by Sherman H. Skolnick


  The primary enemies of the Aristocracy are the American common people. To combat opponents, various weapons are used. Some are simply military. Others are a combination of geopolitical and psychological.

Everybody should know this but most do not.  

The American system of education, both public, private, and parochial (often meaning Church schools) seldom, if ever, instructs students in status and class differences. That is, in class, you do not learn about CLASS, the Ultra Rich on one side and the peons or "shirtless ones" on the other. So the "enemy" too often is perceived as simply a person of a different religion, color, or ethnic background, or even gender rather than a CLASS enemy. 

The Anglo-American Aristocracy, a long historical creation, has their warehouse of weaponry, that is, their methods and secrets.  

[1] The print and electronic media are adjuncts of the Espionage Establishment, A sizeable contingent of those in the press corps have a background in the secret political police, the American CIA and covert operations of Military Intelligence. Psychology and what common folk would call simply trickery are part of the pen-guns. 

As a political activist I was one of the first, in the 1960s, to dare speak out, as best I could, about this. Together with associates, I uncovered facts tending to show that key media personnel were simply a front for spies. 

I got on their crap list by compiling data on their biographical background and their current methods. I divulged this wherever I could, such as at seminars and college speeches.  

The spy-reporters contacted political and civil rights activists, many of who were anxious to have their views in the "press". 

"We want to do a segment about you (on the air or in print)", was a favorite come-on. So the target, off-guard, permitted and answered questions as to their educational background, their employment, their associates, their viewpoints. Often on film and on tape.  

It seldom went into the newspapers or on the air. It was, in media jargon, "out-takes", kept in media files but not used. If you inquired, the excuse given "The news director decided it was not newsworthy." 

Hotbeds of activists, such as in the big cities, like Chicago, were fingered by a more or less secret operation. They filmed or taped radio and television talk shows where activists did go on the air. By a secret courier service, which we uncovered and identified, transcripts were delivered to covert offices in Virginia, home of the American CIA.  

The talk show guests became further targets on whom were gathered intensive background data, including any psychological problems going back to the time they were teen-agers, or in college. To cause other problems for such activist guests, any divorce court records were examined. Expert "trouble-creators", of the same or opposite gender, were steered onto such pigeons.  

If the activist was part of a group, well, charming and skilled provocateurs penetrated the group. Purpose? To instigate them into committing crimes as part of the activism. Plainly, to get as many of them "busted" as possible. 

[2] The monopoly press has a long, historical past that key positions, particularly in radio and television, can be purchased.  So, on occasion, the secret political police bought or arranged media employment for their spies.  

Particularly rewarded with highly lucrative media positions were those who somehow got into a place or situation where they covered up a political assassination.  

A few examples. Dan Rather on November 22, 1963, was in Dallas, Dealey Plaza, stationed under the triple overpass bridge. He was right near one of the snipers that killed President John F. Kennedy. The shooter used a storm sewer up on the railroad embankment right near Rather. BLATHER as he is called ended up becoming a CBS anchor face on occasion doing whitewashes of political assassinations.  

A Canadian reporter, Robin MacNeil, was at the same time in the Book Depository Building and made false stories about CIA patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald, as the "lone assassin" who worked in that building at that time. MacNeil, together with his confederate, Jim Lehrer, as a reward were given the PBS nightly TV news hour. 

Cokie Roberts, daughter of Congressman Hale Boggs (D., La.) who was on the Warren Commission), falsely stated her father was satisfied that Oswald was the "lone assassin".  Yet, right before the Congressman disappeared, October, 1972, a month before Nixon was re-elected President, the Congressman was stating misgivings about the Commission's "lone assassin" conclusion.  

Sometime after ABC-TV got the CIA subsidy, (transferred from CBS 1988-89); Cokie was rewarded for her big lie by a highly paid Sunday morning ABC-TV network news hour.

[3] Another system of the Monopoly Press is that certain reporters are rewarded by being allowed, permitted and condoned to be "double-dippers". That is, they secretly receive compensation, separate and apart of their media job. For what covert purpose? For example, to further the agenda of the occupant and resident of the White House or to promote the big financial lies of Wall Street brokers and investment bankers or to promote as "safe" the poisonous best-selling patent medicines of the pharmaceutical firms. 

Daddy Bush, instrumentally tied to the secret political police since about 1959, and implicated in the cover-up of the JFK murder, has been as a director and otherwise part of the cocaine underground within the U.S. reportedly in part through Eli Lilly Company.

Various reporters are paid as "double-dippers" to cover up for the "Bush Crime Family" and the Bushies role with the war-mongers, the Carlyle Group.  

An example is Bob Woodward, currently a big shot with the Washington Post. In the 1970s, Woodward became  well-known as having supposedly broken open the Watergate Affair. His father Alfred Woodward had a long background with espionage agencies. The elder Woodward became Chief Judge of Du Page County, adjoining Cook County, site of Chicago.  

Chief Judge Woodward in the 1970s, had a smelly CIA-linked case through which some of the Watergate figures were paid off. The Judge threatened me with jail for contempt of court when I as a journalist insisted the Chief Judge disgorge from his secret files the public records of the Equity Funding case. (Our group now has apparently the only copy of those files.)

A notorious wife-beater, Bob Woodward has no real background in journalism. "Ghost writers" linked to him are part of pay-off schemes promoting the interests of various corporations. His book about Belushi was to whitewash the insurance firms that underwrite movies and movie stars. 

Part of Bob Woodward's "double-dipping" was the George W. Bush whitewash. Woodward was permitted to interview Bush inside the White House. Woodward was reportedly paid-off through a "Ghost" as a transit point from a secret White House slush fund used to compensate "double-dipping" reporters.  

European newspapers and reporters and some foreign diplomats from their own sources have compiled a list of some thirty U.S. reporters who are allowed, permitted, and condoned, and the Establishment media acquiesces in, the reporters being "double-dippers". That is, getting compensated, separate from their mass media print, radio, and television reporter salaries.  

The loot comes, according to the list's details, from a secret Bush White House slush fund. The reporters are being paid to push the Bush White House domestic and foreign policy agenda.  On the "double-dipper’s" list are reporters from the major newspapers, including but not limited to the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, and major TV and radio networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CNN. 

Reportedly on the thirty names list is Bob Woodward of the Washington Post. 

Making cryptic statements criticizing the "double-dipping" practices has been NBC Senior correspondent Andrea Mitchell, wife of Federal Reserve Commissar Alan Greenspan. Does Greenspan have the White House slush fund list as well? According to the foreign correspondents and diplomats, familiar with the list and the details, the U.S. reporters have NOT reported this "double-dipping" income on their state and federal income tax returns.  

HEY, this dirty crooked business is being condoned and approved of by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Commissioner as well as the U.S. Treasury Inspector General. WHO in the oil-soaked, spy-riddled Monopoly Press is going to grill the Chief Tax Collector and the Inspector General?  

Are the overseas reporters and diplomats, both stationed in the U.S., sitting on all this for BLACKMAIL purposes?  More coming. Stay tuned.


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