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1. Special Disclaimer  
2. Sometime In The  Future... 
3. Secrecy 
4. Why Now? 
5. The Recent Scientology Raids and This Story 
6. Part One, Scientology Recruits Hollywood   
7. The Origins of Scientology's Hollywood
8. Why Scientology Pursues Celebrities  
9. How Celebrities Are Recruited Into Scientology 
10. The Battle Plan 
11. Targeting Celebrity Vulnerability  
12. What Do The Celebrities Get From Scientology 
13. What's Expected From Celebrities In Scientology  
14. Front Groups And Charity Events 
15. Scammed By Scientology Front Groups 
16. How Scientology Keeps Control Over Its Hollywood Members 
17. Controlling Celebrities Relationships 
18. Today's Confessions Will Be Used Tomorrow 
19. A Former Scientology Celebrity Speaks Out  
20. From Other Celebrities Who Are Out 
21. About Scientology's Top Celebrities 
22. Scientology's Most (In)Famous Celebrity: Charles Manson  
23. Celebrity Responsibility  
24. The Hollywood "Religion's" Backfire Potential 
25. The Scientology Celebrity Master List 
Part Two: The Satanic Elements Of Scientology 
27. Origins Are Important!  
28. The OTO Connection 
29. Hubbard And Crowley, The Parsons Transition 
30. L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. Speaks On His Father 
31. Aleister Crowley's Ideology And Scientology's
     Ideology: A Comparison 
32. Scientology's Symbols And The Satanic 
33. Hubbard's Words And Crowley's Religious
34. Passing Of The Mantle Of The Beast Or Just Random
     Unconnected Events? 
35. Scientology's Secret Anti Christianity 
36. Scientology's Leaders And Their Families 
37. David Miscavige And Family 
38. More About Scientology As A Secret Society   
39. Scientology's Actual Nature 
40. Scientology's Secret Goals  
41. The Authenticity Of Scientology's OT-8 Document 
42. Passive Factors To Consider In The Evaluation Of
     The OT-8 Document Authenticity 
43. Intelligence Specialist Training Routine - Tr-L 
44. Active Factors To Consider In The Evaluation Of  The "Confidential Student Briefing" Original 1980  OT-8 Document Authenticity    
45. Comments From Former Members 
46. Part Three:  Suicide And Scientology 
47. The Undisclosed Dangers In Scientology's
     Initiation Techniques 
48. Death, Psychosis, And Scientology 
49. Part Four:  The Moral Of The Fable 
50. If You Are Religious Scientology Presents A Whole   New Set Of Concerns 
51. Things Not To Do To Promote Education And Dialog 
52. What To Do If Scientology Attacks Or Sues You 
53. Last Thoughts Before The Appendices 
54. Comments (This section is where readers are adding their
    Comments on the document to the document as it travels through the virtual reality of cyberspace. Excellent reading!) 
55. Appendix 1: How To Get Much More Information  From the Internet and Other Sources 
56. Appendix 2: The Scientology Celebrity Master List  (fascinating reading. This list contains hundreds of names. This appendix list was copied separately from the Internet and added to the story.) 
57. Appendix 3: Suicide Information (This appendix was copied  separately from the Internet and added to the story.) 
58. How Could Reports of Scientology Suicide and  Psychosis Problems Be Factual and Hidden So Long? 
59. Part Five:  1994 Report 
60. Alleged Suicides While Receiving Scientology Services  
61. Allegations of Attempted Suicides While Receiving  Scientology Services 
62. Allegations of Threatened Suicides While Receiving Scientology Services 
63. Allegations of Persons Becoming Psychotic While Receiving Scientology Services 
64. Alleged Intentional Negligence Causing Death of  Members 
65. Corrections and Additions to "Death, Psychosis and  Scientology" (Third Edition, January 1, 1995) 
66. Questions For Former Members 
67. Appendix Four: Scientology's Extensive History of Suppression of Critical Information and Informed Consent.  
68. Where To Get Help For Anyone Still In Scientology and Who Wants To Get Out (Exit Counselors’  Directory) “The Fable”  

Scientology has a 40 year history of RUTHLESSLY attacking critics or former members who publicly exercise their rights of free speech or religious freedom in discussing their negative experiences or opinions concerning this "religion." Scientology tries to crush critics because it foolishly believes that by killing the messenger it can kill the life and power that the message holds. 

Because of this history of repression, the following mythological fable should, among other things, be considered as a theoretical discussion of religious and non-religious opinions. As such, this fable is also intended to foster the  discovery of social or moral lessons and to stimulate additional dialog about the growing public controversy surrounding the true nature and actions of the "religion" of Scientology.  

No claim is made by the anonymous author(s) that any statement in this fable or its accompanying appendices is factual. To help the reader evaluate the relevance of this fable in the proper skeptical state of mind, treat this document as purely fictional and layered full of allegory, metaphor and symbolism, waiting for each reader to decrypt and interpret its meaning each in their own way. Also treat all names and places in this fable as fictional. Any similarity of names or places in this fable to any place or real person living or dead is purely coincidental.  

Any information that was used in this fable by the author(s) that did (or didn't) come from other prior stories and fables about Scientology should be considered a simultaneous exercise by that author or authors of all their constitutional rights of petition, free speech, freedom of opinion, satire, participation in government, or freedom of religion in researching, evaluating or allegorically dialoging on any matter.   

Finally, this fable may have been transferred to you by translating it from one electronic word processor format to another different word processor format. Formatting, capitalization, punctuation or missing letter errors regularly occur during this word processor format translation process. Also consider that this fable may contain content errors due to language translation or electronic duplication (floppy disk) or (modem) transfer failures or problems.  

Because this document is not copyrighted feel free to correct any format or translation errors. This fable may be used in any way the reader's soul and spirit deems appropriate. 


There are many questions being asked about what Scientology really is. Is Scientology the "Religion of  Hollywood" being marketed by mega-celebrities like Tom Cruise, John Travolta and some of Hollywood's biggest moguls? Is it a pseudo psychotherapy cult or con game?  

Is it a secret society or UFO group trying to go mainstream? Is it the "Brotherhood of the Beast" and host for the incarnation of the Antichrist as touted in the document that Scientology defectors call OT 8?  

Others are asking: "Is Scientology a worldwide criminal organization? Is it a bizarre new form of mystical Nazism and fascism? Is Scientology the next Jonestown, Waco, Swiss Solar Temple and  Japanese Aum suicide\murder tragedy waiting to happen, or is Scientology all of these things? 

This fable cannot address all of the questions that are now being asked about this most unusual organization. Many of the above queries have been adequately answered in other reports widely available on the Internet. This fable will although pierce through the many layers of initiation secrecy, security clearances and fear that cloaks the real Scientology - and answer some of the most difficult and intriguing questions listed above.  

This fable will focus exclusively on the secret satanic elements of Scientology, (part 1) the Hollywood celebrities and politicians involved with this group (part 2) and the reports of member suicides, attempted suicides and member induced psychotic episodes (part 3) At the end of this fable (part 4) the reader will find a "Moral of the Fable" section as well as other appendix sections which contain challenging ideas and additional research resources available via the Internet and bookstores to further assist him or her to independently evaluate the many questions and moral and social dilemmas this fable presents.  


Scientology's obsession with secrecy has developed for a purpose. It has been deliberately designed to hide its abuses, casualties and its real purposes and nature.   

Less that 2% of the individuals within Scientology have ever seen the inner secret initiations and information of this story.  Significant parts of this story have never been seen before in any form. Scientology members who have been exposed to Hubbard's secret writings are required to sign nondisclosure agreements for the rest of their lives. To attempt to enforce secrecy Scientology has even registered Hubbard's secrets as its "trade secrets".  

This story is the result of decades years of research from the work of many different researchers and sources. Often in unexpected ways, the style and structure of this story will seem to suddenly twist and turn as it tries to unveil the convoluted secret Scientology and the layers of deception and misinformation used to hide it secrets from uninitiated outside eyes and ears. In discovering the secret Scientology for yourself keep in mind that the overall context of Scientology and its actual actions IS as important as specific initiation details.   


The release of this story is important because Scientology's global growth and its activities should stimulate grave social concern. Scientology has a claimed 6,000 staff members. It is estimated that it makes three hundred million dollars a year in income and has two billion dollars in worldwide assets.  

There are now hundreds of Scientology and Dianetics groups and Scientology "front group" recruiting organizations. Scientology and Dianetics are now operating in almost every country in the world. It is making inroads into global political systems and it appears to be taking over a significant part of the Hollywood media machine.  


To crush the free speech of its Internet critics and bar the free religious expression of its former members from publishing, using and distributing information on the matters contained in this story Scientology has recently conducted a series of outrageous, highly publicized "copyright infringement" seizure raids all over the world. In these raids Scientology itself (not the government) was able to directly seize private property and records concerning the secret Scientology initiations from numerous individual homes and a non profit library and archive.  And it was able to do this without legal "due process" and under falsely sworn affidavits. 

Part of Scientology's real reasons for these raids was not the alleged "copyright" infringement, but to prevent and limit the public exposure and debate on Scientology's most secret initiations and the member casualties surrounding the secret initiation processes. (At last review there are over 100 regularly changing locations on the Internet where you can review these secret initiations and enter into this heated free speech and religious freedom dialog. Appendix 1 will help you find them. They are contained in what is commonly called the "Fishman affidavit" or "Fishman Geertz documents.")   

At the very center of these "Fishman affidavit" copyright infringement raids is a super secret, (highly disavowed by Scientology) document called OT 8. In the OT 8 document which defectors claim to be authored by Scientology's deceased founder, L Ron Hubbard, the highest initiates of Scientology are instructed by Hubbard that Hubbard really is Lucifer the Antichrist.  

In this document Hubbard goes on to declare to Scientology's highest initiates that Lucifer has really been unfairly maligned by Christian churches and it is really Christ who is the evil and Lucifer who is good. Hubbard then goes on to say that Christ was really a pedophile and child molester and that Hubbard will soon return to human form from the afterlife as a powerful politician to lead the world into a new era.   

Commenting to the media after the raids, Warren L. McShane, President of the Religious Technology Center, the Keeper of Hubbard's copyrights and trade secrets, reiterated the necessity of keeping Hubbard's secrets away from the minds of the uninitiated: "McShane said the church had every right to aggressively protect its text.  And, he said, certain advanced texts could "do harm" if studied by people not yet deemed ready for them by church officials.  

"It's like jumping in an 18-wheeler and not knowing how to drive," McShane said, adding, "Spiritually, a person has to be ready for it." McShane was reflecting Scientology's internal views on these secret materials. In the actual secret materials themselves initiates are warned that premature exposure to the secrets will cause the individual to die, get very sick or go insane. 

The authenticity of the OT 8 document which discloses Scientology's satanic nature, and information about how so many celebrities and politicians have become involved in promoting this group has become a stormy and ongoing discussion involving tens of thousands of people on and off the Internet. This allegorical story will do much to help stimulate the reader to independently evaluate the authenticity of the OT 8 document, the claims that Scientology is the world's largest secret satanic society and understand how Hollywood's biggest names got involved and could be promoting this organization. 



Part two of this report is a candid look at celebrities in the Church of Scientology: how they are recruited, how they are used, and how they are controlled. It explores how the secret society of Scientology is trying to take over and control large numbers of Hollywood celebrities to use Hollywood's media influence as leverage to recruit new unsuspecting members from the public. (In appendix 2 you will find the largest list of Scientology celebrities that has ever been assembled.)  


L. Ron Hubbard and his alter ego Scientology have always had a fixation for recruiting Hollywood celebrities. As far back as 1955, Hubbard acknowledged the value of famous people to his fledgling, offbeat group when he inaugurated "Project Celebrity."  

According to Hubbard, Scientologists should target prominent individuals as their "quarry" and bring them back like trophies for Scientology. He listed the following people of that era as suitable prey: Edward R. Murrow, Marlene Dietrich, Ernest Hemingway, Howard Hughes, Greta Garbo, Walt Disney, Henry Luce, Billy Graham, Groucho Marx and others of similar stature. "If you bring one of them home you will get a small plaque as a reward," Hubbard wrote in a Scientology magazine more than three decades ago. Although the original effort faded, the idea of using celebrities to promote and defend Scientology survived and is now being expanded though Hubbard's successor David Miscavige. 

Celebrities are considered so important to the movement' s expansion that the church created a special office to guide their careers and ensure their "correct utilization" for Scientology. The church has created a special branch that ministers to celebrities, providing them with first-class treatment. Its headquarters, called Celebrity Center International, is housed in a magnificent old turreted mansion on Franklin Avenue, overlooking the Hollywood Freeway.  

In Miscavige's Hollywood, Scientology has assembled a star-studded roster of followers by aggressively recruiting and regally pampering them at the church's "Celebrity Centers," a chain of country club like clubhouses that offer expensive counseling and career guidance. Adherents include screen idols Tom Cruise and John Travolta actresses Kirstie Alley, Mimi Rogers and Anne Archer, Palm Springs mayor and performer Sonny Bono, jazzman Chick Corea and even Nancy Cartwright, the voice of cartoon star Bart Simpson.  


Celebrities are of vital use in Scientology for numerous purposes: to recruit the masses, to endorse L. Ron Hubbard's teachings, to give Scientology greater acceptability in mainstream America and to forward Scientology's secret goals of world control. In a society that often equates celebrity with credibility, using highly recognized celebrities to help hide, deflect or overcome Scientology's horrendous public relations problems is understandable.  

The roles that celebrities play in Scientology are dictated by a series of Scientology policies called the Opinion Leader Policies that were written by Hubbard. These policies state that you need to get your people into the power points in society, (points where you are the opinion leader or you control the opinion leader.) The Celebrity Center Program is nothing more than an extension of Hubbard's plan of world domination by taking over or controlling opinion leaders.  

To create a favorable environment for Scientology's expansion, church executives are working to win allies among society's power brokers and opinion leaders. This theme is expounded in church publications, "We need to be able to approach the right people in order to get things done," wrote Heber Jentzsch, president of the Church of Scientology International, in the newspaper Scientology Today. "We need to find out how to reach key people in the media, in government, in the control points of society, the people who rule things."  Underscoring the campaign's breadth and determination, a pullout questionnaire entitled "Communication Lines to the World" was inserted in the Scientology newspaper. It asked Scientologists to list their connections to people in six areas:      

POLITICS: "This would be political figures on a local, state or national level, such as local city officials, mayors, governors, senators, congressmen, and members of parliaments. It would also include government agency officials and civil servants."      

MEDIA: "This would be any media terminals that you know, such as owners or proprietors of magazines, newswire services, newspapers or publishing houses, and radio networks or stations and publishers and editors of any type of news media."    

  LEGAL: "This would be any judges, law enforcement officials, lawyers, barristers and so on."          

FINANCIAL / CORPORATE: "This would be any members of the board or presidents, vice presidents or other senior officials/executives with banks or other financial institutions (such as savings and loan companies, credit unions, etc.) financiers (this could be government or private industry) stockbrokers, financial advisers and commodities brokers."      

ENTERTAINMENT / CELEBRITIES: "This would be any producers or directors in the stage, motion pictures or television; actors, artists, writers and any opinion leaders in these areas."   

In HCO PL 12 January 1973 policy letter, Hubbard States: "The most important action to undertake when going about making a Safe Point is to carefully and painstakingly find out who exactly are the Top Dogs in the area in financial and political circles and their associates and  their connections, and to what each one is hostile."  

All of this information is sent to the intelligence branch of Scientology. (Keep in mind one of the major activities of a secret society is turning its members into deployable agents who will fanatically use their resources and connections to forward the goals of the group or knock out the enemies of the group.)  


The first thing to realize about recruiting celebrities in Scientology is that they are kept ignorant about what is really going on until they are hooked. The celebrities are shielded from all bad news. They are pampered and isolated in the finest buildings in settings like country-clubs. They're kept totally away from all the cruelty and the abuse that goes on inside the organization, and at Scientology's gulag-type concentration camps and punishment centers.  

Most Scientology celebrities are victims that don't know that they are being systematically deceived and rendered suggestible by use of counseling processes that are no more that covert hypnosis. A very few of them know about Scientology's secret goals, but most of them have no idea about  the suicides or the attempted suicides at the Celebrity centers or other centers. Any time they hear anything negative they are told "It's all lies. Don't listen to it"   


To recruit a new celebrity, Scientology staff members at a Celebrity Center often create a battle plan. This battle plan in many cases could or would contain a flowchart of the celebrity's key connections, their "psychological buttons" and their "emotional buttons. 

Everything is done to learn as much as possible about the target non-Scientology celebrity. The following are just a few key areas of information that are assembled on the target: who are the celebrity's closest friends, their business contacts, places most often frequented, credit histories, public records and police reports.  

Any information on the targeted celebrity is fair game. It can be used to manufacture an "innocent" or coincidental recruiting opportunity or can be used to produce a recruiting influence leverage over the target.  

Wherever possible, a Scientology celebrity is used to help set up and recruit a non-Scientology celebrity. Because a Scientology celebrity's loyalty to Scientology can be absolutely blinding, Scientology celebrities would not be beyond divulging almost anything they know about the  non Scientology celebrity target.   

Once all this information is assembled the Celebrity Center staff implements the Battle Plan. They try to set up a meeting scenario that looks like a chance meeting. The best "set ups" are enacted where a lot of unknown Scientology shills can be placed around the target celebrity. Some other Scientology celebrity friends are there too, (Scientology has been using charity events lately for this.)   

Once the meeting is started some general communication is first established to relax the target. They can't obviously just walk up and say "Come to the Scientology center"; first they have to establish a rapport with the person. Once they have got a conversation going they gradually try to steer the discussion over to the target's emotional or psychological buttons, and\or they start "admiration-bombing" the target. When the emotional button "hook" has been placed into the target then they start telling them about Scientology and invite them to an event or in to the center. 

The late Yvonne Jentzsch, the original head and originator of the first Celebrity Center, said the way to hook celebrities is to "admiration-bomb" them. (This means you emotionally over flood them with attention and admiration.) From her teaching and example, the Scientology staff quickly learned as a method of invisible but powerful control to give celebrities the excessive God-like admiration they are vulnerable to. 

A former celebrity center staff members reports watching her handle celebrities. Yvonne demonstrated that she could "push these admiration and attention buttons" on the celebrities to get them to do just about anything. On one hand, she'd say "We really can use these celebrities to bring in more people", and on the other hand she would talk derogatorily about the various celebrities that she was manipulating. About Karen Black she said. "Karen's just a dingbat, and so promiscuous." Chick Corea was a puppy, she said. "I can get him to do anything for me, just give me the phone."  

Keep in mind that celebrities are usually not college graduates with Doctorates. Most celebrities have no idea that there is such sophisticated and pervasive hidden manipulation governing every step of the recruiting process used to get them into Scientology. 

Generally celebrities got into show business to achieve fame (attention and admiration.) These are ready made hooks for them.   The Scientology recruiting con is so good that during the recruiting meeting the target celebrity is made to think that the new friends (hidden recruiters) are friendly, VERY knowledgeable and the offers of help or benefit being suggested are just the perfect coincidence to provide what just happened to be needed. 


A low point in her career led Karen Black, 36, into Scientology 10 years ago. "It made me real happy," she says with a smile. "Mr. Hubbard has a very formidable technology for the relief of the despair that people carry around with them. It makes you very free."   

When Scientology targets celebrities, it focuses on three kinds: those who are on their way down - they have a reason to listen; those who haven't made it yet, they also have a reason to listen because they want to get on top; and those who have made it but have some sort of severe problem in their lives that makes them vulnerable.  

Scientology also exploits celebrities' vulnerability by providing a false but seemingly "meaningful" new role for their celebrity power. Scientology involvement suggests to the celebrity that they are going to be more than just fluff and frill, or another Hollywood empty headed pretty face or a sex symbol.  

Scientology gradually suggests to targeted celebrities that by joining this world movement they become part of  a secret and special elite and are gaining a "world historic destiny" for their celebrity power. In the shallow celebrity world of Hollywood this is a powerful initial intoxication and inducement to get involved.                                               


Scientology celebrities aren't endorsing Scientology just because they personally like it.  They are getting a lot more than the average member gets. What they get is:  

1.) Some free services and discounted services. In the HCO PL 1 January 1963  policy letter Hubbard says: "Central Orgs (organizations) are instructed to process selected celebrities who are just beyond or who are just coming into their prime. The pay is to be any contribution you would care to make if we have helped. No other pay is demanded."  

2.) Commissions. In some cases they get commissions of ten percent of the take from people coming in the door.  

3.) Special perks. One of the perks that celebrities get is a considerable amount of free use of Scientology's private country clubs and properties. The following recent revelations were made about typical celebrity treatment in a affidavit to Los Angeles lawyers by Andre Tabayoyon, a Scientologist for 21 years.  

I, ANDRE TABAYOYON, declare as follows: 

115.  I witnessed money from various non profit Scientology organizations, and labor provided by various non profit Scientology organizations being used for the personal benefit of Miscavige, Tom Cruise, other Scientology senior executives and other Scientology celebrities (such as John Travolta, Chick Corea and Priscilla Presley). 

117.  Miscavige, other senior Scientologists and certain celebrities would also use the movie theater we constructed on the base to view first run movies provided to him by his acquaintances in the movie industry.  The cost of this was easily $150,000.  This cost does not include labor (again slave labor) or expensive film projection equipment. 

118.  During the 1980's, Miscavige befriended the actor Tom Cruise and they spend a lot of time together on the Hemet base. Their special chef, Sinar Parman, would prepare them fancy meals. Often they would hang out alone in the space designated for L. Ron Hubbard on the Clipper Ship we built in the desert.  This space had a small kitchen, a little dining room, a little bar and a bed.  They also had the exclusive use of the officers lounge. On other occasions Miscavige and Cruise would work out in the expensive gym we built for exclusive and restricted use.   

No one else was allowed to talk to Tom Cruise when he was on the base.  One time one of the gardeners spoke to him and this caused a major flap on the base.  At Gold, Miscavige is known by his initials DM and Tom Cruise by his initials TC.  From the late 1980's until I left the Gold, Tom Cruise was provided a personal and exclusive apartment and storage facilities by the Scientology organization and at Scientology's expense. Tom Cruise kept two Yamaha motorcycles, a Mercedes Benz automobile and a large motor home at Gold.  These were stored in what used to be Hubbard's garage and parking lot.  Obviously, Miscavige and Cruise have developed a special relationship.  One is a young world-domineering celebrity.  The other is a young domineering cult leader who seeks to 'clear' the world and to rule it according to Scientology beliefs and  practices. 

119.  When Tom Cruise got married to Nicole Kidman, they and David Miscavige went to a Colorado Ski Resort for the marriage ceremony.  A Sea Org staffer (Sinar Parman) was taken along to do personal cooking for Tom Cruise and Miscavige at the expense of Scientology not for profit religious organizations.  This left only 3 cooks at Gold to cook for 800 people three times a day. 

120.  I personally participated in the construction of an apartment at the Gold base, using extensive funds from various non profit Scientology religious organizations, for the personal and exclusive use of Tom Cruise.  This was done on the orders of David Miscavige.  Even though Miscavige has claimed to be Chairman of the Board of RTC, here he is directing the expenditure of CSI money and the deployment of CSI labor -- both paid and slave.  Other apartment cottages were built for the use of John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Edgar Winters, Priscilla Presley and other Scientology celebrities who are carefully prevented from finding out the real truth about the Scientology organization.  The labor used to construct Tom Cruise's apartment was provided by Gold, a division of CSI, and persons from a myriad of Scientology organizations serving time in the RPF.   

The RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) is the Scientology gulag or concentration camp.  Using RPF'ers to renovate and reconstruct Tom Cruise's personal and exclusive apartment at the Scientology Gold base is equivalent to the use of slave labor for Tom Cruise's benefit.  The Tom Cruise apartment at the Gold base is located at the golf course end of the Gold base, closest to State Street.  When Tom Cruise visits the Gold base, and stays in his personal apartment, he is cared for by a Sea Org steward. 

121.  We also had to renovate the Tom Cruise apartment at the Hemet Base after it was damaged by a mud slide. The repairs had to be performed on an emergency basis.  Both the Gold crew and the RPF'ers were placed on extended hours to restore the apartment.  Again, Tom Cruise was benefiting from the use of what is essentially prison slave labor being worked almost around the clock. 

122.  Tom Cruise also enjoyed use of facilities constructed on the Gold base that were not available to any Scientology staff except the senior most Scientologists on the base, particularly Miscavige and his lieutenants. For example, I saw Tom Cruise use the exercise room which was off limits to at least 98 percent of the staff.  Tom Cruise also had unrestricted access to the Ship which has a sauna, Jacuzzi and a large Olympic sized swimming pool.  With regard to the Miscavige/Cruise gym this was built in conjunction with the estates facility in approx. 1989. 

The gym building cost approx.  $150,000 (again using slave labor) and contains a complete lineup of the most modern weight training equipment. It is one of the most incredible gyms imaginable and is for the exclusive use of Tom Cruise, David Miscavige and other specially and specifically approved by him.  It also has an incredible shower area. 

123.  To assure that Tom Cruise's stays at the Hemet base were enjoyable, special provisions were made for him and restrictions were imposed on the staff at the Hemet base.  Millions of Church dollars were spent so that millionaire Tom Cruise could regularly visit the Scientology base and be friends with Miscavige.  For example, Tom Cruise received special meal services, special room services and the Hemet base staff was restricted in its access to Hemet base facilities.  Indeed, a girl by the name of Jennie Matsamura was assigned to take care of him and his renovated cottage.  The Hemet base staff was barred from going where Tom Cruise might be present.  Construction and renovation work that was done on the base for Tom Cruise's benefit often had to be torn up and redone because the coloring was slightly off or there were a few inches of group that didn't quite match in color.  Once we had to pour a concrete walkway so that Tom Cruise would not have to walk on the desert soil.  Before the concrete dried it rained.  The concrete was spoiled. 

Miscavige went into a fury over that. 

124.  On one occasion, prior to a Cruise/Kidman visit, Miscavige decided to redo the meadow in beautiful flowers; Tens of thousands of dollars were spent on the project so that Cruise and Kidman could romp there.  However, Miscavige inspected the project and didn't like it.  So the whole meadow was plowed up, destroyed, re-plowed and sown with plain grass... 

131.  In 1989/1990 we also constructed a tennis court at Gold for the exclusive list of Celebrities and Miscavige.  Non profit Scientology religious organization funds were used for this inurement project.  The tennis court cost at least $200,000 to build.  The rubber coating alone, on the tennis court, cost $80,000.  Then there was the landscaping and rose garden around the tennis court. 

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America and of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.  Executed in Los Angeles, California this 5th day of March, 1994. Andre Tabayoyon 

The IRS made the following comment in its tax ruling during the tax status appeal of Scientology in U. S. Claims Court Number 581-88T, Ruling of June 22nd, 29th, 1992.  

It is not unlike a commercial business strategically giving away services in an effort to increase sales by obtaining a celebrity endorsement."  

4.) The Faustian advantage. The story of Faust is about a person who gives up its soul and spirit to the devil in order to obtain worldly success and power. Here we have a Satanic cult wooing celebrities who are already highly vulnerable to fame, attention and money. One can not help but wonder if the celebrities who know Scientology's secrets have in a some conscious or unconscious way made the Faustian bargain. 

