Urgent Request from Carlos in Serbia

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Post Urgent Request from Carlos in Serbia 
Last week, Simona,  who is a fledgling psychic warrior in Italy,  was blocked by hackers from logging into the Etheric Warriors  chatroom.  She could log in on Saturday and Monday but not on Sunday, when the chat session occured.  This sort of surgical hacking is one of the best ways for observant etheric warriors to gauge our effectiveness, so congrats,  Simona!

Carlos Silva, a new member of EW who lives in Holland,  has lately travelled to Serbia to do some gifting and to network with friends,  there.  He, too, was blocked from posting the following, which I'll ask our associates to look at in an upcoming chat session to see whether we can prevent some apparentlty planned mayhem in that region.



Hi Don,

I wanted to post this but unfortunately I'm banned (again) from EW. I'll
send an email to Alejandro about it.

We all know the cauldron pot this region is.
Right now the Serbs are being pushed from without (the handful of countries
who pushed for Kosovo's independence) and whithin (the radical extremist
nationalistic politicians) to go for war. We already know who is pulling
these strings... not to mention the serbians own "sense of justice" and
readyness to go to war doesn't help.
There is happening right now a demonstration against the independence of
"serbian kosovo" and they already want to do one tomorrow in Kosovo
(Pristina?) where there are 90% albanians... provocation after provocation
there will hardly not be another war unless we do something about it.

Besides a bit of gifting the best this trip can achieve is a bit of intel
and meeting with "alternative" people that live here and belgrade and
already know of most of what is going on and to tell them about orgonite...
the tricky part is which ones won't be already sucked into theosophy lies.

Keep your eyes on Serbia / Kosovo these days... it's more than obvious they
are getting something ready and that depends on tricking the serbs into war
(my friend says if the serbs won't do it the albanians/kosovars will make
themselves a provocation impossible to ignore)

Another thing. It's a myth at this moment that there are no towers in
Serbia. There are, and spraying too.

My friend says Serbia is divided in between Western and Russian influences
and that in the last 2 years the country "exploded" in westernization  (and
with it the towers and the spraying from unmarked planes) - they now have a
dozen mega-malls in belgrade; you can now pay your parking with an SMS and
international meetings are held to capture the interest of eco-architecture.
It's an incredible crazy place, very traditional and very much in front.

More will follow.

Greetings from Belgrade,


In terms of political correctness, Serbians were painted as monsters by the media in recent decades,  much  like the German media painted the Poles as an excuse to invade that country in 1939 (with the world odor's blessing) and the American Fuhrer, BushSr, slaughtered  millions of civilians in and around Baghdad in 1990 after enticing Saddam, his ally, to just go get Kuwait.

Please remember that Nicola Tesla was Serbian and that when the corporate parasites in America dropped him like a hot potato, after he demonstrated the  generation and broadcasting of essentially free electricity over a great distance, the King of Serbia started giving him a pension to live on.

You hopefully won't judge me on the basis of what a series of dictators, posing as US Presidents, have done to humanity so why might you  feel compelled to judge the Serbians for what their alleged leaders have done?

Americans are mostly waking up from the deep slumber of fake patriotism that induced them to foolishly finance and support the London bankers' managed conflicts in Europe and Asia over the past century. I personally believe that this belated but welcome awakening is partly or even largely due to the timely distribution of orgonite throughout this land and I suspect that the same thing can happen in Serbia and Kosovo if enough people of conscience,  there,  will take  responsibility for healing that region in a timely way.

Kelly and crew perhaps made a good gifting start in those countries, a year or so ago, so maybe the conditions  for the spread of this movement in that  area have already been met and now we only need to wait for the fruits to appear.  Maybe Carlos' timely trip to Belgrade is one of the earliest fruits  of that previous, laborious effort.


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Post Re: Urgent Request From Carlos In Serbia 
Thanks Don, I hope I wasn't exagerating but it does seem they're trying their best to provoke a war.

One of the good things coming out of this Kosovo independece though is how it's opening cracks in the aquarium of world odor believability. I heard from my friend that the CNN reporting on the protests of Thursday was having quite a discordance with their guest-reporters (there was no CNN reporter on the street that night): basically CNN wanted to portray the protests in the worst way possible while the european reporters were giving a more objective way of what was going on - in the end the CNN person was forced to admit "most protests had been peaceful" right at the end of the report.

I had to remember Don's mention of Carol's impressions that the pj people will finally start opening their eyes to the lies of that old moldy monument that is the world odor.

There is quite a lot to write once I'm back as well a lot of photos, mainly of antennas and the sky Smile I must add most spraying seems to break and dissolve pretty fast and that should be a good indicator or the quality of Orgone in Belgrade.

