No. 11 shared by Fritz Springmeier on Nov. 6, 2001
Titled: Breaking the spell of slavery

We have been conditioned to accept slavery, and many of us do accept it. With
bovine placidity we allow our owners to milk us dry. This manna will give the
news of one large group of people who simply decided to walk away from their

There are many creative ways to help break the satanic slavery that grips the
World, and this article will focus on a recent news event that is a positive
example of how people can walk away from their control. I am talking about a
meeting this last weekend in Delhi, India of the untouchables, where they
walked away from the discrimination of Hinduism and became Buddhists and

When the Aryans invaded India, they introduced a caste system that is pure
racism, and racism at its worst. I remember when I first moved to Nepal that
our “Twice born” Varna class wealthy Aryan landlord was almost as white
skinned as myself. I don’t want to sound critical, after all the lady threw me
a volleyball as a gift when she met me. So what do these Aryans (called “twice
born” in the religious terminology of Hinduism) give the lowest caste?
Certainly not volleyballs. They give them discrimination and servitude free
of charge. That’s the poisoned gift they receive from the time they are born
until they die. The Jats (an ancient offshoot of Jewish-Israelite immigration)
is a high caste. (By the way, the Hindi word “jati” means caste). Jats will
have servants walk ahead of them and clear the streets of any untouchables so
they can move through. Reminds me of how our elite uses the secret service and
police to clear their paths.

In the Be Wise As Serpents book, I outlined five major levels of castes: The
Brahmins (the Aryan priesthood), the Kshatriyas (warriors and rulers), the
Vaisyas (the skilled trades, merchants and minor officials), the Sudras
(unskilled workers) and the Pariahs (called Harijans, Outcasts, Untouchables,
Dalit, or Scheduled Caste). This basic structure reappears in H.G. Well’s book
Utopia, which is based on Plato’s Utopia and Bacon’s “House of Solomon”. The
new names to this caste system would be The Wise Men (the World Directorate),
the Technocrats (the Functional elite originally named by Well’s as the Order
of the Samurai), the Skilled Workers, the Common Masses (which includes many
blue collar workers, welfare recipients, and others), and the Pariahs (the
enslaved). My obvious point is that the elite are trying to socially engineer
us toward this caste system, and that is what makes this manna article all the
more apropos.

Allow me to make a few more comments about how life is for the untouchables.
They must do all the work with human wastes, washing, and sweeping. They get
the jobs of killing animals, fishing, or working with the dead bodies. In the
past, if they touched someone from the four Varna groups, they could be beaten
or killed. In some places, the higher castes would not even let the shadow of
an untouchable get close to them. Also in the stricter places the higher
castes do not even want to set eyes on these untouchables so they are forced
to sleep during the day and work at night like ghosts. The Dalits are not
allowed to use the same wells as the higher castes, nor the same stores, nor
the same temples. Guess which caste the police protect? The police seem to
always favor the favored. It’s like Orwell’s classic Animal Farm, all are
equal, some are just more equal than others.

Fifty years of laws against the caste system in India has not stopped
discrimination, any more than the American Civil War did in this country.
However, over a period of time, as in the United States, discrimination has
slowly dissipated, and yet it is still a powerful force in India, much more
than in the U.S.

On July 13, 1997, thousands of untouchables rioted in the financial hub of
Bombay, and police shot and killed 12 and arrested 2,111. This has been one
response to the discrimination, and we’ve seen our share of rioting in our
country too.

The Untouchables have some leaders who are trying to lead them to freedom. The
big leader at the moment is Ram Raj. His predecessor was Dr. Ambedkar, a
contemporary of Gandhi. Ram Raj recently got the idea of assembling one
million untouchables in Delhi and then in a mass conversion, having one
million untouchables renounce Hinduism. Like Dr. Ambedkar, he wanted these
untouchables to go ahead and adopt Buddhism.

The Christian leadership of India then met with Dalit leaders on Sept. 7 in
Hyberabad, India and discussed Dalit issues and the upcoming million-person
event that Ram Raj was calling for on Nov. 4, 2001. The Christian churches of
India took a united stand in publicly supporting the freedom of the Dalits,
and promised to help them by building many schools (200 primary schools) and
other projects. A Dalit leader was quoted at the meeting, “The only way for
our people to find freedom from 3,000 years of slavery is to quit Hinduism and
Castism and embrace another faith. Christianity offers hope for us. We would
be happy if our people would become Christians.” Ram Raj reconsidered and
decided to include two Christian speakers at his million-person rally. Now
bear in mind, he wanted people to become Buddhists, but he reconsidered and in
the spirit of freedom told his people he would not stand in their way if they
wanted to become Christians and not Buddhists.

The million-person rally was this last weekend.
The idea of the entire caste of untouchables walking away from slavery under
Hinduism is quite a heady concept. Bear in mind, 1 out of 5 people in India is
an untouchable, and India has a billion people. The idea that hundreds of
thousands of untouchables might convert to Christianity in one mass was also a
heady idea. 5,000 Christian pastors in India decided to attend the
million-person rally in order to be on hand for the possible conversion of a
quarter of a million untouchables.

So what happened this last weekend? The government revoked their permit to
use a big stadium only a few days before the event. The organizers had to find
an alternative site, which they did. The press published all kinds of false
information about the event on the radio and television to mislead people, and
even announced the event had been cancelled. They even put up false posters.
(Boy, it seems the controlled media is the same there as here.) Then the
system used the police. The police stopped hundreds of buses from coming into
Delhi, and also detained thousands in the railway system. The Anti-Christian
groups got ready to lambaste and downplay the event—which they did with their
typical false reporting. Of course the government denies that the police
turned thousands away, even though tens of thousands witnessed it. The
controlled media is helping maintain this fiction. In spite of all these
things, at least 100,000 untouchables got to the mass rally and renounced
Hinduism!! The newspapers reported only 2,000 came, but eyewitness and police
reports confirm that it was at least 100,000.

I have seen for myself how the controlled media plays with figures. If a rally
is politically correct the numbers get multiplied, and if it is politically
incorrect they get substantially divided.

100,000 is not 1 million, but 100,000 people renouncing their 3,000 year old
slavery is still a significant event. 100,000 people changed their attitude.
100,000 people took back their free will and free choice. 100,000 people
decided not to allow the control to continue. And what about the ones that
didn’t make it to the meeting? Do the authorities really think they can stop
the spirit of freedom in the hearts of over a million Untouchables who wanted
to attend that rally?

Freedom is more than an abstract mental concept. It is a spiritual issue. When
Christ left, he sent his Spirit to work in our hearts so that we would want to
be free. And so our hearts cry, “Freedom.”

My sources include news articles, talks with individuals, my own knowledge
and research of the culture from having been to India and Nepal, a book on the
caste system, and some web sites such as CBN.com.

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