5.) Celebrities also get into Scientology because other celebrities already did, and because some behind the scenes people are working to get them lured in.  

6.) People whether celebrities or not often join a cult when they are in a "transition state," like starting in college, getting divorced, getting fired, starting new job, etc. And actors are always in transition: after having completed an assignment, they have fears: Will the film, musical or play be a success?  

Will they get a new job? This must be terrible, and totally new for most of us, since we get paid every month and only search a new job every few years. The last one makes actors very vulnerable to someone selling certainty or confidence.   


Every possible effort, pressure, and sales tactic is brought to bear on existing celebrity membership to recruit other new celebrities into Scientology. Celebrities are heavily indoctrinated to their duty and responsibility of recruiting new celebrities.   

They also are expected to constantly promote and talk about Scientology. Recruiting and other Scientology promoting activities proves their loyalty to the organization and approves their security clearance to go to the next secret level.  

Celebrity activity is closely monitored. If they don't promote Scientology in their media coverage or if they don't promote it at their events or do special events for Scientology their loyalty is questioned. The following are three examples of Scientology celebrity endorsements and promotions:   

"lt's nice to know you can be a cause of your life as well as an effect," convert John Travolta, 23, says of his Scientology training. "lt's a logical and very sane way of living. I don't get upset as easily as I used to. I don't think I could have handled my success as well without it."   

From 'The Auditor": The Monthly Journal of Scientology -AOSH ANZO 136. "The Road To Freedom" album of LRH songs released on CD! Attendees of the 23rd of June event were able to snap up the brand new edition of "The Road To Freedom" album now available on CD and cassette. This album features such leading artists as John Travolta, Chick Corea, Julia Migenes, Karen Black, Nicky Hopkins, Amanda Ambrose, Gayle Moran  and Leif Garrett. This album is a unique and highly enjoyable collection of songs composed by L. Ron Hubbard to impart to the listener some of the basic knowledge that Scientology offers. Whilst viewed as controversial by those who seek to oppose man's spiritual freedom, the lyrics on this album offer answers to questions man has asked for eons." 

Kirstie Alley is active in disseminating a new 47 page booklet on ways to preserve the environment. The booklet, entitled "Cry Out," was named after a Hubbard song and was produced by Author Services Inc., his literary agency. Author Services is controlled by influential Scientologists. In April, Alley provided nationwide exposure for the illustrated booklet (which mentions Hubbard but not Scientology) when she unveiled it on the popular Arsenio Hall Show. Since then, it has been distributed to prominent environmental groups throughout the U.S.  

Although the advertising isn't finished yet, the new campaign includes a half-hour "documercial" entitled "The Problem of Life." It dramatizes a couple who are looking for answers to the questions of life," a spokesman said, such as: What's it all about? Where are we going? Wouldn't it be good to have a job that is fulfilling? The couple unsuccessfully visits a doctor, a psychotherapist and a marriage counselor. "At the end, they find out Scientology could provide the answers," the spokeswoman said. The documercial ends with a 10-minute direct-sales pitch from Jeff Pomerantz, the soap-opera star (best known for his role in the "Dynasty" series) who is one of the church's several celebrity members.    

Celebrities are not only pushing Scientology and Scientology's non religious alter ego Dianetics for multilevel marketing like commissions; they are also heavily pushing the Scientology front groups, like Narconon, the Way to Happiness, Applied Scholastics, and others.  

A partial list of front groups set up and directly or indirectly controlled by Scientology, and which are involved in recruiting for Scientology or covertly or overtly  attacking adversaries or defending Scientology, includes: 

the Committee To Defend The First Amendment 

the Hubbard Dianetics Foundation 

the Citizens Commission On Human Rights 


the Committee On Public Health And Safety 

the Task Force On Mental Retardation 

the Gerus Society 

the Dianetic Information Group 

the Committee To Re-involve Ex-offenders 

the National Commission for Law Enforcement And Social Justice 

the Foundation For The Communication of Culture International 

Doctors For Religious Liberty 

Vanguard, April, (a pseudo anti cult organization) 

Alliance To Protect Religious Liberty 

Committee For A Safe Environment 

American Citizens For Honesty in Government 

the Way to Happiness Foundation 

the Whistle Blowers 

Health Med 


Applied Scholastics 

Concerned Businessman's Association of America 

Sterling Management 

Scientology's Front Groups play an important role.  Scientology set up reform groups shortly after Hubbard, in 1966, wrote: 

"Churches are looked upon as reform groups.  Therefore we must act like a  reform group." 

Scientology and Dianetics are held in such disrepute that in public Scientology must use front groups to defend it, speak for it, and attack its enemies.  Internal  confidential  documents seized by the F.B.I. show that social reform  activities were designed primarily to attack critics publicly from the  safe and respectable position of a humane social reform group.   

An example  of Hubbard's thinking on this matter is policy directive HCO PL 12 January  1973 "The Safe Point":  

"...Rule l...Get in a safe place and speak up.  It is necessary of course  to have a safe place to get into, from which one can in safely speak up.   One cannot defend himself in a point that has no defenses...Thus the Safe  Point takes consideration over Active Defense...a special unit must be set  up and run at full steam to make a safe point and gain viable PR Area Control over all publics in the area...The PR Area Control action in a new area can go so far as to create in the area of whole past and future track  for the activity being established.  It can make it sound old-fashioned, stable, reliable, expert, productive..." 

The Scientology social reform front groups fulfill Hubbard's directives to  a "T."  Very few people will attack a social reform group, so Scientology  now has its "Safe Point" from which these groups can get its own propaganda messages across.   


Celebrities are expected to do charity events for the front groups of Scientology. These front group charity events serve as very successful invisible recruiting forums to for other non Scientology celebrities.  

Here's how it works. One Scientology celebrity "innocently contacts another non-Scientology celebrity and says, "How would you like to do a charity event with me to help raise money for drug rehabilitation?"  Then the other celebrity usually agrees.  

He or she has no idea that it's a Scientology front group recruiting group like Narconon or the Way To Happiness Foundation, or one of their ecological or other Scientology front groups. Because the front group's name sounds established credible, stable, reliable, etc. and the goal of the charity event sounds benign and worthwhile, the non-Scientology celebrities get sucked in to inadvertently having their names used to promote or in association with the Scientology front groups. Then to make things even worse  they individually become the target of the powerful and manipulative celebrity-recruiting machine if they attend the event.  


Lee Brown, the U.S. Marshals and William Bennett Clinton's Drug czar all got scammed by the Narconon program and a bunch of Scientology celebrities helped con the U.S. Marshals into endorsing Narconon and Scientology. When the U.S. Marshals found out what this was about, they withdrew it. A similar case is William Bennett, the drug czar, who got stung by the Narconon program because a bunch of celebrities were promoting "Keep Off Drugs." When he put his name in it he had no idea that it was a Scientology celebrity front action.  

Gov. Jim Edgar rescinded a proclamation that declared March 13 as "L. Ron Hubbard Day" in Illinois in honor of the late founder of the Church of Scientology. Gubernatorial proclamations traditionally are issued to honor deeds of individuals at the request of a variety of organizations. Edgar aides said the Hubbard proclamation "slipped through the cracks" and was issued without any thought surrounding the controversial author and church founder. 

In his original proclamation, issued Feb. 28, Edgar said Hubbard's "writings on the mind and human spirit have helped millions of people lead better lives. His literary works have enriched the lives of many readers." But Tuesday, Edgar issued only a one-sentence proclamation, stating that his original proclamation was rescinded. 

Another Scientology-linked group, the Concerned Businessmen's Association of America, holds anti-drug contests and awards $5,000 grants to schools as a way to recruit students and curry favor with education officials.  West Virginia Senator John D. Rockerfeller IV unwittingly commended the CBAA in 1987 on the Senate floor.  

An October 1990 news release from the church [of Scientology], said Senator John McCain and Reps. Jon Kyl, John Rhodes, Bob Stump and then Rep. Morris Udall had written to the IRS asking it to explain why it was targeting Scientologists. "I find it hard to believe these guys didn't have a clue. Then again God hasn't blessed us with the brightest politicians,"  Said a writer at the Arizona Republic on June 29, 1991. 


In the beginning of the recruiting process for celebrities and non celebrities alike, Scientology uses personality and other tests to cull out which target members are the most suggestible from the least suggestible. These tests and exercises inform Scientology staff about who can and can't be put into hypnotic trance. If a person can't go in a trance, they usually don't stay in Scientology long, because almost all of Scientology's techniques are based upon covert hypnosis and the increased suggestibility hypnosis produces.  

The celebrities who are still in Scientology have passed the hypnotic suggestibility culling process. That is not to say that celebrities are statistically any more hypnotically suggestible than anyone else in the population. It just means that through its clever culling process Scientology has isolated them and has "worked" their other vulnerabilities to establish and maintain their control over the celebrity.  

In the next step of the recruiting process, Scientology celebrities are bombarded with hyped-up, hypnosis imbalanced "success stories." Moments after completing every suggestion pregnant hypnotic Scientology counseling session the celebrity targets are then REQUIRED to write their own glowing "success stories." (In many of these counseling sessions Scientology buries the hypnotic suggestion for the intended result in the questions being asked.)  

After their own "counseling" sessions, celebrities are taken to a public area and admiration-bombed for their Scientology success. They are NOT allowed to have any objective testing time after they have been put in the covert hypnosis to verify the legitimacy of what's happened to them.  

Then they are controlled by social pressure by having signed their names to glowing unverified testimonials. Very few people will later admit that they signed or claimed something that wasn't true or fairly tested. It is just too embarrassing for most people to admit they were so thoroughly conned or controlled.  


Gradually, but methodically, Scientology will try to directly or indirectly isolate the celebrity from anyone who is not in the pro-Scientology camp.  First Scientologists do it by just occupying as much of the celebrities 24 hour day as possible. They get the celebrity to lots of courses and events and wherever possible they surround them with as many fellow Scientologists as they can. 

Soon the celebrities are seeing less and less of their old non-Scientology friends, and these old relationships seem less and less important. If the celebrity starts having any problems with their old non Scientology girlfriends or mates they will often find "miraculously" attractive Scientology females or males directly or indirectly will start to befriend them. Numerous celebrities have ended up dumping their old girlfriends or wives and marrying Scientology staff members because of these deliberate isolation and manipulative befriending efforts. 

The goal of a Celebrity center staff member is to occupy and control every part of the celebrity's life and resources. By unwritten de facto policy, the most attractive Scientology staff are assigned to the Celebrity Center public areas. When the non-Scientology wife or husband or girlfriend or business associate of some celebrity sees them getting involved in Scientology, one of the first things they notice is how Scientology is baiting the individual to change their non-Scientology friendly sexual, emotional or business relationship partners.  

Of course this is not a problem - at least initially - if you decide to become a Scientologist to keep your current relationship. For example, Tom Cruises new wife, the striking, red-headed Aussie actress Nicole Kidman used to tell her friends that she was upset by the assertive American Scientologists' always hanging around Cruise, She was particularly displeased at their behavior during the Cruises' wedding, last Christmas Eve in Telluride, Colorado. By late March, however, after wrapping with Billy Bathgate with Dustin Hoffman, Kidman now was saying she had made peace with Scientology. "She was very open about it."  


In Scientology there's a heavy emphasis on confessions. The celebrities get hooked into telling their "crimes" under the guise of obtaining emotional guilt relief. Great efforts are made to get the celebrities to confess all of their sins, all of their crimes, all of their sexual habits. Scientology then records and in some cases, videotapes these confessions.  

Scientology is smart enough to know that when the celebrities confess such embarrassing and incriminating things it allows powerful control over them, because if it was made public it could destroy their careers. What the celebrities don't know is that there are secret internal Scientology policies that were seized in the FBI raid where it states that the intelligence people are under strict policy orders to use this information if needed. If somebody starts to go against Scientology the intelligence people grab their confessions, and imply, hint or state or that the materials out of the confessions will be leaked. (See G.O. order 121669 which allows reading of PC files to gather information to use against the person. The FBI seized many incriminating summaries of PC files cullings.) 

From a former member: " While Case Supervisor in 1978 at the Celebrity Center Mission in Las Vegas, Bruce Hamilton of the Las Vegas Guardian's Office came to see me and asked me to go through my PC (preclears) files and to provide him with any information which had been disclosed in auditing sessions which I thought would be helpful to control the person and would be "helpful to his cause." When I disagreed with these "Gestapo type tactics" he told me that these orders came "directly from Los Angeles" or "this comes directly from Clearwater", and that if I didn't comply, it would be "treason"."   

From another former member's deposition (Andre Tabayoyon): Tom Cruise's p.c. (pre-clear) folder was kept in the Gold case supervision (c/s) office which I had access to as a security missionaries. It contains supposedly confidential information derived during auditing sessions. However, the contents of such pre-clear folders have been culled and used against people. It is my opinion, based on my Scientology training, education and experience, that such information is collected by the Scientology organization in order to be able to exert control and influence over people such as Tom Cruise or John Travolta, should they ever attempt to leave the Scientology organization. 

The Travolta story is a good example of this tactic. John Travolta has long served as an unofficial Scientology spokesman, even though he told a magazine in 1983 that he was opposed to the church's management. High-level defectors claim that Travolta has long feared that if he defected, details of his homosexual and bisexual life would be made public.  

"He (Travolta) felt pretty intimidated about this getting out and told me so," recalls William Franks, the church's former chairman of the board. "There were no outright threats made, but it was implicit. If you leave, they immediately start digging up everything." Franks was driven out in 1981 after attempting to reform the church.  

From another Scientology member and former head of security. Richard Aznaran, recalls Scientology ringleader Miscavige repeatedly joking to staffers about Travolta's allegedly promiscuous homosexual behavior. (It is curious to note that when Scientology recently sued Time magazine for a critical article on Scientology which mentioned Travolta's homosexuality they did not list this as one of the article's slanders.) 

Celebrities with sexual secrets (or any type of secrets) should adopt the firm policy to NEVER  under any circumstances CONFESS ANYTHING to Scientology. What control would Scientology have if Lisa Marie Presley gets Michael Jackson to confess everything that happened concerning the child molesting charges against him? 


Here are some excerpts from an article on Scientology and celebrities from Premiere Magazine (9/93.) In it is a courageous interview with Diana Canova.  

"I remember having a choking anger against anyone who ever said anything against Scientology," says actress Diana Canova (Soap), a former member. "I would get crazy, I was just so angry. I would have done anything for them."   

During her seven years in Scientology, Canova experienced the Celebrity Center from both sides of fame. "When I started, I wasn't in television yet. I was a nobody--I'd done some TV, but I  was not one of the elite, not by a long shot--until I did Soap. Then it became . . . I mean, you really are treated like royalty."   

"There was always pressure to get other celebrities in. The first time I walked in those doors, they said, 'Just give us all the money in your bank account. You'll get it back tenfold.'" When she joined, auditing prices were about $25. "It went up to about $175 in the early '80s," she recalls. "That was shocking to me. I was beginning to wonder, Is it really worth it? They're telling you, 'Don't spend $100 an hour on a shrink's couch, it'll ruin your mind.' Auditing is so much better?"   

"It took me years before I decided to quit," says Canova. "I guess finally I was so fed up with being afraid. You've heard all these horror stories . . ." Canova warns: "They're capable of doing a lot of things." 

Canova says she spoke up because she thought it was important. "I see some of my friends having to keep their mouths shut for personal reasons, for business reasons," she says. "I don't believe that's right. If it's going to be termed a religion, or a church, then those kinds of fears have no business being there. Nobody should be afraid. And you can quote me on that." 


Singer Lou Rawls, 42, still appears on church membership rolls, even though he has long been disaffected. "Lou is no longer involved in Scientology, it's not an interest at this point and never will be again," his agent says. "He doesn't want to be associated with those people."   

John Brodie a former San Francisco 49'ers quarterback, was involved in Scientology from 1970 to 1982. He was one of the first 25 Scientologists to reach the level of OT 7, considered a formidable accomplishment by members. Still, Brodie says he never considered himself part of the group. Brodie said he gave up promoting Scientology after some of his friends in Scientology were expelled and harassed during a power struggle with church management. "There were many in the church I felt were treated unfairly," Brodie said.  

There are many Hollywood people who have left Scientology but fear speaking out. Some of them leave and just order Scientology to stop using their names and "success" stories. Hopefully, because of this report and the full Scientology celebrity listing at the end of part two, more former Scientology celebrities will begin tell their stories in the media. 


Several years ago a male porn star collected $100,000 from a tabloid for an account of his alleged two-year homosexual liaison with John Travolta. Travolta refuses to comment on the story. His lawyer dismissed questions about the subject as "bizarre." Two weeks later, Travolta announced that he was getting married to actress Kelly Preston, a fellow Scientologist, a relatively unknown starlet who wanted to break into Hollywood.  

Kirstie Alley of Cheers fame is the big celebrity promoter of Narconon. She travels all over doing events for them.  

The Narconon Scientology front group takes drug addicts and addicts them to Scientology through repetitive hypnotic trance. Alley was chained to drugs and now she's chained to Scientology. Is Kirstie Alley any more free? She's not suffering drug problems - but hasn't she's lost her life again?  

According to a twenty-two year former member, Tom Cruise went somewhat insane while doing Scientology's secret initiation levels (OT III, the story of the galactic Emperor Xenu). The member from which this information is coming said Cruise was getting his "OT III repair" processing at that time. To prevent a public scene, they quickly got him into some more hypnotic trance induction and mellowed him out.  

Did Marcia Clark lie to the media during the O.J. Simpson trial by saying she wasn't a Scientologist. You don't marry someone in Scientology's intelligence division unless you are a security cleared Scientologist. Her husband is one of the heads of the Citizens' Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) which is one of the intelligence division's main front groups attacking psychiatry.  

The Michael Jackson Scientology recruiting story is intriguing. Celebrities who bring in other BIG celebrities (like Mimi Rogers who brought in Tom Cruise) are treated even more royally inside the organization.  

The speedy Lisa Marie Presley Michael Jackson marriage fits the classic profile of Scientology celebrity recruiting and in some ways is similar to the conveniently fast Travolta Marriage.  

Michael Jackson was a highly vulnerable target. He had just come out of a drug rehabilitation program, went through child molesting charges, and his career was slumping. Lisa Marie reportedly chased him and wouldn't take no for an answer.  

Michael Jackson is the ultimate plum to Scientology. In Scientology's mind one Michael Jackson can bring in millions of new young and naive members.  

A fanatical Scientologist would easily marry or divorce to prove his or her total dedication to "bringing in" millions of people (clearing and controlling the planet.) Those celebrities who have been through the OT III initiation know that "clearing the planet" really means they are one of the elite aliens trapped here. They know the Scientology secret initiations woke them up to their real identity and world historic destiny, and that they will have to go back out into the galaxy and eventually re-fight the old space war. (The Scientology secret initiation process produces a fanatical loyalty at a virtually irrational level.)   

Is Lisa Marie a Scientology fanatic? She was married to a Sea Org member who signed a "billion year" contract. She has lived extensively at Scientology centers. By this time she has probably passed the OT III initiation. It's well within the scope of Scientology covert operations and loyalty testing for her to have been on a celebrity recruiting operation for acquiring Michael Jackson.  

Michael Jackson may be Scientology's current #1 celebrity recruiting target. Unfortunately, going from the PR nightmares of his recent past into the world's most dangerous satanic cult will not be the best way to improve his marketability. He may find that what he gets with Lisa Marie may not be worth the "marriage" benefit.   

The parallels make one wonder, did Scientology offer Lisa Marie Presley as an easy public relations solution to Jackson's sexual identity problems and his potential child molesting problems? Getting married after being considered a homosexual or a child molester is a good way to quash those notions in the public's eye. Was this another Travolta Kelly Preston quick marriage orchestrated for public relations benefit?  

If Jackson is being manipulated to get in, will he ever dare go public? If he is not in yet, are Scientology and Lisa Marie slowly isolating him by replacing his non Scientology staff and  advisors with pro Scientology people to effect the final conversion? Will Jackson and his staff smell the con, and distance themselves completely and permanently from Lisa Marie and the cynical Scientology celebrity manipulators? Only time will tell... 

The political arena from politicians to lobbyists is definitely a high priority Scientology target. 

Sometimes when it better suits their secret goals Scientology tries to hide or play down a celebrity connection. A good example is Sonny Bono.  

Scientology pretty much owns Sonny Bono the politician. This is because he is an initiated Scientologist. His first loyalty must be not to the government, not to anything else, but Scientology first and foremost.  

Sonny Bono is now a member of the House of Representatives in Washington. Although Scientology was reported to be secretly telling its members to donate to Bonn's reelection campaign, Scientology has down played Bonn's membership. Maybe Scientology believes that if more secret Scientology becomes public it's not good for his and their political destiny? (The OT VIII Bulletin talks about Hubbard coming back as a politician and fulfilling the prophecy of  the Antichrist coming back as a political figure.)  

Sonny Bono also happens to be on the U.S. copyright committee. Scientology uses copyrights and copyright raids to try to enforce secrecy of its secret initiations. 


One famous celebrity involved with Scientology that Scientology does not boast about, talk about, or probably even wants you to know about is Charles Manson, the convicted murderer of Sharon Tate and her friends. Scientology made extensive efforts to hide or destroy Manson's Scientology records. They have continually denied that he was a member, but in the FBI raid on Scientology's headquarters the F.B.I. found abundant Scientology internal intelligence information regarding Manson's involvement with Scientology.  

The New York Times stated that Manson first got interested in Scientology while he was incarcerated in the McNeil Is land Penitentiary in Washington (Scientology has recruiting programs for prisons). From another report, Manson received about 150 hours of Scientology counseling in prison and at one point went psychotic. "Charles was very preoccupied with this new thing called Scientology", one of his friends from prison has told. "He thought that it could do something for him."  

Manson himself has told that he learned the methods very quickly, because he had not been programmed in advance. Manson had lessons in Scientology by three of his cell mates. One of them, Lanier Palmer, was "Doctor of Scientology."  

After his release from prison, The New York Times reported, he went to Los Angeles where he was said to have met local Scientologists and attended several parties for movie stars, possibly the July 18 initial dedication of the first Celebrity Center.  

Scientology literature was also said to be found at the ranch when Manson and his family were captured. There were hints that he later got involved with other OTO groups or may have joined the Process, the sex and Satan group which originally broke away from Scientology.  

It is interesting to note that the OTO is commonly considered the mother cult of Satanism to western society. Scientology was derived in significant part from the OTO. The Process came in significant part from Scientology. Another escapee-group from the Process was the notorious Son of Sam cult. 

The Son of Sam cult had cells that spread all over the USA. Since 1976 about 15-20 cult killings were committed by the sect in the New York-area, especially of young girls. The leaders in New York were among others, David Berkowitz and the brothers John and Michael Cam. They killed "to bring this era to an end." At David's home the police found the telephone number of the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida, Scientology's main secret level training center.  

David explained to the police, that the Son of Sam cult was an escapee from Scientology, though, there is no proof of David personally being close to Scientology.  


Many scientology celebrities are no more that manipulated victims themselves. They are kept isolated. They have no idea what the real nature of the secret organization is. They have no idea about the camps, the suicides or the abuse.  

They never have seen the FBI raid documents that talk about Scientology's doing covert operations on anti-Scientology celebrities, showing that Scientology was gathering histories on celebrities to use for either possible recruitment or as covert operation targets if they were an "anti-Scientology celebrity." They do not know about Scientology illegally acquiring the tax returns of John Wayne and Frank Sinatra, or the covert operations on cartoonist Andy Berry. (The person who draws Berry's World Cartoon.)    

Although it is not advertised, gradually the celebrities do learn that he or she too will become "fair game" if he or she publicly acknowledges the abuses or real secret nature of Scientology. In spite of the preceding, Scientology celebrities now must be held legally co-responsible for the damage Scientology causes because they're allowing their names and images to be used to bring children, young adults and families into Scientology and because they are getting something for helping it. They are getting paid in free services, commissions and country club perks. 

If celebrities still choose to continue to be celebrity spokespersons or allow their names to be used in Scientology's endorsements and success stories, Scientology celebrities should begin to assume that the organizations which  promote compassionate religion, family values and other humanitarian social values in opposition to the secret values and goals of Scientology will soon begin through public education and dialog to target their careers and public relations images .  

The tremendous pain, loss, anguish, and anger Scientology has caused to so many individuals and families is real. (See included suicide appendix #3.) It would not be surprising to find more and more Scientology celebrity careers caught up in the growing backlash against Scientology in the courts and in the media, both here and abroad.  


The main program for Scientology's world wide expansion is currently its celebrity program.  But, what is gradually happening is that a lot of non-Scientology Hollywood people are getting hip to the Scientology con.  

Scientology has made a very bad strategic decision in linking its future expansion so solidly to Hollywood celebrities. First of all, they are betting their future on the concept that people will buy sincere and real spirituality from the endorsement of a slick Hollywood celebrity. That's a bad bet because most people today are wise enough not to buy whatever a Hollywood celebrity endorses until they know the product personally. 

Second, Hollywood has long been know as the neurotic center of the universe. Hollywood is also known to be a "tinsel town" of insincerity and has so many other negative connotations - why would any legitimate religion seek celebrity endorsements or try to create a religion around the unspirituality of celebrity fame? 

Most legitimate religions use good works or some humble program or their philosophy for promotion. But, Scientology is desperately looking at its celebrity recruitment as its savior, the idea being: if these celebrities can be in it, it must be good; another BIG mistake for David Miscavige, the celebrity-crazed new leader of Scientology. Hollywood's strange population of too many overpaid shiny people fails to impress most folks who tend to laugh at them and their fame-distorted lives.  

Next, Hollywood is infamous for its lack of loyalty. When more people understand what Scientology really is and the first few Scientology celebrities are named for damages in new lawsuits against Scientology, Hollywood and Hollywood celebrities will distance themselves from Scientology faster than you can say "let's make a deal."  

Finally, don't be surprised to see leading anti-Scientology critics soon challenging Scientology's top celebrities to appear on any national TV shows to debate the topics discussed in this report.  


Go to appendix 2 at the end of this story for the 10 plus page list of Hollywood stars and Hollywood people involved in Scientology or who have left Scientology. You may be very surprised at how much of Hollywood is involved.  


There are two main types of Satanism, classical Satanism and neo-Satanism. Although Scientology contains many elements of neo-Satanism this story will focus on the classical elements.  

In classical Satanism there are numerous elements that help to characterize it as a classical satanic church.  One of those elements is the prediction of an ultimate conflict between God and God's representatives (pure good) and Lucifer and his representatives (pure evil). Classical Satanists identify with the devil or Antichrist and believe or act in opposition or with disgust to the values, ritual and symbols represented by the Christ figure and the values, ritual and symbols of traditional Christianity.  

Classical Satanists often worship through use of reversal of traditional Christian symbols and ritual such as the black mass or by reversing crosses or other religious symbols. Classical Satanists often practice their beliefs among their own members and with the outside world by reversing truth with deception and lies.  

Much biblical prophesy states that there is to be a final conflict for possession of the world between Lucifer and his representatives and God and God's representatives. Part of this conflict involves Satanists - before the final conflict - trying to possess, destroy or indelibly mark the souls of its members.  Biblical prophesy also implies as the time of the final conflict approaches the forces of the Beast will place a number on their members to mark their own.  

