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Fritz Springmeier
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BE Wise as Serpents is the history of the systematic destruction of Christianity and the building of a 1-world-religion. As you read this research based on a. confidential interviews with participants within in the conspiracy, b. interviews of unwitting participants within the conspiracy, c. and historical documentation you will discover that there is great evidence for a history we have not been told, and a great struggle before mankind as the one-world-power/religion comes into focus.

Fritz Springmeier
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    Jew, Jewish

1. Who Built Your Frame of Reference

Document Packet
Pillars of Mystery 2
Progressive Light 3
A Rainbow of Dragons 4
Mysteries of the WT Society 5
The Emerald Island 6
God's "Annointed Seed" 7
"To Have My Throat Cut" 8
A Blank Check 9
"Jehovah" 10
The Magical Watchtowers 11
The Channel of Angelic Redemption 12
Cult of the Double-Sexed God Jehovah 13
The New World Society 14
The WT's Mein Kampf 15
The Mark of the Beast 16
Smokescreens 17
Assassinating 3 assassins 1
Capturing the Catholic Church 2
A Revolution in the Minds of Men 3
A Family Affair 4
The Golden Age 5
"The Healing Light" 6
Councils of Heresy 7
Mormons, Moonies, and Masons 8
Heresy interlocks with Power 9
Reviving the Mystery Religions 10
Comparing New Order Statements 11
The Second Tower of Babel 12
Preparing the Money System 1
Interest taking 2
Financial wizzards 3
Education 4
The Media and Communication 5
Concentrating Power 6
Scandals 7
Separating Church and State 8
America's Concentration Camps 9
Where the Rubber Hits the Road 10

In 1990, I came out with The Watchtower & the Masons. That book connected the Jehovah's Witnesses' Watchtower Society with the Masons. Some of the chapters for Be Wise As Serpents were originally written for The Watchtower & the Masons, but were not used.

It was obvious as I wrote The Watchtower & the Masons that I could not go into depth in the book, and that the book would have to be followed up with an indepth work. For that reason its cover called it a "Preliminary Investigation."

In 1990, I began looking for a publisher of Be Wise As Serpents because such a work deserved to be published properly by a well-known publisher. The months past by on the calender, and the time clock continued ticking away on the New World Order's agenda as I looked for a publisher. Because no person can have a total monopoly on the facts of a subject, I welcomed the help of others. I looked out for anyone who would team up with me, or appreciate my research. They would even be welcome by me to publish my research themselves under their own name. I didn't find any takers. At this point it looks like I'm left to share this message that the Lord has given me by myself without the help of a co-author or publisher.

By the summertime of 1991 a publisher had been found. But the Lord laid it on my heart in December, 1991 that I would have to self-publish.

There is still research to be done. For instance, an ex-member of the Satanic Illuminati hierarchy revealed that the Russell family is one of the top 13 Satanic families that have generation after generation passed down their Satanic power. It would be nice to have the time to finish the genealogy work I began on Charles T. Russell's family to see how they fit in with the other Russells.

So why publish an unfinished book? This information is very timely. 1992 is a major year for the Satanists to kick off a series of crises to bring the world under the Satan's rule. I can not presume upon the future that there will be an opportunity to put out books like this. Marshall law under an emergency
decree could come any time during the next few years.

If I could fight one thing with this book it would be fear. If we know what we are up against and are going to experience, I believe it will take away some of the fear of the unknown. The more we seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and the more we love and obey God the less we fear. Christ warned, "Ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled." (Mt 24:6.) Christ also said, "Take no thought for your life..." (Mt 6:25), which is rephrased by the Holy Spirit, "Be anxious for nothing." Phil 4:6.

The Christian will "commit thy way unto the Lord and trust also in Him." (Ps 37:5)

We are unable to see how God will win a victory in all this. We know that it will be some kind of miraculous display of his power and glory. But we rejoice with the Lord always, and realize that today is the day that the Lord has made, we will take each day at a time, and rejoice in it This book is a call  for people to face reality as it is today. I believe that if we are unable to face what the real situation is due to our fears, then the New World Order's many tenticles will continue to wreck havoc with our lives, it will continue to sap our resources for its causes and diversions, and it will continue to deceive us. May God give you hope and a spirit of courage that only God can give as you read this.


(THIS DEDICATION & LIST WILL MAKE MORE SENSE AFTER YOU READ THE BOOK AND ITS DOCUMENTATION. The deaths of some of these people have been described as "accidents" and "suicides", in some cases the circumstances of these supposed "suicides", make suicide the last possibility. I will not give their murderers the consolation of downplaying their martyrdom. It is time to recognize these heros for truth and freedom. Most of those on this list were killed by the Freemasons because they stood for truth or knew the truth. They were directly martyrs. But the reader may discover that organizations run by the Conspiracy Power have slaughtered millions. These millions were their sacrifices.)

Alexander, Czar of Russia- for prohibiting all Masonic Lodges
Giorgio Arabrosoli- His legal investigation into the P2 Masonic Lodge cost him his life.
Randall Baer- Christian, ex-New Age leader, for knowing and saying too much.
William Branham- Country preacher who learned how Illuminatitrained witches are infiltrating Christianity. Killed by an alcoholic, and false stories circulated to discredit him.
Sen. Bronson- Cutting critic of Roosevelt's New Deal. His tampered with plane crashed.
Professor Charini- Murdered for trying to translate the Talmud Tom Collins- Made an example of by the Illuminati for talking too much.
Laurence Duggen- Institute of International education, murdered
Vincent Forrestal-Sec. of Defense, he knew too much and failed to cooperate. Forced into a mental hospital and "fell" out of a window.
Boris Giuliano- Deputy superintendent of Palermo's police force, uncovered evidence, received six shots in a crowded restaurant, no witnesses.
Princess Grace- It is believed she knew too much for their comfort.
Grand Duke of Tuscany- tried to outlaw Freemasonry
F. Kennedy- This President ticked off nearly everyone in the One-World-Power system, and the details of his murder are one way for people to be introduced to what is happening.
Abraham Lincoln- This President also ticked off nearly everyone in the One-World-Power system, he was a great man. John Wilkes Booth was a member of the Carbonari (Haute Vente) a French Lodge system set up Masons. According to a relative of John Wilkes Booth he was also a Knights Templar Mason.
Prof. F.O. Matthiesen- Harvard Professor William Morgan- His book and murder still have the Masons making excuses and lies. Some Masons honestly admit he was murdered.
Napoleon III- Broke his Masonic oath
Herbert Norman- Canadian diplomat
Mino Perorelli- murdered for exposing the CIA-P2 ties
Pope John Paul I- Even Popes can go if they rock the boat
George Polk- CBS newsman who was investigating the Greek elite, who have ties to Chase Manhattan, the Masons, and the CIA. Evidence suggests the CIA covered up the murder.
Rev. I.B. Pranaitis- A Christian murdered for exposing the Talmud
Samuel Pritchard- exposed Masonry, murdered in 1730
Sen. Schall- Critical of Roosevelt's Jewish connections, killed by an unidentified hit and run driver.
Ellen Slade- murdered for not cooperating the Grand Lodge of IL. 's orders
Marvin Smith- murdered to keep his testimony from coming to court.
Noah Smith- opposed Masonry in 1798 in Manchester, VT
Didacus of Vilna- A Christian Jew who was cruelly murdered for revealing Jewish Plans for the world,
...David Brounlee, Oliver Gavit, Job Hunt, Artemus Kenedy, F.O. Mattheisen, William Michner, William Miller (of Belfast, Ir. in 1813), Ariel Murdock, and many others.

Author's Introduction & Dedication

Author's Introduction & Dedication
PART I. THE MAGICAL WATCHTOWERS -After initially introducing the reader to The Plan and the way it works, this series of chapters deals with the Watchtower Society and its connections to the New World Order.
1. Who Built Your Frame of Reference- An introduction to the book. Because the book covers such new material, it is important to assist people to initially grasp the subject. The chapter teaches how to use the book, and begins attempting to break the delusion that the public is under with photocopies from the conspirators own publications.
2.  Pillars  of  Mystery.  The  Masonic  Lodge  is everywhere; how the Masonic Lodge is to be one of the vehicles to create a One-World-Religion, and how the Masonic Mysteries are to become the New Age Religion. Learn about the many Masonic organizations.
3.  Progressive Light.  Revealing what the basic elements of a Gnostic religion are and how the various Gnostic cults are related."
4.  A Rainbow of Dragons. Examines the various New Age groups, including the Theosophical Society, and Church Universal & Triumphant. Learn who Lord Maitreya is. Learn some of the stock tools of the conspiracy.
5.  Mysteries of the WT Society. Three items of C.T. Russell, the Winged-Sun-Disk, Pyramids, and the Golden Age are exposed.
6.  The  Emerald  Island.  Are  bloodlines  still significant today? A look at Ulster, Ireland and the Russell  family before  C.T.  Russell.  The  Scottish cultural seedbed of today's global power is examined. 7.  God's "Annointed Seed . A close look at who C.T. Russell was.
8.  "To have my throat cut". C.T. Russell as a Freemason, his membership and how his membership is reflected in his beliefs and speeches.
9.  A Blank Check.  An expose of how the B'nai B'rith helped Russell's organization get started, and why. 
10.   "Jehovah". Uncovering the meanings behind the Watchtower's symbology.
11.   The Magical Watchtowers. Discovers the Masonic and Magical meaning to Watchtowers, puts forth a new hypothesis about what Watchtower means.
12.   The Channel of Angelic Redemption. Explores J.F. Rutherford as a channeler who said he was helping redeeming demons.
11. Comparing New Order Statements. Comparing the various plans that have surfaced from the various groups, and noticing the parallels between these various plans concerning the "Utopian" New Order.
12. The Second Tower of Babel. Examining the roles each group plays in the overall plot to create a New World and 1-World-Religion, and a 1-World-Government.
1.   Preparing  the  Money  System.  Examines  their economic plans, the World Money waiting in Canada for distribution orders, & the planned cashless society.
2.   Interest taking. How the Conspiracy "bites" the world  with  interest  and  God's  secret  Formula concerning money.
3.   Financial Wizards, and Wealthy Cults. Find out about the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and others, how  they  use  the  Federal  Reserve,  Interlocking Directories, a hereditary Aristocracy, and the World's resources to maintain control.
4.   Education. Reveals how controlled our history has been. The values and doctored history that the Conspiracy approves have been taught for many years.
5.   The media  and communication  "improvements". Exposes the evil role that the media and communication play.
6.   Concentrating Power. Examines the continuing process of the centralization of all power.
7.   Scandals.   Examining  scandals   created  to discredit Christianiy.
8.   Separating Church and State. The Masons devious efforts to insure that Christianity has no power at all.
9.   America's Concentration Camps. Are you ready for camp. They are ready for you, that is if you don't want to enjoy the good life of a New Order slave.
10.  Where the rubber hits the road. Coping in a Christ-like  way  with   an   overwhelming   Satanic conspiracy. Seeing how Christ can win a victory under difficult circumstances.
13.   Cult of the Double-Sexed God Jehovah. For centuries  men  have  worshipped  a  double-sex  God, explores the possible connection of this god with the rambant homosexuality of WT leadership.
14.   The New World Society. A look at the Orwellian world of the Jehovah's Witnesses and their battles and fixation with demons.
15.   The WT' s Mein Kampf. What do they really say is in store for the world in "paradise."
16.   The Mark of the Beast.  The WT Society is preparing  their  people  to  accept  the  New  Age Initiation, the Mark of the Beast.
17.   Smokescreens.  Identifying  some  smokescreens and blowing them away.
1.  Assassinating 3 assassins. Exposing the Masonic plot  to destroy the  church,  nationalism,  and the family.
2.  Capturing the Catholic Church.  Revealing the infiltration and capture of the great Catholic Church by the Conspiracy.
3.  A Revolution in the Minds of Men. Reveals the close   connection   between   Masonry   and   the Universalist/Unitarian church, and the Order.
4.  A Family Affair. Discloses who the people are that started Mormonism.  The occult,  religious,  and Masonic forces that created Mormonism are brought into clearer focus.
5.  The Golden Age. Shows how the concept of the Millenium  was  introduced  by  the  Masons  through Communism,  the Second Adventists JWs,  Mormons,  and others.
6.  "The  Healing  Light".   Exposes  the  close connections between Christian Science, the Jews, and Masons.
7.  Councils of Heresy. Find out who represents the Christians at the World Council of Churches. Find out how Masonry rules Christendom.
8.  Mormons,  Moonies,  and Masons.  Uncovers  the connections and cooperation between the Mormons and other groups.
9.  Heresy interlocks with power.  Revealing the source and use of heresy's power and contrasting it with Christianity.
10.  Reviving the Mystery Religions. Find out what the occult is, why the Mystery Religions are being revived, and how these religions are resurfacing. You will learn the names of one of the most powerful bodies in the world, and more information to get you to  take  the  Satanic  threat  of  world  domination seriously.

My desire is to give you evidence. If you don't have the patience for some introductory pages of explanations and can't wait for the evidence, then turn to where the scouting report begins.

I have entitled the book "Be wise as serpents, and as harmless as doves."

This allusion to the story of the serpent reminds us that the crafty serpent was a threat because Eve was naive. Wisdom is founded upon correct and significant knowledge. The serpent was wise, because he knew the issues at stake. Evil was out of Eve's frame of reference. She didn 't know she was being seduced. She thought she was getting an apple. She and Adam didn't know enough to feel a need to recognize issues. Something as simple as biting an apple meant the difference between adherence to goodness and its counterpart rebellion. The time for being naive ended with Eve. She got her apple.

The second part "harmless as doves" is the response to the first part. While doves are symbols of true enlightment and foresight, they carry no malice toward others.

In the modern version of Eve's story, we find her thinking to herself when she meets the serpent, "My pastor has told me not to study the adversary and the cults. We only need to know what real money looks like and not to study the counterfeit. My pastor has told me what an apple looks like, and that is a real apple. It is a real apple, and real apples are edible. Mmmm." Eve is still getting her apple, and is still naive.

This book exposes a composite serpent which has devised sinister plans concerning everyone. Christians are attracted to its nice looking apple called the New World Order. The book will answer questions like, what does this serpent look like, will it be as good a thing as it looks on the surface, where is it, what is its power?

The book is based on evidence and testimony. In addition to the evidences obtained from primary documents and books, this work is based on dozens of interviews with informed people. This includes Jehovah's Witnesses, ex-JWs, Mormons, ex-Mormons, New Agers, ex-New Agers, Catholics, Jews, Masons, ex-Masons etc., etc.. The strongest evidences are the personal testimonies given to me by those people that have been intimately involved with the conspirators. Unfortunately, because of the viciousness of those seeking our enslavement with their grandiose schemes, my sources remain anonymous. This is understandable; such is the exigencies of a spiritual war against powerful conspiracies.

What I have done in this publication could be called a scouting report about our opponent. We are familiar that basketball and football teams send out scouts to see what their opponent is doing. We are familiar with how alert an athlete is in watching and forecasting his opponents moves. We would consider it very unwise if a team choose to close their eyes and stop their hearing when playing another team.

Are the scouting reports already made? We need better ones. The ones we have try to stop a snaking river with a stone in place for a dam, at best they redirect the opponent. The scouting report must be able to give us a solution, a real remedy that stops the flow because it correctly guages the width of the river. How wide is this torrent? This ravaging diluge is a conspiracy for power that extends into every dimension of life where power exists, be that religion, politics, finances, education, mass media, or science, and its current has been flowing for centuries. It has even skillfully planned and created its own opposition, which periodically makes preplanned non-fatal attacks.

Back to the basketball analogy, do I really think we can beat the world at its own game, especially when it has the home court advantage? No, not if we play their game by their rules. Yes, if we play our game plan and not theirs. You will find out ways to do this in Unit 3.

In the end it doesn't matter who wins the battles, but who is on the ultimate winning side when the war ends. Logic alone will tell you that evil which is self-destructive can not be the final victor. It is obvious that life had an intelligent creator. Do you think that an intelligent creator created life only to let it destroy itself?

How do we keep score in a spiritual war? Is a martyr for truth a victory for truth or a defeat for truth? I personally could not sit idly by and watch myself and my loved ones be enslaved. It made me sick to see the leaders that the Christian people looked up to selling them into slavery. I was tired of the Christian book stores filled with lies while the truth lay silent.

Of course a comprehensive work on the conspiracy of power would be volumnous, so this work concentrates on giving new information on where this crafty snake has hidden itself in religion.

The religious dimension would be shallow without supplementary information on the other aspects, indeed this work has been designed to fill in the gaps and tie together the scouting reports that are available.

The vast knowledge I had on the subject gave me a responsibility to warn others. I tried unsuccessfully to give my research to others, but in the end found that I would have to do the mission myself.

Why did we need another book on the One-World-Religion One-World-Government conspiracy?

First, the nature of the Conspiracy's power is so vast no book covers it entirely. It's power is on three levels--a. the dedicated, b. the deluded who have been deceived into buying into its philosophy, and c. those whom the Conspiracy in their secret papers have called "cattle" -those going along with the Zeitgeist of the times. It's power is multidimentional. Many of the books available to the public only scratch the surface of the religious dimension, or even pretend the religious aspect doesn't exist.

Even most Christian books tend to dismiss the reality of any spiritual danger from human conspiracies. This book's attempt to look at real situations which exist behind the scenes hopefully will expose the weakness of the pervasive Pietist viewpoint which narrowly defines the Christian's enemy as "the devil."

Due to the strong pietist influence within Protestantism in the Western World today, many Christians perceive spiritual warfare as something happening only on a spiritual level, something involving only the devil, and something happening only on a personal level. The world is not perceived as a threat. This pietism shields Christians from the fact that the world is out to destroy them, that there are real humans and real human institutions that desire to do physical harm to them.

The result of the Pietist view is that it shields the Protestants from experiencing the Spiritual power of the Christian community. Salvation is viewed on a very selfish personal level, and not as an aspect of Christian community. The church to the pietist is merely an aggregation of individuals. Concerning a wide variety of churches, even sects, that I have experienced, my opinion is that with minor exceptions the only Christian groups that really experienced Christian community were those of the Anabaptist tradition. These communities know already that the world is not a neutral environment, because they are sincerely attempting to live out in real life Christ's Sermon on the Mount. To give one example: the Amish believe Christians should care for their elderly. They do not view the State as a neutral or benevolent force, but an anti-Christian force that is treated with love as Christ responded to the despotic Roman rulership. Because of this viewpoint they rejected participation in the Social Security program and are responsibly caring for their elderly better in many ways than the general public. Because these Christians are willing to accept that the world they live in contains real live enemies, these type of Christian communities have already caught onto many of the solutions to the New World Order and are implementing them even though they are not aware of the extent of the human conspiracy that this book exposes. The Pietist view refuses to see the U.S. government as a threat, and so they have no problem giving the State more power to care for their elderly.

Second, this book "Be Wise As Serpents..." was written to show the full width and depth of the One-World-Religion while educating the reader how the One-World-Religion relates to the other powerful dimensions of the Conspiracy.

This book is designed for any freedom loving truth loving person. You do not need to be a Christian to appreciate this book. My guess is that sadly many non-Christians will be too brainwashed already to read something that is written by a Christian. In some ways, I can sympathize with non-Christians in this, because much of what is passed off as "Christian" is trash.

There are no sacred cows in my book. The world's manure caked bovines are shown for what they are. I treat God Almighty with respect and esteem his Word as Truth, because in my life they have proved truthful. Many people mock God and the Bible, but have never sincerely tested the validity and truthfulness of both. People who have not experienced the power of God in their lives, will not understand my motivation. I was sustained in writing this book by my conviction that the power of God which I have personally witnessed will somehow ultimately win the war against evil. It is beyond my comprehension how; God's ways have a tendency to be higher than my ways, so I am willing to trust in victory, without being granted any special revelation or visions of the future. I am a soldier of the Lord, ready to stand in place and fight. That is my duty.

To the powerhouse Fraternity I belonged to, West Point, USMA, I pledged service to duty honor country. I have wanted to fulfill this in a higher way. If this book ever sees publication, I will have only done my duty with honor for my country, the Kingdom of God.

I hope that others who have made other pledges will reevaluate their oaths, and choose the higher fulfillment of their search for light by joining with me.

May God Bless You.

The number of people that have been involved in one way or the other in this book's events is like the sands of the sea. The following is a partial list of major actors for the New World Order you will encounter in this book.

Sir Francis Bacon- R o s i c r u c i a n a n d f o u n d e r of some of modern Masonry's ritual. This genius of r o y a l Tudor b l o o d , h e l p e d plan and organize a society based on Plato's wise men to rule the world. (See chapter 1.2)
Alice Bailey- New Age l e a d e r w i t h L u c i s T r u s t .  Important in founding many new groups, wrote many books, and wrote educational goals for U. S. Health, Education and Welfare in 1958. (See chapters 1.2 and 3.4)
Hosea Ballon 3 2 ° , i n s t r u m e n t a l in sp r e a d i n g U niversalism in New England in the early 1800's. (See chapter 2.3)
King Bulan K h a z a r k i n g w h o c o n v e r t e d his A s i a n nation to Judaism, thereby creating the forefathers of about 80% of the today's Jews. (See chapter 1.1)
John Dewey- Father of t h e U.S. pu b l i c educational system, and part of the socialist New World Order. Ties to the Illuminati.
John Foster Dulles- Descendant of prominent early Masons of the Mal let Prevost Swiss i n t e l l i g e n c e f amilies who had b e e n prominent in bringing t h e Scottish Rite to the U.S.  He was an important figure for the FCCC,
Mary Baker Eddy- Close to Freemasonry and witchcraft, she s t a r t e d C h r i s t i a n S c i e n c e . Her descendants today are prominent witches.
Benjamin Franklin Leader of several secret societies. A Mason and Rosicrucian. A leader in Masonic goals to establish a republic in the New World.
Frederick Franz- E v i d e n c e reports his M a s o n i c memb e r s h i p .  Major doctrinal leader of the WT Society after Russell and Rutherford.
Manley P. Hall- (1901-1990) P e r h a p s t h e g r e a t e s t M a s o n i c philosopher, author of around 200 books, c o v e r t c o - l e a d e r of many r e l i g i o u s groups. Illuminatus.
Albert Pike- S u p r e m e p o n t i f f of F r e e m a s o n r y . An i m p o r t a n t f i g u r e in Freemasonry , the Illuminati, and the plans to establish a o n e w o r l d g o v e r n m e n t . A u t h o r of Morals and Dogma. a book given to 32° Masons. (See chapter 1.2)
Pope John Paul II- J ewi s h Freemason l e a d i n g C a t h o l i c c h u r c h into One-World-Religion of the New Age.
Rockefeller family- M e m b e r s of t h i s f a m i l y have been p r o m i n e n t in t h e B i ld e rbe rg e r s , CFR; t h e y have been one-worlders and have funded countless projects and groups to further t h e New Order's goals. (See appendix)
F. Delano Roosevelt A 33° Mason. A key player for the New Order. Gave America the New Deal, and gave America to the New Order. His wife was in the Communist party, and numerous ot h e r s o c i a l i s t / c omm u n i s t groups.
Rothschilds- The m o s t p o w e r f u l f a m i l y in the world for the last 2 centuries. They are at the center of power. (See chapter 3.3)
Russell family- Members of t h i s f a m i l y h a v e p r omi n e n t Masons, Fabian Socialists, One-Worlders, l l u m i n a t i and rel igious leaders. (See appendix)
Saint-Simon- As s o c i a t e d w i t h secret o c c u l t f r a t e r n a l groups. Laid the groundwork for Marx, revolution and communism.
Robert Schuler- 33° Ma s o n , l e a d i n g C h r i s t i a n m i n i s t e r who is h e l p i n g l e a d the C h r i s t i a n s t o w a r d a on e - w o r l d-re1igion. Has k n o w i n g l y t a u g h t pe o p l e t a k i n g  L u c i f e r i a n ini t i a t i o n s
Joseph Smith, Jr. Arch-Mason, prophet, founder of a su p e r -rite of Freemasonry called Mormonism, a restoration of the Masonic mysteries.
H. G. Wells- Prophet of the New World Order. British Fabian Socialist whose plans and books h a v e be e n i m p o r t a n t in  l e n d i n g  c r e d i b i l i t y to t h e i r goals. (See chapter 3.1 and other parts)
Rabbi Stephen Wise- Arch-Mason, leader in the B'nai Brith, communist, friend of C.T. Russell. This man has played a leading role in Judaism and the New Order.

Just as there always seems a willing soul to offer himself to the New Order - there always will be men and women who have the courage to stand for goodness and truth. This list is but the tip of the iceberg and in no way indicates that these people contributed more than others, but rather they have been selected here for the part they have in this book's manuscript.

Constance Cumbey- Christian lawyer whose book and research was a major expose of the New Age Movement and its links to the 1-World- Dictatorship.
Charles Finney- An e x -Ma s o n Chris t i a n e v a n g e l i s t who exposed and denounced Freemasonry.
Henry H. Klein- Jewish lawyer w ho t r i e d w a r n i n g the world of a Jewish world conspiracy.
Marchetti- Ex CIA ag e n t , has t r i e d to e x p o s e the CIA and its power.
Edith Star Miller (Lady Queenborough)- S h e c o m p i l e d t h e f i r s t s e r i o u s c omp r e h e n s i v e s t u d y of the o c c u l t network of the New World Order. Her book is still a classic.
Brig.Gen. G. Mohr- One of th e le ad i n g challengers to the New World Order today.
John Robison- An intelligent professor and Mason who exp o s e d t h e M a s o n i c / I l l u m i n a t i  plot to rule the world. His efforts may have saved the U.S. from an overt take over.
Menno Simons- A prominent example of an Anabaptist mi n i s t e r . An example for Ch r i s t i a n s today. Anabaptists consisted of various g r o u p s t h a t p r a c t i c e d a C h r i s t i a n i t y based on Jesus' teachings, such as non  re s i s t a n c e to e v i l , a n d l o v i n g your
Two words that need to be defined before the reader proceeds are Christian and Jew (also Jewish).

Christian- It was my desire to use language in its common usage. Who am I to say a person can or can't call himself a Christian? The primary use of the word Christian in this book is to use it in its broadest sense. Unfortunately, its common usage is so broad that it carries little meaning. Today, it is difficult to say, "I am a Christian," for the disciple of Christ because the word is devoid of meaning. In this book then, if a Satanist calls himself a Christian, he will be nominally refered to in this book that way. (The word Christian may have been originally a derogative word for the disciples of Christ.) The only other sensible alternative use of the word is its legitimate narrow sense which means a true disciple of Jesus. And the word is occasionally used herein in this legitimate narrow sense.

It should be pointed out that Jesus commmanded his disciples to love their enemies and to do them good. This means most of the Christian churches do not have a Christ-like world view. Or to say it bluntly, most of what is called Christian is not Christian. Protestants and Catholics think nothing about a millionaire evangelist preaching Jesus' sermons to the poor. Nor do many of them find discomfort that Protestants may have "Jesus in their heart", receive supportive prayers from their chaplains, and then climb into Jet bombers and drop 500 lb. bombs onto innocent civilians, who are written off as collateral damage. Jesus continued to call the Temple the "House of God" even though it had become a den of thieves. (Cf. Mt 21:13, Mr 11:17, Lu 19:46, et. al.) Rather than detract from the readability by labelling all the various groups being used by the Conspiracy Power "pseudo-Christian", I prefer to use their own labels. Real Christians are an extremely small maligned minority. Although it is popular to say that it is judging to say someone isn't a Christian, it is equally judgemental to say he is a Christian. To judge means to form an opinion about, to determine authoritatively. This book claims no ability to determine authoritatively the final judgement of people by their Creator. The Scriptures do command Christians to form opinions about the actions and fruit of other people based on the authority of the Scriptures.

I have done this research and contribute my observations not because I am against any particular person or denomination of Christianity, but because I am sold out to Christ, and believe an expose of traitors (wolves in sheep's clothing) will protect the flock and encourage people to seek Godly men. Missing today from all the scientific, economic, and political studies is the vital voice of God the Creator. He can and is making a contribution to solve mankind's problems if mankind would listen. But to listen to God, means to quit listening to the SPIN of Cults connected to the Power. How can a Cult speak of God without knowing him? Consequently, there is collective ignorance, as the people allow the Power to religiously lead them. These people, although nominally Christian, live and worship in such a twilight zone that they can't distinquish black from white because of all the grey that has resulted, indeed somewhere along the way black has become white and white black. The definition of what is really a Christian has been lost in this Twilight Zone.

Jew, Jewish.-Some people would insist that the word must mean either a race or a religion. It can refer to the race that were the tribe of Judah. It can also refer to those who practice Judiasm. The word has been used to designate both a race and a religion, but today it can not be limited by common usage to either one for several reasons. Today, the "Jewish people" are not "a single race" nor are they "a single religion." The Jewish people range from being atheists, humanists, satanists, orthodox Talmudic followers, to Torah following Karaites, to upright God fearing men and women. The Jewish Encyclopedia uses the term Jew to mean both those who follow Judaism and those who are merely genetically descended from those who followed Judaism at some time.

Rabbi Morris N. Kertzer, a well-known and well-travelled Rabbi when asked to explain Judaism gave a very appropriate answer to the question what is a Jew.

"What is a Jew? It is difficult to find a single definition. A Jew is one who accepts the faith of Judaism. That is the religious definition. A Jew is one who, without formal religious affiliation, regards the teachings of Judaism - its ethics, its folkways, its literature - as his own.  That is the cultural definition of a Jew. A Jew is one who considers himself a Jew or is so regarded by his community. That is the "practical" definition of a Jew. Prof. Mordecai Kaplan calls Judaism "a civilization." Jews share a common history, common prayer, a vast literature and, above all, a common moral and spiritual purpose. Judaism is really a way of life." (A Guide to the Religions of America. Rockefeller Center, NY: Simon & Schuster, 1955, p.65.)

Interesting is Rabbi Kertzer's point that whether religious or secular the Jews are "a civilization" that share a common purpose.

The Mason Richard Carlile quotes favorably in his Manual of Freemasonry, pp. viii, xi, a Rev. Robert Taylor who claims that the term "Jew" was originally the term for the 12th degree in the Eleusinian Mysteries which was the highest degree. The Eleusinian Mysteries began at least 1400 years before Christ and involved Isis and sexual rites. Those who attained the highest Eleusinian degree were named "Jew" and were considered to have become God himself by a deification process. Some then would view the term Jew to have come into use not so much from the tribe Judah, but from the fact that the tribal leaders of Benjamin, Judah and Levi were initiated into the Mysteries at Babylon. The Masonic lodge and Rosicrucians claim to continue the Eleusinian mysteries. (Whether or not Taylor's view has any historical merit, it is interesting to note that this is an alternative view that apparently a few people believe.)

This book uses the term Jew in its widest sense. Some of the people called Jews in this book
might be surprised to be so labelled.

How do we describe a person who was born to Jewish parents, adopted by nominal Christians, sprinkled with a little baptismal water, and who then turns to Satanism? Is he Christian, is he Jewish, is he Satanic? In some cases like this, the person may in the book be identified as "Jewish"- that is if they knew they were adopted from a Jewish heritage on the assumption "blood [a blood tie] is thicker than water." Blood ties are important in Satanism and witchcraft. Many higher witches belong to the traditional view that one needs to belong to a family with a witchcraft heritage to be a real witch. The whole issue is really difficult. Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler were both Satanists. They were both nominal Christians, and from the best I can tell both had "Jewish" blood. The same Satanic blood line that sired Hitler's parent, financed Karl Marx to write Das Kapital. Why not say that Marx was of Satanic blood? Certainly, in these two cases to call either Karl Marx or Adolf Hitler Jewish doesn't seem proper at all. But then how does one describe their ties? If the word Satanic is used people think of only a spiritual tie in. The word Jewish, although it doesn't properly describe either man, comes closer to helping people understand a blood connection.

The use of the term Jewish in this book denotes neither disapproval or approval of a person. It can be correctly argued such a broad use of the terms Christian and Jewish makes them just a whisker above meaningless. I enjoy labelling people just a notch above catching AIDS. To use labels to prejudge someone is superficial.

The reason I use the term Jewish is that it is important to show the multitude of blood ties this conspiracy has. One of the primary Satanic groups, which is the vehicle to create a false Messiah for people to worship, is a false Jewish blood group. This false Jewish blood group is a danger to every Jew who loves his Creator, and his Creator's laws, and his Creator's genuine freedom, (and not the pseudo-freedom passed off on the populace like snake-oil.)

The prophet of Israel Isaiah warned "Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil." It seems that some of the advertising business hasn't taken Isaiah to heart. The English language of the population in general is becoming a tool of evil men, as the misnomers and Double-speak increase. The evil and selfish refer to themselves as good and generous. Slaves to sin call themselves liberated. The foolish call themselves enlightened. The lustful call themselves "good lovers." Mortals call themselves "God." The oldest religious superstitions call themselves "the New Age."

There are three items you will learn in this chapter:
• You will learn how to use this book and how to improve your understanding of news events and history.
• You will be informed of some recent historical events that were planned but are generally believed to be accidental.
• You will be presented material from the conspirators own publications, a group of photocopies from authoritative sources showing the reader that this book is based on solid evidence. Sometimes we could be looking for the truth, be told what the truth is, and still not see it.
There is a cow in the picture below. Can you see it?

Figure 1-1

If you really want to see the cow in the picture be flexible in your point of view. See page xix for the solution.

Below is an aerial photo of Washington, D.C. Do you see a message here?

fig 1-2

The reason this map of Washington, D.C. is presented is to instill within the reader the desire to see through camouflage. The reader will be able to draw deeper conclusions for himself about the message's significance after this book removes the camouflage from many hidden things. An inadequate frame of reference results in a false understanding of history.

If you don't know what these six pyramids are saying, but want to know, you need to be willing to learn the answer from people who are mindful and alerted to the esoteric answer. What is esoteric? Esoteric is a hidden meaning, a hidden answer, private information that only a select group know about Exoteric, is the opposite of esoteric.

There is something important being revealed in these six pictures, do you see it?

 Fig 1-3

Figure 1-3

People are becoming better informed. You may be one of those persons who already knew the answers to the previous questions. If so, then you are one of the few who have already begun readjusting their Frame of Reference.

A. Who won the cold war?________________ .
B. How would you deal with the significant differences between the Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons and Catholic Church if you were the sole ruler of the world? ___________________ .
C. How long will it beefore there will be witchcraft and magic taught in the Christian Churches?


What are the three hidden numbers of this Universal Product Code?

If you said 666 you are right. No matter what Universal Product Code I asked you about, the hidden numbers are always 666. You will find the hidden numbers universally are 666. (See chapter 3.1 for how to decode the bar codes, and where to go for more information on this subject)

The hidden numbers happen to be 666 even if you are — say for instance — in Europe where they call their bar codes European Article Number EAR


The significance of this number 666 grows when we learn more about it. Satanist Aleister Crowley who felt he was the Beast considered 666 to be his number. Other satanists have considered the number special to use also. Their attraction for the number matches an interesting prophecy made by a fisherman in the first century A.D.

This fisherman named John had a vision of the end of the age. From this be wrote a prophecy "that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666." REV 13:17-18

The significance grows when we ourselves learn how to decode the bar codes into numbers and prove to ourselves that the numbers 666 are the universally hidden numbers.

It grows some more when we learn about the great secrecy that surrounds the creation of the Universal Product Code.

The significance grows even more when we catch on to all the sneaky ways 666 is designed and hidden in many other items, including the cover of the new public school Globalism 2000 curriculum, Treasury Dept. badges, IRS codes and forms, social security forms, credit cards, and some bank cards.

The number 666 consistently reoccurs with evil. Gary D. Blevins uses a numeric code for the alphabet. He discovered that by using his system to assign values, and having his computer do the addition, that a large number of evil places are associated with the numbers 666, while the same system has come up repeatedly with good biblical values for Godly things. Whether you accept or don't accept Blevin's computer approach described in 666 The Final Warning (software for it is being sold), that doesn't negate the validity that the number reoccurs with high frequentcy.


But as our frame of reference expands we begin to learn things that are surprising. Could the bar code in the future have anything to do with controlling buying and selling? Could it be associated with evil designs?


A. The same people who contrived it for profit and power were the only winners.
B. You wouldn't have to, they are all run by the same group.
C. Magic and witchcraft are already being taught in many Christian churches, often under new labels.

In fact, human sacrifices are already being done in secret in some well known Christian churches with well known pastors.

In August 1979, this Author passed some intelligence information to the CIA via a Jehovah's

Seventy-seven months later, the President announced this information publicly when it was politically advantageous. The release of this information was purely manipulation of the public, and a distortion of historical perceptions. It was a lesson on how intelligence information serves those in power. The public is manipulated by those in power through the use of information.

What is amazing is how gullible even people with higher degrees are, those people who we might think would know better. Apparently, critical thinkers among the so-called educated public are few. Also, those, who have been in the government controlled educational system longer periods of time, have simply provided the system more time to condition and propagandize them, unless they are the type of person to challenge what they are being fed.

On the other hand, it must be remembered that all communication that a person perceives is then related to his or her whole experience. Fragments that do not relate to what a person has experienced more often than not are forgotten. The person may puzzle over the tidbits of incongruent fragments, but being unable to relate them to his world view, finds himself unable to file the fragments away in a meaningful manner.

There seems to be no end to the fragments of information relating to the conspiracy, and these are available to everyone, but the meaning is elusive, because the observing public can't assimilate or doesn't want to assimilate their meaning.

Making a fundamental change in our frame of reference is a frightening task. The reader isn't a piece of grid paper for me to design his thinking. The reader must participate with me. Even if it is too difficult for you to agree with everything I say, press on, for if you gain even a little insight it will begin a process.

1. The reason I passed information to the CIA was that while I was in Libya, (working with my father who was with the U.N.), I learned about the large missile silos the Russians had installed and were manning. I had never had anything to do with the CIA but as a concerned citizen for the welfare of the freeworld, I felt an obligation to pass on this information concerning the outflanking of Nato with Russian missiles. Today, I would not pass that information on, because afterwards I learned that CIA agents such as Edwin Wilson were carrying out assassinations for Libya's Qaddafi. CIA agent Wilson hired Anti-Castro Cubans and Green Berets to carry out assassinations and other assignments for Qaddafi. The CIA agents Frank Terpil and Wlson supplied Qaddafi with all kinds of forbidden military hardware like heat-seeking ground-to-air missiles, sabotage and psyc warfare training programs, sophisticated assassination gear and bombs disguised as household trinkets using plastic explosives to slip past airport metal detectors. Wilson supplied planes, men, and weapons for Qaddafi's military invasions of Chad and the Sudan, and supplied training for his airforce which uses Pakistani pilots. (For information on CIA agent Wilson and Libya, and other crimes read Kwitny, Jonathan. The Crimes Of Patriots A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money, and the CIA NY: W.W. Norton & Co., 1987, pp. 101-104, 291,312-13.) Even after information of these things leaked out, the U.S. government continued to pretend not to notice. Ironically, meanwhile, Reagon was picturing Qaddafi as a bloodthirsty terrorist supported by the Communists, while behind the scenes Qaddafi's invasions and assassinations were made possible by the CIA. While I was in Libya, Americans at home were being led to believe the Libyans were bloodthirsty for American blood, while Americans in Libya were running the oil fields. The reason I mention this anecdote was [a] to show how the public is manipulated by "news" and their leaders, [b] to show the reader how this Author has been around and writes from an informed position, [c] to begin destroying the illusion that Jehovah's Witnesses have nothing to do with the CIA or the New World Order. Chapters 5-17 of the first section show how the Watchtower Society of the J.W.s is part of the New World Order.

My book simply states what has happened and what is planned. I don't believe in crystal balls. At some point, the things in this book will become part of your own experience. That is when this book will become real to you. Perhaps it will be when they do a currency exchange. Perhaps it will be when they start a cashless society. Perhaps it will be when friends disappear. Perhaps it will be when W.W. III happens. Perhaps it will be when they try one of these things and the people refuse to cooperate. Because this material challenges people to r e t h i n k what they have experienced in their lives, it may challenge some of your core beliefs. I'll do my part in providing evidence, but I'm depending on you to get something out of this book.

I anticipate much of the reading audience may be Bible readers. Why should Bible readers read this book? Doesn't the Word of God fully equip us? In one sense it does. A soldier is fully equipped going into battle, but he must still study his enemy. When a missionary uses a Chilton's manual to repair a car, or prays for wisdom he is showing that the Bible was not designed to answer every question. What many Christians seem unaware of, perhaps it is a secret, is that the Bible was intentionally ambigious and insufficient so that we would turn to God and trust in Him, and not in some formula or knowledge. Knowledge is a tool. And as a tool it can be used for good or bad.

The most sordid events have been used by God. The Bible stories are full of humans at their worst. But God is able to communicate to us a spiritually beneficial message from such events. Likewise, it is this book's purpose to be spiritually beneficial.

This book is not a prophetic panhandler. Speculation on Bible prophecy is absent from this book. This book is based on fact, solid facts known to me about the New World Order regime and its one-world-religion. The entire picture is lacking in confirmed details at a few points and in these areas I try to advise the readers that I am giving only my observations.

By and large you will be reading fact, not theory. It is a complex picture when the pieces are all jumbled up. Hopefully, an integrated design will be seen by the reader by the end of the book.


I was a West Pointer. West Point cadets learn the meaning of authority and discipline. I still believe in obedience to authority. Many religious or patriotic people want to believe in our leaders, for they feel it is our duty, right or wrong, to blindly obey. While in the military, I believed in obedience to authority. My primary focus in the military was how to carry out an order, not whether the order had merit. In this regard, I was like many of the men and women in this nation, an instrument of those who are deceiving this nation.

It is proper to obey authority. Even more important, it is proper to obey our highest authorities. As a Bible believer and as a child of God, you will want to obey your heavenly parent. If you do not believe in God, perhaps you believe in the Constitution or the concept of Man's freedom. The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are reminders to patriotic Americans thatthere are limits to what a government should or even legally can do. Remember God is a higher authority, remember the Constitution is a higher authority. At times a person must prefer to obey a higher authority — did not even the founders of the American government and its laws say, "When in the course of human events it becomes NECESSARY for one people to DECLARE the causes which impel them to a separation..."?

After reading this book, you the reader will learn more on how the Cold War at the highest level was a staged production, reaping all kinds of benefits for those seeking to rule the world, and creating a frame of reference that made it difficult for people to see beyond an east-west confrontation.

What's funny, in a sad way, is that there were people predicting the total collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, because they had seen through the conspiracy, and yet the press again has still pulled a fast one on us. They proclaim, Who could have seen such a thing like the Berlin Wall coming down?

Whether they report it or not, let the record show there were people who could see what was going on behind the scene.2

The Trilateral Commission after its meeting in Apr. 1990 published a report (months before Iraq invaded Kuwait) about what it intended to do to Iraq.3

This group consisting of European nations, Japan and the U.S. had decided to disarm Iraq. Because they did nothing serious diplomatically toward this, it was clear that they meant to do it militarily. Those of us who have been to that area of the world, like myself, knew the Iraqi military threat was way overblown. Again, it was clear from history what the military would do. This author is no military genius, but he stated before Desert Storm that the military thing to do would be to first bomb for one month and then go around the fortifications like the Germans did the Maginot line. Knowing what was going to happen made it hard to watch the carefully orchestrated media manipulate the people. There is much more that could be said about what went on behind America's back during the Iraq-Kuwait crisis, but the point is simply this, some people were not being surprised by what happened.

If your frame of reference grows as a result of this book, perhaps you too will not be surprised next time.

Another example of how the public's frame of reference is lacking is Nixon. The Power built Nixon's false public image as a hard-nose anticommunist conservative, yet he was actually working for the conspiracy. His liberal voting record, his establishment of close ties with Communist China haven't been given much analysis, because that wouldn't fit his public image — that frame of reference that the Power created that he was an anti-communist crusader. Harvard history professor John Kenneth Galbraith, a socialist, revealed in the New York Magazine (Sept. 21, 1970) p. 25 that Nixon had surrounded himself as President with leading leftists and was pushing a Socialist agenda. Perhaps your high school history book like mine showed a picture of Nixon waging an anti-Communist crusade in the 1950's. Later, I learned that Nixon's involvement was really a sham.

Another random example is the album cover of Beatle star Harrison's Living in a Material World. This album cover does indeed show us how we are to live in a material world. The cover shows a hand containing money with the chakra point on the opposite side being illuminated. To me, this clearly shows an initiation point already in use and which is planned for the general population in the future. (It also happens by some holy coincidence to fit the Bible prophecy of the Mark of the Beast needed to buy and sell.) By the way, this book's story does not need Bible prophecy to prop it up. Whether you believe in Revelations or not, it is still possible to realize that a New Age initiation process has already begun.

Our previous experience and our information available will directly influence how accurately each of us assigns meaning to information we receive. This Author knew Harrison was into Hinduism. Although Hinduism and the New Age are not exactly synonymous the terms can be used interchangeably here in regards to Harrison. (The meaning of such terms will be detailed later.) I am also aware that the New Age movement has already begun initiations at the chakra points. I have seen horns tatooed onto the third eye position.  I have experienced as an observer Hinduism first hand, and listened to New Agers discuss the chakra points. I have studied Texe Marrs' Mystery Mark of The New Age which examines in detail the initiation point and what is happening today compared to REV 13:16, 17.  Revelation 13 says the Mark of the Beast will be placed on right hands and foreheads. These chakra positions are already initiation points for the New Age. What meaning would you the reader assign to this information about Harrison's album cover?

2Cumbey, Constance. The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow. Shreveport, LA: Huntington House, 1983, p. 123.
3.  The Plenary report by the Trilateral Commission in Wash., D.C. in Apr. 1990, entitled The Israeli-Palestinian Issue, Task Force Report 38, aka 212-661-1180. The Council of Foreign Relations also exhibited some crisis indications prior to the event.

President Bush's remarks about the New World Order are another example. Few Americans are aware that Bush belongs to a powerful group called the Order (believed to be part of the American portion of the Illuminati). Nor are most Americans aware of what kind of New Order these people want for us. So when Bush says a New World Order is being created, most people must surmise at best what they think he means by this.4

(See this footnote for the documentation of Bush's membership in the Order.)

4. The connections of Bush to the Power documented in this book (the New Order) are so numerous they won't all be given here except in brief form. His membership in the Order is discussed in Antony Sutton's America's Secret Establishment. A Biography about George Bush by Fitz Hugh Green entitled George Bush An Intimate Portrait (NY: Hippocrene Books, 1989) makes passing reference to his membership in the Skull & Bones Fraternity (p. 48) and the Andover Fraternity (p. 49). Sutton's books serve as a good beginning to document and study what George Bush is. One of his books is The Two Faces of George Bush. This information has been leaking slowly into the news in a way to keep some lid on it. The Williamette Week (Sept. 19-25,1991, Portland, OR) had an long article on the facts about Bush's Skull & Bones membership, pp. 1,8-11 based on John Lawrence's research. However, the tenor of the article was that the Order had little to do with a grand conspiracy but had much political influence. Without a proper frame of reference this type information is forgotten, ignored, or misused by people. Bush is also a 33 degree Freemason, (testified to by numerous Masonic sources) even though it is being denied by the White House. He has oil connections, banking connections, intelligence connections and he was director of the CIA. He has connections with blood lines connected to the Conspiracy. This footnote to Bush's connections to the Conspiracy could be a book in itself.  His Zapata oil rigs were used to smuggle drugs into the U.S. Drugs were unloaded on the oil platforms off the coast of TX The small boats coming from the platforms do not go through customs. Also his son has been seen personally directing a flight of drugs which came through an Airforce base. Another good book about Bush is James J. Drummey's book The Establishment's Man (Appleton, Wl: Western Islands, 1991).

The popular film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade provides the next example. At one point Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is told, The quest for the Grail is the quest for the divine in all of us. At a later point, a character who has belonged to a secret order tells Indiana Jones how his Order has protected the Grail for 2,000 years. Those who have read Holy Blood Holy Grail will recognize at once that this is preparing viewers to accept the new Messiah. Holy Blood Holy Grail exposes a conspiracy connected to groups such as the Masons and other secret groups to introduce a new Messiah. Supposedly the Holy Grail that secret societies have preserved is the holy blood line of Jesus Christ. By unconscious persuasion the viewer is having his frame of reference expanded so that when the story line of the new Messiah is presented, he will be able to place it within his frame of reference.

How has the American public had their frame of reference created by the conspiracy? More will be provided later on, but a few quick points can help establish for the Reader the extent of the conspiracy. They have been in control since the American Revolution. Over a period of 200 years they have had the time and the resources to create history and news. (See chapter 3-5 and 3-6) They control the major newspapers and the major political figures. If a President stepped too far out of line, he was assassinated. In each case, the assassination has been covered up. Although the coverup in the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations doesn't fool anyone willing to look at the evidence, still they got away with it. They have written our history books and our text books. They have created such an artificial frame of reference that the public finds it hard to hang factual information about the conspiracy in their frame of reference. But this didn't happen overnite, they have had two hundred years.

Impossible you say! Article I, Section 8,10: U.S. Constitution forbids the production of papermoney by the government. Has this been ignored and circumvented? Do you use paper money?

Oh, does it seem impossible? Another eye opener is the identity of who wrote Shakespeare's works. Manly P. Hall, a powerful Mason (whose credentials are shown in the photocopies of Masonic material following this opening chapter), provides proof in his book that Sir Francis Bacon wrote Shakespeare's works. This Author being a Certified and experienced handwriting analyst has long been aware the illiterate man who could barely sign his name William Shakespeare could never have written the works attributed to him. The works of Shakespeare are written by a man literate in several languages. Sir Francis Bacon was an early leader of that conspiracy which has successfully kept the identity of who wrote Shakespeare's works secret for all these centuries. If that isn't power, what is?

"From 80 to 90% of the population can be hypnotized to varying degrees...At least 5% (10,000,000) of the U.S. population is extraordinarily hypnotizable, so easily hypnotizable that they are in a constant state of exaggerated suggestibility, even when awake and going about their normal daily routine. They are at the total mercy of all forms of influences and can easily be persuaded to do things and afterward have no idea why they did them..." Dr. Tobias H. Brocher, Director, Center for Applied Behavioral Sciences, Menninger Foundation, Topeka, KS.


The conspiracy has succeeded in turning people from watching reality to a mindless fascination for a comic strip-video game-sitcom life of unreality. You are to do your job for the system, then go home and not think; or if you want to think, tune into one of their talk shows or read one of their newspapers. Perhaps no one has ever shown you the names of who exactly controls big business and the media. The power in this nation is controlled by an elite. That can be documented. And it can be shown what they intend for us.

Events in Eastern Europe are such a visible example of media manipulation. Spontaneous revolts are a fiction. People plan and stage marches and revolutions.

"The cold war is no longer needed by the conspiracy. In 1983, Constance Cumbey made an attempt to warn people about the New World Order planned for the entire globe in her book The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, The New Age Movement and our coming Age of Barbarism. On p. 123 she outlines their plans for the future, Next, the conspiracy was to involve 'a skeptical and destructive criticism of personal-immortality religions.' Strangely enough, communism was to be destroyed at the same time. However, the New Agers feel the program they are offering the world would satisfy the basic desire of Communists in that it proposes a form of worldwide socialism. The existing Communist formulaeper-se- were to be abolished..."

Well said Constance, It is really only being abolished per se because every platform of the Communist party has been adopted already in the United States, point by point. The US already has what the communists wanted.5

5.  In order to abbreviate this I will give the U.S. laws which establish Marx's 10 planks. (The reader is asked to look up the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto (1848) by Karl Marx himself or to request from the publisher of this book a tract giving this in fuller form.) [1] Property tax which amounts to a type of governmental rental of land. [2J Graduated State & Fed. Income Taxes [3) Inheritance Taxes & Reformed Probate Laws. [4] Sedition Act of 1798; I.R.S. Powers; Exec. Order 11490, Sec. 1205; Exec. Order 11490, Sec. 2002. [5] Fed. reserve system [6] F.C.C. regs, Exec. Order 10995, State Drivers Licenses, D.O.T. regs. & Exec. Order 10999. [7] Exec. Order 11490, [8] Fed. Emer. Public Works Prog. Exec. Order 11000, [9] Re-organization Act of 1949, Exec. Order 11647, Pub. Law 89-136, Exec. Order 11731 [10] Free State Public Schools; Child Abuse Laws, Child Labor Laws & State Controlled apprenticeships (Fair Labor Standards Act of 1937).

And often we the people have been unconsciously manipulated into asking them to do what they wanted.

At some point, the people of the world will ask them to create a One-World-Government. We the people will ask them to bring in what they have been wanting to do. That does not mean we understand what we are following. Hopefully, some of us blind followers will awake and break our mental chains of servitude and think for ourselves. Let us break our chains of servitude to gnostic religious powers who are pawns of the conspiracy. Let us recognize all the manipulations and the puppets of this vast power.

We asked them to create vast spy networks, because we believed in their cold war ploy. And the cold war was real for the common man. But now these vast spy networks can not be dismantled. A great deal of their activities have nothing to do with the reasons they were created. And we unwittingly fund these secret services that spy on us, and are at the complete disposal of the conspiracy.

The machinations of the secret services such as MI 5, MI 6, the FBI, the CIA, and others boggle the mind.

It is no comfort to realize that men identified as related to the Conspiracy are also men in control of the secret services. The tie-ins by the leadership of all of these agencies to the Conspiracy confirms confidential leaks that they are used by the Conspiracy. For instance, George Bush (the Order) dir. CIA, Lord Rothschild (family part of the center of power) CSC (chief) of MI 6, Hugh Sinclair (family part of blood line for new Messiah) CSC (chief) of MI 6...and on and on... This chapter is not the place in this book to detail all this.

It may be sufficient at this point to simply sum up the power of MI 6 (British Secret Service overseas) and the American system that works hand in glove with the British by quoting Nigel West, an expert on MI 6, ..."the firm, as it is referred to by outsiders, enjoys a unique reputation for stealth, devious efficiency, ruthlessness and, it must be said, treachery. It has often been considered all-powerful, wielding enormous secret influence. It was once said in America in the 1920s that six institutions rule the world: Buckingham Palace, the White House, the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Vatican and the British Secret Service."

Should the reader indulge this Author long enough, he shall learn that apparently all these centers of power Nigel West thought ruled the world are controlled by an single elite group. If the evidence shows that the last two popes are not only Masons, but part of the conspiracy, (the present one is Jewish by the way) then indeed they have solidified the power of the world into one hegemony.

This Author would like to introduce the reader to this conspiracy and do so at whatever point of entrance will work for the individual. But he would also like the chance to suggest the means to implement readjustments. What good is it to know that a One-World-Government is planned if there is no means to resist? You can start by turning off the television and reading this book. You can start by turning off the control gnostic religious leaders have imposed upon you and thinking for yourself. Disconnect yourself from the umbilical cords of the conspiracy, which have fed you misleading information. You can start by thinking. Use this book as a launching pad to new investigations, it is not an infallible crutch to lean on, although the author will try to give the documentation you need. Some of the documentation can simply not be given. Dozens of interviews with people have simply resulted in the author knowing dangerous information that nobody wants to have their name associated with.


The German population feared the Gestapo. The same International group of people that helped Hitler to power and assisted him to cleanse Europe of unwanted people are ready to go to work cleansing again. (See chapter 2 and other parts for the details.)


This book is not a comprehensive study of the conspiracy, in spite of that appearance. It is actually a limited study on how a one-world-religion has been created, and is to become the religion of the New World Order that forces are moving us toward.

Many different groups have been studied indepth, and all kinds of people with clues to how power is really functioning talked to. For instance, this Author studied the following group.


In Rabbi Jack Moline's book Growing Up Jewish on page 76 he claims that Congress is run by the Jews, "For years, anti-Semites have accused Jews of controlling Congress, and for years it has been denied. Ironically, as of 1984, the Jews do control Congress. A recent survey of the 435 representatives, shows that for all practical purposes, 219 are practicing Jews. Interestingly, twelve members of the Black Congressional Caucus are Ethiopian Jews. On the Senate side, an astounding 62 out of 100 Senators identify themselves as Jews!" (This surely doesn't square with what the press is telling the public.)6

The Jewish author A. Cowen, in his book The X-Rays in Freemasonry, on page 6 says that Jews control Freemasonry, "The Jews swarmed into it (Freemasonry) from the earliest times and controlled it through the higher grades and councils.  They have controlled the ancient and accepted Scottish Rite since the beginning of the Nineteenth Century." (This is not what the Scottish Rite is telling the public.)

The widely known Jewish author Marcus Eli Ravage in an article in Century Magazine, Jan. 1928 wrote, "We Jews are at the bottom of nearly all your wars; not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. We did it solely with the irresistable might of our spirit, with ideas and propaganda."

Rabbi Stephen Wise, a Scottish Rite Mason and leader in the Order of B'nai B'rith, when discussing communism said, "Some call it communism; I call it Judaism." (See the American Bulletin, 5/15/1935) What? How can communism be related to Judaism?

There are many other identical claims or similar ones made by other Jews in books and articles whose primary reading audiences would be Jewish. In investigating what power or powers control our lives, it was necessary to check the record to see if these Jewish claims had any validity. This Author is a researcher, a detective who wants to ferret out the original documents, discover an honest history based on a more balanced, broader picture of what happened in the past.


This book is not a book about races, even though race plays a part in the story. The God of the Bible not only claims responsibility for creating the races, but also His belief that before Him they are all equal. Scriptures categorically state, "But now you must also put off all these: anger, wrath,... put on the new man who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of Him who created him, where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcised nor uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave nor free, but Christ is all in all." Christ placed no conditions on the great commission.

This Author could care less what race the world says you are. Popular concepts of race are to a large degree based on myths. If the Arabs are from Ishmael, and the over twelve million Ashkenazim Jews are descended from the Khazars as some Jewish historians validate, then these Askenazim Jews are derived from a combination of European blood overlaying the blood of a Mongolian tribe. This Mongolian tribe, the Khazars, claim Togarmah, a pagan person found in the Bible as their ancestor. Consequently, the majority of people called Jews would not even carry Semitic blood. The Arabs are known to be descended from Shem, hence Semites. Since the Jewish people are today the persecutors of the Arabs in the Middle East (at least by some Arab perceptions) that would make the Ashkenazim Jews the biggest anti-semites in the world.

At any rate, there are so many myths, so much intermarriage, and movement of peoples that the popular 'histories' of races should be tossed in the garbage. This Author believes that before our Creator there is no Jew, there is no Gentile, there is no Greek, no German, no Negro, no Scythian.

8. For instance, Parade Magazine's Intelligence Report reports that 41 —that means 7 1/2% of the 540 Congressmen are Jewish. However, 35 Congressmen are listed "Unspecified", and Christian Scientists, Unitarians and other denominations may well contain Jews who do not belong to a Synagogue. Parade Magazine, Dec. 30, 1990, p. 20.