Thanks you for the support, the seen and the unseen Smile

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Post Re: Urgent Request from Carlos in Serbia 
Very timely post,  Carlos, and I'm very glad that  you were finally able to do it, afer several hacking attempts to stop you, last week.

In a few minutes our international chat session will start and I'll ask the psychics to  go hunting  in Serbia for the world odor schmucks who are stirring up this  trouble. I'll post the results in this thread.

I'll be surprised if the CIA didn't destroy the American Embassy, by the way.  This is typically what happens to legitimate,  peaceful demonstrations: misreporting and professional sabotage.

Thanks, again!  Now I think I know why The Operators inspired you to travel to Serbia in such  a timely way  Laughing


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Post Re: Urgent Request from Carlos in Serbia 
When I logged onto the wildblue.net browser, this morning, there was an article about 'the riots in Belgrade' featured.  Standard disinfo sewage but the only  photo was of a remarkably peaceful protest  Cool

The destruction of the American Embassy,  which by now must seem to most of the world like the destruction of a neighborhood crack house, was no doubt done by the CIA, who collectively might be perceived as 'the devil.'  Laughing

It seems clear,  to some,  that the US is pining for an excuse to  bomb the citizens of Belgrade, again,  with depleted uranium.

In the  American What To Think Network,  the Serbs are the fallback image of 'terrorists' when the CIA finds it imprudent to paint swarthy Muslims that way. I think the media is particularly loathe to keep bludgeoning the Islam whipping post because it's finally come out that American soldiers have  been torturing a whole lot of innocent civilians to death in Iraq,  as the US Marines in Cuba have been doing, more secretly, since the beginning of this invasion.  How ironic is it that this is being done by fresh-faced American boys in Cuba, by the way?  Those are the ultimate fruits of unbounded, foolish, inappropriate patriotism. It could be that these pitiful MKids  really  believe that torture is a form of conversation.  Yikes.

The psychics, in today's session, looked first in the 'upper' realm of the world odor's hierarchy and found a cluster of 'fallen egos' stirring up and benefitting from the trouble in Serbia and Kosovo, so we went after them, first.  They're apparently quite vulnerable from dimensions higher than  the sixth.   Other parasites of the world odor can't apaprently get beyond the fourth dimension, which they've essentially owned for millenia and from which they create the various cults that control the minds of the would-be faithful of all of the clergy-infested religions and other centralized, contrived ideologies.

We figured out that the short track to undoing mass murder plots is to attack these freaks, first, but only when we do it in a group. Carol feels sure that it's unwise to attempt this as individuals and we're working  from that premise.  Individuals can safely go after the lower orders of predators, though, by employing effective tactics, such as can be found on donebydooney.com

Seven years  ago,  on our way across the country with our original orgonite cloudbuster, we stopped to visit a  couple of psychics who had intrigued us with their reports about going after alien predators in group sessions, using the internet.   I only agreed to stop because Carol had an impression that these  folks were actually getting something done.  My hesitation was a reaction to their apparent Theosophy-related approach but I kept my mind open.

After a couple of days with them it became obvious that they were more motivated by fear and ego than by higher motives but the fact that Carol found them to be at least moderately effective helped me keep that in perspective.  It was also apparent that some of their associates were CIA infiltrators--big surprise?  Laughing

It wasn't for another  year that we participated in another group 'boosting' effort.  This time,  a gifter north of Chicago got wind, during a meditation exercise, of a fed plot to detonate a small nuclear device on the Chicago waterfront during a Fourth of July fireworks display, there.  We notified DB, who confirmed the plot, then we four worked together to neutralize the bomb and disable the plotters.  That was July 3, 2002.

That was the very informal beginning of what has become an international, weekly effort to disable the world order etherically.  This week, I heard from one of those fisrt two people I mentioned at the beginning  of the post and that got me thinking about how we got here.  Those two are still at it, as are perhaps dozens more throughout the world,  and I never doubt that they're having an effect on the  enemy, as we are.  It may be that  ours, the donebydooney.com and the German and French orgonite forum efforts are the most refined and public ones.  Unlike some, we look for feedback to gauge our success.  The most  immediate  feedback  is usually in  the form of personal healing when someone needs it.  We often have to heal each  other, in fact, because when one fights tyranny effectively,  tyranny fights back in the only way  it knows how: parasitically, which is to say with physical poison,  psionic assault, dirty magic/radionics, email  and forum slander campaigns, automobile attacks, getting to our  loved ones, ad nauseum.

The publicized risk factor has been a pretty  good filter for ensuring that mostly genuine people will seek our  company.  Relative obscurity has turned out  to be a pretty comfortable garment because the right people continue  to  find this  network  and to feel inspired  to  do this and the gifting work.

We worked on healing the distorted vortices, especially in  Belgrade,  that the world odor and their fallen ego parasites have been  disturbing and stealing energy from.  The psychics found another  wheel under one of those vortices and with the whales' help, got it spinning  clockwise again, also helped  the neutralized guardian of that  wheel/vortex to get back to  work.