While classical Satanists often talk about this upcoming great spiritual war, a major part of their energy seems to be directed toward acquiring secular power in the forms of political and financial leverage and slave master-like control over the personal lives of those around them. Keeping the above elements in mind, read this story's examination of these elements for their parallels in Scientology and its origins.  


When you look at the origins of a group you look at its roots and the "signature" of its genetic inheritance. Even though the organizational roots may be hidden from sight the organization will always bear the type of "fruit" dictated by its "genetic" heritage and origins. The main origins of Scientology are revealed in Hubbard's imitation of Aleister Crowley and his "Ordo Templi Orientis" (OTO).  


Aleister Crowley is surely the most famous Satanist and black magician of the twentieth-century. It is impossible to arrive at an understanding of Scientology without taking into account L. Ron Hubbard's (Scientology's founder) extensive involvement with his religious and ideological mentor, Aleister Crowley.  

Crowley is significant because his ideology and OTO organization is considered to be the root and mother cult responsible for birthing classical and neo-Satanism into the U.S. and western society.  

Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) was reared in the Plymouth Brethren. Crowley had been introduced to magic in a book by A.E. Waite. His Cabalistic studies led him in 1898 to the OGD (another secret society.) Crowley rose quickly in the order, but was refused initiation to Adeptus Minor because of his moral turpitude (in this case homosexuality).  

Crowley gained a reputation through the next two decades for breaking every conceivable moral law, from fornication to murder. Crowley went to Paris and was initiated by Mathers, which led to a split in the order in London. In 1904, Crowley received a "communication from the astral" with instructions for the establishment of a new order, which he set up in 1907. It was called the Astrum Argentinure (silver star).  

In 1909, Crowley began publishing the Equinox to spread his ideas. Aleister Crowley called himself "The Great Beast", a reference to The New Testament's description of the Anti-Christ.  In his masses he used cocaine, opium and hash.  

While traveling in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Crowley was taught yoga by his guru Ananda Metteya, alias Allan Bennett.  Bennett had emigrated to the island in 1900 to become a Buddhist-monk.  In 1904 Crowley stayed in Cairo and, during a seance, got a "revelation" by his guardian angel Aiwass (Aiwaz), which was communicated in the form of a prose poem entitled Liberal Vel Legis, i.e., The Book of Law.  This became the textbook for the lodges of the Crowley Satanists.  

In chapter two, it was Aiwass states: "We have nothing to do with the outcast and the unfit; let them die in their misery.  For they feel not. Compassion is the vice of kings; stamp down the wretched and the weak; this is the law of the strong; this is our law and the joy of the world..;" When Crowley heard the voice, he looked over his shoulder and claims he saw his guardian angel, who appeared like a 30 years old, dark-skinned man, trim, and with a face like a tyrannical king, with eyes that could spoil everything.  

John Symond reported this happening in his book about Aleister Crowley: "He had caught a glimpse of the Devil. Aiwass was the messenger of Hoor-Paar-Kraat, that is to say Set, the destroyer god, the brother and murderer of Osiris. Set was also called Sheraton, and Sheraton is the prototype of the Christian Satan".  Crowley enthusiastically expounded the text of The Book of The Law when he performed masses. From the basic ideas of Satanism, he declared: "There are no other gods than man". Accordingly, man has the right to live after his own law, has the right to eat what he wants, has the right to think what he wants, to love whom he wants, to kill those who try to take these rights from him.  

Aleister Crowley is known to have driven all of his mistresses and wives to hysteria, madness or divorce with his demands. John Symond's records in his introduction to 'The Confessions of Aleister Crowley' that Crowley's female scribe wrote in her magical' diary: "it was 'damn hard' to think of 'the rottenest kind of creature' as a Word." The "Word" was Crowley's self-assumed title as teacher of the Aeon. Crowley drove several of his disciples to suicide and humiliated others to madness. He is accused of infanticide, and never denied the charge.  (Interested readers should consult his 'Confessions', a work of unmitigated egotism.)  


In the beginning of the 20th century, a manufacturer from Vienna Dr. Karl Kellner, and a German theosophist Dr. Franz Hertmann, founded a secret occult lodge which they named "Ordo Templi Orientis" (O.T.O.). Soon after they were joined by Theodore Reuss (1855-1923) who had connections with many lodges. It was he who led Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy, into such a group.  

Reuss, whose lodge-name was "Brother Merlin", contacted Aleister Crowley in 1912, and he became a member of this additional lodge receiving the name "Brother Baphomet". Baphomet, the symbol of the satanic goat, usually portrayed as a half-human, half-goat figure, of a goat head. It is often misinterpreted as a symbol of witchcraft in general. (It is used by Satanists, who worship the devil, but is not used by neo-Pagan witches, who do not worship the Devil.)  

The origin of the name Baphomet is unclear. It may be a corruption of Mahomet (Mohammed). The English witchcraft historian Montague Summers suggested it was a combination of two Greek words, baphe and metis, meaning "absorption of knowledge."  Baphomet has also been called the Goat of Mendes, the Black Goat and the Judas Goat.) 

The O.T.O. developed its sexual rites quickly under Reuss and later broadened them under Crowley. Not long after, Crowley took over the leadership of the lodge.  Like other secret lodges, members may not disclose their knowledge.  


Hubbard's fascination with Crowley's brand of religion goes back to when he was sixteen living in Washington, D.C. He got hold of the book by Aleister Crowley, called 'The Book of Law.'   

He was very interested in several things that were the creation of what some people call the Moon Child. It was basically an attempt to create an miraculous conception - except by Satan rather than by God.  

Another important Crowley principle was the creation of what was called embryo implants - of getting a satanic or demonic spirit to inhabit the body of a fetus. This would come about as a result of black-magic rituals which included the use of hypnosis, drugs and the dangerous and destructive practices.  

Hubbard initial exposure to Crowley and the dark side of spirituality would get the opportunity to be further developed through his association with Jack Parsons. Jack Parsons was an acknowledged genius in the field of chemistry and a major figure in the first stirrings of rocket research at Cal Tech.  

Parsons was involved with the U.S. branch of an occult secret society called the O.T.O. The ideological leader of this U.S. O.T.O. group was none other than Master Therion, the "Beast 666," or as the contemporary world press described him, "the wickedest man in the world," Aleister Crowley. 

During the first World war Aleister Crowley had written a novel called the "Butterfly Net" later to be published under the name "Moonchild." This novel tells the story of a magical operation based on the theory that a particular type of spirit can be induced to incarnate in an unborn human embryo by surrounding the mother with the appropriate influences, carrying out certain rituals, etc.  

Parsons wished to carry out such an operation designed to achieve in an unborn child, the incarnation of Babalon, an aspect of the great Mother goddess Nuit.  He decided that Hubbard would make an ideal co-worker.  

In order to obtain a woman prepared to bear this magical child, Parsons and Hubbard engaged themselves for eleven days in rituals. These do not seem to have produced any marked result until January 14, 1946 when, so Parsons said, Hubbard had a candle knocked out of his hand.  Parsons went on to record saying that Hubbard called him and, "We observed a brownish yellow light about seven feet high. I brandished a Magical sword and it disappeared. Hubbard's right arm was paralyzed for the rest of the night." 

All this work seemed to have its desired result and, on January 18, 1946 Parsons found a girl who was prepared to go through the required incantation rituals and become the mother of Babalon.   Parsons was the High Priest and had sexual intercourse with the girl, while Hubbard, who was present, acted as a skryer, seer, or clairvoyant and described what was supposed to be happening on the astral plane. 

Hubbard and Parsons were attempting the most reckless magical feat imaginable. They were trying to incarnate the Scarlet Woman described in the Book of Revelation as "Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlot and Abominations of the Earth...drunken with the blood of saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus."  

The foregoing ritual bears some resemblance to that of a girl who defected from Scientology in 1979. She had been coerced into a perverted act of sexual intercourse with a man fitting Hubbard's description in Hubbard's private quarters at the Fiefield Manor in Los Angeles.  She describes the event as one where "my mind was being ripped away from me by force", while the man lay on her for one hour without erection and without ever saying a word. 

Around the time of the Parsons connection it is documented that Hubbard used huge amounts of testosterone, stilbestrol (a female sex hormone). Taking the sex hormones were his solution to an impotence problem.  

Another solution Hubbard attempted was to resort to "affirmations." The "Affirmations" were commands stated to himself as part of self-hypnosis.  

Sometimes you will see in his hand written notes a statement of fact, like, "Yeah, I'm screwed up on sex." And then he'll come back with an affirmation: "You are sexually wonderful! Your sexual prowess has never before been equaled on the face of the Earth!"   

Impotence was on Hubbard's mind a lot at that period. He wrote page after page about how "after Fern," he had been too afraid to go to a doctor with the clap.  Fern was the girl in Miami who he claims gave gonorrhea to him. So he dosed himself with sulfur, and then he says the sulfur depressed his libido, and his solution to that was the testosterone and stilbestrol.  "It so depressed my libido," he said, that he needed someone like Sara to stimulate him. (Sara was Sarah Northrup who later became Hubbard's mistress and wife.) 


(From an interview with L Ron Hubbard Jr.)  

Ron Jr. says that he remembers much of his childhood.  He claims to recall, at six years, a vivid scene of his father performing an abortion ritual on his mother with a coat hanger.   

Ron Hubbard Jr. remembers that when he was  ten years old, his  father, in an attempt to get his son in tune with his black magic worship, laced the young Hubbard's bubble gum with Phenobarbital. According to Ron Jr. drugs were an important part of Ron Jr.'s growing up, as his father believed that they were the best way to get closer to Satan--the Antichrist of black magic.  

"In my father's private circle," Ron Jr. explains, "there were lots of mistresses. When I was younger, I participated in private orgies with him and three or four other women.  His theory was that one has to open or crack a woman's soul in order for the satanic power to pour through it and into him. It got kind of far out, culminating in a variety of sex acts.  Dad also had an incredibly violent temper.  He was into S & M and would beat his mistresses and shoot them full of drugs."  

When asked by a interviewer how this "soul-cracking" worked, L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. said, "The explanation is sort of long and complicated. The basic rationale is that there are some powers in this universe that are pretty strong.  

"As an example, Hitler was involved in the same black magic and the same occult practices that my father was.  The identical ones. Which, as I have said, stem clear back to before Egyptian times. It's a very secret thing. Very powerful and very workable and very dangerous.  

Brainwashing is nothing compared to it. The proper term would be "soul cracking."  

"It's like cracking open the soul, which then opens various doors to the power that exists, the satanic and demonic powers.  Simply put, it's like a tunnel or an avenue or a doorway.  Pulling that power into yourself through another person—and using women, especially is incredibly insidious.  

"It makes Dr. Fu Manchu look like a kindergarten student.  It is the ultimate vampirism, the ultimate mind fuck.  Instead of going for blood, you're going for their soul.  And you take drugs in order to reach that state where you can, quite literally, like a psychic hammer, break their soul, and pull the power through.” 

"He designed his Scientology Operating Thetan techniques (Scientology's secret initiations) to do the same thing.  But, of course, it takes a couple of hundred hours of auditing and mega thousands of dollars for the privilege of having your head turned into a glass Humpty Dumpty--- shattered into a million pieces.  It may sound like incredible gibberish, but it made my father a fortune."   

(The materials of the Operating Thetan techniques [the Fishman documents] are the reason for the raids mentioned earlier.)  

"... Also I've got to complete this by saying that he thought of himself as the Beast 666 Incarnate." Interviewer: "The devil?" Ron Jr.: "Yes. Aleister Crowley thought of himself as such.  And when Crowley died in 1947 my father then decided that he should wear the cloak of the beast; and become the most powerful being in the universe. 

"Scientology is black magic that is spread out over a long time period. To perform black magic generally takes a few hours or at most; a few weeks. But in Scientology it is stretched out over a lifetime and so you don't see it. Black magic is the inner core of Scientology - and it is probably the only part of Scientology that really works.  

"Also you've got to realize that my father did not worship Satan. He thought he was Satan. He was one with Satan.  He had a direct pipeline of communication and power with him. My father wouldn't have worshipped anything, I mean. When you think you're the most powerful being in the universe, you have no respect for anything let alone worship. 

"... The one  super-secret sentence that Scientology is built on is: 'Do as thou wilt. That is the whole of the law.' It also comes from the black magic, from Aleister Crowley. It means that you are a law unto yourself, that you are  above the law, that you create your own law.  You are above any other human considerations."  

The following is from a piece, written by L. Ron Hubbard, Jr.  about his father in 1985 entitled "Philadelphia."  

"We were in Philadelphia. It was November 1952. Dianetics was all but forgotten; Scientology, a  new science,' had become the focus of attention. Every night, in the hotel, in preparation for the next day's lecture, he'd pace the floor, exhilarated by this or that passage from Aleister Crowley's writings. Just a month before, he had been in London, where he had finally been able to quench his thirst; to fill his cup with the true, raw, naked power of magic. The lust of centuries at his very fingertips. 

"To stroke and taste the environs of the Great Beast, to fondle Crowley's books, papers, and memorabilia had filled him with pure ecstasy!  In London he had acquired, at last, the final keys; enabling him to take his place upon the  Throne of the Beast,' to which he firmly believed himself to be the rightful heir.  The tech gushed forth and resulted in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures." 

It is perhaps coincidental that Hubbard, in the late fifties, set up his headquarters at Saint Hill Manor in England, less than half an hour's drive from what had been Aleister Crowley's former house in Tunbridge Wells.  


There are many similarities between Crowley's writings and the teachings of Hubbard. To name but a few of the most benign: there is the Dianetics' Time Track, in which every incident in a person's life is chronologically recorded in full, in the mind.  This is quite similar to Crowley's Magical Memory. The Magical Memory is developed over time until "memories of childhood reawaken" which were previously forgotten, and memories of previous incarnations are recalled as well.   

Hubbard gives examples in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course of several people remembering lives earlier on earth, some up to a million years ago. The similarity between the Magical Memory and Time Track is that they both can recall every past incident in a person's life, they both can recall incidents from past lives, and they both must be developed by certain techniques in order to make use of them.        

Both Hubbard and Crowley consider it important to have the person recall his or her birth.  "Having allowed the mind to return for some hundred times to the hour of birth, it should be encouraged to endeavor to penetrate beyond that period" {Crowley).  "After twenty runs through birth, the patient experienced a recession of all somatics and 'unconsciousness' and aberrative content." "Thus there was no inhibition about looking earlier than birth for what Dianetics had begun to call basic-basic" (Hubbard).       

In 1952, Hubbard recommended a work by black magician Aleister Crowley, which Hubbard called The Master Therion (published in 1929). This book was reprinted as Magick in Theory and Practice, and it also contains reference to the recollection of birth: "Having allowed the mind to return for some hundred times to the hour of birth, it should be encouraged to endeavor to penetrate beyond that period. If it be properly trained to run backwards, there will be little difficulty in doing this."  

Both Hubbard and Crowley are avowedly anti-psychiatry. "Official psychoanalysis is therefore committed to upholding a fraud... psychoanalysts have misinterpreted life, and announced the absurdity that every human being is essentially an antisocial, criminal, and insane animal" (Crowley). Hubbard considered that psychiatry controlled most of society and was struggling to create a 1984 world.  

Hubbard and Crowley both posit the ability of the person to leave his or her body at times.  Crowley states that the way to learn to leave your body is to mock up a body like your own in   front of your physical body. Eventually you will learn to leave your physical body with your "astral body" and travel and view at will without physical restrictions. Hubbard teaches the same,  and his method of "exteriorization" is to tell the person to "have preclear mock up own body" which will send the person outside his body.         

Both Crowley and Hubbard use an equilateral triangle pointing up in a circle as one of their group's symbols.  Both use Volume 0 instead of Volume 1 to begin enumerating their works.   

Crowley's notion of "the will": "The original definition of Scientology 8-8008 was the attainment of infinity by the reduction of the apparent infinity and power of the MEST [Matter, Energy, Space, Time] universe to a zero for himself, and the increase of the apparent zero of one's own universe to an infinity for oneself ... It can be seen that [the] infinity [symbol] stood upright makes the number eight" . Which is to say, the essential idea of Scientology is to raise the power of the individual's will or intention to "an infinity". This aim is held in common with all magical systems (Cavendish quotes Crowley "the Great Work is the raising of the whole man in perfect balance to the power of Infinity", The Magical Arts, p.5). The exercises used in the attempt to achieve this - especially those in The Creation of Human Ability (some of which were on the original "OT 5" course) - are ritual magic disguised as therapy.  

Adopting the same stated purpose for Scientology as Crowley had for his Magic, Hubbard says, in a 1952 taped Scientology lecture: "Our whole activity tends to make an individual completely independent of any limitation."  

In Crowley's Organization are several grade levels. To reach the Grade of Adeptus Exemptus "The Adept must prepare and publish a thesis setting forth His knowledge of the Universe, and his proposals for its welfare and progress.  He will thus be known as the leader of a school of thought." It is apparent that Hubbard has fulfilled this requirement.   

The "creative processing" of Hubbard's 1952 Philadelphia Doctorate Course derives substantially from the work of black magician Aleister Crowley. One could go on for quite some time listing the similarities between Crowley's and Hubbard's theories and writings, but for additional information the reader is encouraged to investigate for him or herself.        


The "S and double triangle" motif of Scientology's main symbol probably derives from the black magic use of the snake symbol (the "wise serpent" or Satan) combined with a deconstruction into two triangles of the Star of David (rather like the reverse ritual of hanging the Christian cross upside down to signify devil worship). This symbol - the magical hexagram - was used by Hubbard and Parsons during their attempts at incarnating the Antichrist in human form.  

The RTC (a main Scientology corporation) symbol contains the Dianetics triangle, which is a common magical symbol, representing the door of the Cabala, the letter Daleth. Hubbard indeed assigned it to the Greek equivalent of Daleth, Delta. The triangle on its base is also the  symbol of Set, the Egyptian god called by some "the destroyer of  man", the male equivalent of Babalon.  Indeed Crowley equates Set with Satan. Hubbard also used the "Daleth" triangle of the Egyptian destroyer-god Set as the Dianetic symbol.  

Hubbard copied the back of Crowley's Tarot-cards, a distinctively marked cross, which he used for his main Scientology church cross and symbol.  

The Sea Organization symbol of Scientology's elite paramilitary division is also interesting. The five pointed star, or pentacle is the most commonly known symbol of magical power. It is held between two thirteen-leaved laurels.  

The theta symbol used by Scientology is the central symbol of Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis, where it denotes "Thelma" or the will. Perhaps Hubbard's "thetan" is pronounced to match with a lisped "Satan"?  He was, after all, wry in his humor and such a subtle perverse twist and deceit of lower initiates would be entirely congruent with classical Satanism.  

Crowley's order - the OTO - had a common origin with the Thule group to which several members of the Nazi hierarchy belonged (including deputy party chairman Rudolph Hess). The sig rune used by the Nazis - appears on the Scientology International Management Organization's symbol - a red square enclosing a white disc and set off by four lightning flashes or sig runes. The swastika of the Nazi flag has been replaced by the Scientology "S and double triangle". The symbol of the Religious Technology Center is surrounded by sig runes. The sig rune is otherwise peculiar to the Nazis.  

L. Ron, junior, was sure that the teachings of the pre-Nazi Germanen Orden and the Thule secret societies had passed directly to his father by courier. No explanation is given for using these sig runes by Scientology. At the time that both of these symbols were introduced, Hubbard also created the International Finance Police, headed by  the International Finance Dictator. An significant choice of words.  


One can tell a lot about what type of religion an organization is by looking at the spiritual qualities of the religion's founders, their words, and the organization's key leaders. Wherever possible this story will quote from the policy and spiritual directives of Scientology's founder L. Ron Hubbard...  

While Hubbard was supposedly researching his Dianetics in the late 1940s, he was in fact engaging in magical rituals, and trying out hypnosis both on himself and others. During the 1984 Armstrong trial against Scientology, extracts from Hubbard's voluminous self-hypnotic affirmations were read into the record. The statements, hundreds of pages of them, are written in red ink and Hubbard frequently drew pictures of the male genitalia alongside the text.  

Amongst his affirmations to himself we find" "Men are my slaves", "Elemental Spirits are my slaves" and "You can be merciless whenever your will is crossed and you have every right to be merciless" "All women shall succumb to my charms! All mankind shall grovel at my feet and not know why."     

L. Ron Hubbard repeatedly played them back to himself while under the influence of hallucinatory drugs such as mescaline and cocaine. Was Hubbard's evil intention to secretly subjugate no less than all of mankind?  

In 1938 in a letter to the first of Hubbard's three wives he said, "I have high hopes of smashing my name into history so violently that it will take legendary form..." 

More from the sacred scriptures of Hubbard. "THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM. You can write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them." 

"If you really want to enslave people tell them that you are going to give them total freedom." (At the top of the Scientology grade chart of levels of initiate attainment at the OT 8 level is the benefit obtained from that level. At OT 8 it is written "Total Freedom.") 

Of practitioners unlicensed by him Hubbard said "Harass these persons in any possible way." Nor did Hubbard exclude the possibility of murder against those who opposed him.  The "Suppressive Person declare" and the "Fair Game Law" speak reams in terms of Hubbard's true intent and spiritual nature. 

"An enemy may be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist...may be tricked, sued, lied to, or destroyed." From the words of L. Ron Hubbard in HCO policy letter of 18 October 1967, known as the "Fair Game Policy."  

"A suppressive person becomes fair game. By fair game is meant may not be further protected by the codes and disciplines of Scientology...They cannot be granted the rights and beingness ordinarily accorded rational beings and so place themselves beyond any consideration for their feelings or well being...The homes, property, places, abodes of persons who have been active in attempting to suppress Scientology are all beyond the protection of Scientology ethics." 

More from the mouth of L Ron Hubbard: "When you move off a point of power, pay all your obligations on the nail, empower your friends completely and move off with your pockets full of artillery, potential blackmail on every erstwhile rival, unlimited funds in your private account and the addresses of experienced assassins and go live in Bulgaria and bribe the police .... 

"So to live at all in the shadow or employ of a power you must yourself gather and USE enough power to hold your own-without just nattering to the power to  kill Pete', in straightforward or more suppressive veiled ways to him as these wreck the power that supports yours. He doesn't have to know all the bad news and if he's a power really he won't ask all the time,  What are all those dead bodies doing at the door?' And if you are clever, you never let it be thought HE killed them-that weakens you and also hurts the power source.  Well, boss, about all those dead bodies, nobody at all will suppose you did it. She over there, those pink legs sticking out, didn't like me.'  

"  Well,' he'll say if he really is a poor,  why are you bothering me with it if its done and you did it.  Where's my blue ink?' Or,  Skipper three shore patrolmen will be along soon with your cook, Dober, and they'll want to tell you he beat up Simson.'  Who's Simson?'  He's a clerk in the office enemy downtown.' 

"  Good, when they've done it, take Dober down to the dispensary for any treatment he needs. Oh yes. Raise his pay.'....  

"...we all aren't on the stage with our names in lights, always push  power in the direction of anyone on whose power you depend. It may be more money for the power, or more ease, or a snarling defense of the power to a critic, or even the dull thud of one of his enemies in the dark, or the glorious blaze of the whole enemy camp as a birthday surprise .... Real powers are developed by tight conspiracies of this kind pushing someone up in whose leadership they have faith." (From the policy directive "The Responsibilities of Leaders" by  L. Ron Hubbard.) 

Hubbard on compassion and ethics, "This universe is a rough universe. Its a deadly serious universe. Only the strong survive. Only the ruthless can own it." (From The History of Man by L Ron Hubbard, p.38.) "Only a barbarian minister is a man of God."   "The purpose of ethics is to remove counter-intentions from the environment." (HCO policy letter of June 18, 1968.) 

In Booklet of the Scientology Professional Auditors Course (1982), states.    "A very effective thought control technique could be worked out from Scientology which could be used to make individuals into WILLING slaves." (emphasis added) 


Was Hubbard in Crowley's fold and his successor? Before Aleister Crowley died in his book called "Moon Child: he predicted one of his members would form a new world religion.  Is that world religion Scientology?  

According to Hubbard's son L. Ron Hubbard, Jr., his father considered himself to be the successor to Crowley when Crowley died in 1947; he believed that he had taken on "the mantle of the Beast." Hubbard told his son that Scientology actually began on December the 1st, 1947, the day Aleister Crowley died.  

According to this son Hubbard's purpose in Scientology was to "crack souls," to bringing unknowing people under his control and to use them as channels for satanic purposes. Is this soul cracking the process of Scientology's secret initiations? Is it the indelible marking or possession of the souls of the initiates? 

In one of the secret Scientology initiations called the Clearing Course the initiate is instructed to locate and audit out "the Light." In a hypnotic trance the initiate keeps working on removing "the power "the Light" has over them until "the Light" can no longer have any effect on them. After completing this level of initiation the person is declared "cleared" and given a Clear number.  

Initiates are numbered in the succession of when they go Clear. The initiate wears their clear number that is engraved onto the back of a small silver bracelet that is worn almost all the time. The clear number list is published periodically and great attention is given to announcing more numbered Clears each year. 

A peculiar event occurred aboard Hubbard's flagship, the Apollo, in 1973. Those aboard ship  responsible for overseeing the management of Scientology organizations were involved in a ceremony called the Kali ceremony after the Hindu goddess of destruction. The whole event was staged very seriously, and the managers were led into a dimly lit hold of the ship and ordered to destroy models of their organizations.  

A few years before, a high-ranking Sea Organization Officer claims to have been ordered to Los Angeles where he was meant to mount an armed attack on a magician's sabat. He did not mount the attack but claims that the meeting happened exactly where Hubbard had told him it would. 

In the original "Operating Thetan section VII course", Scientologists were given exercises which would supposedly lead to the ability to implant thoughts into another person's mind. Scientologists believe that they will ultimately be capable of psychic feats including telepathy and telepathic control of others (the aim of all forms of black magic).  

In 1976, Hubbard ordered a secret research project into the teachings of gnostic groups. He had already carried out a project to determine which of his ship's crew members were "soldiers of light" and which "soldiers of darkness". The latter group were apparently promoted. 

During the 1952 Philadelphia lectures while discussing religion and the Antichrist Hubbard quipped, "Who do you think I am?" The audience laughed it off. 

Also in Scientology's Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures, Hubbard discusses occult and black magic of the middle ages. "The magical cults of the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th centuries in the Middle East were fascinating. The only modern work that has anything to do with them is a trifle wild in spots, but is a fascinating work in itself, and that's the work of Aleister Crowley - the late Aleister Crowley - my very good friend."  


Hubbard's deep-rooted bigotry and cynicism toward Christianity permeates all of his secret writings.  When reading the following keep in mind that fewer than 2% of Church members have any formal secret level technical training in Scientology and have never read Hubbard's secret views on Christianity.   

New Church members are told that Scientology's policy is to "Change no man's religion" and they are also assured that Scientology doctrine does not conflict with any other religions, and indeed it is consistent and supportive of ALL religions, past and present. 

Scientology promotes to the public that: "Scientologists hold the Bible as a holy work and have no argument with the Christian belief that Jesus Christ was the Savior of Mankind and the Son of God.  "We share Christ's goals for man's achievements of wisdom, good health and immortality.” 

