known for sure by RMNews, is that the men who ordered that the Waco compound burned, also saw to it that everyone inside, who could have been contaminated by the deadly chemical, be completely burned also. The only members who survived, were the ones who escaped in plain view of the television cameras, and those who were upstairs, in areas that could not have been contaminated by the chemical device. (RMNews also speculates that the men who ordered the compound burned believed that burning would destroy the chemical device. The device had been stored in the underground bunkers, level 2 and 3, but evidently parts of it had recently been brought into the kitchen area. RMNews speculates that the men who gave the order for the Waco holocaust, believed that the "sleepers" were getting ready to activate the device. There is no telling how many people in the area would have died. What is known, is that all of the deaths, including the deaths of the reporters and camera people, would have been caught on live feeds to the entire world.)
#23) I mentioned on page 30 above that one of the uses the CIA makes of its mind control sophistication is to implant memory blocks into the subconscious memories of its top professional assassins -- in order to allow them to live with what they have done, and NOT to be overcome by flashbacks and nightmares of their "handiwork".
Note Well: But I have been informed that those memory blocks are NOT holding very well in this instance - and that saw or all of the four (4) members of this particular "wet" team are sickened by what they were ordered to do, and what they did, in fact, "accomplish" in Waco on April 19th. To these hardened, seasoned, professional assassins, it was all "too easy" . The people inside the compound (as a result of the nerve gas) simply "never had a chance."
First gun confiscation then genocide... don't forget this!
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The Truth Behind Waco Cover-Up
This fully documented report was delivered to Janet Reno on May 21st 1993 - by Paul Wilcher. He disappeared 11 days later. His body was found one month later.
This long suppressed expose is now surfacing to totally reveal the Justice Department lies; then and NOW!!!
Paul Wilcher was MURDERED because his report was about to be made public, but he will now help to serve justice from the grave in this newly surfaced document, with its extensive revelations about the Criminal Politics in our covert "sub-rosa" government, which is also known as the "Gadiantons."
DELTA FORCE'S ASSASSINS Inside the Waco Compound Prior to Their Setting the Fires.
This EXPOSE will reveal the following:
1. Delta Force used tear gas AND "Nerve Gas." (Outlawed by international treaty)
2. This illegal Delta Force did most of the dirty work. (Illegal use of military force domestically)
3. Twenty-eight civilians were murdered with an "Executioner's" bullet to the back of the head.
4. The Delta Force started the fires inside with "Willie Peter" canisters. (White phosphorus)
5. The "Shadow Government" is the mother of all political - economic corruption.
6 Dallas hospital notified to receive numerous burn victims hours before the fire.
7. Covert & Illegal C.I.A. activities, both Foreign & Domestic. (Murder for Hire)
8. New information regarding the John F. Kennedy assassination. (Not from Warren Report)
9. Criminal Politicians are above the Law. (They control the right to prosecute & persecute)
10. The story about "October Surprise." (Intrigue & Treason by High government officials.
11. Forewarned in 1993: Janet Reno is culpable. (Part of the cover up)
12. ALL currant spin & denials by Janet Reno are indefensible. (Watch the lies unfold)