It seems likely to  us that the very extensive, surgical gifting work  that Kelly, Cesco and Rich did in and around  Serbia, last year, perhaps made it impossible for the world order to immediately generate a global hatred/isolation campaign toward Serbia, this time.

Disabling these fallen egos, which  seem sort of  like  hyperdimensional  slugs to me,  led the psychics directly to a similar cluster of them over the Vatican, which  we then 'did,' too.

It may be that these ancient entities are the unifying  principle of the world odor. If parasites are capable of symbiosis this could be said of the fallen egos partnership with people like the Pope, the Black Pope, the Whore of Babylon, BushSr, Rothschilds, the Triad dark masters in China, the Russian Green Glove Society,  Vryal,  Southern-Baptist/Satanists, the fascist Mormon upper hierarchy, masonry,  Theosophy,  ad nauseum.  We're engaged in an active enquiry whether disabling the highest (sic) etheric, discorporate parasites will quicken the demise of this corporate world  order.  If this is correct, it's taken us a lot of steps to get to  this point and we seem to  be getting better and better at disabling the Big Parasites in a lawful way.

Maybe I don't need to remind  you that this has  to be considered a subjective report in the absence of clear, collaborating evidence.  The reason  I  don't focus, much, on the physical confirmations  of group  healing efforts is that this would come across as sensational. We don't need any sensationalism in the reporting and promotion of this experimental effort, of  course;  we only want a few more people to try their hands at it.

Dooney was shocked to discover, last week, that the fallen egos can  get to  slightly higher dimensions than the fourth, at least for brief periods, but she and the other psychics quickly  figured out that all they need to do to disable them is to get to  a slightly higher  dimension and work from there. It's pretty easy  for anyone without a Big Ego to get to higher dimensions comfortably, after all.  The more people try this, the sooner  it will become common  practice and I think  this will  hasten our arrival at a dimensional  state where  we can associate freely with  The Operators, or at least  some of them.   Any of us can go meet the dolphins and whales (Operators in 3D, with us), now,  and I hope more will do so.

Carlos, please keep us posted on conditions that you personally observe in Belgrade during your visit!


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Post Re: Urgent Request from Carlos in Serbia 
I have a hunch (it's only a hunch) that the CIA/NSA is, by now, the world odor's favored legbreakers and poisonmonger and that all the shots are being called from Beijing.  When that orgonite vendor in Taipei's daughter  was kidnapped, last month,  our  psychics saw the NSA as the culprits and they were doing Beijing's bidding, in that case.  Small wonder  if the Chinese hierarchy don't want their populace (includes Taiwan,  now) to empower  themselves with orgonite.

Carol got a clear hit that the Chinese are getting impatient with the Whore of Babylon's regime, by the way,  becuase the Brits just don't want to give up their 'unseen guiding hand' role in the world odor and are struggling to keep some of their centuries-old hegemony.

Many seers predicted the sudden, unprovoked destruction of The City (London's financial/parasite district) with a nuclear device and we're going  to watch for opportunities to get wind of this in order to prevent it in  coming days.  Our  preferred scenario  is that the world order will decline and fall without taking any genuine people down with  them, of course.  I doubt this would be possible if there weren't so many self-starting, independent orgonite-tossers on the planet, by the way.   The deadly  orgone radiation that prevailed throughout the world before five or so years ago definitely favored the world odor's chances of success, even though  they were many years behind schedule by then.

Orgonite definitely jerks the DOR rug out from under all of the world odor hierarchies who had previously pirated and exploited those gifted areas and there are many thousands of us, by now, reclaiming our world from these old parasites.  The best feature of this is that anyone can clearly see the changes in the atmosphere and the more perceptive gifter can also  see the distinct improvement in people's countenances, attitudes and behavior in the gifted areas.


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Post Re: Urgent Request from Carlos in Serbia 
A couple of weeks ago, Carol drew our attention, again, to the 'Fallen Egos' becuase she had a hunch that going after them held the key to another level of effectiveness in the group sessions.  Dooney followed through in her chatroom, the following  Saturday,  and was a little dismayed to find that these creatures, unlike the more corporeal predators,  were able to get up past the fourth dimension.

This evening (says Don the insomniac), Dooney, STevo, Carol and I had a private chat session to address the sabotage that has occured to our (Carol and my) business, websites and email  for the past week,  ever since I posted a request to  stop mystifying the experimentation process.  This apparent CIA assault on us was initiated when  they  trashed our server in Chile on Monday, then it escalated to the point where half my email  was bouncing and there were no business orders  from our website.  I also got several hate mails from complete strangers (no surprise,  there, since Monarch-programmed sycophants are endorphin junkies who see me as Major Buzzkill these days)

Dooney was driven to finally go after these entities from the 12th dimension while  Carol watched, this evening.  Carol  doesn't prefer to go there much,  she says,  because it's too hard to get back in the body from that realm but Dooney apparently came close to some Lemurians,  there.