Christianity is among the faiths studied by Scientology ministerial students. There are probably many types of redemption. That of Christ was to go to  heaven." Scientology states as well that: "The Church has no dogma concerning God." Scientology publishes these statements as part of its "catechism."   

Scientology has recently distributed promotional materials (The "What is Scientology?" book) containing these representations to every member of the U.S. Congress, to libraries, to the media, to educators, to judges, and to people of influence all across this the U.S and in other parts of the world.   

The main target of Scientology's promotion and marketing are Christians, and by far the largest percentage of Scientology's members come from Christian backgrounds. Using Scientology's own figures from "What is Scientology?" Christians account for fifty-three percent of its members. The second largest percentage comes from Judaism, which worships the same God, Jehovah, as Christianity. 

From the following the reader will see that Scientology secretly teaches that the God of Christianity and Judaism is an implant. (In the Scientology dictionary an implant is defined as, 1. A painful and forceful means of overwhelming a being  with artificial purpose or false concepts in a malicious attempt to  control and suppress him. (Scientology Auditor No. 71 ASHO) 2. An electronic means of overwhelming the thetan [the individual themselves] with a significance. (Hubbard Communication Office Bulletin 8  May 1963). 

Scientology enforces the acceptance of the implant teaching with its system of "ethics" punishments, its "auditing procedures," and its institutionalized mockery of God and Christ.  Anyone in Scientology who professed a belief in Christ, or God, or who sought help through prayer, was subtly viewed and handled as a "psychotic." 

Such a person was segregated, given special auditing to break his belief, and, if the "aberration" persisted, he would be "off-loaded."  Members learned quickly inside Scientology to disavow any belief in God, or to not mention Him, or to not look to Him for wisdom or help, and to view Christians as "aberrated" and "dramatizing the Christ implant." Members learn very quickly that, inside Scientology, even thinking of Christ or God as real was labeled as an "other practice," a punishable "ethics offense" or "overt," which would become the subject of a "security check" on Scientology's lie detector, its "E-meter." 

A former Scientologist states that: "While on the confidential class 8 course in Scotland, listening to Hubbard's twenty lectures taped just weeks previously on the Apollo in Corfu, Greece, I was exposed to, among other things, Hubbard's opinion of Christianity: "Somebody on this planet, about 600 B.C. found some pieces of "R6" (R6 is the name of an special implant.) I don't know how they found it; either by watching madmen or something. But since that time they have used it. And it became what is known as Christianity."  

Many of  Hubbard's early views on Christianity and other religions views expressed in the early 1950's Philadelphia Doctorate Course. The series covers 62 taped lectures. Students on the OT 8 course listen to all these tapes as part of their OT 8 initiation. 

On 9 December 1952, Hubbard lectured on "What's wrong with This Universe: A Working Package for the Auditor".  Hubbard describes some of the "between lives" implants, that supposedly occur to everyone after they die. In his later writings, Hubbard claimed that all religions came from "implants." In the secret initiation of OT 2 the initiate has to visualize in while trance "inventing and destroying religions." 

Hubbard's later writings, in the 1960's, and especially in the 1980 OT 8 document, also re-assert that Christianity was also an implant. In this tape he states: "You'll find out thousands of years before the year one A.D. earth, you will have facsimiles and dolls made up like Christ.  FAC One', a million years ago, is occasionally rigged with Christ, and the devil and an angel. It's a fascinating thing, it's an old game." (A facsimile is a mental image picture, recorded in the mind. Hubbard described FAC One as probably a supersonic shot in the forehead, chest and stomach, incapacitating and reducing the size and function of the pineal gland.) 

In several taped lectures made in England in the 1960's, Hubbard stated that an alien space organization, called the Markab Confederacy implanted their own troops before they sent them off on missions. Hubbard claimed the Scientology organizational structure was modeled after the Galactic Confederation, of which he was a part of. In the infamous OT 8 document of 1980, Hubbard wrote that Christ was a Markabian agent, and Hubbard was a high-ranking official in the Galactic Patrol. 

In the 1950's, Hubbard wrote a series of newsletters about his technical "discoveries" and called them PABS (Professional Auditor Bulletins).  In PAB 31 Hubbard writes: "Religion does much to keep the assumption in restimulation, being basically a control mechanism used by those who have sent the preclear into a body. You will find the cross as a symbol all over the universe, and the Christ legend as implant in preclears a million years ago." 

In the same article, Hubbard infers that Jesus Christ was an agent of a mind-control organization that was imported to Earth: "A few operating thetans scarcely could lead to trouble.  Witness the chaos resulting from the activities and other determinism technology of one operating thetan, 2,000 years ago. It is despicable and utterly beneath contempt to tell a man he must repent, that he is evil.  Those who talk most about peace on earth and good-will among men themselves carry forward the seas of unrest, war and chaos." 

In HCO bulletin of 18 July 1959 Hubbard wrote as a "Historical Note": "The whole Christian movement is based on the victim. Compulsion of the overt-motivator sequence.  They won by appealing to victims. We can win by converting victims. Christianity succeeded by making people into victims. We can succeed by making victims into people." 

Hubbard's criticism of Christian confessionals is utter hypocrisy, in view of his organization's policy of leaking the contents of confessionals and transgressions culled from the confidential records of dissident present and former church members.  In HCO bulletin 21 January 1960 he writes, 

"Some Churches used a mechanism of confession. This was a limited effort to relieve a person of the pressure of his overt acts. Later the mechanism of confession was employed as a kind of blackmail by which increased contribution could be obtained from the person confessing." 

Hubbard continued his "research" on the "insidious genesis of Christianity" and in the "Heaven" bulletin of 11 May 1963 he released his latest "objective" findings, which were: "Based on over a thousand hours of research auditing, analyzing the facsimiles of the reactive mind, and with the help of a Mark V Electrometer. It is scientific research and is not in any way based upon the mere opinion of the researcher...The contents of this HCO bulletin discover the apparent underlying impulses of religious zealots and the source of the religious mania which terrorized Earth over the ages and has given religion the appearance of insanity." 

In his much touted 1950 book, "Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health", Hubbard asserted that "engrams" were the root cause of ALL human aberrations and psychosomatic illnesses.  With his new discoveries of what transpired in Heaven, Hubbard offered a new cause of the human dilemma: "The Goals-Problems-Mass (GPM) implants, which are the apparent basic source of aberration and human travail, which began with the goal to Forget, were cynically done `in Heaven'. 

Hubbard dismissed the concerns of some members about his disparagement and cynicism about other religions: "For a long while, some people have been cross with me for my lack of cooperation in believing in a Christian Heaven, God and Christ. I have never said I didn't disbelieve in a Big Thetan but there was certainly something very corny about Heaven et al.   

"Now I have to apologize. There was a Heaven. Not too unlike, in cruel betrayal, the heaven of the Assassins in the 12th Century who, like everyone else, dramatized the whole track implants if a bit more so. The symbol of the crucified Christ is very apt indeed.  It's the symbol of a thetan betrayed." 

Hubbard describes the incident as occurring 43+ trillion years ago. The stunned thetan was placed in a doll body and transported to Heaven in a ship. Over a period of one trillion years, the thetan was given a series of electronic implants, containing the phrases "To Forget, To Remember, To Go Away." 

Hubbard described the terrain of Heaven: "The gates of the first series are well done, well built.  An avenue of statues of saints leads up to them. The gate pillars are surmounted by marble angels.  The entering grounds are very well kept, laid out like Bush Gardens in Pasadena, so often seen in the movies.  Aside from the implant boxes which lie across from each other on the walk there are other noises and sounds as though the saints are defending and berating. 

"The second series, probably in the same place, shows what a trillion years of overt acts does (or is an additional trick to collapse one's time). The place is shabby. The vegetation is gone. The pillars are scruffy. The saints have vanished. So have the angels.   

"A sign on one (the left as you enter) says `This is Heaven'. The right has a sign "Hell" with an arrow and inside the grounds one can see the excavations like archaeological diggings with the raw terraces, that lead to "Hell". Plain wire fencing encloses the place. There is a sentry box beside and outside the right pillar.  

"The roadway `leading up' to the gates is deeply eroded. An effigy of Joseph, complete with desert clothing is seen approaching the gates (but not moving) leading a donkey which `carries' the original Madonna and child from `Bethlehem'. The implanting boxes lie on either side of this `entering' path at path level." 

Hubbard concluded: "Further, we have our hands on an appalling bit of technology where the world is concerned. With rapidity and a Meter it can be shown that Heaven is a false dream and that the old religion was based on very painful lie, a cynical betrayal." 

Hubbard oscillates in his secret and public statements about Christ. From the 1950's, "The man on the cross. There was no Christ! The Roman Catholic Church, through watching the dramatizations of people picked up some little fragments of R6."  

In a bulletin of that period Hubbard states, "Also the Christian Church used (and uses) implanting... They took over the Nicene Creed just before the year zero, invented Christ who comes from the crucifixion in R6, 75 million years ago and implanted their way to power." (Keep in mind that logical consistency is not required in the cosmology and beliefs of classical Satanists or secret societies. In fact the secrets are usually kept from lower level initiates and protected from public understanding or afforded public deniability by deliberately manufactured layers of illogic, reversal and inconsistency.) 

Hubbard was living in England at the time and his "R6 breakthrough" was considered of major significance.  His discovery of Heaven inspired the "poet laureate" of Scientology, Julian Cooper, to write:  

"They that worship Jesus nailed upon a cross above an altar, 

While an old priest chants.... 

Do they know what they worship? 

Do they know why they worship? 

Can they recognize what they worship? 

Bondage of unconfronted facsimiles implanted so as to control and invalidate, is what they worship.'" 

Hubbard abandoned Dianetics as the solution to an Un-Clear world after his discovery of the Heaven incident and the nature of the Goals-Problems-Mass implant. He spent the next five years "researching" the pattern of the implants and in 1967-68 he made another series of "discoveries" which are now know as "OT 2" and "OT 3". Hubbard wrote voluminous notes on the command phrases contained in the GPM implants, which he claimed were universal in nature. 

Hubbard's "major" breakthrough in this period was his discovery that human bodies are actually the result of the melding of thetans (aliens from other planets) during a psychiatrically-inspired implant 76 million years ago. Hubbard wrote that a galactic despot, Xenu, rounded up the population of 76 planets in this sector of the galaxy and transported them to Earth, placed them in volcanoes, and exploded H-bombs, then subjected them to 36 days of electronic implanting, including the "Christianity" and "Heaven" implant. This incident created "Body Thetans" (BT/s), alien beings who were attached to other beings or human beings. They monitor one's thought and impede one's life.  Hubbard developed a technique for exorcising these alien Body Thetans. 

In 1978 Hubbard made another "Breakthrough!" which he called NOTs (New-Era Dianetics for OTs). Hubbard developed new techniques for dealing with alien BTs who were comatose or did not respond to his 1968 exorcising techniques.  

Hubbard claimed that a human body was actually a mass of alien BTs who were comatose and diseases were simply alien BTs who were acting against the person. Hubbard claimed that eradicating these alien BTs from on or near the body would result in the creation of a Supra-Human, an Operating Thetan, a new genetically pure from alien influences master race capable of telepathic and telekinetic powers, without the need for a human body. (For additional parallels on the occultism of Scientology read, "The Occult and the Third Reich, by Dusty Skylar.) 

Church members undergoing initiation on these levels in hypnotic trance. They are required to mentally repeat the techniques and  phrases until their effects are nullified. 

Following the 1979 U.S. government raids of Hubbard's Secret Intelligence offices, he went into hiding, never to be seen publicly again. In 1980 Hubbard allegedly wrote the avidly anti-Christian OT 8 document. This will be discussed in detail later in this story. 

Once Scientology's initiates become sufficiently brainwashed Scientology does not permit them to believe in God.  It labels and treats anyone who believes in God as "psychotic," and enforces the satanic idea that God is an "implant," a false idea installed by pain and electronics in man's mind to enslave him.  Scientology also teaches that Jesus Christ, the whole Gospel story, and Heaven are implants designed to enslave man, and that only Scientology has the way to free humankind from the enslavement of Christianity or other religions and religious beliefs.   

What could be more hypocritical than to widely advertise publicly acceptance of Christ and alignment with His goals, and teaching and enforcing secretly that He is an implanted idea to enslave people?  What could be more hypocritical than to state that Scientology has no dogma concerning God, while hiding its "scriptures" that assert God is an implant? 

There was an Inquiry into Scientology in Victoria Australia. In that report in a section called "The Attitude of Scientology to Religion" one can see the deceit of classical Satanism and the words of Aleister Crowley creeping out in Hubbard's new religion. 

"Except for the purpose of deceit, Scientology has not been practiced in Victoria on the basis that it even remotely resembles a religion.  In advertisements and in the personal efficiency courses, the HASI takes care not to disclose Hubbard's disparagement of religion. The directive, "Change no man's religion" is brought to the attention of the beginner, and Scientology is paraded as quite consistent with, and even as, a help to all religion of whatever denomination. It is only after the preclear (the PRE Clear) has been conditioned by training and processing that he is likely to learn of Hubbard's cynical hostility to religion.  

The attitude of Hubbard towards religion is one of bitter cynicism and ridicule, which gives the lie to his directive to "change no man's religion." In a warped and sneering fashion he snipes at all things sacred in much the same way as he attacks the medical profession, though there is generally less venom in his tone when he is dealing with religion. Scientology is opposed to religion as such, irrespective of kind or denomination. The essence of Hubbard's axioms of Scientology is that the universe was created not by God, but by a conglomeration of thetans who postulated the universe. Sometimes God is referred to as the Big Thetan. Many of the theories he propounds are almost the negation of Christian thought and morality.                         

In Scientology: 8-8008, after dealing with the Early Greeks. Hubbard writes that "more modern man has fallen into the error of making God into the body of a homo sapiens and posting him somewhere on high with a craving for vengeance and a pettiness in punishment matched only by the degradation of homo sapiens himself. "There are gods above all other gods, and gods beyond the gods of universes, but it were better, far better, to be a raving madman in his cell than to be a thing with the ego, cruelty and jealous lust that base religions have set up to make men grovel down."      

A former member:" For the fleeting illusion of power and wealth Hubbard sold his soul to the world's dark force of evil.  Out of his paranoia and schizophrenia Hubbard considered himself the Antichrist and devised an anti-Christian philosophy and organization to achieve his anti-Christian goals of world power and wealth. " 

"If there ever was a manifestation of the Satanic dark side of spirituality or of the Beast or anything that could really harm the world it is Scientology. The difference you need to realize between this Satanic group and every other Satanic group is that Scientology is vastly larger, it doesn't identify itself as a Satanic organization and a Satanic Church; it is incredibly well organized as far as its staff and its paramilitary training.  

The other Satanic groups are much, much smaller, fragmented, random, and aren't really very well organized or well planned.  Scientology runs with the efficiency of a Japanese corporation.  In Scientology we are talking about teamwork, organization, absolute policy, fanaticism, ruthlessness, all combined into a well-financed mega-organization." A former member. 

One of Hubbard's goals was to produce a Nazi-like fanaticism within his members. To this end he created paramilitary branches within Scientology like the Sea Organization, OSA, GO or the Commodore's Messengers the latter which were similar in may ways to the Hitler youth. The following is from one of the books exposing Scientology,  referring to the Commodore's Messengers:  

"They had devised the uniform themselves, with the Commodore's approval, and it gave them maximum opportunity to flaunt their pubescent assets to advantage. While male members of the crew competed avidly to deflower the messengers, Hubbard himself never once exhibited any sexual  interest in them.  

"He never tried anything with me," said Tanya, "and as far as I know he never did with any of the other girls.  He didn't sleep with Mary Sue; we thought perhaps he was impotent. I think he got his thrills by just having us around. I once asked him why he chose young girls as messengers," said Doreen Smith. "He said it was an idea he had picked up from Nazi Germany. He said Hitler was a madman, but nevertheless a genius in his own right and the Nazi Youth was one of the smartest ideas he ever had. With young people you had a blank slate and you could write anything you wanted on it and it would be your writing. That was his idea, to take young people and mold them into little Hubbards."  

More from the words of L Ron Hubbard: "When someone enrolls consider he or she has joined up for the duration of the universe. Never permit an "open minded" approach .... If they're enrolled, they're aboard, and if they're aboard they're here on the same terms as the rest of us. Win or die in the attempt ....                 We're not playing some minor game in Scientology .... The whole agonized future of this planet, every Man, Woman, and Child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depends on what you do here and now with and in Scientology. This is a deadly serious activity. And if we miss getting out of the trap now, we may never again have another chance.         

"Remember, this is our first chance to do so in all the endless trillions of years of the past. Don't muff it now because it seems unpleasant or unsocial to do Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten." Do them and we'll win. ( The numbers referred to are 7, Hammering out of existence incorrect technology, 8, knocking  out incorrect applications, 9, closing the door on any possibility of  incorrect technology, and 10, closing the door on incorrect applications."  From Hubbard Communication Office Policy Letter "Keeping Scientology Working."       


Looking at the life and families of a religion's leaders can tell you a lot about the real nature of the religion. L. Ron Hubbard was the founder of Scientology; David Miscavige is the current leader of Scientology. Everyone has hardship in their lives, but the Hubbard and Miscavige families appear to be riddled with the types of catastrophes that most commonly reflect the casualties and actions of malignant secret societies and satanic groups...  

According to former members who worked close to Hubbard, L. Ron Hubbard, the man who designed the system for conning billions of dollars worth of services for health, happiness and  secret spiritual initiations out of others, himself went psychotic, attempted suicide and was a heavy drug user. Former members also report that for most of his Scientology life Hubbard was in continual poor health.   

Two of Hubbard's first wives attempted suicide or were driven to the edge of suicide and insanity. They have described in detail Hubbard's real personality and how Hubbard was deliberately driving them over the edge.  

L. Ron Hubbard Jr. grew up with and worked extensively with his father in the early Scientology and Dianetics organizations. L. Ron Hubbard Jr.'s life with his father and extensive comments on his father's secret personality have been covered elsewhere in this story. 

After his first two marriages failed Hubbard disowned most of his former family and started a new family with his third wife Mary Sue. After he disowned her she had to go to jail and took a Scientology related criminal prison sentence for him.  

Hubbard's son Quentin (by his third marriage) attempted suicide several times and finally killed himself because he was a homosexual. There also have been repeated allegations of child molesting between Hubbard and his daughter Diana (also by his third marriage.)  

Hubbard's daughter Diana attempted suicide. Hubbard's third wife while under his influence also threatened to commit suicide.   

One Sea Organization officer claims to have witnessed a sexual encounter between Hubbard and a young boy in North Africa.  Because of the fear surrounding retaliation it is impossible to publicly substantiate such reports. But, such behavior would be in keeping with an extreme devotee of  Aleister Crowley who said that in the training of a black magican \ satanist "Acts which are essentially dishonorable must be done."  

Family members often have the best vantage point to see the real quality of spirituality and personality of another family member. Family member's lives are either brought up or down by the type of leadership and role models found in the family. But, maybe this principle is not true and it is really the way Hubbard claims it to be, that people who would go against him and Scientology would kill themselves because they felt so bad because he was so powerful and good.    

Hubbard's views on how to use the legal system for handling critics  

"The purpose of a lawsuit is to harass and discourage rather than to win....Don't ever defend. Always attack. Find or manufacture enough threat against them to cause them to sue for peace. Originate a black PR campaign to destroy the person's repute and to discredit them so thoroughly they will be ostracized. Be alert to sue for slander at the slightest chance so as to discourage the public presses from mentioning Scientology." 

"The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway, will knowing that he is not authorized, will generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin him utterly." From "A Manual on the Dissemination of Material" (1955) by L. Ron Hubbard. 

"NEVER agree to an investigation of Scientology. ONLY agree to investigate the attackers....This is the correct procedure: (1) Spot who is attacking us. (2) Start investigating them for FELONIES or worse, using our own professionals, not outside agencies. (3) Double curve our reply by saying we welcome an investigation of them. (4) Start feeding lurid, blood, sex, crime actual evidence on the attackers to the press....Don't ever submit tamely to an investigation of us. Make it rough on the attackers all the way....You can get "reasonable about it" and lose .... so BANISH all ideas  that any fair hearing is intended and start our attack with their first breath. Never wait. Never talk about us -- only them. Use  their blood, sex, crime to get headlines. Don't use us." From HCO policy letter of 25 Feb. 1966, "Attacks on Scientology." 

"The defense of anything is untenable. The only way to defend anything is to attack, and if you ever forget that, you will lose every battle you are engaged in, whether it is in terms of personal conversation, public debate, or a court of law. NEVER BE INTERESTED IN CHARGES. Do yourself, much MORE CHARGING, and you will win." 

"Entirely by bringing about public conviction that the sanity of a person is in question it is possible to discount and eradicate all the goals and activities of that person." From the "Brainwashing Manual" ascribed to L Ron Hubbard. 


"Now if we were to sit down and try to monopolize every piece of information which we ever collected... and we were to take this information and carefully say,  Now look, this piece of information is absolutely sacred, and it's not to be distributed to anybody. And it's not to be given to anybody, and only those people who have a pink cross on the right shoulder will be able to read this information'...we would go into a mysterious sort of cult." 

Gerald Armstrong has been one of the most courageous exposers of the real life of L. Ron Hubbard. Gerald Armstrong was Hubbard's personal archivist and was sued and attacked by Scientology when he began exposing some of the materials of this story. He eventually won his court case against Scientology. In the decision of that case the judge stated: 

"In addition to violating and abusing its own members civil rights, the [Scientology] organization over the years with its "Fair Game" doctrine has harassed and abused those persons not in the Church it perceives as enemies. The organization clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid, and this bizarre combination seems to be reflective of its founder LRH.  

"The evidence portrays a man who has been virtually a pathological liar when it comes to his history, background, and achievements. The writings and documents in evidence additionally reflect his egoism, greed, avarice, lust for power, and vindictiveness and aggressiveness against persons perceived by him to be disloyal or hostile." 


David Miscavige is a high school drop out who now leads a 300 million dollar a year international corporation dedicated to achieving the secret goals and vision of L. Ron Hubbard. He was the hand-trained child protege and apprentice of the ruthless master black magician who considered himself to be the Antichrist.  

A former nanny of Miscavige said "that what you should feel for David is pity." From the start he had a horrible childhood, a horrible life. His life was molded under the hyper-dominant influence of Hubbard's evil personality.  

When you look at Miscavige's family one finds echoes of the Hubbard family. David's sister committed suicide. She was high up in Scientology's secret initiations (OT 7).  

Miscavige's father, a Sea Org member, was arrested for some kind of rape-assault. It is reported that to avoid public embarrassment to Scientology Miscavige was able to use Scientology's intimidating legal resources to get him off. (David's father still works with his son.)  

David Miscavige's mother-in-law committed suicide while going psychotic in the Scientology secret initiations. (David Mayo was Hubbard's original hand-picked replacement, but who had left Scientology after a power struggle. At the time Flo Barnett committed suicide Mayo was allegedly auditing her on the same secret levels they audit in Scientology.)  

It should be noted that there is considerable ongoing debate that Miscavige's mother-in-law did not committed suicide, but may have been murdered for some reason possibly involving Miscavige and Scientology. According to the declaration of former member Vicki Aznaran who was one of the three highest executives in Scientology, when Flo Barnett flipped out and shot herself to death, the reactions of Miscavige and his wife were no compassion, no remorse.  

The concept was that  "she got what she deserved; we don't feel sorry for her," because she had left Scientology for a Scientology reform group that illegally used the same secret initiations. (Vicki Aznaran recently retracted this declaration after a pay off from Scientology.) 

David Miscavige is known in the organization to be as ruthless, fear inspiring and as wild as his mentor was. His whispered nickname in the organization is the "asthmatic dwarf." When one of Miscavige's junior executives lost a baby in an abortion he just said, "Get back to work;  its just another body; what are you showing all this concern for?"  

When looking at the lives and families of Hubbard and Miscavige recalling the parallels to Aleister Crowley's life is also unavoidable. Aleister Crowley is known to have driven all of his mistresses and wives to hysteria, madness or divorce with his demands. Crowley drove several of his disciples to suicide and humiliated others to madness. This type of result on the lives of others is not just particular to Crowley \ Satanist groups, but it is common in most fanatical secret societies. 


Like its historic secret society ancestors, the inner Scientology is complete with its own mystical cosmology. The secret inner Scientology can be better understood by studying the many parallels of cosmology, policies, and practices of earlier political secret societies and brotherhoods, e.g. the Thule, Viral, and the Hashish Assassins. (The Thule and Viral were two pre W.W.II German secret Societies. The Hashish Assassins played a  key role in the political power balance of the Middle East for almost 600 years.) 

Some common elements to these previous secret societies are the use of the ancestral processes of mind control, non-Cartesian closed logic systems, magic, hypnosis, and secret initiation exercises. These elements help desensitize, build blind obedience, and develop a ruthless, fanatical will to execute the secret society's goals in both new initiates and long term members. 

Such closed ideological systems used in secret societies deliberately cuts off their members from balancing and correctional social feedback. If a society becomes dominated by such a group as in Nazi Germany, because of their psychological profile, unfortunately only extreme deterrents seem to have any effect. For example, late in 1945 in spite of obvious contrary facts, the inner circle leaders of the Nazis refused to believe the war was lost; consequently the allies literally had to fight them to the last bunker, but not before countless people had unnecessarily died. 

The goals of secret societies are primarily concerned with getting or maintaining political power and wealth. The world view of these secret societies often involved a special elitism. 

Most of these secret societies had UFO or extraterrestrial cosmologies confirming and/or bestowing upon them their "world historic destinies." "Their" secret society was the only one chosen to play critical, often hidden roles in the history of current and future world events. These cosmologies imbued them with a sense of "privileged" and exclusive special knowledge. 

Psychological and physical terrorism were common in their policies. The inner circles of these types of organizations traditionally and deliberately controlled the outer circles with lies, punishment, blackmail, or deception, particularly by withholding "privileged" higher level initiation information. The inner circle, where necessary, would use or sacrifice ignorant outer circle members as expendable tools or deployable agents. 

The outer Scientology can appear as a benign and intertwined mix of pop psychology, eastern philosophy, and a thick mantle of recognizable but strained religious terminology and trappings. Scientology's religious cloaking is important. It gives immunity to its auditing mind control processes, which work to effect an effective manufacturing system for the gradual conversion of the novice outer circle members into unquestioning inner circle members. 

"I believe that in Scientology I was ritualistically hypnotized. On the first class that I did, I had to do a drill called TR-O. In this drill I had to sit facing another person and stare at them in the eyes for two hours without blinking, and if I blinked or moved in any way, the two hours had to be done over again. Some days I did this drill for twelve or more hours a day. I told that this drill was to improve my eye contact and would make me a better "auditor", or counselor. I did not know until after I got out of Scientology that I was being hypnotized. This drill was followed by thirteen other, similar drills in hypnosis and mind control."  A former member. 

"I believe the Scientologists to be psychological hostages and under the influence of hypnosis, although they themselves do not perceive this to be so, any more than I did while I was in Scientology. I became aware of the fact only after I snapped out of the hypnosis a year and a half after I left Scientology and realized what had happened to me." A former member. 