Figure 1-5


The Jews That Aren't
By LEO HUMAN: Coplay News Service San Diego Union-28.8.1966
Nathan M. Pollock has a beef with the Israeli government.
His elaborate plans to celebrate this September the 1.000th anniversary of the Jewish-Khozar alliance were summarily rejected.
    An elderly, meek-looking man who migrated to Israel from Russia 43 years ago, Pollock ekes out a living as a translator of scientific texts and proofreader in a publishing firm.
    But his great passion, hobby and avocation is historic research.
    He has devoted 40 of his 64 years to trying to prove that six out of 10 Israelis and nine out of 10 Jews in the
    Western Hemisphere are not real Jews' Jews, but descendants of fierce Khozar tribes which roamed the steppes of southern Russia many centuries ago.
    For obvious reasons the Israeli authorities are not at all eager to give the official stamp of approval to Pollock's theories.
    "For all we know, he may be 100 per cent right," said a senior government official. "In fact, he is not the first one to discover the connection between Jews and Khozars. Many famous scholars. Jews and non-Jews, stressed these links in their historical research works.
    "But who can tell today what percentage of Khozar blood flows in our veins, if at all? And who can declare with any degree of scientific accuracy which Jews are Jews and which descendants of this Tartar-Mongol race?
    "As a matter of fact, our alleged descent from the Khozars is the central theme of Arab propaganda," he added. "The Arabs claim most European Jews have no right to be in Israel in the first place because they are not descended from Biblical Hebrews, but from Tartar-Mongol nomad tribes, including the Khozars who were converted to Judaism en masse 1,000 years ago."
    Scientific opinion in Israel is divided on the subject. No one argues the basic premise: that a group of 12.000 Jews, fleeing from persecution and wart in the Holy Land, in the wake of Byzantine and Moslem conquests, made the long overland trek to Persia, crossed the territory of today's Turkestan in Central Asia and found asylum in the Khozar Kingdom, which occupied a vast area between the Caspian Sea, Volga River, Ural Mountains, Black Sea and the Polish borderlands.
    In the year 965 the Khozars were defeated for the first time in 500 years, by Prince Sviatoslav of Kiev. King Bulan III of Khozaria concluded that Prince Sviatoslav emerged victorious from the war because his troops and mercenaries were Christians, while his nomads were pagan worshipers. The king and his nobles embraced Judaism in 965, and in 966 a royal edict was passed enforcing Judiasm as the only legal religion in the Khozar Kingdom. Tribesmen had to undergo circumcision, learn Hebrew prayers and recognize Jewish rabbis as their spiritual leaders — on pain of death.
    As other Jews who were persecuted in the Middle East, medieval Europe and Spain at that time, heard of the new Jewish-Khozar kingdom, rumors spread that the Messiah had arrived at long last. There were several consecutive migration waves to Khozaria, via Persia, Greece and Poland.
    Pollock believes the traditional Russian anti-Semitism probably stems from that epoch when Hebrew-speaking Khozar raiders attacked Russian villages, killed the men folk, abductod women, forcibly converted them to Judaism and married them in fullfledged religious ceremonies. This also would explain why so many European Jews are blond and blue-eyed, with a slight Mongol slant to their eyes, as well as the total absence of Semitic features among many Israelis of European descent.
    The flourishing Jewish-Khozar Kingdom was destroyed in 1230 by the Mongol invasion of Ban Khan.
    Following the Mongol invasion and conquest, surviving members of Jewish- Khozar tribes trekked west and settled in Poland, Hungary, Bohemia, Austria, Romania and the Ukraine.
How can one find out if he is a "Khozar Jew" or a "Hebrew Jew?"
    According to Pollock, whose parents came from Poland, if your name is Halperin, Alport, Halpern, Galpern, etc., you are a 100 per cent Khozar. "Alper" means "brave knight" in the Khozar tongue, and the name was granted by the king to the most distinguished warriors. Names like Kaplan, Caplon, Koppel, and the like are positive proof of Khozar descent, according to the scholar. "Kaplan" means "fierce hawk" in the Khozar language. Kogan, Kagan, Kaganovich show aristocratic descent from Kagan-Hagan, King Bulan's chief minister.

Likewise, the reader may trace his Saxon ancestors back to the Scythians, and from Assyrian tablets to Palestine. Just be aware that obedience to God, whether Gentile or Israelite, is a pre-condition of blessing, according to the history of the Bible. (Romans 2:28-29 sums it up).

Unfortunately, in the history of mankind, racism has played a role that has shown us the bad side of humanity. This is not to say that the races don't exist, nor does this mean God doesn't bless cities, tribes or nations as a group. But race has been such an important issue to many people in the wrong way, and so much so that the ideas and myths of race have woven themselves into the fabric of the conspiracy and can not be separated out without tearing out part of the story.

With the One-World-Power all racism becomes even more dangerous. Why? Read Orwell's 1984. Remember Krystalnacht. The One-World-Power loves to direct people's hate to their own advantage. The motion picture industry and their editing abilities are a powerful tool in creating and directing people's hates. On Aug. 1, 1990, Saddam Hussein was a good guy. Such a good guy that our President and government were generously supplying him with lots of credit and weapons. But after the invasion of Kuwait, it did not take long for television to create an image that Saddam Hussein had been an evil Hitler for a longtime. Indeed, he probably has been a rotten character for a long time. The point that the reader is being reminded of is that your image of hiM, whether good (during the Iraq-Iran war) or bad (during the Kuwait crisis), was formed by the system's television. For some reason most people don't ask, If he was a Hitler in 1989, why were we doing business with him? Many people's frames of references are built like faucets that the media controls and can turn hot or cold. Does the reader want to be a media faucet?

One idea that has been conditioned into the Christians through Christian television and their leaders (which will be discussed later in this book) is that the Jewish people are the apple of God's eye, the seed of Abraham, God's Chosen People. This prevalent form of racism is unquestionably accepted because the Old Testament blessings of God are applied to the Jewish nation. Christians apply for instance the blessing given to Balaam to Israel today, "Blessed is he that blesseth thee, and cursed is he that curseth thee." Num 24:9 Christians have been conditioned to view Israel as the prodigal son that the Father continues to smile on and bless. A more accurate view is that mankind in general are prodigal sons that the Father continues to have patience with. He actively watches for us to come home to Him.

The last thing this Author wanted to do was to thrust upon the reader any controvery concerning the Jews that might upset him and stop people from getting the wealth of beneficial knowledge this book has. But readers of the manuscript kept wanting to know where I got authority to dare criticize anyone Jewish. Aren't the Jewish people under a special blessing that exempts them from criticism or exposure?

Those who claim God's blessings to Israel base their claims to that blessing on two criteria. Either they claim the blessing on the basis Israel is the PHYSICAL seed of Abraham, or that they are Israel being the SPIRITUAL seed of Abraham. According to JEWISH scholarship, modern Israel is neither. 80% of the Jews today are not genetically the seed of Abraham, but are descended from the Khazar tribe in Asia which later was forced to move into Poland, and other European areas. The Khazars became Jews because their King decided his Asian kingdom would adopt the Jewish religion. See the page for a photocopy from a JEWISH HISTORICAL ATLAS authored by a JEW who is a JEWISH HISTORIAN. Informed Jews know of this. It is in the Jewish Encyclopeadia. The Sephardic Jews in Israel, who are genetic descendants of Abraham, not only are a minority in Israel but, according to some of them, are abused and discriminated against by the majority of Jews which are descendants of the Khazars. Even the Sephardic Jews have assimilated much of the genes of other nations. Sephardic Jews from Africa look like Africans, from China they look like Chinese.

Are they spiritually in line for a blessing? The Universal Jewish Ency., p. 637, states that the ultimate authority for Orthodoxy is the Babylonian Talmud. The Bible itself ranks second to it in reality, if not theory. That 6,000 page Talmud, although not written when Christ was alive, is part of the system Christ repeatedly rebuked in public as the synagogue of Satan. It is only Christian ignorance of what the Talmud actually says that prevents Christians from realizing that that Jewish statement alone morally separates the Orthodox Jews from God's blessings. The Jew Jesus Christ rejected certain Jews' claims that they were God's chosen people, If ye were Abraham's children, ye would do the works of Abraham.'" Jn 8:39

The Jew and ex-rabbi Apostle Paul dropped a bombshell when he declared not everyone who is born of Jewish parents and educated in the synagogue is viewed by God as children of God's promised blessing. "For they are not all Israel who are of Israel; nor are they all children because they are the seed of Abraham; but, 'In Isaac your seed shall be called.' That is, those who are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God; but the children of the promise are counted as the seed." Rm 9:6-8.

The Christian church trembles today before the Chosen Race, and is afraid to criticize anything the American government does to assist Israel. Nor will many of the Christian ministers speak out against the human rights abuses done to the Palestinians. They have hurt the cause of Christ several ways, first, there are a good number of Palestinian Christians, second, the Arab world has rejected Christ because of Christian support for Israel, and third, they are supporting human rights abuses. Since the Orthodox Jewish system was operating in Jesus' time it is clear what the Christian view was. The Christian Apostle Paul states that the good Orthodox Jews of pure descent are not the seed of Abraham. Romans 2:8,29 says this very thing.

Even Jews who have read about Moses will realize the great Moses was not allowed into the Promised Land for simply disobeying in one small matter. God wanted a holy people. Before God allowed the Children of Israel into the promised land, they had to wander 40 years to purge themselves of their sinful attitudes, disobedience, and idolatry. That was the good Lord's moral standard then, and I find no scripture that reveals God has lost his moral inclinations since then.

Why will this Author make references to Jews?


Jews have given us Jesus, and many other positive things. It was a Jew, Michael Landon, who bucked the System to bring us Little House on the Prairie and Highway to Heaven. It was also a Jew, Henry H. Klein, who warned the world with his book entitled A Jew Exposes The Jewish World Conspiracy. Many attempts were made on Klein's life. The events this book covers are world-wide, and entail more than the Jewish people. Anti-semitism is a tool of the Conspiracy. Klein and others have exposed that. Who do you think controls the Ku Klux Klan?


According to Jewish sources, half of the Jews no longer have names that are recognizably Jewish.

 Further, reliable Jewish sources indicate that on a yearly basis about 80% of the applications for name changes in the United States are Jewish. Where 50,000 applications are made roughly, that means on a yearly basis 160,000 Jews change their names legally, (this is not referring to marriages) and almost all of the name changes are to non-Jewish sounding names.7

7Kaganoff, Benzion C. A Dictionary of Jewish Names and their History. Schocken Books, 1977, pp.69, 72.

Because the Jewish people are not easily identified, and yet are interwoven so deeply into the whole story line, it is necessary to point them out as the story develops. Scottish and British blood lines also play a part in the story. They too will be pointed out.


Putting aside the Bible, and observing carefully what is happening today, the good observer will note several men are being groomed for a role as the new Messiah. The new Messiah will have the lineage of David and Christ. (At least that is what will be said.) Who can say how things will go for this Priest/King? But in the long run it must surely fail, because it is built on the same man-made ideas that have failed before. If this new Messiah doesn't fail, one of his successors will, otherwise thousands of years of historical lessons mean nothing. If people knew history, they would recognize that today's New Age movement is simply a regurgitation of all the ancient superstitions that failed mankind long ago. This is another example of the inadequacies in our media built Frame of Reference.  That certain Jews are involved is one thing.

But not all Jews are alike, and this leads us to another question, who is a Jew?

This author has not used the term in the narrow sense that a very Orthodox Jew in Israel might.

On the other hand, he has not used it in a way that would please those who might call themselves Jews, based on evidence of the migration of the 10 Israelite tribes. Anyone descended in some way from Jewish heritage gets the label. The descendents of the 10 tribes should be called Israelites anyway. Labels can be very important to people, but it is impossible to please everyone.

Likewise, the label Christian is used loosely, as a label for those who claim to be Christian. God is not going to judge people on the basis of labels.

For Him there is no stigma attached to being labeled Jewish, nor any benefit to the label Christian.  What you actually are is what is significant.

This book is about the misapplication of God's promises to control people to serve a Power. The reader may on his own want to discover what God's promises are, and to whom those promises are made.


This book is not about fear. Cowards will not read this book. They will return to their ostrich existence afraid to face reality or challenge their world view. The universal religion being brewed up for us is devoid of faith, hope, and love, so it is important to keep people distracted with meaningless entertainment. This religion speaks of a cluster of values and a common fabric of values which leaves out faith in the Word of God. It speaks of evolution. It values what man can do.

This Author has a hope, a faith in the ultimate triumph of good, a triumph man alone can not achieve. And yet what is faith without works.  If my neighbor is hungry and I only pray for him, that is not faith. If I am simply going to pray about all this when I can do other things, that is not faith. Faith without works is dead. So I give you this book revealing the struggle between God's value system and man's. This Author is betting on God's.

WHAT this book is revealing is the struggle between God's value system and man's. This Author is betting on God's.


After telling you what this book is not, it is not about race and it is not about fear, it is time to tell the reader what this book is about.

This book concerns TRUTH and which AUTHORITY we go to for truth. What? Yes, Authority, because unless we replace the lying One-World-Power as our source of TRUTH, we are not going to resist it.

Is there any Authority that stands against the One-World Power?

Those people who view God as an ultimate Authority, are not allowing themselves to be cowed into going along with what they know is evil. God is a rival authority to the One-World-Power and One-World-Religion. Religions have been used by the One-World-Power (you will learn that as you read), so it is not religion per se that is in opposition to the One-World-Power, but those fanatics who believe that there is right and wrong, because they believe in their Creator.

This book is not an attack on individual religious or philosophical beliefs, except where necessary to turn people from the false Authority of the One-World-Power. I say false because when we have attended school, we believed we were being handed the unadulterated truth. When we read our so-called free-press and media we thought we were being handed the unadulterated truth. When we went to our Kingdom Halls, Masonic Halls, our churches and synagogues we 1-15 believed we were being given the unadulterated truth. It is difficult to swallow that the same Authority that lied to us in the Kingdom Hall, in the Masonic Hall, in the Churches, and in our synagogues was the very same authority. This book's task is to demonstrate what false authority is behind the One-World-Religion and its New Order.


Science thought so. If it wasn't for the idea of creation by God, science would not have gone out looking for the principles that govern the universe. Science had the notion that a master mind had created this world, and that understanding the Universe was a window on that master mind.  The subject of Geometry became sacred, because men realized that the entire Universe can be described mathematically, therefore Geometry was viewed as a window to God's thought processes.

The foundation of Government authority implies so. That men are to be governed implies that good rather than evil should be promoted.  That behavior can be classed as good or bad ties into the concept that man sins. The God of the Bible clearly states man sins and is sinful. The concept of sin elevated the Children of Abraham's view of God had over the pagan view of the gods.

Perhaps the reader is protesting that real governments today don't speak of sin, how can their authority be from God?

If sin does not exist, what authority do governments have to tell people how to live their lives. Because we don't acknowledge that man sins, we end up in a situation like the man in law enforcement who told the Author that there is no such thing as sin. After listening to his view, it was as if there are two basketball teams, the good guys and bad guys; our side are the good guys, the other side the bad. Therefore, he tells me there is nothing wrong for the CIA to bring in and sell drugs in this country. (Yes, he is fully aware they do.) But the bad guys are those guys in the streets selling drugs. This man hates people with rigid beliefs of right and wrong, and understandably so. If he didn't, how could he rationalize his support for the system? Who gives the U.S. government the authority to smuggle in and sell narcotics while at the same time waging a war against drugs?

The framers of the Declaration of Independence recognized the real authority of God (whether they were Christians or not) when they wrote, for the laws of Nature and Nature's God entitle...

The One-World-Power wants no rival. Their mass media is being used as a tool to destroy this rival authority. So much hate has been injected into the public's mindset that many people will not tolerate this book because it holds up God's authority. The public is unaware of the constant bombardment of anti-Christian material spewing forth from the media. The Moslems don't fare much better. Those who are Arabs and Christians are doubly cursed by this bias. As one Lebanese Christian aptly said, We are hated because we are Christians by the Arabs, and hated because we are Arabs by the Christians.

Absolute dominion by God and absolute truth is being subtly replaced by ministers and evangelists, whom you will learn later about in Part 2, with a subjective, false description of God. This is the subtle difference between confessing God is Lord and making God the Lord of your life. It is the distinction between accurate knowledge of God and a subjective, relative emotional belief.

It seems so rigid to believe in the existence of sin. It is. It creates standards. People are being taught to throw out standards. Art and life and other things have lost their meaning. Ancient Israel stood out as a nation because they tried to have standards.

Christians are condemned because they look to a rigid written standard. Yet, this is no different than the Supreme Court, which, after hearing opposing arguments, is supposed to return to the Constitution for their decisions. If it is rigid and reactionary for a Christian to follow a written standard, how should we view the Supreme Court? This is why the Constitution needed to be subverted. This is why President Bush abolished the Constitution with an Emergency Decree while the nation's attention was on Iraq.8 1-16

Yet, groups to save the Constitution are but a ploy of the Conspiracy. (See Part 2)

The real rival Authority is a Sovereign God that people will obey instead of some New Order Master.


As the reader progresses through this book see if you can spot the following differences between the two authorities "the Power (New World Order) and God Almighty (who has left us Scripture).


** In favor of honoring one's heritage, family, tribe, & nation

** In favor of every man reaching God directly—every man is a priest (priesthood of the believer)

** In favor of truth and honesty

** In favor of sincerity & openness

** In favor of one truth, one true God, and our responsibility to

** Calls men to use Scripture for instruction in Godliness


** Against the concept of national identities

** Against man going directly to God—either he has a hierarchy imposed on him, for he is told to be his own God (misdirected, rerouted) told to look to self for answers.

** Against real truth, has snowed the people with lie upon lie, perverted truth is given out by "free" press

** Against openess, creates secret societies & secret intelligence cults & hides their new laws from public

** Against having one truth & just one true God (truth that God is supposedly unknowable, relative) Against any real truth, therefore against God & truth



Several Freemasons were responsible for the design of Washington, D.C. The streets of Washington form the upside-down Pentagram with its point at the White House. Also formed by streets are the satanic goat of Mendes, the Square and Compass, and the Arrow of Ra. The Washington monument is a phallic obelisk and further down is the reflecting pool which from the air is the masonic circle and dot.

Answer to page 2 concerning the pyramids.  This Author doesn't know the motive behind each and every pyramid that is made without a capstone, such as each of these. However, the esoteric (hidden) occult meaning is that the lightbearer Lucifer who is the capstone has yet to take his place as world ruler.

There is a cow in the picture below. Can you see it?

If you really want to see the cow in the picture be flexible in your point of view.

Recommended for further study on chapter 1 is: Israel Our Duty...Our Dilemma by Theodore Winston Pike

The back cover describes it adroitly. A spellbinding theses. Unprecedented. The most specific, accurate, and comprehensive overview of Jewish history and aspirations available today.  This is the ONE book every Christian should read.

The Secret Team: The CIA and its Allies in Control of the World by L. Fletcher Prouty

For nine years this man served as Pentagon focal point officer and CIA military activities were channeled through him. It is very difficult to learn much of what the CIA is doing, any book revealing too much is squelched on grounds of National Security, (ha! CIA security) This book is a blockbuster, not in all that it reveals, which is plenty, but in what it implies. Col. Prouty is an informed ex-participant who gives us a warning.

The Establishments Man by James J. Drummey

This well-written, well-researched book does a good job of exposing George Bush. It is well balanced between appealing to the broad masses and providing good detail for the sincere student of the New World Order. One of the shortcomings of the book is that they do not show that George Bush is only a cog in the big machinery of the New World Order. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. It is important to put George Bush in perspective. That is why Be Wise As Serpents is needed by conspiracy investigators.  Drummey's book is good, but the reader is encouraged to apply its information in the bigger picture.

Document Packet
Introducing Christians to the One-World-Religion that is prepared to serve the One-World-Government

This packet was originally prepared as documentation that will accompany a approx. 600 page book by Fritz Springmeier on the history of the systematic destruction of Christianity and the building of a 1-world-religion. As it is vital to bring this struggle into focus now for Christians this document packet and others are available until such time as the book can be published.

THIS DOCUMENTATION CONSISTS OF PRIMARY DOCUMENTS-documents from authoritative representatives

You will learn-
That we are ruled by an invisible government
Religions are ruled by an invisible council
The three channels to create the world religion

Wise, David and Thomas B. Ross. The Invisible Government. VintageBooks: New York, 1974 ed.


Prouty, L. Fletcher. The Secret Team. Ballantine Books: N.Y.,1973.


person becomes a slave to his own project. This is not  the Plan, and if the condition continues uncorrected, physical society will collapse upon the individual, burying him beneath the debris of his own productions.

With the rise of materialism, the Secret Societies were concealed from the profane, not by any elaborate machinery of their own, but by popular disbelief. There was no place for sacred institutions in minds already dedicated to scientific skepticism. The importance of invisible principles over visible purposes and ambitions was simply ignored.  Only that small minority which remained true to a higher standard of values continued to be concerned with inevitable outcome. For the majority, the physical world with
its wonders was sufficient to absorb all available time and
interest. The result is obvious. The physical state of
man enlarged, and his ethical horizons were appropriately
The old adversaries were gone. The power of the
Church and State to plague the destiny of the average man
was broken. It was no longer needful to struggle against
the despotism of feudalism or the perversities of princes.
The Inquisition had lost its terror, and theology was unable
to impose its traditional formulas upon a down-trodden
laity. But the ills that men must bear changed their appearances,
not their substance. The authority of science took
the place left vacant by the departing authorities of aristocracy
and theology. It was still necessary for the human
spirit to struggle against the intolerances of the human
Personal ambitions, liberated by the new code of freedom,
immediately began to dream of supremacy. A vast concept,
highly competitive in principle and highly destructive
in practice, perpetuated most of the instruments of the
old tyranny. Siegfried had slain the dragon, but was in
grave danger of being drowned in the blood that flowed
from the mortal wound. Having overcome the despotism
of entrenched classes, humanity discovered the despotism
in itself. It was faced with the unhappy realization that
tyrannical systems are only symbols of those tyrannical
instincts which exist in all creatures until they are overcome
by enlightened understanding.
—From Hunt's History of the Seal of the United States
Professor Charles Eliot Norton of Harvard described the design
thus: "The device adopted by Congress is practically incapable
of effective treatment; it can hardly (however artistically treated
by the designer) look otherwise than as a dull emblem of a
Masonic fraternity." This is one of the important esoteric
landmarks that have been conveniently ignored.
It is evident that the continued operations of the genuine
Secret Societies make it unwise to describe them or identify
their members. Humanity has not yet reached a state of
collective security in which leadership beyond the political
sphere is unnecessary. The need for guidance actually increases
with the complexity of mundane affairs. All of
sincere heart find consolation in the conviction that powers
beyond and above human corruption continue to administer
the destiny of the globe. It would be a mistake to confuse
this governing body with the various sects which pretend
to authority, but give no indications or proof that they can
manage efficiently even their own affairs.
LLUSTRIOUS MANLY PALMER HALL, often called "Masonry's
Greatest Philosopher," departed his earthly labors peacefully in his
sleep on August 7, 1990, in Los Angeles, California. Although bom in
Peterborough, Ontario,, on March 18, 1901, Brother Hall moved to
California in 1919 and devoted his life to lecturing, teaching, editing,
and writing on all aspects of Freemasonry.
The author of over 50 books and more than 65 smaller works,
Illustrious Hall was also the founder and a past President of the
Philosophical Research Society of Los Angeles, California. He is best
known for writing The Lost Keys of Freemasonry (1923), The Dionysian
Artificers (1926), Masonic Orders of Fraternity (1950) and, of course, his
monumental Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic history, philosophy and
related subjects.
A member of the Scottish Rite Bodies in the Valley of San Francisco,
Brother Hall was made a Mason in San Francisco's Jewel Lodge No. 374
and received the Scottish Rite's highest honor, the Grand Cross, in 1985
because of his exceptional contributions to Freemasonry, the Scottish
Rite, and the public good.
Like Grand Commander Albert Pike before him, Ill: Hall did not
teach a new doctrine but was an ambassador of an ageless tradition of
wisdom that enriches us to "this day. His piety, wisdom, warmth, and
humility have touched the lives of millions in America and around the
globe. The world is a far better place because of Manly Palmer Hall,
and we are better persons for having known him and his wprk.
Excerpted from an obituary by Walter Stewart, 32°
Hall, Manly P. America's Assignment with Destiny. Philosophical
Research Society: Los Angeles,CA., 1951, p. 109.
dent. The theory of freedom could be preserved by Secret
Societies, but the practice of freedom required the cooperation
of an enlightened people dedicated to a lofty
ethical standard.
When evaluating the esoteric groups of this period, the
most reliable guide is their acceptance of the responsibility
of the Great Plan. Progress is not ordinarily for the
advancement of the individual, but for the unfoldment of
the universal project. The real Esoteric Schools still labor
toward the goal of the World Commonwealth. The Plan
remains Utopian, and the disciple advancing through the
grades of a legitimate initiate-system is being prepared,
not for personal emancipation, but as an instrument for the
liberation of his fellowmen. Wherever religious inducements
are personal and selfish or the devotee is encouraged
to advance his own growth without consideration for others,
there is something wrong with the policy of the sect. Yet,
the literature of modem metaphysical movements seldom
emphasizes growth as responsibility. The reader is encouraged
to study mystical systems or to affiliate with organizations
claiming extraordinary knowledge in the hope that
he will acquire the skill to advance his own condition.
Where such objectives are used to intrigue the gullible,
those of sincere mind and heart are entitled to reservations.
The old Secret Societies remain as they had always been,
custodians of an overconviction. They are now emphasizing
the right use of privileges. Education can be conferred
by schools and universities, but enlightenment must still
result from internal growth. Without the proper development
of his superphysical resources, the individual cannot
protect his physical rights and privileges. Progress of
society always demands that the human being as a person
be in advance of the institutions which he creates. When
leadership passes to the keeping of external enterprises, the
The Real Purpose of Masonry is the
Utopian Plan of a 1-World-Government
Bailey, Alice A. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy. Lucis Pub.
Co.: NY, 1957, p.453.
mensity of planetary evil, demonstrated through the destructive
war of the past few years (1914-1945), great and
permanent good can come; the spiritual Hierarchy stands
ready to evoke the good latent behind the work of destruction
which has been done, but this can be so only if the
goodwill of humanity itself is employed with adequate invocative
power. If this goodwill finds expression, two things
can occur: first, certain potencies and forces can be released
upon the earth which will aid men's effort to attain right
human relations, with its resultant effect—peace; secondly,
the forces of evil will be so potently defeated that never again
will they be able to wreak such universal destruction upon
Years ago I said that the war which may follow this one
would be waged in the field of the world religions. Such a
war will not work out, however, in a similar period of extreme
carnage and blood; it will be fought largely with
mental weapons and in the world of thought; it will involve
also the emotional realm, from the standpoint of idealistic
fanaticism. This inherent fanaticism (found ever in reactionary
groups) will fight against the appearance of the coming
world religion and the spread of esotericism. For this struggle
certain of the well-organised churches, through their conservative
elements (their most powerful elements), are
already girding themselves. Those sensitive to the new
spiritual impacts are still far from powerful; that which is
new always faces the supreme difficulty of superseding and
overcoming that which is old and established. Fanaticism,
entrenched theological positions, and materialistic selfishness
are to be found actively organised in the churches in all
continents and of all denominations. They can be expected
to fight for their established ecclesiastical order, their material
profit and their temporal rule, and already are making
the needed preparations.
The coming struggle will emerge within the churches
themselves; it will also be precipitated by the enlightened
elements who exist in fair numbers already, and are rapidly
growing in strength through the impact of human necessity.
Bailey, Foster, The Spirit of Masonry. New York, Lucis Publishing Co. , 1951, pp. 20-21
20 The Spirit of Masonry
he finds that which he has sought and which has been deeply
hidden yet close at hand. He must learn that the experience
which 'travel in foreign countries' and the arduous task of the
Builder has given, is the only thing that can fit him to join the
ranks of the Master Masons of the Universe, and carry on the
eternal quest in company with all brothers.
This is the revelation which the passage of the candidate
through all the degrees conveys. In the first three degrees we
have depicted for us the search of the individual for light,
wisdom and life. In the higher degrees there is given us the
varying aspects of the universal search (by the collective whole)
in the various ways, and in the many lands and through the
diverse religions, for the final revelation for which the so-called
Blue Lodge has prepared the candidate. Subtle and illusive
indications are given also of that organised and intelligent
activity which is carried on by that Grand Lodge of Master
Masons who have for ages watched over humanity and guided
men steadily in the way of light.
Little as it may be realised by the unthinking Mason who is
interested only in the outer aspects of the Craft work, the whole
fabric of Masonry may be regarded as an externalisation of that
inner spiritual group whose members, down the ages, have
been the Custodians of the Plan, and as Those to Whom has
been committed the working out of the will of God for the
race of men. These Master Masons, to whom T.G.A.O.T.U.
has given the design and Who are familiar with the tracing
board of the G.M. on high, are called by many names and
are known at different times by various appellations. They
can be referred to as Christ and His Church—that band of
disciples who follow in the footsteps and work under the inspiration
of the great Carpenter of Nazareth. They can be known by
others as the Masters of the Wisdom for They are skilled in the
divine ways and have mastered the arts and sciences which
Their fellowmen have yet to master. They are the Dispensers
of Light and to Them has been given, by virtue of Their
achievement, the privilege and the authority to pronounce the
great Masonic formula: 'Let there be light' and to evoke the
response: 'And there was LIGHT'.
The Purpose of Masonry 21
They are therefore sometimes known as the Illuminati and
can direct the searchlight of truth wherever its beams are needed
to guide the pilgrim on his way. They are the Rishis of the
oriental philosophy, the Builders of the occult tradition and
those Individualities of outstanding wisdom, strength and beauty
of character Who have guided, by precept and example, the
faltering steps of blinded and ignorant humanity. They are
the bestowers of the privileges and benefits of initiation, and
They prepare the candidate for those great revelations and
expansions of consciousness which are the reward of all who
persevere in the quest, and thus learn to work in the Temple
of the Lord. Step by step They guide the candidate until he has
gained the right to stand in the East before the Presence, and
there, before the brethren, prove himself initiate. Stage by
stage They assist at the unfolding of the consciousness of the
candidate until the time comes when he can 'enter into light'
and, in his turn become a light-bearer, one of the Illuminati
who can assist the Lodge on High in bringing humanity to
light. Silently and with full understanding They watch the
initiate go down to the gates of death in order to prosecute
the search for the Master's Word and, in defence of his ideals
is slain by those with whom he has worked. Then they too go
down to the G ...................wherein the Master lies, and through
Their united effort and by the strength of Their joint endeavour
They raise him to the fullness of life and service, giving him
that secret which must suffice to guide him in his search until
the time comes when the race (as one united whole) has proved
itself fit to receive the true L.W. Then humanity can be
admitted to that high and holy Temple where reigns the
the Triune God.
The rites, ceremonies and initiations of Masonry may be
regarded (and are so regarded by many) as being faint representations
and symbolic rehearsals of those major spiritual
initiations through which every human being must pass before
achieving his goal of manifested divinity and can enter finally
within the veil, leaving behind him an example of fortitude
and self-control which his fellow men can emulate. It is to be
noted also that there has never been a time in the long history
BPauibl.e yC,o .: ANlYi,c e1 95A7., p.T h5e1 1.E xternalisation of the Hierarchy. Lucis
church as a teaching factor should take the great basic doctrines
and (shattering the old forms in which they are expressed
and held) show their true and inner spiritual significance.
The prime work of the church is to teach, and
teach ceaselessly, preserving the outer appearance in order to
reach the many who are accustomed to church usages. Teachers
must be trained; Bible knowledge must be spread; the
sacraments must be mystically interpreted, and the power of
the church to heal must be demonstrated.
The three main channels through which the preparation
for the new age is going on might be regarded as the Church,
the Masonic Fraternity and the educational field. All of
them are as yet in relatively static condition, and all are as
yet failing to meet the need and to respond to the inner
pressure. But in all of these three movements, disciples of
the Great Ones are to be found and they are steadily gathering
momentum and will before long enter upon their designated
The Masonic Movement when it can be divorced from
politics and social ends and from its present paralysing condition
of inertia, will meet the need of those who can, and
should, wield power. It is the custodian of the law; it is the
home of the Mysteries and the seat of initiation. It holds in
its symbolism the ritual of Deity, and the way of salvation is
pictorially preserved in its work. The methods of Deity are
demonstrated in its Temples, and under the All-seeing Eye
the work can go forward. It is a far more occult organisation
than can be realised, and is intended to be the training
school for the coming advanced occultists. In its ceremonials
lies hid the wielding of the forces connected with
the growth and life of the kingdoms of nature and the unfoldment
of the divine aspects in man. In the comprehension
of its symbolism will come the power to cooperate with
the divine plan. It meets the need of those who work on the
first Ray of Will or Power.
The Church finds its mission in the helping of the devotee,
in aiding the gTeat public which is innately religious
and of good will. It hides in its heart those who vibrate to
press themselves, then will there be more intelligent and
more useful work offered in cooperation with the Occult
In the esoteric group, which is composed of the true
spiritual esotericists found in all exoteric occult groups, in
the church, by whatever name it may be called, and in
Masonry you have the three paths leading to initiation. As
yet they are not used, and one of the things that will eventuate—
when the new universal religion has sway and the
nature of esotericism is understood—will be the utilisation
of the banded esoteric organisms, the Masonic organism and
the Church organism as initiating centres. These three
groups converge as their inner sanctuaries are approached.
There is no dissociation between the One Universal Church,
the sacred inner Lodge of all true Masons, and the innermost
circles of the esoteric societies. Three types of men
have their need met, three major rays are expressed, and the
three paths to the Master are trodden, leading all three to
the same portal and the same Hierophant.
It must not be forgotten that only those souls who are
on the Probationary Path or the Path of Discipleship will
form the nucleus of the coming world religion. It exists on
the inner planes for the purpose of gathering out of all the
churches those who have reached the point in evolution
where they can consciously and of their own free will place
their feet upon that PATH which leads to the centre of
peace; who can in full awareness turn their eyes upon the
Great Lord, and transmute the life of worldly endeavour
into the life of service. The first detachment gathered into
the coming Church will be found to be a part of the present
great band of servers. These have, down the ages, been associated
with the Christ in His work. Remember always the
fact of the work He did in connection with the last advent,
and remember likewise that in the turning of the cyclic
wheel, in the evolution of the spiral, similar conditions will
eventuate, the same needs arise, and the same egos incarnate
that were present in the days of old in Palestine. The numbers
of those associated with Him will be greatly increased,
for all who knew Him in earlier incarnations in the ancient
East, all whom He cured or taught, all who contacted Him
or in any way incurred karma with Him or with the Master
Jesus, will have the opportunity to cooperate at this time.
Each sincere aspirant who is closely connected with the present
Church organisations, who feels a close link with the
Christ and who loves Him, can be practically sure that in
Palestine they saw Him, knew Him and mayhap served and
loved Him.
The sacraments, properly understood, serve to
strengthen this link and realisation, and such a one as that
of Baptism (when entered upon with understanding) will
draw forth oft a response from the Great Lord Himself. It
is almost as if a golden strand were directed from His heart
to the heart of the servant—a strand unbreakable and unfathomable
and which, with each administration of any of
the holy rites in the succession of lives, becomes stronger,
broader and brighter. Eventually these many strands will become
reabsorbed into their source when the Body of the
Christ—one of the seven Heavenly Men on the second or
monadic plane—is completed in full expression, for each one
linked to Him becomes, in a vital sense, a cell in His Body.
This the initiate Paul truly sensed and knew. Via this strand
passes the power to strengthen, to stimulate, to vivify and to
bless, and this is the true apostolic succession. All true
disciples are priests unto the Lord.
There is no question therefore that the work to be done
in familiarising the general public with the nature of the
Mysteries is of paramount importance at this time. These
Mysteries will be restored to outer expression through the
medium of the Church and the Masonic Fraternity, if those
groups leave off being organisations with material purpose,
and become organisms with living objectives. When the
Great One comes with His disciples and initiates we shall
have (after a period of intensive work on the physical plane
beginning around the year 1940) the restoration of the
Mysteries and their exoteric presentation, as a consequence
of the first initiation. Why can this be so? Because the Christ,
the great Jove ray, the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. Christ
Himself works through it and by its means seeks to contact
the vast Christian public. It is the leaven in His hands to
leaven the whole lump, and being in a form comprehended
by the people, it can touch the great masses of seeking souls.
By means of the educational work of the world, the
Great Lord seeks to reach those of the intelligent public who
cannot be reached by means of ceremonial and symbolism
as in Masonry, or by religious means and ritual, as in the
Church. It touches the masses and those in whom the intelligence
aspect predominates to the lessening of the other
two aspects. It aids those men who are predominantly on
the third Ray ot Intelligent Activity.
In all these bodies there are to be found esoteric groups
who are the custodians of the inner teaching and whose
uniformity in aspiration and in technique is one. These
inner gToups consist of occult students and of those who are
in direct or occasional touch with the Masters and of those
whose souls are in sufficient control so that the will of the
Hierarchy may be communicated and gradually filter down
to the channel ot the physical brain. These groups which
constitute the true inner esoteric group are many, but their
membership is yet small, for the fact that a student may
belong to any of the outer esoteric groups so-called is no
indication of his true esoteric status. When the few who are
the true esoteric students of the world know the difference
between etheric and astral forms, between mental clairaudience
and clairvoyance and their astral counterparts, between
the elementals of thought and the elementals of nature,
then will the Christ and His church have a real
esoteric group on the physical plane and the outer organisations
receive the needed stimulation. That is why it is necessary
to work with the students at this time and train them in
the nature of true occultism. When we understand better
the significance of time in prevision, and of force in movement,
and when we comprehend more fully the laws that
control the subtler bodies, and through them therefore the
laws that function on the planes whereon those bodies ex-
Hall, Manly P. America's Assignment with Destiny. Philosophical
Research Society, 1951, p. 115.
their work be accomplished it is not sufficient that they have
the needed vision. This vision must be communicated.
It must be extended throughout human society until
humanity redeems itself by the experience of enlightenment.
The security that the world seeks cannot be bestowed;
it must be earned. When a sufficient number has attained
this degree of true leadership, the imperishable democracy
of the sages will become a fact in the mortal sphere.
The genuine Esoteric Associations always required that
disciples prepare themselves for careers of practical service.
The student was expected to attain to a state of unusual
skill or proficiency in some branch of learning. He was
then to practice this profession or craft as a means of extending
his sphere of constructive influence. He was to
teach through example, enriching his chosen vocation with
the overtones of enlightened religious philosophy. Thus,
gradually creating a significant zone of influence, he was
available for whatever task the Keepers of the Great Plan
required. Practical ends can only be achieved by practical
means, and the agents of the Universal Reformation must
be sufficient for every emergency.
Rather than attempt to indicate modem organizations
which may or may not be instruments of the Mystery system,
it is more useful to recommend that each truth seeker
make use of his own faculties of discrimination. The Esoteric
Orders have never accepted candidates without reasonable
qualifications, nor have they offered any inducements except
the privilege of becoming unselfish, useful, and humble.
They have never promised to gratify the whims of mortals,
and have reserved the right to select in their own way those
whom they believed to have the courage, the insight, and
the fortitude which the magnitude of the project demanded.
Human society cannot be preserved by Fraternities of the
unfit, even though the members be well-intentioned. Suc-
Clymer, R. Swinburne. Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry.
Philosophical Pub. Co., Allentown, Pa.,p.5.
In placing the present work before the public I
have no apology whatever to offer, and this for several
reasons. First, because I have been ordered to prepare
it, and Second., because much of what I herein
give is not new, for the simple reason that there can
be nothing new in Masonry. True, many a thing,
especially what concerns Mystic Masonry, has not
been given to a profane people, but this is not to say
that it is new, for it is not.
I know that the present work will stand unchallenged
as to the Truths it contains, and this for the
reason that I quote from the highest Masonic authorities
in the world, that whieh concerns Mystic
Masonry comes direct from him who knows and who
has no superior in his work.
I also know that I will not be accused of stealing, for
the very good reason that I give credit for every single
quotation, unless it was changed. With these facts
before me I can feel well satisfied to let it go forward.
There are several reasons why this book should go
before the people, and especially before Masons themselves.
Too little is known by my Brother Masons
concerning that Order to which they have the honor to
belong, but which some of them do not honor and the
Clymer, R. Swinburne. Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry.
Philosophical Pub. Co., Allentown, Pa.,p. 122.
clares to be the law of Masonry. And this was wisely
done, for it is evident that no law less universal could
have been appropriately selected for the government
of an institution whose prominent characteristic is its
219. "The precepts of Jesus could not have been
made obligatory on a Jew; a Christian would have
denied the sanctions of the Koran; a Mohammedan
must have rejected the laws of Moses; and a disciple
of Zoroaster would have turned from all to the teachings
of his Zeud Avesta. The universal law of nature,
which the authors of the old Charges have properly
called the moral law, because it is, as Conybeare remarks,
'a perfect collection of all those moral doctrines
and precepts which have a foundation in the nature
and reason of things,' is therefore the only law suited,
in every respect, to be adopted as the Masonic code."*
220. "So broad is the religion of Masonry, and so
carefully are all sectarian tenets excluded from the
system, that the Christian, the Jew, and the Mohammedan,
in all their numberless sects and divisions,
may, and do harmoniously combine in its moral and
intellectual work with the Buddhist, the Parsee. the
Confucian, and the worshiper of Deity under every
221. And why is this true! Because the Vishnu of
the Brahminical Trinity, the Isis of the Egyptian and
the Holy Ghost of the Christians and symbolized in
*Mackey, "Masonic Jurisprudence."
**Webb's "Monitor of Freemasonry."
the Roman Catholic Church, by the Madonna, is the
Mother Principle of every living thing in the universe,
and, when a man or woman has their spiritual mind
awakened they have a love for everything that lives
and breathes, and they look on every object in Nature
as the outward manifestation of the Divine Living
Principle within. God is in all, and no matter at
what Shrine we worship, God is there.
222. "The whole design of Freemasonry as a Speculative
science is the investigation of Divine Truths.
To this great object everything else is subsidiary.
The Mason is, from the time of his initiation aa an
Entered Apprentice, to the time at which he receives
the full fruition of Masonic light, an investigator—a
laborer in the quarry and the temple—whose reward
is to be truth, and all the ceremonies and traditions of
the order tend to this ultimate design. In Speculative
Freemasonry there is an advancement from a lower
to a higher state—from darkness to light—from death
to life—from error to truth.
223. "The Mason living and working in the world
as his lodge, must seek to raise himself out of it to that
eminence which surmounts it, where alone he can find
divine truth."*
224. "Every Speculative Mason is familiar with
the fact that the East, aa the source of material light,
is a symbol of his own order, which professes to contain
within its bosom the pure light of truth. Aa, in
*Mackey, "Manual of the Lodge."
217. "Freemasonry does not profesS to interfere
with the religions opinions of its members. It asks
only for A declaration of that simple and universal
faith, in which men of all nations and all sects agree—
the belief in a God and in his superintending providence.
Beyond this, it does not venture, but leaves
the minds of its disciples, on other and sectarian
points, perfectly untrammelled. This is the only religious
qualification required by a candidate, but this
is most strictly demanded. The religion, then, of
Masonry, is pure theism, on which its different members
engraft their own peculiar opinions; but they are
not permitted to introduce them into the lodge, or to
connect their truths or falsehood with the truth of
218. "Every Mason," says the old Charges of 1722,
"is obliged by his tenure to obey the moral law."
Now, this moral law is not to be considered as confined
to the decalogue of Moses, within which narrow limits
these ecclesiastical writers technically restrain it, but
rather as alluding to what is called Lex Naturae, or
the law of nature. This law of nature has been defined
by an able, but not recent writer on this subject,
to be "The will of God, relating to human actions,
grounded on the moral differences of things; and
because discoverable by natural light, obligatory upon
all mankind."** This is the "Moral law," to which
the old Charge already cited refers, and which it de-
*Mackey,'' Masonic Lexicon.''
**Grove, "System of Moral Philosophy."
these pearls of great price were guarded and handed
on with alight modifications into the possession of those
grand early Christians, the Gnostics, the so-called
heretics; then straight from the Gnostic schools of
Syria and Egypt to their successors, the Manichaeans,
and from these through the Paulicians, Albigenses,
and Templars to the Hermetics, the Rosicrucians, and
other less powerful Secret Fraternities—these Occult
traditions, or rather, Occult Truths, have been bequeathed
to the Mystic bodies of our own times. Persecuted
by Protestants on one side and by Catholics on
the other, the history of Mysticism, outside of the
Rosicrucian Fraternity, is a history of martyrdom."
123. "These principal streams of religious thought
can be traced distinctly as we struggle through the
labyrinth of evidence, and these may not inappropriately
be termed the Petrine, Pauline, and Johannine
doctrines, the last being the fountain-head of all the
later Christian Mystical heresies. The Johannine
doctrine caused great excitement in the fourteenth
century. It must be borne in mind that the true
Occultism, the real Mysticism, is essentially religious
in its nature, and students must not be surprised to
find that some of the historical religious sects—many
of the principal secret societies take St. John as their
patron saint, notably is this the case with many of the
Masonic bodies—had their foundation in Occultism
and Mysticism before stated, the Occult doctrines of
the Gnostics were heirlooms and sacred traditions from
a very distant past, and when the early Christian era
dawned, the human ram had long been plunged in the
darkening and materializing tendencies of the Black
Ages. Soon the Gnosis was rejected by the orthodox
church, and the Sacred and Secret teachings of the
Great Master, Jesus, become materialized; they have,
however, never been lost, and traces of them can be
discerned from epoch to epoch.
124. "The Masonic movement, to state it generally,
was at first a sort of broad, semi-mystic and largely
moral movement, worked from certain unknown, to
Them, centers, and deriving its origin from the
Ancient and not generally known basis.
125. It never had anything to do with Operative
Masonry or the Builders' Guild. Masonry was
founded on the Ancient Wisdom Religion, and when
founded was not known as Masonry.
126. Its basis was, and is, unknown to all of those
who do not recognize a definitely spiritual guidance in
the practical, mental, and moral developments which
from time to time change the surface by the introduction
of new factors into the evolving processes of
which life consists. Researches into Masonic literature
must be made in many languages and countries before
this view can be firmly established for the general
world, but to students of Mysticism and who are also
students of Masonry it becomes more and more apparent
that the movement which is generally termed
Masonic had its roots in that true Mysticism which
originated, as an Ideal effort, from the Spiritual
Hierarchy which guides the evolution of the world;
and that, however much the branches may be separated
from the root-idea, there is nevertheless a Mystic
Masonry is not from Builder's Guilds
of operative Masons
teaching in Masonry for those who will seek below the
127. "The Ancients of Atlantis preserved not less
than sixteen distinct Secret Orders, all of which constituted—
what was known at the time of the advent
of Poisedon to the Kingdom of Atlantis—as the
Mystic Brother or the Great White Circle. What is
now the Fraternity of the Rosy Cross was recognized
as the very highest of these Orders, by virtue of their
knowledge of the Secret Forces throughout Nature.
This Order of men ruled the Destiny of nations and
all Institutions.*
128. "With the destruction of Atlantis,** this perfection
of order and organization was severed and
history from this event only conveys scattering
glimpses of these various Orders—all of which, while
preserving some remote impressions of their former
relationship, have lost trace one of the other."
129. Says John A. Weiss, M.D., in his "Obelisk and
Freemasonry:" "According to our reading of history,
the Priesthoods of Belus, or Baal in Assyria, of
Osiris in Egypt, of Jehova in Palestine, of Jupiter in
Greece and Borne, of Ahura-Mazda in Persia, or
Brahma in India, and of Teutates in Britain, were
Primitive Secret Societies, who instructed and
governed the primitive families and races. It little
matters whether we call the members of those priesthoods
Belites, Pastophori, Levites, Curetes, Mage,
Brahmins, or Druids; they were connected by Secret
**See "The Philosophy of Fire."
*See "The Rosicrucians; their Teachings."
Ties, and intercommunicated from the Indus to the
Tiber, from the Nile to the Thames. Hence there
ever has been, is, and ever will be Freemasonry on our
planet. Masonry was ever more or less connected with
priesthoods till about the thirteenth century of our era,
when Masons declared themselves Freimaurer (Freemasons).
Since about that period priesthoods have
ever denounced and persecuted Freemasonry."
130. "A thoughtful consideration of our principal
ceremony irresistibly leads us to the doctrine that was
typified by the Pastos in the King's Chamber of the
great Pyramid, and connects with the main characteristic
of all the Mysteries, which embodied the highest
truths then known to the Illuminated ones.
131. "The twelfth century witnessed an outbreak
of Mystic symbolism, perhaps unparalleled, in our era,
and gave us the religious legends of the Holy Grail,
which point to an Eastern origin ; this period coincides
with the greatest popularity of the Templars, whose
fall is contemporaneous with the decadence noticed "by
the lecturer.
132. Without pressing the argument, I may suggest
that some portion, at least, of our symbolism may have
come through a Templar source, Romanist, yet deeply
tinged with Gnosticism; while at a later date the
Lollards, inheritors of Manichteism, and who were but
one of the many religo-political societies with which
Europe was honeycombed, possibly introduced or revived
some of these teachings. One thing is certain,
that satisfactory renderings of our symbols can only
be obtained by a study of Eastern Mysticism; Kabal-
earth will then sink down into Duzakh, and become for three periods
a place of punishment for the wicked. Then, by degrees, all
will be pardoned, even Ahriman and the Devs, and admitted to the
regions of bliss, and thus there will be a new Heaven and a new
In the doctrines of Lamaism also, we find, obscured, and partly
concealed in fiction, fragments of the primitive truth. For,
according to that faith, "There is to be a final judgment before
ESLIK KHAN : The good are to be admitted to Paradise, the bad
to be banished to hell, where there are eight regions burning hot
and eight freezing cold."
In the Mysteries, wherever they were practised, was taught that
truth of the primitive revelation, the existence of One Great Being,
Infinite and pervading the Universe, Who was there worshipped
without superstition; and His marvellous nature, essence, and
attributes taught to the Initiates; while the vulgar attributed His
works to Secondary Gods, personified, and isolated from Him in
fabulous independence.
These truths were covered from the common people as with a
veil; and the Mysteries were carried into every country, that, without
disturbing the popular beliefs, truth, the arts, and the sciences
might be known to those who were capable of understanding
them, and maintaining the true doctrine incorrupt; which the
people, prone to superstition and idolatry, have in no age been able
to do; nor, as many strange aberrations and superstitions of the
present day prove, any more now than heretofore. For we need
but point to the doctrines of so many sects that degrade the Creator
to the rank, and assign to Him the passions of humanity, to
prove that now, as always, the old truths must be committed to a
few, or they will be overlaid with fiction and error, and irretrievably
Though Masonry is identical with the Ancient Mysteries, it is
so in this qualified sense; that it presents but an imperfect image
of their brilliancy; the ruins only of their grandeur, and a system
that has experienced progressive alterations, the fruits of
social events and political circumstances. Upon leaving Egypt,
the Mysteries were modified by the habits of the different nations
among whom they were introduced. Though originally more
moral and political than religious, they soon became the heritage,
as it were, of the priests, and essentially religious, though in reality
limiting the sacerdotal power, by teaching the intelligent laity the
folly and absurdity of the creeds of the populace. They were
therefore necessarily changed by the religious systems of the countries
into which they were transplanted. In Greece, they were the
Mysteries of Ceres; in Rome, of Bona Dea, the Good Goddess; in
Gaul, the School of Mars; in Sicily, the Academy of the Sciences;
among the Hebrews, they partook of the rites and ceremonies of a
religion which placed all the powers of government, and all the
knowledge, in the hands of the Priests and Levites. The pagodas
of India, the retreats of the Magi of Persia and Chaldca, and the
pyramids of Egypt, were no longer the sources at which men.
drank in knowledge. Each people, at all informed, had its Mysteries.
After a time the Temples of Greece and the School of
Pythagoras lost their reputation, and Freemasonry took their
Masonry, when properly expounded, is at once the interpretation
of the great book of nature, the recital of physical and astronomical
phenomena, the purest philosophy, and the place of deposit,
where, as in a Treasury, are kept in safety all the great truths of
the primitive revelation, that form the basis of all religions. In
the modern Degrees three things are to be recognized: The image
of primeval times, the tableau of the efficient causes of the Universe,
and the book in which are written the morality of all peoples,
and the code by which they must govern themselves if they
would be prosperous.
The Kabalistic doctrine was long the religion of the Sage
and the Savant; because, like Freemasonry, it incessantly tends
toward spiritual perfection, and the fusion of the creeds and Nationalities
of Mankind. In the eyes of the Kabalist, all men are
his brothers; and their relative ignorance is, to him, but a reason
for instructing them. There were illustrious Kabalists among the
Egyptians and Greeks, whose doctrines the Orthodox Church has
accepted; and among the Arabs were many, whose wisdom was
not slighted by the Mediaeval Church.
The Sages proudly wore the name of Kabalists. The Kabalah
embodied a noble philosophy, pure, not mysterious, but symbolic.
It taught the doctrine of the Unity of God, the art of knowing
and explaining the essence and operations of the Supreme Being,
of spiritual powers and natural forces, and of determining their
action by symbolic figures; by the arrangement of the alphabet,
were anxious to preserve, among themselves, the
knowledge which they had acquired."*
107. "The Dionysia, or Mysteries of Bacchus, were
intimately connected with those of Ceres and perhaps,
still more with Freemasonry; the rites came from
Egypt, and there, according to Plutarch Ceres, was the
Egyptian Isia, and Bacchus was Osiris.
108. "The Dionysian artificers or architects were
an association of scientific men, who were incorporated
by command of the Kings of Pergamus into a corporate
body, some three hundred years B. C. They
had the city of Teos given to them. The members of
this association which was intimately connected with
the Dionysian mysteries, were distinguished from the
uninitiated inhabitants of Teos, by their Science, and
by words and signs by which they could recognize
their Brethren of the Order. Like Freemasons they
were divided into Lodges which were characterized
by different names.
109. "Such is the nature of that association of
architects, who erected those splendid edifices in Ionia,
whose ruins even afford us instructions, while they excite
our surprise. If it be possible to prove the identity
of any two societies, from the coincidence of their
external forms, we are authorized to conclude that the
Fraternity of the Ionian architects and the Fraternity
of Freemasons, are exactly the same; and as the
former practiced the mysteries of Bacchus and Ceres,
several of which we have shown to be similar to the
mysteries of Masonry, we may safely affirm, that, in
* M. Lawrie.
Diego:CA, Supreme Grand Lodge of AMORC, 1929,p.315.
that it would be inconsistent and improper and,
therefore, impossible in the light of his understanding
and development. Several thousand men
and women, among the others who unite with the
Rosicrucian Order every year, before becoming
Rosicrucian students spend large sums of money
in the purchase of such books with the hope of
economically and conveniently learning the principles
which they believe will produce the utmost
benefit in their lives. Such students finally discover
that the purchase of these books becomes a costly
proposition and that more money can be spent in
this way in one year than in several years in the
proper manner of study. They find that they receive
no benefits but are becoming constantly confused
by the differences of opinions on the part of these
authors and by the continual issuance of new books
with new ideas written to tempt the seeker to continue
to buy books in the hope mat his search will
eventually come to an end. The more alluring and
tempting and the more inclusive are the titles of any
of these so-called Rosicrucian books, the surer one
can be that the books contain nothing of real value
and are designed solely to appeal to the susceptibility
of the unguided seeker.
Those books which claim to be an exposition of
the Rosicrucian mysteries or a presentation of the
Rosicrucian rites and rituals, or of the secret doctrines
of the Rosicrucians, are not only misleading in their
titles, but deceptive in the claims set forth, inasmuch
as such books do not and cannot contain what is
claimed for them.
Attention is called to a secdon of the history of the
organization published in this book, which explains
how and why a number of pseudo-Rosicrucian
movements have attempted to carry on the impression
of being a part of the Rosicrucian Order by the
adoption of misleading names or by simulating
emblems while doing nothing more than publishing
and selling useless books.* Everyone with common
sense will appreciate the fact that a book claiming
to be a complete presentation of the secret
teachings and secret ritual of the Freemasons, would
be unworthy of purchase at any price, for one would
know instinctively that the contents of the book
could not possibly fulfill the claim made by the title.
The same may be said of books dealing with the subject
of Rosicrucian philosophy.
No. 63
Q. Is it not true that the Rosicrucian Order in
America and Europe has published some books dealing
with Rosicrucian doctrine, even though they say
that the Rosicrucian teachings are never published
in any public books?
* See Chapter VI.
to supplant. Hence Free-Masonry, vulgarly imagined to have begun
with the Dionysian Architects or the German Stone-workers,
adopted Saint John the Evangelist as one of its patrons, associating
with him, in order not to arouse the suspicions of Rome, Saint
John the Baptist, and thus covertly proclaiming itself the child
of the Kabalah and Essenism together."
[For the Johannism of the Adepts was the Kabalah of the
earlier Gnostics, degenerating afterward into those heretical forms
which Gnosticism developed, so that even Manes had his followers
among them. Many adopted his doctrines of the two Principles,
the recollection of which is perpetuated by the handle of the dagger
and the tesselated pavement or floor of the Lodge, stupidly
called "the Indented Tessel," and represented by great hanging
tassels, when it really means a tesserated floor (from the Latin
tessera) of white and black lozenges, with a necessarily denticulated
or indented border or edging. And wherever, in the higher
Degrees, the two colors white and black, are in juxtaposition, the
two Principles of Zoroaster and Manes are alluded to. With others
the doctrine became a mystic Pantheism, descended from that
of the Brahmins, and even pushed to an idolatry of Nature and
hatred of every revealed dogma.
[To all this the absurd reading of the established Church, taking
literally the figurative, allegorical, and mythical language of a
collection of Oriental books of different ages, directly and inevitably
led. The same result long after followed the folly of regarding
the Hebrew books as if they had been written by the unimaginative,
hard, practical intellect of the England of James the First
and the bigoted stolidity of Scottish Presbyterianism.]
"The better to succeed and win partisans, the Templars sympathized
with regrets for dethroned creeds and encouraged the hopes
of new worships, promising to all liberty of conscience and a new
orthodoxy that should be the synthesis of all the persecuted creeds."
[It is absurd to suppose that men of intellect adored a monstrous
idol called Baphomet, or recognized Mahomet as an inspired
prophet. Their symbolism, invented ages before, to conceal what
it was dangerous to avow, was of course misunderstood by those
who were not adepts, and to their enemies seemed to be pantheistic.
The calf of gold, made byAaron for the Israelites.was but one of
the oxen under the layer of bronze, and the Karobim on the Propitiatory,
misunderstood. The symbols of the wise always become
the idols of the ignorant multitude. What the Chiefs of the
Order really believed and taught, is indicated to the Adepts by the
hints contained in the high Degrees of Free-Masonry, and by the
symbols which only the Adepts understand....................
[The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the
Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate,
but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not
intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that
he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explication is
reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry. The whole body
of the Royal and Sacerdotal Art was hidden so carefully, centuries
since, in the High Degrees, as that it is even yet impossible to
solve many of the enigmas which they contain. It is well enough
for the mass of those called Masons, to imagine that all is contained
in the Blue Degrees; and whoso attempts to undeceive
them will labor in vain, and without any true reward violate his
obligations as an Adept. Masonry is the veritable Sphinx, buried
to the head in the sands heaped round it by the ages.]
"The seeds of decay were sown in the Order of the Temple at
its origin. Hypocrisy is a mortal disease. It had conceived a
great work which it was incapable of executing, because it knew
neither humility nor personal abnegation, because Rome was then
invincible, and because the later Chiefs of the Order did not comprehend
its mission. Moreover, the Templars were in general
uneducated, and capable only of wielding the sword, with no qualifications
for governing, and at need enchaining, that queen of the
world called Opinion." [The doctrines of the Chiefs would, if expounded
to the masses, have seemed to them the babblings of
folly. The symbols of the wise are the idols of the vulgar, or else
as meaningless as the hieroglyphics of Egypt to the nomadic
Arabs. There must always be a common-place interpretation for
the mass of Initiates, of the symbols that are eloquent to the
"Hugues de Payens himself had not that keen and far-sighted
intellect nor that grandeur of purpose which afterward distinguished
the military founder of another soldiery that became,
formidable to kings. The Templars were unintelligent and therefore
unsuccessful Jesuits.
"Their watchword was, to become wealthy, in order to buy the
world. They became so, and in 1312 they possessed in Europe
people and subject them by intellectual
bondage and servitude to a foreign
potentate. That "World Power" is far
better organized than we are; is far
more numerous than we; is richer,
more shrewd, more ambitious, more
aggressive, and more unscrupulous
than we. It has attacked our Public
Schools as being "schools without
religion" and intended "to turn the
people into refined Pagans." Listen to
this by the Rev. Michael Muller: "The
object, then, of these Godless, irreligious
Public Schools is to spread
among the people the worst of religions,
the one religion, the religion
which pleases most hardened adulterers
and criminals—the religion of irrational
animals. The moral character
of our Public Schools in many of our
cities has sunk so low, that even
courtesans have disguised themselves
as school-girls in order the more surely
to ply their foul vocation."
Yet, in some of our larger cities, like
Chicago and Boston, seventy-five per
cent of the teachers of the Public
Schools are members of that "World
Wrapped in the seamless robe of the
Savior for which it gambled at the foot
of the Cross, that "World Power"
comes to us in the name of Jesus,
garbles and twists His teaching, and
proclaims itself His sole representative
on earth. Yet, when it considers
itself safe, it throws aside the garb of
religion and reveals its true nature as
a gigantic political organization, determined
to crush individual liberty
and freedom of thought, and by superstition,
ignorance, and fear, to bring
all peoples into subjection to its tyrannic
Don't fool yourselves by thinking
that the danger is past because as a
result of the last election one of its
craftiest agents has been taken out of
the public service, and a 32° Mason
placed in the Presidential Chair. There
is danger, and it is very real and near.
That "World Power" has_ muzzled
nearly all our press. It has captured
or poisoned our sources of information.
It is organizing an army of Knights
who are sworn to bring our Country to
the knees of their Pontiff in humble
Before "Freemasonry as a World.
Power" there looms the inevitable
struggle with.... this superior foe-superior
in numbers, wealth and strategy.
Shall we face the coming conflict like
Shakespeare's Hamlet, nerveless and bewailing—
The time is out of joint: Oh, cursed spite
That ever I was born to set it right.
Or, shall we not rather cry, like the
English poet, Rupert Brooke, who
sailed from Gallipoli to the front and
gave up his life for liberty, in the late
"Now, God be thanked who hath matched
us with this hour!"
We need to face the future with intelligent
fortitude, calm faith and
resolute wills. Let not the odds against
us daunt us. Let us catch the inspiration
of that magnificent exclamation
of the heroic Fichte:
I raise my head to the threatening
rock, the raging flood, and the fiery
tempest, and cry, "I am Eternal and defy
your might; break all upon me, and thou
Earth and thou Heaven, mingle in the
wild tumult; and all ye elements foam
and fret yourselves, and crush in your
conflict the last atom of the body I call
mine, my Will, secure in its own firm
purpose, shall soar unwavering and hold
over the wreck of the universe!"
Then "Freemasonry as a World
Power" will, stand revealed, as unconquered
and unconquerable.
Most base is he who, 'neath the shade
Of Freedom's ensign plies Corruption's trade.
—T. Moore.
In 1921 Masons saw the world as a
struggle between two world powers-
Masonry and the Vatican
New Age Magazine, The Official Organ of the Supreme Council of 33
A & A Scottish Rite, Sept. 1929, Washington,D.C.,p.389.
The Masonic Order is held to be the greatest
force of constructive initiative in existence
HAT IS the impelling force
that is drawing men in such
large numbers to Freemasonry?
In an age of progressive endeavor,
bristling with inventive and
scientific genius, focused continually on
bringing to light something of material
benefit to the human race; what is there
about this great Brotherhood, which
had its origin and won many of its
laurels in the remotest times of antiquity,
that it so universally appeals to men today?
How came men to find the seed for
the inestimable Institution of Freemasonry,
and the inspiration to generate
it to a practical fruition? What gave
them the perspective that in its ameliorating
cement was to be found the ultimate
hope of the world ? What made
them, when humanity was still wearing
its swaddling clothes, provide the measure
for its beneficent bounty? At every
hand we come in contact with the workings
of the silent potency and expanding
influence of its invigorating leaven.
Everywhere we behold the magnificent
edifices it has in the building, so that
the imagination is taxed with wonder
and admiration.
With its origin wrapped in the profoundest
secrecy, it should not surprise
anyone that Freemasonry still is as much
of an enigma to many of its initiates
as it was in olden times. While the
modern mind has become capable of
penetrating some of the veils of its
deepest mysteries, the fact that it not
yet has fully come into the possession of
the Grand Arcanum—how its philosophy
laid hold on the human and in spite
of strenuous persecution maintained an
almost unbroken sway of perpetuity
during the now silently slumbering
ages—should encourage and stimulate
in the initiate a thorough mastery of the
truths of its scientific formula.
While many students of Freemasonry
pride themselves of being possessed of
the secrets of their Brotherhood, the
genuine adept is not so sanguine about
having found the kernel of its fundamental
philosophy and still is groping
for more Light. The true Mason feels
that the Institution yet holds unlocked
in its majestic bosom from mortal the
key to the magnetic charm and suasion
that has led so many to and is holding
them in contentment at its Altars.
The true Mason feels that, in accordance
with its Ancient Formula, Freemasonry
only from time to time unlocks
as it sees fit, from its storehouse
of Wisdom, the Truths required for the
human needs and not more of them
than can be borne. He has an abiding
assurance that its Great Founder never
intended that mortality should see Freemasonry
in the luster of its full splendor
and glory.
Has Freemasonry, then, a spiritual
conception only? __ Is its objective but
the solidifying into a beautiful Utopia
the wonderful Infinity of the First Cause
and the kaleidoscopic finiteness of its
mortal, human creatures? Is. its mission
solely directed to the establishment
of the long-heralded and hoped-for
Kingdom of the Brotherhood of Man?
And has its Founder for these reasons
but allowed the human occasional
glimpses of some of the inner beauties
that ever are sweeping it onward and
upward; that ever are dazzling the
physical vision from its distant snowcapped
elevations; that ever is compel-
Masonry is the "greatest force" for
what Masons see as good, & has
more than just Utopia and brotherhood
in store for mankind.
sole claim to greatness, to recognition,
is its past.
Masonry's greatness is not in the antiquity
of its beginnings, neither in its
conservatism, but rather in the fact that
it has always been a leader of thought
and action.
Its members have been the world's
pioneer corps, clearing away the dense
growth of ignorance, bridging the turbid
waters of superstition and fanaticism,
blazing ways of enlightenment whereon
the mighty army of humanity...might
move to nobler achievements, to grander
The great leaders in Masonry as well
as in the secular world have been men
who, though clinging tenaciously to certain
great principles, were quick to see
and take advantage of everything in the
line of progress and development. Theirs
was no blind conservatism holding fast
to a dead past, but a glorious faith in
the possibilities of the future, a faith,
that, like the star in the East which led
the Magi of old to the lowly birthplace
of the Redeemer has led mankind under
the leadership of many a Moses
through the wilderness of pain and
travail and bitter opposition into the
bright light of twentieth century civilization.
I repeat, a comprehensive understanding
of the history of Masonry leads inevitably
to the conclusion that not
through conservatism has it most served
the world, but rather through its spirit
of unrest, its utter abhorrence of unnecessary
restraint, its abiding love for
liberty, its unconquerable desire to progress
away from the old to the new and
better conditions.
Wherever the conflict has been waged
between the old and the new, between
a narrow conservatism and real progress,
our Masonic brethren have been found
on the right side, witness the members
of St. Andrew's lodge of the Green ,
Dragon who threw the tea into Boston .
We must not be content to abide in
the glory of bygone days. There is need
today of just such men as have made
Masonry great in the past. We cannot
rest on our laurels, but following in the
footsteps of our sires we must make
Masonry of the twentieth century as
potent a factor for good as it has been
in the centuries that have gone.— Masonic
Antiquity Admitted a Century Ago.
An old book published in London in
the early part of the last century contains
the following in regard to Freemasonry:
"This very ancient society is so called,
either from some extraordinary knowledge
of Masonry, of which they are supposed
to be masters, or because the first
founders of this society were persons of
this profession. They are now very considerable,
both on account of their numbers
and the rank they hold in society,
being found in every country in Europe,
as well as North America; and they consist
principally of persons of merit and
consideration. They make no small
pretentions to antiquity, for they claim
a standing of some thousands of years.
What the design of their institution is,
seems still in some measure a secret.
"The members are said to be admitted
into the fraternity by being put into possession
of a great number of secrets,
called the Mason's word, which have
been religiously kept from age to age.
In a treatise on Masonry, published in
1792, by William Preston, grand master
of the Lodge of Antiquity, the origin of
Masonry is traced from the creation.
Ever since symmetry began, and bar-
Masons are aware that Masonry has
been behind revolutions and social change.
New Age Magazine. The Official Organ of the Supreme Council of 33
A & A Scottish Rite, July, 1922, Washington,D.C.
Pine Grove, W. Va., May 18, 1922.
The New Age,
Washington, D. C.
Perhaps you do not want to be bothered, but I just sort o' feel, after reading your May
number, that you ought to be told that there's one Mason here in the hills who believes you've
got the right "dope" in your magazine.
Somehow or other I became a Scottish Rite Mason after I'd somehow or other become a
Blue Lodge Man. And somehow or other I got into reading the NEW AGE when it came along—
not dumping it into the waste basket. And I don't know whether I agree with it in beliefs or
policies or whether it agrees with me. Anyway I go through every number and underline the
pointed sentences, and pass them on to my friends, and wait patiently for another month to bring
some other good things for thinking Masons.
Here's what I like in the May number: "Many of the new members see no plans on the
trestle board for them to work on other than to attend the social features, and comparatively
few assist in the conferring of degrees . . . and the tendency seems to be towards taking an
active part and interest in all measures that have for their objects the best interests of the land."
That's from "A Growing Unrest" under Notes and Comments.
What's the use of building up an organization like Masonry has built up, and inspiring men
as Masonry has inspired them, and then leaving the whole stand idle and useless at a time when
our country needs just what Masonry can give it? Let's use this great machine.
Yours fraternally,
The Sacramento Church Federation of Sacramento, Calif., sends us a copy of
a letter written to The San Francisco Call, concerning a certain article printed in
one of its issues. As it is not at all bad reading we herewith reproduce it. We
venture to believe that The Call did not print it.
Editor, "The Call,"
San Francisco, Calif.
In Jane Doe's " Long, Long Trail" in the May 23 Call, occurs, in a reference to the Y. M. C. A.
and the Y. W. C. A., these words: "not too much insistence on the word Christian."
There is a world-wide campaign, inspired, we believe, from Jesuit sources, suggesting the
elimination of the name of Christ from both these useful organizations, each born of Protestantism.
One hears such suggestions in Edinboro, as well as in San Francisco; in Sydney, in London, as
well as in New York. Are you unconsciously echoing their propaganda?
The example of Jesus constitutes the very life of both these institutions. A Christian who
took The Christ as his model founded the first "Y." Remove the Christ spirit from the "Y"
and it will soon degenerate into an institution ossified with materialism, officered by seekers for
soft jobs.
You suggest facilitating contacts among mate-seeking young business folk. Do you know
that the most successful San Francisco institution of this land is managed by a Protestant Christian
Church, that, as a product of its "beau parlors," as its girls call them, have come scores of
happy marriages; that this institution, costing about a quarter of a million, was given to San
Francisco business women devoutly by its donor, in the name of The Christ, to be administered
by His Church?
On the other nand, partly because of the lack of such mating facilities, as you wisely suggest,
society has the problem of the unmarried mothers. Do you know that these in Northern California
gravitate for protection to another institution, again founded by a Protestant Christian
woman, and managed for many years by another, the daughter of a multimillionaire who, in
Christ's name, left her life of luxury to care for these poor girls, continuing until she broke down
from overwork?
Have you ever dared similarly to criticize a Catholic institution? We venture this question
because the Protestant Orphan Asylum of our city was forced, under Jesuit threats to cut off
government support, to change its name to "Sacramento Orphanage Farm." Are Protestants
found doing such things?
Masons are encouraged to use Masonry
as a force for change.
makers, for they shall be called the children of God I First be reconciled
to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift at the altar.
Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of
thee turn not away I Love your enemies; bless them that curse you;
do good to. them that hate you; and pray for them which despitefully
use you and persecute you! All things whatsoever ye would
that men should do to you, do ye also unto them; for this is the
law and the Prophets! He that taketh not his cross, and followeth
after Me, is not worthy of Me. A new commandment I give unto
you, that ye love one another: as I have loved you, that ye also love
one another: by this shall all know that ye are My disciples.
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life
for his friend."
The Gospel of Love He sealed with His life. The cruelty of
the Jewish Priesthood, the ignorant ferocity of the mob, and the
Roman indifference to barbarian blood, nailed Him to the cross,
and He expired uttering blessings upon humanity.
Dying thus, He bequeathed His teachings to man as an inestimable
inheritance. Perverted and corrupted, they have served as
a basis for many creeds, and been even made the warrant for intolerance
and persecution. We here teach them in their purity.
They are our Masonry; for to them good men of all creeds can
That God is good and merciful, and loves and sympathizes with
the creatures He has made; that His finger is visible in all the
movements of the moral, intellectual, and material universe; that
we are His children, the objects of His paternal care and regard;
that all men are our brothers, whose wants we are to supply, their
errors to pardon, their opinions to tolerate, their injuries to forgive
; that man has an immortal soul, a free will, a right to freedom
of thought and action; that all men are equal in God's sight;
that we best serve God by humility, meekness, gentleness, kindness,
and the other virtues which the lowly can practise as well as
the lofty; this is "the new Law," the "WORD," for which the
world had waited and pined so long; and every true Knight of
the Rose + will revere the memory of Him who taught it, and
look indulgently even on those who assign to Him a character far
above his own conceptions ar belief, even to the extent of deeming
Him Divine.
Hear Philo, the Greek Jew. "The contemplative soul, line-
qually guided, sometimes toward abundance and sometimes toward
barrenness, though ever advancing, is illuminated by the
primitive ideas, the rays that emanate from the Divine. Intelligence,
whenever it ascends toward the Sublime Treasures. When,
on the contrary, it descends, and is barren, it falls within the domain
of those Intelligences that are termed Angels. . . for, when
the soul is deprived of the light of God, which leads it to the
knowledge of things, it no longer enjoys more than a feeble and
secondary light, which gives it, not the understanding of things,
but that of words only, as in this baser world. . . ."
"... Let the narrow-souled withdraw, having their ears sealed
up! We communicate the divine mysteries to those only who
have received the sacred initiation, to those who practise true piety,
and who are not enslaved by the empty pomp of words, or the
doctrines of the pagans. . . . "
". . . O, ye Initiates, ye whose ears are purified, receive this in
your souls, as a mystery never to be lost! Reveal it to no Profane!
Keep and contain it within yourselves, as an incorruptible treasure,
not like gold or silver, but more precious than everything
besides; for it is the knowledge of the Great Cause, of Nature, and
of that which is born of both. And if you meet an Initiate, besiege
him with your prayers, that he conceal from you no new
mysteries that he may know, and rest not until you have obtained
them! For me, although I was initiated in the Great Mysteries
by Moses, the Friend of God, yet, having seen Jeremiah, I recognized
him not only as an Initiate, but as a Hierophant; and I follow
his school."
We, like him, recognize all Initiates as our Brothers. We belong
to no one creed or school. In all religions there is a basis of
Truth; in all there is pure Morality. All that teach the cardinal
tenets of Masonry we respect; all teachers and reformers of mankind
we admire and revere.
Masonry also has her mission to perform. With her traditions
reaching back to the earliest times, and her symbols dating further
back than even the monumental history of Egypt extends, she invites
all men of all religions to enlist under her banners and to
war against evil, ignorance, and wrong. You are now her knight,
and to her service your sword is consecrated. May you prove a
worthy soldier in a worthy cause!
A & A Scottish Rite, Sept. 1921, Washington,D.C.,p.424.
The Mother Council of the World is the
South. Jurisdiction of USA. They stand for
Unity (Political & Religious Worldwide)
Toleration (Religious)
Religious Organisations in the New Age
Let us now return to our consideration of the spread of
the deepened religious ideals and the growth of the new
religious organisms. In the process of transmuting the old
form and so releasing the imprisoned life, there are two
things which are steadily held in view by the Guides of our
First, that the general public serves or is dominated
by the concrete mind and is unable to grasp abstractions.
It is the form which matters to them the most, for
they are conservative and cling to the familiar. The
church is intended to serve the masses and is not intended
to be of use (except as a field of service) to the
esotericists of the world, for they heed not the form to
the same extent, having contacted somewhat the inner
compelling life.
Secondly, the church movement, like all else, is
but a temporary expedient and serves but as a transient
resting place for the evolving life. Eventually, there will
appear the Church Universal, and its definite outlines
will appear towards the close of this century. In this
connection, forget not the wise prophecy of H.P.B. as
touching events at the close of this century. This Church
will be nurtured into activity by the Christ and His
disciples when the outpouring of the Christ principle,
the true second Coming, has been accomplished. No
date for the advent do I set, but, the time will not be
The Christian church in its many branches can serve as
a St. John the Baptist, as a voice crying in the wilderness,
and as a nucleus through which world illumination may be
accomplished. I indicate the hope. I do not assert a fact.
Its work is intended to be the holding of a broad platform.
The church must show a wide tolerance, and teach no
doctrines or cling to any reactionary ideas. The
The Outline of a Church Universal shall
appear by the end of the 20th century.
Chapter 1.2
Three items you will learn in this chapter:

• In the last chapter's documents Freemasonry,
the Church and Education were said to be the
three vehicles to bring in the One-World-
Religion which is the "Universal religion" of
Masonry. You will learn more about
Freemasonry's role.
• You will learn about the secret Masonic bodies
that rule our lives. Plus you will receive an
overview of some of the other Masonic
• You will find out how Jews played an
important initial part in the early Masonic
Alice Bailey in her writings, especially the book The
Externalisation of The Hierarchy quite openly spells out The Plan
to bring in a New Age One World Religion.
Alice Bailey needs no introduction to followers of the New Age
Movement. Her 24 New Age books, her organization Lucis Trust
(originally named Lucifer Trust), her Arcane School, and the
Findhorn community in Scotland (started by her disciples Peter and
Eileen Caddy and Dorothy McLean) are present-day reminders of the
immense impact she and her 32° Mason husband had on the New Age
Movement.1 She is credited with starting over one hundred New Age
groups. She worked for the Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare
in 1958 setting up educational goals, and her writings were used in
the new Globalism 2000 curiculum (already tried in some areas) and
soon-to-be used across the board in the US public schools.
Alice Bailey started the Arcane School to teach New Age
disciples the principles of the Plan to bring in the New Order.
The Arcane School is located in Europe and America, and
headquartered in New York City. A major part of this Plan is for
mankind to recognize the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. This
Spiritual Hierarchy is headed by the Spirit Being Sanat Kumera (the
first name is a scrambling of the name Satan), and helped by the
Great White Brotherhood. Her writings were given to her by the same
Great White Brotherhood that Masons, like Manly P. Hall (33°) , say
direct Masonry. Other New Age leaders, for instance Elizabeth Clare
Prophet in her book The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture
History and Religion of America, also believe the Great White
Brotherhood has been controlling religion. Various Rosicrucians
claim to be guided by the Great White Brotherhood too.2
According to Alice Bailey, the Masonic movement will be the
religion of the New System. Benjamin Creme, another big New Age
leader, also believes Freemasonry with a revitalized Christian
Church will be the religion of the New Age.3 Lola Davis, another
New Age leader, also sees Freemasonry as the New Age Religion (Dark
Secrets of the New Age, p. 273).
Bailey wrote in 1957, "The Masonic movement... is the
custodian of the law; it is the home of the Mysteries and the seat
of initiation. It holds in its symbolism the ritual of Deity, and
the way of salvation is pictorially preserved in its work. ... It is
a far more occult organization than can be realised, and is
intended to be the training school for the coming advanced
occultists. In its ceremonials lie hid the wielding of the forces
connected with the growth and life of the kingdoms of nature and
the unfoldment of the divine aspects in man."
"... when the new universal religion has sway and the nature
of esotericism is understood-will be the utilisation of the banded
esoteric organisms, the Masonic organism and the Church organism as
initiating centres. These three groups converge as their inner
sanctuaries are approached. There is no dissociation between the
One Universal Church, the sacred inner Lodge of all true Masons,
and the inner-most circles of esoteric societies."
There the reader has it, the Universal Churches of the One-
World-Religion such as the universal churches of the Baha'i, the
mysteries of the Masons, and the occult (esoteric societies) are
not disunited. And this comes from one of the most powerful New Age
leaders in the recent past.
[FIGURE 1. original. 10.5 x 8 -full page, insert space after 1st
full pg of text along with its caption]
[Description of FIG. 1. Composite picture of covers of books -Many
books written by New Agers and Masons and others working with the
Power reveal detailed plans to create a One-World-Government One-
World-Religion . ]
But would the Masonic Lodge want to the centerpiece of the
One-World-Religion and an initiation center?
•In the Masonic Ritual during the opening ceremonies for the
31st degree of the Scottish Rite the Masons pray,
" Hear us with indulgence, O infinite Deity ... Let the great
flood of Masonic light flow in a perpetual current over the whole
world and make Masonry the creed of all mankind."
•The Italian Masonic Constitution, almost identical to the
original Masonic Constitution of Anderson of 1723, states in
Article 6 "It [Italian Masonry] proposes to itself as its first
object to unite all free men in one vast family, which may and
ought to take the place of all Churches. . .thereby to constitute the
true and only Church of Humanity."4
Albert Pike, 33°, was one of the greatest Masonic leaders.5
Articles praising Pike abound in official Masonic publications.6
His book Morals and Dogma, written in second half of the 19th
century, reveals the expectation of esoteric groups to become the
world's leaders, "...the World will soon come to us for its
Sovereigns and Pontiffs. We shall constitute the equilibrium of the
Universe, and be rulers over the Masters of the World." (Morals and
Dogma, p. 817, referring to the goal of esoteric groups.)
For many this may be shocking. Why would Masonry be the
religion of the New Order, and appoint its religious leaders
(pontiffs) when it doesn't claim to be a religion?
Freemasonry, the Church of Scientology, the Watchtower Society
(Jehovah's Witnesses), the Theosophical Society, the Maharishi's
Transcendental Meditation Heavenly Communities are all similar in
that they strongly deny that they are religions. It is standard
practice for many groups of the New World Order to protest to the
public that they are not a religion. Yet each of these groups
repeatedly contradict that, by declaring at other times that they
are in fact a religion. Masonry not only functions as a religious
institution, its leaders have quietly declared it is a religion.
(See chapter 1.17 for proof on this.) And not only is it held to be
a religion, but the true religion encompassing all truth. Further,
Masonry is not passive in waiting for its leadership role to
happen, it is militant.7
At least one Masonic author writing to Masons felt that
Masonic religious power had been underestimated. He writes,
"In the past Masonry has been condemned as a shallow
substitute for religion. This the Masonic body has always denied
but in fact the new age revitalised Masonry will be a paralleling
evolutionary way of man's approach to God, and Masonry and religion
will gladly cooperate." --The Spirit of Masonry, p. 129
O.K. We've seen that some of the most prominent leaders of the
New Age movement plan for Freemasonry to be the future One-World-
Religion. We've also seen a few (of the many quotes available)
where Masons declare their desire for Masonry to be the creed of
mankind. But can they do it? or is this just bravado and talk?
How the Masons have done it is the subject of this book.
Chapter 2.12 will examine specific sets of plans to bring in a New
World Order with its One-World-Religion. Unit two will examine
denomination by denomination, sect after sect and expose how
Masonry controls a vast diversity of groups. The diversity is but
only an appearance. Unfortunately, we have tended to look at the
superficial outside, rather than the inside substance. This book
may change your life in regards to that.
Freemasonry is a front for the Power, but it also is a major
part of their power. To illustrate this point let us look at the
manned- mission to the moon Apollo. We'll develop the story enough
that the significance of the final point will be appreciated.
In 1960, Pres. John F. Kennedy tugged on the emotional heart
strings of Americans, "We are in a strategic space race with the
Russians, and we have been losing...But we cannot run second in
this vital race." Kennedy challenged the nation to land a man on.
the moon by the end of the decade.
And so America was rushed into a race to the moon. It seemed
forgotten that the moon had been around for a long time, and would
continue being there for a long time, even if man didn't get there
by the end of the decade.
This Author is not going to try to document this next
paragraph. To do so really is another book. But if the reader is
aware of the US-USSR cooperation it clears up a long list of
anomalies. The reader can do with it what he pleases, but what if
this paragraph is true? First, . the interested person can learn
about the U.S. technology that our leaders have quietly given the
Communists over the years, such as nuclear weapons by reading
Anthony Sutton's well-documented books. F.D. Roosevelt's own son,
James Roosevelt, wrote a book alleging FDR sent Russia the plans
and materials to build an atomic bomb. The officer in charge of
Lend-Lease to Russia during W.W. II states this in a book too. In
recent years, the various cultural and scientific exchanges are
even being publicly reported.
One area of cooperation that is extensive and has been for
many years is between the CIA and the KGB. Both of these agencies
feud like siblings, and both are honeycombed with double-agents,
triple-agents, Airier. Communist CIA agents, etc., it is rather
impossible to develop a clear picture of where loyalties are of
particular individuals. In fact, it may be harder to see the
overall picture for those closest to the scene, because these
agencies are so segmented that people work in offices unaware that
other secret offices ajoin their own rooms, and unaware of people
working in secret only a few feet away. It is the epitome of
Orwell's 1984. And the process is that Big Brother of the New World
Order controls the world and works through the MI6, MI5, the CIA,
the KGB, and Moussad. However, that is a hefty concept to swallow,
so the reader is welcome to disbelieve it, and to put that on the
back burner. It is only mentioned to serve as an introductory
background thought to the next item. (The topic will be picked up
again in chapter 2.7).
The Soviets gave the American leaders the reason to go to the
moon. The Soviets played their role well. They continually gave
mixed signals as to their intentions.
For instance, on Oct. 15, 1968, Russia's top scientists denied
Russia was interested in going to the moon. On Nov. 23, 1968 Tass
declared that Zond 5 and 6 were test flights to precede a manned
flight to the moon and back.
Such statements greatly enhanced NASA's sales pitch, that if we
did not go to the moon, the Russians would. Thanks to the Russians,
few people in the U.S. opposed the Apollo program.
One day the Russians would deny interest and then the next day
would come some statement like, "The Soviet Union is preparing to
launch its most spetacular manned space flight by dispatching
shortly at least two, and probably three, men on a circumlunar
Rocketry is a sophisticated science. The U.S. leaders knew that
the Russians were strapping several small rockets together in a
hazardess fashion, and that they were not far out in front of us
technologically, but inferior. (How could they be ahead of us? We
were supplying them with much of the technology, just as we had for
years. The examples are endless. One example is the chassis of the
feared W.W.II T-34 Tank was American technology.) Going to the moon
is such an involved process that it is not believable that our
intelligence agencies did not have a fix on where the Russian space
program was. Either, they did have a fix on it and our leaders
lied, or, they didn't know much if anything about the Russian space
Recently, the Russians have displayed a craft they say they
built to go to the moon. Only one model of it was built. However,
building such a model, and actually having the technology to send
men to the moon are two different items.
(The Space Program actually serves purposes that are entirely
different from its cover. That is material for another book.)
Next, it is eye-opening, because supposedly according to our
President, whoever got their flag and men to the moon first was to be
considered the leader of mankind on earth.
The point this Author is making is simply that the Russian
threat, which was blown out of proportion, helped NASA sell its
space program to the public.
Informed critics of the Apollo program tried to point out how on
a scientific basis, unmanned spacecraft are far less expensive and
will yield far more scientific information. A case in point, is the
relatively inexpensive Surveyor spacecraft series which took
thousands of close up lunar pictures and made soil analyses of the
lunar soil.
The media and NASA cooperated to keep a lid on the public's
awareness of the level of risk for the Apollo astronauts. Safety
features and calls from NASA technicians were ignored in order to
meet self-imposed deadlines. Critics claimed that the fatal
accident of Apollo 204, could easily have been avoided if safety
concerns had been listened to.
However, a Senate Committee on January 30, 1968 reported after
the fatal Apollo 204 accident which killed three astronauts, that
the end-of-the-decade "Moon landing was necessary because the
schedule is an essential and significant management tool."
The critics of the Apollo program who railed about the terrible
odds and lack of safety features were suppressed, and are now
silent because the Apollo program gambled against the odds and
actually won. Critics had claimed that the manned moon program was
"an arbitrary goal" and that there was "no logical next step"
beyond landing men on the moon. They were correct in terms of the
public-known space programs, yet the glory of the Apollo program
and its success silences their reasoning. So why bring up their
moot criticism?
Because it is being established for the reader how much the
manned space program, which took money away from possible unmanned
programs, was actually motivated on the basis of national pride and
not scientific research.
The lives of many brave American astronauts were recklessly
played with so that the world could marvel at Americans planting
the American flag on the moon. But America wanted that glory. Some
of the NASA scientists got antcy, because so much precious lunar
time was spent on the first lunar mission, Apollo 11, just
"raising" the flag. They were more concerned with learning
scientific data than pomp and ceremony. Americans wouldn't trade
that glory for more moon dust, or for more knowledge of the lunar
surface. They were proud to get their flag to the moon first.
It seems then that with so much hoopla and pride, with so many
billions spent to achieve that great feat, with so much danger
given to our brave astronauts that America would not want to share
the glory of the moon landing. It would seem that it might be
disconcerting to some Americans to learn that the Masonic flag got
to the lunar surface at the same time the American flag did. The
Masons tied for first flag to the moon. Yes, taxpaying Americans
spent billions of dollars to get the Scottish Rite's flag to the
moon first.
Most people I have mentioned this to have seen the significance
of this. Then others say, "So what if the Masons got their flag to
the moon first?" Our President Kennedy answered that one. He said
that whoever got their flag to the moon first was to be considered
the leader of mankind on earth.
There are other interesting aspects to this. How ironic it is
that the organization that sponsored and got the first Communist
Internationale going was given such a big privilege by a supposedly
anti-communist U.S. space program. Communism's sponsoring
organization during the 1860s was the Masonic Lodge.
H.G. Wells, who has ties to Freemasonry, and was a Fabian
Socialist, prophecied that men would land on the moon. Masons have
held H.G. Wells up as a "prophet" in their official Scottish Rite
publication. The One-Worlders seemed to have a interest in insuring
his forecast and plans would happen.
H.G. Wells felt that the New World Order would rule because it
controlled the air and sea ways. Indeed today they do dominate it
For instance, his book The Shape of Things To Come, on p. 11
advises us that "...during the struggles and changes in world
government that went on between 1980 and 2 059, at which date the
Air Dictatorship, properly so called, gave place to that world-wide
Modern State."
He also calls the Air Dictatorship a different name "the new
World Council". "The new World Council, which is known also as the
Air Dictatorship..."(p. 348)
In A Modern Utopia, p. 67, H.G. Wells tells us that this Air
Dictatorship's Utopia will be "Bacon's visionary House of Saloman."
And in the following pages he foresees that some of this Utopia's
methods will use Plato's thinking.
The Air Dictatorship's air power was demonstated in the book The
Shape of Things to Come and the film based on it, in the same
manner that George Bush demonstated the New World Order's air power
in Iraq. The parallels are interesting.
Is it proper to call 33° Mason George Bush's New World Order an
Air Dictatorship?
•In 1991, when Iraqi Scud missiles were launched Air Force Space
Command Defense Support Program missile-warning satellites provided
stereo data on the Iraqi Scuds within seconds of their launches.8
Within 12 0 seconds the underground facility in the Rocky Mountain,
which is full of computers, had received the data and determined
what to do. The commands would be relayed in seconds back to the
Patriot missile crews in Saudi Arabia or Israel which then would
figure the last minute tragetories and launch their Patriot
missiles.9 The reaction time would be in a matter of something like
6 minutes from the time the scuds were fired until the Patriots
were launched. Is that air power?
•The government admits that its spy-satellites can read license
plates and newspapers from outerspace. When describing intelligence
capabilities it usually understates its capabilities. Imaging
satellites beam their intelligence down to the Air Force/CIA at
Fort Belvoir, VA. In the future if the Air Dictatorship wants to
turn its attention to control you, it could conceivably watch your
house from space, and follow you going out to your car, and track
your car electronically. A description of one of the spy
"The 20m-long 13t KH-lls fly in pairs. Sun-synchronous orbits so
that a first pass over a particular site is followed three hours
later by the second craft. Each sports solid state CCD arrays for
multi-spectral imaging via a 2m-diameter mirror and, although its
250km perigees that contribute to its 1,000-day lifetimes limit
resolution to around 30 cm, the digital imagery is really
manipulated and available to analysis within 90 min. This rapid
response was the essential ingredient in attempting the rescue of
the hostages in Tehran's U.S. embassy in 1980..."10
Yes, the satellites are like a pair of eyes in the sky which
can be used for directing military operations. Satellites have also
been used in law enforcement in the United States. Is that not air
power? Can't our New World Order today properly be called an Air
The significance that Bacon's House of Saloman (Solomon) is
also describing this same World Order (this Air Dictatorship) will
be seen as we examine some more about what the Masonic Lodge is and
its history.
[FIGURE 2 & 3 Both pasteup #2- 4 x 6.75 #3- 2.5 x 6.75]
THINGS TO COME. (The photos are taken from the 1939 film made from
the book.)
[FIGURE 4 Pasteup 3.8 x 7]
The Winged-Globe (the emblem of the Illuminati) is to become the
emblem of the New Order according to H.G. Wells. The above picture
is from the film "Things to Come" based on the book The Shape of
Things to Come. It shows at meeting in Basra, Iraq of the New World
Order making plans at the Wings Over the World headquarters. John
Cabal (actor Raymond Massey) is leading the discussion.
Few people inquire about the Masonic temples that dot the map.
Some of those that were curious have told this Author what they
were told by the Masons. They were given such bland answers as the
following that this author has collected: the Masonic lodge
functioned as a. a place where men play cards, b. a Christian
organization c. a fun and games fraternity that does benevolence
work. (A club that plays cards got their flag to the moon first?)
Masons and their wives have gotten upset with this Author,
when merely the implication is made that Masonry has secrets . When
one friend, who is still a Mason, gave slight criticism of the
lodge to his mother (who was the wife of a Mason) , he was
essentially disowned. His mother is in Eastern Star also. In other
COME. (The photos are taken from the 1939 film made from the book.)
The Winged-Globe (the emblem of the Illuminati) is to become the
emblem of the New Order according to H.G. Wells. The above picture
is from the film "Things to Come" based on the book The Shape of
Things to Come.
The picture above shows the New Order government making plans at
Wings Over the World headquarters in Basra. John Cabal (Raymond
Massey) is leading the discussion.
words, generally Masons will not suffer the slightest criticism or
exposure of their organization without hostility, even if it comes
from another Mason.
Masons have instantly hated this Author when he has made some
very simple statements, such as the Masonic Lodge has secrets. They
declare adamantly that they have no secrets. Christians who listen
to them repeat this line.
This Author has pursued the Truth from the beginning to the
end of this research. To weave fiction into the momentous message
of this book would only detract rather than enhance the message.
Two items tell much about the Freemasons by themselves. These
two items occur before anyone becomes a Freemason. They tell a
story in a nutshell.
First a petition by each candidate is made in the standard
form supplied by the Lodge requesting " ... that I may be initiated
into the mysteries of Freemasonry ... " It can be shown from many
Masonic sources that the Mysteries of Freemasonry are the Mystery
religions, and the initiation is an initiation into those mystery
Second, an oath on penalty of a gruesome death is made that
the candidate will not reveal any of the secrets of Masonry and
will deceive those on the outside as to what goes on in the lodge.
That this is carried out, can be easily shown by Masonic articles
which discuss such deception. And if that were not enough proof, it
is attested to by the testimony of men who quit practicing such
Masonic deception.
What is the Holy Trinity that early Masons talked about?
Mackey in his History of Freemasonry & Concordant Orders,
p.771 states, "Masonry does ...not teach the 'Trinity in Unity' as
Christians understand it; furthermore, it does not teach that T: G:
A: 0: T: U: is Immanuel, the God with us, the Christ. Templary is
called the Masonic Christian Order, but modern Masonry is not
The great pontiff of Masonry, Albert Pike, has had his words
on page 819 of Morals and Dogma often quoted. He states there that
lower degree Masons are intentionally deceived and whoever tries to
undeceive them will labor in vain because the first degrees are
convinced they have the true explanations.
As most people, including most Masons themselves do not know
what the deep secrets of Masonry are, they are not in a position to
know whether Masonry has any secrets.
Deception itself has many forms. Peceptions management is
adroitly used by the Masons not only to deceive outsiders as to
their true goals and intentions, but also to deceive many of the
Masons, who are supporting a structure that unbeknownst to them is
destroying what they believe in. The impact of Masonic
disinformation and smokescreens in extensive.
In the C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters, the novice demon is
taught how to convince others he doesn't exist. Likewise, the
Masons who worship Lucifer and/or knowingly know the Masonic
machinations to control the world find that they are likely to find
more unwitting accomplices than actual hard core occultists in
favor enthroning Lucifer.
On the one hand, they must expose what they really are about
to get those recruits who will give themselves over to their evil
designs. Yet on the other hand, they must conceal their true face
to the majority. By filtering the candidates through a series of
degrees, the ones who will serve Luciferian (Satanic) goals can be
Those who control power over the world benefit from the
general population's reluctance to admit the possibility of ugly
realities. The general method of thinking is to attribute to these
men motivations common to the common man, such as fair play,
national interests, human decency, and honesty. Perhaps the best
book on the mind-set of those who secretly rule the world is
Lindsey Williams' Syndrom of Control. Lindsey Williams, who rubbed
shoulders with some of these men, studies how the mind-set of power
is in a different realm than the common person. Think power,
control, and money. Think of men who believe they are special, and
that destiny has called them to Lord it over the world.
The Christians are manipulated to fight each other. The
various nations pretend to feud with each other, concealing the
fact they are puppets on strings with the same Master. The
democrats and republicans feud with each other, when the real power
has nothing to do with their pretended power struggles. Many
straw-monsters are created, and pretended power struggles, and
senseless conflicts, simply to mask the steady growth of the
one-world-power. This strategy is taught in military colleges as
Divide and Conquer.
Our self-deception is one of the One-World-Powers best allies.
When the profane non-Masonic world uncovers some Masonic
ritual, or Masonic act, then the uncovering is taken as proof that
there was no deception. "Why [supposedly] was there no deception?
Because the world was able to uncover things." Obviously such
thinking believes we are only deceived when we are unaware that we
have been deceived. This thinking can be summed up, We have never
found anything that the Masons have successfully covered up. And
because we have been able to discover things, then there must not
have been a serious attempt to hide things.
Our self-deception is one of the Power's best allies.
The truth simply needs to be suppressed, and fictions
embellished somewhat to fool most people. For instance, suppress
the actual figures of how many Masons are in government positions,
and embellish fictions of how many anti or non-Masons are in
government. Masonic statements to such effect don't mention how
those non-Masons allowed in government still fit into their plans
and power structure. Grand Orient Masons are not on the rolls of
American Lodges, although they are Masons. Masons pretend to the
public that those Americans with only European lodge memberships
are not Masons. Further, a man bought off by the Masons is just as
much theirs as one who is a member but they can say he is not a
Mason. Or again, suppress the actual figures of Jewish involvement
in the Masons, and stress the fiction of anti-Jewish lodges. Or
again, suppress the actual figures of Jewish Masonic involvement
with Communism, and stress the fiction of anti-Semitism in Russia.
The show case propoganda in communist countries of anti-semitism
works well to hide the overwhelming figures of Jews within the
communist power structure.
Still, this Author's experience is that many Christians would
rather listen to men who have repeatedly sworn to deceive than to
read what the Masons actually teach. Why? It is discomforting to
them to disturb their secure feeling in this present system. They
don't want to learn that their present system is an elaborate myth,
concealing and insulating the world power from anything that might
oppose it.
The Mason Rev. Dr. William Dodd in a speech to brother Masons
to open a new Masonic temple in 1794 traced Freemasonry from "the
first astronomers on the plains of Chaldea, the wise and mystic
kings and priests of Egypt, the sages of Greece and philosophers of
Rome." Whether or not this would be historically correct if one
looks from 1794 backward in Masonic history, it clearly shows that
even in 1794 the Freemasons did desire to identify themselves with
the Mystery Religions of the ancient pagans.
Let us examine one Masonic deception- that their organization
was or is Christian.(See chapter 1.17 for more on Masonic
deception.) Recently, Episcopalian theologian Dr. Morey wrote a
book declaring Freemasonry's origin and early history to be
Christian. Today, Masons are still leading people to believe it is
a Christian institute. Morey's book has been in Christian book
stores. According to Morey, his book is popular with Masons, and is
to be advertised in a Masonic magazine. This Episcopalian
Theologian with Masonic friends, says that his permission to visit
the best Masonic library was because the Masons were blinded just
like when Brother Andrew went into Communist countries. He says
they never once asked in weeks of his research who he was. Indeed,
they opened up locked documents and made suggestions as to what he
could see.11 This Author and others have repeatedly been told by
official representatives of the Scottish Rite that no-one except
Masons with special permission are allowed to use such libraries.
This Author and others know that they do ask who people are. They
don't just allow anyone in. Also in this Author's research
experience almost everywhere he has researched at, i.e. at Public
Libraries, the Patent Office, etc., he has experienced numerous
requests for I.D. or his signature. The reader can draw his own
conclusions, but it is the opinion of this Author that it is highly
possible the grossly misleading research of Morey's book, was a
setup, aided by his Masonic friends who asked their library to play
dumb, break the rules, and assist (guide) this research. There are
other suspicious items about the book, but it will take time to
follow them up.
Yes, I agree Be Wise As Serpents conclusions sound outrageous
AT FIRST. But after the reader is aware of this book's contents
though, then the testimony of those who have confided to this
Author of their paricipation in the conspiracy of the major
religions to bring the One-World-Religion will be seen to be
It is true that there are several centers of power upon the
earth. However, these groups have made alliances and together
create the New World Order. A One-World-Government already exists.
Even though the world is ruled by a secret world government,
the world has not willingly consented to this. H.G. Wells, who
spent his life planning how this One-World-State would come into
power and function, fully expected today's situation in his
timetable, "The World Council was in effective possession of world
power, but not in unchallenged possession. Even in 2000 C.E.,
nineteen-twentieths of mankind were still unassimilated to the
organization. If the world was not rebellious it was mutinous, and
there were plenty of alert and intelligent people in
opposition, ... to the reconditioning of human affairs on Modern
State lines. "12
The reader is familiar with how two royal blood lines can be
joined by marriage, to produce a new royal blood line containing
both lineages. This principle has been used a great deal in
creating the unified One-World-Government of today.
The Black Nobility is a group of nobility that traces back to
the Roman Emporers. Many of the royality of Europe belong to the
Black Nobility. The Knights of Malta are one of the Black
Nobility's secret orders. The Order of the Knights of Malta helps
continue the cohesion of the Nobility as a group. This Black
Nobility have formed an alliance with two major groups, the Jewish
blood line of the House of David, and the group of International
Bankers who are practicing Satanism. The merging of these three
groups has created a unity called the New World Order. A host of
other organizations are built upon this nucleus. Freemasonry is one
of the fundamental ones.
The Jewish blood line (considered to be not only the House of
David but to contain the Royal blood line of Jesus) has been
preserved by the secret order the Prieure de Sion.
The Satanists have been actively working through groups that
are illuminized. There are groups are called the Illuminati. There
are also individuals (usually at the head of gnostic religious
groups--see chapter 1.3) who are Illuminati. One main Rosicrucian
group is called the Church of Illumination.
The three groups- the Black Nobility, the Satanists, and the
claimed Blood Line of Jesus- have an outer group of about 500 men
who assemble once a year. This group is nicknamed the
Bilderbergers. Although the heads of some of the largest newspapers
attend, and their meetings are newsworthy, the media do not cover
their supersecret meetings. (More about the Bilderbergers in
chapter 2.12.)
The center of power geographically recides in Great Britian.13
That does not mean New York, Zurich, Rome, Paris and Moscow, etc.
aren't important. These cities also are centers of their power.
Through a vast number of organizations the world has been
brought under their control. Some of their organizations like the
Boy Scouts or the Order of the Antelope14 play little part in the
control of humankind and their construction of a one-worldreligion.
While others like the Order of the B'nai B'rith and the
Order of the Skull and Bones play major roles. The One-World-Power
has used and is using foreign cults and secret societies that
Americans rarely hear about like the Hung and Triad secret
societies in China, and the Tenri Kenjukai in Japan.
As a reference to help the reader get started a list of some
major groups is now provided. (This author has files on hundreds of
organizations and sects. The number of religous groups and secret
fraternal organizations, and New Age organizations started by the
One-world-power is simply fantastic. See chapter 2.9. for a chart
showing some.)
the Order of B'nai B'rith- Although its strictly Jewish membership
is not secret anymore, the inner workings at the top are. It's
purpose is to organize, unify, and direct the Jewish people. It
also directs Christian clergymen and Freemasons at times. Its
militant arm is the JDL and ADL. It also has Hillel and some other
all-Jewish organizations included in its membership. Although it
claims to represent all jews, it has promoted the liberal
"Reformed" Jewish movement. The Order has around 500,000 members
and 3,500 local lodges.
the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn- An illuminated Satanic group
that worked with the German Thule Society, related to the O.T.O.
Reportedly directed by the Rothschild family. (See chapter 3.3)
This was a branch of the Masonic Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia.
Many groups developed from the Golden Dawn including Stella
Matutina (Morning Star). The Morning Star is Lucifer.
Grand Council of Allied Masonic Degrees (AMDGC)- The council
controls the various allied degrees. It works fourteen degrees:
Royal Ark Mariner, Secret Monitor, Knight of Constantinople, Grand
Tyler of Solomon, Red Branch of Eri, Ye Ancient Order of Corks, and
other degrees. It's subordinate groups are called councils.
Grand Orient- This is a type of Masonry which is almost global, but
based in Europe. It is blatantly occultic, and sponsors
revolutions. It maintains strong ties with all the other branches
of Masonry incl. British Masonry. The French Grand Orient is the
mother lodge directing other G.O. in other countries. Funds for the
assassination of the Archduke in 1914 travelled from Paris to Rome
between the Grand Orients on behalf of the Alliance Israelite
the Group- Based at Oxford University, this group's initiates form
part of the Illuminati's British elite.
Jason Society- A branch of the Order of the Quest, this secret
group is extremely powerful in the United States. Some of its men
sit on MJ-12, the body that rules the United States for the New
World Order.
Jesuits, the Society of Jesus- This is the Catholic branch of the
Illuminati. Black masses are performed at the higher levels. Only
the higher echelons are aware of the Illuminati contacts. There are
about 28,000 Jesuits worldwide. They have been primary agents to
change Christianity into Marxism through Liberation Theology.
Knights of Malta- This order preserves the cohesion of the "Black"
nobility, the European aristocracy that dominated Europe for many
centuries, the head family traces itself back to the Roman
emperors. Not all Knights of Malta members have connections to the
Black nobility though, only about half of the 10,000 members are
Black nobility. (Another Black nobility group in Europe is the Club
of Rome with a small select group of about 75.) Typically, U.S.
Govt.envoys to the Vatican are Knights of Malta.
Mizraim Rite (of Freemasonry) and the Prieure de Sion (Priory of
Zion)- These two closely related groups are guarding the lineage of
a future messiah to rule the world. The Mizraim Rite is almost
exclusively jwish. The Prieure de Sion is primarily in Scotland,
Britian, U.S., Canada, and France. France has about 43 members, of
the 9,731 members. The Prieure de Sion is divided into the Legion
(charged with the Apostolate) and the Phalange (charged with the
guardian of the tradition.) The Prieure de Sion has nine levels of
Palladium Rite- A secret rite that extends globally. This superrite
is sold out to Lucifer and controls Freemasonry behind the
scenes. Both men and women are members. Its triangles (lodges) are
in the major cities.
Independent Order of Oddfellows- This group is designed for the
lower classes and minorities. Because its members are not often in
powerful positions, it functions less as a powerhouse fraternity
than does Freemasonry, but places more emphasis on the occult for
the lower levels.
Order of the Quest- This is the group in charge of preserving their
plan for world domination. (The name used here for this order is
the one Manly P. Hall used for it, it-- like other groups-- most
likely it has an esoteric name also.) Several groups mentioned in
this list play important roles for the Order of the Quest.
Scroll & Key Fraternity- Based at Yale, this is a secondary group
which also provides some leadership for the Illuminati along with
Wolf's Head.
Skull & Bones Order (Russell Trust)- Based at Yale, this group is
one source of American leadership. It is part of the larger
"Brotherhood of Death." Exactly 15 members are added each year.
(Previous to 1860 the number initiated varied.) There are about 600
active members currently. In the last 150 years about 2500 Yale
graduates have been initiated into this super-secret society. Some
members, perhaps exceptions, have been initiated away from Yale.
Most are descended from the early Puritan families, and are tied to
the Unitarian/Universalist movement. These older S&B families have
formed blood alliances with wealthy families such as the
Rockefellers. (See Chapter 2.3)
Thule Society- Based in Germany, this group was the primary German
Illuminati group prior to W.W. II. This Society recruited German
leaders including Adolf Hitler who they placed in charge of their
Nazi party. Their symbol was the swastika, which was then also used
by their daughter organization the Nazi party. Saturn was an
important god, so their lodges met on Saturday. It was associated
with the Prussian Freemasonic Lodges which were opposed to the
western or Jewish Masonic lodges.
York Rite Sovereign College (the YRSC)-- A partial supreme council
for the York Rite, organized into at least 57 colleges. Membership
is by invitation only, and the insignia of the order is the
pentagon. It's has an annual "General Assembly", and headquarters
in Detroit, MI.
For a listing of other Masonic Organizations (for white Masons) see
the next page.
[FIG. 5- needs to be computer drawn somehow -5x7.5
[Description FIGURE 5 -simplified diagram of orders & rites of
Masonry- see diagram]
diagram INCLUDE:
Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots
Ancient Order of Knights of the Mystic Chain
Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in N.A.
The Convent General Knights of the York Cross of Honour
Daughters of the Eastern Star
Daughters of Mokanna
Daughters of the Nile, Supreme Temple
Federation of Masons of the World
George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association
Grand College of Rites of the USA
Grottoes of North America
Heroes of '76
Heroines of Jerico
High Twelve International
Independent Order of Owls
International General Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters
International Order of Job's Daughters
International Order of Rainbow Girls
International Supreme Council of World Masons, Inc.
Jason Society
Knights of the Globe
Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America
Masonic Life Association
Mutual Guild of Grand Secretaries
The National League of Masonic Clubs
National Sojourners, Inc.
The Order of Amaranth
Order of the Bath
Order of the Builders
The Order of the Constellation of Junior Stars
The Order of DeMolay
Order of Desoms
Order of Eastern Star
Order of the Golden Key
Order of the Knight Masons
The Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem
The Philalethes Society
Royal Order of Jesters
Social Order of the Beauceant
Tall Cedars of Lebanon
Prince Hall Order
The following pages will discuss selected aspects of the history
and development of Freemasonry and related groups. These selections
will help you to understand the story of the New World Order.
The St. Clair Charters of 1601 and 1628 are interesting. William
St. Clair, who was part of the Prieure de Sion, and a descendent of
the St. Clairs of Roslin was given the right to govern the Masons.
[FIG. 6 Charles Radcliffe Pasteup 3.25 x 2.5]
Charles Radclyffe was the Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion
from 1727-1746.16 "It is probable that Scottish Rite Freemasonry
was originally promulgated, if not indeed devised, by Charles
Radclyffe."17 It seems also most likely that Charles Radclyffe was
one of the "unknown superiors" (likely the head one) of a German
nobleman Baron Karl Gottheif von Hund18 (1722-1776) who is well
known to have created the Rite of Strict Observance.19 According to
von Hund a Grand Master of a super secret order authorized him to
start the Rite of Strict Observance. The Rite of Strict Observance
entered France in 17 58 under the name of Council of the Emperiors
of the East and West, and three years later authorized Stephen
Morin to take the rite to the four corners of the earth.20 With his
Charter of Authority Morin went to Jamaica where he initiated the
Jew Moses M. Hayes. Hays went to Charleston, SC. The Rite that Hays
established had only the 25 degrees that Von Hund had offered.21
The Rite of Perfection is now known as the Scottish Rite, and in
around 1802 the authorization was given to allow Masons to progress
in eight more degrees.22 Another early branch of the Rite of
Perfection had 32 degrees, and this contradiction was eventually
worked out. The result is that Scottish Freemasonry has 32 degrees
for most worthy Masons to achieve, with 33 special men chosen to an
advanced 33 degree. In addition to this numerous men are made
honorary 33° Masons. The Scottish Rite Lodges are still referred to
as the Rite of Strict Observance.
The Prieure de Sion recruits it own special ones from the upper
reaches of the Scottish Rite. After the Scottish Rite men can
procede to the Rite of Mizriam, which also has ties to the Prieure
de Sion. The upper grades of the Scottish Rite are the lower
degrees of the Prieure de Sion, according to M. Jean-Luc Chaumeil,
a man who had contact with the Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion
and was familiar with that Society.23 Also according to Jean-Luc
Chaumeil, whose knowledge of the Prieure de Sion is obviously of
merit and worthy of attention, the Prieure de Sion is generally
Jewish but a few non-Jewish members are admitted.24
Why would a man like Chaumeil leak information about this
powerful Jewish society which is claimed to guard the holy blood
lineage of King David and Jesus Christ? Because the time is close
when the most powerful "Jews" in the world plan to reestablish a
King-Priest to rule the world. People must be given a chance to
believe in this purported blood descendent of Jesus Christ. In
order to legitimatize their story, they have orchestrated a complex
series of "leaks", which has revealed the existence of their Order
and its antiquity. Whether their story line that they have guarded
the royal blood line is true or not, it has enough truth in it to
fool most people. It is and will be one of the best orchestrated
hoaxes of history. By uniting both the Christians and Jews behind
this Messiah, they can rule the world with the religious blessings
of the masses. Now the reader begins to see the significance, that
the present day Pope is Jewish, a Freemason, and working with the
Prieure de Sion.25
[FIG. 7 picture of square and compass becoming the seal of solomon
PASTEUP 1.6 x 5]
[FIG. 8 charter]
THE SQUARE & COMPASS. This is only one of many examples like this.
The Prieure de Sion is specifically tied to the blood line
purported to be of Jesus of the House of David. The various orders
of Freemasonry also relate to the lineage of the House of David.
For instance we learn from 33° Mackey, "So that now almost all
the symbolism of Freemasonry rests upon or is derived from the
"House of the Lord" at Jerusalem. So closely are the two connected,
that to attempt to separate the one from the other would be fatal
to the further existence of Masonry. Each lodge is and must be a
symbol of the Jewish Temple; each Master in the chair a
FIG . 9
representative of the Jewish king; and every Mason a personation of
the Jewish workman."26
In the big book Masonic History of the Northwest written by some
past Grand Masters we are told,
"In the English organization of the Chapter the presiding
officer is the Prince and heir to the Jewish throne,
ZERUBBABEL (being descended in the direct line from King
Solomon), and as such represents the King, though nominally a
tributary Prince, first under the Persian King Cyrus and
afterward Darius....by reason of the war of the Revolution for
American Independence, caused the word Royal to be looked upon
with disfavor by patriotic American Masons; and, as Oliver,
the English Masonic historian, truly says in his 'Historical
'Our transatlantic Brethren,[Americans] impelled probably by
a dislike to royalty, have deposed Zerrubbabel from the first
chair and place the High Priest in his place, giving the King
only the second throne, which is evidently erroneous; and they
have also greatly injured the force of the illustration of the
triple office of the MESSIAH, by substituting a scribe for a
prophet in the third chair."27
Masons have looked forward to the Jewish goal of rebuilding the
Jewish temple. It is a theme repeatedly pushed in the Masonic
temples. An example of this is the Scottish Rite article by 33°
Mason Charles L. Bachtel entitled "Where Is King Solomon's Temple".
"Until the arrival of the day when the Temple is located and
reconstructed for the use of all mankind, we should carry the
symbol of the Temple in our hearts."28
[FIGURE 9 Picture of the interior of a Royal Arch Lodge showing
the banners of the 12 tribes of Israel, SCAN 7 x 6.5.]
Because there has been such a powerful coverup of the role Jews
have played in Freemasonry, this subject must be dealt with. The
Reformed Rabbi Gotthold Saloman wrote that Freemasonry was more a
Jewish movement in origin than Christian. However, as is so often
the case today, Jews can say things about themselves which if
Gentiles, the Goy, say the same thing, then the non-Jews are in
serious trouble.
The initial formation by four Masonic lodges in 1717 of the
first public Grand Lodge, included several Jewish Masons as
participants. These were Marranos Jews (Jews converted to
Christianity) and included Mendez, de Medina, Alvarez, and Baruch.29
In other words, Jews were there from the start. A look at the seals
of the various Masonic groups in England in the 18th century
reveals a Jewish or magical influence. (See illustrations of early
Masonic seals with the Star of David, etc.)
[FIGURE 10 Seals of the early Grand Lodges to be here -PASTE UP 3
disks of 2" diameter side by side.]
Many books, including Morey's recent one, portray the American
lodges as anti-Jewish. This is a smokescreen. The only Grand Lodge
that was really anti-Jewish was the Prussian Grand Lodge which
eventually transformed itself into the Thule Society and then into
the Nazi Party. The reason that the Prussian Lodges became
concerned in the early 19th century about Jewish control of
Freemasonry could be a book in itself, but was based on several
items, 1. being close to the several radical Jewish movements in
Poland and the German States the Germans were more aware of what
was taking place, 2. in Germany warnings were given by ex-Masons
and Masons, 3. German authors like Johann Christian Ehrmann in
1816, Eduard Emil Eckert (Der Freimaurer-Orden in seiner wahren
Bedeutung, c. 1850), and Georg Michael Pachtler to name a few wrote
books warning the Germans about Freemasonry and the power of Jews
within the lodges.
A close examination by reliable Masonic, Jewish, and other
sources reveals that the Jews have indeed played an important part
in the Masonic lodges since their beginning. A person today will
witness for instance such things as the Feast of Tishri observed by
for instance the Arkansas Lodge of Perfection.30
The first early lodges in the various European nations of
Scotland, England, German states, and France built upon a number of
existing organizations. Various secret societies were built upon.
Although it is beyond the scope of this chapter to explain
Masonry's early history, it will be found in the Knight's Templar
groups, in the secret societies of Europe and the Middle East
(including the Order called Roshaniya, the Assassins, & Sufism),
the Rosicrucians, the Prieure de Sion, the Mystery Religions
(including the evolution of the Mazdains to Mithraism to
Manicheanism to Freemasonry), witchcraft, and Platonic humanists
and philosophers.
Not only were the Masonic Rites formed from the early secret
societies, but the secrecy of the Lodges encouraged and provided a
forum for men of all types of anti-Christian persuasions, including
- but not limited - to the Jews. John Robison, a Mason and a
leading intellect of his day, exposed the conspiracy of Illuminized
Masonry to take over the world and destroy Christianity in 1789.
After decades of working closely with these men and listening to
them in the Lodges he writes about the activities of these men,
"...although in direct opposition to a standing rule, and a
declaration made to every newly received Brother, 'that nothing
touching the religion or government shall ever be spoken of in the
Lodge.' But the Lodges in other countries quickly followed the
example of France, and have frequently become the rendezvous of
innovators in religion and politics, and other disturbers of the
public peace. In short, I have found that the covert of a Mason
Lodge had been employed in every country for venting and
propagating sentiments in religion and politics, that could not
have been circulated in public without exposing the author to great
danger. I found, that this impunity [freedom due to Masonry's
secrecy] had gradually encouraged men of licentious principles to
become more bold, and to teach doctrines subversive of all our
notions of morality..."31 "...under the protection of Masonic
secrecy, they planned schemes... they formed associations in
opposition to the... superstitions of the church....The church
dreaded the consequences, and endeavored to suppress the Lodges.
But in vain.... the rigours of the church only seved to knit the
Brethren [Masonic Brethren] more firmly together...The Lodges
became schools of skepticism and infidelity, and the spirit of
conversion or proselytism [to spread Masonic Dogma] grew every day
stronger. "32
Robison found in his attendence of Masonic meetings that even
some of the Church officials like the Prince Bishop of Liege at the
Loge de la Parfaite Intelligence mocked and attacked the church in
his talks given at the Masonic Lodge and this while many of the
other Lodge members were dignitaries in the church.33 This type of
thing is still continueing. Today some of the most important
"Christian" ministers who are Masons have only contempt for
Christianity once they have the Lodge's secrecy to talk.
The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia states, "Early European Jewish
settlers in the U.S. were amongst the most enthusiastic masons and
the...first lodge in Newport, R.I....[was established by them]".34
Indeed, the St. John's Lodge of Newport was one of the first lodges
in the colonies.35
Charlestown, S.C. became a "capital" or a nerve center of
Freemasonry for a number of reasons. The city of Charlestown, S.C.
had the largest Jewish population of any U.S. city in 1800.36 It
was also an early strong point for the Unitarian church whose
congregation originated in Charlestown in 1772.37 Further,
Charlestown was a cosmopolitan commercial center with strong French
ties. (The Rite of Perfection came from France to Charlestown via
the West Indies.)38 The Scottish Rite's Sublime Grand Lodge of
Perfection was created in Charlestown in 1783. Also the Order of
Palladium (the Palladium Rite) had been started soon after 173 0 in
Charlestown.39 (The significance of this last point will been seen
One of the original founders of the Mother Supreme Council,
Scottish Rite, at Charleston, S.C. was Abraham Alexander. Abraham
Alexander was the chazan (reader) for the Bayh Elohim Jewish
Congregation,40 and later a Rabbi.41
Another Jew involved in founding the Scottish Rite at Charleston
was Moses C. Levy. He was a man of great learning who became the
president of the Bayh Elohim congregation.42
The Inspector General appointed by the Grand Consistory of
Princes of the Royal Secret to oversee Masonry in the British
colonies in the New World was Stephen Morin, a Jew. Morin was
joined by the Jewish Mason Moses M. Hays in Jamaica. Moses M. Hayes
established the Sublime Lodge of Perfection in Boston, Mass.43 The
Jewish Mason Abraham Da Costa worked with Morin to establish
Masonry in Charleston, S.C.44 They set up the King Solomon Lodge.
Morin forged Frederick the Great's signature on his Masonic
documents to gain credibility. Another Jewish Mason, Isaac Dacosta,
in 1758 working with Moses M. Hayes established the St. Andrew
Lodge in Boston, and helped out in S. Car. Dacosta helped establish
the Charleston Lodge of Perfection, and served as one of its Grand
Masters. Joseph M. Meyers, another Jewish Mason was his successor.45
The Jew Moses Cohen, who was originally initiated into Masonry in
Philadelphia, was one of the first members of the Mother Lodge in
From the two mother lodges in Boston and Charleston, S.C. came
many of the Scottish Rite lodges.46 Charleston, S.C. would also be
known as the cradle of Reformed Judaism. Interestingly, the Jew
Isaac Harby who fathered Reformed Judaism in Charleston is called
"Pallas Athena" in the Jewish author Max Dimont's book The Jews in
America, (Simon & Schuster, 1978), p. 93. The significance of this
will be discussed soon.
And Charleston, S.C. would be the place the Civil War conflict
began. Mason Brig. Gen.Beauregard ordered the first shots on Fort
One other prominant Jewish founder of the Mother Supreme
Council, of the Scottish Rite was Israel de Lieben, a prosperous
Jewish merchant.47 And yet another Masonic merchant who participated
in establishing the Mother Supreme Lodge, believed to be Jewish and
having a monopoly on the world's Indigo (purple dye) trade, was
Moses Lindo.48
So far we have mentioned a few of those Jewish Masons who were
involved with the founding of the Mother Supreme Lodge in
Charleston, S.C. (there were other Jewish Masons): Abraham
Alexander, Abraham Dacosta, Isaac Dacosta, Moses Cohen, Moses C.
Levy, Israel de Lieben, Moses Lindo, Joseph M. Meyers, and last but
not least Stephen Morin. (This explains why this Author slightly
winces when he hears the oft said remark that the Jews had nothing
to do with early Freemasonry.)
A quick overview of the eleven founders of the Supreme Council
33rd degree of the Scottish Rite:
Rabbi Abraham Alexander (33°)-Jewish
Emanuel De La Motta (33°)-Jewish
Israel De Lieben (33°)-Jewish
Moses Levy (33°)-Jewish
Dr. Isaac Auld (33°)-Presbyterian
Dr. Frederick Dalcho (33°)-Episcopalian
Dr. James Moultrie (33°)-Scot who studied at the University of
Edinburgh, Scotland
de Grasse (33°)-French aristocrat active with Grand Orient Masonry
Jean B. Delahogue (33°)-Frenchman
Mitchell & Bowen (both 33°) -two men born in Ireland.49
Hezekiah Levy, a Jewish Mason, was one of the earliest members
of the Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4 to which President George
Washington would join.50
Jews played prominant roles in the lodges in America and Europe.
For instance, the English Grand Lodge's Coat of Arms was designed
by Jewish Mason J.J. Leon Templo.51 In 1717, when Anderson's
Constitution began to be drawn up, the Constitution not only
included parts of Egyptian and Pythagorian thought, but also
included the two pillars Jachin and Boaz which derive from Jewish
Rabbinical tradition concerning Solomon's temple.
The German Jewish Mason Moses Mendelsohn (1729-1796) was a
friend of the Mason philosopher Kant and was himself a very famous
philosopher. He has been called the "German Socrates." He wrote a
metaphysical book Abhandlung uber die Evidenz in den Metaphysichen
Wissenschaften.52 Another Jewish Mason, Karl L. Reinhold, was also
a philosopher and friend of Kant. He published Letters on the
Philosophy of Kant, and the book The Hebrew Mysteries or the Oldest
Religious Freemasonry. This later book explains that Moses got his
religious system from the Egyptians, and that Freemasonry derives
from that lineage. Remember, that Moses practiced magic.53
from the 24th day of the fourth month of the year of G: L: 5785 to
the same day of the year 5786.
Many of the Lectures of the Sublime degrees contain an epiteme of the arts and sciences, and
in their hisory many valuable and important facts are recorded, obtained from authentic archives
in the possession of our society, and which, from the manner of their communication can never
be mutilated or corrupted. This is an object of the first magnitude in a society whose principles
and practices should be invariable? Much variety and irregularity has unfortunately crept
into the Blue degrees, in consequence of the want of Masonic knowledge in many of those who,
preside over their meetings, and it is particularly so with those, who are unacquainted with the
Hebrew language, in which all the Words and Pass-Words are given. So essentially necessary is it
for a man of science to preside overs Lodges that much injury may arise from the smallest deviation
in the ceremony of initition, or in the Lectures of instruction. We read in the book of
Judges, that the transposition of a single point over the Sbeez; in confequence of a national, defect
among the Epharimites designated the Cowans, and led to the slaughter of forty-two thousand.
The Sublime figure of the Divinity formed in the Fellow-Crafts degree, can be elegantly illustrated,
only by those who possess some knowledge of the Talmud. Most of the Words in the
Sublime degrees are derived from the Chaldean Hebrew and Latin languages.
The various tranflations which the Symbolic degrees have undergone since their first establishment,
from one language to another, and that; oftentimes by men illiterate even in their mother
tongue, is another cause of the variety which we lament. Not so the superior degrees, they appear
in that Sublime dress which their founders gave them; skilled in science and embellished
by genius. Many of the Sublime degrees are founded on the polite arts, and unfold a mass of
information of the first importance to Masons.
Although many of the Sublime degrees are in fact, a continuation of the Blue degrees, yet
there is no interference between the two bodies. Throughout the continent of Europe, and the
West-Indies, where they are very generally known, they are acknowledged and encouraged. The
Sublime Masons never initiate any into the blue degrees, without a legal warrant obtained for
that purpose from a Symbolic Grand Lodge; but they communicate the secrets of the Chair to
such appllicants, who have not already received it, previous to their initiation into the Sublime
Lodge, but they are, at the same time informed, that it does not give them rank as Past Masters
in the Grand Lodge.
The Sublime Grand Lodge, sometimes called the Inessable Lodge or the Lodge of Perfection
extends from the 4th to the 14th degree inclusive which last is the degree of Perfection.
16th degree is the Grand Council of Princes of Jerusalem, who hold jurisdiction over the 15th
degree, called Knights of the East, and also over the Sublime Grand Lodge, and is to them, what
a Symbolic Grand Lodge is to the subordinate Lodges. Without a warrant and Constitution regularly
issued by them, or by an higher Council of Inspector, they are deemed irregular and are
punished accordingly. All the degrees above the 16th are under the jurisdiction of the supreme
Counc i l of Grand Inspectors General, who are Sovereigns of Masonry. When it is necessary to
establish the Sublime degrees in a Country where they are unknown, a Brother of the 29th degree,
vhich is called K. H. is appointed Deputy Inspector General, over the district. He selects from
among the Craft such Brethren as he believes will do honor to the fociety, and communicates the
Sublime degrees to as many as is necessary for the first organization of the Lodge, when they
elect their own officers, and govern themselves by the Constitution, and warrant which is furnished
them. The jurisdiction of a Lodge of Perfection, is twenty-five Leagues.
It is well known that about 27,000 Masons accompanied the the Christian Princes in the Crusades,
to recover the Holy land from the Infidels. While in Palestine, they discovered several important
Masonic manuscripts, among; the descendants of the ancient Jews, which enriched our Archives
with authentic written records, and on which, some of our degrees are founded.
In the years 5304 and 5311, some very exraordinary discoveries were made, and occurrences
took place, which renders the Masonic History of that period, of the highest importance. A pe-,
riod dear to the Masons heart, who is zealous in the cause of his Order, his Country and his God.
A New York Jewish Mason Haym Saloman (1740-1785) helped finance
the American Revolution for the Americans, and was noted to have
given financial aid to many of the revolutionary leaders including
Jefferson, Madison, and Randolph. Arrested by the British, he
somehow got free and escaped to American lines.54
While the Jewish Mason Saloman financed the Americans, the
Jewish family of the Rothschilds (who participated in secret
societies) were making large sums of money from the American
Revolution due to their banking arrangements with the Elector of
Hesse, who rented German troops to the German British Monarch to
fight the Americans.
[figure 10a PHOTOCOPY 2 X 6.5]
[FIGURE 11 picture of French Lodge Document with Franklin's name
PHOTOCOPY 7.2 5 x 4.3]
A very famous Jewish Mason, born in Boston to descendents of the
Puritan tradition is Benjamin Franklin. His father and mother were
Josiah and Abiah Franklin. Benjamin Franklin contributed to the
Mikveh Israel Jewish congregation in Philadelphia.55 But Franklin
did not practice Judiasm. He did practice the occult, and things
that would be weird to Christians. He became the head of the very
occultic Grand Orient Freemasons when he was in France. Franklin's
life was surrounded by Freemasons. Franklin's role in the
establishment and promotion of Freemasonry is overwhelming. His
role in the destruction of Christianity is quite unknown.
Franklin's career as a Freemason is shrouded in mystery. This
Author has in his library the somewhat rare book Benjamin Franklin
as a Freemason by Julius Sachse (J.F. Sachse is the last of a line
of Sachses in the World Order.) This leading Masonic scholar
writes, "To write the history of Franklin as a Freemason is
virtually to chronicle the early Masonic history of America....A
great difficulty, however, here confronts us, notwithstanding the
prominence of FRANKLIN in Pennslyvannia Freemasonry; strange as it
appears, he does not mention a word of his Masonic connections or
career in his Autobiography, or in any of his correspondence, with
but two exceptions, so far as known. This omission is the more
remarkable when we look at his Masonic career while in France
during the later years of his life. There, his activity and
intimacy with the Brethren was intimate and close, both personal
and official, FRANKLIN taking an active part in their proceedings,
even advancing to the so-called higher degrees."56
In spite of all his many duties, Benjamin Franklin was "never
absent from a [Masonic] meeting."57
The Masonic Lodge played such a big role in Franklin's life, and
yet Franklin never even hints about Freemasonry in his
autobiography. The editor of his autobiography points out that
Franklin tried to portray an unreal persona in his autobiography,
but one that Franklin felt people would want to emulate.58 If
Masonry is so virtuous, one wonders why it plays no role in his
autobiography which was written on purpose to create an image
worthy of emulation.
Benjamin Franklin was the founder of the American Philosophical
Society.59 He was also a Rosicrucian.60 In Feb. 1730, it appears
he was initiated into St. John's Lodge of Philadelphia.61 And in
1727, he started the secret revolutionary political society called
the Leather Apron Club which changed its name in 1731 to Junto, and
took on the appearance of being a literary society.62 The same year
that this "literary" society changed its name, the St. John's
Masonic Lodge that Franklin belonged to got in touch with the Grand
Lodge of London whose Grand Master the Duke of Norfolk appointed
Daniel Coxe. Daniel Coxe advised the Masons when he arrived of a
plan for the federation of the colonies.63 In 1754, while deputy
Grand Master, Franklin unveiled at Albany, NY to his brother Masons
his plan to unite all the colonies under one government.64 Albany
was the site of one the earliest Scottish Rite's Lodge of
Between Jan 21, 1769 and Jan. 21, 1772 a series of inflamatory
letters called The Letters of Junius, which were written in
England, were circulated through out the American colonies. The
letters advanced those causes that the colonists would declare to
be the causes of their revolution, human rights, freedom of the
press, and taxation without representation. The letters were read
by Franklin and many of the Masons who initiated the American
Revolution. The man who wrote these letters according to his niece,
was the Reverend James Wilmot (1726-1808) a Mason and rector of
Barton-on-the-Heath, in Warwickshire in 1785. He also was the first
person to publicly name Bacon as the author of Shakespeare's
works.65 He also apparently was in contact with the Lodge of Nine
Sisters in France that Franklin would join in 1777.66
"Historians have never ceased to wonder at the enormous
psychological influence which Franklin exercised in colonial
politics. But up to the present day, few indeed are those who have
realized that the source of his power lay in the secret societies
to which he belonged and which he was the appointed spokesman."67
Independence Hall which became the famous center of the
Revolution was built by the Masons. It is believed by some that the
Mason Benjamin Franklin layed its cornerstone, others say it was
another Freemason instead.
(For more on the American Revolution, the Masons, and what the
history books are lacking see chapter 3.4)
Some of Franklin's Masonic brothers in France were impressed by
the rituals, etc. that he thought up for a new religion.
Turning our attention to a different aspect of Franklin's, in a
statement of beliefs Franklin states, "I conceive then, that the
INFINITE has created many beings or Gods... It may be that these
created Gods are immortal; or it may be that after many Ages, they
are changed, and others Supply their Places."68
Not only were Franklin's beliefs not Christian, but in the later
years of his life all the Christian standards were violated, so
that it is really a travesty of honest reporting, that Franklin is
held up by so many as a role model for Protestants. The distortions
in the popular history books about Franklin are but a microcosm of
the distortions that history books in general suffer from.
His mother was very concerned that he had joined the Freemasons,
and strongly objected. In diplomatic double-talk he advised her not
to worry about what she didn't know about. "As to the Freemasons,
unless she will believe me when I assure her that they are in
general a very harmless sort of People; and have no principles or
Practices that are inconsistent with Religion or good Manners, I
know no Way of giving my Mother a better Opinion of them than she
seems to have at present (since it is not allow'd that Women should
be admitted into that secret Society)... I must entreat her to
suspend Judgment till she is better inform'd,..."69 To paraphrase--
So Mom I can't tell you anything more, but don't judge until you're
well informed about us.
There have been numerous small groups of Rosicrucians of various
kinds. (See the diagram) The purpose stated by one of the principal
Rosicrucian groups: "The Fraternity is now entirely devoted to
philosophical research, spiritual training and Occult Initiation."70
The famous Jewish magician Eliphas Levi (self-named Zahed)71 was
the Supreme Grand Master of the Rosicrucians in 1861, when the next
Supreme Grand Master, the American Dr. P.B. Randolph was chosen.72
Eliphas Levi was a deep student of the Kaballah, and wrote many
books on magic, including the History of Magic. His 1896 edition of Transcendental Magic carries a big illustration of the "Star of
David." One hostile biographer claimed he charged up to 25 Francs
to give clients prophecies from Lucifer.73 Lytton knew Levi. Lytton
tried to establish a magic society in London, which Madame
Blavatsky became acquainted with.74 (Magic, the Jewish Cabala, and
Freemasonry are connected. A large number of famous magicians have
been Jewish Freemasons.)75
This Rosicrucian group had an Order which in England was called
The Order of the Rose, in France L'Ordre du Lis, and in America The
Order of the Lily. During the Civil War, the Rosicrucian Council of
Three of the Order of the Lily consisted of Paschal Beverly
Randolph, General Ethan Allen Hitchcock (his mother was the Mason
Ethan Allen's daughter), and Abraham Lincoln.76 It is well known
that Lincoln and his wife had seances, etc. in the White House.
Abraham Lincoln's wife was especially into spiritism. Rev. Cole of
the Church of Illumination writes in The Light of Life, "Abraham
Lincoln also received his training in the Regeneration, in like
manner, under the great Teacher Dr. P.B. Randolph."77
This helps solve one "mystery" about Abraham Lincoln. Abraham
Lincoln was never a Mason, but many lodges and individual Masons
believed he was.78 Lincoln had been asked to join, but turned down
the chance. A French Masonic magazine Monde Maconnique referred to
Lincoln as a "member of the Grand Lodge of New York."79 It appears
from various reliable Masonic sources that Lincoln was not a Mason.
But he was a Rosicrucian. The close affiliation between the two
orders, and the overlapping memberships would naturally tend to
cloud the issue. During the Civil War, Randolph and Hitchcock, who
were close friends, Dr. Alexander Wilder and Abraham Lincoln formed
the nucleus of the Rosicrucians in Wash.D.C.80 Hitchcock in a
compilation of his notes Fifty Years in Camp and Field alludes to
their meetings with the President.
(Lincoln was the man the Rothschilds wanted, for his election
provoked secession by the South. Their plans were to control
Lincoln. He turned out to be a far greater man than people
The leadership consists of a Grand Master and a Council of 3 .