Carol  had been trying to tell me something about the 'fallen egos' for some time but I didn't get it until this evening's session, then it clicked for me.

I've read the Qur'an and was always intrigued by Muhammad's account of Iblis and the Jinn, also  by the story of Khidr, who 'taught Moses some lessons.'
I was never able to  determine whether these accounts were mostly allegory but, now, I think I've got a better understanding of that, thanks to our experiences in the chat sessions.   When I ran it by Carol  she said I was  on track with the comparisons.

These new views have  consolidated my conviction that there is no devil, by the way, though the Jinn, which may be what the 'Fallen Egos' are, are perhaps humorously painted as de facto devils by Muhammad.  The Creative Word is deceptively simple, which is probably the writings' best protection from the commentary of  theologists and other parasitic  clergynen. Arabic is a very condensed, economic language, to  boot.

According to the Qur'an, the Jinn were around  before man was and they are 'people made of clear fire.'  If you've seen elementals as localized  'heat signatures' this statement might resonate with you. When  man was introduced, God told the Jinn to 'bow down  to My new creation.'  All of them did except one, named Iblis, who told God (I'm paraphrasing), 'I can't  bow down right now because we're obviously superior to men but at an appointed time in the future, I'll do so. Meanwhile,  I'll do everything  I can to misguide, corrupt and manipulate men.'  God agreed to that and appointed the time when Iblis would end his activity,  which Christian writers and theologists apprently fashioned their devil paradigm from, later on.  

In the late middle ages in Europe, Islam was the source of civilization and was quite vital.  That's why Arabic-derived words like 'chemistry,' 'philosophy,' 'algebra,' etc., came into popular usage during  the early Renaissance, mostly through Spain and Portugal, which  were Muslim countries, then.  Some historians claim that Pope Alexander moved the Vatican  to  Avignon, France, in order to have closer access to Islamic scientists, scholars and architects.  The masons learned their trades from Muslims,  of course, which is why there were no cathedrals in Europe until after Islam was established in Spain and Portugal.

A Persian refugee friend once told me that the movie, EL CID, was incredibly popular in Iran in the 1950s simply because 'El Cid' is 'Al Siyyid,' which means 'direct descendent of  Muhammad.'  Cool

I've said most of this, before, but in the present  climate of Fatherland  Sekurity's  Muslim-bashing in the media I think it's fair to  occasionally give a more balanced impression of Islam's very substantive historic contributions to human progress.  Benighted, cynical Muslim clergymen have incited the slaughter and dispossession of millions of my co-religionists in Iran and other countries for a century  and a half and many  Muslims are  being foolishly led by the nose by clergy who are supported by MI6, CIA and the Mossadomites (as are Christian fundamentalists and Zionists), so I'm not plugging Islam as a contemporary organization; just trying to show Islam's distinct,  honored position in earlier history.

Carol has gotten a strong, consistent impression that these arch-players never inhabited physical forms and, tonight, she and the other  psychics apparently recognized that they're more like elementals than  alien or discorporate predators.  According to Muhammad the Jinn (elementals) are unconcerned  about good and evil because those considerations are just not operative in their realm.   Some of them do enjoy making mischief, though, according to credible accounts and my own direct experience.

I had the impression, earlier today, that the 'fallen egos' are the unifying principle for the world odor, some of whom apparently see them as 'the devil,'  but it may be that they're not evil at all; only doing what comes  naturally. The corporate predators,  though,  are entirely culpable and need to be held to account for their evil actions.

The psychics are now working  under the assumption  that it's inappropriate to  try to damage or destroy these entities because trying to do that would make them culpable. So far, we've stayed out of that sort of trouble because we've only gone after known predators, which is a public service.

It may be that 'the appointed time' that Iblis referred to is right  now; these days when apparently  enough activists have taken steps to neutralize the old world order with  orgonite distribution and surgical boosting. I don't know whether  'Iblis' is allegorical for a class of 'bigger' elementals.  The psychics see elementals in sizes ranging from microscopic to planet-size, apparently according to age or experience of the elemental.  'Age' is an approximate term, since they're in a timeless realm.

A factor that led to  this apparent realization was Carol's strong hesitance to go after the 'fallen egos' on our own as individuals.  She felt it was only appropriate to go  after them as a group.