"Scientologists are so thoroughly indoctrinated that they are incapable of rational evaluation of their own welfare or situations. Those who want to leave are often unable to do so. With no money, frightened and intimidated and knowing that others have committed suicide, have died in accidents or perhaps been murdered, they cannot leave. Without contact with the outside world, they have no one to turn to for help or protection." A former member.  

"I have witnessed many human rights violations, including the imprisonment of persons who had become psychotic on the secret upper level initiations' of Scientology. I was myself imprisoned twice in the dreaded  R.P.F.'  (Rehabilitation Project Force) of Scientology I was slave labor to the organization, working 80-100 hours a week; my largest weekly pay was $11. I participated in satanic practices which nearly destroyed my mental health. I am willing to testify under oath as to these facts." A former member. 


Once you have examined the origins of a group it is wise to carefully examine its actual nature. One discovers this not by its open public relations statements, but by its actual secret intentions and its secret actions. What an organization does that is secret is a laser light that cuts through to the real nature of the organization. 

A complete discussion of the history of Scientology's actions is not the focus of this story. You will find the other appendices included at the end of this document that will list reports that detail the actual nature of Scientology as reflected in its criminal convictions, actual actions toward its adversaries and its other secret policies. (See appendix 1.)  


The following quotation is from a secret Scientology policy directive called "Targets" Guardian Order 060971. It and other secret documents were seized by the F.B.I. on its authorized search of Scientology's headquarters. From this directive to the secretive intelligence division of Scientology you see Scientology's real goals. 

"The vital targets on which we must invest most of our time are: (T1) Depopularizing the enemy to the point of obliteration. (T2) Taking over the control or allegiance of the heads or proprietors of all news media. (T3) Taking over the control or allegiance of key political figures. (T4) Taking over the control or allegiance of those who monitor international finance and shifting them to a loss precarious standard".... "Intelligence is not concentrating on what they should be - the WFMH, [World Federation of Mental Health] the NAMH [National Association of Mental Health] - These are the groups I want destroyed."  

From the Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter of 14 Jan. 1969, "Thus in the case of Scientology Orgs [organizations] one should attack with the end view of taking over the whole field of mental health." "Our war has been forced to become, to take over absolutely the field of mental healing on the planet in all forms." "Our only justification in doing these things is that Scientology is the only game where everybody wins...." 

"The names and connections of the bitterly opposing enemy are 1. Psychiatry and Psychology. (not medicine) 2. The heads of news media who are the directors of psychiatric fronts. 3. A few key political figures in the fields of mental health and education." 

From these Smersh-like secret directives Hubbard is basically directing his fanatical followers to take over world finance; take over world political leaders and to take over mental health on the planet. This is completely consistent with classical Satanism in that he is talking almost exclusively about taking over secular power:  political, financial, health and media power not spiritual power.   

Is Scientology at its essence, a satanic, political secret society? Does uses a "romantic" cosmology, e.g. the creation of a new Superman, homo novis, the clear, the OT, and an esoteric extraterrestrial veneer of "Satanism" as an additional internal cover for the organization's real goals of simple non-celestial power, wealth, and control?    


According to Scientology's secret cosmology, it must first free man from the aberration of religion to undo the political control implant. But then what? 

The most telling document which those who believe Scientology to be a satanic organization reference is a document called "The O. T. 8, Series I, Confidential Student Briefing," of May, 5 1980. There has been much denial by Scientology that the following OT 8 document is really one of their most secret high initiation documents. There also has been much debate by former members and experts both on and off the Internet as to its authenticity.  

There are passive and active factors to consider when evaluating its authenticity. Keeping in mind the context of the prior information of this story read the whole document before reading the discussion of the key factors relevant to its authenticity.  




Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex 

HCO BULLETIN OF 5 MAY 1980                               


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OT VIII Series 1 


By the time you read this I will no longer be occupying the body and identity that you have known as Ron. That identity continues to live in the hearts and minds of many as well as in on-Source tech and admin centers around the planet, and will inspire for years to come Scientologists and lovers of truth everywhere.    

What follows is a story that has been withheld, for reasons which will soon be obvious, until such time as there were enough OTs that something could be done about it. That time is now. It is not a nice or a pretty story, but I trust that having arrived on the OT VIII Course you are ready to hear it. You have undoubtedly heard pieces of data over the years that hinted at the greater untold reality of my mission here on Earth, but the story was never written, nor spoken, in its entirety due to security problems that have unfortunately always plagued the organization. It is only now that I feel it safe to release the information, although the time is rapidly approaching when I will have no choice in the matter, the hour draws that near. 

I am not going to delve too deeply into specifics as people have a tendency to bog themselves down in significance, which would only serve to delay the immediacy of the task at hand. Therefore I will be brief. Some eighty-odd million years ago Earth time (it actually dates at 78,395,042 but dates are a bit superfluous with this material) plans were drawn by a group outside the MEST universe for the eventual takeover of a good portion of this universe. Not a particularly large nor imaginative crew, their exterior perspective, however, gives them considerable advantage over the time-bound beings of the MEST universe. Borrowing from earlier operations such as Helatrobus, they conceived an ongoing implant, some portions of which have been fairly faithfully rendered in parts of the Bible. This implant, laid in by carefully controlled genetic mutation at Incident Two of OT III and periodically reinforced by controlled historic events since then, makes it effectively impossible for beings on the more heavily affected planets such as Earth to become free. It causes progressive genetic "evolution" that gives the subject population greater and greater susceptibility to the telepathic impingement and direction of the controllers. In its final stage the progression becomes almost geometric, and it is this final stage that we are rapidly approaching. 

Another aspect of this GE-line implant is that the body becomes in effect a sort of theta trap that kicks in heavily on the being should he attempt to expand his horizons beyond that of pure physical universe reality. There can be temporary key-outs which we have all experienced in varying degrees, but until this area is handled it can honestly be said that there is no hope for continued expansion. The good news is that once this is run out, expansion becomes rather effortless and almost automatic. 

No doubt you are familiar with the Revelations section of the Bible where various events are predicted. Also mentioned is a brief period of time in which an archenemy of Christ, referred to as the Antichrist, will reign and his opinions will have sway. All this makes for very fantastic, entertaining reading but there is truth in it. This Antichrist represents the forces of Lucifer (literally, the "light bearer" or "light bring"), Lucifer being a mythical representation of the forces of enlightenment, the Galactic Confederacy. My mission could be said to fulfill the Biblical promise represented by this brief Antichrist period. During this period there is a fleeting opportunity for the whole scenario to be effectively derailed, which would make it impossible for the mass Markabian landing (Second Coming) to take place. The Second Coming is designed, among other things, to trigger a rapid series of destructive events. 

With the exception of the original Buddhism, virtually all religions of any consequence on this planet, monotheistic and pantheistic alike, have been instruments to speed the progress of this "evolution of consciousness" and bring about the eventual enslavement of mankind. As you know, Siddhartha Gautama never claimed to be anything more than a man. Having caught on to this operation, he postulated his own return as Meteyya, part of which prophecy will have been fulfilled upon the passing of L. Ron Hubbard. 

For those of you whose Christian toes I may have stepped on, let me take the opportunity to disabuse you of some lovely myths. For instance, the historic Jesus was not nearly the sainted figure has been made out to be. In addition to being a lover of young boys and men, he was given to uncontrollable bursts of temper and hatred that belied the general message of love, understanding and other typical Marcab PR. You have only to look at the history his teachings inspired to see where it all inevitably leads. It is historic fact and yet man still clings to the ideal, so deep and insidious is the biologic implanting. 

It is a good joke that the Galactic Confederacy is associated with the Serpent in the Garden, the Beast and other emissaries of the "Prince of Darkness". Yet in certain passages and esoteric interpretations of the Bible (much of which has been taken out and effectively suppressed for centuries) as well as the Kabbalah, the truth reveals itself quite nicely for the clever and the ungullible. 

So it really is a race against time and one that we happen to be losing at the moment, as the Implant drama inexorably plays itself out in spite of the breakneck pace I've managed to keep up these last thirty-five years. 

I had an inkling, but only that, of the insidiousness of this material as far back as 1945. Later, in characteristic over optimism, I thought that R6 would be the end of it. But that was followed by NOTs and the Purification Rundown and still the string continued to unwind with the ball at the end of it just out of sight. It makes one wonder about such things as fate and destiny, such was the resolve with which I managed to cling to that string, not often knowing how close I was to falling into the abyss myself. But destiny is merely the rationalization of feeble minds. Things don't just happen, they are caused. And causative beings can undo the plans of madmen and would-be enslavers, no matter how long those plans may have been in the making. 

I will soon leave this world only to return and complete my mission with another identity. Although I long to stretch my arms back in repose on some distant star in some distant galaxy, it appears that, that is one dream that will have to wait.  But my return depends on people like you doing these materials thoroughly and completely so that there will be a genetically uncontaminated body for me to pick up and resume where I left off. A body free of religious mania, right/wrong dichotomy and synthetic karma. The job ahead is far too tough to even contemplate doing with your standard -- courtesy of certain other-dimensional players and their Marcab pieces, many of whom are right here in the general populace -- genetically altered body. 

Without the biogeneric meddling of those who stand outside time (who cannot yet directly influence our world and must work through others) the dwindling spiral is not nearly as automatic and self-perpetuating as it appears. There are regions even in isolated parts of the Milky Way where poets are free to poet and magicians can paint reality with their magic wands and exteriorize without body kickback. But these areas unfortunately are fewer and fewer.     

I will return not as a religious leader but a political one. That happens to be the requisite beingness for the task at hand. I will not be known to most of you, my activities misunderstood by many, yet along with your constant effort in the theta band I will effectively postpone and then halt a series of events designed to make happy slaves of us all. 

So there you have it .... The secret that I have kept close to my chest all these years. Now you too are part of this secret and I no longer have to shoulder the burden alone or live with the possibility of body death before all the data could be released. And with this briefing I entrust to each of you the responsibility for this material until such time as I am able to return. For we have no help from any other quarter in this matter. The handful of secret societies throughout history that have caught on to this game have long since fallen by the wayside or been taken over and become instruments of the very menace they were set up to combat. 

The rundown is long and can be arduous, but it must be done thoroughly if there is to be any effect not only on the body of the pre-OT but the body of his or her progeny as well. There is some danger, but with OT VII thoroughly complete it is not nearly so great as the danger witnessed by assorted unfortunates who happened to stumble into this area in their sleep or in moments of reverie or snatch, experiencing an hitherto mysterious phenomenon known as "spontaneous combustion".     


But the area is well charted, the rundown many years in secret development, and by the time you read this undoubtedly completed on myself. The wins waiting you are like none that you have ever experienced, not just for you, but for your children, your children's children and the whole of mankind, if we succeed. And we will. If we had time we would pity the many poor souls, from 1950 to PT, who chose such an exactly inopportune moment to drop off the road to truth and disconnect from reality, the full burst and glory of OT practically within their grasp. But we haven't the time to "wax philosophic" or ponder might-have-beens.   

The rundown follows. Again I say, do it thoroughly add completely, for it is your ticket to the stars. And beyond!

                                   L. RON HUBBARD, FOUNDER 

LRH: lrh Copyright (c) 1980  

by L. Ron Hubbard 




To begin discussing OT 8's authenticity it is appropriate to discuss Scientology's most vehemently asserted position that this document is not really one of their secret initiations. They claim it is a complete forgery and it does not in any way reflect the real OT 8 and the secret core initiations or secret religion of Scientology. They also claim that the real OT 8 materials have never left Scientology and nobody outside the highest of the highest inner few really knows what is in them. 

One of the best places to start to evaluate the truthfulness of Scientology's avid denial of the authenticity OT 8 is their 30 year denial of another one of their secret initiations called OT 3. On OT 3 the initiate finds out that there was a huge galactic war 76 million years ago and that earth is a prison planet. The initiate also find out that he is really not one person, like he has always believed, but that he is a composite being that has thousands or tens of thousands of aliens from this old war imprisoned in their current body fighting for control of it. 

In spite of former members and newspapers repeatedly publishing the actual OT 3, and in spite of the actual document being filed in court cases in the US and Europe, for 30 years Scientology as part its secret internal policy steadfastly stonewalled and denied OT 3 was OT 3. It was not until the recent 1995 copyright raids on former members and critics that Scientology was actually forced by the court copyright verification process to acknowledge the OT 3 that they had denied for 30 years was in fact their real OT 3. 

Vaughn Young, a 20 year high level Scientology staff member and head of Scientology's U.S. public relations bureau, in his testimony in the Denver raid case stated that he was trained, and he trained his juniors to standardly lie and deny any leaks of secret scientology material. He said he was trained to say that the materials were not accurate, not real, forged or anything else that would discredit the security leaks. 

There is also a  policy that all intelligence division and other high level Scientology executives are trained on it is called TR-L. TR-L is a secret policy directive of Scientology to train its executives to lie convincingly when scientology is caught in embarrassing or criminal activities. It was seized by the FBI from Scientology's headquarters. 


Purpose: To train the student to give a false statement with good TR-L. To train the student to outflow false data effectively. Position: Same as TR-1 

Commands: Part 1 "Tell me a lie." Command given by coach. Part 2 interview type 2 WC by coach. 

Training stress: In part 1 coach gives command, student originates a falsehood. Coach flunks for out TR-1 or TR-O. In part 2 coach asks questions of the student on his background or a subject. Student gives untrue data of a plausible sort that the student backs up with further explanatory data upon the coach's further questions. The coach flunks for out TR-O or TR-1, and for student fumbling on question answers. The student should be coached on a gradient until he or she can lie facily. 

Short example: Coach: Where do you come from? Student: I come from the housewives committee on drug abuse. Coach: But you said earlier that you were single. Student: Well, actually I was married but am divorced. I have two kids in the suburbs where I am a housewife, in fact I'm a member of the P.T.A. 

Coach: What town is that you live in? Student: West Brighton. Coach: But there is no public school in West Brighton. Student: I know. I send my children to school in Brighton, and that's where I am a  P.T.A. member. Coach: Oh, and who is the chairman there? etc... 

Another factor to consider when evaluating Scientology's denial of OT 8 is the potent nature of the document itself and its media effect on Scientology and Scientology's celebrity members and political supporters. OT 8 is such a security leak and PR nightmare for Scientology that when it was forced to acknowledge OT 3 and its other secret initiations after the most recent raids on and other individuals in the court copyright verification process it is not unreasonable to believe that a decision was made to stonewall OT 8's authenticity as they had done for 30 years on OT 3 and publicly disown the document.  

This is reasonable because Scientology could finally publicly acknowledge OT 3 because it had already slowly worked out its potent embarrassment value over a 30 year period of media republishing. OT 8 though is another issue altogether.   

OT 8 is far beyond OT 3 in embarrassment value, is relatively unknown, and has worked almost none of its super potent embarrassment value. If Scientology chose to stonewall claiming OT 8 as its own, cover stories would have to be developed and drilled with its key PR and litigation handlers. It appears that in post  raid confusion, because so many of the other Scientology secret initiations were being publicly acknowledged in court that not all Scientology's key staff were up to date and clear on the new OT 8 disavowal policy. 

Here's the relevant excerpt from one of the early raid trial transcripts: [Attorney for raid victim Arnie Lerma speaking:]  

"We went through three of these documents, presented to him in their  entirety. What did we find out?  One that they designated as an infringement was this OT 8 document that Mr. Cooley [Scientology's attorney] speaks of with great passion, that it's a forgery. It's an outrageous slander against Jesus Christ.'  

"They designated that and impounded it, Your Honor. They seized it from Mr. Lerma and they impounded it, the same document this they lambaste the Washington Post for printing excerpts of."  

"They designated that and impounded it. . . What did they designate it?  They designated it a copyright infringement, on the advice of Kendrick Moxon. [Another Scientology attorney]  Why did they impound it?  Because the court authorized them to impound copyright infringements.  The court did not authorize them to impound "outrageous slanders", only copyright infringements.  If it was impounded, either the Church of  Scientology (acting on Moxon's advice) considered it a copyright infringement, or they exceeded their authority and broke the law." 

"The document is a fake." [Scientology's attorney]  

In which case RTC's lawyers broke the law, since they impounded something they did not consider a copyright infringement.  It's a hell of a dilemma; did Moxon validate OT 8 or did he break the law?  

Scientology was caught in a real bind in the raids because of the OT 8 document. It couldn't admit it was one of their copyrighted documents because of the PR nightmare. The only option was to commit a fraud on the court disown the document and hope they could get away with the fraud and the selective copyright infringement on documents that were not embarrassing to them. 

The following is from Rich Leiby a writer who first published excerpts of OT 8 in the Washington Post.  

"When Helena Kobrin and Warren McShane came to my door one Saturday evening (a few hours after the Lerma raid), I took the opportunity to ask them about OT 8. Helena Kobrin is a Scientologist and attorney high in Scientology's intelligence division. Warren McShane is the president of RTC the Scientology corporation that brought the copyright raids. 

The conversation went like this: 

Me: So what about OT 8--is that a real document? 

Helena: It's probably a forgery. 

Me: It sure reads like an HCO document and looks like one. 

Helena: Well... 

Warren McShane interrupting, seeming angry): It's a forgery, it's garbage. 

Helena: Right, it's a forgery. 

McShane: We're not claiming copyright on that. 

Helena: Right. 

"Please note Helena K's initial vacillation. "Probably" a forgery. Seems to me she knew it was real and was momentarily confused as to whether she should abandon all copyright claims."  

3.) Another factor to consider when evaluating Scientology's denial of OT 8 is not only their long term practice of denying everything, if even one period is misplaced, but their practice of regularly changing the contents, sequence and numbering of the secret OT initiation levels. For example, a few years ago OT 1 became OT 7 and a new OT 5 was sequenced in. There have been numerous other such switches. 

Consequently, the O.T 8 numbering of the above OT 8 document does not necessarily mean that this is the current O.T. 8 being used by Scientology. When OT 8 first appeared in the early 1980's it was not broadly distributed and had no media republishing. Because no more than an estimated two dozen of Scientology's highest initiates have the security clearance to view a document of this level it would be relatively easy to change the OT numbering and sequencing after the security leak and insert a new OT 8. 

In light of all the problems Scientology had when OT 3's security was broken, and in light of their years of bad experience trying to deny its authenticity, it again is not unreasonable that a decision was made right then and there to move OT 8 to a new higher OT level such as OT 15-20 and create a new lower OT 8 to give to the members that would help to create a plausible denial of the original OT 8. 

This is real possibility considering Scientology's Machavelian history and its full intelligence agency capabilities. This move also helps improves future security leak problems in that the higher up the OT levels the initiate goes the more security and loyalty tests they must pass. At this post OT 8 leak period it is not unlikely that only a handful of the highest people in Scientology are deemed secure enough and spiritually advanced enough to know the real OT 8 identity of Hubbard and the real destiny of Scientology. 

Using the OT 8 numbering switch and the creation of a new OT 8 Scientology in no basis to legitimately deny the OT 8 of this story is their OT 8. Another factor that may give this theory additional credibility is the counter-intelligence principle that if your were going to create a new misdirecting and misinformation OT 8 you would probably want to create one that is relatively innocuous cancels out the negatives of the old OT 8. It would be even better and would be a good cover story if it could be deliberately leaked out to cover the PR problems the earlier OT 8 was causing. 

The following section purports to be a summary of the New OT 8 being given to current members. In this new OT 8 one of the end results is that the initiate is supposed to discover that Hubbard is really God. (Good intelligence reversal!) This new OT 8 comes from the paraphrased notes of a former member who claims to have had access to the materials. It is full of Scientology terminology. The 8th dynamic referred to is what would normally be called God.  


From recall this is a record of the full OT VIII procedure of the Church of Scientology given on the Free Winds ship as delivered in 1991. Security there is very tight with detectors at the doors so that no original data can be removed.  

This debrief is something the Independent Field/Free Zone Scientology has been waiting many years to see. It is not the original nor is it a perfect record but it is accurate and will get the result if followed by a competent solo auditor who is flat on all earlier levels with all overts off.  

The wording of the processes are exact to the best of my recall and the procedures are exact for sure. Any differences are extremely minor (if at all). I spent several weeks reconstructing all this from memory (needless to say I have an excellent memory as a result of the rundown).  

I am breaking security as I disagree that this should only be released to an elite in Scientology. I do, however, ask it not be released to psyches or "squirrels" or anyone who will break the Independent Security Network and allow it to get back to the Church of Scientology. It would be best if they do not find out that we have it. Please treat this data responsibly. It is the key to the only truth possible. 

The whole secret involves what truly is the relationship of the Supreme Being to each individual thetan. To simply say it's `me" is oversimplified to tears but has some truth to it. The real key is the perception and ability to have full certainty and, therefore, perception on all confusions and distortions of MEST (matter, energy, space, and time) and form and life units as well as the ability to perceive exact identity and its full relationship to its true source and history from its origin as the theta body, the true 8th Dynamic In order to truly view this as a present time beingness one has to Clean up, once and for all, his own confusions regarding these points. The key is being flat on all earlier levels and being honest with self as to the truth on each step of the rundown. 

In doing this procedure one has to acknowledge the lie of time and persistence and the lie of the illusion that MEST is solid and unchangeable. Another key given is the fact that a being can exist independent of time and present time and can chose any point on the track as his present time. The PT (present time) body can confuse this, as attention to some degree is always hung up on the PT body. This fixes the thetan into one present time and one time stream, when in fact there are many as you will discover. 

Do not attempt this rundown if you are incomplete on any earlier level, incomplete on or in need of "sec checks," (security checks) involved in any out ethics, PTS or involved in any pressing PT situations that call your attention back to this present time. If you are in need of review on any point above, get it before starting the rundown or it will miss and be meaningless or wasted. 

If your attention is in any way governed by OT 7 (NOTs) or earlier materials on OT levels, this rundown will miss and be wasted. This also goes for out int. If interiorization/exteriorization is a concern at all, get reviewed and flattened on OT I to VII before attempting this rundown. 

The techniques involve simple spotting techniques as in R2 processes or straightwire references. 

Step One: Read and word clear Handbook for Preclears cover to cover. 

Step Two: Do all steps and exercises in the above book and note reads on any terminals or items [presumably these are used in review or higher levels later]. Keep the ruds in. 

Step Three: Listen to the History of Man tapes and star rate M4 the concepts in them (The Time Track of Theta). 

Step Four: Clear the definition of `truth" and clay demo it [Tech Dictionary]. 

Step Five: Clay demo the concept of the theta line branching out toward PT from the "theta body" and how this inhibits exteriorization, ability, power and perception of truth. Clay demo what will happen if someone did OT VIII procedure who was not fully completed on OT VII (NOTs). Sort this out from the above data. 

Step Six: Define "know-point" in the Tech Dictionary. 

Step Seven: Study the early Dianetic Auditor Bulletin on straightwire in Tech Volume One. Study Creation of Human Ability references regarding spotting objectively and subjectively. Demo "recall," `spotting" and "return" and how these differ. 

Step Eight: This is the processing section which is done solo. Do not fall into running pictures or incidents. In others words, do not use "recall" or "return," use spot" only. 

[1] Fly the ruds. 

[2] Clear and false data strip "truth," identity, time," place," "form" and event," each to EP. Restudy the definitions in the Tech Dictionary. 

[3] Clear and False Data Strip the 8th Dynamic," God," "Infinity," 'self," anyone you have identified as a god and any other wording you may have for the 8th dynamic. 

[4] Valence split (Similarity/Difference process) each answer on the reading questions below by alternately spotting differences and similarities between self and the terminal to a blow accompanied by a small blowdown F/N or larger. 

[A] Spot a person or object in this L/T [lifetime] or on the backtrack you have identified as or who represented the 8th Dynamic to you. Valence split to EP and then recheck to an F/Ning question on call or thought. End the session for the day and recheck to ensure it's F/Ning the next day before continuing. 

[B] Spot a person who looked/looks like you. Handle as above. 

[C] Spot a person who looked/looks dissimilar to you. Handle as above. 

[D] Spot a person who is how you wanted/want to be. Handle as above. 

[E] Spot a person who is how you didn't want to be. Handle as above. 

[F] Spot a person who you'd never want to be. Handle as above. 

[G] Spot a person who you want to be. Handle as above. 

[H] Spot a person who you identify as self [me]. Handle as above. End on major stable win on the subject of identity. 

Step Nine: 

Run as above with Valence Splitting, etc. 

[1] Ruds as needed 

[2] Spot a being who is close in true identity to you. 

[3] Spot a being who has the same experiences as you. 

[4] Spot a being who solves things as you have. 

[5] Spot a being you are or have been junior or subordinate to as a thetan or in life. 

[6] Spot a being who you are/have been senior to in life or as a thetan. 

[7] Spot a person who postulates as you do. 

[8] Spot a person who you postulate for. 

[9] Spot a person who may have postulated for you. 

[10] Spot the situation or problem each of the above beings has solved for you. Get prior confusion to the first time ever and spot the first moment of the first prior confusion. 

End on major stable win on the subject audited; however, do Step 10 before proceeding. 

Step Ten: 

Use alternate repetitive straightwire. 

End on wins. End section when nothing reads anymore and you have a major stable win. 

[1]  Spot a truth in self. Spot a truth in others. 

[2]  Have another spot a truth in you. 

     Have another spot a truth in himself/herself. 

[3]  Spot a reality you have solved with a lie. 

     Spot a reality you have not solved with a lie. 

[4]  Spot a reality you have substituted for a truth. 

     Spot a reality you have substituted for a lie. 

[5]  Spot a reality another has substituted for a truth. 

     Spot a reality another has substituted for a lie. 

[6]  Spot a reality you postulated for another. 

     What did it solve for you? 

     What did it solve for him/her? 

[7]  Spot a reality another has postulated for you. 

     What did it solve for him/her? 

     What did it solve for you? 

[8]  Have another spot a reality another has postulated in himself/herself. 

     What did it solve for him/her? 

     What did it solve for you? 

[9]  Locate a reality you found safe. 

     Spot the truth about it. (to a blow, small blowdown F/N or larger) 

[10] Locate a reality another found safe. 

     Spot the truth about it. (to a blow, small blowdown F/N or larger)   

[11] Locate a reality another found safe for you. 

     Spot the truth about it. (to a blow, small blow down F/N or larger) 

     Have the other person spot the truth about it. (to a blow, small blow down 

     F/N or larger) 

[12] Locate a reality you have found safe for another. 

     Spot the truth about it. (to a blow small blow down F/N or larger) 

     Have the other person spot the truth about it. (to a blow, small blow down 

     F/N or larger) 

[13] Spot a reality you can create for yourself. 

     Postulate a truth for it. 

[14] Spot a reality you can create for another. 

     Postulate a truth for it. 

[15] Spot a reality you can have another create for you. 

     Postulate a truth for it. 

[16] Create a future for someone. 

     Place them in it. 

     Postulate some truth about it. 

     Now let go of it 

[17] Create a future for yourself. 

     Place yourself in it. 

     Place another in it. 

     Postulate some truth about it. 

     Now let go of it. 

[18] Recall a truth you agreed didn't happen. 

    Spot the exact truth in it. 

     Spot any lie in it. 

     Now let go of it. 

[19] Spot present time moving forward. 

     Notice thetans agreeing with it. 

     Spot any agreements you have with it. 

     Now let go of it. 

     Spot a different present time. 

     Notice thetans agreeing with it. 

