Subject: Sacrificing Liberty in the Name of Security 


I decided to write up something about the latest world crisis created when 3
airplanes hit important sites in America. I would call it the 9-1-1 crisis,
since 9’s and 11’s seem associated with the event. Some people will have
access to what is circulating on the Internet and will have garnered all the
facts they want. But for those who are interested in learning more about the
crisis, I have written the following article.

All the standard old deceptions used for centuries by the elite have been
employed in this latest operation. The goal of this operation is social
engineering of the world’s population. There is not a shred of doubt in my
mind that this was orchestrated by a small elite running this planet.

George Bush, Sr. had a joint bank account with Saddam during the Gulf War,
and I was aware of this. I was not in the least bit surprised that nothing
was done to Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein was supplied with his biological
weapons by the U.S. and also received financial help and some military
hardware from the west. Now history comes close to repeating itself.

Our current President (George Junior) gave a gift of $43 million American
dollars to the Taliban leadership on May 24, 2001. What makes this
outrageous is that more than 100 congressmen the day before had sent him a
letter begging him to intervene on behalf of minority religions in
Afghanistan who are being required to wear I.D. labels on their clothes to
differentiate them from Muslims. Like Saddam Hussein, our CIA trained and
helped get Bin Laden into the terrorist business. My guess is that they will
keep Bin Laden around, like they did Hussein.

Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden are the best enemies that money could buy for
the elite who want global conflicts in order to social engineer the planet.

Basically, what we have is a manufactured crisis, that they are going to use
to get us into more trouble.

By more trouble I mean many things, one of which is war. All this talk about
war with Afghanistan is insanity. If Russia, which is next door to
Afghanistan, and gave it its best shot, got defeated, then our washed out
technology-heavy video game military is not going to do any better. .

I don't know how much you the reader have been reading about all this, so
please excuse me if you are already aware of the following.

1.How do hijackers get four planes without sky marshalls or any other
security being around? And why haven’t some obvious easy to install
security measures not been implemented. 2.Rather than implementing measures
that will work, we have these sad events followed by overkill overreactions.
The border with Canada has been shut down for days, causing enormous
hardships, and economic chaos. Why? The border with Mexico has been
basically business as usual. 3. How does an American aircraft carrier turn
around and head for NYC before any aircraft have hit the World Trade Center
buildings? Are they following psychics in the navy? 4. How do the
establishment TV anchormen immediately begin pointing the finger at Bin
Laden--within a few minutes of the attack? 5. How does a network of several
hundred people operate in this nation when all telephone conversations are
monitored, and they have double agents in every organization I can think of?
6. How do buildings that are built to withstand the impact of a Boeing 707,
crumble from the bottom when they are hit at the top? One guy as he rode an
elevator down in the WTC said he heard explosions going off in the building
at different levels. Makes sense to me. A fireman who went to the 24th floor
on his last trip heard a bomb go off. The establishment are trying to tell
us the intense heat collapsed the structure. 7. A building near the twin WTC
towers blew up prior to the twin towers collapsing. This is most suspicious.

It is not my goal to list every suspicious circumstance of the World Trade
Center attack. I am simply trying to point out the kind of things that don’t
add up.

Even though most Americans will not realize that this thing was created, I
still have hopes

It is times like this that I have to have inner peace. This world is so
crazy, it could make a person weep. There is oversupply of anger and
stupidity in this world, and an undersupply of peace, love and objectivity.
I don't know how people who don't have faith in God keep their sanity.

This world would like to drag us down to their level, where we are living in
terror and anger from second to second. Let's rise above the individual eye
level of Joe Sixpack, and give a small example of something better.

Let's not lose our heads and hearts. Our nation needs to learn how to love
others. I would hope that Americans will mourn the innocent civilians that
our state sponsored terrorism is planning on killing in the name of revenge.

Our nation has long needed to learn to love others. Its time we quit
supporting the genocide of Palestinians, actively causing the mass murders
of a million Iraqi civilians, etc. Confession would be good for our
collective souls. Instead we get a saloon-type brawl between nations with
weapons of mass destruction that at least some will see this attack is not a
reason to take away more of our scarce liberty.

