Please read this if you want to continue to receive manna articles.
Itís been a joy for me to send these mannas out to the remnant and those of
good will. You have been sent 40 mannas, and attached to this letter is an
index that indexes these 40 both topically and chronologically.

Lord willing, I will continue to send more exciting manna articles. However,
for a while I need to spend some time praying. The month of December is an
appropriate month to meditate upon Christ. You can also reflect upon these 40
mannas, and try out some of their suggestions. You have been eating (hopefully
feasting), and now I give you a period of digestion. In general your responses
have been wonderful. An exception to this is that several of my dear readers
have recently given me replies that show me they just donít get a major piece.
They are not understanding that this whole 9-11 thing along with the worldwide
war on terrorism is a staged act. Itís an expensive play and the worldís the
stage. If you see Germany refuse to cooperate with Bushís demand for German
troops to fight terrorism in some far off land, donít draw the false
conclusion it means the German leaders arenít in league with our dirty
politicians. These German politicians are Illuminati, and are simply reading
their script. The Arabs only have power because our dirty Illuminati
politicians have suppressed the technology that would make their oil & gas
worthless. They even destroyed lots of oil in the gulf war to help jack up the
prices. The Moslem fundamentalists are a capable international military group
only because of our enormous assistance, including our staged antagonisms to
anger the Moslems. Donít think that the major politicians of this country are
on our side. If they say they are going to defend our freedoms, it is only
because they are saying their lines in this play, not because they are
actually going to protect them. Wake up people! There might be a slim chance a
few politicians are legitimate, but from what I know I canít see how. Only God
and the common person not in the play can still act independently.

The New York Times of Sept. 22, states that the only one Israeli died in the
WTC 9-11 tragedy. He was visiting the WTC on business. Considering 199 are
listed dead from Columbia and 428 from the Philippines, and some Jews have
reported that they were tipped off prior to the attack, it looks to me like
this was a Mossad operation on behalf of the Illuminati perhaps using Moslems.
The Mossad, by the way, takes orders daily from MI-6, who in turn are
hand-in-glove with the Illuminati. Both Mís have Moslem assets.

The bigger picture is why you will find Jesuit educated Shimon Peres (the
Israeli leader) having stock (2.46%) in the PLOís public phone company Paltel
along with the Bin Ladens (40%) and Arafat (40%). This is why the Bush family
and the Bin Ladens are connected in business together, for instance, the
Carlyle group. (Well, itís reported the Bin Ladens recently pulled out of the
Carlyle Group.) Itís no different than when Bushís grandfather aided Hitler
financially, and Brown Bros. Harriman made big bucks.

Tens of thousands of insiders know exactly that this is a staged play, but
they are not going to tell you because they fear the power of the World Order,
I donít. (How many insiders spilled the beans in the Kennedy assassination?)
Donít let the play mesmerize you.

I am having a seriously difficult time getting the bigger picture across to
my readers. This war is not about oil, nor is it is about making you safe. It
is about setting up the final visible One World Dictatorship. The actors are
often Ėwell- actors. It always amazed me when Iíd watch people watching a TV
show and they would really think it was real. This 9-11 guerilla-war
inoculation & war on terrorism is a well-written script to bring in tyranny,
and I am amazed it is even convincing many of my readers. Well, maybe I
shouldnít be so amazed, because Hollywood which studies the emotional impact
of their movie scenes was advising the American government after the 9-11
attack; which is why the U.S. government got the media to show film of Bin
Laden taunting America. Hollywood had advised them to do it. Yes, the
scriptwriters wrote the script well, although King Georgeís words after the
9-11 event sounded like they were taken directly from the movie ďThe SiegeĒ.

Hereís my contribution to their script, it looks like it was also directly
taken from something else:
AN UPDATED New World Order translation of the 23rd Psalm.

King George is my shepherd,
I shall not want,
He leadeth me beside still factories,
He restoreth my faith in airport security
He guideth me into the path of unwinnable long wars
For the eliteís sake.

I fear my government for the Bill of Rights is no longer with me,
Thou anointest my activities with surveillance and censorship
So my cup runneth over with persecution
Surely poverty and disaster shall follow all the days of America,
And we shall live in terror forever.

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I have at least 200 people who have begged me for Be Wise As Serpents books.
I just wish they had gotten them 10 years ago when they were available. I am
simply one person who lives out in the beautiful countryside of Oregon. Some
people think I am an organization, --wrong. Please donít assume that ten
years from now I will be well stocked with these manna articles. I think you
catch my drift, now is the time to get these articles. I am willing to send
them to anyone who wants this kind of material.

Christ imparted his life to an inner circle of 12 and a larger group of 40. I
am not looking to share with large crowds. For over a decade I have been
seeking that small group of people who have ears to hear, and then the
gumption to do something after they do hear. I want that hardcore remnant, the
ones that Gideon could use. And now I am finding out who wants to go on with
these manna articles, and who doesnít. Iím not asking much, just a simple
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Since I am unable to mask my recipients, these mannas go out in small address
clusters. This means the emails donít all go out with one click of the mouse.
Itís a little extra work, but I am trying to preserve your privacy. When the
Feds raided my place they got thousands of addresses. What they think they can
decipher from all those addresses is beyond me, but if that is how they are
going to black list people, their method is going to black list a large
percentage of this country. It appears that instead of protecting Americans,
they are busy with this kind of silliness. Are they afraid of Christians? I
hope so. I hope they see a big conspiracy behind every little old
grandmotherís address.

Our problem is not the Moslems. Our problem is not the Roman Catholics. Our
problem is not the Jews. Our problem is not the Christians. Our problem is the
people who use these religions as fronts!!!! Donít be so mesmerized by the
play that you join it thinking itís real. This is why Christ says bring every
thought into captivity into his obedience. (2 COR 10:5) If you donít, Satan
will do just the opposite, take your thoughts captive to him.

If anything is important and timely, I will try to pass it on. There are some
others who are supplying good information. And Lord willing, I will continue
to let them do that while I focus on feeding and caring for Godís flock
spiritually. Todayís Spirits of Deception are powerful, but I have this hope
that with Godís Spirit I can prevent the elect from being deceived. Let me
hear from you. Yours in Christ & liberty, Fritz Springmeier.