     Spot any agreements you have with it. 

     Now let go of it. 

     Spot a different present time. 

     Notice thetans agreeing with it. 

     Spot any agreements you have with it. 

     Now let go of it. 

    (Repeat to a small blowdown F/N, big win) 

Step Eleven: 

Do all steps to full EP. End on all wins until persistent F/N dies down. 

[A]  Spot each portion of your theta that was abandoned. 

[B]  Spot each portion of your theta you asserted was not yours. 

[C]  Spot each portion of theta you asserted was yours that wasn't. 

[D]  Spot your PT creations in this MEST universe. 

[E]  Spot PT creations that were not yours in this MEST universe. 

[F]  Spot any old creations that are hung up. 

     Spot the truth about these to a blow. 

     Note: Don't concentrate on the untruths, just the truths. 

[G]  Spot yourself as a source for various things in this and other universes to full certainty. 

[H]  Spot another 8th Dynamic creation as independent from yourself. 

     Spot where it is. 

[I]  Spot points where you have experienced joy or ecstasy in creating in this lifetime and on the back track. 

[J]  Spot other beings you feel high ARC or love for. 

     Spot the truths in these beings. (each to a read F/N) 

[K]  Spot some theta you have created. 

[L]  Create some theta. Uncreate it. (to a read as it blows off however small it is) 

Redo A to L above until, the TA floats or a true unkillable persistent F/N appears and you have had a revelation regarding truth or 8th Dynamic creation. This is the end of OT VIII. 

Note: I wasn't privy to any C/Sing or review techniques or other EP data. Beyond this there is no confidential EP to my knowledge. 



1.) The OT 8 "Confidential Student Briefing" document of this story has been verified in the early 1980's through an Episcopal minister in Baltimore with recent high ranking Scientology defectors. The defectors verifying this confidential document did have the requisite security clearances and initiate\staff positions in Scientology to have had access to this document.  

Efforts to get these defectors to go public and disclose their identities to others besides the minister have not been successful. Their given reason for verifying the OT 8 document privately but not publicly is fear. It is not hard to understand this fear if you understand Scientology's history of extreme actions against its perceived enemies and that the content of OT 8 constitutes the most secret of secrets and "holy of holies" of this group.  

2.) The context of all the previous materials presented in this story. The authenticity of the OT 8 statements should be particularly evaluated in the light of Hubbard's previous statements about the subject matter. OT 8 is ideologically congruent with his earlier secret statements and the deceptions of classical Satanism. The OT 8 concept of the Devil coming to mankind in the guise and reversal of an angel of light is common to biblical prophesy."   

3.) The style of OT 8 is very much like Hubbard's style. His defamatory remarks about people's sexual habits are part of a long pattern in his dealings with people he considered his "enemies". The mood of urgency and impending calamity are similar to many of his other writings. The extra terrestrial bodiless wars remind one of the content and tone of OT 3 and his writings in his earlier books like "The History of Man." 


"I spent twelve years in Scientology. I progressed to the "secret upper levels" of Scientology which are chiefly involved with the exorcism of demons. I didn't realize when I got into Scientology that I would be involved in demonic and satanic practices when I got onto these upper levels. Nor was it told to me that L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, was a practicing Satanist, and that this was his religion, and the "religion" behind Scientology. The facts are carefully concealed from the beginning Scientologist."  A former member. 

"I believe that Scientology is an evil organization involving among other things Satanism, brainwashing, slave labor, and physical and emotional abuse. I believe that the only moral thing for me to do is to try to expose this situation to the public." A former member. 

"As a recovering Scientologist, I must raise an ethical objection to the desire to control the minds of others without their consent. This is the purpose of many Scientology procedures and can be seen either as deliberate "mind control" or as the black magician's contempt of others. Scientology is a curious hybrid of magic and psychology. After all, Hubbard boasted "we can brainwash faster than the Russians - 20 seconds to total amnesia" A former member. 

"I did most of his advanced occult initiations, and I was a member for 25 years.   We are presently building a worldwide network to make known the actual intentions of Hubbard's organization as they relate to their views on other religions. Scientology  is extremely antipathetic to ALL the Major World religions and in many countries they are actively infiltrating unstable governments and seeking  to  establish  Scientology as a new State Religion. We invite clergymen and lay people of all faiths to join us in  this project. We  recognize Scientology's right to practice its religion, but we feel we have a moral and ethical duty to inform world citizens of  its hidden agenda and its extreme antipathy toward religions, especially Christianity." A former member. 

In conclusion, it is extremely difficult and dangerous to drag a secret society's practices out into the light of day. Part one of this story has attempted to give the reader the available contextual information that could be relevant to OT 8.  In light of all the materials presented so far it is you the reader who will decide the probable level of authenticity of OT 8. Until a brave defector comes forward to break the fear grip this group exerts on its highest level initiate defectors this is the proceeding is the best summary that is possible at this time. 

It is interesting to note Scientology's Office of Special Affairs (its intelligence division) has begun flooding the Internet newsgroup called alt.religion.scientology with endorsements from purported religious scholars from various denominations who offered their opinions that Scientology is a religion, and not in conflict with mainstream Christian and non Christian religions.  As the testimonials are unsigned and undated, and most of the authors are unheard of, it is difficult, if not impossible, to authenticate these statements. It is doubtful if the religious scholars used in paid for Scientology religious authentication articles have had any exposure to the information of this story.  


The story of ongoing reports of suicides and other casualties in Scientology has to include the story of, Inc. (Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network) is a nonaligned, nonprofit, research and educational public service consisting of an electronic lending library, electronic mail service, and electronic news transfer service. specializes in informing the public about human rights abuses caused by coercive psychological systems, much the same way that Amnesty International informs the public about human rights abuse caused by physical coercion.  

Among its libraries on other coercive groups, had created the largest electronic and hard copy library on Scientology in the world (about 1 million pages.) is connected to the Internet. People from all over the world go to the Internet library download numerous documents that Scientology was trying to keep secret and make up their own minds about the real Scientology. 

Because of the size and effectiveness of the library and Scientology's history of reprisal there can be little doubt that David Miscavige, Scientology's absolute dictator, has ordered as priority one that the library and preservational archive be destroyed. This could include; among other things, Scientology's "scorched earth" litigation techniques designed to bankrupt the corporation and its directors. This tactic could allow Scientology to "legally"  seize and destroy all the "electronic books" in the library. (The previous statement is not unrealistic. Recently Scientology's "scorched earth" litigation tactics [Scientology filed 44 lawsuits] drove the Cult Awareness Network into bankruptcy, and Scientology is now trying to seize all their assets.)  

The destruction of also could include covert operations to sabotage the library data base and computers, and the pursuit of ongoing litigation, Black PR campaigns on and its Directors, and attempts to remove's non profit status. So far two former directors of (Gerry Armstrong and John Atack) have been driven off the board and into bankruptcy. The remaining directors: Bob Penny, Lawrence Wollersheim, Arnie Lerma and Jan Merrill, are carrying on the valiant fight with humble resources. However, there is little doubt that eventually, like the many other individuals and organizations who have previously tried to stand up to this multi-billion dollar paramilitary secret society, will be utterly crushed. 

There are many reasons the attacks and "copyright" raids on the library and its directors have been so ruthless and unrelenting. The paramount reasons were not the "Fishman Geertz documents" (the documents behind the copyright and raids.) They were already published many times and were part of public court records. The central purposes of the raids and attacks on were to: 

A.) gather intelligence on approximately 600 million dollars in worldwide ongoing litigation against Scientology, and to pierce attorney client and work product privileges associated with and that litigation, ( has been a research resource for much of this litigation.) 

B.) gather intelligence on several government investigations on Scientology, outside the U.S., that are using the library and archive, 

C.) gather intelligence to silence the approximately 8,500 Scientology ex members and defectors in's mailing list. Some of these individuals are defectors from Scientology's own intelligence division, and have been helping gather up and verify reports of Scientology's ongoing abuses and illegal activities. 

D.) gather intelligence on the approximately 300 reports had accumulated over the last three years on suicides, attempted suicides, and cases of people going psychotic because of Scientology's processes and tactics, (particularly those cases relating to the secret initiations contained in the copyrighted "Fishman Geertz documents."  

( spent approximately $60,000 gathering this suicide material in preparation for a formal request for a U.S. grand jury investigation. Scientology now has, or may be able to seize, all the these reports and data. With its litigation tactics, Scientology has successfully temporarily crushed this grand jury preparation work because all's staff is occupied with surviving this litigation., for the last 2 years each December or January, has put out a new report on the secret suicides and casualties in Scientology. It is doubtful that with the crush of ongoing litigation a 1996 update (that would have conceivably added nearly 70 new names to the two previous reports) can be released. 

(At the end of this report in appendix 3 the reader will find 1994, and 1995 Scientology suicides and casualty reports. The following is a brief explanation to read before reading the extensive appendix 3 summary.) 


Scientology's control techniques are derived from a collection of sources--some benign, others not. Some of the more benign techniques are plagiarized without recognition from a mish-mash of pop psychology and other psychological and psychiatric schools.  

After an individual is hooked by a bait and switch come-on, Scientology uses exercises that covertly put the receiver in hypnotic trance. The purpose of covert trance induction is to increase the subject's suggestibility and to control the subject's resources. These techniques are derived from traditional hypnosis and from cult rituals used to produce fanatical loyalty from the inititation rites of past secret societies.  

These coercive control techniques alone could explain the many reports of psychosis and suicide in Scientology, but Hubbard went far beyond traditional techniques. He studied and wrote a book on brainwashing, and secretly boasted that his methods could turn people into "willing slaves." Hubbard combined these new control techniques with the bizarre occult cosmology of his satanic and secret society past, high pressure sales techniques, traditional deception (con man) techniques, and advanced sociological and psychological stress techniques. (For more details on how Scientology uses trance and brainwashing see the Internet report called "Coercive Persuasion and Scientology".) 

Hubbard boldly experimented with first generation Russian and Korean brainwashing processes on unknowing members under a cloak of "religion." His innovative experimentation helped produce a second generation of thought reform and mind control techniques. These new methods are considerably more dangerous than their first generation predecessors. While developing what Scientology calls its secret L-12 initiation, Hubbard allegedly said that if the initiators performed this rite incorrectly you might as well build a pine box for the individual receiving it. 

These second generation thought reform programs are commonly called "coercive persuasion" in the courts. In United States v. Lee 455 U.S. 252, 257-258 (1982), the California Supreme Court found that "when a person is subjected to coercive persuasion without his knowledge or consent... [he may] develop serious and sometimes irreversible physical and psychiatric disorders, up to and including schizophrenia, self-mutilation, and suicide." 

The goal of all coercive persuasion programs is to produce target compliance and control of the target's resources by holding the target at a point of maximum  psychological stress, without inducing psychosis. Unfortunately, the second generation coercive programs have increased the chance of error because their targets tend to be less well monitored, and the advanced techniques used to induce stress are more powerful and less predictable in their effects upon individuals. 

In coercive persuasion programs, the main attack is done through frequent and intense attempts  to cause a person to reevaluate the most central aspects of their experience of self and their prior conduct in NEGATIVE ways. Efforts are designed to destabilize and undermine the subject's basic consciousness, reality awareness, world view, emotional control, and defense mechanisms. These tactics are engineered to induce the individual to reinterpret his or her life history and to adopt a new (often irrational) version of causality. 

On Scientology's secret initiations, the individual is told (while under the suggestibility of hypnotic trance and stress) that he or she is really not one individual but a composite of hundreds, possibly thousands, or even tens of thousands of alien beings (called "body thetans" or "BTs.") These beings are trapped in his or her body as the result of a galactic war that occurred 76 million years ago (OT 3, and OT 5.) Individuals subjected to these initiation techniques are told (while vulnerable) that these alien beings are fighting for control of the individual's body and identity, that these alien beings can make them act insane or become terminally ill, and that only Scientology has the technology to safely "remove" these alien beings from their bodies.  

Members spend sometimes hundreds of hours of exposure to these secret levels, talking to their various body parts, trying to get these alien beings out of their bodies. They are repeatedly told that they could go insane and die if they do anything procedurally wrong while trying to remove these other beings. 

In these secret initiation levels, to more effectively attack the person's core concepts of self, Hubbard's methods trick the person in trance into believing he is not who he always thought he was. To fragment the individual's personality and integrity on order to facilitate better initiate control, Hubbard induces a hypnotic state of multiple personality similar to an artificial schizophrenia. Many observers report Scientologists switching "personalities" dramatically and abruptly. 

It is no wonder people could become psychotic or suicidal when tricked into deeply believing and acting upon this alien being story when their suggestibility is at its highest and their defenses at their lowest.  


The pattern and similarity of reports electronically summarized in the 1994 and 1995 suicide reports from former members and from tens of thousands of pages of affidavits, books, and articles, and other materials tell a chilling story about this controversial group. It is also a fortuitous miracle that so many of these reports have squeezed through the cracks of Scientology's secrecy structure, intelligence agency procedures, and practice of destroying incriminating documents. 

Reports of cover-ups of Scientology members becoming psychotic or suicidal, or committing suicide, while under the influence of Scientology's control are far too numerous to be ignored any longer. (See appendix 3 summary for the list of names and details.) 


In addition to using vicious tactics to crush anyone who criticizes it, Scientology has brought spiritual, emotional, financial, and physical harm and destruction to untold thousands of former members, their families and their friends and business associates. Even if you are not at all religious, there is strong reason for grave concern.  

On a purely secular level Scientology cynically assaults and is attempting to rape our most fundamental constitutional rights of free speech, criticism and free expression of religion of their potency. Scientology perversely twists its privileges and protections as a religion and uses secular business law to pulverize all criticism or ANY attempts to set up Scientology reform churches. (Through any and all secular tactics including copyright or trade secret infringement lawsuits.) 

With Scientology's new copyright raiding  tactic no home or place is safe from sudden search and seizure that has any information on Scientology which they can claim to be copyrighted. Hitler's Nazi's routinely burned books and searched and seized whatever they wished. Hubbard's Scientology is now twisting the secular copyright and trade secret laws to try to destroy individuals and whole libraries (  

When you think about the secular threat that Scientology represents keep this in mind. It was Scientology, not the government, that came into the homes of the raid victims and did the searching and seizing, and it was Scientology, not the government, who took possession of the seized evidence to "protect" it until the trials of the raid victims. 

Consider the threat to your personal security. Imagine if your worst enemy, ex-employee, ex-partner, or ex-significant other swore out an affidavit declaring you had stolen some of their unpublished copyrighted materials. Now imagine they obtained the same type of copyright seizure warrant that Scientology did. Then imagine YOUR home was entered by your worst enemy and everything, even your most personal belongings, was searched by your worst enemy, not the police!  

Imagine anything your worst enemy ordered to be seized was seized and then put into THEIR "protective" custody until your trial. Yes, if you are concerned about unannounced invasion of your home or business you should be deeply concerned about the precedents Scientology is setting in these copyright raids, precedents that WILL SOON BE imitated by other ruthless bullies unless something is done to stop this attack on all of our constitutional rights.  


Scientology's is currently trying to get L. Ron Hubbard's booklet "The Way to Happiness" distributed in and accepted by public schools. Within Scientology "The Way to Happiness" is part of its "sacred scriptures," and its "mental technology." Outside Scientology, the organization calls the booklet "non-religious."  

It is completely unjust that Scientology's "sacred scriptures" (The Way to Happiness booklet ) are covertly infiltrated into the public schools as "non-religious," to act as recruiting devices for the anti-Christian Satanic Scientology cult, whereas the scriptures of openly religious Christians are barred from public classrooms.   

Through John Travolta's insistence, Scientology is trying to get the story of the OT 3 initiation quickly made into a movie. Word is at Miramax Studios in Hollywood that they will make the film, even though they hate it. The reason is that Travolta's contract with them comes up soon for renewal. They must agree to do this film to avoid loosing all the future films he will do.  

The possible reason Travolta now is pushing so hard for the OT 3 initiation story to go public is because it was already made public on the Internet in the Fishman affidavit to millions of people. The only people to whom this document remains secret are the Scientologists who have not paid for and done the OT 3 initiation. 

If you believe that Scientology is spiritually evil, or that Hubbard believed himself to be the Antichrist, and that Scientology is the defacto "Brotherhood of the Beast" designated to be the host organization to bring about biblical prophecy concerning the rise of the Antichrist, there are stirring moral questions of how to SPIRITUALLY respond to your individual religious duties to prevent such a "religious" organization from gaining in secular power and progressively achieving its goals of world control. 

If you are religious, Scientology presents a spiritual problem and a spiritual battle. It can only be solved spiritually.  

Love thy adversary, pray for them, in this context carefully think and slowly deliberate to find your truth on this fable. Peaceful and nonviolent law-respecting education and open dialog are the only tools and answers to the spiritual and social problems presented by Scientology. One simply cannot dis-empower and contain evil or ignorance with anything, but good and education! 


WARNING: Scientology may cause you to suffer severely if you take or join "The STAND" against them and you anonymously or non-anonymously try to exercise your free speech or freedom of religion. It is strongly recommended that you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT do any of the following:  

Distribute copies via floppy disk duplication, e-mail or foreign language translation of this story to anyone you think should know about it.  

Distribute copies of this story to local, national and international magazine, newspaper, TV and radio Talk Show editors for Hollywood stories or religion issues. (If you are a Christian do not send this to any of the above media that deal with Christian concerns.) 

Distribute copies of this story to Internet Usenet Newsgroups, Web pages, Fishman affidavit storage sites, or Internet mail list servers that have interest in the areas of Hollywood celebrities, religious issues or Scientology. Distribute copies of this story to the individual known on the Internet as "Scamizdat" who has been able to speak out yet avoid all discovery by Scientology. 

Distribute copies of this story to the headquarters of all the world's major religions or religious scholars and researchers. 

Distribute copies of this story to politicians and judges around the world. Let Scientology distribute its materials to them unopposed. 

Distribute copies of this story to all secular and Christian cult information and assistance organizations around the world. 

Distribute copies of this story to the PR people and business managers and peers of every celebrity that continues to promote Scientology. Distribute copies of this story to every advertiser or employer that uses a Scientology celebrity in or to promote any of its products.  

Distribute copies of this story to all of the employees neighbors and business associates of the agents of Scientology. Distribute copies of this story to any foundations or trusts these agents may sit on. (The agents of Scientology are its lawyers, accountants, lobbyists, PR firms, and advertising agents. The agents of Scientology have received hundreds of millions of dollars over the last 20 years to protect and expand the goals of Scientology. According to internal Scientology policy by Hubbard, a group or individual always "recruits in its own image.") 

Distribute copies of this story to every current and former Scientologist you can contact (or their family, friends, business associates etc.) or to anyone else you think should be involved in the dialog. 

Distribute copies of this story at all Scientology events and outside of their organizations and to their neighbors. 

Distribute copies of this story to anyone contacted by any of Scientology's front group recruiting organizations. 


The New Era Begins: If Scientology attacks or sues you for possessing, discussing or distributing this allegoric story and fable or they attack you for exercising any of your constitutional rights, NEVER just defend! Counter with legitimate law suits against Scientology, but NEVER sue Scientology BY ITSELF.  

If you are forced to counter sue Scientology ALWAYS sue and include Scientology's law firms, accounting firms, PR firms, lobbyists, celebrities and any other Scientology agents you can find that can be legitimately included in the suit. Suing Scientology by ITSELF has historically proven to usually be a financially futile action. Scientology changes corporations and moves assets so fast, that if you win you may not ever collect.  

If you have included Scientology's agents in your counter suits it is FAR more likely you will collect if you prevail. The reason for this is that Scientology's agents carry huge insurance policies. Their insurance carriers have to pay if you win. Furthermore, if you have a good case, many times the insurance carrier will want to settle the case quickly with you to reduce its losses.  

By including Scientology's agents in all future law suits against Scientology you may even be helping Scientology's agents to clean up their business act. Scientology's agents just may stop doing the outrageous, ruthless, and false things they do for the millions of dollars Scientology annually pays out to its agents, but not unless they too are held legally and financially responsible for what they do.  


Is Scientology the "Church of Evil," the defacto "Brotherhood of the Beast" or "the World's Wickedest Religion"? CAREFULLY consider the parting quotes about Scientology by legal authorities and law enforcement that may help you to deal with these and other questions.  

"The government is satisfied that Scientology is socially harmful.  It alienates members of families from each other and attributes squalid and disgraceful motives to all who oppose it; its authoritarian principles and practice are a potential menace to the personality and well being of those so deluded as to become followers; above all, its methods can be a serious danger to the health of those who submit to them... There is no power under existing law to prohibit the practice of scientology; but the government has concluded that it is so objectionable that it would be right to take all steps within its power to curb its growth." 

Kenneth Robinson, British Minister of Health 

"[the court record is] replete with evidence [that Scientology] is nothing in reality but a vast enterprise to extract the maximum amount of money from its adepts by pseudo scientific theories... and to exercise a kind of blackmail against persons who do not wish to continue with their sect.... The organization clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid, and this bizarre combination seems to be a reflection of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard." Judge Breckenridge, Los Angeles Superior Court 

Scientology is evil; its techniques are evil; its practice is a serious threat to the community, medically, morally, and socially; and its adherents are sadly deluded and often mentally ill... (Scientology is) the world's largest organization of unqualified persons engaged in the practice of dangerous techniques which masquerade as mental therapy." Justice Anderson, Supreme Court of  Victoria, Australia 

"In addition to violating and abusing its own members' civil rights, the organization over the years with its "fair game" doctrine1 has harassed and abused those persons not in the church whom it perceives as enemies."  Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Paul Breckenridge, June 1984, in the Gerry Armstrong case. 

"Scientology is both immoral and socially obnoxious... it is corrupt sinister and dangerous. It is corrupt because it is based on lies and deceit and has its real objective money and power for Mr. Hubbard... It is sinister because it indulges in infamous practices both to its adherents who do not toe the line unquestioningly and to those who criticize it or oppose it. It is dangerous because it is out to capture people and to indoctrinate and brainwash them so they become the unquestioning captives and tools of the cult, withdrawn from ordinary thought, living, and relationships with others." --Justice Latey, ruling in the High Court of London ruling in B and G Wards," 

"The crime committed by these defendants is of a breath and scope previously unheard of. No building, office, desk, or file was safe from their snooping and prying. No individual or organization was free from their despicable conspiratorial minds. The tools of their trade were miniature transmitters, lock picks, secret codes, forged credentials and any other device they found necessary to carry out their conspiratorial schemes." U.S. federal prosecutor's memorandum to the judge urging stiff jail sentences for 9 top leaders  of Scientology who had pleaded guilty to criminal charges for infiltrating over 100 U.S. government agencies. 

"In my opinion the church has one of the most effective intelligence operations in the U.S. rivaling even that of the FBI." Ted Gunderson, former head of the FBI's Los Angeles office, quoted in TIME May 6, 1991 

"Substantial evidence supports the conclusion Scientology leaders made the deliberate decision to ruin Wollersheim economically and possible psychologically.... We do not mean to suggest Scientology's retributive program as described in the evidence of this case represented a full scale modern day "inquisition."  Nevertheless there are some parallels in purpose and effect.  "Fair game" like the "inquisition" targeted "heretics." 

"During trial, Wollersheim's experts testified Scientology's "auditing" and "disconnect" practices constituted `brainwashing' and `thought reform' akin to what the Chinese and North Koreans practiced on American prisoners of war." 

"A religious practice which takes place in the context of this level of coercion2 has less religious value than one the recipient engages in voluntarily.  Even more significantly, it poses a greater threat to society to have coerced religious practices inflicted on its citizens." 

"Church practices conducted in a coercive environment are not qualified to be voluntary religious practices entitled to first amendment religious freedom guarantees....We hold that the state has a compelling interest in allowing its citizens to recover for serious emotional injuries they suffer through religious practices they are coerced into accepting." 

"Such conduct is too outrageous to be protected under the constitution and too unworthy to be privileged under the law of torts." California appellate court, 2nd district, 7th division,  Wollersheim v. Church of Scientology of California, Civ. No. B023193 Cal. Super. (1986) 

"Evidentiary fact:  The Church of Scientology is currently engaged in a nationwide conspiracy to impede and obstruct municipal, state and federal taxing authorities, by adopting a religious and charitable guise to avoid payment of taxes. 

"Scientology's internal policies state:  "They (the public) want ministers. We will show them what ministers look like" (Vol. 1 p.41).  "Churches are looked upon as reform groups.  Therefore, we must act like a reform group" (Vol.1 p.196). 

"Scientology has nothing to do with religion. The Church did not adopt  the religious guise until it was necessary to seek First Amendment protection (Vol.4 p.405). 

"Scientology uses a religious image checklist designed to falsely portray a religious image to mislead officials (Vol. 2 p.238,239). 

"Church policy instructs members to lie to inquiring officials (Vol.1 p.226,227). Commissioners of the City of Clearwater, Florida, public hearings, May 5-10, 1982 

" ...the teaching of Scientology and the practice of Scientology will result in the commission of many offenses and may well result in the commission of many others." Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia, Justice Brookings, 1982 

"You can be merciless whenever your will is crossed and you have the right to be merciless."3 -- L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. Documentary evidence in the Armstrong case... 

A final suggestion for when your not reviewing the materials listed in the appendices: Get a copy of the movies or books "Wild Palms" and "The Stand." "The Stand" is by Stephen King.  

The are many strange and striking similarities between the events and names of "The Stand" and what is currently going on with Scientology and its adversaries on and off the Internet. "Wild Palms" with Jim Belushi is interesting because appears to have been made about other layers of the Scientology multiple personality. (The uniforms in Wild Palms are almost exact duplicates of the Scientology Sea Organization uniforms and the child leader in Wild Palms may represent Scientology's current "child" leader David Miscavige.)  


[Technical Notes:] 
1.) If this came to you anonymously by mail, help protect the identity of the person who sent it to you by destroying the original disk, envelope and any comment or instructions that may have been included. 

2.) If it came to you any other way, do everything you can to protect the details and method of how this story was transferred to you and who transferred it. (No one can be punished because they can't remember something or no longer have relevant records.) 

3.) This allegorical story is NOT copyrighted. 

4.)  If you decide to share this story with someone else, feel free to add your own comments and opinions anonymously or non-anonymously in the following comments section. 


When a document is written anonymously, the credibility of the document is immediately called into question.  While this is normally true, there are circumstances and expectations where anonymity is the only way to bring new information to the public. 

The circumstances that give anonymous voices legitimacy are those when criticism is severely punished and free speech is repeatedly crushed.  Part of these circumstances include a real and pressing danger to the society that must be disclosed in order to avoid a probable calamity or to stop an ongoing severe abuse. 

These special circumstances apply completely to this document.  The organization being criticized has a forty year history of SEVERELY crushing and punishing critics. 

My opinion is that you will find this fable is not at all.  I think by the time you finish reading and verifying the Internet and non-Internet research references you will agree that there was no other way to write this but anonymously. Moe S., U.K. 

This is the most amazing story I have ever read about Scientology and, I have read a lot of them. B.D. 

Enjoy this riveting reading and don't forget to add your own comments and keep the distribution efforts going.  G.H., Germany 

I made 50 disk copies of this fable and have sent them out. I would have made 1,000 copies if I had the money. K.S. 

