Fritz Springmeier's Greatest Challenge Begins
From Ken Adachi
Editor's Note: Fritz Springmeier is probably the world's foremost authority on the bloodlines of the Illuminati and the techniques they employ to create a mind controlled slave. His books on mind control (co-authored with former Illuminati programmer Cisco Wheeler) are without peer in depth, rigorous detail, and uncompromising accuracy. His lecture on the Illuminati and mind control given at the Granada Forum in 1998 was the best and most astute presentation I've ever heard on the subject. Naturally, anyone who exposes the Illuminati's underbelly with Fritz's level of adroitness is going to come under attack by the Little Minions on the internet and from the 'justice' system, which usually has no trouble in conjuring up a suitable 'charge' to fit the frame. Fritz Springmeier has done nothing but give, give, and give some more, in the interest of educating the uninformed and unweary of this country of the diabolical agenda of the Illuminated Ones and has attempted mightily to expose their treachery before all is lost. It's now time to do something to help Fritz. I don't know what that is yet, but I intend to find out. Hope you will, too.
-- Ken Adachi
Parting Words To Friends As The Main Legal Battle Begins
By Fritz Springmeier
Feb 9, 2003
You will not hear from me for about a week. Tomorrow the main battle begins.
The Feds are trying to flush me into the sewer of prison life for the rest of my life. And lots of well meaning people with lots of good intentions are giving a great deal of free advice, much of it given without much understanding. Like I was really given other options. My other 'options' include the 'roadkill option' to run and risk getting shot like a dangerous animal.
Or I can decide not to play their legal game and play my own legal game. In this 'strutting machismo option' I can bravely announce to the Plexiglas and walls what the law technically is, what the law should be or was, or what I imagine the law is. I can put Big Brother's Brave New World on trial. While this makes an altruistic statement on what the law should be, the law is really what Big Brother's regime says it is. This country is occupied by our present regime, and what they want to do, they do. Our ideals don't mean trash to these people.
I know. At times in the past, I've risked my life and limb standing up for one's Constitutional rights and the technical aspect of what the law actually says. These people don't even study the Constitution to become part of law enforcement, nor do the lawyers. Constitutional law and what we had as law in the past are lost sciences, which need the discovery of a Rosetta Stone. In the 'letter of the law' option, rather than put the system on trial, I dazzle Big Brother with the letter of the law. I have nothing against technicalities, but in the past when using this option, I have had to face a choice, do I give my life for some legal technicality or give in under duress. As the Word of God says, the letter of the law does not give life (for instance, when our government wants to do something else).
My story is a story about the love of truth, but whether it has a happy ending remains to be seen. Our nation's legal heritage in the past is a phantom, a phantom that many people continue to cling to. Recently my wife and I watched the movie K-19. It showed the tyranny of the Communist Russian system, and how its tyranny destroyed the chance for things to function, for instance the nuclear sub K-19. Had the rigid authoritarian system let people do their jobs without micromanaging them from on high, then things would have functioned better. When I commented to my wife, that I was grateful that I was born in Kansas and not Russia, she replied, "Well, Dorothy, this isn't Kansas anymore."
She's right; the surreal Brave New World we live in is not Kansas anymore.
So we come back to the choice I've made. To stare the monster in the face and go to court. And when my side gets done fighting their court battle and the dust settles, where I will be is anyone's guess. I may be in the belly of the beast. Some might call this battle trial and error, or perhaps trials and tribulations. Ladies and Gentlemen of my readership, my future is in the hands of other people, and I have very little influence over what happens. It is like boarding a plane that looks like it might fall apart being piloted with a question mark for a pilot. But even that analogy doesn't quite describe what it is like to enter the bizarre world of the American legal system. While both sides get to pitch, it seems at times our side has to hit a homerun to be allowed to go to first base. It's not a level playing field. I am watched and listened to by the government. A government paid attorney defends me. I am brought before a government judge who himself will select my jury. The only thing in the courtroom that is not government issued is the defendant. The first line of people who get to decide my fate are the jury, the judge and the attorneys. The second line of persons are the evilarchy and the good Lord Almighty, who will also throw their influence into things.
I have been totally amazed at the hundreds, more likely thousands, of people praying for me even in foreign lands. I got long distance calls from South Africa and Japan telling me that they were praying for me. I was honored this last Friday to receive the Texas Freedom Award "in recognition of service to humanity and the active promotion of freedom, liberty, and justice in Texas." The award committee was Christ Athanas, of and Jeffrey Lee Contreras, editor of . These are the people that keep me going. They are the people who let me know that there is something worth fighting and dying for in this nation. It would have been easy for me to buckle under and to have done something stupid. It's not easy to face the monster face to face. (Even God closed the door on the Ark when it got hopelessly bad.) But if I come through this, I know that there are good people out there that deserve to be free and to know the truth, and I hope to continue my writing after all this for them.
The situation? Bizarre maybe; scary certainly; but not impossible. There are a category of people who think I am naive and courting disaster to ever allow the system to put me on trial. They are welcome to their opinion, although I believe that that is grossly underestimating me, and quite frankly being unfair, but then I don't expect fairness from anyone. And if Big Brother deep fat fries me, you are all welcome to crowd around me and gawk and console me for doing my best. However, I am sincerely hoping to hear those beautiful words, "not guilty". I want my innocence vindicated.
Yours in Christ, Fritz.