Victor Schauberger

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The scientific concepts that led to the invention of the CET were pioneered by Victor Schauberger. He was an Austrian. He was quite an inventor. In 1934, he was summoned to Berlin to meet with Adolf Hitler. Schauberger would have nothing to do with Hitler's plans. In 1957 and 1958, an American group promised Schauberger unlimited research funds and a fast pace of research. He was flown to Texas. He was required to bring all of his research documentation. He was kept stranded in a very hot desert area with no communication. His mail was censored. Schauberger agreed to demands under duress. In this agreement, he was prohibited from telling anybody about any of his knowledge, past present or future. His son, who was also there, was warned that if Schauberger did not keep this promise, he would be silenced by middlemen based in Munich. Five days after Schauberger returned to Austria, he died. As he was dying, he repeated in despair, "They took everything from me, everything. I don't even own myself."  (Olof Alexandersson, Living Water: Victor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy, translated by Kit and Charles Zweigbergk, Bath, UK, Gateway Books, 1990, pp. 121-123.) [2000] The system of fluoridation and mind control endangers your health and your freedom by Dan Montgomery