[back] Saint Buster Button (SBB) coil

How to make an SBB coil by Ryan McGinty

What you will need, copper wire, and needle nose pliers. An SBB coil helps direct the flow of energy. Length of wire and size is up to you, no set standard.

We start by dividing the wire in half like so.

Next we wrap the wire around the tip of the pliers 180 degrees each end.

We fold the wrap over so its flat now. Notice you can already see the SBB taking shape.

Gentley bend the ends over a little at a time. Set a width between the wire that you feel is right.

I use my fingers to bend over a small section then do it to the other side.

Keep working around slowly keeping it nice and even.

It's almost complete.

 Here is the finished SBB coil. Make sure you keep your bends as clean as possible. Kinks effect the flow of energy. A sloppy coil effects the performance of OR devices. If it's to messy and its for a pendant you could harm yourself. Take your time and don't rush it. Have fun increasing the flow of energy.