Subject: Spiritual manna no. 15, Explaining the magician's tricks 

Spiritual Manna No. 15 by Fritz Springmeier, shared 10 November, 2001 Title:
Explaining the master magician’s tricks, show, & future acts. I get the
distinct impression that even the better-informed Americans don’t really
grasp what is going on. This article is an attempt to begin a process of
building a better perspective for those who have ears to hear, & eyes to
see. If you need a scripture reference for this manna, use MT 4:8-9, “…the
devil…sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world…all these things will I give
thee…” (Luke also has this.)

What gave me my distinct impression? I’ll give a couple quick examples.
There is a writer whom I really respect & previously thought had things
figured out. He is advising Americans to join the war effort because he
explains it is clear that these radical Moslems hate all Americans. Yes,
that’s true, for radicals like bin Laden it is open season on all Americans.
(It’s also true that it is open season now on anyone opposed to our World
Order government, now that the Bush administration dusted off the martial
law sedition act from the Civil War.)

I won’t embarrass anyone by naming names on this next example. One Christian
writer is pleased that Americans have not had to suffer surveillance.
“Imagine that you’re visiting a foreign country when you realize that you’re
being followed. Your every move is watched…. It’s as if at all times someone
wants to know what you are doing, saying, thinking, and planning.” The
writer says that these things happen overseas but not in America, thank God.
I’ve lived under that kind of scrutiny for years here in America. Americans
have been closely monitored for at least 30 years. Millions of pieces of
mail each year are secretly opened. Telephones have been monitored without
warrants. Major dissenters have had their lives disrupted or their lives
forfeited. But here we have a recent Christian writer reinforcing the
illusion that our government is a nice government that doesn’t do

Let me show you how the stage was set this time, by taking you back to a
previous stage show. Let’s mentally go back to 1936 when the Illuminati were
planning the show (called WW II). Mentally transport yourself back to about
65 years ago, as we look into how an Illuminati planning session looks: The
idea which they are hashing out is how to get Germany up to a credible level
to engage in war, and what the results of that war will be. You see it just
doesn’t work out on paper, in war games, and so forth. The war just doesn’t
come together. The German staff (& others) used war games similar to what is
now sold today to figure out how battles and wars would happen. War games
were SOP. (I myself have war gamed out W.W. II with very detailed war games
that require you to learn a book of minute details just to play the game,
where the entire political-economic-military scenario is before you. The
obvious fact is that Japan & Germany don’t stand a chance. They never did.
Today’s board games even cheat slightly on the parameters to give the Axis
powers more ability so they have at least a slight chance.) As these
Illuminati colleagues study the problems, the problem is not how can the
future allies (Russia, China, Br. Empire, & US) beat their future enemies
(Germany, Japan & Italy), but how do we give Germany, Japan, & Italy enough
to make them be a credible opponent? Germany has been in the depths of
starvation & unemployment. Its economy is in shambles, and it is only a
small nation. It has no real submarine force, it has only a small air force,
and its tanks are a joke. Japan is the most powerful Asian nation, but
compared to the Western powers she is far behind. Japan’s industrial ability
is relatively small, and its military-industrial complex lacks some
significant things, including raw materials. When you war game out a war
between Japan and the U.S., Japan just does not have any credible chance.
That is without factoring in that Japan actually fought China, the Br.
Commonwealth, and the U.S. while having to guard against Russia at the

The Germans started the war with their Panzer I tanks (little tankettes),
which were armed with machine guns and were vulnerable to most every thing.
They had to use them because they were short of real tanks. They began with
only a handful of weak submarines. When the war began, all their planes and
tanks were outclassed by the best British, French and Russian models. To
give the Germans a fighting chance, Czechoslovakia was given to the Germans
without a fight. Czechoslovakia provided the Germans with 368 35(t) and
38(t) tanks, which were then used by Germany to conquer Poland. The Germans
had the Czechs build almost 1,300 more of these Czech tanks in the next two
years. In order to give Germany a fighting chance, France, Britain, and
Russia employed their weapons in a ridiculous fashion. Had these nations
used their weapons intelligently W.W. II would have still-birthed within a
month or two after Sept. 1, 1939. The Illuminati during the entire war had
to secretly supply Germany with many vital items including for instance,
diamonds for gyroscopes & millions of other industrial uses, and gas and oil
quietly shipped through Spain to France and on to Germany. Had the
Illuminati not supplied the items Germany lacked for a modern war, the war
would have easily ground to a halt in 1942.

The precarious position of Germany and Italy prior to WW II is not revealed
by our superficial histories and Hollywood movies. In order to capture
Ethiopia, a rather minor African nation, in 1936 Italy had to require all of
its women to turn in their wedding bands so that the gold could be used to
pay for the war. Italy also had to resort to chemical weapons. Germany on
the start of the war was so bad off economically, that restaurants stayed
open short hours & only carried one or two items, although they continued to
pass out full menus. A law in Germany required all restaurant garbage to be
retained and recycled, and a synthetic margarine was made from the garbage,
so that Hitler could have both “guns & butter”. This synthetic margarine
would instantly give you the runs, & this is what the German people had to
eat. This is just at the war’s start.

