Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 12:02:57 -0500

From: "fritz springmeier" <>
Subject: [There4Iam] Fw: Article for RealityExpander by Fritz 


Summer Solstice brought us headlines from the CIA controlled ABC Houston
channel named ABC13 about a shocking murder (or sacrifice?) of 5 children by
their mother Andrea Pia Yates. On June 20, 2001, a thin woman with glasses
and long brown hair at the tree-filled 900 block of Beachcomber Lane, in
Clear Lake, TX called the Houston police to her nice upper middle class
Spanish-style home so that she could show them that she had just murdered
her five children. Three years previous to this almost to the day (June18,
1999), this same mother had attempted suicide with an overdose. She was an
ex-nurse and a mother in her late 30's who home-schooled her children and
took them on excursions. Her children were named after major biblical
figures Mary (mother of Jesus), Noah, John, Paul and Luke. Andrea's husband
Russell worked nearby at NASA's Johnson Space Center. He rushed home, but
was blocked by police from going into his home. Soon psychologists from NASA
arrived to deal with the father of the dead children. Andrea's mother A.D.
Kennedy and her brother Pat Kennedy are supportive of her after her arrest.
Her husband is supportive of her too. He is quoted as saying while pointing
to Andrea's picture, "The woman here is not the woman who killed my
children." The explanation for this bizarre new moon crime is that she was
suffering from postpartum depression. Flowers or donations for the memorial
can be dropped off at 907 El Dorado, Clear Lake Flowers. Oh, compassionate
Heavenly Father, there are many who mourn and hurt from this difficult
event, receive the pain and confusion of those who need help. Help us to
gain some wisdom from this sad event. The world is again confronted with a
bizarre tragedy, this time a loving peaceful mother killing her sweet
children. The neighbors are shocked. Her family is shocked. They are quoted
as continuing to say that Andrea is a beautiful person. The world is
shocked. And we are told that this is the result of postpartum depression.
Her lawyer is rumored to want to protect her using "insanity" as a defense.
He stated on a show that Andrea thought her neighbor was an alien. The only
one who seems to be saying "I told you so" is a well known occult psychic
and Cabalist named Sollog. Sollog has been predicting "lines of tragedy".
His earlier line of tragedy was locations just south of the 35th degree of
latitude, and included the school stabbings near Osaka, Japan, the disco
bombing in Tel Aviv, and the multiple school shootings in San Diego, CA. His
more recent line of tragedy was to be tragedies just south of the 30th
degree of latitude, and in line with this prediction have come the bizarre
mass murder of the Nepalese royal family in Katmandu, Dale Earnhardt's death
at Daytona Beach,FL, the 31 Allison, TX flood victims, and now the 5 child
murders in Clear Lake. Of course, skeptics says Sollog's repeatedly
accurate predictions are an unlucky coincidence. Viewers of Fritz Lang's
diabolical 1960 German movie "1,000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse" might conclude that
there might be something more sinister behind the accuracy of Sollog's
predictions. It is fair to ask, is there something more sinister to the
murder of these children? Certainly, the police in Lang's movie did when
confronted with bizarre murders. The deaths of these five children certainly
fits in well with several agendas that are currently being openly pushed by
Big Brother. There are going to be two conflicting theories arising. One is
that our governing authorities would never be behind something so heinous.
The other is that the murder of these children fits in perfectly with Big
Brother's campaign to enact current legislation that would give states
custody of the majority of children within their jurisdictions. There have
been a flood of stories recently that raise serious questions as to whether
any parents are fit to raise their own children. Fine, even if we are to
admit that the murder helps the current campaign to strip parents of their
legal rights in regards to children, that doesn't mean that our government
would have the means to be involved in this murder. The idea of our
government being involved seems far-fetched to those who haven't kept up
with learning about the mind-control capabilities of our government.

However, for those who have studied the mind-control of our government
(especially what is documented and exposed in the three books that this
reporter has written), they will see that the murder of five children by a
mother is a classic example of mind-control. All the clues point to an
occult-tainted mind-controlled murder. NASA is involved in mind-control. The
behavior of the mother smacks of mind-control. Her confession was described
as "zombie-like". There have certainly been Yates that have been prominent
in the occult world. Francis A. Yates is an occult authority. Giles Fonda
Yates was a 33rd degree Freemason and the Sovereign Grand Inspector General
of the Scottish Rites Supreme Council. While this has no direct bearing on
this story, it does enhance the question, what kind of groups was this
Yates' family historically associated with? Her maiden name was Kennedy. If
one studies authoritative works on witchcraft, for instance, The Witches
Way, p.269, you will learn that one of the advantages of witchcraft is that
it is flexible in when it celebrates events. The Summer Solstice can be
celebrated on several days. How appropriate for occultists that they can
wake up and read about a mother sacrificing her children on June 21. Once
again we have a murder that smacks of occultism, of mind-control and fits in
with an agenda of those wanting to create an occult dictatorship over the
world. Are we willing to honestly investigate this crime, or will we just
passively accept the changes it will create in parents' rights?