She prefers to call them 'fallen angels,'  though  she says that term isn't accurate; only an approximation. Some skilled psychics get frustrated when  trying to find words to describe etheric 'scenery.'   I was the one who resisted the use of the term, 'fallen angels' because I didn't want to encourage lockstep mystification by the silly but vociferous people. Fortuantely,  sycophants don't like to look at posts like this one  Cool   I'm now comfortable with the term Carol favors, also  with  the psychics preference for the use of the 'Yahweh breath' when they're detaching these entities' 'tentacles' from  their own etheric fields.

Clever  and tireless Theosophists, who promote semantics and irrationality as substitutes for  more genuine examination of reality, are always aping  higher realities in an attempt to  scam the undiscerning endorphin  junkies.  They engage in their monotonic, hypnotic chatter about 'harmful entities being  our teachers,' but they secretly despise everyone who won't  swallow their ideology and start happily goose  stepping with all the other complacent, vacuous, grinning hippies, potheads and mushroom  eaters  Laughing .   They also  use the term, 'God,' in an effort  to  scam sleephyheads into  accepting their notion that they are God, kind of like 'In God We Trust' is right above the Great (sic) Seal of The United  States of America on the back of the dollar bill.  That seal is an entire book of  satanic symbolism.  The masonic forebears of Theosophy designed that emblem in the late 1700s.  I gather that the 'god' the Federal Reserve Corporation and the US Government 'trusts' in is Moloch,  the ancient  Babylonian alleged  god that  demands frequent blood sacrifices.  There's a little Moloch owl's head caricature on teh front of the dollar bill, in the upper left hand niche in the plaque that surrounds the number '1' in the upper right corner of the bill.  People who have taken off their PJs and put on street clothes love it when  I show them that  Laughing  especially since it's hard to see without a magnifying glass but quite clear, otherwise.

 But the psychics got a clear impression, this evening,  that these discorporate entities, whom the world odor have idolized as the devil,  apparently, are just mischievously goading the less honorable elements of  humanity into potentially learning some essential discernment lessons in a 'kill or cure' mode.  My experience with 'smaller' elementals in the wild, especially at sea, taught me that they don't understand or care about physical suffering; they only enjoy interacting with  us. I think they get energy from that and it may be that they don't really care whether we hug them or fear them.   Now that it seems to me that the 'Iblis' class of elementals are not predators I actually like and appreciate them,  strange to tell.

I absolutely Do NOT condone predators, though,  and will continue to do my best to undo their global hierarchies so that we can eventually have that  Golden Age that all  of the Prophets promised would come to humanity, one way or the other.  Thanks to orgonite and perhaps to surgical boosting,  we might  get to that eventuality in a relatively peaceful and prosperous way instead of through the world odor's hoped-for genocide and nuclear holocaust.

Let's see if this pans out!

By the way, when the session  started,  STevo immediately  saw some people plotting to ambush the four of us pretty soon, or maybe just shoot us in our beds at 3AM. Carol identified the plotters as FBI thugs under the direction of BushSr and related this to the event, last month,  of a 'Federal Bureau of Instigation' gal in a huge, white federal SUV, tailgaiting Carol and gesticulating at her on the road to our house. I posted about that, then.  It's been a long time since the feds planned  to kill other gifters besides my wife and me. I think we stopped that plot but  we'll see, I guess  Laughing

I'm reporting this in Carlos' Serbia thread because it was while going after the cluster of 'fallen egos' over Belgrade, in this morning's EW international chat session, that we started to see the bigger picture.  I felt a need to put this in the public record, right away, and I always try to  follow through with  my  hunches, as anyone ought to do now.  When Carol was struggling with  which words to use  to express what she was seeing, she hesitantly said that we need to get the fallen angels' respect; not to try to harm them.  This is certainly in line with how one might  want to relate to elementals.  

For the real culprits, though,  it seems to be more urgent to stop  them from murdering  innocents than to get them to respect us.  I personally think it's a mistake to assign refined qualities  to demonstrated murderers, since they're  pretty  degraded.  If you or your own  child have ever encountered one,  personally, you probably don't  feel inclined to encourage their continued liberty, either  Cool .  Irrationalists and endorphin junkies apparently  feel strongly (this passes for  genuine passion with  them)  that it's inappropriate to sanction mass murderers, of course,  because 'they're our spiritual teachers.'  Sheesh.  These predators of the world order, collectively, are the real  devil, as far as I'm concerned, and this devil needs to be defeated and brought to account as soon as possible.


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Post Re: Urgent Request From Carlos In Serbia 
The impression these days from Belgrade (since the protests) is that live goes on as lively as usual and I believe that's very much in line with the spirit of this vibrant people (at least when I compare them with my "fellow western europeans" Smile
There has been some tension in the northern part of Kosovo as I hear it from the news and it's apparently between Serbs living in Kosovo being upset at this independence. Still I feel there is a positive energy about all this and the only way it could go wrong would be by forceful influence of the world odor.

