Date: 23 Jul 2001 22:07:13 MDT

From:patty springmeier <> 
Subject: Dead or Alive, Ghosts haunt NWO 


Something seems to happen when people expose the New World Order. They die!
Often the last person to find out that they are dead are the deceased
themselves. Several of my colleagues in several countries who are exposing
the New World Order have been reported dead. Here’s how it worked for me,
(and by the way, if you don’t know it I’m very controversial for the
globalists.) Several years ago, people who tried to call me had their calls
redirected to a woman who informed them that I was dead. People do tend to
quit calling you once you are reported dead. It may come as a surprise to
some people, but I AM alive.

I never have found my own dead body. If it makes you feel any better you can
call the police, and report my dead body as missing. The reaction is along
the following lines:

“Hello, officer I’d like to speak to the missing persons desk.” “Yes?”
Sergeant Disinterested speaking, “what do you want?” “I want to report
missing activists. Their phones say that they are dead, but none of their
local funeral homes have reported seeing any dead bodies.” “We usually don’t
have any luck in finding missing activists, conspiracy theorists, social
reformers, or patriots, but we do file their names in a big circular file
that gets looked at everyday. However, I’m not the person you want to talk
to. The officer who handles that department is Lt. Rarelyfound. His number
is 888-555-1212 ext. 666. I’ll let you know if we hear anything! Have a nice
day.” Click!

They call this approach to missing persons reports the “bureaucratic
runaround”. They call the death rumor approach to handling disagreeable
activists “information strategies”, which is a nice way to describe what
used to be called starting rumors. It is the flip side to what the Forum
Foundation, EST, and Esalen, and Hollywood do to create superstars out of
homely vain losers. You take a brilliant activist, someone like Israel
Shahak…. and you print in Pravda…er, excuse me the Washington Post (that’s
our Pravda brought to us by a grant from Langley, VA and sponsored by our
Jewish lobbyists)…and you print that Israel Shahak has died. And if Israel
Shahak comes into the Washington Post’s building in Washington, D.C. and
physically shows you that he is alive and well—well you ignore him like he
is a ghost. The logic goes like this, if we can reinvent ordinary people
into super heroes, or criminals into statesmen, why can’t we reinvent our
worst critics into dead people. There’s no business like story business.

Evidently, the powers that be have invested a lot of effort into
“information strategies.” The KGB had 1 of their 8 branches devoted solely
to misinformation, and MI-6 has had standing committees that provide
oversight to make sure that the misinformation doesn’t begin to contradict
itself, or fall apart too easy.

Genghis Khan found out the value of rumor when he realized his armies were
actually too small to conquer the next victim. He’d send agents ahead who
would plant rumors that would overstate the size and fierceness of his

Some rich speculators in London found out how well death rumors work back in
1814. They had a fellow pretend he was a Russian officer, and this pretend
officer landed at Dover and announced that Napoleon had died. Meanwhile a
group of bogus French officers were driving through London spreading the
same rumor. These rich speculators made their money in the money markets
that day, because they had controlled information—or should we say
disinformation. They’ve come a long way baby.

Now its, “Think globally, act locally… and buy American made lies.” Business
is business and the New World Order is in the business of information

I for one, am finally beginning to see why humor and rumor rhyme. Oh, but
I’m not suggesting that the news makers and rumor makers come clean, that
break people’s trust in their modern media, and the whole system might break
down. Plus you can’t expect the news people to bite the hand of the rich
elite that feeds them.

What happens to these nice rumors? The rumors the news media spreads either
deflate into simplicity or they inflate into bigger exaggerations depending
upon the wishful thinking and projections and interests of their listeners.
My wife and I this year got reinvented into terrorists armed with automatic
AK-47s. First, I was a ghost, now I’ve been reinvented into a terrorist. So
here is how the battle is being waged to repress criticism of the New World

This whole rumor thing about spreading false death notices has added another
twist to the right to life as in “the right to life, liberty and the pursuit
of happiness.” Or to ask the question another way, “To be or not to be.” “Is
an activist who dies in the middle of a newspaper dead if no one sees him

If you find yourself reported dead, pinch yourself before you believe it.