I had only been in Scientology for 9 months, but after I read this and then reviewed some of the mentioned Internet sites on Scientology I have decided to leave the organization and secretly get this "fable" to other current members. If only I had known about this 9 months ago I would have saved myself a lot of anguish as a Christian as well as money. Anonymous 

Great fable! It needs to be translated and distributed wherever Scientology operates. I'll do my part. R.G. 

I was a member of Scientology for almost 20 years. I am no longer a member. This is nothing more than pure fiction and a sicko smear campaign. Scientology is a legitimate religion recognized by the IRS. Scientology's lawyers and investigators will track down and punish whoever wrote this piece of garbage and whoever is foolish enough to think they won't be caught and punished for distributing it. Los Angeles 

I am so terrified of Scientology's threats and Nazi tactics I am "shuddering into silence" --- Yeah right!      The friends of Scamizdat.  

Some friends and I got a taped copy of Wild Palms.  I am surprised Scientology didn't sue the producers for portraying the young David Miscavige as the cult's leader right down to his Sea Org para-military uniform.  I'll help get "The Fable" distributed. 

Keeping in mind this same theme, did anyone see the Stephen King movie, "The Stand?"  After reading "The Fable", I know why Stephen King named the devil "Flagg."   Myra N., AZ. 

Scientology is using the current copyright raids on Dennis Erlich, Arnie Lerma,, Karin Spaink, xs4all and the web pages in the Netherlands to enforce censorship, to crush free speech and to crush all criticism.  It's as simple as that. 

When libraries, researchers and former members cannot possess and discuss information on an organization calling itself a legitimate religion then something is horribly wrong.  I am so fed up with this group and its actions that I added a new appendix (four) to this wonderful fable from documents I have collected from around the Internet and from other sources on Scientology's history of attacking those who speak out of possess information it does not want them to have. 

Of course all this information is fictional too!  G.B.B. 

I am going to make sure "The Fable" is being sent to Stephen King and other Hollywood writers.  The story of this "Brotherhood of the Beast" is King's "The Stand II."  Angie. 

I agree this should be made into a book A.S.A.P!  The Rainman's Nemesis 

You don't have to research, think or pray very long to know Scientology is something that must be stopped from growing.  I'll make sure my connections in the media and local churches get copies.  If everyone who gets this does 10 e-mail transfers and sends out 10 disks to people not on the net, it won't take long to get 1 million copies of the fable distributed.  That should slow down this dangerous organization.  M.S. 

M.S. has a great idea!  Let's make it into an Internet-wide protest against Scientology.  Scientology is trying to crush free speech on the net and silence critics through intimidation and other harassment. 

Scientology is trying to crush discussion about everything the fable reveals.  Nothing is more suiting than to get a million copies of this incredible story transferred on and off the net.  I'll bet that the target of one million Fable transfers can be reached so fast that, just the story of this new Internet protest and the power of the net will become a story unto itself. 

LET THE ONE MILLION FABLE TRANSFERS BEGIN !!!  ~~ a friend of those who have been raided and hurt by Scientology. 

Scientology hasn't stopped its tactics.  I heard they got an injunction against Grady Ward.  My vote is we do the ONE MILLION FABLE TRANSFER PROTEST as fast as possible and see if that slows their bullshit down.  Mr. 100 Transfers 

Scientology's front group of the National Council of Churches will be derailed by copies of the Fable which I will get to the member churches of the Council.  They have no idea they are fronting for a Satanic church.  Another supporter of the One Million Fable Transfer Protest. 

Why stop at a million?  We shouldn't stop transferring and translating the Fable until Scientology stops all actions to crush criticism.  Another supporter. 

I think the important thing about One Million Fable Transfers is to do it faster than ever imagined possible.  That's the power of the protest.  If this could happen in 30-90 days it might even topple the leader of Scientology for ordering such stupid harassment of Internet users and service providers.  100 Transfers Too! 

Let's make the Fable the new Fishman / Geertz document of the Internet.  I think the fable will eventually be read by far more people.  It's much more interesting and tells the story behind the Fishman / Geertz document and declarations containing the OT Levels.  The Hollywood celebrity section and their connections to this neo-Satanic group will be gobbled up by the media all over the world. 

Go fable, Go!  The Cyberpunks. 

Scientology deserved the Million Transfers of the Fable.  Scientology's thousands of victims demand it.  I'll keep transferring it to e-mail list servers and newsgroups until Scientology stops attacking the Net.  E.F.W. 

Scientology has embarked upon a new policy of spam-botting alt.religion.scientology in order to overwhelm and take over the newsgroup by posting thousands of spam articles per day.  Consequently, it is vital to get the Fable distributed right now.  I have come forward as a public distributor of the Fable in protest to this horrendous attempt to crush our newsgroup, as well as in support of the Cult Awareness Network's struggle to survive, of which I am a member.  Steve Fishman, 12980 S. W. 48th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33330-2339, (954) 434-9777, e-mail: 

I couldn't resist creating a table of contents for the Fable and inserting it in front of the document.  You can't put this document down once you know what's in it and you get about 20 pages into it.  A reader and a One Million Fable Transfers Supporter. 

I think someone should regularly post people's inserted comments on the Fable into various Internet newsgroups like alt.religion.scientology and alt.journalism.  There could even be a regular update of the best fable comments and transfer stories to keep the momentum up.  I'll start from here.  A paper warrior. 

After President of the Church of Scientology International Heber Jentzsch's arrogant comments that Scientology has been forced to become the policeman of the Internet, I think it will be easy to get the One Million Fable Transfer Protests picked up by people all over the net.  Ms. 75 Transfers. 

I have heard some top U. S. media people have already got copies.  They are now contacting former Scientologists and religious experts to verify what they can put on the air.  I an stoked to focus on transfers to regional media hot shots in the upper Midwest.  Will someone else claim other areas and get the media people the Fable first?  Iceman. 

I was a long-time Scientologist.  Reading the sections of the Fable on Scientology's Satanic origins got me thinking about some things the Fable missed in this area.  On the secret level called Power you are repeatedly asked the question "locate a power source."  If you answer "God" it is treated as a wrong answer and a delusion.  If you answer "Hubbard" or "Source" (as power source of the world), or "Yourself", it is accepted as a right answer. 

Also on another secret level (OT II) you had to audit something called "The Sevens."  Looking back on it now, what I think we were really doing was ritualistically releasing the seven seals which release the beast upon the world and bring on the final conflict before the apocalypse. 

I am not real up to date on all the different legends of Christian theology, but that's what I think we were really doing ritualistically although I did not realize it at the time.  Wasn't Satan or the Anti-Christ the claimer of power of the material world?  T.G. 

In my own auditing of New Era Dianetics I was led to believe that I had once lived as "Malchoot", the biological father of Jesus Christ.  Through the hypnotic techniques in Scientology known as anaten, reverie and boil-off,  I was shown mental image pictures of my having masturbated into a stream where the Virgin Mary was bathing, causing her to become pregnant via artificial insemination.  My post in life, I was told, was to de-mythologize the "lie of the immaculate conception" and bring the "misguided Christian fools" into Scientology as a grand dissemination effort.  Scientology is the ultimate anti-Christian religion, obsessed with de-Christianizing the planet.  Steve Fishman. 

I was a long term member that worked around the organizations that delivered Scientology's secret levels or initiations as they are referred to in the Fable.  It was common knowledge among the high-level staff members that many individuals went psychotic or threatened or attempted suicide during the levels.  We thought nothing of it and considered it an unacceptable risk of passing through the secret levels at the time. 

Several people did kill themselves and we covered it up because we believed that they would pick up new bodies soon and could be "repaired" then.  We also kept silent to protect Scientology which at the time we were deluded into believing was mankind's only hope against the upcoming world cataclysm. 

I am now so ashamed and sorry for the families of the victims we lied to.  I will transfer the Fable and keep transferring the Fable not as a protest but because Scientology is attacking critics on the Internet.  I will keep distributing the Fable for the families that have lost their loved ones and to prevent any more initiation deaths and Scientology cover-ups. 

God Bless the brave souls at who are keeping the reports on 40 years of Scientology casualties.  They are right on the mark. 

Mad as Hell and I'm NOT going to keep silent Anymore !!! 

I have just finished another night of anonymously e-mailing about 20 more zipped copies of "The Fable" to carefully selected "power exposure" locations on the Net.  It's not much of a risk to me because I am using several remailers, but it sure feels good to drop an electronic dime on these assholes. 

I am definitely not as brave as the many individuals who are taking the risks to openly expose them.  But, this is what I can do and will continue to do for the One Million Fable Transfer Protest and to help fight against Scientology's attack of Internet free speech.  E.D., Houston 

The first 25 copies I am sending out are for Grady Ward.  I have a lot more copies to send out for all the other people Scientology has attacked or abused.  The Clearwater Renegade. 

I am the webmaster of a small web page that has just become familiar with Scientology's outrageous Internet tactics and harassment of critics.  You can take it to the bank that I am going to use my full technical know-how to insure as many people know about and read the Fable. 

I did some math on transfer possibilities and it is possible to achieve One Million Fable Transfers on the Internet in just days if everyone who receives a copy thereafter transfers it to just 10 people.  "Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we try to crush free speech on the Net."  The One Million Fable Transfer Team. 

Before I did my small part for the One Million Fable Transfer Protest I corrected some typos and formatting problems on the second copy of the Fable that I have received.  It was nice reading all the comments from readers, but I wonder how many readers are so terrified by Scientology's history of retaliation that they wouldn't even put in a small anonymous comment. 

I strongly recommend that you do not let these Scientology bastards intimidate you into silence.  Add your anonymous comments to the rest of ours.  A friend of Dennis Erlich. 

Sooner or later Scientology is going to come up with some "bright idea" to try to stop the One Million Fable Transfer Protest.  Let's stay on our toes and like their other misguided "bright ideas" let's turn it against them as soon as they try it.  X-G.O. 

Each of us has our own reasons for joining the One Million Fable Transfer Protest.  Mine are because of what Scientology has done to harass authors Jon Atack and Russell Miller in the United Kingdom.  They are both writers of books critical of Scientology.  R.R. Denmark. 

I am going to start sending the Fable to all anti-cult organizations around the world.  There are almost 700 of them listed in an address index called the "Directory of Cultic Research Organizations." 

I cannot afford to send more than 100 disks myself.  Could some of the other Fable readers help me by getting this index and mailing or e-mailing to the other anti-cult organizations?  It is published by the American Religious Center, Post Office Box 168, Trenton, Michigan 48183, U.S.A. 

I believe if we get the Fable to all of the organizations that deal with cults, then no matter where Scientology shows up there will be informed people to tell the other side of the story.  And, Scientology always shrinks whenever people begin discussing it openly with all of the available information.  M.K., Chicago. 

Why just think about one million copies of the Fable transferred in protest?  Why not ten million or a hundred million transfers?  There are six billion people on this planet.  The celebrity Hollywood and Satanic story angles are so interesting, we should be thinking about getting between one and two billion people familiar with what this group is doing in Hollywood. 

To achieve that end, I am going to help by zipping it up and beginning to e-mail it in smaller zipped parts so it becomes a five to seven part zipped e-mail project.  A.G., Finland. 

Recently Scientology began a new "Way To Happiness Campaign" on the CNN. News Network.  They don't even identify themselves as a church or Scientology.  This front group can be stopped via distribution of the Fable if we act now. 

I am going to get the Fable to the CNN. advertising department and a lot of other media people in the local Radio Talk Show circuit.  I think the radio talk shows would absolutely love to discuss the contents of the Fable.  A Protest Supporter. 

I'll send out a bunch of e-mailed copies of the Fable for what they did to Gerry Armstrong.  Annie, San Francisco. 

In this protest please keep in mind what Scientology is doing to the largest cult information organization in the United States, which is the Cult Awareness Network (CAN).  Scientology has sued them 44 times and has driven them into bankruptcy. 

Every one of the 70 or so U.S. CAN affiliates should have a copy of the Fable for anonymous distribution to their media, former member and religious connections.  If anyone has a list of these CAN affiliate addresses please get them all copies of the Fable. 

I am joining the One Million Fable Transfer Protest and will be beginning to e-mail copies not because of Scientology's Internet harassment, but for their harassment of CAN.  I will keep e-mailing copies of the Fable around the Net until Scientology drops all legal action against CAN.  I am angry as hell and I am not going to take Scientology's abuse of CAN anymore.  J.B. 

Scientology has recently brought an outrageous legal action against Keith Hanson, who is another Internet free speech advocate.  Because I was not personally involved with Scientology, I previously avoided the Scientology Internet conflict, but these people just won't back off until the whole Net gets together and backs them down. 

I am on board and will get the Fable onto as many automated e-mail list servers as I can.  The French Connection. 

Refund requests are rising from former members to Scientology organizations worldwide.  If you are a former member, now may be the last time to request AND GET all of your money back.  Do it now! 

Signs from new defectors are showing up that indicate Scientology is unraveling financially.  The sinking ship mentality is starting to show up in frustrated insiders. 

Income all over the world has been dropping severely.  Maybe all of this information on the Internet is the reason.  I wonder what One Million Transfers of the Fable will do…  J.G.R., Mexico. 

I am joining the One Million Fable Transfer Protest not because of what Scientology has done to the Internet or anti-cult organizations like CAN, the Watchman Fellowship or other anti-cult groups. I am joining because what Scientology has done to tens of thousands of former members and their families. 

There are hundreds of deaths, attempted suicides and episodes of member psychosis directly attributable to the harm Scientology does to people.  I will send out copies of the Fable for the voices that can no longer speak for themselves.  Another Mother Against Scientology. 


(This appendix was copied separately from the Internet and added to the story.)   

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Arnie Lerma

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Scientology is an abusive cult that responds to criticism with harassment, barratrous lawsuits, home invasions, intimidation and conspiracy to murder. 



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Hi there. My name is Tilman Hausherr, and I am the self-appointed maintainer of the "scientology celebrities FAQ (frequently asked questions)", posted from time to time in "alt.religion.scientology". My e-mail address is:, more stuff about scientology can be found at 

This file or its update can be found at 

1.  Disclaimers

2.  How names get in this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

3.  Names

4.  Testimony of Diana Canova

5.  Affidavit of Andre Tabayoyon

6.  Harassment of Mike Farrell

7.  Why do celebrities get into scientology ?

8.  Identification of not well-known sources

9.  Credits

10.  Change history

11.  Disclaimers 

1. Disclaimers: 

Legal disclaimer: 

“Being in the FAQ means that "I have read somewhere that someone is a Scientologist". 

* If you feel that someone is wrongly placed on this FAQ, please tell me, and I'll see what I can do.   

* If you want a name added, please try to give a reference. If you don't have one, then YOU are the reference (if I feel you are credible), which means that if you can't prove this, the celebrity can successfully sue you. 

* If you find an error (wrong profession, typo, person left scientology),   please tell me as soon as possible. 

Social Disclaimer: 

I do NOT advise you to get into scientology ! Do not buy their books, except from a used book shop. Do not read their books, unless you also read books critical about scientology. Just because a celebrity does something silly doesn't mean YOU should. Doing weird things is a tradition of stage actors, and there is no need that the rest of the world population takes this as an advice. 

Carrying a celebrity in this FAQ shouldn't be considered as a "public statement" of me. It doesn't mean that any action should be taken by the reader. In most cases, the status of those celebrities is not known (only taken courses, OT, ...). 

If you're a scientologist, you'll be happy to be in good company.  If you're not, maybe you'll think twice before writing fan mail. 

2.  How names get in this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): 

I will keep only e-mail names where I don't have any book or newspaper reference, i.e. I will delete names as soon I get a confirmation.  

Those e-mail references are only about the celebrity name, not necessarily about the description text. "name withheld" means that I know who the person is. I will do this only with persons that I already know and trust. 

I will also name persons who are no longer Scientologists, i.e. who have been declared, or who "simply" left. More entries on ex-Scientologists are welcome! 

The part "greatest achievements" will depend highly on my opinion, and won't be "politically correct".  

3.  Names 

Name:           Kirstie Alley

Profession:    Interior decorator, then actress

Status:         Patron, New OT5, Freedom Medal International    

Achievement:   "A bunny's tale", "Star Trek 2", "Look who's talking",

                 "Cheers", hanging on the wall of my office

Source:         TIME May 6/91, Premiere 9/93, Daily Oklahoman

                 Her husband Parker Stevenson is also involved 

Name:           Amanda Ambrose

Profession:    singer

Status:         In

Achievement:   never quite made it in Hollywood type media person

Source:         The Auditor 136, (NPoorman),

Name:           Anne Archer

Profession:    actress

Status:         in, Clear, Key to Life

                 International spokesperson for "Applied Scholastics"

Achievement:   wife in "fatal attraction"

                 Ironically, one of the movies is titled

                    "CLEAR and present danger"

Source:         TIME May 6/91, Premiere 9/93, California Magazine

                 Celebrity #280, #281

Name:           Candice Bergen

Profession:    actress

Status: & L. Wollersheim: "out for years, but was in

Achievement:   Murphy Brown, Oliver's Story, Starting Over, Gandhi,

Source: "she was 'around' LA Org and

Name:           Karen Black

Profession:    actress

Status:         in

Achievement:   "The Monkey" in "Portion's complaint", "Five easy  pieces"

Source:         Premiere 9/93, California Magazine 6/91, Impact #12,

                 San Diego Union 15.4.1990 

Name:           Linda Blair

Profession:    actress

Status:         out

Achievement:   threw up lots of pea soup in "The Exorcist", having her

                 I wonder if the film "deep death" was financed by CCHR

                 Scientologists, since it deals with an evil psychiatrist

                 who practices a "deep sleep" therapy.

                 Coincidence?  CCHR had uncovered a "deep sleep"

                 therapy in Chelmsford hospital, Sydney, Australia.

Source:         "Der Sektenkonzern", "Berliner Zeitung" 23.7.92

        (Tony McClelland):

                    This is the only event that I am aware of

Name:           Dares Burdock

Profession:    musician, member of the "Burdock Band"

Status:         OT2 or higher


Source:        Auditor WW #80 (1972), Jon Atack 

Name:           Sonny Bono

Profession:    singer, actor, republican rep., pizza delivery man in

                 member of the house committee for copyrights !!

Status:         introduced by Mimi Rogers; took some courses, says

                 he's a roman catholic, not a scientologist (LA Times).

                 He says in Esquire:

                 "I openly studied scientology to the degree that they

                  did some courses on ethics, and then said thank you and

                  left. (...) The scientology - there was no cult thing there."

                From (David D. Rogers):

                 According to Corydon's book, he was quoted as saying:

                 "My only sorrow is that L. Ron Hubbard left before I

                  could thank him for my new life," in a full-page ad

                  featured in several newspapers after Elron's death.

Achievement:   Congressman (R), Palm Springs Mayor, Cher's ex-

                 Cher: "A politician is usually a null, so the job fits him".

                    "#8 on the list of 'The Ten Dimmest Bulbs in Congress'

                    "Bono's mental shortcomings have long made him a

                     subject of scorn among California politicians."

Source:         TIME May 6/91, Premiere 9/93, LA magazine 10/93,

                 "Bigger Secrets", LA Times 5.12.91, Esquire 11/94,

                 California Magazine 6/91 

Name:           John Brodie

Profession:    football player

Status:         introduced by Mimi Rogers when she was 15, she was his

                 auditor.  Was in from 1970-1982, went up to OT7.

                 he says: "I was involved for specific purposes. When I

                      completed those, I moved out".

                 <name withheld>:

                 "He dropped out dissatisfied after being a real spokesman

                  for Scn. Scn goes through these people like Kleenex and

                 more from California Magazine:

                 "I will talk about the gains I've had, but I won't talk

                  about all the mishmash that some people seem concerned

                  about. I'm not part of the organization, so how can I

                  speak about it ? I can only speak about the integrity

                 of the services delivered, and I feel very good about


Achievement:   quarterback for the SFO 49ers

Source:         California Magazine 6/91 

Name:           William Burroughs

Profession:    writer

Status:         Clear# 1163 in the 60ies, but later satirized the movement

                 in several essays, which were later collected in the book

Achievement:   "Naked Lunch"

Source:         "A piece of blue sky" 

Name:           David Campbell

Profession:    big media producer for sound scores

Status:         in

Achievement:   Oscar according to Impact #12, but this cannot be

                 confirmed by Microsoft CINEMANIA

Source:         Celebrity #280, Impact #12, & L. Wollersheim

Name:           Diana Canova

Profession:    actress

Status:         out (see below)

Achievement:   Corinne in "soap" (the long hair girl)

Source:         Premiere 9/93

                 Also read her testimony in this FAQ 

Name:           Nancy Cartwright

Profession:    actress

Status:         in, New OT IV, Key to Life, Life Orientation,

                 represents "The Way to Happiness"

Achievement:   voice of Bart Simpson

Source:         WP 10.12.94 & 25.12.94, TIME May 6/91, Premiere 9/93

                 California Magazine 6/91, Celebrity #280


Name:           Leonard Cohen

Profession:    songwriter, poet

Status:         out

Achievement:   "Suzanne", really cool music at the prison riot scene

                           in "natural born killers"

Source:         himself in interview with the "Jewish book news"

Name:           Kate Ceberano

Profession:    jazz singer

Status:         "Who weekly" from June 27th, 1994:

Achievement:   Successful recording career as a musician for years,

                 had her own late night jazz music and talk show, but it

                 didn't go into a 2nd season.


Name:           Stanley Clarke

Profession:    jazz bassist

Status:         out

Achievement:   Friend of Chick Corea

Source:        "name withheld" (for the above)

                 From & L. Wollersheim:

                 "Stanley Clarke is a real interesting person. 

                  He and his wife came to realize what a scam it was

                  and he is one of the only celebrities who had the guts

                  to speak out and talk to people and tell them it's a scam." 

Name:           Keith Code

Profession:    motorcycle racer and trainer "California Superbike

                 (with interruption between 1993 - 1995 when his backers

                 mysteriously withdrew their financial support, now open

                 again with less ambitious schedule)

Status:         in since the late 60’s, Patron

Achievement:   Two of his students, Eddie Lawson and Wayne Rainey,

                 His books (Twist of the Wrist I & II) and related video

                 are considered the best available tutorials.

                 1992 (ca) named Motorcyclist of the Year by

                 Motorcyclist Magazine (U.S.)

Source:         Celebrity #280, Impact #25, #42,

        (Neal Hamel) for details 

Name:           Chick Corea

Profession:    jazz pianist

Status:         in, entered 1968

                 New OT8, Patron with honor, Freedom Medal

Achievement:   getting "canceled" from a concert in Germany

Source:         himself in ads, FOCUS Dec 12/94, TIME May 6/91,

                 Impact #12, #34, #42, Celebrity #284, "Ich klage an",

                 California Magazine 6/91, "A piece of blue sky";

                 he also thanks LRH on inside his CD covers

                 His wife Gayle Moran is also involved (Impact #7)

                 Statement in Impact #12, p.20:

                   "I have some personal policies as a performer.

                    I consider it's my job to audit an audience."

                 About acknowledging Ron in his records:

                   "But many Scientologists and even Sea Org members

                    have told me that it is because of that simple

                    action that they are now Scientologists."


Name:           Raven de la Correct

Profession:    actress, stripper

Status: & L. Wollersheim: "think she's out"

Achievement:   "Up!"

Source:         Director Ruses Meter in an interview for German book

Name:           Tom Cruise

Profession:    actor

Status:         got in after marrying Mimi Rogers (Premiere)

                 at least OT3 

Achievement:   milk-face in many films: "Top Gun", "The firm", ...  

                 Successfully avoided to be subpoenaed by hiding in the

                 men's room (from Steve Fishman's press release)

Source:         TIME May 6/91, Premiere 9/93, LA magazine 10/93

                 Andre Tabayoyon declaration 

Name:           Cathy Lee Crosby

Profession:    actress

Status:         out

        (NPoorman): one AOLA reg told me,

                              "Oh, she's crazy!"

Achievement:   "Wonder Woman" (before Lynda Carter)

Source: (NPoorman),

                  deirdre@deeny.MV.COM (Deirdre Maloy)

         & L. Wollersheim 

Name:           Olive Dhabi

Profession:    actress

Status:         out now, went to Apple school

Achievement:   played Kevin's mother in "The wonder years"

Source: & L. Wollersheim 

Name:           Eddie Deepen

Profession:    actor (plays a nerd)

Status:         in, CL3 auditor or higher

Achievement:   "Beverly Hills Vamp" - he was hilarious !

Source: & L. Wollersheim 

Name:           Wavier Dell

Profession:    actor

Status:         in, Clear, L 11 & 12 rundown, Patron with Honors

Achievement:   lost his lawsuit again UNADFI (French cult info org) in

Source:         Impact #42 

Name:           Placido Domingo, Jr.

Profession: & L. Wollersheim: Placido Domingo's son

Status:         in, Clear, Sunshine Rundown, Method One Word


Source: & L. Wollersheim, Celebrity #278

                 also listed are Maria Domingo and Marilu Domingo 

Name:           Ron Ely

Profession:    actor

Status:          Unknown

Achievement:   "Tarzan", "Doc Savage"

Source:         deirdre@deeny.MV.COM (Deirdre Maloy): "I know this

Name:           Emilio Estevez

Profession:    actor

Status:         out, and won't discuss it.

                 "I don't want my phones tapped" (refers to 1978 verdict)

Achievement:  "Repo Man" (in that film they make fun about "Dioretix",

                 see more about this in the fun section of my web page)

                 "Young Guns", "Loaded Weapon"

        & L. Wollersheim: "had affair with Mimi

Source:         CLEO 6/95, & L. Wollersheim where

Name:           Mario Feninger

Profession:    composer and concert pianist

Status:         in, Class VIII auditor


Source:         Celebrity #278, Ursprung #45

                 I consider it very probable that the "Antonio Ferraro"

                 figure in Margery Wakefield's auto-biographic book

                 "The road to Xenu" is actually Mario Feninger ! 

Name:           Neil Gaiman

Profession:    artist (sandman comics)

Status:         SP in 1983;  was Class VIII auditor, ran the Birmingham

                             org for a while

Achievement:   e-mail me !

Source: (Mike MacLeod):

                      "My auditor is a friend of the elder Gaiman."

                 + <name withheld> for most of it

                Neil Gaiman is the son of David Gaiman, who was a high

                 Co$ official (GO, from 66-83) and is currently active

                 in Russia. (DG's involvement was/is much, much too big

                 to cover here; DG was an SP for a time) 

Name:           Josele Garza

Profession:    racing driver (from Mexico)

Status:         Patron, New OT5

                 His mother Nadina is New OT7 and CL4

Achievement:   Impact #12 does not mention that he ever won a race,

                 so he probably didn't.

Source:         Impact #12 

Name:           Paul Haggis

Profession:    screenwriter, story editor, TV producer

Status:         Lifetime member on the Honor Roll

Achievement:   "executive producer of "The Facts of Life"

Source:         Impact #12  

Name:           Isaac Hayes

Profession:    Musician, actor

Status:         got in through Reverend Alfred Johnson

                 plans to train up to Class VIII

                 spokesman for "World Literacy Crusade", a front group

                  which promotes scientology's "Study Technology"

Achievement:   Oscar for "Theme from Shaft"

Source:         St. Petersburg Times 25.2.94 & 6.12.94, WP 10.12.1994

                 Celebrity #278 

Name:           Amy Heckerling

Profession:    director


Achievement:   Look who's talking 1 & 2

                 [TH: I wonder if the baby was also a scientologist !]