I made a few TBs with zinc due to not being able to find alluminium and today when I checked them they were giving the same sweet energy we all know. One was made with clipped copper wire and was specially (to my subjective experience) quite strong for the size, even though they were all small TBs - Orgonite made in Serbia with serbian "ingredients"! Very Happy
I'll post the picture of them once I get home on Friday and settle down a little bit.

On another note I met some people yesterday who are having a kind of "healing clinic" using Reiki massage etc...
I must say I was quite impressed with the meeting and with how these people reacted to orgonite. One of them was specially sensitive and she could feel the zapper working and even the scalar waves from the SP when it was plugged in.
She was also specially fond of my harmonic protector and will probably order one for herself - I left her with links to worldwihtoutparasites and some other sites including EW.
Also for the first time I had face-to-face confirmation of what my boosting does! Smile I couldn't stop stressing to them how easy it is to make orgonite and to boost... somehow the simplicity of it might be something that takes time to get used to but it's already great to have all this feedback.
As I was packing it felt right to leave them with the copper hhg I had taken.

Also more people - including two architects! - could feel the little secret device working and these are not your average "sensitives" Smile I'm very happy about all this overall very positive feedback! I don't know what will be the outcome of these encounters but I would love it if orgonite making / gifting would take off in Serbia.
Their openness reminded me of the way how the relationship between Africans and orgonite / the etheric world seems so easy and natural and truly this is territory were orgonite could spread out very easily improving not just their lives but influencing the whole planet.

Right now I feel like an ambassador, we'll see how it works out! Laughing

P.S. On my first day gifting I was "detained" for 10 minutes: I was hiding a tb on a street vase right next to 3 buses full of riot police being totally oblivious of it - somehow I was blinded to the fact they were police (the just seemed like normal people on normal buses). Quickly I'm grabbed and surrounded by 6 or 8 of these riot policemen with their padded uniforms and have to explain what I was doing... instead of laughing to my face or take me to the station we did a bit of talking and after waiting for their "boss" I was released without even a reprimend.
This was probably an experience to show me not to be afraid Smile
But gifting in Belgrade remains challenging in these days not to mention the absence of green and canals makes one quite attentive to all the nooks and holes to be found (oh, how gifting in Amsterdam is a walk in the park :))

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Post Re: Urgent Request from Carlos in Serbia 
Congrats on getting through your trial by fire, Carlos, and for the very fine networking you're doing!

Also, there's nothing quite as valuable as firsthand accounts,  so thanks for that,  too.

It was so easy for Hitler and the What To ThinkNetwork to paint the Poles as monsters, prior to that gratuitous invasion in 1939; somewhat more difficult for the CIA and Mossadomites-in-Media to paint the Iraqis as swarthy Muslim baby eaters prior to the year-long, constant bombing capaign (Brit and US  Air Forces) and subsequent invasion of that country a few years ago.  It seems encouraging to me, now, that the world odor is now shooting itself in its own clubfoot by trying to paint the Serbs, yet again, as bloodthirsty xenophobes  Laughing to justify more bombing by the US Air Force of its  civilian population.  Fortunately for the Balkans, perhaps, our little army is entirely occupied  with efforts to keep breathing in Iraq and Afghanistan, now that the populations  of those countries are finally getting tired of American and British jingoism and mass murder.

Here's what I got from Igor in Belgrade,  today.  I'll attempt to give you his email address in a private message, now:

Hi Don,

I just saw the topic about Serbia on EW. Thank you for your genuine concern
in what's happening here. I must tell you though, that nothing is really
happening. The western media only needed isolated scenes of violence, to
reinforce the nasty (and completely false) image they created of the Serbian
people, in order to justify the stealing of yet another piece of their
homeland. You are probably right about the CIA burning the embassies, as the
police apparently found maps of Belgrade with marked targets with the
persons they arrested. Yet the police could have easily stopped that small
violent group and for me there is something fishy in that they didn't. Also
the scenes of looting are pathetic. These are obviously staged. There
probably isn't a place on Earth where there wouldn't be any crime during the
events like these, but the point here was that the media needed the footage.
On the other hand, hardly anyone mentioned the one million strong peaceful
protest just a couple of blocks away. Don, rivers of people were flowing
through the streets in utter silence, it was surreal. No one here wants war.
We just wish the West would stop raping our country. Back to my point, if
the CIA wanted to provoke serious incidents, they'd do it at the main rally.
And our media (all in the western hands) would stir people up instead of
calming them down. The Serbian puppet government (since 2000.) has worked
hard to dumb down the people, to kill the last traces of our dignity and
self-respect, so they can proceed with plundering our economy and tearing
our territory to pieces without any opposition. We are already turned into a
colony. Almost all of our economy is now privatized (for pennies), and at
the same time the country is sinking into debt at an unprecedented rate -
many are already mentioning the coming "Argentinian scenario". The NATO
wants to quickly and smoothly finish the Kosovo job, they don't need a new
crisis for that. Kosovo is their precious base of operations for human
trafficking, drug trafficking and war. Once they fortify themselves in
Kosovo, they'll finish us up in no time. Our nationalist politicians (the
Serbian Radical Party - not really radical enough for my taste) are anti-NWO
but they can't win elections. If you'd like to learn more about our
situation in the context of the NWO, this 48 minute video (
http://video.google.com/videoplay?d...074432701&hl=en) speaks a

