Southern Rift Valley Of Kenya

David Ochieng
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Post Southern Rift Valley Of Kenya 
May people continuo to discover Orgonite the great power that it us is wondefull.
My visit to the Southern rift valley of Kenya was successful and at some point we had trouble.
All major highway were blocked and to reach the affected people you needed escorted of the

In Nakuru , as one of the visited people are really suffering and they have no backward or

forward direction. They now depend on government, organization and well-wishers,.. Even

though transport are being affected to the displaced following the disrupted presidential

votes in last year election. Their motherlands can not contain them all. They are still

refugees in their own community as community organizations are trying very hard to resettle

their people.
There are many things that major affect the displaced of their campus like , food lack of

enough tents for shelter, rampant rape  to women and girls sickness, stress following the

deaths of their beloved wives , husbands and children: transport to take the displaced to

their ancestral lands and lack of education .
The most affected are women and children, children can not get their education  and many

children among one hundred displaced children are totally orphans and have got no where to

It was such had tusk to do the gifting there, its needed a convincing power do be able to

persuade them and consol the families before I started to distribute the orgonite.
I met some few people at the market and at the refugees camp, I taught them of the goodness

of our project some who had questions asked and then we gave them answers. By the end of the

day I  was done and ran out of the Orgonite gift.
On my last day of gifting in Eldoret on my way back I noticed a tower that I hadn't gifted.

It was a little hard to see, being on the other side of a major highway and partially

obscured by some buildings.
I had some Orgonite with me, so I gifted the tower, and WOW! A blue hole opened up almost

immediately. When I got in my guest house minutes later, I saw my CB is now making a large

blue hole of its own. I think that tower was blocking my CB.
This gifting was meant to end the violence in Kenya and to rest control of the country from

the UN body.
With this entire crisis in Kenya we remain committed to this gifting project and thanks to

the support of Don, Steve and Ew members that made it possible for us to archive.
Otherwise thank you so much for the gifting work you're doing partners.
By David

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Post Re: Southern Rift Valley Of Kenya 
Congratulations on this pioneering success, David!   What you're doing  is a wonderful fulfillment of my dream: that African gifters will make and distribute orgonite freely in  very troubled areas of the  continent.  I feel like  celebrating!

Our  readers might  not know that  it's been especially risky to travel  in  Kenya, lately, so DAvid's effort required courage of the sort that you and I won't likely be called on to  demonstrate.

I've asked Alejandro to send him  instructions for posting the photos of his gifting safari, which we're quite eager to see.

Handing out orgonite to people is a 'next level' development that I hope to see repeated in the  West, where we mainly just hide it  Laughing

Granted, it's much easier to do  that in Africa because the people are more open minded, there, but at some point it will be easier to to  it in the West, too.  This is  probably something we can track in cities like  Los Angeles,  Toronto, Geneva, Rome and other Western cities where a truckload of towerbusters has been distributed and hidden.

We're looking forward to some followup reports of future visits to these towns where you give your orgonite away, David.

Meanwhile, Judy Lubulwa and her companion have begun to make and distribute orgonite in Nairobi, again, and we can  all see that violence in Kenya has  been rapidly diminishing in recent days, since your trip.  Very good potential confirmation!