From: Fritz Springmeier <> 

Subject: Important information-read ASAP 

I want to immediately call to your attention the url site

This site gives a photo by photo explanation of how the World Trade Center
destruction was manufactured—it was not created like the establishment news
is trying to mislead the public into believing. This is a well written
explanation for what all of us saw with our own eyes, and have known, but
didn’t quite know how to clearly explain. We need to explain to all who
have ears to hear how this was a manufactured crisis by the elite so that
they could further social engineer this planet toward their world slave
state. Please look at this site. Thanks, Fritz.

I am also going to send another E-mail to everyone warning everyone of a
super virus that was unleased on New York computers yesterday that destroys
hard drives. Don't open anything that is "a virtual message" for you. Delete
it immediately if you don't want to lose your hard drive. The virus caused
some panic in New York yesterday. I believe the explanation of how this
second "Pearl Harbor" was created, in unloving memory of the first one which
was also a manufactured crisis, is high priority news. We are being
stampeded toward more war, pain and suffering.

Take courage, yours, Fritz.


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