Underneath this are a Council of 7, Council of 9, and a Council of
21. Their Priests are called Priests of AEth or Priests of Light.
They have Round Table discussions, and an Order of Chivalry, the
Knights of the Holy Grail. They are associated with the Martinist
Order of Freemasonry.
THE AMORC (The Ancient, Mystical Order Rosae Crucis) GROUP OF
The AMORC group of Rosicrucians headquartered in San Jose, CA
and Sussex, England puts a cartouche on the odd-numbered pages of
their Rosicrucian Digest. The three symbols represent the
following--the bug (the people of the earth) , the crown (the
illuminated one), the circle with its dot (the all-seeing eye).
[FIGURE 12 show the Cartouche here PHOTOCOPY 1 x .5]
What then are the major differences between the Masons and this
line of Rosicrucians? The Masonic Lodges were known to the public
and practice symbolic ritual, the Rosicrucians were secret and were
spiritual, "...training is often given secretly even in our day,"
and "...today there are numerous men... receiving instructions from
the Great Order unbeknown to their closest friends."81 (This does
not apply to AMORC which is less secret.) Masonry was a brotherhood
introducing the occult but not demanding any religious growth from
the initiate, while the Rosicrucians have always linked "spiritual
growth" to the progress of their initiates.
At the time of the Revolution, the Council of Three consisted of
Benjamin Franklin, George Clymer and Thomas Paine.82 George
Washington received his training in Regeneration from Paul
Ardenheim, the Monk of Wissahikon.83 Thomas Jefferson was also a
member of the Order, as well as Lafayette, who was initiated in
France prior to helping with the Amer. Revolution.
Later british King Edward belonged to the Order of the Rose.
There is a great man of history whose life was more mystery than
it was known. But certain men, especially Alfred F. Dodd, have
broken codes, have uncovered ancient overlooked letters and
documents, and have analyzed and put multitudes of tiny pieces
together so that the evidence is so great as to be incontrovertable
about who this man really was. But it is not likely you know who I
am writing about, because Alfred Dodd's books with their evidence
have been supressed by the system.84
I am writing about an extraordinary genius, a great philosopher,
a great orator, a great lawyer, and a man of great character. A man
who was framed in his old age for a crime he was innocent of, by a
ruthless politician.85 A man who gathered the sciences together
under the Royal Society.86 The man who wrote the greatest works of
English literature,87 and proofread the King James Bible.88 Many
of his incredible works of genius are known under his pen-name of
William Shakespeare.89 He conjectured ahead of his times that heat
was energy in motion, and that light travels very fast.90 He
created the modern English language and is responsible for English
replacing Latin in the English higher schools.91 He was of royal
blood and proper heir to the throne of England.92
He also lived in an age when the shadow of the executioner's
block haunted men. It was a day when the heads of those who
displeased the Queen were severed and put on public display. He
would have lost his head for some of his works written under
Shakespeare's name had the Queen been able to identify who wrote
the works. Therefore, he wrote much of his works under pseudonyms,
and many of his works were published after his death. He concealed
his royal identity. He concealed his leadership of secret
Facsimile of page 53, the upper half of Whitney's "Choice of Emblems" (1586)
FIG. 12
FIG. 14
FIG. 13
societies.93 He concealed the role he played in designing the plans
and machinery for the creation of his vision of a New World.94 His
mother the Queen, ruling when half of her people questioned her
legitimacy, feared the repercussions if the truth of her secret
marriage and two sons were revealed. Indeed his mother, Queen
Elizabeth 1, had almost been beheaded by her own sister, and had
watched the first man who she had romanced be beheaded by her
father for him being to forward. She had watched baby heirs to the
throne be killed. Such barbarism is forgotten, and the
Elizabethian age seems now to be only full of the glamour of
romance. It was difficult and dangerous times, even for the Queen
of England.
Who was this great man? Sir Francis Bacon, Viscount St. Alban,
for over two decades the leader of the British Parliment's House of
Commons, and later in life, on January 30,1621, a member of the
House of Lords, the secret first son of the secret marriage between
Lord Robert Dudley and Elizabeth Tudor.
On 22 January, 1621 in honor of Sir Francis Bacon's sixteeth
birthday, a select group of men assembled without fanfare for a
great Masonic banquet. This Masonic banquet was to pay tribute to
their leader, Sir Francis Bacon. Only those of the Rosicrosse, the
Rosicrucians, and the Masons who were already aware of Bacon's
leadership role were invited.
Bacon's favorite perfumes had been used. The meeting was at the
Great Hall at York House, England (now known as Whitehall) . The
tables were T-tables with gleaming white drapery and silver.
Flowers decorated the Great Hall.
A dear longtime friend of Bacon's, the famous English Poet Ben
Jonson gave a Masonic ode to Bacon that day.-Jonson once remarked
something like, "I love the man (Bacon) and do honor his memory
above all others."95 First, Ben Jonson toasted his friend. Next,
one can picture this man with his strong face and long nose, and
full, thick, and wavy hair, and short mustache and beard as he read
out his ode in English.
On Francis Bacon's Sixteeth Birthday
Hail! Happy Genius of this Ancient Pile!
How comes it all things so about thee Smile?
The Fire? the Wine? The Men? and in the MIDST
Thou STAND' ST as if some MYSTERY thou didst.96
This ode goes by most of us today, without being told the double
meaning it had for those Masons that day. "Hail" was a masonic
sign, a masonic call. The word Pile also meant spear in those days-
-an illusion to Francis Bacon's role as the Happy genius who was
Pallas-Athena the Spear-Shaker. Smiles referred to their fellowship
in their brotherhood. The Masons would Fire with their glasses, and
the Wine refers to their toasts that vent along with their Firing
Glasses. As their gathering was all male it refers to the Men.
Because Bacon was like a Christ figure Ben uses the wording "in the
MIDST." Finally, the word Mystery is full of Masonic connotation.
Sir Francis Bacon had revived the Mysteries which only his genius
and deep scholarship could have done so well.97
In 1625, Sir Francis Bacon was busy getting his affairs in
order. He arranged his private diary of sonnets carefully, and then
disarranged them to destroy personal meanings. The private
Rosicrosse Press published it for the exclusive use of the heads of
the Rosicrosse-Masons. Finally in 1766, the Mason George Steevens
reprinted this Masonic secret book.
The Grand Masters of the Prieure de Sion during those times were
Robert Fludd (1595-1637), J. Valentin Andrea (1637-1654), and
Robert Boyle (1654-1691).98 The driving force behind what became
the Royal Society, the British scientific society, were Robert
Fludd, Robert Boyle, Wren, Ashmole, Locke, and Sir Thomas Moray.99
Interestingly, all of these men were both Freemasons and
Rosicrucians. 100 When King Charles II raised the Academie (which
had gone through various names, the Gresham College, The Invisible
College of Scientists) to its present status of the Royal Society,
Francis Bacon was honored as the "Moses" who had led the Invisible
College through its "wilderness."101
Sir Francis Bacon knew the Prieure de Sion. He stayed according
to a number of reliable historians,102 with the Prieure de Sion's
Grand-Master-to-be Andrea in Berlin the last years of his life,
after faking his death in England.103
Sir Francis Bacon is widely known for his Utopian book the New
Atlantis. What is not widely known is that it was originally titled The Land of the Rosicrucians. The concept of Atlantis has been
preserved by the Mysteries. Sir Francis Bacon and the other leaders
of Secret Societies in that day felt the New World held out the
best chances to create the New Atlantis.104 Sir Francis Bacon
played a leading role in creating the British colonies, especially
in Virginia, the Carolina's and Newfoundland.105 The British Masons
with the British Empire behind them were entrusted with the Plan to
create the New Atlantis. Bacon's descendants moved to Virginia in
1635, where his descendant Henry Blount took the name Nathaniel
Bacon.106 Nathaniel Bacon, a Master Mason,107 led a premature
revolution called Bacon's Rebellion that prefigured the American
Revolution.108 It is true that Freemasons served on both sides of
the American Revolution. Naive people think that indicates that the
Masons could not have had anything to do with the Revolution.109 On
the contrary, the Masons were the primary instigators and leaders
of the Revolution, although they allowed others to get involved.
The British Masons fighting the rebels actually contributed to
eventual independence of the Colonies,110 as did the secret
societies in France and Germany.
The Masons claim to know something about Sir Francis Bacon
uncovered by excavations done in Williamsburg, Virginia. A vault
left by his descendants supposedly gives information about the
founding of the United States.111
Some of Sir Francis Bacon's last words known to us, "I have held
up a light in the obscurity of Philosophy, which will be seen
centuries after I am dead. It will be seen amidst the erection of
Tombs, Theaters, Foundations, Temples, of Orders and Fraternities
for nobility and obedience,--the establishment of good laws as an
example to the World. For I am not raising a Capital or Pyramid to
the Pride of men, but laying a foundation in the human
Understanding for a holy Temple after the model of the World. For
my memory I leave it to Men's charitable speeches, to foreign
Nations and the next Ages, and to my own Country after some Time
has elapsed."112
At another occasion he said, "I go the same way as the Ancients,
but I have something better to offer than the Morality Dramas of
the Greeks and the Mystery Ceremonials of the Egyptians." True, he
gave part of the Masonic ritual113 and much of it decidedly non-
The Earl of Leichester, who was Bacon's actual father, had as
his physician the magician and Jew Dr. Frederigo Lopez. Christopher
Marlowe described Lopez in a dramatization of his career in the
book The Jew of Malta. Marlowe was stabbed to death after the book
came out.114 Sir John Dee, who was another magician/doctor,
travelled throughout Europe and was the court astrologer for Queen
Elizabeth. (See chapter 1.11 about John Dee.)
Bacon describes the Masons in New Atlantis "...amongst the
excellent acts of that king, one above all hath the pre-eminence.
It was the erection and institution of an order, or society, which
we call Solomon's House; the noblest foundation, as we think, that
ever was upon the earth..."115
The idealism, charity, and integrity that characterized Bacon is
notably absent today in the inner circle of the One-World-State
power. Bacon was a Philosopher. A man who for much of his life was
not wealthy or exceptionally powerful. His life was in jeopardy a
great deal of the time, although contrarywise he and those who knew
about his secret royal blood were more respectful, never knowing if
he might be proclaimed King by his mother the Queen. When James 1
took over the throne from Bacon's mother, to protect his head Bacon
wrote a letter to King James 1, delivered through the Secretary of
State, renouncing any ambition to the throne, and announcing his
decision to marry a commoner.116 By comparison, those who are as
prominant today in the One-World-State as Bacon was then are part
of a far greater power, and have been corrupted by that power.
Technology has made a One-World-State much more ominous. It is
possibe that Bacon would be aghast at what the One-World-State is
going to be.
In 1717, four lodges in London went public. To give the reader
the frame of mind that the "new" lodges had, a quote from a Masonic
book Defense of Masonry, (1730) is informative as to their view of
antiquity. "The System, as taught in the regular Lodges, may have
some Redundancies or Defects, occasion'd by the Ignorance or
Indolance of the old members. And indeed, considering through what
Obscurity and Darkness the MYSTERY has been deliver'd down;
...notwithstanding the great Rust it may have contracted, there is
much of the OLD FABRICK remaining..."117
According to Christian researcher Edith Star Miller,118 once
Masonry was open to the public, it was to serve as the screen
behind which a host of secret societies, whether theurgic or
political, would operate clandestinely. In other words,
organizations like the secret Palladium Rite of Masonry find it
easier to function secretly behind the screen of regular Masonry.
Masonry acts as a clearing house for many of the occult
organizations. The center switchboard for the various types of
Masonic lodges is the Alpina Lodge in Switzerland.
The Sufi mysticism, which is masonic theosophy, operates in
cooperation with Freemasonry. Sufism has "a species of Masonic or
Eleusian initiation from lower to higher degrees."119 The Sufi
leader to be, who is considered the Messiah by the Sufis, is being
helped by a select group which includes several Masons to be
revealed as Lord Matreya.(See chapter 1.4)
One researcher of Masonry offered his evaluation, "The masonic
Order usually draws its members from the leading merchants, and
from the professions, bankers, doctors, and lawyers. They come to
their meetings, they dabble in some charity work, and in general,
they mark time until the day when they are asked to perform some
unusual task for a fellow Mason, or for the national or world
order. At that time, they finally realize that the blood oath does
have significance, but by that time it is usually too late. They
may be asked to support a Masonic candidate for political office,
to swing a business deal to a fellow Mason, or. even to commit
perjury or some other illegal act for a brother Mason. Even then,
they are never offered any confidences; they are merely told what
they must do, and they obey."120
Ex-Masons confirm this. They also indicate that some of the more
insignificant members may not be in a position to help, and may not
be called upon for favors.
In order to explain the connection let us cover the structure of
One of the Modern known groups of the Illuminati is also known
as the Ancient Order of Oriental Templars (Ordo Templi Orientis) .
However, its own esoteric name is Order of To Ov. It's publication
was The Equinox. According to The Equinox, Vol. III No. 1, 1919 the
O.T.O. is "a body of initiates in whose hands are concentrated the
the wisdom and knowledge of the following bodies:
1. The Gnostic Catholic Church
2. The Order of the Knights of the Holy Ghost
3. The Order of the Illuminati
4. The Order of the Temple (Knights Templar)
5. The Order of the Knights of St. John
6. The Order of the Knights of Malta
7. The Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre
8. The Hidden Church of the Holy Grail
9. The Hermetic Brotherhood of Light 10. The Holy Order of Rose Croix of Heredom
11. The Order of the Holy Royal Arch of Enoch
12. The Antient and Primitive Rite of Masonry (33 degrees)
13. The Rite of Memphis (97 degrees)
14. The Rite of Mizraim (90 degrees)
15. The Antient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Masonry (33 degrees)
16. The Swedenborgian Rite of Masonry [9 degrees]
17. The Order of Martinists [3 degrees]
18. The Order of the Sat Bhai, [14 degrees] and many other orders of
equal merit, if of less fame." (End of quote).
It is clear from reading their own publication The Equinox
(published from 1909-13) that the O.T.O. has suceeded in placing
their people in the leadership positions of those listed Orders and
Rites. Aleister Crowley was the leader of the O.T.O. when he was
alive. Can the O.T.O.'s literature be taken seriously that it
concentrated the esoteric Gnosis of the above groups?
[FIGURE 14 reduced picture of Aleister Crowley in his garb SCAN 7
X 3.5]
33° Scottish Rite Mason Aleister Crowley appears in his masonic OTO
garb. Crowley who called himself "the Beast" is imfamous as one of
the world's leading Satanists.
Yes, an examination of the leadership of the above groups shows
interlocking directories of power; those interlocking directories
also interlock with the O.T.O. To belong to the O.T.O. initiates
pledge loyalty to "unseen superiors". The O.T.O. was openly
Satanic, worshipping Satan, and the Anti-Christ. The Black Mass is
performed by them, and their rituals include blood, sacrifices,
excrement, horrible sexual acts, etc.
The Masonic pamphlet "The Grand Mystic Temple" describes how the
the Scottish Rite Supreme Grand Council in America, the Rite of
Mizraim, and the Rite of Memphis allied themselves together. The
Rite of Mizraim and Memphis had already been allied prior to this
To illustrate the interlocking directories of various rites and
orders--some more openly occultic and Satanic than others let us
consider the following men. (The following were compiled from
Masonic/ Esotoric sources too numerous to footnote.)
ALEISTER CROWLEY (1875-1947) For Crowley's personal description of
his initiation to the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite read his
book Confessions.)
He was the following: Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-
Patriarch Grand Administrator General, 96th degree;
Scottish Rite, 33rd degree; Rite of Mizraim 90th degree; Order of
the Golden Dawn, Ruling Chief or Supreme Magus; Order of Ov Tov,
Chief Magus, or Frater, aka Master Therion; Stella Matutina, chief;
and other things. Of Jewish ancestry.
He was the following: Scottish Rite, 33rd degree and Grand Master;
Alliance Israelite Universelle, part founder and twice later Pres.;
Carbonari, member; Order of Mizraim, Supreme Council, 90th degree;
Grand Orient, 33 degree and Grand Master; friend of Karl Marx, the
Rothschilds, and Maurice Joly; a Jew.
JOHN YARKER (1833-1913)
He was the following: Scottish Rite, 33rd degree; Cerneau Rite,
33rd degree; Ancient and Primitive Rite, Imperial Grand Hierophant
97th degree; Rite of Mizraim, 90th degree, Royal Grand Commander of
the Rose Croix and Kadosch, 1868-1874; Sat Bhau of Prag, President
and co-sponsor; Hon. Grand Master of Cuba, of Unit. Sup. Grnd.
Coun. It., and of Society Alchemica, Grand Warden of Greece, Order
of Lamaistique, 5th degree; Grand Chancellor of the Confederated
Rites (1882-83); Rite of Swedenborg, Supreme Grand Master; Grand
Representative of the Grand Lodge of Germany, 1902-06; Rite of
Ishmael, head; Red Branch of Eri, head; York Rite, Knights Templar;
Knights Templar Priest, 7th degree; Martinist Order, delegate of
the Supreme Council; friend of Henry J. Seymour and William Wynn
Wescott; Fratres Lucis (Grand Lamaistic Order of Light), Crown of
Kether; Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, IX; Order of Tov Ov (OTO),
He was the following: Scottish Rite, 30th degree; Quatuor Coronati
Research Lodge, G. Master; Grand Lodge of England, Junior Grand
Deacon; Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, secretary-general and
Supreme Magus (head); Golden Dawn, head; Rite of Swedenborg,
Secretary; Royal Arch, Grand Standard Bearer; OTO, Regent of the
Illuminati; supporter of H.P. Blavatsky, friend of Papus, and John
Yarker, and Theodore Reuss.
He was the following: Order of Martinism, Grand Master; Rite of
Mizraim, Grand Master; Rite of Memphis, Grand Master; Swedenborg
Rite, delegate for in France, occult advisor to Russian Czar
Nicholas II; friend of the Duchese de Pomar; OTO, member.
He was the following: Scottish Rite, 33rd degree, Rite of Mizraim,
90th degree; Rite of Memphis, 96th degree; Sovereign Grand Master
General of those two Rites, Esoteric Rosicrucians, Supreme Magus;
Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, VIII; OTO, Frater Superior and
Outer Head in Mundo; friend of Papus; Sovereign Grand Master
General ad Vitam for the German Empire, Swedenborg Rite, founder of
six lodges in Germany, and Prov. Grand Master.
ALBERT PIKE (1809-1891)
He was the following: Scottish Rite, Grand Commander of the Supreme
Council, 33rd Degree; York Rite, Knights Templar; Oddsfellows,
member; Sovereign Pontiff of Universal Masonry; Palladium Rite
(reformed) (full name Free and Regenerated Palladium), founder;
Supreme Grand College of Emeritus Masons; early Theosophical
Society, member; friend of Mazzini.
What was the value of this union? The Rites of Mizraim and
Memphis are far more occultic and gnostic than the Scottish Rite.
If a neophyte was obviously interested in the occult, and was
lacking finances, this Masonic pamphlet "The Grand Mystic Temple"
indicates he could be started at the 18th degree of the Scottish
Rite (the Rose Croix of Heredom) and at the 46th degree of Mizraim.
From there he could progress in the 3 rites.
There are numerous secret "interoffice memo type" papers that
indicate that a Satanist, a Luciferian, a practitioner of black
magic, or the like has a easy time in Freemasonry, because the
upper degrees are controlled by men who will bend any rules to help
them. Having a membership card is of limited value in visiting a
foreign Lodge. A dues card is important, showing that one's dues
are all paid up. Certain questions will be asked, and certain parts
of the rituals need to be quoted by memory to satisfy the Lodge one
is visiting. Now, let us, for instance, picture an American Mason
visiting an Irish lodge. He can go to the Freemasons' Hall in
Dublin or to one of the Provincial Masonic Temples and be examined.
This examination though is a courtesy, and it is up to the Grand
Lodge's office whether they bother to interview him. By being
interviewed this American will then be vouched to attend any
meeting in the Grand Lodge of Ireland. When attending he will have
to have been given the password of the First Degree (or other
degree) . However, if he has been vouched, he will know the
passwords. One can now see the leverage the Luciferian occultists
have in Masonry, when the correct dues cards, diplomas, and
passwords are given freely to them by the heads of these Rites.
These two rites, although separate in some areas are closely
allied. The Rite of Mizraim is mainly Jewish.121 The secret order
of the Prieure de Sion is also predominantly Jewish.122 The B'nai
B'rith seems to have taken over some of the Rite of Mizraim
influence upon Masonry.123
The Rite of Memphis is not just European. Americans, such as 6-
term Governor of Wisconsin Lucius Fairchild who was 95°, are
Memphis Rite Masons too.
The Rite of Memphis has Ormus in their ritual. What or who is
Ormus? Ormus (Ormudz) was the supreme God of Mithraism and
Zoroastrian thought. It was also the name by which the Prieure de
Sion allegedly went by from the years 1188-1306.124 In 1188, when
the Ordre de Sion became the Prieure de Sion it took the subtitle
Ormus, until just before the arrest of the Templar Knights'
The controversial Protocols of Sion have been traced to the Rite
of Mizraim in Paris, to a Mason named Maurice Joly. People have
raised a straw man in claiming that the Conspiracy "Theories" are
based on the Protocols of Sion. The Protocols, whether they are of
any significance or not, are a tiny atom of the mass of evidence.
Even so a lot of disinformation has spewed forth from the System
against the Protocols, and it continues to be printed, perhaps by
agent provocateurs for the System. The book Warrant for Genocide
put out by Yale University, supposedly destroying the credibility
of the Protocols is such poor thinking and pure nonsense,125 one
wonders if that is the best argumentation against the Protocols,
then the Protocols must be valid. Warrant for Genocide makes it
appear that all "anti-semitism" comes from crazy people who use the
Protocols. The Protocols themselves speak of a Masonic conspiracy,
not a Jewish conspiracy, so why have the Jewish people never used
that as a defense?
Numerous researchers into the Conspiracy have noticed heavy
Jewish involvement. The lack of public response has resulted in
some researchers believing that radical problems needed radical
solutions. Nesta Webster, who began neutral toward the Jews ended
up a die-hard Fascist in the 1920s. She wrote The Need for Fascism
in Great Britain. (For the Christian it would be worthwhile to take
a fresh look at 1 Cor. 13 which declares that no matter what
worthwhile thing we do, if we do not have love, it of no value.)
The religion called Mithra (Babylon), Mithras (Roman), Mitra
(India) had spread over the known world during the first centuries
A.D. It was very popular. It had cabbalistic thought, astrology,
numerology, 'words of power', Greek philosophy, Babylonian myth,
and a Gnostic dual theology which Masons like Albert Pike believed
in.126 When Christianity became a recognized religion, it is a
valid question to wonder which absorbed which, Mithraism or
Christianity? Certain ideas of Mithraism continue to resurface
under the label Christian. For instance, in Mithraism (which became
known later as Gnosticism) there was the idea that after 6,000
years of man's existence, a Golden Age would come in.127 Mithraism
is so close to Masonry, that those who study Mithraism have often
commented that Freemasonry is the continuation of it. Mithraism
absorbed occultic thought, and was somewhat eclectic.
It's follower's held rituals (for men only) in caves, or
temples. Their rites remind one of the Masonic Rituals. In Israel,
Masonic ceremonies are held in the Caves of Hezekiah, which have a
chamber about 130 feet underground below the Temple Mount (of where
Herod's Temple in Jerusalem was) . The cave will seat about 200. The
cave is near the Damascus Gate. The City of Jerusalem gives a
special privilege to the Masons to use it. On days of Masonic
ceremonies, the caves which are normally open to the public are
closed. Manly P. Hall claims the Masonic eye comes from the supreme
God Ahura Mazda (or Ormuzd, Ormus). There are many similarities
between Mithraism, the Prieure de Sion, and Masonry.
In A Guide To The Gods a reference works on pagan gods the Rite
or religion of Mithra is described, "It contained much
symbolism. . .all with Masonic overtones."128 "One can see in the
appurtenances of Mithraism the germ of many secret society and
occult rite, many an exclusive cabal... and clubs."129
In Mithraic Studies, an extensive compilation of studies on
Mithraism, it states, "Undoubtedly ancient Mithraism like orthodox
Freemasonry today, with which it has so much in common..."
Freemasonry is "directly or indirectly the parent of all modern
secret societies, good, bad, or indifferent."--Cyclopedia of
Fraternities. One outdated source indicates there are over 600
secret societies in the U.S. utilizing Masonic symbolism, and
operating largely under Masonic influence, so that about every
third male adult in the U.S. is a member of one or more such
societies.130 The 600 figure is outdated, and the actual number of
secret societies has increased by several hundred more secret
See Chap. 2.3 for the Spin-off Chart.
Some of the Masonic spin-offs have become such a part of normal
life that the negative reactions of past years toward them are
forgotten. Rotary, because of its Masonic control, hostility
toward the Catholic Church, and its moral code, "which in almost
every particular resembles that of Freemasonry, " was forbidden in
some Catholic jurisdictions, and discouraged in others.131 That was
back in the 19th and early 20th century.
In the hard to obtain book, The Hidden Life In Freemasonry,
written by 33rd degree C.W. Leadbeater for Masons one learns in
Masonic language what the upper degrees of Freemasonry can get
into. On page 175 Leadbeater refers to "when a clandestine meeting
is held, even though a duly I.M. be present, the inner recognition
is not given..."
What? Why are these Masons being so secretive amongst
themselves? Because the Theurgical fun (Magical & occult) and
politics begin, and the Lodge quits being just a private club for
ritual. How this operates will be discussed.
First, we'll discuss the 30-33 Scottish Rite degrees. This is
where it is becoming evident that Lucifer is the God of Masonry.
Leadbeater says, "It must of course be understood... the conferring
of the Higher Degrees puts certain definite powers in the hands of
the recipient." Where does such power come from? "The 33 degree
links the Sovereign Grand Inspector General with the Spiritual King
of the World Himself--that Mightiest of Adepts who stands at the
head of the Great White Lodge, in whose strong hands lie the
destinies of earth--and awakens the powers of the Triple Spirit as
far as they can yet be awakened." (The Hidden Life In Freemasonry,
p.302) Other Masons like Manly P. Hall (33°) and Foster Bailey
(32°) have said similar things.
Foster Bailey calls the spirits that Masons communicate with the
"Illuminati"132. These spirits initiate these higher Masons into
becoming light-bearers themselves. The Illuminati..."assist at the
unfolding of the consciousness of the candidate until the time
comes when he can 'enter into light' and, in his turn become a
light-bearer, one of the Illuminati who can assist the Lodge on
High in bringing humanity to light."133
These spirits have various Masons. Masons Harold Waldwin Pecival
and Lynn F. Perkins claim their books were inspired by spirits.134
Is 33° Mason Leadbeater talking about linking up with the
Christian Christ? "The H.O.A.T.F. makes the actual links both with
Himself...and also through himself with that Mighty King...This
stage combines the wonderful love of Horus the Son with the
ineffable life and strength of Osiris the divine Father and Isis
the eternal Mother of the world." This initiation connects the
Mason with the pagan egyptian trinity? That's what he says.
Leadbeater goes on to say how much glory, spiritual power, and
worldly power the Mason has after this initiation, (p. 3 04) The
next page Leadbeater begins the section telling the Mason "How to
Use the Powers". He talks about the Liberal Catholic Church. Yes,
men who have left the Liberal Catholic Church have verbally and in
writing talked about how Satanic it is.
Leadbeater continues, "Yet when one of these bright Spirits is
attached to us by a Masonic ceremony we must not think of him
either as a director or as an attendant, but simply as a co-worker
and a brother." (p. 309)
The next chapter "Two Wonderful Rituals" describes Egyptian
rituals to Amen-Ra, and the Blazing Star. They sing a hymn to "Ra,
the Logos, the Sun-God, thanking Him for His response..." They take
a sacrement to Osirus.
The next ritual described may possibly refer to part of the
secret Palladium Rite, as it refers to THE TRIANGLE OF ADEPTS. The
Palladium Rite calls its groups Triangles. He talks about chanting
invocations, and then angels appearing. Then the Illuminati salute
is given to the Angel, where the left arm is placed above as if
shielding one from light. (p. 341) Leadbeater indicates that
eventually the Temple of the Angels draws 9 orders of angels,
"which are not limited to one solar system." (p. 342)
If the reader is still with me--this Author would like to
describe some about the Palladium Rite. This Author has never been
in the Palladium Rite, and it is secret, so how would a person find
out about such a rite? One expose of the Palladium Rite that
appeared to be a hoax in the 19th century, has made people leary
that the Rite even exists. When a news conference had been held,
they were unable to produce evidence. One ex-Palladist Mason has
problems getting people to believe it exists!
Goddess Pallas Athena, the Sign of Prudence and Circumspection,
was used especially by Francis Bacon because it had the double
meaning from Greek mythology of Spear-shaker, or "Shake-speare" his
pen name. Palladian means pertaining to the Goddess Pallas or
characterized by wisdom. And palladium means an object that is
essential to the safeguarding of a community. Palladium is also the
statue of Pallas Athena, upon which the city of Troy depended upon
for its safety. Pallas Athena is also called Athena by the Greeks
and Minerva by the Romans. Sir Francis Bacon wrote the name AthenA
in his Rosicrucian books as A.A. Alfred Dodd goes into details of
letters, poems of people to Bacon and writings of Sir Francis Bacon
which use Pallas Athena.135
A secret Palladium Rite had existed at least from the time of
1730. Perhaps it was itself was from yet another earlier Palladium
Rite, or perhaps it drew from some Rosicrucian source. At any rate,
it was reactivated in 1884.
At the Public Library was the respectable Encyclopaedia of
American Institutional Fraternal Organizations by Schmidt. Under
"FREE AND REGENERATED PALLADIUM" it reads "This Masonically linked
society... remained dormant until 1884. After this date it was
reformed to ' impart new force to the traditions of high grade
Masonry.' The society admitted men and women, the former to the
grades of Adelphos and Companion of Ulysses and the latter to the
grade of Penelope. The society held all its "Councils" in strict
secrecy. It never printed any proceedings and very much restricted
its membership." (p.119) On page 161 is an article on HOME
PALLIDUM, which is a fraternal benefit society, apparently for
members of the Palladium Rite.
The Palladium Rite created by Albert Pike is totally Luciferian.
It is "androgynous." In the larger cities, activities are carried
out in the Masonic Temples, which allows women to slip into the
Temples without arousing attention. All of this will be strongly
denied by the Masonic Lodges. Members are selected mainly from
higher levels of the Scottish Rite, although the members can come
from other Rites too. The Palladium Rite has its own budget. Its
power over the Masonic Lodge does not derive from being a part of
the power structure, but from the careful selection of Masons that
participate in the Palladium Rite and their distribution throughout
the various Rites of Masonry and their controlling bodies. The
Grand Central Directories (and from there to the Supreme Councils,
Grand Encampments, Grand Orients, and Grand Lodges) are the nerve
centers of Masonry from which orders emanate. The Palladium Rite
is popular among those in positions of power. It is said that the
leaders of the Palladium Rite are allowed to visit or join the
B'nai B'rith lodges.(See chap. 1.7)136
William Schnoebelen is presently a Christian author. Prior to
becoming a Christian, he had been initiated into the Palladium
Lodge in Chicago named Resurrection Lodge #13. He describes some
about getting the Palladium Degree of Paladin in his recent book Masonry Beyond The Light. That lodge claimed to be derived from the
European chapter of the AISB.(p. 186) Higher Masons become
Illuminati-- which go by several names one of which is "Masters of
the Temple." A single illumined person is called an Illuminatus.
This chapter has shown how Freemasonry is the One-World-
Religion. Freemasonry has created hundreds of organizations.
Freemasonry itself is the pagan mystery religion, which at the
highest level becomes Luciferian worship. It has quietly played the
dominant political role in the United States even before
independence. (For more details on its political role see the
1. I have tried to leave these introductory paragraphs without
footnotes to help the flow of reading. Alice Bailey is so well
known that these things really don't need footnotes. However, the
question can be asked, "How much would her husband and her have
talked about things, considering Masons do not talk or tell the
truth to their wives about the Lodge?" This is a legitimate
question, some wives have found out that their honest husbands lied
for decades about the lodge. There are some rites which are
designed for both sexes like the Palladium Rite and the Order of
the Magi which admit women. Also for women is Co-masonry, Order of
the Eastern Star, and Daughters of the Nile. The high level of
importance that Alice Bailey held indicates she was in
communication with whoever in Masonry she needed to cooperate with.
2. The Watchtower June 15, 1963, p. 377 says the Rosicrucians go
back to Great White Brotherhood of Egypt.
3. Benjamin Creme, a student of Freemasonry, the occult, and Bailey
believes the Hierarchy has assigned him the job of John the Baptist
to announce the new messiah named Lord Maitreya. (See chapter 1.4)
Benjamin Creme in describing the One-World-Religion that is coming
in the Age of Aquarius states, "The Ancient Mysteries [Freemasonry]
will be restored, the Mystery Schools reopened, and a great
expansion of man's awareness of himself and his purpose and destiny
will become possible."(Creme, Benjamin. The Reappearance of the
Christ and the Masters of Wisdom. London:Tara Press, 1980, p.182)
"The Mystery schools will be reopened and men will go to them as
they now go to University, to learn and to take the disciplines
that will prepare them for initiation, and so into the
Hierarchy."(ibid.,p.190 ) "The new religion will manifest itself
through organizations like Masonry." (ibid.,p. 28) (bold added.)
4. Found and originally published in the Unita Catholica. Later the
Constitution was reprinted in the Irish Ecclesiastical Record, Nov.
5. Kleinknecht, C. Fred. The House of the Temple of the Supreme
Council. Wash. D.C.: The Supreme Council, 33 degree, 1988, p. 23.
"Albert Pike remains today an inspiration for Masons everywhere.
His great book Morals and Dogma endures as the most complete
exposition of Scottish Rite Philosophy. He will always be
remembered and revered as the Master Builder of the Scottish Rite."
(emphasis added.)
6. Because parts of Pike's Morals and Dogma are openly Luciferian,
Masons are reluctant to admit to profane people that Pike is still
important to Masonry. Church going Masons have said that they don't
know who Albert Pike is. For the sake of the non-Masonic world the
following are a sampling of how important Pike is to Masonry. The New Age Magazine, Official organ of the Supreme Council 33°
Scottish Rite, Apr. 1964, pp.13-19 has a eulogy of Albert Pike
where the following items are said about Pike, "Although Albert
Pike was a master in many lines of endeavor, his brethren recognize
him as the world's most renowned Scottish Rite Mason and will be
forever grateful for his work in behalf of Freemasonry and the
Scottish Rite."(p.19) "Not only Masonry, but all Protestantism is
deeply indepted to Albert Pike..."(p.19) "...Albert Pike, the man
whose memory we recall with deep reverence..." As an example that
Pike's Morals and Dogma are considered valid today The New Age,
Nov. 1958, p. 680 quotes Morals and Dogma as an authoritative
writing. The New Age Magazine (Sept. 1959) has an article about
"six very great men" (p.518) -Lincoln, Darwin, Albert Pike, Holmes,
Tennyson, and Jewish Prime Minister of Britain Gladstone. The New
Age Magazine (Oct. 1959) carries Pike's picture, and an article on
his philosophy. Pike's Morals and Dogma, p. 321 et. al. reveals
Masons worship Lucifer, who Pike says is the Light-bearer.
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13. This is known to this Author by his research, confidential
interviews, and from other researchers. For instance, both Eustice
Mullins, and Prof. Quigley were aware of it. Prof. Quigley (member
CFR) was one of the insiders to the New World Order. He wrote Tragedy and Hope. The book deals with how this group of men shaped
history. In the book, he describes studying the Power. He "was
permitted for two years in the early 1960s" to study the "papers
and secret records" of an international anglophile network."
(Emphasis mine.) Freemasonry is one of the primary parts of that
14. An expose of the Order of Antelope fraternal group was in the
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serious wrongdoing by Fraternal organizations, and not just their
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so overwhelmed by this discovery, she went to England and devoted
her life to researching the connections. They managed to lock her
up in an insane asylum near Stratford, but not before she succeeded
to get her book published. Her nephew finally rescued her from the
British insane asylum and brought her back to Hartford,Conn, where
she died in peace "trusting in the Lord." She was cruelly
slandered, rediculed and mocked as if her discovery was an insane
idea. Whether true or false, her theory, now substantiated, makes
more sense than any other explanation. Interestingly, various
Masons, including Mark Twain, and various important men in the One-
World-Power like Henry James and Sigmund Freud believed in her
research, while the "profane" world almost entirely ignored her.
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A diagram of how the United States policy is created is in chapter
3.6. A diagram of how Christian religions are directed is in
chapter 2.1.
level 1- Elders of Sion. An inner core of Jewish world rulers
numbering 13 who are dedicated to Lucifer, and his alien demons. It
can be theorized that there is an inner core to this. This group
includes the Rothschilds, and some other "Jews" who believe they
are gods and who have worshipped Satan for generations. If we were
as rich and powerful as the Rothschilds we might also think we were
gods. And in addition to their power of wealth are the witchcraft
powers they have attained. The Bilderbergers is an extension of
this. This group will make the final decision on who is selected of
the various candidates to be the world's King-Priest ruler that the
public will worship.
level 2- There is a top circle or Round Table of nine members of
the Bilderbergers. Next is a policy committee of 13. The next level
are the 3 inner core groups of the Bilderbergers. Each of the 3
inner core groups number 13, and are made up of members of the
Prieure de Sion, Illuminated Masons, the "Black" Nobility, leading
Satanists, and men of power. Some are in the leadership of the
Catholic Church. Their policy committee meets yearly under the
polar cap via submarine to give the USSR its yearly directives. (Of
course they have thousands of other communication links with their
men in the Kremlin.) The names of one powerful group is given in
chapter 2.10. Offices for the Bilderberger committees are
maintained in Switzerland and at least once a year a general secret
meeting is arranged where delegates are invited and prearranged
topics are discussed.
level 3- Majesty 12, this is the Inner group that directs the U.S.
Other major western nations have an equivalent group of rulers. MJ-
12 consists of:
6 members of the executive committee of the JASON Group which is a
group of intelligent men that began with the Manhattan project.
6 members of the executive committee of the Council of Foreign
Relations (CFR)- these men are known as "the wise men", they are
also all members of the Jason Society, which is a branch of the
Masonic Order of the Quest.
6 other key people-heads of the FBI, CIA, etc. usually also Masons
and CFR people.
(Majesty 12 has been variously named by those in the U.S.
government in the know as 5412 Committee or Special Group
(Eisenhower & Kennedy Admin.), 303 Committee (Johnson Admin.), 40
Committee (Nixon, Ford, & Carter Admin.), PI-40 (Reagon Admin.). It
has been seen in some intelligence messages as MAJIC.)
level 4- Covert groups like the Mafia, and a host of tens of
thousands of public organizations. These are directed through a
host of channels including the CFR. (It is worthy of note that the
CFR ties in with Masonry, particularly the Grand Orient.) The
Mafia, which was empowered by Illuminated Masonry, works closely
with the CIA, the Vatican, and the Freemasons to militantly control
local situations. They are able to deliver local elections. Pres.
Kennedy turned on the Mafia, and was attempting to attack their
leadership, after they delivered the Presidential election to him.
Recommended for further study:
Occult Theocracy by Edith Star Miller (Lady Queensborough) This
book should be in every Christian minister's library. It was the
forerunner of this book Be Wise As Serpents. It was Miller's wish
that someone would continue where she had left off. Her book covers
over 100 secret and occult groups that are coordinating their
activities and are offshoots from one another. Her book was printed
after she died for private circulation. Had she lived longer she
may have been able to guard against a few minor errors that occured
when they printed her manuscript. She concludes her book on pg.
665, "The work is far from being completed. It claims, in fact, to
be only an attempt in the direction of inexhaustible research work
upon the coordination of the aims of all societies whether
political or occult. It is hoped that others, and may they be many,
will begin work where this book ends for--"The harvest is great
indeed but the labourers are few." This book is difficult to
obtain, but can be obtain from the publisher of Be Wise As
Fire In The Minds of Men by James H. Billington. This great
historian was a member of the CFR. I say great because he wrote an
expose that the Power let slip through their censorship. After it
was published they tried to suppress it, and were successful in
limiting its availability and visibility. The book covers the
details of how secret occult societies have been behind all the
revolutionary forces since the American Revolution. The book is
written for scholars by a scholar.
Francis Bacon's Personal Life-Story by Alfred Dodd. This remarkable
book is part of Alfred Dodd's intensive life-long research into the
person of Francis Bacon. The book is divided into two volumnes--The
Age of Elizabeth (Vol. 1) and The Age of James (Vol. 2). Alfred
Dodd died before Vol. 2 could be printed. Both parts were finally
printed together years later in 1986. The book gives many details
concerning Bacon's involvement with the Rosicrucians and the
formation of Freemasonry. This excellent book has been suppressed
by the Power for some reason.
Chapter 1.3
• You will learn how the World Order gets instant power bases by creating Gnostic religions.
• You will learn how to build a gnostic religion.
• You will be shown information that contrasts Gnosticism with Christ's teachings.
The young SS officer was only 23, but perhaps the most talented in Germany for the Indiana
Jones role he was cast into. His quest was a real life search for the sacred cup, the lost key to
the ancient germanic legends, known to the Christian world as the Holy Grail. This tall,
muscular, and handsome German had studied the Grail legends in detail. He even knew the local
It was 1931 and southern France. The new Nazi religion needed the Grail to legitimize their
new Gnostic religion, which was based on the ancient German gnostism of the German tribes.
His name was Otto Rahm. Like many SS officers, he would commit suicide before the allies
could capture him.
[FIGURE 1 Otto Rahm SCAN 2.8 x 3.]
Otto Rahm may have suceeded in his quest. Apparently, a German castle was restored with
slave labor for the Grail. But like the Nazi religion, the Grail has remained a well-kept secret
for many years.
Strange? Yes. But even more so, is the coverup of the Nazi's gnostic religion. One of the first
items done at the Nuremburg trials was to forbid mention of the Nazi religion. It was
"One of the best kept secrets of the twentieth century is the occultic roots and nature of the
religious philosophy at the heart of the Third Reich."1
Because of the disinformation about the Nazis, the public is unable to grasp the connections
of Nazism with the modern day New Age movement and the Masonic Lodges.
W.W. II was staged. The allies were led by three Masons Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill. The
Germans were led by men who were from an off-shoot of the Masons. II Duce in Italy had also
been associated with the occult and the Masons, but like Hitler had broken away and gone in the
direction of Fascism. Stalin encouraged Hitler to strike the West. Knowing that Hitler wouldn't
attack, Stalin made a pact with Hitler, so that Hitler could rest assured that his rear would be
safe. There is a book which goes into detail about the machinations that Stalin went through to
get Hitler to attack Poland. Roosevelt knew that the Pearl Harbor attack was coming. Roosevelt
FiG. 7
was looking for a way to get the U.S. into the war. The war was costly to the world in general,
but looking at it from the viewpoint of the one-world-conspiracy it was a brilliant. They were
able to profit greatly. Russia was able to conquer half of Europe. They were able to use the threat
of Russia to create a de facto united Europe. The U.S. was able to use the W.W. II to allow a
massive exchange of material and technology to Russia, including the technology and materials
to build the atomic bomb. The United Nations was set up, as a testing ground for the New World
This background information is intended as an introduction for the reader to the multifaceted
gnostic religion and the one-world-government conspiracy it is married to. You will now learn
that the basic ingredients are the same for the various gnostic hierarchical religions, they just
have a different flavor to them. They operate off of the same principles. There is even a book
How to Start your own Religion. As you progress through this book Be Wise As Serpents you'll
learn how they cooperate and function together. What we have been viewing as separate
independent religious groups are actually at the very top working together.
This chapter is meant to be a tool to enable the reader to see that those basic ingredients of
gnosticism make up all the gnostic religions, and that the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Nazi's, the
Mormons, the Masons, Wicca, etc. are simply different flavors of the same thing. If you want
Moslem flavor be a Sufi, if you want a Jewish flavor join a Jewish New Age synagogue, if you
want a Buddhist flavor join Nichiren Shoshu or Lamaism, if you want American Indian flavor
join the Earth Circle or the Bear Tribe Medicene Circle, if you want a Christian flavor join the
Moravians, or Jehovah's Witnesses, or the LDS church, or the I AM. The Gnostic New Age
movement has other flavors too, Egyptian, Aryan, Witchcraft, Sun Worship, Satan Worship, and
New Thought. This Author has drawn a diagram to show the reader his choice of Gnostic
poisons. What flavor do you want?
Let's say your religious tastes are like the Neopalitan Icecream (a combination of three) lover.
There are groups to accomodate you. For example, Annalee Skarin has an offshoot from
Mormonism which is a small metaphysical religion. In 1948 she published Ye are Gods. Another
of the many Mormon offshoots called the Aryan Christian Church combines the philosophies of
Mormonism and Nazism. They use the Hitler salute and the swastika.
Basic ingredients to create a gnostic religion.
1. Hidden knowledge.
2. A heirarchy, generally divided in 3 basic tiers, the general initiates, the elect, the enlightened
top 1,2 or 3 leaders
3. The higher one goes up the hierarchy the more hidden knowledge
is dished out.
Let's pause and define esoteric. Esoteric means- intended to be understood by only a select small
group. Exoteric means- intended for general consumption.
Ingredient 1. The knowledge given is mystical and esoteric knowledge. A great emphasis is
placed on secrecy. It's salvation rests on man controling himself and working out his own destiny.
Only initiates at special occult centers learn the power and symbols. The word Gnosis means the
ultimate knowledge transmitted by an elite hierarchy of initiates. Another trademark is that there
are recurrent cycles of cataclysisms and an earthly paradise, often called the Golden Age.
Ingredient 2. The hierarchy has a ternary classification system. The Theosophical Society informs
Examples of Organisations
Some of these classifications are rough placements, because most of
these groups overlap into other placements. Not only are they
similar to one another, many of their leadership are in contact
with one another.
This is the New Age Movement's Religious buffet. It's like going to
Baskin & Robins where there are 32 flavors of ice cream. This is by
no means a comprehensive list, but it provides a feel for the
different "flavors" of gnosticism a person can get into.
the reader of The Gnosis And Christianity, "the practice common to all the genuine Gnostic cults
was followed in having at least three degrees of membership or initiation. It was only in the
highest degree that the deepest 'mysteries' were orally communicated;..."3 Remember that last
tip they gave us, that the deepest mysteries are only orally communicated to the very top
leader(s). In terms of their use of the ternary system, consider the following gnostic religions.
Catharism: 1. pure ones, 2. the initiates, 3. the masses.
Jehovah's Witnesses: 3. the Great Crowd, 2. the Annointed, 1. the Faithful and Wise Servant(s)
those actually leading/the President or Governing Body.
The Mormons: 3. the Aaronic priesthood, 2. the Melchizedek Priesthood, 1. the Top prophet and
his presidency.
The Nazis: 3. The Aryan race 2. the Nazi Party 1. the very top of the Nazi religion the high
priest Hitler (who was considered their god by some devoted Nazis).
Lamaism: 1.the Dalai-Lama (considered god, a reincarnated Buddha) 2. the Lama priests (aka
tulkous), 3. the mass of Tibetan believers.
The Essenes: 1. The Perfect, 2. the Brethren, 3. the Neophytes.
Church Universal & Triumphant: l.The Messenger 2a. Permanent Staff 2b. Temporary Staff
3a. Community Member 3b. Keeper of the Flame 3c. Pearl's Reader.
[Place FIG. 2 -chart of gnostic religious flavors]
Many have asked this author, do the leaders of the cults know what is going on? Yes,
they have been orally, emphasis on that word orally told exactly what is happening. The leaders
of the New Age, the Jehovah's Witnesses, and the LDS church know what they are up to, and
what their roles are in creating a one-world government. That is the method that Gnosticism
uses. The very top Prophet or Illuminated Master is informed orally.
Illumination for any Gnostic group comes from superhuman knowledge. New Age leaders
almost always claim they are channeling. There is an evolving dualistic fight of lightness and
darkness found in the Hindu Vedas, the old Germanic legends, the Nordic sagas, and the
Jehovah's Witnesses myth that Jehovah is struggling to vindicate himself to Satan. Like C.T.
Russell, founder of the Watchtower Society, the gnostics often see the sun as a primary sacred
symbol. The Hakenkreuz (swastika) of the Nazis was a sun wheel. The swastika was a frequently
used Masonic symbol, until Hitler. Since Hitler, the Masons haven't been using it. It is also called
the gamma cross and has been used for many centuries. The Jewish gnostic groups have tended
to exalt the moon, (also the planets and stars) while Aryan groups from India, Iran, and Germany
tend to exalt the Sun.
One of the better summaries of Gnosticism, and how Gnostic religion has come down the
ages to us today is given by the Theosophical Society,
"From the time of the closing of the Neo-Platonic and Gnostic Schools to the last quarter
of the Nineteenth Century, save for the few alchemists, Kabalists, Rosicrucians, occultly
instructed Masons and Christian mystics, Theosophy was unknown in the Western world. Before
then it was known and studied in various forms by the Platonists, the Pythagoreans, the
Egyptians, and the Chaldeans, whilst in India and China it has been preserved down the ages in
unbroken continuity. It is the wisdom of the Upanishads and the Vedas, the very heart of
Hinduism, Taoism and Islam."4
To realize what is being said here is eye opening. The Rosicrucians and occult Masons
have preserved Gnostic Theosophy which is the very heart of Hinduism, Taoism and Islam.
The Gnostic religions are often called pagan. This pagan worship is often the exoteric
cover that the first levels are initiated into. The highest level is often the real esoteric worship,
and often involves direct Luciferian or Satanic worship. In other words, the Sun worship of the
Masons and other groups is a fig leaf for the worship by the highest levels of the Divine Serpent
Gnostic religions use symbols and rituals. The Jehovah's Witnesses have formed their own
new rituals, and their own new symbols. But they have retained the magical use of the word
Jehovah which has been in use for centuries. The WT Society has followed the very popular
school of Gnosticism which follows the ideas of Valentius. This school teaches that matter is
more evil than good, and that all matter will be destroyed by fire. For instance, this pattern of
thought is seen in the refusal of the WT Society to accept sex as a natural process and to view
it as an evil to be tolerated.
Listen to a professed Gnostic, "Humanity reaches forward to a spiritual consummation
when the whole Earth will be peopled with a Race of men fully conscious of their god-like
nature and powers; and sin, sickness, and death will have been banished for the remaining period
of the Earth's cosmic cycle."5 It almost sounds like something out of the Watchtower magazine.
The WT magazine has even used the phraseolgy that a new race was to inhabit the New System.6
The Gnostics believe they have a deeper form of Christianity. Then they generally take
this further contending that they have the root teaching for the ancient scriptures of the other
religions. They indeed have the root teaching of religion, but not of the Christian faith.
In the first book of the Hebrew scriptures is the story of the perfect Garden of Eden. This
perfect garden environment shows that originally God had established order.
(Some readers may not believe the Genesis account, even so by continuing to read this
chapter you will understand an alternative to the New World Order's Gnosticism and why many
Christians contend their faith in God is the opposite of religion. This is important not only for
those seeking answers but also to understand why the Christianity that Christ taught is being
singled out for destruction.)
From the time man left that Garden environment of order, he has been trying to create
a New World Order. By the use of religion he has tried to patch up the wild world, and to
rearrange, to repair, to reform this polluted disordered world. The condition of the world testifies
that religion has failed. But religion was never meant to be the tool to reorder the world. In the
Garden of Eden, Jesus Christ was promised to Adam and Eve as God's own method of
reconciling Himself back to mankind. Christ was the hope of the Hebrew prophets, and the center
of their faith in God. The mystery of God, Jesus Christ, was sent to man as God's way of
allowing those people searching for Him to get to know Him. Religion is supposedly a search
for God, but in reality the priesthoods are not honestly looking for God to reveal Himself (how
often do they speak of a need for an atonement?), but they are looking for techniques they can
develop to sell to the masses. Religion continues for various reasons, many of them selfish.
In reality, they have misunderstood the Christian message. They reinterpret in the view
of their religious message. All religions are seeking God(s) in their own strength, and becoming
proud of their findings.
Caste (called jati) is based on race.
The Aryans rule at the top.
The caste system varies from one area to another in India.
Although technically illegal, the caste system continues in full
force in India.
The New World Order directs peoples' hate as it desires.
The N.W.O. created hate against aparteid in So. Africa, while
ignoring the far more serious racism in India. This was because
the New Age Religion of the New World Order has been discreetly
derived from Hinduism. The relationship between the New Age
Religious movement and Hinduism has been clouded by relabeling of
To seek for God is a claimed goal of religion. This seems to be a fine goal. If one wants
to search for and study a rock, there is no objection on the part of the rock. If one wants to
search for and study a man without his consent, he may run into big trouble. If one searches for
God, he finds out that unless God reveals Himself to the searcher the finite man cannot find an
infinite and Holy God.
Christ came with the object of showing man how man doesn't need to seek God by
himself, that God is willing to reveal Himself to mankind. Rather than relying on religion, man
can allow God to reconcile Himself to mankind. Jesus Christ was not very complimentary to the
religious leaders of the day. He called them "ye fools and blind; woe unto you, scribes and
Pharisees, hypocrites." (Mt 23:13)
Those Pharisees had picked up the entire Babylonian gnostic religious system. After
Jerusalem fell to the Romans the Jewish religious leaders returned to Babylonia, which became
the Jewish religious center until they began moving into Europe in the middle ages. The
Universal Jewish Encyclopedia states on pages 13 through 17,
"...in the second century C.E.[A.D.] Babylonia had become a bulwark of Judaism.... The former
land of exile had become a land of refuge... The 7th century found the importance of Babylonian
Jewry considerably increased. During the preceding 300 years, Palestine had been merely a place
of veneration, while Babylonia became the center of Jewish life and learning. Babylonian Jews
no longer looked to Palestine for instruction; even the heads of the schools at Tiberius were
Babylonian Jews....Babylonia was the spiritual center of Judaism, and its influence brought
many Babylonian customs into general use..." (bold added)
The early groups called gnostics in Egypt and the Middle East were primarily Jews.
From the preceeding information one begins to realize how indepted the world is to the
Jews who served as a vehicle to spread gnosticism throughout the world.
(The Cause celebre of this book will be to show how the Jehovah's Witnesses'
Watchtower Society ties into the New World Order in chapters 1.5 to 1.17. Anyone at all familiar
with how the Watchtower Society claims to have nothing to do with any political, religious, or
fraternal group, will realize that if the Watchtower Society is part of this New World Order then
our minds can adjust to accepting about anybody else could be involved too. Unit 2 will tell us
who else.)
Let us examine for a while the Gnostic teachings of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Rutherford
in Preservation (1932) p. 153, "God has made known to his people the meaning of much that
has heretofore been hidden, and may not those things be taken as proof that Armageddon is
The Jehovah's Witnesses credentials are based on revealing hidden knowledge.
Let us narrow our examination to their book The Harp of God.
"Jehovah had a great plan before the foundation of the world; but no one knew about it.
During the first four thousand years of man's history God's plan was kept a secret. He began to
reveal it to man nearly nineteen hundred years ago, and then only to those who are consecrated
to do his will. Promise was made that greater light should come at the end of the age, and this
promise has been kept. We ARE AT THAT TIME, as clearly proven by the contents herein...
People generally have not been thoroughly instructed in the Bible. Even those who have attended
the Sunday schools have merely learned the text and not the meaning of the text. Like the
prophets of old, they have heard but understood not. The real reason for these conditions is that
God's plan could not be understood until his due time to reveal it. HIS DUE TIME IS HERE.
(Preface to The Harp of God, 1921)
"The mystery of God has been a stumbling block to both Jews and Christians, so-called;
but in God's due time he WILL MAKE KNOWN to all the secret of his mystery and then all
rightly exercised by this will rejoice with exceeding joy." (Harp of God, p. 182)
"The mystery is THE CHRIST...(ibid. ,p.l82) The Christ is the instrument or channel for
MIGHTY HEAD, AND 144,000 MEMBERS. (ibid, p.187)
"Jehovah has so arranged that only those who have their minds illuminated...can
understand and appreciate the mystery of God. These are the ones designated by the prophet Joel
as the servants and handmaidens of God..." (ibid., p.190)
Concerning the revelation of the "mystery" Col. 1:24-27 says,
"...the mystery which hath been hid for ages and from generations, but NOW is made
manifest to his saints..." When Paul wrote "this mystery is NOW made manifest" it was 19
centuries ago.
This is just one of several scriptures that say the same thing. Rom. 16:25-26 and I Cor.
2:7-10 were both written by Paul and both declare that the "mystery" which had been "hid" was
revealed to all the nations in Paul's day.
The Gnostic Rutherford would have us believe that he is revealing to the world the
mystery knowledge for the first time.
However Jude in his epistle in verse three says, "contend for the faith which was once
delivered (the ASV "once for all") unto the saints.
Were Christians to receive a better new message at some future point? Paul warns the
Christians that "the faith" that was once delivered is the one and only gospel, and that if an angel
(spirit being) or man brings another gospel, whether better or worse which Paul had not preached
then let him be cursed. See Gal. 1:8,9.
Don't let anyone fool you. The church of the first century knew this Mystery and
proclaimed it to the world. Mt. 28:18-20, Mk. 16:15,16. Yes, the Mystery had been on the mind
of God since the beginning of the world, and had been only partially revealed in the Old
Testament and the prophets. Read Eph. 3:1-2 and we find that
1. the mystery was revealed to him-verse 3,
2. when the Christians read Paul's letter they could perceive his understanding of the mystery.
They understood it then.
3. We see in verse 5 that the "mystery" was revealed to the apostles and the prophets by the
4. Paul's mission was to MAKE ALL MEN see what was the dispensation of the mystery for
ages which had been hid in God.
We are told that "in God's good time he will pour out his spirit upon all mankind, so that
all can understand his wonderful plan." (The Harp of God, p. 190) Yet, the Bible verse that this
is quoting and the reference to this on p. 190 which is Joel 2:28,29 is applied by Peter in the
New Testament to what was happening back on the day of Pentecost, "This is THAT spoken
through the prophet Joel." They misunderstand the meaning Joel gives to " all flesh"- he doesn't
mean every person that has ever lived, but rather all kinds of people Jew and Gentile, Greek and
Egyptian, and they were all there at Pentecost.
It is clear from II Tim. 2:15 that the day when the mystery was revealed partially by
inspired men and women is over. The revelation of God's will is complete; and now we should
study the written Revelation. This only makes sense.
Rutherford says, "Those who are thus anointed have the spirit of the Lord and by virtue
The Holy Spirit inspired the writers. He does not have to inspire the readers. If so, there
was no point in inspiring the writers. It does not require an inspired man to interpret an inspired
man. If so, the first inspired man's book is not a REVELATION, but still a MYSTERY. If we
can not understand the first inspired man, how can we understand the second inspired man.
Especially if they are inspired by the same Holy Spirit.
Gnostic leaders like the power that comes from people having to come to them for
enlightment. Even if the Bible is not understood by a man, because he is so carnal that he can't
think straight, he doesn't need to go to a man like Rutherford. (Read more about Joseph
Rutherford in especially chapters 1.12 & 1.14.) The reason Christ went away, according to Christ
was so that the Holy Spirit would be sent to teach us all things.
A further study of Christ and his relationship to the despised common masses of people,
would show that he was advocating the opposite of Gnosticism. His wisdom was not hid under
a bushel basket, but set on a hill, so to speak, for all to learn and profit from. Also Christ
ministered and befriended those of every social class, including government officials and gentiles.
God wants to reconcile himself to everyone, not just to some inner clique.
Jesus Christ also taught the limitations of knowledge (gnosis).
Christ's atoning work is totally overlooked by popular "theology" that the New World
Order is trying to get people hooked on. One of these is called "Liberation Theology". Naturally,
they are going to give it a good label. Liberation Theology has as its goal the creation of a manmade
Kingdom of God on earth, a millenium. This Millenial kingdom is to be a One-World
socialist (Marxist) government such as Cuba and Russia's communist regime. The use of a
promised Millenium by the New World Order will be discussed in Chapter 2.5. For now, we will
touch on LT here simply to point it out as another religious scam. People are told if they through
violent revolution create a Marxist socialist One-World government, then they will have the
classless Utopian society Jesus supposedly tried to set up. People today are killing in the name
of Liberation Theology, blindly fighting for their own enslavement. The plans of the New Order
over a century ago were to make us demand what they wanted to do to us. Under the religious
trappings of "Liberation Theology" many people are helping create what is planned already to
be the worst slave state in mankind's history.
Even if Liberation Theology through communism could satify man's material needs, Jesus
said "Man does not live by bread alone." "Take heed and beware of covetousness, for a man's
life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth."Lk 12:15 Why? Because
man is an organic unity of body, spirit, and soul. To neglect the spiritual side is to ignore part
of man's nature. Further their program will fail even on the material needs, for those
administering communism are full of greed, lust for power, pride and selfishness. Christ said,
"out of the heart of man proceed evil thoughts—all evil comes from within and defiles the
man."Mk 7:21-23 The Bible's age old wisdom was that unless God builds the house, they labor
in vain who build it. That can equally be applied to theology. Men are building religions, God
builds men's faith in Him.
In any case, being religious or not being religious, will not solve the basic problem of
man. The action of a pig rolling in the mud does not make him a pig. He won't become a lamb
if stops rolling in the mud. Likewise, man and creation are disordered and sinful by nature.
Whether man "rolls" in religion or doesn't roll, doesn't change man's nature either, and so
knowledge doesn't reconcile man to God. God reconciles man to God.
Man has been working hard to create a New World Order without the new heart God has
offered him. (Ezekiel 18:31, 36:26, Jeremiah 31:33b, Deut. 30:6)
Gnostic Religions create instant power bases for their administrators—whatever those
administrators are called Priests, Rabbis, Swamis, Guru's, etc. The gnostic religions follow a
pattern. The various leaders at the very top of these various authority pyramids are collaborating.
(You'll learn much more on this further on in this book.) The bottom line is that what appears
as perhaps fifty or one hundred religious "scams" are components of one single conspiracy for
ultimate world power.
Judaism comes from Babylon. For those who like the ancient mystery religions you will
want to thank the Jews. Jews have been one of the best instruments for spreading gnosticism in
its various forms.
Christ's teachings and mission was the opposite of gnosticism. Christ was the predicted
method that God had for revealing Himself to those who were seeking Him. Faith in God through
Christ Jesus is not a power religion. Rather than trying to hide knowledge, Christ tried to spread
his good message by calling on his disciples to "go into the whole world teaching", and to do
good to all even those who despitefully would abuse them.
1. Cumbey, Constance. The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, p.99.
2. Readers who are familiar with the conspiracy will be aware of much of this. It was appropriate
to give some background information at this point for the general readership. 1 didn't want to bog
