Porn Generation

a book by Ben Shapiro

21-year-old columnist explains: How mainstream acceptance of pornography is destroying his generation -- and our nation

Pornography: it's everywhere -- at the video shop, in your newspaper, in your inbox. And although American society grows increasingly accepting of this state of affairs, porn is unmistakably dangerous: it presents a warped image of sex and self-satisfaction that ridicules the values of faith and family, mangling the most sacred ideals of matrimony. In Porn Generation, Ben Shapiro explains why. This book is about a generation of Americans lost in a maelstrom of moral relativism in a culture obsessed with cheap, degraded, casual sex. It's a powerful wake-up call outlining what we must do now to eradicate this scourge and reclaim the values that made America great.

Shapiro, a 21-year-old orthodox Jew, syndicated columnist, and Harvard Law student, knows up close about the hypersexualization of American youth - which has taken hold to a degree that astonishes even their Baby Boomer parents, despite the fact that their liberal attitudes toward sex caused it all. In this book he demonstrates that as societal standards and traditional values have declined, and the crassest elements of sexual deviancy and pornography have taken over the public square, it is the Americans of his own generation who have paid the price. Never in our country's history has a generation been so empowered, so wealthy, so privileged - and yet so empty. He shows that legalized and all-pervasive porn is by no means trivial or marginal: it's an integral part of a sustained program by the forces of relativism, radical feminism, and nihilism to destroy our nation's moral foundations and replace moral standards with the idol of personal fulfillment.

Porn Generation reveals:

The Porn generation, explains Shapiro, now inhabits a world where "empowerment" means sex with no strings attached. The old faith and traditional morality are universally portrayed as bourgeois, archaic, sexist, and close-minded. Our new god is Tolerance of all behavior, our new credo "live and let live."

But this anything-goes credo is killing us: corrupting our youth, fragmenting our families, and weakening our society. It is not right that children are dunked headfirst into the vat of garbage we call popular culture. If we don't fight back now, our culture will surely continue to disintegrate. Shapiro includes here a series of solid recommendations for how we can recover our values -- and why we must. Porn Generation: it's a vivid and shocking insider's report from one very troubled generation to the rest of us.