It isn't easy to set the story on Serbian people straight, but sooner or
later it will have to be done. Saying that the western media speaks only
lies (it does) won't undo the brainwashing. Even on the EW forum I could
find negative references. Believe me, we Serbs don't like the feeling of
playing "the bad guys" any more you do, or any other people does. We want to
live in peace but they won't let us. Serbs are now almost completely
exterminated in Croatia (before the war, they constituted one quarter of the
population there), partially in Bosnia (my case - born in Sarajevo, now
living in Belgrade) and almost completely in Kosovo. Even you Don mention
what "Serbian leaders have done", while in fact they (the pre-2000
government) did what any true government ought to do - they refused to sign
the NATO occupation of our country, they fought to defend it. Milosevic was
about to prove in court the CIA involvement in the 90's wars and that's why
they had to kill him. Nothing is like it "seems."

As for orgonite, Belgrade is mostly gifted (TBs). I have a cloudbuster since
August 2006 and it's still working, although a lot less efficiently than in
the first few months. We're being sprayed regularly but there are NO death
towers. There are maybe 2 or 3 dozen cell-phone towers in the whole of
Belgrade (2 million people) and a lot of solitary rods attached to
buildings. I was eager to see if the new owner of one of the two Serbia's
cell-phone companies would begin erecting these antennas more densely, but
they didn't.

When Cesco, Laozu and Rich were visiting here, I wasn't in my best
(spiritual) mood, so I naturally missed out on it. If any of the "seers"
would again come to the Balkans, we'd be able to do a whole lot of work (I
am since recently in a lot better financial situation too). In case you know
of suitable targets for positive orgone here, I'd be happy to gift them. You
can give Carlos my e-mail if he is still in Belgrade.


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Post Re: Urgent Request from Carlos in Serbia 
Igor, my heart goes out to you and at least you can  know that you're in good company, now that  China owns the United States Goverment and the Federal Reserve Corporation.

My culture is a baby compared to yours; it's also more homogenous so losing our parasitic federal government and economy to foreigners doesn't seem as dire to us,  perhaps,  as it does to you.

What this treasonous federal government learned, the hard way,  though, is that the most aggressive, long term genocide strategy won't erase an old culture.  They sure tried to do that to the American Indians  but those tribes are still around and one of the larger ones is even opting to  secede from the United States, which  pleases many of us, no end.

The obvious, simplest workable solution,  to me, is for all of the excessively centralized governments in the world, including the two parasitic institutions  who pretend to represent you and I, need to be discarded and political and economic autonomy needs to return to properly representative governments,  which is to say local and perhaps district ones.

For nations that have mainly one  ethnic identity,  like Serbia, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, and most of the African  countries, there's probably enough cultural momentum to deterine whether  or not a national government is even needed, any more, now that the reality of global market and information exchanges is a functional reality. Doc Batiibwe and I travelled on a nice, paved highway to Northern Uganda (to gift the war-torn area) which was built by the Serbs in exchange for some shiploads of Ugandan  foodstuffs.  I'm quite sure that this wasn't the result of legislative posturings or complex diplomatic maneuvering between  Belgrade and Kampala; it was a simple trade that immediately benefitted both parties.  This is how smoothly the world ought to operate, of course.   When the parasitic corporations and their proxy governments have been discarded like empty seashells humanity will all benefit from such  spontaneous exchanges and poverty will  abruptly end.  Near the Doc's hospital the Irish had built a lovely, functional district office building in exchange for something else.

Taking the corporate, bloodthirsty terrorists out of the equation pretty much guarantees that humanity will choose peace and prosperity over war and exploitation.  Right now, the terrorist organizations are the CIA, MI6,  Mossad,  the Russians' current fashionable secret police or gangster organization, the Chinese unseen parasites,  etc.. All of these rely on excessive centralization and massive scale mind control  in order to survive in the face of this rapidly awakening species. I honestly believe that  these ruinous organizations won't  survive,  much longer, especially if enough people will toss enough orgonite, soon enough, to awaken the PJ folks enough  to disregard, then discard these parasites in a relatively bloodless way.