the reader down in footnotes and details of events at this point, because this information about
W.W. II is not vital to the discussion at hand. Readers are encouraged to investigate several of
the books now available that cover the Conspiracy's role in W.W. II. The whole story from how
it looked at the top has never been told, but hopefully this summary will be helpful.
3. Kingsland, William. The Gnosis And Christianity. Wheaton, II.: The Theosophical Publishing
House, 1975,p. 16 (orig. pub. 1937)
4. Hodson, Geoffrey. Theosophy Answers Some Problems of Life. Adyar, Madras, India:
Theosophical Pub. House, p. viii.
5. ibid, p.7l
6. I have read this in several places in WT material, but have been unable to relocate a good
reference to insert here. The WT 6/15/01 pp.204-208 states that the new race will be composed
of special androgenous units—"The race will be composed of perfect units, such as Adam was
originally, before being divided into two persons."
Chapter 1.4
You will learn in this chapter:
•some of the stock tools of the conspiracy
•the history of the Church Universal & Triumphant, John Birch Society, & the
Theosophical Society
•the connections between the CUT, the JBS, & the TS with Freemasonry.
No wise person would knowingly choose to fight their opponent blind and deaf, yet that
seems to be the choice which many nominal Christians are choosing. They would like
to characterize this book as doomsdayer stuff and then dismiss and ignore this material.
They want to eat, drink and be happy. This book has nothing to do with a dooms day, if
Christians suffer for Truth that can only be a wonderful testimony of love for their Lord
Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the real Life. (Christians are not seeking
martrydom, but the chance to stand for the Truth revealed in Christ is a chance to honor
their creator for his love.)
This book has to do with recording what people involved with the Power have planned,
and why they can carry out their plans. Further it will give you things you can do to
counter the Power. While you may perhaps shudder at the thought of World War III, you
should be aware that many people have been deceived to look forward to an
Armageddon. Not only are these people planning and looking forward to it, but they have
been blaming its assumed arrival on Christians for several years.<#1. Various New Age
leaders preach the power of collective consciousness (which belief is a type of belief in
magic). Some of these New Agers speak and write that Christianity's belief in
Armageddon is the reason it will occur, that Christians are Willing it to happen.> If people
think that by putting their heads in the sand they can escape the future, or even the
present difficulties, they may be in for a rude surprise.
So how is the adversary of freedom building a One-World-Religion? Several items
are stock tools,
a. What they call Blinds- these are deliberate deceptions placed within their own writings
to confuse the uninitiated. H.P.B. gives a good description of the use of these, so do
Masonic writers like Albert Pike.<#2. H.P.B. writing describes the use of Blinds in The
Secret Doctrine, (Vol. 5 Adyar edition), p. 435.>
b. They use Deflection to redirect the power of truth which is opposed to them. Healthy
foods, benevolence, ecology, love, acceptance, etc. are all part of the Creator's Christian
walk. These truths and other are deflected from their original purpose of glorifying the
Creator to glorifying their own programs. Rather than publicly opposing Christianity, they
rename their own movements Christian, and then proceed to do very little for Christ, and
everything for Lucifer. They are even deflecting worship of Jesus Christ onto worship of
a demon named Jesus.<#3. Kurt Billings, an ex-New Age leader now a sincere Christian
has been giving his testimony around the United States, he was a New Ager who
infiltrated churches and as a church leader channeled a demon named Jesus.>
c. They use Hegelian Dialectics. This dialectic process doesn't happen on its own so it
often has to be forced into happening. The idea is that each idea ("ism") called a "thesis",
like say Capitalism, naturally by definition has an opposite, an "antithesis". In Capitalism
the antithesis is Communism. The conflict between the two produces a synthesis. By
controlling both ends of the conflict, one controls the end product, the synthesis. More
than not, the One-World-Power can be seen working behind both sides of many
conflicts. Indeed, the Secret Societies have been historically shown to be behind all the
revolutions and wars in Modern Europe since the American Revolution. In religious
conflict, both sides are often being manipulated. Some of the various groups openly admit
their strategy is designed to create a synthesis. You will find Hegelian Dialectics has been
introduced into the U.S. educational system by the Skull & Bones Order (considered an
llluminati group). It was adopted in Russia by the Slavophiles in the 19th century.
Communism, Nazism, Fabians, most New Age groups, Liberation Theology, and other
parts of the Power use Hegelian Dialectics. Hegel in turn based his system on the ancient
Greek atomists especially Democritus.
d. The New World Order's One-World-Religion is organized on the SPIN principle.
This concept is to be the topic of this section.
S-P-l-N = Segmented Polycentric Integrated Networks
If one were to diagram a SPIN organizational chart it would not be a conventional box
type configuration such as an army company organization chart. Rather, it would
resemble a fish-net with interlocking nodes with groups linked to many other groups and
cluster around nodes. There is no center to the network. It is like the brain's electrical
connections, with an overlap of functions, so that good cells can take over from damaged
sections. A network (one of their buzzwords) is many times more greater than the sum
of its parts.
The New Age author Marilyn Ferguson does an excellent job in describing how the
Conspiracy's SPIN network functions.
"This is a source of power never before tapped in history: multiple self-sufficient social
movements linked for a whole array of goals whose accomplishment would transform
every aspect of contemporary life.
"Because SPINs are so qualitatively different in organization and impact from
bureaucracies...most people don't see them—or think they are conspiracies. Often
networks take similar action without conferring with each other simply because they share
so many assumptions. It might also be said that the shared assumptions are the
"The Aquarian Conspiracy is, in effect, a SPIN of SPINs, a network of many networks
aimed at social transformation. The Aquarian Conspiracy is indeed loose, segmented,
evolutionary, redundant. Its center is everywhere. Although many social movements and
mutual-help groups are represented in its alliances, its life does not hinge on any of
them."<#4. Ferguson, Marilyn. The Aquarian Conspiracy. Los Angeles, CA: J.P.
Tarcher. lnc, 1980, p. 217.>
Organisationally, the SPIN principle has worked wonders for the llluminati, who are the
Illumined Ones who are directed by an angel of light variously called Venus, Lucifer,
Satan, or Sanat (a scrambling of Satan). Different groups have their own preferred name
for this Master. Almost without fail their literature and art provide enough in each case to
positively identify this Being of Light Lucifer as the Ascended Master of every Illuminated
group. Sources that have been near the top of the hierarchies of these various groups
reveal that the "alliances" are not as loose as the public pictures them. The top leaders
are actually in contact and collusion together. Further, the New Age movement is
producing all kinds of organizational charts, Yellow Pages, coordinating councils between
groups such as the Unity in Diversity Council, etc. The movement is not as leaderless as
the New Age Movement likes to pretend.
Further, while their SPIN network is powerful, it is much more manmade and artificial
than people can imagine. Groups that supposedly just materialize out of nothing, are
actually funded and promoted from the start by an outside source.
While the New Agers pride themselves on their SPIN strategy, the followers of Christ
have been configured the same way for centuries.
It must be admitted that several interlocking Secret Cults, the Freemasons, the CIA (the
Company), and MI6 (the Firm) control much of the world. Through allied groups such as
the B'ai B'rith (the Order), the Skull and Bones Order (the Order), the KGB, the Triads,
the Mafia, the Order of Jesuits (the Company), and the MOUSSAD their control extends
even further. Finally, there are a plethora of religious groups interwoven into the whole
SPIN network. Some like the Universal Aquarian Church, the Metaphysical Church in
America, Light of Christ Community Church, the Institutes for the Enhancement of Life
Energy and Creativity (IELEC) in NY, Children of God's ashram, and the Church
Universal & Triumphant are openly New Age religious bodies. Unity School of Christianity
in Unity Villiage, MO is a training center for the New Age where Luciferian initiations have
been conducted for years. Lucis Trust functions as part of the brain of the New Age
movement, and the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland is comparable to the Vatican City
of the New Age movement. Today the llluminati are also known by the esoteric (inside)
name of Royal Ipsimus (Ipsimus is Latin for "Master of the Household.")
It is not impossible to draw diagrams showing the seed, producing its rotten fruit,
producing seed, producing fruit, producing a host of seed, etc. The Spin diagrams in this
book are an attempt to begin showing the development of their SPIN of SPINs.
Let us take for instance, Karl Kasimir Wundt (1744-84), a German professor and
member of the Bavarian llluminati. His son was Maximilian (1787-1846), whose son was
William Maximilian Wundt (1832-1920). Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt was influenced by
Johann Herbart who was a student of Hegelian Dialectics. Herbart's mentors were
llluminati. Wilhelm Mazimilian Wundt then influenced Daniel Coit Gilman and G. Stanley
Hall, who were Americans who went to Germany to study. Daniel Coit Gilman and G.
Stanley Hall were very influential to introduce Hegelian ideas into American education.
John Dewey was influenced by Gilman and in turn influenced many other in the American
Educational System.<#5. Researchers have available the documents confiscated from the
Bavarian llluminati and published by the Bavarian government. These are in German
entitled Originalschriften des llluminaten Ordens, Zweite Abteilung, see p.65. Also see
Klass, Lance J. and Paoli Lionni. The Leipzig Connection. Sheridan, OR: The Delphian
Press, 1967. This book traces the Wundt link to Amer. Education. Anthony C. Sutton,
America's Secret Establishment. Boring, OR: CPA Book Pub., 1986, pp. 81-111 (and
other pages) does an excellent job of tracing how Hegelian ideas were propogated
throughout the American Educational System and Psyc. departments by the Order.>
This is just a single line of influence. When one considers some of the other important
U.S. educators that learned Hegelian ideas from Wundt it is easy to picture how a vast
network of interlocking schools of education and departments of psychology were
established. Other Americans taught by Wundt and the number of doctorates they
awarded up to 1948 are:<#6. Sutton, America's Secret Establishment, p. 91.>
J. McKeen Cattell, of Columbia University, 344 doctorates
E.W. Scripture, of Yale University, 138
E.B. Tichener, of Cornell University, 112
H. Gale, of Minnesota University 123
G.T.W. Patrick, of Iowa University 169
C.H. Judd, of the University of Chicago 196
Another line of influence by the llluminati can be seen in the illumination of the leaders
of the Continental Masons in the 18th century. Illuminated puppets like the Portugese Jew
Martinez de Pasqualis went from Germany to France and initiated various people and
started various Secret illuminated groups. As a result Grand Orient Masonry was
illuminated, and so was Co-Masonry on the continent. The illuminatus Giuseppe (Joseph)
Mazzini (1805-1872), who belonged to several Secret Societies, the Scottish Rite, the
Grand Orient, Carbonari, Young Italy, Young Ireland, the 1st Communist International,
initiated Helena Petrovna Blavatsky into Carbonarism (a type of Masonry) in 1856. Helena
Petrovna Blavatsky (she went by the initials H.P.B.) had already met the magician mentor
of Mazzini in 1848 in Asia Minor. After her initiation by Mazzini, H.P.B. claimed she was
illumined by the Hierarchy of the Great White Lodge in 1856. George Felt of the Hermetic
Brotherhood of Luxor also was a big influence on H.P.B.
After 1866, she was also under the influence of the Mason hypnotist and spiritist Victor
Michal.<#7. Que'non, Rene'. Le Theosophisme, 1921, p. 14.>
H.P.Blavatsky was also initiated into the Order of Druses, the Adoptive branch of the
Ancient and Primitive rite of Masonry (1877), and the Rites of Memphis and Mizraim. In
the Grand Orient Adoptive Masonry she held the highest rank, a Crowned Princess 12.
With the help of the Rosicrucian Masters, H.P.B started the Theosophical Society. The
socialist and occultist Herbert Burrows, a member of the Stella Matutina (a Masonic occult
spinoff from the Golden Dawn), introduced the Co-Mason Annie Besant to H.P.B. in
1889. In 1887, H.P.B. started a Theosophical magazine called Lucifer the light-bringer.
Annie Besant took over the illuminated Theosophical Society. Annie Besant bungled
her job in creating a Christ in the early 1920s, so her job was given to Alice Ann Bailey.
Alice Ann Bailey decided (or rubber-stamped) revised secret plans to keep the work low
key until 1975. 1975 would be the big year. Meanwhile, she wrote numerous influential
books, and in 1922 established Lucifer Publishing, and Lucifer Trust, later changed to
Early in the 1930s, a couple named Edna and Guy Ballard received illumination, and
started the I AM movement. The St. Germain Press publishes items such as the monthy
periodical The Voice of the I AM. Guy borrows much of his ideas from Alice Bailey, the
Rosicrucians, and the Masons. Two of his books Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic
Presence sound masonic. His messages he received from the Great White Brotherhood
seem like a regurgitation of what others had also received.
Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet began as a spin-off of the I AM movement in the
late 1950s. In 1958, they started Summit University to train initiates of their Church
Universal and Triumphant (CUT).
The I AM movement feels that CUT stole their picture of St. Germain, and have started
using a different picture in order to assert their separateness. Even though they don't
cooperate officially, the I AM movement and the Church Universal and Triumphant are
nearly identical in beliefs.
What has been covered is how the lineage of Illumination has been passed down from
generation to generation in a series of spin-offs. Although there is no publicly known
connection between the Church Universal and Triumphant and the Masons, it will be
worthwhile to examine this movement. Although the lineal descent is a direct one between
CUT and the Masons, few people would on their own see any connection between the
It was the spring of 1990 and the Montanans in Paradise Valley were showing concern
toward their new neighbors who had bought 33,000 acres near Yellowstone National
Park.<#8. Wilhelm, Maria, "An angry publisher fights to save the valley called Paradise."
People Weekly Dec. 24, '90, p.38. See also Reid, T.R., "Montanans feel 'invaded' by
survivalist church; tensions rise over "Guru Ma', followers." The Washington Post (April
22, 1990), p. A3 col. 1.> The National Park people were getting upset too at these new
neighbors, who called themselves Church Universal & Triumphant. Problems, like the
sect's fuel tanks leaking, had the park people unhappy.<#9. The National Parks, a
Periodical put out by the U.S. National Parks, discusses in short articles in the Jan-Feb.,
the Jul-Aug, and the Sept-Oct. issues problems the Yellowstone National Park was
having with the CUT.> An ex-member Kenneth Polini, who had served as the sect's
security chief, was telling the newspapers that the sect could end up to be another
Jonestown.<#10. Texe Marrs gives as his source for this in his New Age Cults &
Religions, p. 171 an article in the Spokane Chronicle however an examination of the last
few years of the Spokane Chronicle didn't reveal any such article. He did get the
information from some source apparently. This is one quote that I am not able to verify.>
The Prophet's oldest daughter Moira Lewis had to be thrown out of the CUT, when it
became apparent that she didn't believe in it. Now Moira Lewis was talking, and talking
to the anti-cult ministries.
"I AM El Morya," Elizabeth Clare Prophet's Christmas message read, "Through the
Ages I have worn various guises and disguises. You will know me (as I stand beside you
- 7 -
with the legions of light who are implementing sound and the sound waves to
counteract discord, all destructivity, disease, and death ere it return to mankind
who have sent it forth with the suddenness of a woman's travail.
My beloved brothers and sisters of the Light, I address you as co-equals
and co-inheritors of the mantle of God's will. I pray that without fear, with
longsuffering and perseverance, you shall endure and fulfill your mission of
this year and the decade to come.
All of heaven is poised for the victory. We look to commune with you,
each one, directly through the ultra-dimensional sound of Excelsior. May you
who believe in angels and in the brothers in white be not forgetful to entertain
strangers. For this is the hour of the coming of the LORD'S Spirit in the
manifold expressions of our legions who are descending to earth on the glorious
mission of the sons of God to raise up souls who are counted as the servants
of the Lamb.
I AM El Morya. Through the ages I have worn various guises and
disguises. You will know me (as I stand beside you in answer to your call)
by my vibration, by a certain knowing, a certain God-determination, a certain
will to move and to be movers of men and mountains. You will know me
by my impetus which I give to you to act, act, act in the name of God to set
the captives free.
Let us be up and doing. I am with the I AM THAT I AM who reveals
himself in the outflowing and the inflowing of events.
Children of the sun, be prime movers of fight and love and goodwill
in time and space and you will be with me held in the bonds of the eternal
In the Spirit of Christmas, I AM
For a Christmas wreath of light and sound the world around, play this
record on Christmas Day and be one with brothers and sisters on the love ray.
in answer to your call) by my vibration, by a certain knowing, a certain Goddetermination,
a certain will to move and to be movers...I am with the I AM THAT I
AM...In the Spirit of Christmas, I AM"<#11.1969 CUT Booklet with Cover of Christ saying
"Arise Shine for Thy Light Is Come!" The Booklet has a Christmas Message and is
accompanied with a record. Malibu, CA: CUT, 1969, p.7.> El Morya is identified in CUT
literature as Chohan of the First Ray, Master of the Lodges of Perfection.<#12. CUT
Broshure with a mountain scene with El Morya's words "The trek upwards is worth the
inconvenience" on back and "the Messenger" E. C. Prophet on the front. p.2.> Those
familiar with Masonry know what the Lodges of Perfection are.
Elizabeth Clare Prophet is now running CUT. She claims that El Morya, Chief of the
Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood is using her to channel messages so
that the earth can be raised once again into a Golden Age.
Elizabeth tells her followers, "If you would like to be counted among the avant-garde
who are advancing the cause of this Revolution, read and meditate upon El Morya's
words."<#13. ibid., Quote is from the 6th paragraph on front.>
Elizabeth Clare Prophet not only has the name Prophet, but she claims to be one. Not
only does she look divine (at least in the photos released to the public), but she claims
to be divine. Not only does she have weekly handouts called "Pearls of Wisdom", but her
3rd ex-husband Randall King reports she is getting wealthy from her followers. And that's
not all.
One of the first items that struck me about Elizabeth Clare Prophet's Theology is how
Masonic it sounded. Since Elizabeth Prophet states she is continueing the Ballard's work-
-not with Mrs. Ballard's approval though—it is not surprising the two groups are alike. But
the CUT doesn't talk about any Masonic connections. Sure they sell Masonic books, and
they do use the Masonic Temples for their meetings, but they make clear to her followers
that even though Masonry is O.K., her church is a big advancement over Masonic
believes. The truth is, her teachings and the Ballard's are just a rehash of Masonic
beliefs. They even invoke (pray to) the Masonic All-Seeing-Eye as the Elohim Cyclopea.
Their Knight Commander is St. Germain.<#14. The title Knight Commander has been
used at various times by CUT in the "Knight Commander St. Germain." Knight
Commander St. Germain supposedly addressed CUT on May 3,1981, and this is referred
to in a letter by James W. McCaffrey, CUT Board of Directors.> (Since they do not see
St. Germain, but accept that their prophet channels his messages, it means that their
Knight Commander is in reality the person supposedly channeling him.) People in the I
AM movement also study Masonic and Theosophical books for spiritual knowledge.<#15.
Interviews and visits with ex-l AM members and members of the I AM movements by
It is not inconceivable that this Illumined Religion is part of the llluminati network.
Interestingly, the winged-globe which is the symbol of the llluminati and Rosicrucians is
on the cover of Elizabeth Prophet's book Teachings of the Ascended Masters. The
Rosicrucian belief is that the Winged Sun Disk represents the Elysian Fields. CUT also
believes in the Elysian Fields. Another link to the llluminati is CUT's use of Enochian
Magic and its 7 planes. Repeatedly, references to these 7 planes of existence crop up
in CUT inner teachings given to the Fraternity of the Keepers of the Flame.<#16. 1969
Christmas Message, p.4.>
Elizabeth Clare Prophet has emphatically made a big issue that she is following orders
from the Great White Brotherhood. The Great White Brotherhood is the same group that
Bailey, H.P.B., the Rosicrucians and the Esoteric Masons follow. Note, they are following
the same authority. The Masonic Book Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry, (1907) written
based on information from the highest Masonic authorities, states on pg. 79, "THE
UNDERLYING PRINCIPLE. 114 "The Ancient Wisdom Religion is the Thread-soul' on
which are strung all the various incarnations and encasements of the religious
life,...Begotten by that Spiritual Hierarchy—the Great White Brotherhood—in whose
guardianship is the evolution of the human race..." The next page tells how the "Great
White Brotherhood" is known in Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry as the 11th degree. (Is
this a Blind?) Students of the Supreme Initiation will see "The Beautiful Philosophy of
Initiation," by the Count M. de St. Vincent.
An Illumined Chief of one of the occult branches of the English Masonic Lodge of
Rosicruciana in Anglia— called Stella Matutina— left it, became a Christian. This ex-
Chief's book Light-bearers of Darkness clearly details how the llluminati (Illumined ones)
are lead by the Great White Lodge and that the Illumined ones in that day (1930) were
far more powerful than people imagined, and that they were in all kinds of groups. "These
secret societies, formed when needed, are detached into groups distinct and apparently
opposed, professing respectively and in turn the most contrary opinions of the day, so as
to direct, apart and with confidence, all parties, political, religious, economic, and literary."
(Light-Bearers of Darkness, p.2)
Another follower of the occult, Tal Brooke, who was the top Western disciple of India's
miracle-working god-man Sai Baba, also like the Stella Matutina chief, became a
Christian and also wrote a book When The World Will Be As One warning people about
Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the Fabians, the New Age agenda and the Masons who are
promoting it.
The highest Masonic authorities teach that illumination like Elizabeth Clare Prophet
practices was part of the Mystery Religions. Elizabeth Clare Prophet often uses the
llluminati 3-dot symbol when she signs her initial. How ironic that her teachings are being
passed off as so fresh and new, yet are the very ancient superstitions that men practiced
long ago.
In the Secret Teachings of All Ages, "The Mysteries taught that spiritual illumination
was attained only by bringing the lower nature up to a certain standard of efficiency and
purity. The Mysteries were therefore established for the purpose of unfolding the nature
of man according to certain fixed rules which, when faithfully followed, elevated the
human consciousness to a point where it was capable of cognizing its own constitution
and the true purpose of existence. This knowledge...of spiritual illumination constituted
the secret, or esoteric doctrine of antiquity. Certain apparently physical organs and
centers are in reality the veils or sheaths of spiritual center."<#17. Hall, The Secret
Teachings of All Ages, p. LXXVI.>
This is the issue at stake here. Is CUT a manmade or demonic authority, and therefore
a false authority or is it the Almighty God's authority?
Although CUT claims to be Christian and use the Bible, it advocates and teaches
Magic. For instance, "We seek to raise the veil upon the wonderful world of Cosmic
Magic, the Magic of believing in the Power of the original Intent which may then be blazed
as the all-consuming Love of God..." (Pearls of Wisdom, 3/26/67, p. 3)<#18. Another
example is Pearls of Wisdom, 6/25/67, front page aka p.53.>
It is not the job of this book to enlist the reader to champion this Author's religious
doctrinal understandings. The issue is more important than that. A world-wide authority
is being created through the actions of separate nodes of a SPIN of SPINs. This authority
plans to someday be absolute. They will cleanse the world like Hitler's Final Solution of
the Jews. Hundreds of people who have come out of CUT or had family members in it,
are warning that this is a deception that has destroyed people's lives and families.
Judging on the basis of where CUT came from, who they are friends with, and what
Masonic and llluminati tactics are, it is a safe bet that there is some kind of colloboration
at the top by Elizabeth Clare Prophet with Secret Societies. Indications are that it is part
of a vast scheme to establish a One-World-Government.
Elizabeth Clare Prophet has no problem getting on the radio, and getting publicity.
Obviously, she has connections. Although she heralds her own group as the Church, she
has appeared with other New Age leaders on radio talk shows. She does seem to work
with them on some level. Her Summit University, started in 1958<#19. Pearls of Wisdom,
on the back pages of for example July, 31,1977 Vol. 20, No.31, Malibu, CA: CUT, p.148.>
is not shabby. Her "Fraternity of Keepers of the Flame" as she calls her initiates learn
such things as astrology, crystals, white magic, Hinduism (reincarnation, karma,
meditation, chakra points), how to decree, how to dress, and how to become divine at
Summit University. Her religion itself is quite organized with several presses, computer
operators, Montessori Preschool Elementary and High School people, cooks, accountants,
planning and development people, purchasing, and the whole nine yards.<#20. Notes,
Summit University Student.>
How does she finance all her expensive advertising and constant travelling? How did
her husband and her finance things in the beginning when they established Summit
University, and their headquarters in Colorado Springs, and their house in Santa Barbara?
Details about Elizabeth Clare Prophet and her Organization are hard to come by.
If she can keep recruiting new people, her finances may do all right. If a person gets
serious about being part of her organization, they are expected to make a once in a lifetime
gift of everything they have to the CUT controlled by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.<#21.
Notes, Summit University Student and Confidential Interviews After that they are
expected to tithe (one-tenth).<#22. Church Universal and Triumphant Tenets, Colorado
Springs, CO: 1975, p.12 under Art. XII Law of the Tithe.> In return, they are initiated into
what I call "the supreme Grand Flattery", "You shall become an enlightened God."
The Keepers of the Flame were told "We don't have any dollars to increase our staff
until we have more dollars coming in from person in the world. Your love and service here
should draw in enough supplies to cover all your needs."<#23. Notes, Summit University
When students are invited onto staff it is a commitment. They are told, "Your life will
never be your own again, but was it ever your own?" They have already been taught
"Ascension Keys". Elizabeth Clare Prophet tells her students that to Ascend to Godhead
is their birthright,<#24. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. X, No. 23, (June 4, 1967), The Summit
Lighthouse, p. 41 -"...has robbed men of the birthright of their Ascension..."> the divine
right of everyperson.<#25. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. X, No. 19, (May 7,1967), The Summit
Lighthouse, p. 24 - "The Divine Right is the Immortal Plan...Inherent pattern of unique
Christ manifestation..."> In the Ascension Dossier of Serapis Bey they are told "The
capacity of the externalized self must be given in toto." Also- "You must abandone your
past to God." In Lanello's Message(a channeled message), 4/20/73 the students are told,
"You do not have to wait for the carnal mind to evolve, for the carnal mind will never
evolve. It must be put off and cast into the Flame."<#26. Lanello 4/20/73 in the Pearls
of Wisdom, Vol. 16, #32, 8/12/1973.>
In Serapis, Ascension Class they are told, "The Ascension Flame is the Flame of
"Men prove the Law by doing the Law. They see Truth by becoming Truth."<#27.
Serapis, Dossier 6/4/67.> "All things are relative except the Absolute."<#28. El Morya,
Ascension Class, covering the Ascension Keys.>
There are many interesting parallels between CUT and the WT Society. Both make a
big show of being against the system, the United Nations and the people uniting the
world. However, neither group ever mentions the Masons in connection with plans to
bring in a one-world-state. The religious side of the One-World-Power can not be
understood with out an awareness of Freemasonry. While supposedly warning their
adherents of those men who control the world, both CUT and the WT Society carry out
a systematic program to condition their people to believe in a soon-to-come Golden Age,
and training people how to act in it. It's this writer's conviction that it is not so criticaly
dangerous to the One-World-State for these people to know something of what is
happening, because their leadership, who they blindly follow, are part of the One-World-
Religion. According to CUT, Jesus was Chohan of the age that ended, now a new cycle
is starting with Sanat in charge.<#29. Pearls of Wisdom, (Mar. 26, 1967), Summit
Lighthouse, p. 1. Another reference is Prophet, E.C.. Prophecy for the 1980s, p. 10.>
Elizabeth Prophet writes about the coming Armageddon, "There's a certain sense in
America that it can't happen here, that somehow we are a favorite or chosen people, that
we will not go the way of a Rome or an Atlantis or a Lemuria—that somehow it will be
different. And yet collectively, as far as the entire consciousness of the earth goes, we
are Lemuria, Atlantis, Babylon, Assyria, Rome come again. We are the melting pot and
the descendants of all of these movements..."
"We speak of the age of Pisces as the two-thousand cycle of Jesus Christ that is
coming to its conclusion, and we feel the winds of a new age that is called Aquarius."
"The state of the world is perilous....The coming, then, of the Four Horsemen is actually
the prophecy of a planetary initiation. Those horsemen could not ride except by the flow
of events, by the karma of the people. They are bringing to our very doorstep the forces
that we have set in motion as a planet, as mankind, for centuries."<#30. Prophet,
Elizabeth Clare. Prophecy for the 1980's. Los Angeles, CA: Summit University Press,
1982, paragraphs quoted from p. 24,10, and 12 respectively.> "And so the Great Initiator
of life stands before us and says, These are the causes (cause of Disaster and
Armageddon) you have set in motion, humanity."<#31. ibid., p. 13.>
What Elizabeth Clare Prophet has just said is that the people of the world are creating
the forces to bring about Armaggeddon. It is their karma. A great Initiator is waiting for
the time of planetary initiation. Jesus Christ's time is passed, the leadership has passed
to another Chohan.
In spite of all the time CUT spends teaching its people about the Conspiracy of the
Communists, the International Financiers, the CFR, etc. when Elizabeth Prophet makes
statements like this above she is shifting the blame for wars and W.W. Ill from those who
control the world to the common people. If she only succeeds in this propaganda ploy,
she will have accomplished a great favor for the One-World-State.
The common people of the world are not directing world events. For instance, it was
not the common people of either Iraq, Kuwait nor the U.S. that had anything to do with
Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield. In fact, months before Kuwait was invaded
the Trilateral Commission had decided at the White House that Iraq was to be the focus
of a disarmament program. As nothing was attempted politically, it is clear that they had
planned a military disarmament program.
CUT initiates received a letter, "Keeper of the Flame: the need for harmony and love
between all the masters servants united in a common effort cannot be overemphasized.
Working and serving together, we form a mandala of light through which the masters of
the Great White Brotherhood will awaken humanity."<#32. Letter by CUT Chairman of the
Outreach Committee Michael Veys to the Fraternity of the Keepers of the Flame, c.
CUT is a New Age Religion designed to catch the conservative elements, that would
shun most New Age groups. CUT preaches against Communism, the Feminist
Movement, Abortion, Drugs, the Trilateral Commission, the Bankers, and uncontrolled
immigration from Mexico. It is in favor of survivalist tactics, political activism, wearing
business suits, and looking clean cut. If one looks at where they have concentrated their
activities one notices they have worked in some very conservative western areas,
Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Arizona. (California is also an important
center of activity but hardly a bastion of conservatism.)
When I contemplated the hoax that Church Universal and Triumphant is apparently
carrying out among the conservatives in Western United States, I was reminded of a
fishing trip years ago. In 1969, several Germans and I went out to a small German island
in the North Sea. We strung a net across a river, went downstream and entered into the
river. We walked upstream toward the net. The fish were afraid of being caught by us.
They swam into the net. We reached the net, pulled the net to shore and filled two large
baskets full of big good tasting flounder. It's one of my favorite fishing trips.
The people in the Western U.S. are like these flounder. They are aware that big powers
are trying to control their lives. They are trying to get away from the One-World-State
Power. And so what do they do? They swim right into the very conservative CUT, and
are easy pickings for the One-World-Religion.
To gain the great advantages of Hegelian Philosophy— the One-World-Power has
been behind both extremes. But this can only work if the people being deceived and
manipulated, don't realize that the same people are behind different groups.
One thing that Elizabeth Clare Prophet may be commended upon, it is her willingness
to give some of the best occult knowledge to her followers. In her catalog she sells
Raymond Bernard's The Hollow Earth. An ex-high level New Age disciple Troy Lawrence
tells us that the masses are told Shamballa the home of the Spirit Masters is in Tibet but,
"The initiated know something different. They know that Shamballah is the region of the
hollow earth. The spiritual region where the King of the World and his Master dwell." The
Spirit Masters have told the highest level occultists who are sold out to them that the
earth is hollow. For instance, Pam Davis was told by a spirit, "Do you not know that the
center of your Earth, it is not that which has been spoken by your scientists, the bubbling
of the molten rocks, it is beauteous. It is home for thousands upon thousands of Beings
that have lived there in totality of harmony and understanding of love." ("The Power of
One," Life Times (Winter 86/87), p. 84.)
Elizabeth Clare Prophet is infatuated with the Great Pyramid like H.P.B. and C.T.
Russell. She has produced an illustrated program with 8 cassettes entitled A Retreat on
the Ascension, which includes lectures on the inner mysteries of the Great Pyramid. The
Great Pyramid has long been held by esoteric groups as an initiation center. Some
confidential sources speak of gaining godlike power from the pyramid. The occult leaders
of the One World Power have held that the Great Pyramid's King's chamber is an
initiation center for godhood.
CUT teachings are heralded as 'Spiritual wisdom uniting east and west."<#33. Quote
from the banner of Pearls of Wisdom. The idea of being the religion of unity between east
and west is heralded by CUT In other places too
The teachings (supposedly from the Ascended Masters) are a brew of Hinduism with
Buddhist thought and Christian terminology. Add a heavy dose of Mariology from the
Catholics with Fatima, and sprinkle in bits and pieces of other things from other sources
and stir this brew, and you will come up with CUT 's beliefs. They basically are another
Gnostic Mystery Cult Whether one identifies CUT as having the I AM movement's beliefs,
or Masonry's, or the Gnostic Mysteries is perhaps moot, they are all about the same.
Let's look at some of the similarity of CUT with Masonry before CUT was even thought
The first item of similarity between Elizabeth Clare Prophets teachings and Masonry
is the belief that the Tribe of Ephraim is Great Britian and the Tribe of Manasseh is
America.<#34. Notes from a local CUT meetings.>
In the Masonic book, Mystic Americanism we are told The theme of the entire Bible
centers around a hope of a glorious country afar off, in an age that was to come. The
crowning event of the allegory of the Twelve Tribes of Israel—the one and one-half tribe
of Jewish and the rest Christian origin—culminates in Manasseh (America) and Ephraim
(Christ's Kingdom) as sons of Joseph (Great Britian). Most important of all is the story
of the Woman (Revelation: 12) who fled into the wilderness (secrecy)' but who is to return
and, in a glorious nation, defeat the Dragon by reopening the ancient teachings of the
Holy Grail (Illumination of the Soul)."<#35. Mystic Americanism. Quakertown, PA: The
Philosophical Pub. Co.> Parentheses are part of the quote.
This and other beliefs of various groups are lumped together under the label British—
Israelism. A strain of British-lsraelism appears in Masonry from its inception.<#36.
Hodson, John Milton, William H. Upton, et. al. Masonic History of the Northwest. San
Francisco, CA: the History Pub. Co., 1902, p. 71. In the Royal Arch degree in England
"the presiding officer is the Prince and heir to the Jewish throne, ZERUBBABEL (being
descended in the direct line from King Solomon), and as such represents the King..." In
America, after the Amer. Revol. the heir to the Jewish throne JERUBBABEL was replaced
in the American Lodges with the High Priest. And the Prophet in the third chair was
replaced with a scribe. In England, in the Royal Arch degree ritual mention is made in
regards to the Messiah, but no in America. Apparently, the mission was to keep
safeguarded the Royal Blood, and apparently that Royal Blood stayed in England. The
mission of the Royal Arch degree changed, "it became the ally of the English Government
and Church." The British exert power over the Americans.> Considering that Masonry
began in the British Isles, and that Masonry has had universal goals from its earliest
times, this is not surprising. However, it is not clear to this author why the various
Masonic groups work so closely with the Askinazim Jews, and haven't elevated the
Sephardic Jews. For instance, the British Royal Family which has been prominant in
Freemasonry and believes in British-lsraelism,<#37. Numerous Masonic sources parade
the lists of Kings, Princes, etc. that are Masons. The Kings themselves have made public
comments publicly endorsing the belief they are the decendants of the House of David.>
has been very congenial with Jews. Cecil Rhodes, who believed the One-World-State
would be British, included Lord Rothschild on his roundtable. The Mormon leaders, who
believe in British-lsraelism, have had close relations with the Jews, and although they
should know better, have totally ignored the fact that the Askenazim Jews are not
genetically related to the Childen of Israel. They apply prophecy to those Jews because
they are supposedly the right seed, and then ignore the historical evidence they never
were genetically that seed.<#38. LDS McConkie's writings on prophecy.> Even the
Mormon leaders who have access to the world's genealogical records, are pro-Askinazim
Jew. Elizabeth Clare Prophet's teachings have been a welter of contradictions. While
condeming the Bavarian llluminati in talks, she also has taught about how great Sir
Francis Bacon, who she believes started Masonry, is. She points out to her people how
the Masonic Temples have the words I AM on them, to support her I AM beliefs.<#39.
Notes from a CUT class.>
In 1723, Dr. Abadie, a protestant apologist, put forth the view that the lost ten tribes
were the people of the British lsles.<#40. Gaebelein, Dr. A.C. World Prospects, cf.
Gaebelein's art. in Our Hope, Jan. 1932 issue.> However the idea predated Abadie by
half a century. Oliver Cromwell was convinced that the British were Israelites. He was
not only active in Masonry, but was the person who brought the Jews back to England
in 1655, after their expulsion. Some contend it was money that motivated Cromwell to
bring the Jews to England. Interestingly, it was the discovery of Jews in China by the
Jesuits that allowed Cromwell to justify allowing Jews into England. Rabbi ben Israel who
lived across the street from Rembrandt in Amsterdam corresponded with Cromwell. (The
Rabbi was also responsible for the philosopher Spinoza's education. Spinoza made his
own contribution to the moral demise of Western Civilization.) The Rabbi brought out the
phamplet "Spes Israelis" (latin for "The Hope of Israel" or in Heb. "Mikveh Israel"). Using
a Biblical passage that the Jews were to be found at two ends of the earth, and declaring
the recently found Chinese Jews as one end, he argued that Biblically the other end of
the earth was...Portugal (well, at first it was Portugal—but then the Rabbi realized
England had more commercial profit potential so he reworded his tract to say...)England.
Yes, the Rabbi declared that Biblically the Jews were at both ends of the earth, and since
England had no Jews then the British must be Jewish. If Jewish, then how could they
forbid other Jews from coming in. Since then, others have built on the Rabbi's idea.
The dual marriage of Jacob with his wives Leah and Rachel was referred to as "two
bands" (Gen. 32:10). These are the "two sticks" that the Mormons,<#41. The LDS
Mormons appeal to the Book of Mormon. 1 Ne. 5:5 and Alma 46:23-24 are used to
explain that the America's are for the Tribe of Joseph.> and various Masons believe in.
If Britain is Ephraim and the United States is Manasseh,<#42. Edward Hine in 1871
published his theory that Great Britain was Ephraim and America was Manasseh.> how
did the United States become Manasseh? The United States began with such settlers as
the Pilgrims who were British, therefore Ephraimites. This particular version seems illogical.
Another version is that that the sons of Joseph (Great Britian) culminate in Manasseh
(America) and Ephraim (Christ's Kingdom). This last idea carries an eerie aura about it
to this Author. The symbology of the Tribe of Manasseh is the Olive Branch and the
Arrows (associated with Joseph's bow).<#43. Scriptures that are used to illustrate the tieins
between Manassah's heraldry and scripture are Gen. 4:22-24 (bow and arrows) and
Rm 11:24 (which were always pictured as Olive Branches.)> (One common symbol of the
Tribe of Dan is the eagle<#44. The best British-lsraelism examination of the heraldry of
the Tribes of Israel and British Heraldry is W.H. Bennett, Symbols fo Our Celto-Saxon
Heritage. Stanhope Press, Kent, Eng., 1976.> the other is the serpent or snake. The
American eagle- that would be Dan- controls the other two tribes' symbols. The best
book in showing archeological evidence concerning the fate of the ten tribes of Israel is
Missing Links Discovered by E. Raymond Capt. Critics of British-lsraelism owe it to
themselves to read this.) One of the symbols of the Tribe of Ephraim is the Unicorn. But
the Unicorn according to Alice Bailey stands for the God-man, the Christ-man, the
Illumined New Race coming in the New Order. The horn of the Unicorn on the third-eye
chakra point indicating illumination by Lucifer. This Author hasn't seen Ephraim's symbols
matched with their New Age meaning in the context of the idea that Ephraim is Christ's
Kingdom soon-to-be established, but when it is, the "two-sticks"-belief matches itself
to the New Agers Millenial belief.
Another interesting parallel is that in some areas Masons wear a special color of
clothes on certain days.<#45. Confidential interview with a Christian who the Masons had
intended to recruit.> The Church Universal and Triumphant also assigns certain colors
to be worn on different days.<#46. Confidential interviews with ex-l AM & ex-CUT
members, and class materials of Summit Univ. Due to the large influx of new converts,
it has been difficult for CUT to keep up the teachings on wearing different colored clothing
during different times of the day, and for different days. Newer converts may be unaware
of this teachings The colors of purple and white are especially esteemed.
A perusal of Summit University course material shows that the astrology information
that CUT teaches its Fraternity of Keepers of the Flame is the same type of astrological
items that others have taught before. The extra meanings assigned the various 12 signs
can also be found in the Mason Manly P. Hall's book The Secret Teachings of All Ages.
Both CUT and Masonry use Astrology as a way to get people interested in their
teachings. The first three degrees of Masonry are called the Blue Lodge because the
color blue is associated with the skies and astrology.
Masonic Source that matches CUT teachings- "50. "The force of the obligation is
therefore in the obligation and not in the reason. As a matter of fact, the real reason is
scientific to the last analysis; scientific to a degree beyond the penetration, up to the
present time, of the 'radiant matter' of the Roentgen Ray of Modern Science. The Word
concerns the science of rhythmic vibrations, and is the key to the equilibrium of all forces
and to the harmony of Eternal Nature." <#47. Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry, p.48.>
Masonic Source that matches CUT teachings- "That the Soul is an emanation of Deity,
and in its original essence is all purity, truth, and wisdom, is an axiom which the
disembodied learn,...These sparks of heavenly fire become Souls, and as the effect must
share in the nature of the cause, the fire which warms into life, also illuminates into Light,
hence the Soul emanations from the Divine are all Love and Heat, whilst the illumination
of Light, which streams ever from the great Central Sun of Being, irradiates all Souls with
corresponding beams of Light." Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry, p.20
"Says Bro. Buck again: "Humanity in toto is the only Personal God; the Christos is the
realization, or perfection of this Divine Persona, in Individual conscious experience. When
this perfection is realized, the state is called Christos, with the Greeks, and Buddha with
the Hindoos....Know you not that they who Follow the Buddha follow the same Christ as
you under but another name." Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry, p.11
"Fire in turn signifies Love, God, the Fatherhood of God." Ancient Mystic Oriental
Masonry, p. 30
"That the Soul is an emanation of Deity...These sparks of heavenly fire (parts of God)
become Souls...hence the Soul emanations from the Divine are all Love and Light, whilst
the illumination of Light, which streams ever from the great central Sun of Being (God's
Light), irradiates all Souls (who harmonize themselves with God, or the Light) with
corresponding beams of Light." The Mysticism of Masonry, p. 11
Masonic Source that matches CUT teachings- "The second method of healing was by
vibration. The inharmonies of the bodies were neutralized by chanting spells and intoning
the sacred names or by playing upon musical instruments and singing. Sometimes
articles of various colors were exposed to the sight of the sick, for the ancients
recognized, at least in part, the principle of color therapeutics, now in the process of
rediscovery." Masonic Hermetic Qabbalistic & Rosicrucian Symbolical Philiosophy, p. CXI
Masonic Source that matches CUT teachings- "By these 'rites and benefits,' the
Freemason is, above all men, in our so-called Modern Civilization, the nearest to the
Ancient Wisdom. He has possession of the territory in which lie concealed the Crown
Jewels of Wisdom. He may content himself, if he will, by merely turning over the sod...he
may rise untrammeled by the rubbish of the temple, and, meeting Elohim face to face,
learn also to say 'I am that I am!'" Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry, p.7
Masonic Source that matches CUT teachings- "The mysteries have now, as throughout
the long ages past, for their foundation, the existence of God, as Jehovah Adonai— the
Father of Light— and the Immortality of the Soul, which Soul, in the language of the
Initiates, is and always must be, an ever-burning Fire, a Light that must be brought into
close relationship with the Father of all Light from which it originally came." The Mysticism
of Masonry, p. 19
" "Cast not thy seed upon the ground"..."Lest it become a serpent and rend thee") and
the search for its recovery (the retention or exchange, the raising and transmutation of
the seed into the Fire or Light of the Soul); the tradition of the Ineffable Name in
connection with the Lost Word (finding the Soul's Light and through the Fire being able
to come face to face with the Soul's Creator, the Father of Light..." The Mysticism of
Masonry, p.46
Masonic Source that matches CUT teachings- "As the earth groans for the lordship of
superior beings to rule over them, the spirits of distant Edens hear the whispers of the
tempting Serpent (desire, longing), the animal principle, the urgent intellect, which
appealing to the blest Souls in their distant paradises, fill them with indescibable longings
for change, for broader vistas of knowledge, for mightier powers; they would be as the
gods and know good and evil." The Mysticism of Masonry, p.12
An example of this from Elizabeth Clare Prophet's teachings is this quote, "The
challenge of all the great revolutionaries of all time, East and West, has been to subdue
that sacred fire, to channel it, to make contact with it, to interact with it, to integrate with
it. The 1980s are a decade of reintegration with the sacred fire that all of the world's
great revolutionaries—for good, for God—have contacted.
"A lack of self-knowledge and knowledge of the Self in and as this God-potential
has set the limits of our social and technological progress." Prophecy for the 1980s,
p.17. (Bold added.)
Her description of this fire corresponds perfectly with the occult masonic groups who
started communism from the 1840s the 1870s. An excellent history of the Masonic belief
in this "fire" which started so many revolutions is found in the well researched book Fire
In the Minds of Men by James Billington.
Masonic Source that matches CUT teachings- "Humanity in toto is the only personal
God; the Christos is the realization or the perfection of this divine Persona, in (through)
individual conscious experience. When this perfection is realized, the state is called
Christos..." The Mysticism of Masonry, p. 14
As this is common knowledge concerning Masons, the first quote will be from CUT's
Pearls of Wisdom (The Ascended Master's Weekly Newsletter) Apr. 9,1967, p.10.
"...where are the staunch ones applying to Us today for Initiation into the highest steps
here at Luxor?" CUT doesn't have the multitude of levels like Masonry though.
Some of the other beliefs that the two share in common are a. the idea of invocations
b. the old order must be destroyed so that a Golden Age of Illumined Ones can be
established, c. the hierarchy is the mediator, not Christ d. Satan is the animal nature in
man preventing him from becoming a God, e. the Ancient of Days in scripture is Sanat
(the scrambling of Satan). These concepts are taught until one get high up in Masonry
or goes into one of the more occultic masonic rites. Similar to the Jehovah's Witnesses
she believes in a literal 144,000.
There are some people who will be disatisfied with this chapter. They will want harder
proof. Yet, these same people very likely accept many things without any proof. If they
didn't they wouldn't be part of mainstream America.
For instance, you are told that this country is a democracy. Democracy means the
people vote and decide everything. Everything in a real democracy is decided by what
is called a referemdum today. Very little is decided by referemdum today. Has anyone
shown you proof this is a democracy? Have you ever asked?
I have found that those who object to this information are those who have not studied
the subjects at all. CUT. fits a pattern that has been repeated over and over. Either it
is part of the pattern which can be shown to be Masonic or it's an exception to the rule.
If CUT. is really against the New World Order (it depends what part of their literature you
read, because they do want a Global Interdependence of Spiritual Ones, they only claim
to be against a Global Political Union), it is interesting that the system cooperates with
them so much.
On the surface they appear to some to be against the CFR/lnternational Bankers, etc.
They teach their members the dangers that these men pose in conjunction with
international communism. On the otherhand in their tract "What is The Summit
Lighthouse?" they end the tract saying "The Summit Lighthouse sheds its beams o'er the
earth and releases into manifestation the symbol for the coming Golden Age—"Destiny,
not dust!" Unless a person is aware of the connections between the Rockefellers and the
Masons and the New Age movement, the common person will not be able to see
Hegelian dialectics being used.
While conservatives join CUT., it is not likely very many of them caught a little clause
that CUT. put into its Christmas Day, 1981 Declaration of International Interpendence.
Line 8 from the bottom states, "Therefore, as divinely blessed individuals...the citizens of
planet Earth have the right...to call for a constitutional convention to found their nation
under God;..." Elizabeth Prophet has repeatedly stated Sanat Kumara was the leader of
the Great White Lodge Hierarchy and God.<#48 Just one example of many where Sanat
(Satan) is identified as a God by Elizabeth Clare Prophet is her 1979 Christmas message,
p. 2. "Yes, my chelas have sung for you and for me the message of Sanat Kumara, the
Great Bodhisattva, known to Daniel and the prophets of Israel as the Ancient of Days. In
his name we say, "Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen
upon thee!...This great bodhisattva who revealed himself to Moses in the person of
Jehovah and to Ezekiel as the fire infolding itself, to the soul of Gautama as the Buddha,
to Zarathustra as Ahura Mazda, and to the Hindus as the "Eternal Youth" has appeared
to humanity in every epoch of earth's changes, signaling the beginning and the ending
of cycles..." Not only does she identify Sanat with Jehovah, but also Buddha and Ahura
Mazda of the Mazdians. Another example is Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. X No. 13, (Mar. 26,
1967), p. 1 "The name, Ancient of Days, refers to Sanat Kumara, Hierarch of Venus, Who
came to earth millions of years ago...">. Here in effect is a call for a constitutional
convention to establish either the U.S. or world government under Sanat. (It is not exactly
clear which nation is being spoken about that is to call this constitutional convention.)
Who are the forces calling for a Constitutional Convention? William Still links these forces
to the CFR, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Brookings Institute and the World Federalists
in his expose.<#49. Still, William T. New World Order The Ancient Plan of Secret
Societies. Lafayette, LA, Huntington House, 1990. Chapter 15 covers the Constitutional
An example of an organization that has been created by the One-World-Power, that
functions in much the same capacity as the C.U.T. is the John Birch Society. Both groups
are so conservative that they stick out as extreme. Elizabeth Clare Prophet likes the John
Birch Society and speaks good things about it. The John Birch Society was created as
the Anti-thesis of communism, much in the same way that C.U.T. siphons off the
conservative element that dislikes long hair and dirty clothes, etc. but theologically is
attracted to the New Age. A 32 degree Mason named Robert Welch<#50. Braddock,
James E. The John Birch Society An Enigma. Bumsville, MN: Weisman Publications, p.13
states "Welch, being a well proven 32nd degree Mason, jumped at the chance to aide
and abet in the furtherance of the destruction of Christianity." CPA has access to a
Masonic document showing Welch's membership. Perhaps the first to claim Robert Welch
was a Mason was Dr. Stuart Crane. Eustice Mullins also received information that Welch
was a Mason from confidential sources. Braddock's research has been well-received by
a number of prominent ex-John Birchers.> started the John Birch Society in 1958. For
the Board of Directors for the John Birch Society he chose men from the Council of
Foreign Relations (CFR). As JBS policy, he had an Anti-communist but pro-Jewish
stance. After Welch had the JBS started, he received a large sum of money from the
Rockefellers. Braddock states, "Robert Welch...heir to, the Welch Candy Company...
Nelson [Rockefeller] purchased the company for a price that was three times the asking
price but with the condition that Robert would head the new John Birch Society."<#51.
Braddock, op. cit.p. 13.>
So the American people got more Hegelian Dialectics. And many conservative people
who sincerely wanted to save and defend the United States gave their money, time and
allegiance to this Society. Many rich conservative Americans gave their money to the
John Birch Society to fight the Anti-American forces. The John Birch Society was able
to siphon off much resistance that could have been really damaging to the One-World-
Power, and waste that concern and money of resistance into a make-believe battle
against communism.
Many of the highly knowledgeable people who joined the John Birch Society, such as
Dr. R.P. Oliver, Dr. Draskovich, Brig. Gen. G. Mohr, along with the three Directors of
Public Relations and others realized they were be taken for a ride, and got off. The
comments by these ex-John Birchers are a good testimony about the manufacture of an
Antithesis by the New World Order. Some of their comments are<#52. Braddock, op. cit.
various pages.>:
"The John Birch Society is a complete and deadly mirage in a vast desert of confusion
that was purposefully designed and augmented to aid in that confusion..."— James E.
"Unlike other groups and organizations which International Zionism has gradually taken
over, the John Birch Society was their own creation, to fulfill their own purposes—one
world order and control."—Charles A. Weisman
"When you see the Jewish influence in the top echelon of the Society in the organizing
Council of the JBS' and the Jewish money that is poured into the Society, you understand
that, here again, is an organization that is set up by International Judaism as a
neutralizing force for patriotic Americans."—Gen. Mohr
"I have resigned from the Council of the John Birch Society (and from the Society itself)
because I can no longer in conscience remain a member. I have also resigned as
Associate Editor of American Opinion and I will no longer contribute to that magazine." -
-Dr. Oliver
Our modern rainbow of dragons was the direct result of the Theosophical Society.
Helena P. Blavatsky (or H.P.B. as she called herself)(1831-1891) was sponsored by
several occult groups to get the Theosophical Society started. A small group of
Rosicrucian adepts were the primary sponsors of hers. The Great White Brotherhood was
lurking in her background too. The Theosophical Society is also called Co-Masonry.
Many of the leaders of the Theosophical Society have been women involved in the occult
Masonic groups that admit women, and men who have been part of Masonry. (See the
In the book On The Watch-Tower by Sri Ram we are told that the Theosophical
Society was working to unite Europe into one United States of Europe (p.570) and that
eventually the only solution for mankind was a Federation of all the nations.(p. 571) The
Primer of Theosophy states that the T. Society was started for two reasons a. to study
Occultism and b. to spread Universal Brotherhood.<#53. American Section of the
Theosophical Society. A Primer of Theosophy. Chicago, IL: The Rajput Press, 1911,
The theosophical book A Primer of Theosophy tells us that "There are two
presentations of the divine wisdom which are rounded and satisfying; that given by
Theosophy and that of Masonry. No religion or exoteric philosophy can equal them in
fullness or clearness."<#54. ibid., p. 61.>
Interestingly, the Theosophical Society feels that Freemasonry and itself teach the clear
divine wisdom. H.P. Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society tells us that the God
of the Bible is "a tribal God and no more"<#55 Blavatsky, H.P. Collected Writings, Vol.
8. Theosophical Publishing House, p. 277> who is "capricious and unjust."<#56 Blavatsky,
H.P. The Key to Theosophy. Chicago: Theosophical Publishing House, 1930, p.111.>
H.P.B. felt that Lucifer was the Savior of mankind and that the God of the Bible was
really the adversary of man, hence the name Satan described God better than Lucifer.
"The appellation Sa'tan, in Hebrew Satan, and Adversary...belongs by right to the first
and cruelest "Adversary" of all other Gods—Jehovah; not to the serpent which spoke only
words of sympathy and wisdom."—Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 3. Los Angeles:
Theosophy Co., 1925, p. 386.
H.P. Blavatsky, a Jewess, tells us, "Once the key to Genesis is in our hands, the
scientific and symbolical Kabbala unveils the secret. The Great Serpent of the Garden of
Eden and the "Lord God" are identical."— The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 2, p. 132.
"Satan, the Serpent of Genesis is the real creator and benefactor, the Father of
Spiritual mankind. For it is he...who opened the eyes [of Adam]...And he who was the first
to whisper, "in the day ye eat thereof, ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil." can
only be regarded in the light of a savior....he still remains in Esoteric Truth the ever loving
messenger...who conferred on us spiritual instead of physical immortality."—The Secret
Doctrine, Vol.3, p.246.
H.P.B. and her Society hate the Christians who they see as "fighting against divine
truth, when repudiating and slandering the Dragon of Esoteric Divine Wisdom."—The
Secret Doctrine, Vol. 3, p.376.
When we study further we discover that the global initiation spoken of by the T.S. is a
Luciferian initiation, and the Second Coming of Christ means that a "Christ
consciousness" of man's divinity returns to the human race.
Although people who follow the Theosophical Society initially may join for personal
development or enlightment and do not realize the ultimate goal, the ultimate goal of the
Theosophical Society is a One-World-Government with H.P.B.'s "Lord God" ruling.
Christians refer to her God as Satan, the Devil.
Manly P. Hall, 33° Mason, was an important Theosophical leader. He could really pack
the audiances in when he spoke to their groups. Many Anglo-American Masons study
Theosophy. Theosophic books are placed into the Masonic Libraries. Theosophy is
another way to describe Hinduism, or the New Age teachings. A visit to a Theosophic
Library will reveal that they carry books on witchcraft, Judaism, as well as all the various
topics of the New Age movement.
The E.S. or Esoteric Section, also known as the Eastern School of Theosophy is the
inner secret circle. This inner circle has itself several levels.
The Theosophical Society divided into two competing groups. The major group has its
international headquarter in Madras, India with its American headquarters in Wheaton,
II. The other group had its headquarters in Covina, CA and also in San Diego, CA.
The American Theosophical Society has its Quest Publishing house at Wheaton.
Interestingly, the name Manly P. Hall gives the to the Order whose job is to preserve the
plans for the take over of the world is called by him the Order of the Quest. The
Theosophical library at Wheaton called the Olcott Library and Research Center is one of
the best occultic collections anywhere.
The two Theosophical Societies have made their greatest impacts in the British nations
U.K/Can./Aust./N.Z./lndia and the United States. They have also been very popular in the
Scandinavian countries and Germany.
Episcopalian clergymen have been active in both Theosophical groups. Alice Ann
Bailey who took over the leadership in the 1920s, had taught in the Episcopalian church
and was married to an Episcopal rector. Alice Bailey did as much for Theosophy as did
H.P.B. Bailey is still influencing our culture today. She felt the number 666 was sacred.
One of the Theosophical Society's publications is Lucifer. Bailey started Lucifer Trust now
called Lucis Trust. She helped create the vast network of New Age groups. Lucis Trust
has continued promoting the number 666.
[fig. T.S. Logo PASTE UP 1.5 x 1.5]
MASONIC ELEMENTS (circle of snake), MARRIED TO JUDAISM (Star of David), ALONG
WITH THE MYSTERY RELIGIONS (Egyptian ankh), and HINDUISM (the Devanagari
The Watchtower Society has a number of teachings, symbols, etc. that match up with
the Theosophical Society's. More about these later.
Two prominent leaders that were involved with the Theosophical Society were Mahatma
Gandhi and Adolf Hitler. Mahatma Gandhi was interested in learning about Christianity
until H.P.B., who pretended to be a Christian convinced him Hinduism had more to offer.
Gandhi joined the Theosophical Society. The impetus for India's independence to a large
degree came from the Theosophical Society. Ann Besant the second Theosophical
President was instrumental in changing British attitudes. India's political leadership has
been closely connected with the Theosophical Society ever since independence, including
several Gandhis and Jawaharlal Nehru.
Hitler learned much of his occult knowledge from the Theosophical Society, although
credit needs to be given to his occult mentors at the Benedictine monastery school who
got him off onto the occult trail. Hitler spent
much of his time in occult bookstores learning metaphysics. He also had several adepts
in white and black magic instruct him. In Vienna, Hitler joined a modern German version
of the Knights Templars, a German Masonic group called "The Order of the New
Templars." The swastika was their emblem. The Theosophical Society even today
continues to use the swastika as one of their emblems.
The Theosophical Society has also included such genius inventors as the co-workers
Thomas Edison and Nichola Tesla. It has included such writers as George Bernard Shaw
and William Butler Yeats.
It is possible that the Dalai Lama is also associated with them.
Elvis Presley was a Theosophist. For a discussion on how the New World Order has
promoted the New Age religion through musicians see chapter 2.10.
Theosophist John H. Dewey wrote, "It is not proposed, be it observed, to replace
Christianity by Buddhism, nor Buddhism by Mohammedism, nor both by Judaism, nor yet
all three by Spiritism, but to bring each of the old religions back to its esoteric origin,
meaning and purity, and if they are found to be in essence one, shall we not have found
the TRUE RELIGION OF HUMANITY?"<#57. Dewey, John H., The Way The Truth and
The Life. Buffalo, NY: 1888, pp.11-12.>
One of the ways this chapter can be recapped is to quote part a letter written in 1822
by a Jewish Mason Piccolo Tigre to the Italian Piedmontese lodges of the Carbonari
(forest Masons).
"...it has been judged good and useful to propogate the light everywhere, and to set in
motion all that aspires to move. For this reason we do not cease to recommend to you,
to affiliate persons of every class to every manner of association, no matter of what kind,
only provided that mystery and secrecy should be the dominant characteristics. All Italy
is covered with religious confraternities, and with penitents of divers colours. Do not fear
to slip in some of your people into the very midst of these flocks, led as they are by
stupid devotion. Let our agents study with care the personnel of these..."<#58. Dillon,
George E. Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked. London: Britons Pub. Society, 1950,
p. 58.>
The letter goes on to show how to create societies and associations, how to separate
men from their families, and to use secrets as bait to lead men where you want them.
Masons continue even today creating new societies and associations and infiltrating those
that they haven't created.
1358- The Sufis go underground with their religion, are reported to have extended into
Scotland as a trade guild in the 14th century and developed into Freemasonry.
1700's- Druidism and the worship of Tara come with the activation of the llluminati.
May 1, 1776- Birth of the Bavarian llluminati
1781- United Ancient Order of Druids formed in London with Masonic rites.
1871- H.P.B. formed the Spiritist Society.
1875- H.P.B. formed the Theosophical Society, she writes that preparatory work for Lord
Maitreya will begin in 1975.
1890- Ghulam Ahmad who claims to be the Promised One of all Religions appears,
organizes the worldwide Sufi movement.
1891 - Annie Besant takes over T.S. after H.P.B. and begins talking of a coming Avatar,
a "great world teacher" to take the world into its next stage of evolution
Spring, 1908- Ghulam Ahmad dies, his Master evil Spirit leaves Ahmad for Krishnamurti
1909- Order of the Star formed by Besant to promote Krishnamurti as the Lord Maitreya
1919- Alice Bailey says she was appproached by Djwal Khul (D.K.-a Master) who
showed her the plan which included Lord Maitreya coming. Meditation groups were set
up to channel energy from the Masters.
1925- Besant announces Krishnamurti is the Christ, trip to America ends in failure.
1931- Krishnamurti renounces that he is the Christ.
1932- Nicolas Roerich's Maitreya published.
1948- Bailey publishes The Reappearance of the Christ, she suggests that 1975 is the
year for preparatory work to begin for Lord Maitreya.