Source:         "Der Sektenkonzern" 

Name:           Phillipe de Henning

Profession:    racing driver, fashion designer

Status:         New OT5, IAS lifetime member, IAS sponsor,

Achievement:   won "24 heures du Mans" in its own class, with the

                 "Dianetique" car

Source:         Impact #12 

Name:           Gottfried Helnwein  

Profession:    graphic artist

Status:         Patron

Achievement:   James Dean picture, Man with forks in his eyes

Source:         himself in ads, "Der Sektenkonzern", STERN 9/93,

                 Impact #34, but not in Impact #42 ! 

Name:           Mark Isham

Profession:    composer

Status:         in, clear, Patron, "L" Rundown

                 Jon Atack: "involvement must be fairly deep - Impact #16

                 shows his 16th confessional folder in a photo on p.25."

Achievement:   Oscar nomination for "A River Runs Through It"

                 grammy award winner

                 Composed the music for at least 15 films (CINEMANIA)

                 Ironically, one of the movies is titled

                    "A midnight CLEAR"

Source:         Celebrity #278, #280, Impact #16, #42 

Name:           Al Jarreau

Profession:    singer

Status:         out

Achievement:   "Moonlightning" theme song

Source:         "Der Sektenkonzern", "Ich klage an", LA Times

        & L. Wollersheim for status 

Name:           Carolyn Judd

Profession:    writes and produces ads

Status:         in, New OT8, Key to Life

Achievement:   Cleo award for JEEP ad

Source:         Celebrity #280 

Name:           Kimberley Kates

Profession:    actress

Status:         in, Clear, Key to Life and Life Orientation Course

Achievement:   "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure"

Source:         Premiere 9/93, Celebrity #280, #278 

Name:           Milton Katselas

Profession:    acting teacher, director

Status:         in

Achievement:   one of Hollywood's most successful acting teachers,

                 heads the Beverly Hills Playhouse,

                 "Butterflies are free"

Source:         Premiere 9/93, California Magazine 6/91

Name:           Lamia Khashoggi (formerly Laura Biancolini),

                   Adnan Khashoggi, Ali Khashoggi


Status:         The mail:

                "She donated over 3,000,000 UKP. Bob Rich is assigned

                  to look after son Ali as his permanent shadow"

        & L. Wollersheim:

                 "She rented the presidential suite of Fort Harrison Hotel

                  from Summer '91 to Summer '92. She was a VIP.

                  Book one auditing"

Achievement:   being married by Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi

Source:         The Mail on Sunday, 13.10.1991, & L.

Name:           Nicole "nic" Kidman

Profession:    actress

Status:         in

Achievement:   wife of Tom Cruise, "far and away", "Batman forever"

Source:         Premiere 9/93, LA magazine 10/93 

Name:           Charles Lake

Profession:    gymnast

Status:         in

Achievement:   US Olympic team

Source:         LA Times June 1990 series

        & L. Wollersheim about status 

Name:           Ernest Lehman

Profession:   screenwriter, producer, director

Status:         in, out for decades - now in again !

Achievement:   "The Sound of Music", "Portnoy's complaint", "Family

Source:         Premiere 9/93, Celebrity #280

        & L. Wollersheim about status 

Name:           Juliette Lewis

Profession:    actress

Status:         in, out, drugs, now probably in

Achievement:   "Natural born killers"

Source:         Premiere 9/93, St. Petersburg Times 25.2.94, FOCUS Dec

        & L. Wollersheim about status 

Name:           Geoffrey Lewis

Profession:    actor, Juliette's dad

Status:         in; "as early as 1970, maybe sooner"

Achievement:   sidekick in Clint Eastwood movies

                "Every Which Way but Loose"

Source:         Premiere 9/93, 

Name:           Lightfield Lewis

Profession:    actor

Status:         in, Expanded Grade competition


Source:         Celebrity #280 

Name:           Bobby Lipton

Profession:    actor

Status:         out 1971


Source:         Premiere 9/93 

Name:           Peggy Lipton

Profession:    actress

Status:         out, & L. Wollersheim: "from my memory, she

Achievement:   "Twin Peaks" (the nice restaurant owner)

Source: (Noel Poorman):

        saw her when he was ethics officer

        & L. Wollersheim for status


Name:           Robert F. Lyons

Profession:    actor and drama teacher; & L. Wollersheim: runs

Status:         in, & L. Wollersheim: "very in"

Achievement:   rather a grade "b" actor

Source: & L. Wollersheim where mentioned,

Name:           Lenny Macaluso

Profession:    musician, song writer, producer

Status:         in since 1968, New OT8, CL5, Key to Life, Life

Achievement:   worked 4 years for Tina Turner

Source:         Impact #12, #42 

Name:           Shirley Maclaine

Profession:    actress

Status:         ?

Achievement:   making a fool of herself on David Letterman's show

Source:         "Der Sektenkonzern", "Berliner Zeitung" 23.7.92.

        & L. Wollersheim: "never in"


Name:           Charles Manson

Profession:    murderer

Status:         out *before* the murders

                got 150th of auditing while in prison (before), later

                 sympathized with the squirrel group "The Process".

Achievement:   head behind the Sharon Tate / LaBianca murders

Source:         "Blue Sky", Bugliosi's "Helter Skelter",

        (Dennis Erlich):

                  "I was there when we had to destroy all records

Name:           Anita Mally

Profession:    actress, screenwriter

Status:         in, New OT8, Key to Life, Life Orientation, Patron with

Achievement:   managed to write (and get aired and rerun) a German TV

Source:         Impact #42, "Ich klage an" 

Name:           Melanie

Profession:    folk singer

Status:         participated in the "Portland crusade" after the

                (later overturned) $35,000,000 judgment for

                 Julie Christopherson-Tischbourne

        & L. Wollersheim: "was in for a very short while"

Achievement:   Woodstock participant, famous in the 70’s:

Source:  Chicago Tribune 21.5.1985, L. A. Times 20.5.1985

                 St. Petersburg Times 17.12.1992

                 (Scientology-sponsored performance) 

Name:           Julia Migenes

Profession:    opera singer (soprano)

Status:         in since 1966, New OT5, Freedom Medal

        (John Luvalle):

                 LRH had her leave Sea Org to pursue her career.


Source:         herself in ad, WP 10.12.94, Impact #12, #42 

Name:           Demi Moore

Profession:    actress

Status:         out: was seen leaving the Celebrity Centre but gave up

                     when Bruce Willis made it clear that he didn't want

                     his children raised in Scientology

Achievement:   "Disclosure", "Ghost", cool "Vanity Fair" covers

Source:         CLEO 6/95, The observer 19.3.95 (name only),

                 Hana Whitfield in the Sally Jesse Raphael show 9.7.91

        & L. Wollersheim where mentioned 

Name:           Floyd Mutrux

Profession:    screenwriter, director, producer

Status:         out according to & L. Wollersheim

Achievement:   "Dick Tracy" according to Premiere, but this is confirmed

Source:         Premiere 9/93, Celebrity #278 

Name:           Maxine Nightingale

Profession:    singer

Status:         in


Source:         St. Petersburg Times 25.2.94, Celebrity #280


Name:           Noelle North

Profession:    dancer, actress (voice-overs)



Source:         Impact #12 

Name:           Bernhard Paul

Profession:    clown, manager of "Circus Roncalli"

Status:         out, according to himself

Achievement:   not getting bankrupt with a circus

Source:         "Der Sektenkonzern":

                It is often alleged that the name "Roncalli" comes from

                 "I call Ron". He disputes this, and says that it comes

                from a script "Sarah Roncalli - the daughter of the moon"

                 (other sources say it is the "widow of the moon"). It is

                 also inspired by pope John 23, who's last name was

                 Roncalli. Anyway - today he says that he has nothing to

                 do with scientology. 

Name:           Brad Pitt

Profession:    actor

Status:         out

Premiere:   "drifted through", took his courses while dating

                 Juliette Lewis.  Interest waned after it.


Source:         Premiere 9/93, CLEO 6/95 

Name:           Jeff Pomerantz

Profession:    actor

Status:         in, New OT7, Sea Org member, Freedom Medal,

                  "Hollywood says no to drugs" campaign, got an invitation

                 by Nancy Reagan to The White House.

        (John & Michele LuValle):

Achievement:   "General Hospital", "One life to live", "Dynasty"

                 The Internet Movie database has none of these

Source:         Premiere 9/93, LA Times 5.11.1985, & L.

Name:           David Pomeranz

Profession:    composer (Hollywood scores), singer

Status:         in


Source:         Celebrity #280, #278, Impact #12 

Name:           Priscilla Presley

Profession:    actress

Status:         in

Achievement:   "The naked gun", "Dallas", perfume, wife of Elvis

Source:         Premiere 9/93, Celebrity #280 

Name:           Lisa Marie Presley

Profession:    Elvis heir

Status:         in

Achievement:   Married to Michael Jackson - now filed divorce

Source:         Premiere 9/93

See also:, about

                 the allegation that LMP is another person 

Name:           Lee Purcell

Profession:    actress

Status:         Clear, & L. Wollersheim: "been in forever"

Achievement:   2 Emmy nominations, "Big Wednesday"

Source:         Premiere 9/93, Celebrity #280, & L. Wollersheim

Name:           Harold Puthoff

Profession:    mathematician, physics scientist, ESP researcher

                 currently works on "stochastic electrodynamics"

Status:         OT3, says that he severed all ties a couple of decades ago

Achievement:   holds patent on tunable laser,

                 "analyzed" psychics Uri Geller and Ingo Swann,

                 and soiled the reputation of SRI

Source:         Randi's "Flim Flam!", Randi's "The truth about Uri

        (Jon Noring) about "severed all ties"


Name:           Michael D. Roberts

Profession:    actor

Status:         in, Patron, IAS Field Disseminator, Senior Honor Roll

Achievement:   "Baretta", "Rain Man", "The Ice Pirates"

Source:         California Magazine 6/91, Premiere 9/93, Celebrity #280,

                 Impact #12, #42 

Name:           Pamela Roberts

Profession:    actress, clothes designer

Status:         in, Field Disseminator

Achievement:   appearances in "General Hospital" and "Hill Street Blues"

Source:         Impact #12 

Name:           Kelly Preston

Profession:    actress

Status:         lifetime member of IAS

Achievement:   "Twins", married to Travolta

Source:         herself in ad, TIME May 6/91, "Impact 49" in "Ich klage

Name:           Vonni Ribisi

Profession:    actress

Status:         in

Achievement:   "My two dads"

Source:         Premiere 9/93, Celebrity #280 

Name:           Marissa Ribisi

Profession:    actress

Status:         in, Key to Life and Life Orientation Course

Achievement:   "The Brady Bunch Movie"

Source:         Celebrity #280 

Name:           Amanda Rice, formerly "Raven"

Profession:    stripper

Status:         "residential counselor" for Narconon

Achievement:   being the "other woman" in the

                 Kiefer Sutherland - Julia Roberts breakup

Source:         Portland Oregonian 29.6.92

                 (Note that this is probably not the same as

                  Raven de la Croix, since that one is claimed to have an

                  adult son, according to the interview with Russ Meyer) 

Name:           Pablo Roehrig

Profession:    painter

Status:         Patron


Source:         "Ich klage an", STERN 9/93, Impact #34, #42, Die

Name:           Mimi Rogers

Profession:    actress

Status:         in, (2nd generation in Co$)

                 introduced Sonny Bono, Tom Cruise, John Brodie

Achievement:   ex-wife of Tom Cruise and Jim Rogers

                 lingerie appearance on "Dream On" (wow !)

                 born-again fundamental Christian in "The Rapture"

Source:         CINEMANIA, TIME May 6/91, Premiere 9/93, LA

Name:           Jim Rogers

Profession: & L. Wollersheim: celebrity producer manager

Status:         in 

Achievement:   ex-husband of Mimi Rogers

Source:         Chicago Tribune 14.8.1988,,

        & L. Wollersheim where mentioned 

Name:           Gloria Rusch

Profession:    singer

Status:         in 


Source:         Celebrity #280 

Name:           Billy Sheehan

Profession:    rock bassist

Status:         in since 1972, Clear in 1978, L Rundown,

                 Expanded Grades completion

Achievement:   plays in band "Mr. BIG"

Source:         WP 10.12.94, Mike MacLeod: has been on late night

                 Celebrity #278, #280, Impact #42 

Name:           Andrik Schapers

Profession:    singer (from The Netherlands)

Status:         Patron


Source:         Impact #12 

Name:           Greta van Susteren and John "Bhopal" Coale

Profession:    lawyers

Status:         in; Greta: "I like the ethics"

Achievement:   Greta is a legal talker for CNN, e.g. for the OJ trial,

                 co-hosts CNN's "Burden of Proof".


                 Amy Frith on a lawsuit against Wellspring, a cult recovery

                 John filed Lisa Marie Presley's divorce (CNN 18.1.1996)

Source:         Washington Post's Mark Gunther 12.8.1995,

                 <name withheld> on Amy Frith 

Name:           Jeffrey Scott

Profession:    script writer

Status:           Unknown

Achievement:   Emmy award, & L. Wollersheim: "was involved

Source:         Impact #12, (also refers to Impact #6)

Name:           Ingo Swann

Profession:    writer, psychic, now a painter

                see also  

Status:         OT7, now SP

Achievement:   Exteriorized to Jupiter (Randi's "Flim Flam!")

                 "Star fire"

Source: (Mike MacLeod),

                 Martin Gardner's book for "OT7" 

Name:           John Travolta

Profession:    actor

Status:         in, entered 1975, got in through Joan Prather

                 lifetime member of IAS, OT5 or higher, Key to Life

Achievement:   "Grease", "Pulp Fiction"

Source:         himself in ads, himself on "Entertainment tonight",

                 Celebrity #280,

        (Joe Harrington):

                  "Travolta was working on OT5 early spring of 1990.

                   He used to call his Case Supervisor on the phone

                   and discuss his case.

                   This is STRICTLY forbidden as per Hubbard's

                   "Ivory Tower Rule". But, money talks. When he came

                   to Flag, he would drive around Clearwater in his

                  ALL staff members were forbidden to speak with him."

                 (Joe later named the C/S as Richard Reiss. Reiss was also

                  The auditor of Jon Atack) 

Name:           Misha Segal

Profession:    composer

Status:         in 


Source:         Celebrity #280, & L. Wollersheim about

Name:           Don Simpson

Profession:    producer

Status:         out

                 He said, "I've now almost gone clear, why ain't I

                 happier?". Response: "Things will be okay when you

                 go through OT3." At that point he realized it was a con.

                 He was brought in by Floyd Mutrux

                 Don Simpson died around 19.1.1996

Achievement:   "Top Gun"

Source:         Premiere 9/93, & L. Wollersheim where

Name:           Sharon Stone

Profession:    actress

Status:         "she is going to courses" (Berliner Zeitung)

                 "out for years, never really in. Dated Jim Rogers,

                  a field group auditor" ( & L. Wollersheim)

Achievement:   screaming in movies with Richard Chamberlain, spreading

                 her legs on the silver screen

Source:         "Der Sektenkonzern", "Ich klage an",

                 "Berliner Zeitung" 23.7.92.

        & L. Wollersheim where mentioned


Name:           Frank Stallone (Sly's brother)

Profession:    actor, singer, songwriter

Status:         out

Achievement:   bartender in "Barfly"

Source:         "Bigger Secrets", Chicago Tribune 21.5.1985

        & L. Wollersheim about status 

Name:           A.E. Van Vogt

Profession:    science-fiction writer

Status:         No involvement in scientology itself:

                Prominent advocate of Dianetics, recruited by his

                 "Financial disaster was inevitable".  A. E. van Vogt

                 endorsed LRH's "Battlefield Earth" as a 'masterpiece'

                 on its cover, but confessed in an interview with RM that

                 he had been daunted by its size and had not actually

                 bothered to read it. <g>

                 Sort of a "pre-scientologist".

Achievement:   "Slan", the "Null-A" books

Source:         Russell Miller's book, thanks to:

            (Mike MacLeod)

            (Tony Sidaway)

            (Martin Hunt) 

Name:           Cass Warner Poole

Profession:    heiress to the Warner fortune, author

Status:         in


Source:         Celebrity #280, & L. Wollersheim about

Name:           Edgar Winter

Profession:    blues player

Status:         in


Source:         Andre Tabayoyon Declaration, California Magazine 6/91,

                 Celebrity #280, San Diego Union 15.4.1990

                 (Celebrity also mentions his wife, Monique Winter) 

Name:           Dick Zimmerman

Profession:    celebrity photographer

Status:         in for over 20 years (in 1992), New OT6, IAS sponsor


Source:         Impact #42 

Name:           Glenn Zottola

Profession:    trumpeter

Status:         in, OT


Source:         Celebrity #278, Source #78

   From (Mike MacLeod)

      Wings Hauser (actor) [ & L. Wollersheim: out]

              "from SCN literature" 

Nicky Hopkins  (rock pianist)

              "I sat next to him one day at Flag.  Nicky died last year."

                              [= 1984] 

Moon Martin  (obscure rock star; wrote "Bad Case of Lovin' You")

              "SCN promo (finished such-and-such course)" 

John Campbell  (science fiction editor)

Stephen Boyd  (actor, "The Oscar" et al)  [ & L.

Joan Prather  (actress:  got a refund?) [ & L. Wollersheim:

Clive Clerk   (actor, singer) 

Jim McMullin  (actor, "Downhill Racer" w/Redford) 

John Savage (actor, "Onion Fields" et al)  [ & L.

Michael Wadler and Barbara Beckley, leading lights of the Colony Theatre, a

      cast the unknown John Larroquette in a production of

      "Enter Laughing" in the mid-'70's (the Cast Theatre, L.A.),

      where an agent saw him and the rest, as they say, is   

      history.  Larroquette met his future wife, a Scientologist,

      Elizabeth ('Liz) Cookson, in that production.  They're still


From Damian Pope:

          I also have a copy of a Scientology publication called

Nicky Hopkins and Dave Gibbons, and Olympic gymnast Charles Lake

      as being Scientologists. (does also list Kate Ceberano)

Nicky Hopkins       rock musician 

Leif Garrett            [actor, "Outsiders"]

                              [ & L. Wollersheim: "out for years"] 

Carlos Palomino     jock          

Bruce Penhall         actor         

Didn't preserve sources, but most of these are from CoS promotional

Also Irish musician Van Morrison dedicated his 1983 album "Inarticulate

        Van Morrison was also involved briefly as you suspected.

        I suspect that his album (a terrific album)


Another very prominent person who has been involved is Lou Rawls.

John Dalmas  a moderately successful writer of SF.  John's early books

        (Vol. 10, Issue 2) so mark him as another ex.

Lesser-known Scientologists in show biz: 

Judy Norton-Taylor (The Waltons), child TV actor 

Michael Wiseman  (Predator 2) and Gary Imhoff [*in*]

Teacher Manu Tupou [*in*] (Hawaii); and director Dror Soref [*in*]

                              had taken refuge in monastery in 80’s"]

Unclassified stuff: 

Ursprung# 45:      Judy and Bob Mazzarella 

Ursprung# 77:      Ludwig Fisher, actor and artist 

Impact #12:        Ron Moss, Chick Corea's manager 

The Auditor WW #68:  Malcolm LeMaistre of The Incredible String Band 

Susie Watson-Taylor, manager of The Incredible String Band 

The Auditor WW #80:  Robin Williamson  of The Incredible String Band 

Celebrity #280 and #278: John Novello and Gloria Rush 

The Auditor EU/AF #203: Ryan Paris, clear, musician and singer 

The Auditor WW #80: Peter Winsnes, actor (Jesus Christ Superstar) 

Impact #12:        Nicky Hopkins 

Impact #12:        Peter Schless, composer, synthesist and producer 

Margie and Mel Nelson, Gordy Gale,  

Bill Lorentzen (Patron) 

Newsday 23.5.95   Eduardo Polomo "award winning Latino star"  :-) 

Allegations from & L. Wollersheim, Actors: 

- Larry Anderson, Hollywood actor 

- Helga Warner, some type of actress.  She dated Prince Charles. 

- Geoff Levin, actor 

- Suzi Coehelo, a Hollywood actress, and Sonny Bono's ex-wife 

- Jeffrey Tambor, who is currently on the Gary Shandling Show 

- Donna Keegan, Hollywood stunt woman 

- Tamara Wilcox Smith of a Hollywood improvisation group 

- Martina Migenes, probably an actress 

- Michael Fairman, actor 

- Bodhi Elfman, actor 

Allegations from & L. Wollersheim, Producers 

- Lon Tinney, Hollywood producer 

- Paul Hagus, producer for L. A. Law and writer 

- Neal Israel, Hollywood producer/writer 

Allegations from & L. Wollersheim, Singers, Musicians and

- Michael Sellers, concert pianist 

- Julia McGinnis, big opera singer, she's in.  

Allegations from & L. Wollersheim, Acting Teachers and similar 

- Jackson Sousa, Hollywood celebrity trainer 

Allegations from & L. Wollersheim, Unclassified 

- Kathy Smith, casting director 

- The son of Cloris Leachman, the actress died after an overdose after

     being involved in the Narconon program. 

- Jeff Lewis is in. He married a Scientology staff member. 

- Eve Darling, some Elvis Presley family estate assistant;  

- is involved with the Presleys, Priscilla and Lisa. 

- Colleen Camp, a Hollywood actress, married John Goldwyn,

- Jill Tate, one of the owners/heiresses to Ashton Tate Software

    (now taken over by Borland), eighty million dollar heiress 

- Susan Royal, editor of American Premiere, a Hollywood magazine 

- Brian Adams, a tight end in football 

- Ellis Lake, a gymnast is still in.  He was in Seoul, Korea;

- Eric Sherman, Hollywood director 

- Steve Eckelberry, Karen Black's husband 

- Lisa London, big Hollywood casting director 

- Susan Ray, Aldo Ray's daughter 

- Richard Royce 

- Peter Medak, a Hollywood screenwriter 

- Diana Vanagus, dress designer 

Allegations from & L. Wollersheim, Celebrity ex-members 

- Christopher Reeve ("Superman"), was in for awhile,

- Rock Hudson was in for a while, brought in by Flo Allen,

- Barbara Carrera, the actress, was in for a long time but never got very

- Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones, then a member of Spiders From Mars

  Michael Garson when they were both on tour with David Bowie. 

- Joel Stevens, Hollywood celebrity manager 

- Rick Newberger, a Hollywood TV producer 

- Bonnie Ebsen, the daughter of Buddy Ebsen 

- Howard Wilkins, the founder of Pizza Hut 

- Michael Edwards, a male model and former boyfriend of Priscilla Presley 

- Peter Lupus, a Hollywood actor (and former star of Mission Impossible) 

- Wendon Swift, a Hollywood author, manager 

- Leif Garrett, actor 

- Wings Hauser, a grade "b" movie actor. When the Warner heir

He married her real quick and got his start in Hollywood and

[Contradiction, since CWP is said to be in]   

- Steven Salinger, Peter Salinger's son 

- Waldo Salt, Jack Skimmer's son in law 

- Michael Lembeck, actor / director 

- Mickey McNeal, Three Dog Knight drummer 

- Anne Spielberg, Steven Spielberg's sister 

- Cynthia Sikes, actress, married to Jerry Perenchino 

- Bert Saltzman, a producer who won an academy award in 1975 for

- John Longenecker, who also won an Emmy award for

- Alexandra Calder, the famous sculptor's daughter 

- Soleil Moon Fry, a Hollywood actress 

- Kit Carson, a somewhat famous motorcycle racer is still in.   

- Cindy Hall, sister of Jerry Hall, the girlfriend of Mick Jagger 

- Gordon Lightfoot got involved. 

- Dale Haddon, actress and model 

- Jerry Seinfeld from Seinfeld's show got involved and apparently

- Patrick Swayze and his wife got involved. 

- Joan Crather, a grade "b" actress 

- Joan DiVito Vennera and Chick Vennera are out. 

- Flo Allen, big Hollywood agent 

- Penny Perry, Hollywood casting director 

- Hunter Carson, a Hollywood actor 

- Ed Love and Steven Boyd.  He was a Scientology celebrity but got out

- Lisa Blount, actress, left after a long association,

- Marian Wagner, ex-wife of Robert Wagner 

- Peter Dohnen, son of Robert Wagner 

- Mikhail Baryshnikhov was brought in by John Travolta and the status is,

- Josh Dohnen is out of Scientology now.  He's a big agent at

- Anne Francis, actress, was in Scientology for quite awhile and

- Keith Knudsen of the Doobie Brothers, drummer for years who did the

- Burton Cummings, the Guess Who lead singer and group leader,

- Eileen Brennan, actress 

- Horst Buchholtz, actor 

- Tom Skeritt, actor ("picket fences")

- Kathleen Brown, who ran for Governor of California was allegedly

- I believe an actor by the name of Arthur Hubbard, a musician,

- Maude Adams, actress and high fashion model, status is unknown but

- Al D'Meola, famous jazz musician recruited by Chick Corea may

- Janet Greeson, who owns all the Diet Centers, is probably still in. 

- Helaine Lembeck, actress 

Allegations from Jon Atack: 

- Bette Midler's longtime husband is a long-term member (I coached him

- Gloria Swanson was involved in 1950. 

- Lillian Collins, wife of the former MD of William Collins publishers

- Willie B. Wilson has been a member since the 1960s.

- Michael Parsons, a Mission Holder, rose to fame for robberies

- Eden Vanning - first violin Florida Symphony, Impact 7, p.38. 

- Helena Rojo, Mexican songstress, Impact 10, p.35. 

- Sasha Malinin, Russian pop star, Auditor WW 249, p.4. 

- Hans Gunter Arenz, racing driver, Auditor WW 249, p.4. 

- Fermin Sanchez, racing driver, Dianetics team, New Era PR file

- Although Aldous Huxley was not impressed by Hubbard's attempts to

     She is believed to have left by 1984. 

- Laura Archera Huxley - Aldous' second wife, who became a

- Tony Jacklin - golfer, involved for many years - Daily Mail, 17 July 1979. 

- Lisa London, casting director, Celebrity 264, p.6. 

- Tony Morales, drummer with the Rippingtons, Auditor Eu & Af, 255, p.2. 

- Hossam Ramzy, North African percussion ensemble leader,

- Oscar Saldarriaga - donated starter packages for 48 countries.

6.  Harassment of Mike Farrell

To this day, people who tangle with Scientology find themselves subject to aggressive efforts at intimidation. Mike Farrell, who played B.J. on the television series M*A*S*H, crossed paths with the church when he contacted the Cult Awareness Network for information on a film project about child abuse. After gaining great respect for their work, he attended a fund-raising event at a private home in Beverly Hills, where he was confronted by angry   picketers. "There were people taking photographs, being very obvious, getting video footage of the guests as they went in and out -- obvious harassment," he says. 

Farrell says he asked one of the pickets if he was a Scientologist, and the man said yes.  In an effort to be fair, Farrell had lunch with Reverend Heber Jentzsch, president of the Church of Scientology International, and investigated

Scientology's charges against CAN. The actor says he found them to be based on "sham,