Date: 4 Jul 2001 17:01:10 MDT

patty springmeier <> 
Subject: Milosevic, repeating history? 

To Realityexpander and some other selected recepients, here is some
information on a current newstory which I've written up which I think will
be of interest, everyone is free to use this article:


Slobodan Milosevic is refusing to acknowledge the jurisdiction of the U.N.
war crimes tribunal and has decided to try to finger the western diplomats
who cut secret deals with him and gave him the finances and green lights to
do what he did.

Meanwhile Ramsey Clark is riding to the rescue. Ramsey Clark is known by
those in the Anti-New World Order community as an outspoken lawyer who has
challenged the official version of things in the Panama invasion, and Desert
Storm. He was once the U.S. Attorney General, and has been associated with
Bill Clinton, and hails from Texas. Ramsey Clark seems to fit the category
of “controlled opposition”. In other words, he has the appearance of being
against corruption, but is part of the Hegelian dialectic cover up.

Is Ramsey Clark clean? Romwell’s Office Diary (up to Jan. 18, 1989, p. 6)
mentions, “Ramsey Clark/Lyndon Johnson/Atty Gen is talking to people in
Wash. D.C. Drug charges may be lifted against Capcom.” This implies that
someone expected Ramsey Clark to help cover up Capcom’s criminal behavior.
Anyway Ramsey Clark’s father was U.S. Attorney General for Pres. Truman, and
later Ramsey Clark works with all these politicians and bureaucrats in
Washington in the same line of work. It looks like the elite see him as one
of their own, and now he is off to the Hague to “help” Slobodan.

Who has rubbed shoulders with Slobodan Milosevic? Who is he trying to
expose? Two of these figures are Illuminati kingpins, Lord Carrington and
Brent Scowcroft.

Brent Scowcroft has been a member of an elite group called the wise men, who
run the United States. This secret group has been known as MJ-12 but it
constantly changes its semi-secret official name and has been variously
known as Special Study Group, Operations Coordinating Board (OCB), 5412
Committee, 303 Committee, 40 Committee, PI-40 Committee, and carries the
secret label in paperwork MAJIC. These Illuminati wise men are based on
Plato’s Utopian wisemen concept. Another member has been Nelson Rockefeller.
Brent Scowcroft has had the right memberships to rule us, he’s a
Bilderberger, a CFR member, a Trilaterialist, a UN Asssoc. Member, director
of the National Bank of Washington, and vice chairman of Kissinger Assoc.,
Inc. Kissinger Assoc. has been a way for these elitists to do “public
service” and privately make fortunes. Brent and Sir Henry Kissinger are
longtime coworkers in and out of government, or as some have said “clones”.
Brent Scowcroft has been intimately connected with the National Security
Council for many years, was its director for a while, and as Nixon and
Bush’s National Security Adviser made millions of dollars “consulting” the
U.S. government. One of Brent’s beloved terms is “New World Order”, and just
to let you know what kind of New World Order it will be, Brent Scowcroft was
busy toasting the Red Chinese leadership in Peking just shortly after the
Tiananmen Square massacre.

Brent Scowcroft had the position of “asst. air attaché” to the American
Embassy in Belgrade Yugoslavia from 1959-1961. One can easily speculate all
the spooky things he was involved with. Later, we find him as one of the
Chairmen of the Board of the National Bank of Yugoslavia along with fellow
chairman Slobodan Milosevic. Slobodan Milosevic is trying to expose the
insider deals these men made with him, that made them money and allowed him
to carry out his policies with a green light.

Lord Carrington is another Illuminati kingpin that Slobodan Milosevic dealt
with. He was the European Union’s chief negotiator for the Balkans during
the early 1990’s. Lord Peter Rupert Carrington has been prominent in NATO
(Sec. General) and the head of the Bilderbergers. His co-worker Lt. Gen.
Michael Rose was caught red-handed in preventing NATO air strikes from being
launched to stop Serbian campaigns of genocide, and also in encouraging
fighting between the Bosnians and Croats.

Lord Carrington is one of the key people running Hollinger, Inc. which is
financed largely by Rothschild and Li money, and owns the Jerusalem Post and
the Chicago Sun, and hundreds of other daily or weekend mainstream
establishment newspapers. Sir Henry Kissinger also helps run Hollinger,
Inc., which originally began as a British company procuring weapons from the
United States during W.W. II. Lord Carrington and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild
and Rupert Nicholas Hambro have ran The Telegraph, PLC, which has ties to
the Bank of England and the British Royal Family. Hollinger, Inc. owns The
Telegraph, PLC.

Milosevic also wants to expose Lord Hurd and Lord Owen.

Two things are appropriate to mention at this time. When Milosevic points
the finger at anyone he has more pointing back at himself. The news media
has called him names like “strongman”, but they have really seriously under
reported his record of underhand ruthless dealings. He makes mafia bosses
and Hitler look like school children. This man would make a good used car
salesman, and the world would have been better off if this had been his
occupation. He is undoubtedly guilty of war crimes; the stink of his guilt
is all over the Balkans. Entire collections of books could document the
ruthless dealings he has had with everyone around him.

The second thing is that Panamanian “strongman” Noriega also thought at
first he would expose his American backers, and he never pulled it off. For
starters, when Noriega was arrested he was severely intimidated. Milosevic’s
parents have “committed suicide”, or a more convincing scenario is that they
were “suicided”. Milosevic can dream of paying back his captors by exposing
their corruption and their role in the years of repeated Balkan genocides,
but he is seriously underestimating their power if he thinks the world will
get a chance to hear. Milosevic is becoming another Noriega. While he was
useful, he was used, and now he is useful as a scapegoat, so that the real
masterminds of all these Balkan traumas can wash their hands of this
unfortunate era in the Balkans.

If you got some news from us, the Springmeiers, then you got a phone
number for ISIL. I had typed one of the numbers incorrectly. The correct phone
number is 707--746-8796. The url for them that I gave is correct. That site
was . If you are interested, their address is ISIL, 836-B
Southhampton Rd. #299, Bonica, CA 94510. ISIL stands for International
Society for Individual Liberty, and they have members in around 80 countries.
my apologies, Fritz Springmeier.