1959 - Benjamin Creme says he received telepathic messages from the Hierarchy.
Feb.,1962- Rahmat Ahmad is born in Pakistan. He is in line to become the fifth Khalifahul-
Masih (Caliph -Successor- of the Messiah).
1975- Benjamin Creme (Scotsman and part Jewish) announces to his wife and others
that he is Lord Maitreya's John the Baptist.
July 8, 1977- Rahmat Ahmad (Lord Maitreya) flew into Karachi.
July 19, 1977- Rahmat Ahmad (Lord Maitreya) flew into London, England, takes control
of the London Mission of the Ahmadiyya community.<#59. Lawrence, Troy. New Age
Messiah Identified. Lafayette, LA: Huntington House, 1991. This book was written under
an assumed name by someone who became a Christian while working for the Tara
Center. After much secret work, and access to much confidential information, the book's
author was able to identify who Lord Maitreya is.>
April 25, 1982- Creme spends $250,000 on ads in 20 major papers worldwide
announcing Lord Maitreya.
May 14, 1982- Benjamin Creme gives the press the clue that Lord Maitreya lives in the
Indian-Pakistani community of London and invites them to look for him.
June 21, 1982- Lord Maitreya has failed to show as predicted.
July 31, 1985- 22 journalist from 12 countries discuss how to make Maitreya's "Day of
Declaration" possible.
1986- Top executives of British Media agree to stage the Maitreya's "Day of Declaration",
but higher authorities in British government veto it.
June 11, 1988- Maitreya appears in person in Nairobi, Kenya and is worshipped by
Apr. 21-22, 1990- 200 dignitaries including royalty from around the world attended a
conference with Lord Maitreya in London.
1991-George Bush, Mikael Gorbechov meet with Lord Maitreya off of Malta.
YET TO COME- "The Day of Declaration" when Rahmat Ahmad is presented to the world
as Lord Maitreya.
Rahmat Ahmad is to be the next leader of the Sufi Moslems. The Sufis have secret
societies around the world and rule in most of the Arab states. There are now about 14
million Ahmadis who give total allegience to whoever holds the position that Rahmat
Ahmad is to inherit. His title translates "Successor of Messiah." Why might the New World
Order pick Rahmat Ahmad to be their King/Priest? The Sufi Moslems are tied to
Freemasonry, the Knights Templars, and the Theosophic Society. A visit to a
Theosophical Society Library will allow the reader to see that they have a good selection
of books on Sufism. Sufism is a mysticism that holds that man can become illuminated
and divine. Although it is called Moslem, it has no more to do with the Moslem religion
than the Rosicrucians have to do with Christianity. Sufism is New Age mysticism, similar
to Hinduism.
It is reported that Col. Quaddafi of Libya is a Sufi or a Sufi supporter. When Quaddafi
when came to power, he repressed the Moslem clergy, even shut down a few mosques
and made the moslem clergy subservient to him. This may help explain why CIA agents
with ties to Freemasonry would help him. Although he puts out loud speeches threatening
the United States, he appears to be working in close cooperation with the New World
Order; at the least he is unwittingly helping carry out some of their goals. It further
explains why when travel to Libya was supposedly prohibited to all Americans, Knight of
Malta and U.S. diplomat to the Vatican William Wilson was visiting Sufi Quaddafi. One
of the American oil companies that continued operating quietly in Libya during all the big
press releases of tensions and the U.S. air attack, was headed by J. Peter Grace, who
is the head of the Knights of Malta in the United States.<#60 Cooper, William. Behold A
Pale Horse. Sedona, AZ: Light Technology Pub., 1991, pp. 87-88.> Quaddafi proposes
in his Green Book a synthesis of Communism and Capitalism.
The Buddhists are looking for a Lord Maitreya (the fifth Buddha) to return. Some of the
Jews are looking for a Messiah, and the Shiite Muslims are looking for Imman Madhi. The
Hindus are expecting the Bodhisattva (Kalki) or Krishna. The Tara Center, which
promotes the Lord Maitreya, hopes to play upon all these various expectations.
Great expense and great plans are to be used to convince the world of his divinity. The
Establishment media is ready to be used for promoting Lord Maitreya. A number of
indicators seemed to indicated that the new messiah would have a Jewish Lineage of the
House of David. If Rhamat Ahmad is not of the House of David, and it appears he isn't,
then it may well be that Ahmad is not the prized leader that they plan to set up as a
The Tara Center often uses the pyramid with the all-seeing eye which is a masonic
symbol. The Tara Center has ties to Freemasonry. Tara worship is linked to
Freemasonry, and has been practiced by the Druids and the Hindus. Tara Hill in Ireland
is a worship center for Druid worship.
The Tara center believes in a One-World-Socialist government with revitalized
Freemasonry as the world's religion. People are being told man will become divine under
this New World Order. (Sadly, the truth is they will become slaves. And slaves of
Satanists have been the most pitilessly abused slaves of all.)
The New World Order has a Pakistani man named Rhamat Ahmad ready to be
revealed as the Lord Maitreya. His identity has been a secret only known to a handful of
men. The New Agers, the Masons, and the Sufi, and some of the Buddhists can be
counted on to worship him, if the Power decides to go ahead and use him. He may be
the bridge between East and West that the Power is hoping to create for his One-Worldgovernment.
Chapter 1.5
Mysteries of the Watchtower Society
You will learn in this chapter:
• You will be informed that the winged-sun-disk used by H.P.B and C.T. Russell was
an llluminati symbol and a symbol for the Church of Illumination.
• You will learn about three mysteries of the Watchtower Society, pyramids, the Golden
Age, and the winged-sun-disk.
• You will examine Charles T. Russell and his sun worship.
I remember the first time I came in contact with Jehovah's Witness literature. I was in
high school, and as the caretaker of our family library I puzzled over the symbolic
meaning to the cover. Two tiny snakes with protruding gold tongues encircled a Winged
globe on the book's reddish-brown cover. The book was part of a series "Studies in the
Scriptures". What the symbolic meaning of this strange Winged-Sun-Disk with snakes
was not explained. Obviously, the meaning was for those "in the know" and not the
casual reader.
The author of "Studies in the Scripture" spoke of a Golden Age to come. He
capitalized in bold underlined letters on each volume's title page THE GOLDEN AGE OF
Russell had a fold out chart in the front of Vol. 1 about the Great Pyramid. | was
unaware of who Russell was, and unable to realize the implications of all this. I do,
however, remember those first impressions as a Christian in high school "this is weird."
Where did all these strange beliefs come from? It doesn't take much to pique the
curiosity of my research oriented mind. My teenage mind was always from early on
searching in an effort to learn, checking out Plato, John Dewey, Will Durant, Mahatma
Gandhi, and many other philosophers and religious leaders. As a youngster, I was always
asking why?
The curious can have a field day with the Jehovah's Witnesses. For instance, why
call one's meeting place a hall? why not Kingdom meeting, or Kingdom assembly, or
Kingdom study, or church, or chapel, or tabernacle, or temple, or something else? why
Why all the secrecy? Why are the writers and leaders of the Watchtower Society
clouded in secrecy? Why have no membership records been kept? The answer given,
that it was a security measure in case of persecution didn't satisfy me. Why? Because
other groups equally persecuted made other choices, choices that are not secretive.
Others said, we trust God and are willing to suffer for Him, so why be secretive? What
have we to hide?
The choice to be secretive is just that, a choice, a decision. And it was made at
the top of the Watchtower pyramid, by the Watchtower President, and now by the
Governing body. And this secretive attitude permeates down the pyramid to the rank and
file Jehovah's Witnesses.
"I was interested in possibly joining the Jehovah's Witnesses," a stranger related
to this author in a chance conversation, "but when I arrived at the Kingdom Hall, the
meeting had begun. They had locked the door, there were no windows, and I didn't want
anything to do with a secretive religion like that."
The answer to where Jehovah's Witnesses receive their strange beliefs, strange
doctrines, and attitudes comes primarily from two men. Because primarily only two men,
Charles Taze Russell and Joseph F. Rutherford made all the decisions of the Watchtower
Society for the beginning sixty years.
Ray Franz who was an important Governing Body member stated that the first two
Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Presidents "acted according to his own perogatives
in exercising his presidential authority, with no hint of a governing body."2
Since these two WT leaders, two other Presidents have served, Knorr and Franz.
But while Knorr administrated, Frederick Franz was the real religious leader. Governing
Body member Klein referred to Fred Franz as their "oracle." But today their oracle is 97
years old, blind, and only a figurehead.
How does the researcher attempt to understand these problems and men?
Some of this Author's conclusions after years of research, is that there are certainly
many pitfalls to investigating secretive organizations.
Material written by secretive organizations for the public's consumption are often
loaded with fictictious information. Modern Masonic writers are quite frank that the early
Masonic writers when writing about the lodge are not to be trusted.3 Not every Mason
author identifies himself as a Mason. The Masons have lied to show their legitimacy and
antiquity. The Jehovah's Witnesses have done similar things, but have also deceived to
gloss over doctrinal controversies, embarrassing scandals, anything that doesn't square
with the image of being God's selfless, pristine perfect organization. Periodically they
rewrite their history to match "present truth." The WT Society has been taken to task
numerous times for scholastic dishonesty. Anyone familiar with the Mormon murders has
a chance to know the elaborate deception the LDS (Mormon) church leaders have gone
to, to preserve their power.4 As the reader will discover, Masons and Mormons are given
latitude to explore religious thought, within the limits given them, but the power and
integrity of the leadership is an off-limits subject. Two insiders close to the top of LDS
pyramid of power, Frank J. Cannon and John C. Bennett, revealed in their books some
of the high-level working of the LDS church.5 LDS members were forbidden to quote
their sensitive material.
Both Masonic and non-Masonic writers often have an incorrect view that all
Freemasons have a common purpose, common beliefs, and common methods. The
higher Masonic leadership has goals which will be exposed in this book. The lower levels
of Masonry are a cover, and for that purpose are permitted to have many ideas. Most
Freemasons are limited in their knowledge of Freemasonry. The Freemason next door
may regard his own personal experience, as universal of all Freemasonry. He may have
only experienced the lodge in terms of a philanthropic fraternity, and has not bothered to
study what Freemasonry has done historically, or what the higher levels reveal. Like
army-grunts in the field, they have no knowledge of the high-level planning.
The Masons have clouded their activities. The higher degrees are called "side
degrees" and they claim the higher degree aren't higher, but simply on the side. The truth
seeker has to work his way through these ruses.
How does one investigate the strange masonic connections of the Watchtower
Society, the Mormons, and other religious groups?
It's like being a policeman who comes upon a suspicious car accident. If he rules
it "an accident", rather than a homicide, he will limit his approach in gathering clues. On
the other hand, if he assumes the worst and views it as a homicide, he will collect all the
evidence he can. This book is an attempt to gather evidence. Yes, the fact that the
policeman gathers facts means he's suspicious. It doesn't mean anyone is guilty. For
instance, just because C.T. Russell was a Mason, doesn't mean Jehovah's Witnesses
today join Masonic Orders.
Now this Author can not actually take the reader through all the hoops of research
he has jumped through to get to his conclusions. But he can pass some of it along in this
book, along with his conclusions. This Author has concluded that the following statement
of Manly P. Hall, a powerful Mason who was on the secret world council of thirteen,6 is
an accurate reflection of the power that the Masonic mystery religions feel they have.
"Under new names and, to a measure, with new interpretation, the old wisdom
which guided the destinies of ancient peoples is being reconsidered and restored. It
becomes increasingly more evident that wisdom and understanding alone can can bestow
the security and happiness which all men still seek as the foundation of a useful life. The
shadowy forms of the venerated sages and prophets of the Golden Age rise again,
inviting our appreciation. Though long exiled from the sphere of mortal purposes, these
noblest of men are being re-established as the great teachers of the human race. The
mystery religions of antiquity, which flourished long before the rise of the modern way of
life, have been brought into clear focus by progressive leaders in the fields of psychology
and comparitive religion."7
Manly P. Hall is correct in that Hinduism is presented today under a new name
"New Age Movement." And true, the Hindu forms of prayer, Yoga and Transcendental
Meditation have a new interpretation, they are exercises to practice. And the venerated
sages of Hinduism and Witchcraft have risen (and fallen like the "Bhagwan Shree"
Rajneesh and Krishnamurti, and like New Age leaders Jim Jones and Adolf Hitler).
However, progressive leaders have not brought the New Age movement into focus. That
is why this book is needed.
The author's experiences in New Delhi, India were a real picture of the end result
of the New Age beliefs. There are many clues around. For instance, this Author's stamp
collection contained Indian Nationalist postage stamps printed by Nazi Germany, just a
glimpse of the connection between the Hitler's promised thousand year Millenium, and
the New Age New Order. The more clues a researcher finds the worse the story gets
worse, much worse. No, progressive leaders have not brought the issues into clear focus.
For those readers who are interested in stories of power, for those who do not
want to be compliant servants of a New World Order, this book is written for you.
Dedicated to those whose love of truth and freedom led them to pay the ultimate
sacrifice, death.
Let's start by an examination of those three mysterious items of the founder of the
Watchtower Society, Charles Taze Russell. Those were the winged-sun-disk, pyramids
and the Golden Age to come. It is disconcerting to find that these items are three notable
things discussed in Manly P. Half's classic reference book on esoteric Masonic
knowledge, The Secret Teachings of All Ages. As we flip through Manly P. Hall's book
page after page refer to a coming future Golden Age. We also stumble upon the wingedsun-
disk (on page XLIX) which is explained as a solar trinity, and represents the various
sun Gods of the ages. At least eight pages discuss pyramids in detail, especially the
Great Pyramid that Pastor C.T. Russell wrote so much about. On page XLIII appears a
Great Pyramid drawing from Piazzi Smyth, C.T. Russell's mentor. It is well established
that Smyth was the mentor of the Watchtower Society's experts on the meaning of the
Great Pyramid. Smyth was the source of both Manly P. Hall's esoteric Great Pyramid
knowledge and C.T. Russell and the Edgar brothers' (well known WT lecturers on the
Great Pyramid) knowledge.
When something new appears it is good for us to remember there is nothing new
under the sun.
I illustrated that point with a personal anecdote in my previous book The
Watchtower & The Masons. (This book Be Wise As Serpents is going to go over some
of the same material on the Watchtower Society as my previous book, but this time more
details and better explanations will be brought to bear on the subject.)
Perhaps the reader can think of his or her own experience that taught him how we
derive our ideas from sources, and not from out of a vacuum.
I marvel at how much continuity a modern people have with their ancestors. This
point was highlighted one day. I was studying some ancient Egyptian cursive handwriting
from the 19th Dynasty while waiting for my meal in a restaurant. My sample of cursive
called hieratic was about 3,300 years old.
An arab approached me and started a conversation, because he thought I was reading
Arabic. That caused me to reflect. The Egyptians had been conquered by the Assyrians,
Persians, Greeks, and Romans, and had gone through using various scripts, yet they
choose in relatively modern times to use the Arabic script which resembles hieratic. The
word choose here is used on the premise people are responsible for their own actions.
People tend to build, to adapt old ideas. People tend to borrow rather than create new.
(As I did with this paragraph from from my earlier book.) When we see something "new"
arrive in history, such as the alphabet, then it is valid to question where "new" ideas have
come from. In the case of an alphabet, one looks for clues as to when it was introduced.
"New" ideas rarely come from a vacuum.
If the researcher tracks down where Charles T. Russell's ideas come from he is
led to a source that was a common source of other religions too. The researcher begins
to see patterns, and to realize that religions stemming from the source of Russell all have
a common goal. The rank and file of these groups are of course unaware of much of this,
and are unwittingly contributing to a master plan.
In 1910, Russell made his second trip to the Egyptian pyramids. He went inside the
Great Pyramid. When he returned, he informed the readers of the Watchtower magazine
about the Pyramid's hidden message. He also instituted some big changes to the binding
of his books. His Studies in the Scriptures received the Egyptian trinity Winged-Sun-Disk
on their covers, and the other Watchtower books also received it. He also at the same
time made an effort to look international stamping the binding of the covers either
"London and Brooklyn" or "Brooklyn and London".
Another religious leader, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, leader of the Theosophical
Society, also used the Winged-Sun-Disk. She by coincidence also started putting it on
her magazines Theosophy in 1912. She had also made a pilgrimage to the Great
Pyramid, and like Russell had to go in and explore the passageways and chambers
herself. She spent an entire night alone in the heart of the Great Pyramid in the King's
The Theosophical Society had a branch in Pittsburgh when Russell lived there, and
also in Brooklyn where Russell reestablished. It would be hard to conceive that Russell
never came into contact with this group. Especially since he writes about them, and
mentions contact with Theosophists. Interestingly the man who was famous in the Irish
Lodge of Theosophy was George W. Russell, who wrote for The Irish Theosophist. The
Golden Dawn was a Society and the name of that Society's magazine that was started
by a Mason in 1887. The Irish, especially George Russell, were attracted to this order and
its Temple of Isis. The Temple of Isis used the Winged-Sun-Disk over its portals.
The tie-in with Masonry, the New Age, and the Theosophical Society is a close
one. The Scottish Rite started the modern Rosicrucians who started HP. Blavatsky off
with the Theosophical Society.8 They financed her and her constant travels. The Grand
Master of the Brotherhood of Luxor recommended H.P.B to Olcott with a letter written in
gold ink on green paper.9 Olcott, himself an active Mason, suggested to H.P.B. that they
start the Theosophical Society using their group of Masons, Rosicrucians, Cabalists, and
Spiritualists that were meeting in a NY apartment.10 The Scottish Rite also has published
for over 100 years the New Age magazine, and has promoted the New Age Movement
from the Masonic Lodges. The publications of the Theosophical Society are stocked in
the Masonic libraries and read by them. Most of the leaders of the modern Rosicrucians
have been Masons. The leaders of the Theosophical Society have generally been women
who were in co-Masonry. And the T.S. has also been called co-Masonry.11 The
Theosophical Society has openly promoted the New Age movement, in contrast with the
Scottish Rite's quieter methods. The leaders of the Theosophical Society have been
channelers,12 which is interesting because so have the leaders of the Watchtower
Society.13 One of the books put out by a later president of the Theosophical Society is
titled On the Watchtower.14 It is a regular part of the Masonic Knights Templar's libraries,
and is a selection of Theosophist articles. More on the meaning of Watchtowers and the
parallels between the W.S. and the T.S. later.
The investigator will find similar winged-globes in the pagan mystery religions of
the Middle East, but this representation of the Winged-Sun-Disk originates in ancient
Egypt. The meaning is derived from Ancient Egypt, and stands for Osirus (the Sun God),
Horus, and Isis.
Those who study Egyptian Magic and practice it today use the symbol for its
purported magical properties. "Emblematic of the element of air, this consists of a circle
or solar-type disk enclosed by a pair of wings. In ritual magic it is suspended over the
altar in an easterly direction and used when invoking the protection and co-operation of
the sylphs." So says an expert on such magic in his book Practical Egyptian Magic.15
According to a book used by the Church of Illumination (Rosicrucian) to instruct
on their teachings, "The Winged Globe is pre-eminently a Rosicrucian symbol, although
the llluminati may lay some claim to it, and it may be admitted that it is of Egyptian origin.
The Winged Globe is the symbol of the perfected soul making its flight back to the source
of its creation in Elysian fields beyond."16
It is also said to be the "house of many mansions", that is the God-like reasoning
that man supposedly has.17
If one investigates further back into Rosicrucian thought one finds that the German
llluminati used the Winged-Sun-Disk. The use of the magic symbol goes back to the
Kabbalah. The Kabbalists use it to portray Jehovah. However, their full explanation of who
Jehovah is, is that Jehovah is the sun-god. He is to the Kabbalists the same as the
Gnostic sun-god Demiurgus or the Greek almighty God Zeus, which name at times is
used interchangably with Jehovah. The Jewish mystical thought that pervades
Rosicrucian thinking then is seen in an illustration of a secret 16th Century Rosicrucian
book Die Goldene Zeit (The Golden Age) which portrays the Winged disk with the magical
Tetragrammaton in the sun globe's center.
From the sources quoted, the reader has learned that the llluminati and
Rosicrucians use the Winged-Sun-Disk. What about the Masons?
Illustration from the secret 16th century Rosicrucian book The Golden Age.
Upon achieving the 32 degree, the Mason is given Albert Pike's Morals and
Dogma. It is now from the Pope of Masonry, Albert Pike, that the Mason learns that
Phallic worship is the true worship of Masonry. However, an examination of Phallic
worship, which is the worship of the regenerative parts is the same as sun worship, the
sun being the symbol of regeneration.18 The worship of the sun has often been sexual
in its ritual. The Elysian fields that the Sun Trinity-the Winged Solar Disk represents are
sexual rituals. Masonry itself claims to perpetuate the ancient mysteries of Isis and Osiris,
Tammuz and Baal19 which are Sun religions that ultimately are derived from a single
common origin.
In Albert Churchward's (30° Mason) book Signs and Symbols of Primordal Man,
The Evolution of Religious Doctrines from the Eschatology of the Ancient Egyptians, he
states that the Winged-Sun-Disk is used by 33 degree Masons.
The 33rd degree is the highest public level of the Scottish Rite Masons. There are
both honorary and actual operative 33 degree Masons. Notable persons, such as
Presidents and leading clergymen are initiated into the 33rd degree. According to
Churchward they alone know its meaning. However, exposure to the symbol is almost
unavoidable to those Masons reading Theosophic literature.
"That's the sun disk Ra," exclaimed an active 32 degree Mason when this Author
flashed Russell's cover of the Studies in the Scriptures.
"It's a Masonic symbol," this Author chimed in.
"No, it's not a Masonic symbol," came the reply.
"How did you know what it was?"
Complete silence. He had immediately recognized the symbol but refused to talk
about it, or his knowledge about it. According to the Masonic oath they aren't to talk about
Masonic knowledge.
Some will object that if Russell went to Egypt he may have got the symbol from
Egypt, and not from esoteric Masonic-connected groups.
It is true that it is found displayed over Egyptian temples. For instance, one of the
most spetacular exhibits ever, was the King Tut artifacts, discovered seven years after
C.T. Russell died. Four oak house-like structures, called shrines, contained the body of
this minor boy Pharoah. The inside of these large oak shrines were laid of gold, giving
us an idea of the splendor the other Pharoahs likewise received. Visitors to the exhibit
can view the Winged-Sun-Disk at the top above each door and on the far side or rear
However, in drawing representations of this over their temples the Egyptians
employed a variety of styles. The snakes may look like vipers or cobras, and may even
be dropping down rather than looking out from the sun disk. In researching what books
were available to Russell, and what live Egyptian drawings Russell could have studied
of the Osirus, Isis, and Horus trinity, it is this Author's conclusion that he would have seen
a variety of representations. None of which he used. However, he did follow basically the
way the esoteric Masonic groups drew it, so consequently his source was most likely an
esoteric source.
Illustrations from references of C.T. Russell's day showing the Winged-Sun-Disk
are provided to document the variety of choice.
Some have speculated that the Winged-Sun-Disk is an angel's wing like a
Cherub. This is an uninformed guess. A close look at copies of Russell's books in
excellent condition will reveal that there are snakes on each side of the disk. Further,
Russell passes up ways to use it as an angel. It is undoubtedly the Winged-Sun-Disk
on his books.
Surprisingly, there are a number of clues that show C.T. Russell did believe in a
Sun deity. Russell spoke about Zorastor as a true prophet (WT '06, p. 14). Zoroaster, was
considered to be the Sun God by his followers. Cyrus the Great, who name meant the
Sun, was considered by his gnostic followers to be the Sun-God. Russell thought Cyrus
the Great was a prefiguring of Jesus Christ. Russell in fact believed the Resurrected
Jesus was at the center of the Sun.
Russell never left himself without a scripture to explain whatever he decided to
Mal. 4;2 refers to "But to you who fear My name, The Sun of Righteousness shall
arise With healing in His wings; and you shall go out And grow fat like stall-fed calves."
Russell at various times gave various interpretations to Mal. 4:2. A comprehensive
examination shows he said the Sun of Righteousness is
1) Jesus and his church
After reading thousands of pages on the Mystery religions, dozens of Masonic books
on their religious symbology, various books on the mythic images of mankind globally,
and the Christian scriptures it was clear that 5 concepts repeatedly have been interlinked
with each other on a worldwide basis and that each of these 5 interlinked ideas has also
been represented by the concept of a serpent, a snake.
[place diagram here]
It is understandable how man in various areas could see the stars, the closest star the
Sun, and fire and worship these items. It is also easy to see how two internal fires within
man, sexual passion and curiosity could be integrated into the worship of the Sun, stars,
and fire. If one were worthy of worship, then all the rest were too. It is easy to understand
how a priesthood could persuade people to give them authority in order that these items
might be properly worshipped. An examination of the related Sun worships from the
classical world shows that the priests reserved an esoteric worship for themselves that
was hidden behind the worship of fire, sex, snakes and the sun. The Egyptian priests that
taught the people sun worship in Moses' day were monotheistic. This monotheistic god
was the Light-bearer.
To understand the significance of pyramids to Masons (and New Agers in general) we
can show how pyramids, especially in particular the Great Pyramid of Giza, relates to
these 5 interlocked concepts.
The Great Pyramid is important to Masons according to Masonic sources because:
a. An initiate (then and now) after entering the Great Pyramid leaves as a god. (light—
bearer/godhood on chart)
b. The Great Pyramid is said to be prophetic when its passageways are
measured. (wisdom)
c. Sun worshippers built the Great Pyramid.(sun worship)
d. All pyramids are said to emit special energy.
e. Pyramids are an architectural picture of an ascended flame to heaven.(fire)
f. The pyramid's upward triangle shape stands for the male generative principle.
When the Masons Charles T. Russell and H.P. Blavatsky made their pilgrimages to the
Great Pyramid and went into the King's chamber it is possible the significance of their
visits included the above a through f items.
The philosophy behind the mystery religions, Freemasonry, Theosophy, Gnosticism and
the New Age movement continue the idea that man should seek out the fruit of the tree
of good and evil for it shall make him a god. These religious philosophies also declare
that "true" Christianity (cosmic or New Age Christianity) is also this gnostic quest for
Many Gnostic religions hate traditional Christianity. They have also over the years
criticized biblical Christianity for holding mankind back from finding his quest for godhood.
For several upcoming paragraphs we will contrast Christianity with the gnostic quest
for enlightment. We will refer to the head adversary of the Creator, what the scriptures
call "...the dragon, that serpent of old, the devil, or Satan." Rv 20:1
Some readers will hold the view that Satan and demons don't exist. They are free to
speculate that, but there is no way to prove their speculation. On the other hand, it is
easy to substantiate an objective belief in demons by examining the countless
testimonies, etc. about them. J.W. Montgomery in Principalities and Powers, written after
years of research into the existence of demons, concluded, "The problem involved in
determining whether demon possession occurs and whether witchcraft works is absurdly
simple. The documentation is overwhelming."21
Whatever our view of demons and their reality, there is the visible behavior of humans
who are so brutal that we label their behavior as "inhuman" because they exhibit a cruelty
that surpasses all the animal kingdom and surpasses any purposeful depraved needs.
So why are these men so "demonically" destructive? How do we explain a man like Pol
Pot who cruely killed half the people (many killed were of the better half) in his beautiful
country of Cambodia. These were his own people. Rational answers fall short of
explaining such irrational behavior for destruction. This destructive force may be labeled
demonic, whether we view demons as real or as a psychological phenomena.
"Be wise as serpents...," What were the issues at stake in the Garden of Eden? If we
are to be as wise as serpents, what was it that the serpent knew that Eve didn't know?
The story of the Garden of Eden sets forth the Biblical view of this issue right from the
first part of scriptures.
The serpent knew that man was man, and that it was a delusion for man to try to
become god. The only way since then for man to think he has reached godhead is if he
deludes himself. And the serpent is there to help him try. But why does the Serpent want
man to seek godhead through taking in the fruit of good and evil?
The biblical view of God was that man should not try to determine good from evil by
taking in knowledge—that is eating of the fruit of the tree of good and evil. For man to
determine for himself right from wrong is called situational ethics. Rather than man
pretending to be a god by declaring what is wrong by his own wisdom of situational
ethics, man was to allow God to decide. The creator had laid down physical, spiritual, and
moral laws. But the gift of choice was given to man. That was God's will. God's will allows
for bad choices on man's part, including the option by man to reject his loving Creator
and make up his own rules in contradiction to truth.
Today, we are seeing that many young people do not want the responsibility of making
their own choices about what is right and wrong. They are running to Guru's, and laying
their freedom of choice at the feet of these New Age "Godmen". "Tell me what to do,"
they ask. And then men like Jim Jones, who thought he was God,22 make their choices
for these youth, often with disasterous consequences.
Why does Satan encourage man to seek divinity? Even today people are as naive as
Eve concerning the issue. Satan and the demons really hate the Creator and would like
to destroy his Creation. But how does seeking one's divinity aid in mankind's destruction?
The Theosophical Society tells us that "...all philosophy is an effort to apprehend
Reality; but it is an effort of the intellect merely, and as such it is, and must always be a
fruitless effort."23
The inability for man to find godhead by reason and logic has been repeatedly
discovered by all the great minds. Man has always failed. For instance, William James
the philosopher tell us in A Pluralistic Universe, p. 212, "For my own part I have finally
found myself compelled to give up the logic, fairly, squarely, and irrevocably. It has an
imperishable use in human life, but that use is not to make us theoretically acquainted
with the essential nature of reality."
To apprehend reality as a truth seeker by using only logic and reason is a dead end
street. God reveals truth to man according to the Scriptures, and man obeys.
If man chooses not to obey, and insists on seeking truth on his own, he invariably must
discard logic and reason and turns to mysticism, the occult and the mystery religions
including Hinduism. In order to achieve his delusion of godhead, the initiate is encouraged
to leave reality by using drugs, self-hypnosis, ectastic activity such as rigorous physical
and sexual activity, psycotic states of the mind and trances.
The Theosophical Society states, "Some of our modern philosophers are beginning to
apprehend this fact: notably Henri Bergson, who speaks of a higher faculty which he calls
intuition, and which he says must replace intellect if we would contact Reality."24 The
Theosophical Society believes the world is but an illusion, Maya, an idea they have
learned from Hinduism.
The reasoning that these people use is a form of reasoning not under God's authority
and is consequently according to scripture not under his protection from demonic control.
To step out from underneath God's authority is like stepping out from underneath an
umbrella during the rain, the protection offered is lost. Although these people use reason,
it is a distorted version. The dying words of atheists who exalted reason, shows that they
often discovered their philosophy turned out to be a cruel hoax.
Does Satan benefit by watching men pursueing altered states of consciousness and
tripping out and leaving reality? Yes. A life centered on deluding oneself is a destructive
Satan's Kingdom, often called the Kingdom of the World is taking advantage of man's
ignorant groping for godhood. Satan is out to destroy God's creation made in his own
Get in touch with reality and stay there. Quit trying to "cop out" of reality. Christians are
to test the spirits to see if they are of God. That means elements of logic, science, and
reason must be tested to see if they are under God's authority. If they are, then embrace
them. Christianity and the Scriptures are not against science, logic, and reason. No those
items are powerful tools for Christianity. But when those items are used in a distorted way
that must be avoided. Science and intellect are not to be used to create gods nor is their
purpose to invent systems of morality.
Evolution is an example of a powerful warped way of thinking. Because it was
developed intentionally as a tool to destroy belief in God, it has not been protected from
demonic powers. All kinds of demonic influences have directed the evolutionists, and the
list of frauds perpetrated by evolutionists is long. It is also used to teach us morality, such
as, only the fit (the best) survive. This means one is superior if he survives by any
To use reason, science and reality to become gods is in itself a distortion of reality—a
contradiction, for man is but man. In order to delude himself into thinking he is a god,
mankind is turning to drugs and other escapes from reality.
The Christian NT book of Ephesians chap. 4 deals with sins of the flesh in the context
of the old man (verse 22) and the new man (verse 24). In this context, suddenly Paul
warns us, "Neither give place to the devil." (verse 27). By committing fleshly sins, the
demons are given a place (lit. ground) for their activity in the believer's life.
But the Christian idea of God establishing right and wrong for us, is rediculed as
simplistic by all the various Gnostic groups.
" 'Christianity,' so-called, lulls its devotees into a false sense of security, or "salvation";
whereas the whole history of humanity, and of religion itself, shows us that:
" The path by which to Deity we climb
Is arduous, rough, ineffable, sublime."'25
The poem is right. The path to divinity is an arduous path, because it is a path man is
not to accomplish on his own. It is a cruel hoax which Lucifer as an angel of light assists.
The Masonic lodges which continue the ancient mystery religion (one religion with
various names) teaches the initiate that he needs light. Masonic authority Mackey in his
Encyclopaedia states, "Light. Light is an important word in the Masonic system. It conveys
a far more recondite meaning than it is believed to possess by the generality of readers.
It is in fact the first of all the symbols presented to the neophyte, and continues to be
presented to him in various modifications throughout all his future progress in his Masonic
As a candidate for various degrees the Mason Will declare his need for light. For
instance, the Entered Apprentice, or first degree is asked by the Worshipful Master, "In
your present condition, what do you most desire?"
And C.T. Russell, Joseph Smith, Jr., Billy Graham, and Robert Schuler all answered,
"Light is the first demand of a candidate at his initiation; and the material light is
succeeded by an intellectual illumination."—Historical Landmarks, Vol. 1, p.135.
This search for light continues up through the degrees. When the candidate receives
his lecture for the 32nd degree he is told, "You are here to learn, if you can learn, and
to remember what you have been taught. In the Scottish Rite you will be taught that our
ancient ancestors who knew all the Mysteries left enough traces so that we today with
diligant labor and teaching may renew them and bring them to light for your enlightment.
We now come to the great symbol of Pythagoras. Our symbols have descended to us
from the Aryans, and many were invented by Pythagoras, who studied in Egypt and
Babylon. In order to preserve the great truths learned from the profane, there were
invented some of our symbols that represent the profoundest of truths descended to us
from our white ancestors...The ancient Masters invented some of these symbols to
express the result of deity. They did not attempt to name him, but rather tried to express
their reverence by describing him as Ahura-Mazda, spirit of light."27
Ahura-Mazda was the god of the Mazdean religion which worshipped five types of fire.
The five fires were the internal fire of the earth, the Kundalini aka as Sex-force or serpent
power, the fire of lightning, the fire of vegitation, and the fire of Ahura-Mazda.
The ritual quoted above of the 32 degree lecture introduces us to two concepts worthy
of note at this point. First, that symbols are used to conceal truth from the profane, and
second that Masonry involves the worship of the various 5 elements of the serpent.
In Ez. 8:16, Sun worshippers are described facing the east. Generally, sun worshippers
have faced east, as the Masonic rituals connected to sun worship do. Because of a
number of items, it appears that Lucifer may be playing a larger role within the Masonic
lodges than one is led to believe. The symbology of the lodge includes frequent use of
the Sun, the serpent, and the eagle representing the sun.
In order to bait mankind into continuing to self-destruct, Lucifer and his demons have
been appearing and providing enlightment for those who are on the New Age road. It
should be obvious that a real angel of light (by Bible standards) is not going to appear
to help men become gods. The Bible is clear from the beginning Yahweh the God of the
Bible doesn't want situational ethics and man-made gods.
1. The seventh volume was billed as Russell's, but was written by George H. Fisher and
C.J. Woodworm.
2. Franz, Ray. Crisis of Conscience. Atlanta, GA: Commentary Press, 1983, p.60.
3. Morey, Robert. The Origin and Teachings of Freemasonry. Morey quotes a number of
respectable Masons-for instance Mackey criticising the Masonic historians of Preston,
Hughan, et. al—for instance the Mason A.S. Macbride criticising 19th century masonic
historians—also Melvin Johnson criticing Gould, Hughan and others, —also Delmar
Darrah criticizing Masonic historians. It seems that the phrase "First liar doesn't stand a
chance," may apply in some ways to masonic historians. Morey himself isn't honest with
the facts. The smokescreens of false information have helped cloud the Masonic Lodge,
but it is possible to get to the bottom of it all. Honest men who have left Masonry like
Charles Finney have been reliable witnesses about the Masonic Lodge.
4. Mormonism, Shadow or Reality by the Tanners in Salt Lake City does an excellent job
documenting Mormon deception. The casual reader may want to read the compelling
story about the Mormon document dealer Mark Hoffman and his dealings with Mormon
officials and the murders he committed. The book reveals the mindset of the top Mormon
leadership. The book is The Mormon Murders by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White
Smith, New American Library a division of Penquin Books, NY, 1988.
5. In 1842, John C. Bennett produced History of the Saints. Frank Cannon's material was
originally a series in Everybody's and became the book Under the Prophet in Utah.
6. Confidential sources. As far as seeing this in print references to a group of 13 men
who control the world's religious groups can be picked up here and there in various
books, for instance in Stan Deyo's The Cosmic Conspiracy. Hints about such a group
come through in Manly P. Hall's books, and for a good reason, he sat on the council.
7. Hall, Manly P. The Secret Teachings of All Ages. An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic,
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8. This was originally revealed by H.P. Blavatsky in her own books. The Theosophical
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H.P.B. also refers to other Adepts and Rosicrucians who she met in her travels
throughout the Middle East, Egypt, India, and Tibet.
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11. According to papers put out by the Deputy of the Supreme Council of Universal Co-
Masonry for Great Britain and its Dependencies by the Grand Secretary of the said
Jurisdiction. The smaller group that broke away and is headquartered now in Pasadena,
CA claims to be against the idea of Co-Masonry. This position is attractive to those
Masons who have a difficult time accepting Co-Masonry. For instance, Iverson L Harris,
Theosophical leader, while under oath in court in Florida said, "Neither is our Society in
any way responsible ofr the Co-Masonic Order which Mrs. Besant organized and
publicized widely as a Masonic Order for women. A number of our very prominent
members for years past have been Masons, and our late Secretary General, Dr. Joseph
H. Fussell, was a high Mason, and vigorously opposed this so-called Co-Masonic Order."
Theosophy Under Fire (deposition taken for a court case in FL),Point Loma, CA: Pub.
by Iverson L. Harris, p.9.
12. Blavasky claimed she wrote Isis Unveiled under spirit control. Besant and Bailey later
TS Presidents also claimed the same thing for their books.
13. The WT Society has on Numerous occasions referred to themselves as God's
channel of light. For instance The Finished Mystery, (1917), p. 144; WT 1/1890, p.1; WT
Dec. 1, 1981, p. 27; Theocratic Aid to Kingdom Publishers (1945), pp. 249-250. Some
specific quotes are that the WT Society is the "sole visible channel through whom alone
spiritual instruction was to come." WT, c. 1956, p.590.
Russell says angels helped bring messages to him. WT 10/1/14. Rutherford declared
spirit beings brought him light. Vindication III, (1932), p.250. Franz also at various times
said that angels were bringing light to the Watchtower leaders, see pg. 40 of the Douglas
Walsh Trial. "Well, we believe that the angels of God are used in directing the Jehovah's
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Chapter 1.6
The Emerald Island
You will learn:
• the importance of bloodlines in relation to the Power.
• about the bloodline of Charles T. Russell, founder of the Watchtower Society.
Bloodlines, they can mean authority (such as royal lineages), they can mean mean
power (occult wisdom and power is generationally passed down in Satanists), they can
mean likemindedness (world views are learned to a great extent from our parents, similar
physical brains are genetically inherited; for instance, identical twins separated at birth,
and rejoined at adulthood are found to have surprising similarities in modes of behavior.)
Today the principles of racial heredity are not popular at the public educational institutions
controlled by the Power. Also supposedly, royalty is a thing of the past and aristocracy
is fading with it.
After thousands of hours of research on the Power, one thing is blatantly clear— the
Power recides in bloodlines that pass authority, occult power and knowledge, and
likeminded worldviews from generation to generation. Bloodlines have not ceased to be
In researching the Power behind hundreds of individuals and groups, it has been like
peeling the layers of a onion. Which men and women are front men, lackeys, and
hirelings, and which ones are really running the show and making decisions?
For instance, men like Anton LaVey, George Bush, William Buckley, the major
networks' news anchormen, although powerful in their own right are in the overall picture
front men.
There is an elite, not only in the United States, or Great Britian, or Russia but an elite
over the entire globe. Surprising? When the astute observor begins to realize that an
oligarchy is running the world, then there are lackeys in academia to tell us we should not
have been surprised. Robert Michels concluded that elitism is a natural thing of society,
because society required organization and all organizations are oligarchies even socialist
societies.1 That elites are inevitable is debatable (the elites are actually unproductive
parasites on society), but this is not likely to be debated in today's population, which have
been conditioned by the elite's media to be sheep. It was debated by the U.S.'s founding
fathers, who set up an alternative to an oligarchy or a democracy, by establishing a
Republic. Although there are societies, even somewhat modern ones without oligarchies,
which prove that a community can function without some self-perpetuating power elite,
these societies are not in control of the world.
The Power that is in control of the world is not the benevolent wise and spiritual group
some of the masses have been conditioned by behavior modification to believe. This
book intends to expose that world Power, and that means attempting to expose the
bloodlines that have savagely maintained their parasitic power.
Important bloodlines for the Power include:
•The Jewish bloodline of the Prieure de Sion which starts with the tribe of Dan,
extends through the Merovingian Dynasty and into the Hapsburg royalty. This bloodline
has kept a close association with all branches of the occult, often providing the leadership
for the occult.
•The bloodlines of the leaders of the LDS and RLDS churches which go back to the
bloodline of the Prieure de Sion, the Merovingians. A secret society of Danites was
created by the LDS church.
•The bloodlines of the 13 llluminati families, which include several Jewish and Maranos
Jewish families.
•The bloodlines of the petty Hasidic Jewish messiahs that began their religious reigns
in Poland among the Askinazim.
•The bloodlines of the Babylonish Talmudic Jews. Historical evidence shows these
bloodlines were of mixed blood even in Christ's time, in disregard for the Scriptures
commandments not to mix blood.2
•The bloodlines of the "Successors of the Messiah", that is the bloodline of the Sufi
•The bloodlines of the Knights of Malta. The aristocratic/royal bloodlines carry titles,
wealth and power.
•The bloodlines of the descendents of William of Orange and those who helped him
conquer England. They have been in powerful positions since, especially in England. Part
of William of Orange's help was derived from those of Jewish descent.
• The bloodlines of the thirteen llluminati families (which have tie ins to the blood lines
above). These thirteen are not a fixed set, but because of their power change in who are
the thirteen doesn't often occur. A tentative list of these thirteen families includes Astor,
Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Lee, Onnasis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Van Dyne.
Besides those families there are a host of other families that are important within the
llluminati. The list includes:
(those of German Jewish Heritage): Adler, Geisenheimer, Goldschmidt, Guggenheim,
Lazard, Oppenheim, Oppenheimer, Seligman, Sichel, Speyer, Stern, Russell, Wolf(e)
(and those of British or Scottish Heritage): Acheson, Bell, Billings, Brown, Buckland,
Clinton, Eddy, Frost, Gardner, Hall, Hopkins, Hooker, Kennedy, Leek, Lord, Morgan,
Sinclair (St. Clair), Smith, Tolkein, Lewwellyn
(and others such as): Hapsburgs, Sassoons
What makes this study of vital and timely importance is that members of these
bloodlines intend within the 7-year period of 1992-1999 to launch a sequence of events
to lead the world into a one world slave-state ruled by a man controlled by the god which
the elites worship. Should the reader allow, I will quote from the Power's own statements
plus other proof to show that this god, the god of the world, is Lucifer (aka Satan, Sanat,
Venus, etc.) For thousands of years, The Plan for world domination has been passed
down from occult generation to occult generation. Spaced every 20 years plus is a Feast
of the Beast, a year-long holiday during which Satanists receive new instructions from
Satan on how to carry out The Plan.3 We read of the great holiday and its Great Councils
in Externalization of the Hierarchy, when Satan's instrument Alice Bailey writes, "The past
year...has, however, been the year in which the greatest spiritual Approach of all time has
shown itself to be possible - an Approach for which the initiates and Masters have for
centuries been preparing, and for which all the Wesak Festivals since the meeting of the
Great Council in 1925 have been preparatory. I have, in past instructions, referred to the
great meetings held at intervals by Those to Whom is entrusted the spiritual guidance of
the planet and particularly of man." (Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 389.)
As example of how ingenius these plans are to create a One-World-Government
consider the following part of it.
The Drug War is not what it seems. It is a very ingenious scheme to enslave the
American people, and destroy all their civil rights.4
The first rumblings of the Drug War part of The Plan seem to stir from the occult, so
it is highly possible the Drug War originally was first developed by Satanists, perhaps
even given during one of the Feasts of the Beast.
The Drug War seems like the perfect plan, with no way for the Power to lose. First, the
Power creates a drug culture in America. The Drug Culture would and did give many their
first step into the Aquarian (New Age) conspiracy.5 The Power would make billions of
dollars by running drugs, to further finance other nefarious schemes, and could use their
world-wide power to crush all their competitors. When the Power crushed and arrested
their competitors in drug running, they would be hailed as heros by the majority of
people.(And they have.) The introduction of drugs into society does several things. It
taxes the Christian church's ability to oppose immorality. It gets the public indignent about
drugs, and the public's moral outcry allows the Power to pass "drug" laws that remove
the last vestiges of legal civil rights. In fact, the beguiled public demands the laws which
abolish their rights, and applauds these laws in ignorance unknowing what the laws
actually say and mean. If the public somehow gets a complete picture that their
government has been smuggling drugs to create a drug war in spite of the controlled
media, or perhaps through the media at the right time, then they can create a scandal
involving several U.S. Presidents to eliminate the U.S. government and switch the public's
alligience to a world government. (See chapter 3.9 for more details and a chronology of
the secretly planned escalation of today's designed Drug War.)
As an ex-Mason, who is very aware of their plans, said to this Author, "These people
are in it for the long-term."
The purpose of this next subsection may be misunderstood, unless I make myself clear
at this point. This Author has not established any link between the various famous
Russells. (Although I have been doing genealogy work, I have not had the chance to do
the long term Geneology work required to clarify the issue, if the reader is dissatisfied
with the extent of this information, he is encouraged that rather than criticize to research
it himself.) The reader will observe by the time he finishes this book, that this Author has
done extensive research into many groups. One item that has popped up consistently is
that people with the surname Russell repeatedly appear as important figures in the
various elements of the World Order as it has developed.
Before becoming aware of the One World Order, this Author had no inkling how
important blood lines have been for the elite that controls the world. Friendships have also
played a role, for instance, Eleanor Roosevelt (who was involved in numerous communist
organizations6) was a close friend and confidant to Ronald Reagon's mother. This seems
trivial, but the reoccurance of blood lines and the reoccurant discovery of connections of
friendships between what have been thought of as unrelated personages, compels one
to believe the elite is more compact than appears.(More on that later)
The mysterious Watchtower Society and its founder Charles Taze Russell will serve as
perhaps the most used example in this book of an organization that is secretly serving
the New World Order. (The reader will be presented with the history of all this throughout
the book, especially in chapters 5-17 of the first section.)
Let's comment about the type of Russells that keep appearing throughout the course
of the history of the New World Order as this Author went about his research. To
summarize, these various Russells (who until the genealogy work is done to show the
connections should be viewed as individuals—not a group) have been prominent
members of the llluminati, the Masons, the Fabians, the Mormons, the Jehovah's
Witnesses, the Jesuits, the Royal Society, and the Media controlled by those of the New
World Order, and a deputy chairman of the Federal Reserve. Typically they have been
merchants and lawyers, with a fair share of them also as Christian heretics. It will be
easier perhaps to illustrate how the Russells keep popping up in the New World Order
story line by listing a good sampling of them.
William Huntington Russell- founder of what is believed to be an
american chapter of the llluminati (Skull & Bones Order).7 More on
this in chapter 2.3. It's legal name is Russell Trust.
John Russell- founder of the fraternity of Daughters of Isabella
(DOI) in May, 1897 in New Haven, Conn.8
Charles Taze Russell- Knights Templar Mason of York Rite, in
Allegheny Pa. and founder of the WT Society.9
Harvey D. Russell- KT Mason leader of Pittsburgh, PA Beaver Valley
Lodge No. 8410
John Russell- Pastor C.T. Russell's step-mother was executor of his
will. His mother was the one chosen to dance with famous Mason and
Illuminatus Lafayette when he was in Philadelphia.11
William H. Russell- Mason and part owner of the Pony Express, which
was a firm made up mainly of Masons.12
George William Russell (1869-1935)- leading member of the Dublin
Theosophist lodge, wrote art. for the theosophic periodical The
Irish Theosophist. Initiated into the Lodge of Isis (with it sexual
rites). The keynote of his work is from the Bhagavadgita. He was a
good friend of Golden Dawn leader William Butler Yeats who wrote
some of the Satanic Masonic Rituals for the Golden Dawn.13
James Russell- President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh which
was associated with esoteric groups like the Masons.14
Archibald D. Russell (1811-1871)- A Presbyterian Mason who
graduated from the Univ. of Edinburgh, Scot. He studied at the
Univ. of Bonn, Ger. and was active in setting up various
organizations in the United States.15
Benjamin Russell (1761-1845)- Mason and early American Journalist.16
Charles H. Russell- Governor of Nevada, 1950-58, and 32 degree
Mason, also in the York Rite, and a Shriner.17
J. Stuart Russell- Mason and newspaper editor and deputy chairman
of the Fed. Reserve Bank in Chicago.18
Lee M. Russell (1875-1943)- Mason and Lt. Gov. of Miss. 1916-20.19
Louis A. Russell (1854-1925)- Mason, organist for South Park
Presbyterian Church, Newark, N.J.20
Richard B. Russell (1861-1938)- Mason, judge, editor & business
Richard B. Russell, Jr.- Mason and Gov. of Georgia, 1931-33 and
Sen. from Georgia since 1933.22
Before going to our next section would be worthwhile to cover
the family that Bertrand Russell came from. They hold the title of
Dukes of Bedford. Ordo W. Russell served in Lord Palmerston's
office from 1850-52. He served as unofficial ambassador for Great
Britian to the Vatican from 1857-70. His son Baron Ampthill was
Grand Master of the English Masons 1908-1935. He joined the English
equivalent of the Knights of Malta--that is the Order of St. John
of Jerusalem, and served as the Grand Master of the lodge formed at
the Bank of England! He was appointed head of the Indian Masons of
Madras, India (home of the Theosophical Society). Ordo Russell's
son also served in some high political positions.
future chapters such as 2.5)
Charles Edward Russell, Jewish Socialist who worked for N.Y. Life
controlled by J.P. Morgan, and also for N.Y. Tribune and Herald.23
James E. Russell, Columbia University professor who introduced
Wundt's Hegelian philosophy to his students at Columbia.24
Thomas Russell (1767-1803)- a revolutionist of the Illuminatistream
of Revolution25
Samuel Russell- represented Baring Bros. Helped open up the Port of
Shanghai for the International Financiers.26
Bertrand Russell- famous Fabian socialist, and One-Worlder27
Alys Russell- ex-eccentric Quaker, wife of Bertrand and also a
Fabian Socialist.28
Rev. Matthew Russell (1834-1912)- Jesuit writer.29
Charles Taze Russell, Sr.- Pastor Russell's uncle, broker and real
estate agent.30
Moses F. Russell, Postmaster of Saltillo, Hopkins Co.,TX near where
Hayden Cooper Covington's parents moved.31
Brother Russell- an early elder of the Belfast Ireland IBSA
Elder Isaac Russell- a prominant early Mormon missionary to Great
Britian in 1837.33
Captian Joseph H. Russell- original investor in stock in the Mormon
Deseret Manufacturing Co. which was intended to be an umbrella
company for many early Mormon enterprises.34
The Russell who opened a store with Mormon blessings in the newly
created Salt Lake city. The store was called Miller, Russell & Co.,
a branch of Russell, Majors, & Waddell, and was a primary source of
goods in the area of Utah.35
Baron Charles Russell (1832-1900)- Solicitor (Lawyer) in Ulster and
advocate for Ireland.36
Jerome Russell, a Greyfriar, burned in 1539 for heresy with John
Kennedy in Glasgow, Scot.37
Philemon R. Russell- editor of the Christian Herald & Journal, in
the Mar. 19, 1840 issue he stressed 2,520 years in prophecy, which
was an idea C.T. Russell would later pick up and promote.
William Howard Russell- first war correspondent for London's The
Times newspaper in 1854. The London Times has long been part of the
World Order, that William was the first of his kind is quite
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concur with all of Crawford's conclusions, the book shows more than
enough evidence to support the point superscripted.
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4. The documentation to show that the drug war is a contrived
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was an important part of the scheme and since then some of the
recent important laws passed to implement this contrived war are
P.L. 99-570, P.L. 100-690, and the Omnibus crime bill in 1991.
5. Marilyn Ferguson, New Age writer, states in her famous book The
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psychotechnologies offer a controlled, sustained movement toward
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There was enough circumstantial evidence to lead one to question
several assumptions. I began to question the assumption that the
W.T. presidents were unconnected to each other. Another supposition
that was questionable was that the WT Society did not have a hidden
Once there was a Jewish family whose name was Roessel. They
lived in early 17th century Germany. They moved to a country called
Scotland. There they re-spelled the name Russell. They took on the
ways of their new homeland. The English tried to settle Protestants
from Scotland in Ireland in order to control the Irish. When the
opportunity opened up to go to the Emerald Island (Ireland) with
the Scottish settlers who went to the plantation Ulster they went.
It is possible, but not known for sure that they learned to know
the Rutherfords either in Scotland or Ireland.
Scotland repeatedly appears as the source of much of the
religious heresy connected with the Power. That C.T. Russell's
family were in Scotland for a period, and also from the German
states which seem to be a hot bed for Jewish Satanism may be only
a coincidence and then again it might be a clue to understanding
the origins of the Watchtower Society.
This Author's previous book The Watchtower and the Masons tells
the story how the Arian heresy began at the University of
Edinburgh, Scotland and spread to the the Presbyterians of the
Synod of Ulster. The book gives this Author's reasons for believing
that the C.T. Russell's family in northern Ireland were Arian in
belief before coming to the U.S. and chances are they were involved
with Freemasonry also.
In The Watchtower and the Masons the early history of C.T.
Russell is given. Charles and his father married two Ackley sisters
a number of years after Charles' mother died.
What is an intriguing item is that C.T. Russell's mother's will
indicates she owned land in Iowa. A description of that land shows
it was north of the town of Ackley, Iowa. It turns out that a man
named William Ackley had purchased the land in that area, and had
sold it in large part to Scot-Irish settlers of the Presbyterian
faith as they were coming to America. At the time C.T. Russell's
mother died a town named Ackley had been staked out in 1857, but
the Civil War had interferred with construction plans. A
Presbyterian congregation had been formed in the area during the
early 1860s in the Ackley area, which indicates some settlers had
arrived. What connection did the Russells have with the Ackleys
years before Charles T. and his father married Ackley sisters?
Who are the Ackleys? Maria Ackley, who was Charles T. Russell's
wife, was well-educated and an excellent writer. Interestingly, in
the 19th century she believed a socialist revolution was coming.
She wrote, "This great revolution has not yet come, but where is
the statesman or the intelligent citizen that does not see it
coming?" (Russell, Maria. This Gospel of The Kingdom, p. 26.) She
was the ghost writer and ghost editor for much of her husband
Charles Taze's work. Her family was well-off. William Ackley, the
land speculator/seller in Iowa, traces his ancestry back to Prence
Doane and Elizabeth Godfrey. Elizabeth Godfrey in turn was the
great-granddaughter of William Brewster of the Mayflower fame. The
Ackleys were Puritans to begin with and seem to have been
concentrated in the Connecticut area, and from there their family
members moved out into NY and PA. Another Ackley (1832-1881) at
that time was Richard Thomas Ackley, a Freemason who worked for the
Miller, Russell and Company store in Salt Lake City in 1858 soon
after the Mormons built Salt Lake City.
Of course, these are all simply tantalizing leads for the
investigator but nothing solid. There seems to be much more to
Charles Taze Russell than the little that the public has been told.
In the next few chapters we will attempt to dispel some of the
mystery surrounding the man.
Chapter 1.7
God's "Annointed Seed"
In 1852, the Joseph Lyttle Russell family had a baby who they gave the same name to as his
uncle had. This baby, named Charles Taze Russell had a brother Frank who was two years older,
but Charles ended up the favorite of his father. Later Charles would get a sister Margaret M.
Both Charles T. and his sister Margaret spoke on various occasions that his had been chosen
before his birth for the work that he was to carry out.1 Margaret referred to her brother as the
greatest man alive "a giant unmatched." She stated that he had been choosen for his religious
work before his birth. Perhaps, Charles' Russell family, and his father Joseph L., (like Joseph
Kennedy who had goals for his son to be president) had goals for Charles. If Charles had been
encouraged to meet such expectations and had gone forward, then that could account for his
sister's great admiration for him. He had fulfilled her father's wishes.
At the Put-In-Bay Convention his sister Margaret had outlined how God planned and chose
her brother. First God had planted a seed with the early church. But the seed had laid dormant
for centuries. "In due time", she says, the seed of truth grew and was watered according to God's
plan. During the Dark Ages the seed of truth was barely kept alive waiting for God's Chosen
One to bring it to fruition. When it was time, God "annointed the eyes" of her brother at age 17,
and "God's smile of favor rested upon him." Margaret said her brother was the one, the faithful
one who God could depend upon, the "one despite the burden and heat of the day" would remain
faithful to God.2
1. C.T. Russell is noted to have privately admitted his belief that he was chosen for his great
work before his birth. The Finished Mystery. The Watchtower Bible & Tract Soc. 1917, p. 53.
A testimony speech given by his sister at the Put-In-Bay Convention where she said similar
things is commented on the The Laodicean Messenger, pp. 179-180.
2. The Laodicean Messenger, pp. 179-180.
Chapter 1.8
"To have my throat cut"
The following stories, statistics and facts are revolting and are not something we particularly
want to dwell on. However, for the minute it takes to read through the next few paragraphs, this
Author wants to point out how prevalent yet secret Satanism is. Whether you the reader are or
aren't aware of evil spirits, the facts remain there are countless people down through the ages
who have worshipped evil spirits.
On Friday and Saturday nights across the United States members of Satanic Covens are
secretly meeting.1 They also meet on the many Satanic special days. (See the list of their sacred
days and the blood sacrifices that they carry out on those days.) An ex-Illuminati member
estimates that over 300,000 covens exist in the United States each having 13 or more members.
A Black Prince (Black Satanic Magician) estimated 40,000 to 60,000 satanic human sacrifices
occur in the U.S. yearly.2
This Author had the privilege to talk to someone who had an accidental rare encounter with
Satanists in Kansas City and managed to successfully flee to live and tell about it.
Having been a West Point cadet, it especially caught my attention when the West Point Day
Care Center was accused of being involved in the ritual abuse of 30 children. The officer
requesting an investigation into his 2 1/2 year old daughter's abuse was told to resign his
commission. (This is no surprise in several ways.)
Many dozens of day care centers in California are investigated each year for subjecting the
children left in their care to Satanic Ritual Abuse. In Los Angeles County 800 allegations of
ritual abuse involving 64 schools and preschools and 27 neighborhoods were reported.
The newmen and newspapers are repeatedly coming upon news stories involving Satanism.
Most of these stories never get printed, and many stories which do, do not draw conclusions from
the obvious clues indicating Satanic activity. An example of this is a news story describing the
desecration of a grave by some young people. Certain bones are listed as having been taken, and
the story writes the incident off as youngsters playing games. If more were known about
Satanism the fact that the left hand was taken would have clued people that Satanism was
involved. The left hand, the femur, the Skull, and a particular rib bone are especially important
parts of the body. Left hands are associated with Satan-right hands with God. Human sacrifices
are always done with knifes in the left hand, except when the Priestesses battle to the death for
Many criminal cases showing clues of Masonic involvement have the Masonic clues ignored
by the police and the press. Examples abound such as Jack the Ripper's case.
This Author knows personally from when he did farm work that occassionally cattle would be
found obviously killed from some type of Satanic ritual. The newspapers often did not report
such stories by farmers.
The Chicago Tribune, Sunday, Apr. 27,1986 carried a story "Satan Worship Called Dangerous,
Growing" by Eric Zorn. The story told how youth in the area had been involved in attempts to
sacrifice humans to Satan, and about a series of mutilation killings in Cook and Du Page
Counties in 1981-82 in which 4 men abducted and murdered up to 18 women. The parts of the
dead women's bodies were used in Satanic rituals involving cannibalism and sexuality.
Satanic Ritual Abuse Calendar
Jan. 1 ............................New Years Day..................................Druid feast day
Jan. 7 ............................St. Winebald Day ..............................blood ritual,
Jan. 17 ...........................Satanic Revels ...................................sex ritual
Jan. 20 ...........................St. Agnes Eve