Real unity in the world is possible only through honoring and appreciating the refinements and positive qualities of each others' native cultures.  History shows that cultures assimilate each  other  in either an organic or a forced way.  The balanced person gravitates to the former and tyrants prefer the latter but, one way or another,  all of the old cultures will continue to blend  together at a stately  pace, so there's no sense in struggling against this apparently natural process.  Nobody on the planet is more xenophobic than the average American Pajama Person, doubly so because this nation hasn't ever been invaded, if you don't count the violent invasion by Europeans of the Indian territories, of course.  

By 1939 all of America's vestigal  national sovereignty had been treatied away to the then-nascent United Nations by the US Senate and also signed away to  the Federal Reserve Corporation (a London-based company, just like the British East India  Company was) by President Roosevelt, though.  Only a few wide-awake people even noticed  it happening, by the way, and the What To Think Network and all of the institutionalized academicians studiously ignored them all  Laughing .

The Bantu  culture, in incalculably ancient times,  spread uinformly from West Africa, all across the continent to the very southern  tip, gradually displacing/absorbing the original cultures,  such as the Koi people and the pygmies.  When Carol and I were in Namibia we saw Koi physical features and heard the distinctive Koi (several kinds of 'clicks') language patterns among some of the Bantu presently-indigenous tribes.  The Koi San (Bushmen) seem to be particularly revered by the Bantu peoples, there.  Maybe that's a useful historic precedent for what might happen  in the Balkans  after the various cultures in that region  are no longer willing to be set against each  other  by this parasitic world order.

Maybe the peaceful  demonstrations in Belgrade,  last week,  are a clear indication that the Serbians are categorically refusing to be manipulated into waging war on the Albanians, the way that benighted American adolescents are slaughtering innocents in the Mideast and Cuba at the moment..  If so,  I think you guys are leagues ahead of us,  right now, even though  there are literally scores of tons of orgonite distributed throughout North America and next to none, for now, in the Balkans,  aside from what our Western gifting friends have managed to distribute, there.

I'm naturally proud of my culture and am certain that people in other lands  don't judge me according to what this treasonous,  parasitic regime in Washington,DC (read: Langley, Virginia Cool ) does on our behalf.  Igor,  I don't think you need to be concerned that the global sewer rats' proxy government in Belgrade will be assumed to represent the Serbian people, either.

Thanks again for your timely, insightful comments  and observations!


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Post Re: Urgent Request From Carlos In Serbia 

Wow! If these are not DOR giving antennas then what have I been gifting in Amsterdam all this time lol - the ones in the Netherlands are looking pretty much the same but with an off-white to cream colour. These ones here seem more white - perhaps newer?
I leave it up to the more experienced in this forum to elucidate me on this matter but I do believe they are death towers.

It's great to know Belgrade is gifted... I consider that a massive effort given the size of this city and probably responsable for the innefectiveness of the spraying campaign. Still, until I hear a second opinion I will gift the few tbs I'm making to what I believe are DOR antennas.

All this said, though, I'm quite eager to meet Igor and exchange impressions Smile


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New post Re: Urgent Request From Carlos In Serbia 
Hi everyone,

Here are the photos from the trip (effectively Belgrade for the most)

(I'd be very happy to hear of any Sylphs on the pictures Smile that is one thing I didn't learn to recognize yet)

Igor tells me there's about 200 TBs all over Belgrade besides his own CB and judging from the sky I'd say the city is well "orgonized".
The general feeling when walking around town is also quite good, despite what mainstream media tries to sell people - even the riot police is friendly to gifters Cool

If any of you psychics feels like checking Belgrade's map and giving Igor a heads up, here's one:

Personally I felt quite energized in Belgrade. I don't know if it's the city, the people or that whole Balkan area but there's a special energy to be found there that I have yet to encounter in the West.
Secondary effects of this energizing included greater sensitivity when judging whether a tower needs gifting or not and more easily feeling orgonite.
As a bonus everybody seems in general more "aware" and I got confirmation of this when people with none or little idea of the etheric world could sense the effects of a Little Secret device (thank you Cesco!)

Now, zooming out and trying to get the bigger picture it feels as if any major negative event in the area can only be instigated outside of it (anyone can confirm this on even the most brainwashing tv channels). The West has pushed one way, now Russia pushes a little bit from the other side... we already know who's actually pulling the strings (London / Beijing) and their objectives are probably ranging from destabilization and fear mongering to all out war and martial law.
Money (from the heroin and oil circuit), geostrategical positioning in the new cold war, etc, these are the reasons one finds when digging only a little under the surface... the reasons why the middle-man agrees to get his hands dirty. The "average" person will settle for getting incited based on feelings of nationalism or religious righteousness. And possibly go to war for it? It's propaganda that sells very well to even intelligent people (I wonder if it helps any or actually makes it worse) though I suspect nobody would be actually ready for war other than the armchair generals and their rodent friends.

Meanwhile we'll keep gifting and boosting the #$@% out of the bottom of that inverted pyramid Wink