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[The man who fitted up Ilse Koch.  Must have been part of the Psyops/Psyche Warfare team mentioned in BUCHENWALD A Dumb Dumb Portrayal Of Evil.]

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The Story Of The Buchenwald  

Dr. Sitte, who had a Ph.D. in physics, was one of the star witnesses against Ilse Koch. He had been a prisoner at Buchenwald from September 1939 until the liberation. He testified that tattooed skin was stripped from the bodies of dead prisoners and "was often used to create lampshades, knife cases, and similar items for the SS." He told the court that it was "common knowledge" that tattooed prisoners were sent to the hospital after Ilse Koch had passed by them on work details. Dr. Sitte's testimony of "common knowledge" was just another word for hearsay testimony, which was allowed by the American Military Tribunal.
    According to Joshua M. Greene, author of "Justice at Dachau," Dr. Sitte testified that "These prisoners were killed in the hospital and the tattooing stripped off."
    Under cross-examination, Dr. Sitte was forced to admit that he had never seen any of the lampshades allegedly made of human skin and that he had no personal knowledge of any prisoner who had been reported by Frau Koch and was then killed so that his tattooed skin could be made into a lampshade. He also admitted that the lampshade that was on the display table in the film was not the lampshade made from human skin that was allegedly delivered to Frau Koch. Apparently the most important piece of evidence, the lampshade made from human skin, was nowhere in sight during the trial.
Ilse Koch - human lampshades

Dr. Kurte Sitte, a 36-year-old doctor of Physics at Manchester University who had been a political prisoner at Buchenwald since September 1939, testified at the Buchenwald trial that a shrunken head, which he identified in the courtroom, was the head of a Polish prisoner who had been decapitated on the order of SS doctor Mueller at Buchenwald. Buchenwald Trial


The infamous faked display table at Buchenwald. See: BUCHENWALD A Dumb Dumb Portrayal Of Evil

Prosecution witness Dr. Kurte Sitte identifies 3 pieces of tattooed skin

Prosecution witness Dr. Kurte Sitte holds shrunken head in the courtroom