Jan. 20 ......................................................................................kidnapping, sacrifice preparation
Jan. 26 ...........................Grand Climax ....................................sex ritual, human sacrifice
(5 wks. & 1 day since equinox)
Feb. 2 ............................Candlemas .........................................sex ritual, one of the witches' Sabbats
Feb. 25 .........................Blood Host or St. Walpurgis Day .... blood ritual, animal sacrifice
March 1 ........................St. Eichatadt Day ...............................blood ritual, demon hommage
March 20 .......................Equinox Feast ..................................sex and blood rituals, Sabbat
March 24 ..................................................................................16 year old bride of Satan ritual
April 19-25...............................................................................kidnapping, sacrifice preparation
April 24 ........................St. Mark Eve
April 25 ........................Grand Climax ....................................female sacrifice (can be a child), sex & fertlity
ritual (5 wks. & 1 day since equinox)
April 26-30............. ......high holy days for Beltaine
April 30 ........................Walpurgis Night or May Eve............blood ritual,
one of the greatest witches' Sabbats
May 1 ............................Beltaine, Walpurgis or May Day ........blood ritual and/or fire festival
June 21 .........................Solstice Feast.................................... sex ritual, animal or human sacrifice
June 23 .........................Midsummer's Eve ........................... fire festival, most important times for the
practice of magick [sic]
July 1 ............................Demon Revels .................................. blood ritual, sex with demons
July 20-27 ............................................................................... kidnapping, sacrifice preparation
July 25 ..........................St. James Day
July 27 ..........................Grand Climax ................................... sex ritual, human female sacrifice
(5 wks. & 1 day since solistice)
July 31 or Aug. 1 ..........Lammas / Harvest............................. animal or human sacrifice, great Sabbat
Aug. 3 ...........................Satanic Revels .................................. sex ritual
Aug. 24 .........................St. Bartholomew Day....................... fire festival, great Sabbat
Sept. 7............................Marriage to the Beast ........................ sex &. blood rituals, female under 21
Sept. 20 .........................Midnight Host................................... hands of glory / blood ritual
Sept. 22 .........................Equinox Feast Day ........................... sex ritual
Oct 23-30 ................................................................................ kidnapping, sacrifice preparation
Oct 29-31 or 31 ............All Hallows' Eve .............................. blood ritual, fire festival, great Sabbat,
believe the dead return to earth this night
Nov. 1 ........................... Halloween ...................................... sex ritual
Nov. 4 ...........................Satanic Revels ...................................sex ritual
Nov. 11 ........................All Hallows' Eve...............................the ancient date, celebrated by some groups
Dec. 16-23................................................................................kidnapping, sacrifice preparation
Dec. 21 ..........................St. Thomas Day ...............................fire festival, great Sabbat
Dec. 22 .........................Solistic Feast Day .............................sex ritual (also burial ritual for some groups)
Dec. 24 .........................High Grand Climax ...........................blood ritual
In addition to the above dates, the following dates should also be added:
year 2009 .....................Feast of the Beast ..............................year long celebration, occurs every 28 years
Good Friday......................................passion, mock crucifixion, male sacrifice only
Holy Saturday ................................male or female sacrifice
Easter .............................................male, female, adult or child, sacrificed, followed
by three days of chanting
the survivor's birthday ......................highest of all days for that individual
The sabbath, from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday is also observed. Astrological events like full moons and
eclipses are also causes for "celebration."
This is a compilation of 6 different versions of SRA calendars. It is highly unlikely that any one SRA
survivor would have been abused on all the above dates. However, most SRA survivors, irregardless of the
group they belonged to, were abused on the following dates: April 26-May 1, June 21, October 31, and
December 22 & 24. Many survivors are also affected one to two weeks prior to the celebration of any major
ritual as this is the time for preparation rituals leading up to a major event.
In Mexico across the Texas border a Satanic group which sacrificed people recently managed
to splash across the headlines and television screens. Even though the news media is careful not
to give the full ramifications in such stories, and is reluctant to carry these stories, the stories still
can't be totally suppressed.
Two points have been introduced, that Satanism is widespread, and that our awareness of its
activity is very slim due to its extreme secrecy and poor news coverage.
The Satanic Skull and Bones Order has initiation rites which include the candidate lying in a
coffin and relating their sexual exploits. Another part of the ceremony involves wrestling in a
manure pile.5 This is the type of degenerate activity Satanism is well known to draw people into.
One of the top Christian researchers in demons, and author of two excellent books on Satanism
and demons Merrill F. Unger writes, "People who deal in the occult are often found to be
immoral. Men and women who abandon themselves to immorality reach a point where God gives
them up, in the sense of restraining Satan and demonic power from them, so that they are
abandoned to the degrading depths of immorality and are shamelessly reduced to actions that
even animals avoid (Romans 1:26-32; cf. Revelation 9:20, 21)."6
Hinduism is replete with many gods and many superstitions. It has a deep-rooted tendency
toward mysticism, and derives much of its power from demonic activity. Some of the Holiest
men of Hinduism are deranged men who run around on all fours like animals. This Author has
personally seen the total demonic degradation of the human by Hinduism all in the disguise of
making the person spiritual.
Primitive religions are as a rule full of magic and the worship of evil spirits. These evil spirits
are feared, ceaselessly placated, and slavishly worshipped.7
The polytheism of the Mesopotameans, the Sumerians, Assyrians, the Persians, the Babylonians
are full of demons from the earliest of historical records. Demonism is the dynamic behind the
magic and spiritual powers of these groups' religion.8 The Caananite, Egyptian, Greek, and
Roman gods relate to the Babylonian gods in character and nature, and are also demonic. All
kinds of magic, immorality, human sacrifice, astrology, etc. came to be practiced
2 Page CHART
BASIS FOR CHART: This chart has been developed from charts by Ex-Satanists, it also is
colloborated by information received from many historical sources. Historical information
describing the hierarchies and power structure of demonology are worldwide. Although differing
in details, it is clear that multiple levels of demonic authority have been experienced by people.
LEVEL A. SATAN AND RULING SPIRIT PRINCES- The ruling spirit princes are widely
known among Satanists. Many of the ruling princes go by several names, as do many of the
Satanists. Some of the ruling princes are still referred to by names they used in ancient Babylon
and ancient Egypt.
LEVEL B. DEMONS- The highest ranking Satanists teach their children that the demons are
aliens from other planets. Within the Satanic covens one variety of demons looks like E.T. (but
also can have more hair) are common and they serve as guardians. Also a grey type of demon
with almond eyes associated with UFOs is also working closely with the high ranking Satanic
Illuminati. The first rumblings of Satanic plans to use a mock alien invasion from outer space
to unite the world under Satan's rule were given to the Satanists in the 19th century, perhaps at
a Feast of the Beast in possibly 1868. After the next Feast of the Beast 28 years later, UFOs
began appearing in large numbers in the USA esp. Calif. H.G. Wells novel War of the Worlds
was published in serial form the following year too. By 1917, the secret occult fraternities show
signs of working toward creating this artificial alien invasion. The UFO phenomena is
accompanied with a. repeated accounts by abductees and contactees that man has failed to
advance morally as rapidly as he has technologically, and that these aliens will give mankind or
the elite of mankind both advanced technology and advanced morality. The secrets of the
galaxies- not just ancient mysteries but the mysteries of the ages- will be given to our elite free
by these aliens (actually demons), b. mankind is on the verge of a great evolutionary leap
forward, but also faces an Armageddon. Demons which appear manage to come in all sizes and
shapes. There is a munchkin variety called elves, lepricans, or menihunis. There is a large giant
variety too. The spirits are assigned various tasks, and are often grouped in 4's, 7's, or 13's.
LEVEL C. PRINCIPALITIES & POWERS- These forces are akin to "school spirit" or the
power that a rampaging crowd has within itself. These powers of synergy are carefully
manipulated by the Satanic forces. These energies produce a Zeitgeist -a spirit or fad of the
times. Peer pressure is a form of such power. These power structures are known and manipulated
by the Satanic forces.
LEVEL D. GUARDIANS - These Nephalim (half men - half demon) are to be found distributed
throughout all the levels. They are the goon squads, the enforcers, the Sargeant-at-arms, and have
rank according to the level they operate on.
LEVEL E. ILLUMINATI - Illuminati members depending upon their groups have various levels
themselves. Their knowledge of Satan's organization depends upon which group they are in and
which level they are at, most usually they may have only that knowledge needed to function at
their level. Illuminati members have their name written in blood by a quill pen into a book. The
various factions of Illuminati rule the world as the Kingpins in politics, finance, porn, drugs,
communications, and religion in preparation for the Anti-Christ (Kashema) to take his throne, and
rule with rest of the Satanic trinity of the Beast, and the False Prophet. This level includes the
Grande Druid Council, and the 13 highest Satanic families. Various branches have their own
terminology and rules for their lower levels which are the following pattern.
LEVEL F. BRIGADES- SISTERS OF LIGHT/ ASMODEUS -These are the Mothers of light,
the overseers of power. Training for these Illuminati begins at age 11. Coronations for a Queen
in the Mother of Light is at 14 years old.
LEVEL G. REGIMENT- This level is led by a Grande Master/Matriarch. Regiments are divided
up into various levels of groupings of covens into companies and sub-regiments led by captain
and major-types. Rings are worn by various levels.
LEVEL H. COVENS- Basic low level group (similar to an Army platoon) containing 13+
witches with a Priest or Priestess as an officer. Most covens are extremely well kept secrets. A
few show temples like Anton LeVey's Temple of Satan are put on for the public's consumption.
Alan K. Russell put together The Collector's Book of Science Fiction by H.G. Wells which
gives the information about the Pearson's Magazine serial publication of H.G. Well's War of the
Interestingly not only do Masonic publications indicate a Satanic trinity, and Occult and Magic
publications describe this, but the Christian Scripture's book of Revelation 20:10 (et. al.) also
refers to the Satanic trinity of the Beast, False Prophet, and Satan.
According to the Masonic book An Interpretation of Freemasonry by Mason Martin Wagner,
p. 97, the name Solomon which is used by Masons so frequently is actually a Sun-God trinity,
"This name Solomon is not the Israelitish king. It is name in form, but different in its meaning.
It is a substitute which is externally like the royal name. This name is a composite. Sol-om-on,
the names of the sun in Latin, Indian, and Egyptian, and is designed to show the unity of several
god-ideas in the ancient religions, as well as with those of Freemasonry." If Wagner, and ex-
Mason McQuaig who also claims this is the case are accurate, and this view was known in
Elizabethan England, then Solomon's temple that the Masons are building ends up to be nothing
other than Lucifer, the light-bearer's temple. [end of Satanic Hierarchy Chart]
under these systems. Another example from another angle, the cloven hoofed Greek god Pan
from who was derived the English word "panic" is a carbon copy of what ex-Satanists claim
Satan looks like.
In Shintoism all kinds of deities and spirits are conjured up, and all kinds of occult practices
including divination, fortune-telling, spiritism, magic, and conjuring are practiced.
In Taoism, which is polytheistic, all kinds of magic, divination, charms, dealings with demons,
geomancy, and fortune-telling are practiced.
Buddhism exists in many forms. This Author lived in Nepal and can personally testify that
Buddhists in Nepal and Tibet as well as other Asian lands have many superstitions, do practice
all the occult practices, and they live in fear of demons which are placated.
Confucianism was started strictly as a philosophy, not as a religion and does not concern itself
with the spirit realm. By default then most Confucists must learn of the supernatural from Taoism
which most of them practice. Taoism is very demonic.
Rabbinic Judaism is based on the religions of Babylon, not the Old Testament as most people
especially Christians incorrectly assume. The Kabballa and the Zohar of the Jews are the
fundamental books that most occult, magic, and Satanic groups base their actities on. One of the
leading well-known Satanists and a magician E. Levi wrote in his book Transcendental Magic,
"All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabalah and return therein. Whatsoever is
grand or scientific in the religious dreams of the illuminated, of Jacob Bohme, Swedenborg,
Saint-Martin and the rest, is borrowed from the Kabalah; all Masonic Associations owe to it
their secrets and their symbols."9 (Bold added)
One of the strangest things for this Author was to continue running into evidence that seems
to indicate Charles Taze Russell, the man who started the Jehovah's Witnesses' Watchtower
Society, was secretly an important Satanist. Lest the reader devalue the evidence, permit this
Author to state that the evidence came in first before I came up with my theory that Russell was
an important Satanist, and not vice-versa.
Some of the outstanding clues are:
a.) C.T. Russell was definitely a Mason, yet he puts up some great smokescreens in his writing
concerning his membership.
b.) C.T. Russell's Bethel staff became concerned about his occultic activities and required him
to take an oath forswearing any further occultic activities.
c.) In my previous book The Watchtower and the Masons, I study 35 parallel beliefs that Russell
had with Masonry. I spent a page per parallel. These 35 are not in any way inclusive, Russell had
many other identical ideas to what the Masonic lodges propogate.
d.) Various items from magic were part of Russell's religious beliefs including healing
handkerchiefs, phrenology, the Winged-Sun-Disk, Enochian Magical planes, etc.
e.) Russell's family's possible Illuminati links, and his wife's possible connections with a family
line of Satanists.
f.) Russell's apparent secret Rosicrucian membership with the Quakertown, PA group of
Rosicrucians, as revealed by the pyramid he ordered erected, his use of the Winged-Sun-Disk,
and his cremation three days after his death.
g.) Russell owned a cemetary in Pittsburgh. Leading Satanists try to own cemetaries for several
reasons. First, it facilitates the disposal of human sacrifices which are buried in pieces below the
fresh holes dug for someone else's burial. When the casket is placed in the hole, it would be rare
for anyone to dig below the casket level ever again. Second, magic power is associated with
cemetaries. The spiritual power of the dead is pulled up by making a circle of light over them
then within the circle a naked Satanist lays. Third, specific bones are sought such as the skulls
and left hands. Left hands are preserved in order to hold candles for certain ceremonies.
h.) Contacts from various places today indicate that the modern Watchtower Society is working
with the New World Order. This implies that at some point the Society began cooperating with
the New World Order. Russell seems to be the likeliest starting point.
As with all occult organizations a veil of secrecy is maintained by requiring initiates to take
secrecy oaths on penalty of death. As in Witchcraft, Masonry repeatedly demands secrecy oaths
at every new level. Charles T. Russell began participating in this secrecy when he took the
Entered Apprentice (first Masonic degree) oath on penalty of mayhem and violent death, "I...do
hereby and hereon most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear that I will always hail, ever
conceal and never reveal any of the arts, parts or points of the secret arts and mysteries of ancient
Freemasonry which I received, am about to receive, or may hereafter be instructed in..."
1. Confidential interviews with ex-Satanists.
2. Interview by Dr. Al Carlisle with a Black Prince recorded in Stratford, L. Satan's
Underground, p. 144.
3. Stratford, ibid, p. 199.
4. Confidential interview with ex-Illuminatus.
5. Schrag, John, art. "Skeleton in His Closet", Willamette Week (Sept 19-25, 1991), p. 10.
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7. For study of this cf. Codrington, R.H. The Melanesians; Spenser, W.B. and F.J. Gillen. The
Native Tribes of Central Australia and The Northern Tribes of Central Australia; Ellis, A.B. The
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R.H. Primitive Religion.
8. Unger, op. cit., p. 152
9. Levi, E. Transcendental Magic, trans. Waite. London: England, n.d. pp. 24f
10. The wording of this quote is taken from ex-33° Mason Jim Shaw's book The Deadly
Deception. Lafayette, LA: Huntington House, Inc., 1988. The wording also may be found in
Revised Duncan's Ritual of Freemasonry, Part 1, by Malcolm C. Duncan, Behrens Pub.
Co.,Danbury, Conn. 1922, p. 30 where the entire Entered Apprentice ritual is given. The Knights
Templar magazine (9/1988) p. 21 indicates that a few Grand Lodges have recently experimented
with doing away with the blood-curdling oaths on penalty of death, and substituting the use of
the more moderate oath on penalty of "expulsion from the Fraternity." This was done as an
expedient to raise recruiting levels.
Chapter 1.9
Jehovah's Witnesses point to their success as proof of God's approval, in the same
way that communists have pointed to various revolutions to show proof that the broad
masses support them.
During the half century before his death C.T. Russell spent vast sums of money.
Russell travelled nearly continuously. His trips took him to Europe frequently and around
the world. He often had large entourages accompanying him. The Jehovah's Witnesses,
then called International Bible Students or simply Bible Students, gave out enormous
quantities of FREE books, tracts, and other things. For instance consider some of the
following expenses,
In 1881 the WT issued a 164-pg book Food for Thinking Christians. The cost of printing
was born by the WT Society, and for some unknown reason several newspapers picked
up the cost of distribution. These small books (now extremely rare) were distributed free.
Zion's W.T. in 1881 says that their tract Supplement No. 2 is "for free distribution. Order
as many as you can use."1
In 1882 the WT magazine (then called Zion's Watch Tower) advertises, "We have plenty
of tracts and September numbers, which you can have for free distribution by asking for
In 1886, Russell had 300 workers distributing Food for Thinking Christians. 300,000 free
tracts were distributed in Great Britian alone. WT literature was given free to the
In 1893, the WT Magazine says "A good colporteur can put into the hands of the people
5 to 6 thousand volumes of Dawn in a year. One with little talent ought to dispose of
3,000 a year."3 The Dawn books were good looking hard back books with about 370
pages apiece. To distribute such vast quantities of books generally free had to have cost
the Watchtower Society plenty. The WT Magazine (Z.W.T) published by the Tower
Publishing Co., stated under its title "FREE TO THE LORD'S POOR." For instance, the
May 1, 1893 issue states under a first page article "ADDRESSES FOR FREE READING
MATTER" that "we are glad to send out matter freely to such." Such refers simply to
those interested.4
In 1897, there was a mass distribution of 300,000 of the free WT booklet the Bible versus
In 1899,948, 459 tracts were handed out by people a half block away from churches in
each direction as people came out.6
In 1910, Russell had 76 workers at headquarters and paid 2,000 different newspapers
to carry his articles. How much money would it take for an unknown person without
connections to pay 2,000 newspapers to run their articles? Russell wasn't without
connections. In 1910, the German branch ran a $7,340.49 deficit, even though they
received much of their literature free, and the British branch came up $9,331.41 short that
year, all made up by the Brooklyn,NY headquarters.7
Had the gigantic literature giveaways ended yet? In 1913, in a Convention Russell states,
"Do you know how many copies of free literature have been distributed by the people of
Great Britian this year so far? Eight millions of copies....And I am so pleased to see that
many of God's people are rejoicing in the privilege of showing forth His praises. Never
mind if it is not customary to go about giving out literature. Never mind if it is not popular
to give out religious literature. We have a message and work, and this is our way of
During all this time period of 35 years, the Watchtower Society had managed to rent such
hugh building such as Prince Albert Hall—which by the way is famous for many big
Masonic events. Renting the Hall would have ranged in the hundreds of dollars. In 1910
they rented it six times.9
Up to now, no one has contested the explanation that has been provided by the WT
Society and their official history. Supposedly, Russell sold his clothing store and financed
his activities from the proceeds.
Anyone familiar with printing and shipping knows that the large quantities of material
Russell distributed free had to cost in just one year alone more than the proceeds from
selling his store. On top of that, Russell had legal fees from repeated court battles,
exorbant travelling costs, and a full-time staff to house and feed.
His followers were not required to give up their money to become Bible Students. So
where did the money come from? The foreign branches received free literature some of
which they sold, and came up short even after some sales and donations. Bear in mind,
the WT Society was not efficient as it is today. Today they make their own ink and have
the latest equipment to typeset and print with. But back then, at least part of the books
Russell printed he paid outside printers to print.
Up to now, it has been stated that Russell was a genius with money. That kind of
statement simply clouds what really happened. Russell was not Rumplestiltchen. If he
was such a man of finance (and he certainly had the reputation then), it seems hard to
picture him sending out his people to stand in front of churches to hand out expensive
books free to Christians as they left. A man that loose with his own money would hardly
makes a fortune in ten years of running a clothing store. Russell wasn't being careless
with his money, because he was not having to finance his operation himself. His backers
were obviously quite rich and powerful.
The Greek Orthodox church which jealously guards it turf, has repeatedly accused the
Jehovah's Witnesses of being financed by the agents of "International Zionism."10 This
topic is discussed more in chapter 6.
It will surprise many people to learn that Charles T. and his father Joseph L. were quite
poor in 1870. They boarded and their store was rented to them. In 1870, they were not
involved in religion yet, and between the two of them they had not a single piece of
property. Joseph's personal belongings were $2,000.11
Actually, they were doing fine, considering Joseph had left Ireland during the Potato
famine, and had left owing his brother-in-law money.12
The first good financial break was when Charles T. Russell's uncle by the same name
died Dec. 1875. His father inherited $1,000.13 Because his father and him were in
business together, this was a real boost. According to court testimony, Russell had a
chain of 5 stores by 1880. Soon Russell invested in oil in Butler Co. and his father and
him opened a scrap metal business in 1882.14 They closed the men's furnishing business
in 1883.
Charles bought out his father, and when his father died in 1897, his will reveals that he
had 3 houses and lots in Allegheny, PA. a house and 3 lots at Farfron Springs, FL. along
with another 25 acres, 160 acres in Polk Co.,FL and stock in the Carlin Co. Besides that
he had shares of stock in the Railway and Dock Construction Co. of NYC which C.T.
Russell inherited.15
Because C.T. Russell's wife divorced him in 1897 Russell hid his money so that his exwife
would not be able to get any support, in court, C.T. Russell would not honestly state
his holdings even under oath. A Reverend J.J. Ross investigated on his own and
discovered that Russell had lied under oath. Russell was a stockholder in the Pittsburgh
Asphatum Co. which later became the Calif. Asphatum Co. which was the organizer of
the Selica Brick Co. Russell also had controlling interest in the Brazilian Turpentine Co.
located in Pittsburgh, a cemetary in Pittsburgh. & the U.S. Coal & Coke Co. with capital
of $100,000.16 After having lied in court, Pastor Russell had to make a clean breast of
his lies when the Reverend Ross confronted him in court with the facts and the charters
of some of Russell's companies.17
Russell also had money invested in timber limits. Russell had just secretly purchased
silver mines in Nevada, and had gone out to check them out on his western trip when he
In 1874, when C.T. Russell began his religious meetings, he also began buying
property in Allegheny. He bought again in 1874, 1884, 1885 (two properties), 1889 (four
properties), in 1890 (five properties), 1892, 1894, 1896, 1897 (two properties), and four
more properties after the turn of the century in that area alone in his own name.18
Further, the WT Society which he had control of had ownership of numerous properties.
Russell had control (99% of the snares) of the U.S. Investment Co.,Ltd. which in turn
held 38 houses and lots in Binghamton, NY, several lots in Tacoma, WA, a farm near
Rochester, NY, a house and lot in Buffalo, NY, a farm in OK, 100 lots in TX, a house and
lot near Pittsburgh, and 5,500 acres in KT.19
By the way, the original owners of U.S. Investment Co. were John A. Bohnet (5
shares), Ernest C. Henninges (5 shares), and C.T. Russell (990 shares).20
The popular story is that Pastor Russell gave all his money to his great crusade and
died a poor man, leaving his poor wife (the WT Society claims they were only seperated-
-the divorce papers say otherwise) with only $200.21 The court records show a very rich
man indeed. And most of Russell's money came in after he started up his Watch Tower
Here is a man that starts a religion from scratch. He is busy travelling, writing and
talking almost full time. He is well off but not a millionaire. After starting his religion, he
spends millions on giving away free literature, and invests perhaps millions in gold, silver
mines, government bonds, oil fields, property, and stocks in companies. There has never
been a real analysis of C.T. Russell's finances, and his WT Society.
Russell was involved in several financial scams also. He lost in court.
Russell's WT Society was financed by some heavyweights. The history of the WT
Society gives evidence that the power to bring in a one-world-government financed
Russell. The WT Society has been a proxy for the One-World New Order to accomplish
certain goals. Unfortunately, the JWs "in the trenches", have not known how they have
been used. JWs brought upon themselves all kinds of persecution when Rutherford
announced to them that the angels had revealed that all national flags were the " devil's
banner." On page 44 of Uncovered Rutherford states "Flag saluting is in direct violation
of God's law." Individual JWs had to suffer first in order to bring the issue of flag saluting
before the Supreme Court. It would have looked bad for the Masonic Lodge to openly
support the issue, but the WT Society was accomplishing a goal that they, the Masons
had determined in advance. So the populace hated the JWs, and the Masons could
continue putting out Patriotic material for public consumption, although in their own
literature, they had clearly marked Nationalism for destruction.
J.P.Morgan, the Rothschild's representative in the United States, set up a trust fund to
unite the various Christian denominations. Russell praises this in his Jan. 1, 1911 WT,
pp.1-4 (WTR p.4735), "Mr. Morgan's well-known business capacity, exhibited in
connection with financial trusts, encourages many to believe that he will accomplish the
desired end in connection with the movement. More and more all denominations are
craving a religious trust or federation and are becoming more and more willing to sacrifice
doctrines and principles formerly held dear, in order to accomplish the
federation....Evidently this federation is near at hand; the Scriptures have long foretold the
Federation, as we have been pointing out therefrom for thirty years. It is to us one of
the special signs of our day, one of the special indications marking the end of the Gospel
age and the inauguration of Messiah's kingdom."
Here is a trust fund set up to pay denominations to federate, and here is Russell saying
this is fulfillment of Scripture.
"Our message was to the Jews as Jews..."
In 1910 and 1911, Jews flocked to hear a Christian preacher. His message at St.
Louis (June 11-12, 1911) was "Zionism, the hope of the world."
This fatherly figure of a preacher, the likes of which the Jews had never seen
before, was C.T. Russell. And he captured many of the Jews' attention if not their hearts.
They flocked to his meetings. Four thousand Jews listened to this Christian
preacher at New York City's Hippodrome on Oct. 9, 1910. Later in London 4,600 went to
the Royal Albert Hall (site of many large Masonic gatherings) to hear him, and 800 at the
Shoreditch Town Hall. 1,200 Jews came at Manchester, 1,400 Jews turned out at
Glasgow, Scotland, and another 5,000 at Cincinnati, OH.
What captured their hearts? Russell sums up his hippodrome message, "We were
not preaching Jesus to them. Our message was to the Jews as Jews, from Is. 40:1,2,
Comfort ye, comfort ye my people." 22
Russell's repeated assurances that he wasn't proselytizing the Jews achieved their
goal to calm the fears of wary Jews. Further, Russell had a radical message for his time,
Zionism. Russell was a Zionist before the word existed.
Russell's Zionism
In 1880, Russell began to predict that the Jews would return to Palestine.
He wrote an article "God's Message of Comfort to the Jews" telling the world that
God had promised the Jewish nation would be restored. This article was made into a 32
page Bible Student tract around Sept., 1881, and reprinted again in tract and newspaperarticle
forms in Dec. 1887. One source also says the booklet was put out in 1912. This
Comfort for the Jews is not to be confused with Rutherford's later book in 1925 by the
same title.
Russell's third book, Thy Kingdom Come, spends its entire 8th chapter on "The
Restoration of Israel."
His prophecy about the Jews returning to Israel are, in this Author's estimation, his
most accurate. The others failed. This prophecy goes unmentioned by today's WT
because it clashes with their present light that the nation of Israel is not in God's plan.
Russell applauded as he saw his predictions on Zionism starting to happen.
Russell advertized Dr. T. Herzl's lauching of Zionism. Russell published a Yiddish paper
Di Stimme, which circulated in Europe and Russia. With Jewish help it was circulated
worldwide. It was especially popular in Poland.
The WT Society collaborates with Jewish groups
After Russell's death, and while Rutherford, the second WT president was confined
in a Federal Penitentiary, the WT headquarter shifted back from Brooklyn to Pittsburg.
The Watchtower magazine on Sept. 1, 1918 prints a revealing letter from the men in
Pittsburgh who were running the Watchtower Society. The letter equates the Watchtower
Society with the Jewish Zionist movement. Whether the two are actually the same or not,
it is evident from this article, that the Watchtower leaders were not concerned that the
Society and the Zionist movement be identified together.
"On Saturday and Sunday we had the pleasure of hearing our dear Brother Thorn
expound the further unfolding of God's plan. He spoke of the restoration of the Jews to
their land, called the attention to the significance of their Passover Supper coming the
day following ours, and also to the significance of the opening date of the of the recent
Zionist Congress in Pittsburgh, June 22nd, the day following a most memorable day in
the history of our Society. Note how in this wonderful sequence of events the ceremonial
and governmental features of the movements effected have been kept seperate and
distinct. This Congress accomplished more than did the former twenty Zionist conventions
put together..."(WT 1 Sept '18, p.275)
It has not been a total secret that Jewish groups were associated with C.T.
"...Russell interviewed a large number of Jewish notables and leaders who came
to visit him at the central offices of the Witnesses in Brooklyn."23
Some like the Jewish editor of the Boston Jewish Advocate, Jacob de Haas, a
Hassidic Jew and prominant member of the Munich Zionist meeting on Aug. 25, 1897,
felt Russell had identical religious beliefs to his.
Another Jew, Raymond G. Jolly, states about his meeting with Russell, "I was very
much impressed with this godly man..."24 So much so that Jolly joined Russell's
movement, along with many other Jews. Numerous Jews would become prominant
figures in the Watchtower Society including Paul S.L Johnson, John J. Hoefle, and Olin
R. Moyle. Many with Jewish heritage would also find Russell's movement attractive such
as Frederick Franz and Nathan Knorr. Early lists of Bible Students show that people of
Jewish heritage may have made up to 20 percent of Russell's movement. This Author
gives that figure, not as a statistic, but as one of the many factors that lead him to
conclude that Jews joined Russell faster than the general population.
Jews referred to Russell as a "great friend of the Jewish people."25 And Russell
did love them, even those who were secular humanists, "I feel great sympathy for the
Jews in their unbelief..."26
When the Berlin Conference in 1878 proposed a Zionist solution to the Jewish
question, Russell threw together a hodge-podge of scripture to show that this event in
1878 had to be the beginning of the "Millenial day." This Millenial day would then
progress to the restoration of the Jewish Kingdom in 1914.27 Indeed, one of the plans to
restore the Jewish bloodline of David with a united Europe with the aid of the European
Freemasons was scheduled for 1914, but was delayed due to World War I.28
One of the undeniable leaders of the Jewish people were the Rothschilds. Pastor
Russell wrote the Rothschilds several letters, one of which will be quoted, and the
importance of the Rothschilds will be discussed later in chap. 3.3.
The B'nai B'rith finances Russell
The B'nai B'rith was behind Russell's start. Before explaining who the B'nai B'rith
was and why they supported Russell let's look at some of evidence of the cooperation.
Edith Starr Miller, a researcher into international politics and the causes of social
unrest, who managed to position herself in amongst various important people, came upon
"irrefutable evidence" of the bewildering drama of a conspiracy between various
organizations. She writes that the B'nai B'rith was responsible for getting Russell started.
Frank Goldman, both a member of the Order (as the B'nai B'rith is known) and a
Mason, escorted Pastor Russell by car to the Hippodrome for his two hour talk. Jewish
financiers had by the way rented the Hippodrome for Russell. After Russell finished his
talk, the Zionist anthem "Rosh Hoshkana" was played. Frank Goldman went on to
become the President of the B'nai B'rith.
Interestingly, the B'nai B'rith points out in their Los Angeles B'nai B'rith Messenger29
their close affinity,
"The Jews themselves are Jehovah's Witnesses. In due time, according to
prophecy, Jerusalem will be the capital of the world and Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses,
and other Ancient Worthies' will be resurrected and form the nucleus of God's Kingdom
on earth. This was the understanding of Pastor Russell from his studies of the
prophecies, and he so taught during his long ministry."
Zionism actually encompasses Russell's vision for the establishment of a universal
Israel, with Jerusalem as world capital. For instance, Yigal Aldon at the United Nations
on Sept. 30, 1975 speaking for the nation of Israel (and therefore in a sense Zionism &
Jews worldwide) defines Zionism, "Zionism is, in sum, the constant and unrelenting effort
to realize the national and universal vision of the Prophets of Israel." A national homeland
is not enough, the universal kingdom the Talmud says is to be Israel's millenial kingdom
is their goal.
The Watchtower Society distributed a Yiddish periodical Di Stimme (The Voice) all
over the world.30 It was especially attempted to place it Russia, to motivate Russian Jews
to emigrate to Palestine. Because the paper was ostensibly Christian it's distribution came
under less restrictions than Jewish literature.
The Watchtower Society offered to supply the Di Stimme periodical to anyone "in
any quantity—free."31 There seems to have been no bottom line to the financial backing
of the WT Society.
The same year that the offer was made to supply the Yiddish paper to anyone "in
any quantity—free", the WT Society's account books claimed a $22,415.93 deficit. "We
doubt not this indebtedness will soon be cancelled; nevertheless the fact that it is nearly
double the shortage of last year cautions us that we must to some extent put on the
'brakes.' " (WTR 1911,p.4936)
So how does the Society show caution and put on the brakes? Does it stop
printing and distributing millions of pieces of free Zionist literature? No. They have subtly
bilked their readers for more donations, but the pace of the free giveaway of Zionist
literature worldwide doesn't abate. The reason for this is given away in the WT of Jan.
1, 1911, p. 4 which quietly reveals that funding came from Jewish sources. The
distribution of Di Stimme was aided "...by Jewish Journals interested in the message..."
Secret backers have always been the secret to Russell's success. In 1882, Russell
tells readers, "...a brother who has already contributed largely guarantees any debts
incurred, to the amount of one thousand dollars in excess of receipts."
Although there are reports of anonymous donations every now and then of
amounts like $9,000 and $1,000, the real underwriting must have been almost a blank
check when one examines the WT Society's activities.
Further, the ease with which Russell visits, works with, and writes Jewish leaders
indicates a close relationship.
Isn't the evidence that the B'nai B'rith helped Russell's Watchtower Society
circumstantial? It wouldn't hold up in court would it?
Indeed, it has held up in court.
A swiss physician, Dr. Fehrmann, at a public meeting on Jan. 21, 1924 upset some
people by asserting the B'nai B'rith and the International Jews had contributed large
financial sums to the "Ernst Bibel Forscher" (that is in Swiss German the Earnest Bible
Students which was the name the Russellites— that is the International Bible Students,
the followers of the Watchtower Society were known as.) R.G. Binkele of Zurich charged
Dr. Fehrmann with slander on this particular point, and the Dr. in a libel court of law
sucessfully defended his statement.
Dr. Fehrmann brought forth a number of proofs. One letter entered as evidence was
a Masonic letter from high Masonic sources dated 27 December, 1922. The letter was
of unquestionable genuineness and stated, "We give them (the Earnest Bible Students),
in the usual indirect ways, much money through a number of brothers, who during the war
made a pile. It won't hurt their fat pocket books. They are Jews."
Why would Jews support the Christian Pastor Russell?
Obviously today the WT Society would be a good investment. And for
someone who was trying to destroy the power of Christianity, the WT
Society is very divisive. The Society targets minorities and the lower
classes so it isn't quite the threat to someone in the power structure. But
what about then, in Charles T. Russell's day?
Not much attention has been given this question.
The prominent Jew, Jeane Kirkpatrick, who was the U.S.'s ambassador to the U.N.
described Russell's Zionism as "a neglected chapter" and concerning his contributions to
Zionism, she describes Russell a "neglected man."32 Such praise is significant.
Kirkpatrick is a CFR member, in favor of a One-World-State, and is often praised in the
CIA's National Review.33 Her husband was involved in intelligence in key operations.34
Pastor Charles T. Russell preached Judaism with a veneer of Christianity. Perhaps
no one else has more successfully passed off Jewish thought as Christian, than C.T.
Consider what Russell taught. (Actual quotes documenting these points follow later.)
Russell said:
1. the Jews would be the principle rulers during the Millenium.
2. That the nations of the world would have to become Jews during the Millenium.
3. That God would bless the world through the Jewish people
4. Russell advised the Jews to go to their Rabbi's to learn how to protect themselves from
Christian teachings.
5. Russell told the Christians they should stop trying to convert the Jews, for it was
against God's will to convert them
6. and that it was God's will for Jews to remain Jews.
7. Russell promoted Zionism, and frequently reprinted articles from leading Jews in the
What does Russell do for Christianity? Everything sacred to Christianity is attacked.
8. Russell says the Messiah is a collection of Jews, with maybe a few gentiles included.
9. Russell says the Protestant and Catholic Bibles are inaccurate, and that only he could
understand the Bible. The WT Society would carry this to its logical conclusion, they
produced their own Bible called the New World Translation, which true to its makers
preconceived ideas, tries to erase the deity of Jesus Christ.
10. Christians are the most guilty and horrible of people.
11. God has not tried to save the world of mankind.
If Russell had labelled himself a Jew, he never would have been listened to by the
Christians. But by labelling himself the most orthodox of Christians, many Christians
bought into his message which was the same message some of the most rabidly anti-
Christian Jews have advocated for centuries.
Let's read some of the documentation on the previous points:
1. Jews will rule the world. After the "times of the Gentiles" ends in 1914 Israel will be
restored. The Kingdom of David will be restored. 35 "God has certainly promised a
restitution and a glorious future to Isreal in the flesh..."36 "The channel through which this
spiritual and invisible kingdom will operate amongst men will be the ancient worthies of
Israel. 'Ye shall see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the Kingdom.'
In close association with these, first to be recognized will be the Jews, natural Israel."37
"We are interested in the earthly Jerusalem and the prosperity about to come to it, when,
under Messiah's Kingdom, it shall become the capital of the world."
2. Nations must become Jews. God will answer the prayers of the Jews and fight against
the nations. Then the Jewish remnant will be restored. The gentiles will go up to
Jerusalem from year to year, to keep the feast of tabernacles.38 "To my understanding,
dear friends, the Scriptures are very clear in their statement that this New Covenant will
be for Israel only and that all the nations of the world, if they desire to receive the
blessings of that covenant, must come into Israel, so that during the reign of Messiah,
which will be for 1,000 years, all nations will be pressing into it that they may become
members of Israel, and so the nations will eventually come to be a part of Israel, as the
Scriptures say—the seed of Abraham, like the sands of the seashore, filling the whole
earth—and every one who will not become an Israelite, who will not come into harmony
with God, with that divine law, with the New Covenant, will be cut off in the Second
2 & 3. In the New Order the world is blessed through the Jews.
"All who would enjoy Divine favor and restitution blessings will gladly gather to their
standard...will become Israelites, proselytes, children of Abraham...all who will obey...will
be lifted up, up, up to perfection..."40
4. Jews should go to their rabbi to learn how to protect themselves from Christian
doctrine. "Jews should be taught by their rabbis, and should be able to answer such
arguments by showing that 'the wages of sin is death'... God's Word applies to Jews as
well as to Christians- "My people perish for lack of knowledge;" This page goes on to say
the blessing of the Messianic Kingdom will come first to the Jew. Also Russell states, "So
far from endeavoring to bring Jews into any of the Christian denominations, Catholic or
Protestant, I would advise the Jews to stand clear of all of them. I seek to point out to the
Jew that he has his own Divine promises, which are separate and distinct from those of
Christians. God's promises to the Jew are all earthly. The Israelites are all to come back
from the state of death under Messiah's glorious Kingdom, which will gradually efface sin
and death from the world..."41
5. Christians should not convert Jews. (See quote pt. 8)
6. It is God's will for Jews to remain Jews. "The Jew who ceases to be a Jew ceases to
look in the proper direction for the blessings God has promised him."42
7. His promotion of Zionism has already been discussed.
8.The Messiah is basically a group of Jews. "The hidden Mystery is that this great
Prophet, Priest and King is not a man, but a Son of God on the spirit plane; and further,
the great Messiah is composed of many 'members,' of which he is the 'Head.'" Christ is
a son not the son and is made up of many people.43 The church is the Messiah—"twelve
thousand for each of the twelve tribes of Isreal..." "This class as a whole is the
Messiah..." "Does this make clear my reasons for not wishing to turn Jews into
Presbyterians, Baptists, Roman Catholics, etc.? Does it make clear my reason for urging
Jews to a preparation mentally, morally and physically for the great work that God has
for them to do? I hope so...it is my conviction that the Messianic company, all saintly, will
be composed more largely of Jews than of any other nationality."44
9. This is discussed in other sections.
10. Christians are the most guilty and horrible of people. "Millions of people are being
turned away from faith in a God of Love and from faith in the Bible as His Message by
the most monstrous blasphemies of the 'dark ages.' I charge the responsibility of all this
against the sects and creeds of Christendom."45 Christians are the biggest hypocrites in
the world.46
11. God has not tried to save the nations. (Evil people would be resurrected to learn
Judaism in the New Order.) From the beginning, Russell accepted a very Judiastic
outlook. In reviewing the 1877 Three Worlds which Russell agreed with although only
helped write one finds...
(p. 11)- God has never tried to save mankind. Rather, God gave the gospel to only
a select group. God's promises to the Jewish nation are unfulfilled.
(p. 7-8)- Christ, which is a group of the elect, subjugates all the nations in the
Millenium with "real subjection" "with a rod of iron."
(p. 12)- "While under the past Jewish dispensation not a Gentile could be saved..."
(p. 13)- God did not make any effort to save mankind, and they have died without
the truth. Why? Scriptures tell us that God made it "unlawful to give the children's meat
to dogs". Also, says Russell and Barbour, why did Christ command his disciples "Go not
in the way of the Gentiles..." "He (God's son) did not come, at his first advent, to
save the world;...He did not even pray for the world, 'I pray not for the world.' (John
17 9)."
(p. 14)- "If God has been trying to save the world during the gospel dispensation,
He has made as great a failure as during the Jewish Age."
This Author would direct the reader to a 12 part series of articles Russell wrote for
the Overland Monthly. Each was entitled "God's Chosen People". The individual articles
had titles which dealt with the following issues: how faith was the foundation of Jewish
character, how the Jews could revive their faith in Judaism, how Israel had a "double",
about the Jubilee of restoration, the Passover, the Sabbath, Yom Kippur, Zionism, Must
Jews Become Christians in Order to Receive Divine Favor?, plus three other topics
related to Jews.
The concept that the Jews are the Chosen people who will eventually rule the
world forms the basis of Rabbinical Judaism. In the Cabala, even more than the Talmud
(and the original Talmud is pretty strong stuff), the concept of world-dominion is even
more noticable. The Zohar accepts it as an accepted fact. The Toldoth Noah, folio 63b
(de Pauly's trans., I p. 373) states, "the Feast of Tabernacles is the period when Israel
triumphs over the other people of the world; that is why during this feast we seize the
Loulab and carry it as a trophy to show that we have conquered all the other peoples
known as 'populace' and that we dominate them." The Zohar relates that the kings of the
world will end by declaring war on the Messiah. But "the Holy One, blessed by He, will
display His force and exterminate them from the world." (Zohar, section Schemoth, folio
7 and 9b; section Beschalah, folio 58b -de Pauly's trans., III. 32,36,41,260)
A popular misconception among the Goyim (gentiles) is that Zionism is simply a
desire of the Jews for a small place to call home. The WT Society itself is aware that
Zionism entails more. On page 296 of their tenth Souvenir Report, "Many Hebrews of the
United States believe that the whole course of world events is now favorable to the
Zionist movement, and that the day is near when their aims will be realized and the Jews,
as a united people, will become one of the most powerful factors in the modern world."
But when they needed to still opposition to taking over Palistine from the arabs,
the B'nai B'rith told the public, The Jews of neither America nor any other of the
democratic lands will return to Palestine.*" At that time (before the state of Israel) the
B'nai B'rith sounded like the Jewish people were loyal to the countries they lived in, and
harbored no desire to go to Israel.
The Hatikvah ("The Hope") to return to Eretz Yisrael ("Israel") didn't start with
Theodor Herzl, but goes back to the Tenakh (the Hebrew O.T.) But by and large the
modern movement has been led by secular Jews along with cultic and occultic Jewish
leaders. A secular messianism has also pervaded Judiasm where the modern state of
Israel is believed to be the world's Messiah. The one-world-conspiracy has distorted so
many people into a deterministic eschatological frame of mind. This mindset is that God's
will has preordained in heaven that this state of Israel would be great. Therefore, to
oppose it is wicked. Many Christian leaders and Jewish leaders take this one step further
and give Israel a blank check to do whatever they want without any moral responsibility.
Persecution has fallen on Goyim who have had the audacity to reprint what the Talmud
says on conquering the world and Jewish rulership. One dare not criticize the large gay
community in Tel Aviv, nor talk about the Jewish prostitutes there, nor talk about the
Mossad running drugs for profit, nor about the terrorism done by Jews to the
Palestinians-many of them Christians. One dare not talk about Christian church services
being shot up by Uzis, and innocent Christian ministers being beat up by Israeli soldiers.
Russell preached that the Jews are superior to Christians morally and intellectually.
"Judged in this broad, general way, who will dispute that the twelve millions of Jews are
not in advance of the average of Christendom intellectually and morally?"48
That's quite appropriate for a man who has turned the Messiah basically into a
collection of Jews. Russell's hatred for Christianity, could serve the interests of any group
bent on Christendom's destruction. The reader will learn more of how
these various anti-Christian group relate.
Whether justified or not, many Jews see the source of their problems as Christians.
Most of the various groups working toward a one-world government are united in their
hatred for Christianity. That fact doesn't automatically mean they are all in collusion, but
it is a tell-tale sign of their similar origins. After their collusion is established, the
investigator becomes aware it is an important element of their collusion. This Author is
reminded of when he visited a synagogue Shabbat (what gentiles call "Sabbath") service,
and how his Jewish host clearly lumped all Christians into the category of evil and anti-
Jewish. He was not alone, sections of Chicago and New York, would oblige any Christian
desiring actual Martyrdom.
The WT Society vilifies Christianity in the fashion the Talmud does, "...with great
pomp and glory that unholy system rides upon the backs of peoples. Without the support
of the common peoples that wicked system called 'Christendom' could not
survive...instead of heeding the message...those constituting the unholy alliance...continue
to oppress...The doom of 'organized Christianity' or Babylon is sealed." (WT 10/15/27 p.
312, cf. Babylon the Great, p. 559 and a host of other WT references.)
In contrast, the WT Society doesn't attack the modern Jewish religion, or its
adherents, except with mild jabs.
"But what grieves me today is the large scale voluntary assimilation (into Christian
society) especially among Jewish Youths." (A modern day follower of Russell, Bible
Student Kenneth W. Rawson) 49
Today, men like CBS's Norman Lear (who is into humanism and the New Age) like
to blame Christianity for the Holocaust. Lear's "Sunday Dinner" hero Ben is used in one
scene to blame Christians for the Holocaust. The WT Society has been accusing
Christians of the same for years.50 The truth is that many Christians opposed the Nazi
regime and lost their life for it.51 The truth is that many Christians risked their lives to
save Jews.52 The truth is that many Christians died in the Holocaust.53 Even Jewish
sources will admit that many of the people rounded up as Jews, were not even Jews.54
The Nazis preferred to error on side of killing more than needed, rather than not
enough.55 The truth is the Nazis did try a final solution, the Holocaust,56 and their new
religion what is now known as the New Age religion, with its belief in reincarnation helped
alliviate any guilt.57 The Truth is that much of what is shown the public about the
When reading Jewi sh books written f o r Jewish readership this
Author has repeatedly bumped into remarks mentioning the KEHILLA.
KEHILLA is consistently put into the context of being the
organisation that c o n t r o l s life in the Jewish communities. It
turns out that the KEHILLA is a secret ( a t least to the non-Jews)
o r g a n i z a t i o n that does indeed run Jewish l i f e , and at the top it
is run by Satanists.
Holocaust is lies. But how can we honestly evaluate what happened when the Power
ruthlessly censors any real investigation into the facts? The truth is that Hitler was
financed by international financiers,58 and that the list of people who have financed the
Communists and those that helped Hitler are often the same, for instance Chase Bank,
now Chase Manhattan.59
The truth is that the religion that the one-world-government conspiracy is going
to bring in, the Power behind the New Age religion is responsible for the Holocaust, not
Christianity. Be rational and think about such things. Was the Swastika a hindu or a
Christian symbol? Did the Masonic Lodges or the Christians use the Swastika as a
symbol before W.W. II? The Masonic Lodges and the Theosophic Lodges used it.
This may be getting quite confusing. Initially, this book describes Russell's belief
in a Sun-god, later this book shows Russell, a Jew financed by Jews, was preaching
Judaism with a veil of Christianity, and finally this chapter speaks of a New Age religion.
Isn't this contradictory? No, and this book will cover all this in due time. Joseph Campbell
shows an old synagogue with a picture showing Sun-god worship was part of the
synagogue, in his book on Myths.60 As one gets into where modern day Judaism is
derived and what the Talmud and Cabbala are about, an investigator finds that they are
a continuation of Babylonian magic and paganism. They are occultic. But then how
widespread is the Caballa among the Jews? For the religious elements it is extensive.
Judaism has become a cultural and traditional ritual for many Jews.61 The small group
of Karaites, Samaritans, and the larger groups of Messianic Jews (Christian Jews) have
rejected the Caballa. The Caballa, which came from Babylon, forms the basis for many
if not all the Satanic, Magic, and occultic Fraternal Societies.63
Further on, this book will show how the syncretism of the New Age movement has no
problem including each of these religious strains, and who, why, and how it was brought
it to the West. The New Age movement itself tosses various things together like a tossed
salad. I know this is difficult to envision for many readers, perhaps one example will
suffice until later. When this Author lived in Nepal, many people were both Buddhists and
Hindus. The Hindi world-view can and does accomodate most anything but the Moslem
religion and real Christianity. Hinduism is many things to many people. Caryl Matrisciana
who also lived in that area of the world, and was active in the New Age movement
concurs with this Author in her book God's of the New Age that the New Age is basically
Does that mean the New Age isn't related to the occult and Babylon? Hinduism and
Babylon's religion are closely related. For instance, the God Moloch goes by the names
Pluto, Saturn, Kali(Hinduism), and Durga. (See Spin diagrams) A whole book could be
written on the interweaving of religious ideas between Greece, Egypt, Babylon and India.
Such as Hinduism's Shiva relates to Jupiter. From Babylon came Rabbinic Judaism. The
speculative Kaballah is pantheistic. The Ancient Mystery schools' wisdom is taught by the
Jews today according to "Academies", Jew. Encyc., p.67. Just one more of the many
examples of how far reaching the interweaving is, Horus of Egypt (sometimes depicted
as an evil adversary in the form of a snake) finds its counterpart in Calyia the Snake God
that Krishna, the 8th incarnation of Vishnu, killed.
Zionist James P. Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. told the U.S. Senate that we were
going to get a one-world-government, whether we liked it or not. The only question is,
whether world government will be achieved by conquest or consent.63 Another member
of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. the Jewish legal officer Louis Marshall said, "Zionism is but an
incident of a far-reaching plan."6 Russell was fully aware that the Declaration of
Independence of the Zionist State (published in The Jewish World, Feb. 9, 1883) said
"The great ideal of Judaism is...that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish
teaching, and that in a Universal Brotherhood of Nations-a greater Judaism in fact-all the
separate races and religions shall disappear." When one realizes that that Judaism today
(aka Rabbinic Judaism, earlier aka Pharisism, aka Babylonian occultism) would like to be
world-wide, and one observes the New Age movement is spreading world-wide, what
this mean? It is apparent powerful forces are trying to move us away from Christ's
The question can be raised, is it unfair to put down Judaism's goal of world-wide
conquest when Christians envision the world will be entirely Christianized at some point
in the future? It depends. If Christians want to conquer the world like during the Crusades,
then yes the Christians are subject to censor too. The Talmud doesn't portray a peaceful
conquest of the world—but slaughter of the "cattle" gentiles. (The author has in his
possession photocopies of several different modern Jewish documents spelling out
present day plans to carry out such a ruthless bloody conquest.)
In informing people about the New Age "Aquarian Conspiracy", as New Age writer
Marilyn Ferguson calls it, she states on pg. 63 of her book who the people are who are
supporting the New Age Conspiracy. "Maverick theologians and members of the clergy
pondered "the new spirituality" that rose as churches declined. There were networks of
innovative, "transpersonal" educators, caucuses of legislators, and a melding of
economists-futurists-managers-engineers-systems theorists, all seeking creative,
humanistic alternatives. A few captains of industry and finance. Foundation officials and
university programmers, artists and musicians, publishers and television producers. A
surprising clutch of celebrities. Scions of Old American Wealth. Ex-political radicals,
minus their rhetoric, now in positions of influence." As you read further in this book, you'll
learn more about who these people are. The Scions of Old American Wealth can be
found in groups like the Skull and Bones Order. The publishers and televisions producers
are Jews and Masons. (See other chapters.) Thafs right, the Jews own and operate all
three major networks, and the major newspapers and publishing houses. On pg. 367 she
states, that the religious backgrounds of a poll she took indicated 20 % of the Aquarian
Conspirators were Jewish. What is perhaps not known, is the prominant positions that so
many Jews are playing. See the footnote for a list of some of these.65
The B'nai B'rith
According to Jewish leader Rabbi Meir Kahne of the Jewish Defense League the
Jewish leaders such as Adler, Schiff, Marshall, Seligman, Loeb, and Warburg formed the
B'nai B'rith and the ADL. 66
Actually, although these men were prominant in the B'nai B'rith, the origins of the
B'nai B'rith also ties in with the Masonic Lodge. Twelve men on Oct. 13, 1843, in NYC
began the Order of the B'nai B'rith.67 Most of them were Freemasons and Odd Fellows.68
Philip Klulznick, B'nai B'rith president (1953-1959), heads a delegation of presidents of sixteen major Jewish organizations meeting with
Secretary of State John Foster Dulles in October 1954 on American policy regarding Israel and the Middle East. These cooperative efforts led to
the establishment of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations to coordinate American Jewish policy on Israel.
For the first sixty years the B'nai B'rith was patterned after the Masonic Lodge. The
Masonic Lodge had in turn also been patterned to a large degree from the synagogue,
with a smattering of witchcraft added. Because they were patterned after the Masons and
the Oddfellows, the B'nai B'rith was secret, benevolent, exclusive, and fraternal.70 In
contrast to the Masonic Lodges which were open to all religions and types, the B'nai B'rith
admits only Jews.
But in contrast with the Masonic Lodges which are very select in selecting upper
crust candidates, the B'nai B'rith accepted men of low social status. In this regard, it was
in the fashion of the Oddfellows. This Author believes it was the need to establish a
secret Jewish fraternity open to the rank and file Jew, that motivated the establishment
of the Order (as the B'nai B'rith is called.)
The founder taking his cue from the Masons billed his fraternal Order as nonreligious
and non-sectarian. And then in typical masonic fashion at the same time called
the Order as "the restoration of the Ideal synagogue, which had ceased to exist."71
This gives us a further clue as to Russell's connection to the B'nai B'rith, in that the
B'nai B'rith set out to Reform the Jewish religion into the Masonic religion. The B'nai B'rith
was associated with Reform Judaism after it was drafted in 1885. Reform Judaism's
centers of power were Pittsburgh and Brooklyn, the two cities Russell operated his
headquarters from.
Crown Heights Section of Brooklyn is just for JWs but is also the world headquarters
of the world's "best organized and most dedicated Jewish organization in the world," the
Habad of the Lubavich, at 770 Eastern Parkway. The National Council of Churches
reported in 1957 that there were 1,077,000 Jewish synagogue members in Kings Co.,NY
and 556,000 in the Bronx.72
The connections of the Order to Masonry are certain. One Mason exposed quite
a bit when he wrote about the B'nai B'rith having a made a secret treaty with Masonry.73
Albert Pike and Armand Levi concluded this secret treaty.
There are numerous cases of the leaders of the B'nai B'rith also being
Freemasons. There are also numerous cases of leading members of the Order promoting
socialism and communism. An example of this is that the Grand Master of the Order (of
the B'nai B'rith) in Russia in 1917 was also a 32 degree Freemason and one of the
leaders of the Socialist Revolution.74
Various Jewish leaders have fought to prevent the B'nai B'rith from capturing
control of the Jewish people, but they were not successful. As this book will show the
Christians also have not been successful either, for many of the Christian leaders are
marching to a Masonic agenda too.
Many of the Rabbis today are members of the Order, which has in the
neighborhood of a half million members and has membership all over the world.75
One of the Order says, The question of who speaks for the Jews has no single
answer. B'nai B'rith has urged its own primacy, first on the grounds of its secular and
national character, then, after the ADL's establishment, on the premise that whoever
defends American Jews leads them. Since B'nai B'rith has represented a cross-section
of Jews, it perceives itself as deserving to sit at the head of Jewry's communal table."76
The U.S. president recognizes their primacy. And since 1954, has sponsored a
Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations headed by the B'nai
B'rith to coordinate the American government's Jewish policy with respect to Israel.77
Those Jews that are tied to the moral values of the Old Testament, are being
subverted, and humanism is being promoted. For instance, the B'nai B'rith has promoted
all kinds of Jewish education, that has eliminated much of the Jewish religious teaching.78
The B'nai B'rith in the 1970s began to feel that the seperation of the sexes was an
artificial relic to be done away with.79 The Order in 1913 started the Anti Defamation
League (ADL). This group organized long before the Nazi brown shirts, has used tactics
on the level of the Mafia. Their radical leaders have repeatedly gone on record as having
contempt for all laws, believing in the end is justified by any means.80 Rabbi Meir Kahane
removes all doubt about how dangerous he is in his book The Anti Defamation League.
A comprehensive dossier on JDLs bombings, killings and maimings is in the book The
Zionist Terror Network. They apparently have power within the Christian ranks, because
they are able to mobilize Christians for their causes when they need to.81 It is believed
by many students of Masonry that the B'nai B'rith has issued orders to various Masonic
orders. If the B'nai B'rith has some influence on the Freemasons, it would explain why the
ADL has influence within the ranks of fundamentalists and liberal Christians.(For more
info on this refer to chapter 2.1)
The ADL has been exposed conspiring with the FBI.82 And its leader Meir Kahane
worked for the CIA prior to starting up with the ADL.83
People of Jewish heritage have all kinds of opinions. Some have bravely spoken
as one Jewish man, "I am anti-Zionist. Jewish chauvinism is no less despicable than
other kinds of chauvinism and more despicable than many since it is based on racist
ideology. In the dispute between Israel and the 900,000 Arab refugees it had driven from
their lands, I support the Arabs."84
Jewish writer Kenneth M. Mitzner, in The Wanderer (June 29, 1989) encourages
Christians to opose those Jewish forces that are corrupting the morals of this country. He
writes, "It was not anti-German to oppose Nazism, nor anti-Russian to oppose
Bolshevism. It is not anti-Semitic to oppose the forces within the Jewish community which
are waging war against you and your family."
Jack Bernstein, a Jew, tells in his book how corruption, graft, persecutions and
dangers are forced upon those Jews who want to be Jewish but not Zionists. Another
Jew, Henry H. Klein exposes that the certain Jews are out to control this country and the
world no matter what they have to do in his book A Jew Exposes the Jewish World
J. Frank Norris, a Fundamental minister in a letter to another fundamental minister
named Swain, reveals that if Rev. Sam Swain will say the proper things he can get
financing from the B'nai B'rith.85 Some of the nominal Christians willing to work with the
B'nai B'rith are those of Jewish heritage. The B'nai B'rith magazine itself has written
articles about the widespread practice of Jews who have pretended to become
The B'nai B'rith has sponsored the National Conference of Jews and Christians,
and under the auspices of the Order Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish speakers appeared
together in the year of 1939 at 10,000 meetings in 2,000 communities in all the U.S.
states.87 While carrying on such conferences, the Order has actively pursued the removal
of all Christian books from school libraries, have forced numerous Passion plays to shut
down, and threatened Christian ministers for discussing the crucifixion on the radio.88
New Testament Scriptures specifically describe the anti-Christ as those denying
that Jesus is the Christ.
At one point even the Almighty declared of the Hebrews, "How long will this people
provoke me?" But Jesus called his disciples to love, and if the Christian can not love the
Jew, and the Jew the Palestinian, and the Palestinian the Jew, how can each of these
love God. And if there are men among the Christians who want power, the Christian
should follow the example of his Master Jesus Christ, and return good for evil. Those who
live by the sword will die by it. Those who live by power will die by it.
Zionism's goal of real estate is not as important as the relationship of each Jewish
person to his creator. This author would like to see each Jewish person have spiritual
power. The religion that C.T. Russell was helped to create, has taken away from its
adherents the most precious legacy of the Jew Jesus Christ. That is that God loves each
of his children, and has given them the chance to be his sons and daughters, and to
receive the Holy Spirit to guide them.
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Chapter 1.10