Anyway, I don't know if I'm saying anything you haven't thought of or heard.
I'm just hoping that you will not let this thing steal your and mine peace
of mind. They are going to get more of our money. They will get some of our
sons and daughters, who march off to war thinking that they are fighting
evil. But I hope they don't get our hearts, our minds, and the peace in our
hearts. This is just my viewpoint--what do you think? yours, Fritz

---What I wrote the morning of the attack still holds true, and I attach it
to the bottom of my more recent article…. Who are the next victims from
Order out of Chaos?—from Fritz, morning & mourning of 9/11/01

Christ said, “Blessed are the peace makers.” But our nation is already
preparing to lash out. CBS’s anchorman blathered that it was O.K. that
America hit the wrong targets when we retaliated for the embassy bombings
because we showed the world we could lash out, reach out and hit someone.
If our leaders really want to protect us, de-escalate the violence, don’t
escalate it. Will any leaders have the sense not to over-react, or will
every last one of them follow along with the most recent order-out-of-chaos

One of the spin-offs from this event is that the lives of peaceful freedom
fighters in America are in danger. It is a very dangerous for people the
World Order doesn’t like. Allow me to warn you.

This order-out-of-chaos event is being labeled a second Pearl Harbor.
Emergency Net had (as some of you know) given a warning on Sept. 7, 01.
Prior to the first Pearl Harbor, the FBI had made out lists of the leaders
within the Japanese American community. These were the men who were most
respected and intelligent. Many were excellent businessmen, and all were
loyal to the United States. The arrests began while the attack was underway.
They wanted to “decapitate” the Japanese-American community so that they
would have a harder time stopping the next two lists of arrests. Without
community leaders the rest would just be individuals ripe for seizing and
looting. Three lists were used in sequence, and by the end of the third
list, essentially all Japanese-Americans had been sent to concentration
camps. I’ve heard it said that these camps were not as bad as the German
camps, as if that somehow made them acceptable. These innocent people lost
their businesses and farms, which were seized and never returned. They lost
all that they had worked their entire lives for. And the hysteria the media
is quietly stirring up now, could lay the groundwork for a similar tragedy.
By the way, if you don’t know it, the lists are already made up.

If a rounding up is to occur, what kind of innocent people are targeted?

You know people are going to be rounded up. But it is not likely we will
hear much about it. So the question remains, who will be the innocent
victims who have to endure some of the fallout of this sad event.

We do not have to become the battleground of insanity. What is ill with our
nation? For starters our leaders are stiff necked and proud and arrogant.
Terrorism is encouraged when the rights of people are trampled on and they
have no voice. It is sad that we have to drag ourselves through all these
sad events. One of the best ways our leaders could really protect us from
terrorism is to protect the rights of others around the world. But that
wouldn’t give them an excuse for more tyranny.

One of the first things our new President said in response to this attack
was that “Freedom will be defended.” I suggest that to understand this,
understand that it is meant to distract you from what is to happen which is
just the opposite. Read my lips, and watch the news, and see for yourself if
the common person is more free or more restricted in the coming days. We
have another wave of disguised tyranny in the works.

We must work on. We must be stoic. We must be a spiritual blessing to each
other. We must not lose our nerve. We are merely experiencing the kind of
pain many other nations have had to experience. We must not allow ourselves
to be stampeded into some passionate hate by the establishment media. Within
the first hour, the establishment media was already telling us that we had
“hate”. How dare they tell us our feelings.

Let us not lose our identity and become part of the mass of a screaming,
anxiety filled, media directed mob. Our nation needs to calmly develop new
and positive relationships with other peoples.

We often are our own worst enemy. It is one of the prices we pay for being
human. Our nation is often our own worst enemy. But no matter what mistakes
each of us has made, or our nation has made there can still be a time of
restoration. This is one of the strong messages of Christ, he gave hope
where people had given up hope. Never think that you can’t be made whole,
don’t think that you can’t be forgiven. Let us look inside ourselves and
improve ourselves as a nation—we can change ourselves if we want, but it is
doubtful that the terrorists will listen to our retaliatory terrorism any
more than our leaders will listen to their terrorism.

A very wise man once told us, “Blessed are the peacemakers.”