Sawastika Shaped Buildings at Coronado Naval Base

[Editor's Note: This item was forwarded by Mary-Sue Haliburton. Dave van Kleist posted this photo on July 13, 2006. Discovering that NASA, or that the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Navy are up to their eyeballs in New World Order activities is not new information if you're privy to the NWO plot and have already read the script. Al Bielek mentions the heavy overlay of German/Nazi participation is all phases of the takeover/betrayal agenda being managed by our government overlords. Richard Hoagland mentioned on Art Bell's radio show a few years ago the incredible amount of NWO/Nazi symbolism employed by NASA on their badges and equipment used on the Mars Explorer missions. They now have weather control technology down to such a fine art that they can create a perfectly symmetrical pentagram cloud formation filling the entire eye of a HAARP manufactured "hurricane" . Remember, The more you know, the more you control. Security trails in the wake of knowledge. ...Ken Adachi]
Juy 20, 2006

Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 16:45:47 -0400
From: Mary-Sue <>

Coronado Naval Swastika buildingsAnyone care to comment as to why the United States Navy would construct a building complex so that it would appear from above as a swastika?

As with the mysterious symbols carved onto the land in south America, and so vast that their shape is not perceived except from aircraft, this swastika cannot be seen from the ground. I came across this at:

No, it's not a crazy conspiracy theory. It's a real building easily seen from space. The facts can be confirmed by looking at Google Maps (<>), entering the location (Coronado Naval Base near San Diego, California) and clicking on either Satellite or Hybrid in the upper right corner to display the image as captured by cameras in orbit.

I doubt that any architect would design such a complex in a totally unconscious state of mind, nor would the design be approved by people not noticing the controversial symbol. One must conclude that they were acting intentionally. Who was meant to know about this? Just the air force?

It would be interesting to find out when this building was constructed, and who designed it. Was there was a design competition for the project? It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall and hear the discussion leading to the selection of this design. Or was it a case of ordering the design to be done that way from the beginning? And perhaps more significantly, how high up the chain of command did the approval process take these architectural plans?

So why would the US military include a big swastika in naval base layout? Since Canadian troops are now under US command in Afghanistan, seeking answers to the question of whether there is Nazi influence in their armed forces command is highly relevant to Canadians.

Previous generations opposed Naziism, and every November 11th we still hold remembrance services to honour those who died to defeat it. If as this swastika naval base building implies there is Nazi influence in the American forces, shouldn't we pull Canadian soldiers out of Northcom?

Mary-Sue Haliburton
Ottawa West - Nepean




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