The Japanese factory that built its fabled Zero fighters, transported the
airplanes to their airfields by a few ox carts over crude roads. In order to
produce gas, teams of youth pulled tree stumps, which when burned into
charcoal and refined gave small amounts of a low-grade aviation fuel. I
forget the ratio, fifty tree stumps for a cup of gas, or something like

It is likely the U.S. secretly provided a sub base for the Germans during
the early part of the war on Long Island, so as to give them a more credible
chance to sink U.S. ships. Our merchant ships during America’s first year at
war (’42) were ordered to take little precautions against subs, and
consequently suffered large losses. The Germans even sailed subs up the
Mississippi River and took out American shipping on the Mississippi.

What I am writing is true. I am trying to convey to the reader that WW II
was a sham. The Illuminati tried every trick in the book to help the
upstart nations of Germany, Italy and Japan to have a credible war machine.
Did they want Germany to lose? It seems that they were willing to accept an
axis victory, but that there was so little doubt about eventual Allied
success that they only had to seriously ask themselves that question when
Hitler had finished off France. At that point, they decided to pull back
some of their support to help insure Hitler lost, but not enough to stop the

What I am hoping to communicate is that the Illuminati knew quite accurately
what was going to happen in WW II. It’s called a controlled conflict. If you
control both sides, then you are guaranteed to control the outcome. Right
now we are in a controlled conflict, both Pres. Bush and Bin Laden fit the
profile of mind-controlled slaves. They are following their programming.
Notice that Bush is known as a Christian, an important point to antagonize
the religious sensitivities of fanatic Moslems. Notice that the U.S. was
well known to be encouraging Afghanis to join the Northern Alliance before
9-11, so that a different government could be installed. Note also that the
CIA was the financial power during the 1990’s behind various groups trying
to overthrow Saddam Hussein. However, through CIA betrayals Saddam Hussein
is still in power. (For instance, on Mar. 3 ’95, a INC-led military
offensive against Hussein, encouraged by the CIA, lost its American support
the very day of the offensive.) Hussein & bin Laden, Mussolini & Hitler. The
effect of American Middle East meddling & backstabbing of potential friends
has been to alienate most Moslems towards us, thus laying the stage for Iraq
and then others to join the Taliban. There are numerous other details that
lead Moslems to consider this war to be one of western imperialism to
destroy Islam. Meanwhile, Bin Laden comes from a rich Saudi family that is
connected to the kind of mind-control done by groups such as the CIA to
individuals. It is a script with puppets designed to play upon the way
Americans & Moslems think & react. These Illuminati scripts have to have
actors that are either totally controlled or very predictable. Many, if not
almost all people, are quite predictable once you know how they think. Once
the Illuminati has a clear profile on how someone acts and reacts, it is
fairly easy to manipulate a predictable person. The Bush family, as you
know, has plenty of experience with controlled conflicts, beginning with
Prescott Bush’s support for Hitler.

Examples from military history come to my mind to show how things look from
the top. I have but space for one. Prior to the Battle of the Bulge, Hitler
and only a few select trusted men, planned the details of a large offensive
that would be launched through the Belgium Ardennes Forest. The plans for
the battle were war-gamed, and phase lines, timetables and goals were
created. Later more generals were brought into the planning. It was very
clear what had to be achieved, because the operation’s success depended upon
hitting the Allies before they could react to the surprise attack, using
captured supplies and other things. What is not widely known is that the
German generals knew after THE VERY FIRST DAY that the offensive was a total
failure. It had failed to capture the minimum of goals needed for success.
Hitler himself had been intimately involved in the planning, and he knew
that success was not probable after a few hours on the FIRST DAY. Of course,
this was his last gamble so he played it out. These men knew that the battle
was lost on the first day, and yet they went ahead and played it out, so
that perhaps half a million men could become casualties.

Most people are not involved in this kind of planning and war gaming. But I
am here to tell you it goes on. The elite know exactly what is happening and
what the odds are. The Illuminati know exactly the capabilities & weaknesses
of both sides. The Arabs are now playing the role the Germans & Japanese
played. They are fanatic, but they don’t have a chance in the long run. In
order to give them the ability to muster a credible threat, the Illuminati
has had to work hard and pull many secret shenanigans. I would not doubt
that the radical Moslems are continuing to get supplies quietly from our
side. Hitler had to receive aid to stay in the war. If this manufactured
sham war is what you want to suffer and die for, that is your choice.

There is not a shred of doubt from what I know, that the planners at the top
know blow for blow what is coming. The plans include weapons of mass
destruction, such as a few A-bombs. The dying is going to be real, just like
the suffering and dying was real to the American G.I., the British Tommy,
and the German Landser, who had to suffer in wet snowy cold foxholes while
bone-shaking ear-shattering bombs dropped around them for hours. And all
the time, the movers and shakers at the top knew ahead of time, what the
outcome would be. If this is the kind of sacrifice that appeals to you, that
is your choice.

For myself, I want out of this game where the game pieces are real humans.
As pointed out, the plans are for the war to spread. It all seems very
messy and bloody to me. I don’t mind defending my home and family, but I
could never encourage someone to die for someone’s script, a scripted movie,
where the actors are real people, and the profits & benefits go to the
puppet masters.