One of the biggest issues the Jehovah's Witnesses make a big fuss about is the name
Jehovah. Christians, they say, are obviously evil for Christians are not promoting the
name Jehovah. Although it is true the Bible has a Tetragrammaton, even the Jehovah's
Witnesses admit in their literature that Jehovah is not the proper pronounciation, in fact
it is known to be a Middle Age invention. What is not widely known is the importance that
the word Jehovah has played in Black Magic and Freemasonry.
The word was introduced into Freemasonry, not in a Christian context but in a magical
Albert G. Mackey, 33 degree, one of the highest respected Masonic authorities for the
Masons states in his Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry, Vol. I, 1871,
"JEHOVAH is, of all the significant words of Masonry, by far the most important.
Reghellini very properly calls it 'the basis of our dogma and of our mysteries.'...The history
of the introduction of this word into the ritualism of Freemasonry would be highly
interesting, were it not so obscure. Being in almost all respects an esoteric symbol... That
this name, in its mystical use, was not unknown to the Medieval Freemasons there can
be no doubt... It is now conceded, from indisputable evidence, that the holy name was,
in the earlier years, and, indeed, up to the middle of the last century, attached to the
Third Degree, and then called the Master's Word...Third Degree refers to 'the mystic
word, the Tetragrammaton.'"1
What was the esoteric, mystical use of the word Jehovah? It stood for what
Medieval Cabalists and other practitioners of magic called their Satanic Holy Trinity.
E.M. Butler an expert on Magic writes in his book Ritual Magic that "...the 'triple
name' could stand for ADONAY, ZEBOATH, JEHOVAH or for JEHOVAH, EMMANUEL,
ZAMEH (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) or any other of the variant holy names by which the
deity was invoked in black magic. With this exception, the invocation, although there is
a learned Renaissance flavour about it, follows orthodox lines, and the word valeat
instead of salveat represents ... rather subtle attempt to make the invocation
blasphemous. It certainly is at odds with 'Jehovah's name forward and backward
anagrammatized' (a pithy poetical way of describing the method used by Kabbalists to
determine the seventy-two names for God), and also with the abbreviated names of the
saints in the circle. It makes nonsense too of the conclusion: "By Jehovah, hell and the
holy water which I now sprinkle, and the sign of the Cross, which I now make.' lt would
be worse than useless, it would be in the highest degree dangerous, to call on the name
of the 'triple deity' who had just been dismissed (however courteously) from the circle."2
The frequent use of the word Jehovah by Joseph Smith, Jr., and Charles T.
Russell was the impact of Masonry on their lives. C.T. Russell disliked Christ's name so
much he wrote the word Christmas as X-mas in his personal letters.3 Joseph Rutherford,
who was involved in the occult, elevated the name. Jehovah even more, and downplayed
the name of Christ. There are many solid Scriptural reasons why Jehovah is not the name
that Christians are to promote and worship, but that is a topic in itself. The point though
is that a balanced view of scripture in no way demands that Joseph Rutherford's worship
of the word Jehovah be adopted. The over emphasis these men placed on it, was due
to their contact with the occult.
"It was the Kabbalists who emphasized the mystery surrounding the letter JHVH by
referring to the name they represented as the 'word of four letter', TETRAGRAMMATON,
and this caught on like wild-fire in the magical texts. Few indeed and far between are
those modern rituals in which that awe-inspiring name does not occupy the place of
From a group of JW elders at my house came the advice, "If you will say a prayer
using Jehovah's name, and say it with lots of will power, you can count on it working."
Folks, those elders don't know it—but that's Kabbalistic Magic. Unfortunately, not
knowing history well, they do not realize who promoted the name Jehovah for centuries—
the Magicians of the Kaballist Jews.
But if the Caballists believe in a Holy Trinity doesn't that make them Christians?
"The Cabala is Occult Science itself. It is the secret theology of the initiates,
theology essentially Satanic. In a word counter-theology. Our God, the God of the
Christians, is the power of evil in the eyes of the Cabalists; and for them the power of
good, the real God, is Lucifer."
"One cannot be a convinced Cabalist without soon becoming a magician and
devoting oneself to the practices of occultism."5 This explains why many of the famous
magicians such as Harry Houdini6 have been Jewish Freemasons.
In Freemasonry at the Kadosch the triangle is inverted to represent Lucifer, who
is said to be the Very Holy and Indivisible Trinity to which the Kadosch takes his oath of
blind obedience. The Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander takes his oath to this Very
Holy and Indivisible Trinity of Lucifer also.7 This is clearly described in the 33 degree
French Mason Domenico Margiotta's book Le Culte de la Nature dans la
Franc-Maconnerie universelle. Is the reader surprised that a Mason would publish
something saying their Holy Trinity is the Trinity of Lucifer?
Mackey in his Ency. of Freemasonry, 1887 ed., p.617 explains that "The objection
to treatises and disquisitions on Masonic subjects, that there is danger through them of
giving too much light to the world without, has not the slightest support from experience.
In England, in France, and in Germany, scarcely any restriction has been observed by
Masonic writers, except as to what is emphatically esoteric; and yet we do not believe
that the profane world is wiser in those countries than in our own in respect to the secrets
of Freemasonry. In the face of these publications, the world without has remained as
ignorant of... our art, as if no work had ever been written on the subject.... The truth is
that men who are not Masons never read authentic Masonic works. They have no interest
in the topics discussed,... "
This Author agrees with Mackey. When this Author has tried to show what the
Masons are about, few people will even accord the courtesy of even a few seconds of
their time. Even when people are willing to spend a few minutes, how can a few moments
dispel all the Masonic smokescreens. Some read that the Masons believe in a Holy Trinity
and conclude they are solid Christians. If such men believed in the Christian Trinity, why
have most of the most anti-Christian philosophers and writers been fervent Freemasons?
Masonry and Christianity are not the same, nor are their trinities.
"Theurgy is the highest degree of occultism. Necromancy is limited to the
summoning of dead souls, but the Theurgists of the nineteenth century evoke entities
qualified by them as genii, angels of light, exalted spirits, spirits of fire etc. In their
meetings, scattered throughout the world, they worship Lucifer. The three mysterious
letters J... B ... M.... that the common initiates see in the Masonic Temples, are
reproduced in the meeting rooms of the Luciferians, but they no longer mean Jakin,
Bohaz, Mahabone, as in the Lodges, nor Jacques Bourguignon Molay, as with the
Knights Kadosch; in Theurgy these three letters mean; Jesus Bethlemitus Maledictus.
Theurgy is therefore pure Satanism."8
The Cabalists and Masons profess to practice white magic and refer to Theurgy
as black magic.
What the reader sees here is a common tactic by the devote Satanists. They
rename or slightly disguise their symbolism and foister it upon groups of people that don't
know what they are really worshipping or getting into. Albert Pike states in Moral and
Dogma that the lower levels are deceived.9 They have been deceived from the very
beginning of the Masonic Lodge. The Masonic symbolism from the beginning has its
origins in the occult. It use of Christian symbols is esoteric.
This chapter will explore the relationship of Watchtower symbology and their
special words to the Masons and the occult.
The young blond girl in a patterned dress at my door stammered and shook a little
as a Matronly older woman looked on and observed her memorized presentation.
"This is the great issue that faces everyone," she said jitterly.
And indeed the cover of her Watchtower magazine10 said, "The Great Issue Faces
You," along with a picture of an old man with stars surrounding him.
As a scholar of the Watchtower Society, my curiosity was aroused, What is the
great issue?
Her visit had caught our family at an unfortunate time when I couldn't invite them
in. I took her magazines, and silently prayed she'd keep her word to return on her back
call, which she didn't unfortunately.
I opened the magazine. What is the great issue—was it sin? That certainly was
Christ's great issue, his central message was man's slavery to sin. He preached that
theme from several different angles. The captives he came to set free were the captives
of sin. Those he was able to bless, were those poor in spirit, that is those who realized
their sinful nature.
The apostle Paul continued Christ's message on sin. "This righteousness from God
comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference, for all have
sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the
redemption that came by Christ Jesus." (Rom. 3:22-24)
Even the Apostle John, a favorite among the Masons and other esoteric groups
made sin the great issue. "If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the
truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins
and purify us from all unrighteousness." (I Jn. 1:8,9)
So what was the Watchtower's Great Issue?
At the end of page three, which is the first article, we learn the answer, "In fact, the
great issue facing each one of us is whether we accept or reject the sovereignty of God,
"whose name alone is JEHOVAH." Having been associated with Jehovah's Witnesses,
I knew that the issue of God's Sovereignty meant Jehovah's name. For instance, Moses
had done all he did to Pharoah and the Egyptians the JWs had instructed me, solely to
teach them his name is pronounced Jehovah.
Knowing this, it was fairly certain what would follow in the Watchtower article, "The
time must come when he will resolve all aspects of this issue of sovereignty in harmony
with his own stated purpose: "They will have to know that I am Jehovah."11
And there they did it again. The WT Soc. has taken a Biblical concept the
Sovereinty of God and perverted it into a test of "Are they promoting the word Jehovah
or not?"
The real issue is not whether some magical word Jehovah is promoted or not. The
issue is sin.
If you want words the Hare Krishna's have magical words. "Hare Krishna, Hare
Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Krishna Krishan, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama
Rama, Hare Hare, " they chant.
If you want magical words the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi will give you for around $20
a mantra (the name of some Hindu deity picked especially for you) to relax with.
These groups all have plenty of magical words to save us, but what do they say
about sin?
Transcendental Meditation (TM) says sin is a state of mind. Hare Krishnas see
sin as something that can be purged with eating, clapping and dancing. The Watchtower
Society chooses to believe that the results of sin can be ignored, for in the New order
sinfull mankind will teach himself to be perfect with the aid of 144,000 elite teachers. The
guilt, the horror, and the need for confession of sin eludes their religious teachings.
Christianity realizes sin, realizes the guilt man has, his need to confess his sin to God,
and his need to rely on God for salvation.
The WTs answer to the public was given in the WT May 1, 1987 issue pg.30. Their
answer is that the greek word kosmos allows them to fittingly speak of a coming "new
world." To quote, "But the Biblical use of Ko'smos allows for a Christian to speak of a
'new world' when referring to the coming Paradise restored on earth." This answer is good
fodder for brain-washed androids, but is not a responsible answer at all. Strong's
Concordance's Greek dictionary indicates that the word kosmos (word #2889 in the dict.)
probably came from a root word meaning orderly arrangement such as a decoration, and
by implication means the world. The Bible however does not speak anywhere of a new
world order or a new order.
Did Russell coin the breakdown of the word atonement into At-one-ment? Hardly, the
Christian Scientists and the Masons were using such phraseology before Russell. Russell
used it as the title of an approx. 500 page book he put out in 1899. An example of the
Masonic use of the term is an article in the Mar. 1923 New Age Magazine entitled
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Chapter 1.11
The Magical
You will learn:
• You will learn why it is possible that the choice of
Russell's to name his magazine Watch Tower was due to
its secret magical implications.
• You will find out the role Enochian magic may play in
tracking the lineage of the One-World-Conspiracy.
• You will be informed how the humanistic renaissance was
caused by the movement of Jewish thinkers.
The Masonic Watchtowers
The Masonic Lodges are usually given a number and then are named after the location
they are at. For instance, in Oregon something like 9 out 10 lodges are named after the
town that they are in. However, some of the lodges are named after famous Masons such
as Franklin, Lafeyette, and Washington. Others are named after Masonic themes Mystic
Tie, Mystic Circle, Rising Sun, New Jerusalem, and Mizpah. Mizpah? What is Mizpah.
The Watchtower Society tells us in the issue of the Golden Age 3/26/24, p. 387, that
Mizpah translates Watchtower. The word Hebrew word Mizpah (also spelled Mizpeh, and
Mitspeh) occurs only once in scripture.1 And the use of the word Mizpah among the
Masons is interesting.
This Author has located 4 Masonic chapters so far in the world that are named
Mizpah, and three of these are in C.T. Russell's area of Pennslyvannia. These are all
York Rite (R.A.M-Royal Arch Masons) lodges like Russell belonged to. They are Mizpeh
Chapter No. 288 R.A.M. of Allegheny, PA, Mizpah Chapter No. 252 R.A.M. Mahonoy City,
PA, and the Mizpah Chapter 96 of the Grand Commandery of Knight Templars of PA.
There is a Mizpah Lodge No. 639 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and the Grotto, which is
an offshoot of the Masons, has a Mizpah Grotto in Long Beach, CA.
What could be important enough to Masonry to call their lodges Watchtowers? The
highest Masons which get cryptic and mystic, are exposed to Enochian magic, where the
use of the Magical Watchtowers is the key, the heart so to speak, of Enochian Magic.
It is interesting to note that several of the Masons who founded new cults were
fascinated in the name and person of Enoch, for instance Joseph Smith, Jr. and Charles
T. Russell.
Joseph Smith gave himself the name Enoch, called his first community the City of
Enoch, and created the communal Order of Enoch. Further, Joseph Smith, following the
Jewish pseudepigraphic Book of Enoch's story, purports to narrate Enoch's experiences
in the Book of Moses. (Joseph Smith, as the reader remembers, wrote the Book of
Moses.) Joseph Smith in fact believed that Freemasonry went back to Enoch.
Freemasons believed that the correct pronunciation of the sacred name of the
Tetragrammaton had been revealed to Enoch.2 In Enochian magic the Tetragrammaton
plays an important part. Each letter represents a different element. In Joseph
Smith's day it was popular for Masons to trace Freemasonry back to Enoch. It is not so
much in vogue now.
"...Enoch may be considered as representative of that class of mankind which in
the future will be in harmony with God and have eternal life—the ones who will be
brought to perfection during the Millennial Age."—Charles T. Russell, 19073
Russell was careful not to exceed what he could back with scripture, and he was
not about to break his Masonic oath of secrecy and blab about Enoch and Enochian
magic. However, Russell can still be recognized as having put an inordinate amount of
emphasis on Enoch. What happened to Enoch "seems to be one of the secret things
which Moses says belong unto God. Deut. 29:29" WT Apr. & May 1884. Russell pointed
out on numerous occasions that Enoch was the 7th man from Adam, this meaning he
was the perfect man. This view was still coming out in the WT as late as 1941.4 The WT
Society has been fascinated by Enoch's transformation, but have been varible in their
explanation of it. In 1943, the WT Society tells us that "Enoch was put into a trance"5
That "God gave him a final vision of the New World..."6 and that when scripture says
"transferred Him" in Heb. 11:5 that meant God granted Enoch a vision of the New World.7
This was a change from Russell's speculation that God may have taken Enoch to another
planet. Also that year, the WT Society tells us that Enoch was the first man to prophecy
of Christ.8
This is just a glimpse of Russell and the WT Society's fascination with Enoch. Now
we will discover what Enochian Magic is about.
Twice a month, a magazine called the Watchtower goes out in 105 languages in
about 13 million per issue. (Actually minor foreign language editions lag behind the
English editions, so that the 13 million copies are not issued simultaneously.)
Yet no one has explained why Charles T. Russell chose the Watch Tower as the
name and center idea of his new religion. Many return to the Bible movements like
Campbell's Church of Christ churches, have eschewed being associated with any
symbology. The idea of the Watch Tower must have been very important for Russell to
have situated it as the central symbol for his movement. Was he thinking that a tower
towered him above others? Or was it because ancient Watch Towers could view
approaching armies and thereby warn of approaching battles. Or was it chosen because
Masons have been associated with building castles and cathedrals?
Each of these explanations put forth, has some merit. But there is another
explanation. One that seems bizarre, so bizarre that this author dismissed it until such
time as he was able to confirm C.T. Russell's Masonic membership.
C.T. Russell's membership records in the Masonic Knights Templar are kept in
Ireland. The Blue Lodge records belong to the Grand Lodge of PA. Lady Queenborough
in her book Occult Theocracy published in 1933 notes on page 737 C.T.Russell's masonic
membership. His Masonic membership must have also been common knowledge to those
associated with him, and those acquainted with the prominence Russell gave to the
Knights Templar logo.
Before diving into the evidence of this chapter, this author would like to interject
that the idea that Russell used the Second Adventists as the source for the name Watch
Tower was the first theory this author considered. Russell associated with Adventists and
moved in Adventist circles during the years leading up to the publication of Zion's Watch
Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence. The Adventists frequently used the word
Watchman as part of the titles of their periodicals. However, after closer-examination this
author dismissed the Adventist origin as an incomplete explanation, for it doedn't really
explain what happened. First, the original concept seemed to be as much the idea of a
Tower rather than a Watchtower. Russell's printing firm was initially called the Tower Co.
and only later became the Watch Tower. Is one to believe that later Russell substituted
"Watchtower" for his company name of Tower because the Adventists use "Watchman"
at a time when Russell was trying to distance himself from the Adventists? Bear in mind
that under discussion is one of Russell's central symbols of his movement — the other
at that time was the Knight's Templar logo. So the decision to use the word
"Watchtower" was not trivial or accidental, but a very important decision. The name of
Russell's religious publishing company had to express something important to Russell.
Russell by this time was trying to distance himself from the Adventists, trying to remove
the idea he was with them. Also noteworthy, Russell does not make any fuss about the
word Watchtower. He selects it, but is silent about its importance to him. This silence
needs to be taken into account by any explanation of the origin of the title "the
Watchtower." Second, when this author surveyed the entire range of Second Adventist
periodicals (about 30) printed prior to Russell's Zion's Watch Tower, I discovered 8 of
these used the word Watchman in the title but not one used the concept of a Watch
Tower. Why would Russell in the beginning, when his movement was really Adventist,
substitute the magazine title Watchtower for the very popular Adventist title of Watchman?
While there were no Adventist magazines prior to Russell's Watchtower magazine that
used the word Watchtower, it appears that the Masonic magazine Mizpah could have
served as example to Russell. The Masonic Mizpah magazine, and a masonic article in
an early Masonic Review with the title "Watchman what of the night" do prove a similarity
here between that Masonic thinking and Russell's Magazine.
Evidence shows C.T. Russell was not only a high Freemason, but prominent in
their schemes, in other words he was a key player. Watchtowers are very important to
the very highest Freemasons. The highest secret knowledge of many Masonic rites
including such rites as the Scottish Rite, the Rite of Memphis, the Rite of Mizraim, etc.
is concentrated in a high level group of llluminati. The basic group of the llluminati is the
O.T.O. The initials O.T.O. can stand for a several names for this group one being Ordo
Templi Orientis (The Order of Oriental Templars). Its esoteric name is Order of To Ov.
Its members also have been referred to as the Great White Brotherhood or Atlantean
Adepts, and have worked with the B'nai B'rith.
The O.T.O. llluminati teach their select group of initiates Hermetic Science (occult
knowledge), magick (called Holy Magick of Light), Mysticism, and Yoga of all forms. The
O.T.O. during C.T. Russell's lifetime established in every important metropolitan area,
including New York, a secret hidden center (Collegium ad Spiritum Santum) where
members could carry out their "great work" concealed without interference.
However, each llluminati is nothing if he is not able to practice the Magick that
gives him a knowledge of the Watchtowers and the ability to enter the four Watchtowers.
Is this bizarre? Why doesn't C.T. Russell mention any of this in his writings?
This author must unreservably without any doubt in his mind advise the reader that
C.T. Russell would never have mentioned anything of his higher esoteric Masonic
knowledge to anyone. The penalties for such higher secrets are harsh. This author
knows of some cases that the men were killed. Obviously without presenting, any proof
on that point, the reader can simply know that the higher echelons in the esoteric group
of llluminism rarely lose their initiates, because they are so sold out to the occult. This
author as a teenager studied the life of Benjamin Franklin, in order to emulate his great
character. Benjamin Franklin gives no hint in his Autobiography of his intense activities
in the Freemasons. Franklin was the Grand Master of the occultic Grand Orient Masons
in France, and participated in many weird unchristian activities. Benjamin Franklin
although hailed by many Christians as a Christian was not a Christian, in fact he gave
money to a Synagogue. But the bottom line is that, a great man like Franklin, whose life
was closely watched, could still get away with keeping his Masonic activities fairly secret.
Only the avid historian, or the average Mason, is aware of his Masonic membership, let
alone what he did in the lodge or with his Masonic brothers.
C.T. Russell was in the public eye. Everything he published was with the public
eye in mind. No one should expect to find any notes or slips about Masonic activities or
beliefs in Russell's writings.
C.T. Russell followed a policy of backing everything he said with a scripture. If he
could not establish a point by twisting scripture in some fashion, then he would try not to
publish the point. What needs then to be looked for are-occultic strains of thought that
seeped into his Bible explanations, because they had a possible scriptural explanation.
There are a fair number of statements by Russell that seem to be evidence of ties to the
magic of Watchtowers, but this Author must strongly emphasize that this is not written as
proof that Russell used the term Watchtower because of its magic meaning. No, this
chapter presents this material or evidence because to date this possible explanation has
been unpublished, (Indeed, this author knows of no one else who has observed a
possible magical explanation for the title Watchtower.) and this author feels it ought to be
placed on the table for consideration, for investigation and possibly even rejection (if
additional evidence can suffice to solve this mystery.)
Watchtowers are regions of the Magical Universe. The type of Magic that uses
these regions is called Enochian Magick.
According to occultists, Magic is merely the use of hidden laws to bring about the
will. Every person has a spark of divinity—an inner God, also called an angel or Holy
Guardian Angel. The Magician is to get in touch with his Angel—his divinity. This is
where his knowledge of the Watchtowers is helpful. Enochian Magick claims for itself two
unique elements: an original language, and the map of the indivisible worlds. The
Indivisible worlds are known as the Magical Universe. The map of this Magical Universe
contains 4 Enochian regions called Watchtowers. These are the Watchtower of Fire, the
Watchtower of Air, the Watchtower of Water, and the Watchtower of Earth. These 4
regions are often symbolized in ancient esoteric manuscripts. The following are the 7
planes and their regions on the map:
Occult Planes Enochian regions
Divine........... ------------
Spiritual.........Tablet of Union
Causal ........... Watchtower of Fire
Mental ...........Watchtower of Air
Astral ........... Watchtower of Water
Etheric .......... Watchtower of Earth
Physical......... -------------
Should all the bodies of the planes (except for the physical) be collectively taken together,
the Magician calls this the Body of Light. New Age, Masonic, and Rosicrucian Magicians
will then speak in terms of leaving their bodies and entering into the Watchtowers (the
Body of Light). To be an advanced magician, you must be able to enter the Watchtowers.
It is an established fact the llluminists all learn this Magic and practice it. Could
there be some connection between C.T. Russell and the llluminists who practice
Enochian Magick?
In order to answer this, this chapter will explore a. the history of Enochian Magic
(to be divided 3 ways: early, since Sir John Dee, and certain Masons worthy of study),
b. clues in Russell's works that may indicate a connection in thought with Enochian
The history of Enochian Magick is tied in part to the history of the masonic
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Sir John Dee (1527-1608) made Enochian Magic
known to the esoteric initiates of the Elizabethian Era. However, the roots of Enochian
Magick go back before Dr. John Dee.
The name of this magic comes from Enoch. Josephus in Antiquities of the Jews,
relates that some Jews identified Enoch as the Sun God. This identification can be better
understood knowing that the Hebrew word we translate Enoch comes from the Hebrew
word chanak (pronounced khaw-nak') meaning to initiate or discipline. Note also in Gen.
5:21-23 that Enoch lived exactly 365 years. Enoch, the Initiator, living 365 days, as the
Sun God gave his name to Enochian Magic.
Esoteric thought from Egypt was learned by the Greeks. Hermes was originally
an Egyptian. Hermetic thought and Pythagorean thought (secrets of Geometry), including
magic, have been passed down through the years by secret groups.
Today, geometry is merely a field of math dealing with shapes and numbers, but
throughout history geometry has been viewed as sacred. Sacred geometry revealed to
man the unifying principle of the divine architect of the world. God's mind and glory was
revealed in shape and numbers. Even today the New Agers and Satanists place an
importance on the geometric shapes of circles, triangles, and squares. Geometry, the
study of shapes and numbers, became sacred to both Judiasm and Islam. Note the
importance of the geometric patterns on their mosques and synagogues. Geometry was
held to be tied to the Creator's mind, and to reveal his master plan. It is well-documented
that leading operative masons during the Middle Ages also had knowledge of not only
sacred geometry, and both its building and mystical purposes, but also were philosophers,
and mystics.
The origin of this sacred geometric science is clearer when one notes that its big
revival in Western Europe, resulted from the infusion of Greek thought into Italy which
resulted in the Renaissance. Remember that the Eastern half of the Roman Empire calied
later Byzantine, which had as its center Greece, never fell to invaders. The wisdom of the
mystery schools and the ancient greek philosophers and scientists was still intact until the
Byzantine Empire's capital of Constantinople fell in 1453 to the Islamic Turks. The vast
libraries of Greece which dated material back to Alexandria, Egypt were moved to Italy
where they spawned the Renaissance. Forty years later Ferdinand and Isabella by
expelling the Jews from Spain created another movement of people and ideas. These two
influxes of people and their esoteric knowledge are believed to be the single most
important contributing factor to the Renaissance. The Flemish Renaissance resulted
because the Netherlands belonged to Spain, and fleeing Jews went both to Italy and to
the Netherlands. From the Netherlands and Italy esoteric knowledge went to the house
of Guise and Lorraine.
An example of how esoteric knowledge then became associated with the royal
house of Guise and Lorraine, is that the first edition of Corpus hermeticum (pub. in 1549)
was dedicated to Charles de Guise, the Cardinal of Lorraine and brother of Marie de
Guise, who married James V of Scotland and who bore Mary Queen of Scots.
Under the cover of being zealous Catholics, the house of Guise and Lorraine
spread esoteric knowledge. Men like Sir William Sinclair imported the esoteric knowledge
into Scotland. Another figure was the Scotsman, James Beaton, the Scottish
ambassordor to France, who was also the former Archbishop of Glasgow and who
worked with the house of Guise and Lorraine.
Esoteric knowledge spread to England before Ireland. A famous Welchman, Dr.
John Dee, created a center for estoteric studies. Sir John Dee, was the court astrologer
for Queen Elizabeth. He also was a brilliant magician, physician, philosopher, alchemist,
Cabbalist, mathematician, scientist, and diplomatic emissary. This model of the
Renaissance man lay the groundwork for modern speculative Freemasonry. He lectured
on the Continent to the great European universities on Geometry. Sir John Dee was fully
aware and spoke about the idea of Plato about the Great Architect of the Universe, for
which sacred geometry is a method to understand this great architect's mind. In the
preface Dee wrote for Henry Billingley's translation of Euclid published in 1570, Dee refers
to Plato as "Divine Plato."
Sir John Dee is credited for founding a type of Magick called Enochian Magick.
(Practitioners of magic often spell magic with a k.) He believed he could conjure up
Angels. And he was convinced that the angels he conjured up with magic were not
John Dee believed he was descended from the tribe of Dan, and that the Queen
of England and him were related to the Brutus and the city of Troy. He also associated
himself intensely with the King Arthur legends, and his belief that the England had a
destiny to rule the world.10 Dee had a politico-religious program for the imperial destiny
of Queen Elizabeth I. This expansion was based on the belief that Elizabeth was
descended from King Arthur, who was supposedly also a descendent of Troy which had
been settled by the tribe of Dan, and that the Queen had a religious duty to conquer the
world. He managed to convince the Queen to follow through on these ideas. Francis A.
Yates has described this belief system in his book Astraea. The Imperial Theme in the
Sixteenth Century (1975). Dee received a vision of a vast universal religion.
A good portion of the Christian caballists in Europe at that time were converted
Dee's library contained thousands of books, including Lullist works, Pico della
Mirandola and Reuchlin. He had Agrippa's De occulta philosophia, and the 1545 edition
of the Latin version of Giorgi's De harmonia mundi. Agrippa was an cabbalist. Giorgi
wrote on achitechtural symbolism, the sacred geometry and combines cabalism lettermysticism
and Pythagoro-Platonic theory to create his own synthesis of these.
Dee was very influential with the Earl of Leichester and his secret son Sir Francis
Bacon. The puritan Edmund Spencer the poet was also Caballist Neo-Platonist.12
Dee's idea of an architect is more a description of an esoteric intiate, he writes, "I
thinke, that none can justly account themselves Architects, of the suddeyne. But they
onely, who from their childes yeares ascendying by these degrees of knowledges, beyng
fostered up with the atteyning of many languages and Artes, have wonne to the high
Tabernacle of Architecture...the Name of Architecture, is of the principalitie, which this
Science hath, above all other Artes. And Plato affirmeth, the Architect to be Master over
all ....
The reader has a better appreciation of the significance of Russell's references to
God as being the Great Architect or the Divine Architect or Great Architect of the
Universe. This masonic buzz word for God, allows us to see the connection between
Russell and those who practiced sacred geometry.
In 1603, a scion of the Guise-Lorranne families became King James of England.
Scottish families at this point in history carried their estoric knowledge to Ulster, Ireland,
where over two centuries later Russell's family, originally from Scotland would be living
before coming to the New World at Allegheny, PA.
One of Sir John Dee's principle disciples was Robert Fludd. Fludd and Francis
Bacon spread esoteric thought through the Rosicrucian channels. This esoteric thought
came the full circle back to England when Johann Valentin Andrea created the lodge
system to protect the Rosicrucians, and some of these lodges emigrated to England.
These later became the "Invisible College of the Rosicrucians", and later became the
famous Royal Society. In a Rosicrucian work from Germany A Golden Treatise on the
Philosopher's Stone (printed 1625) on the page entitled "The only true way ... to attain
true perfection.", there is a paragraph labelled "Enigma". Two towers must be passed to
get the true believer to where he is going. The sun god is also referred to on this page.
A rare plate from Elias Ashmole's Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum also throws light
upon the subject. The plate is named the "Key to the Great Philosophical Secret". It
states the Philosopher's stone is a macrocosm and a microcosm of the universe. It shows
four areas which correspond to the four Watchtower areas of the Magical Universe. They
are Ignis(fire), Aer(air), Tera(earth), and Aqua(water).
Before dealing with how those who practiced Enochian Magic might have had a
common goal or worked with C.T. Russell, let us examine some of the items in Russell's
writings that seem to connect him with Enochian Magic and its Watchtowers.
The idea of planes of existence is an important Enochian Magic idea. In Russell's
first book, pp. 225-237 a big issue is made of 6 planes of existence. These are
Plane M- plane of spirit begetting
Plane L- plane of perfection of spirit
Plane K- plane of divine glory
Plane N- plane of human perfection
Plane R- Adamic races' lower plane
Plane P- Plane of typical justification
Russell's answer to the following question is in line with Enochian Magic.
"Is the body of a consecrated person a part of the New Creation? ... It is not a part
of the New Creation because the New Creation is spiritual .... "
"Is the New Creature divine? The New Creature is begotten to the divine nature.
The intention of begetting was to bring these new creatures to the divine plane..."
What does Russell think of Enoch? C.T. Russell speculates that, "Since seven is
always in the Scriptures recognized as a perfect number and indicates perfection, we
might understand that Enoch, the seventh from Adam, would represent that perfect
man—the perfection of man, or man in his future state when he will be perfect and when
he will not die. And in this sense of the word, Enoch may be considered as representative
of (no ending text...)
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Chapter 1.12
The Channel of Angelic
In July 1636, the town of Aberdeen, Scotland saw a member of the clergy confined to its city
limits. The clergyman had been imprisoned in for sedition against the state. The man was Samuel
Rutherford, and his radical hatred of the state, and his advocacy of disobedience to it on religious
grounds, seems to be a foreshadowing of his descendent Joseph Franklin Rutherford, who would
on June 21, 1918 be sentenced to twenty years in the Atlanta Pen for sedition against the United
States government.
The whole story of Joseph F. Rutherford may never be known. But the unedited story will
be presented, especially in regards to the Masons, the New Age and power.
Joseph was bom at Versailles, MO and grew up11 in the rolling farmland of Morgan Co.,
Missouri.12 He was ambitious. His father wanted him to remain on the farm, but he wanted to
become someone important. He had always had high goals for himself, novel goals at that. His
goals were novel in part due to his great imagination.14 Joseph had his flights into fantasy,15 and
from the evidence available actually channeled with what he felt were spirit beings.16 He liked
to call attention to himself and his theatrics. His booming voice, six foot figure, and emotional
earnestness made him a dynamic speaker. He was not interested in accumulating wealth,17 but
he did like the fine life.18 He lectured all over the United States, and travelled throughout Europe
and the Middle East.19
One Watchtower source says, "Probably no man in the world was closer to Pastor Russell
than Mr. Rutherford." This is simply a big lie. Rutherford had made himself obnoxious to the
point, Russell had exiled him away from headquarters. Russell even paid him to leave. Rutherford
was very sensitive. He seethed at his treatment by Russell. Russell stepped on his toes numerous
times. In one case, Rutherford wrote a complaint to Russell about his treatment, and Russell did
the wrong thing considering the sensitive feelings of Rutherford. Russell printed the complaint
in the WT magazine.20
Alexander Hugh Macmillan, another man of Scottish blood, was responsible for
Rutherford joining the Society.21 Apparently Rutherford, who was a big reader, purchased three
books by Russell. While sick at home he happened to look at Russell's books.22 Joseph
Rutherford had become a lawyer, and up to this point had not shown any interest in spiritual
matters in his life. He knew practically nothing about the Bible,23 and did not attend church,
although his parents were Baptists. But he liked what Pastor Russell taught. And his friend A.H.
Macmillan who was prominant in the WT Society, was able to get Rutherford positions in the
Society. Rutherford became the Society's lawyer, and went to court numerous times to defend
Russell in court.
After 1907, all the legal matters of the Society were handled by Rutherford.24
A.H. Macmillan's friendship with Rutherford was an important one. A. H. Macmillan claimed
he had been put in charge of the Watchtower Society when Russell was gone. (Macmillan, A.H.
Faith on the March, p.70) Macmillan along with his cohort Van Amburgh, the Society's
accountant used their power to get Rutherford into the WT Presidentcy. (Faith on the March, p.
As is common knowledge, Rutherford took turns filling in as a special judge in the absence
of any regular judge of the Eighth Judical Circuit Court of Boonville, MO. This happened before
he became associated with the Bible Students. Because of this the Jehovah's Witnesses called
Joseph Rutherford, Judge Rutherford. It was a term he liked.
The Judge stated, "My purpose is good toward all." But his actions came across entirely
" When Russell died all pandemonium broke out," a Bible Student said. Rutherford's
ability to take firm command of a situation was put into motion. Out of his L.A. exile he came,
and by force of his personality, legal trickery, and some nasty power grabbing tactics took charge
of the situation. He expelled 31 Bethel workers.28 And being the trail blazer that he was, he
renounced all the former guide lines and followed his own ideas rather than Russell's. He took
the Society out of the rut that the cult around Russell had the Society in. Many that were loyal
to Russell left the Society.
It is important to understand Rutherford's nature to think for himself. It was so extreme
that he found it difficult to conform to any regulations. He set his own guidelines. He was always
resisting anyone thinking for him.29 Consequently, because the Judge liked alcoholic beverages,
he was an alcoholic, and even created the same attitude among some of his associates.30 He
encouraged JWs to break the prohibition laws and smuggle alcohol.31 Because the Judge liked
certain women, he had his girlfriends,32 even though the scriptures condemn adultery.
Mysterious, distant, reserved, and cold, Rutherford is remembered best for his greed for power.
With dictatorial powers came the ability to live in luxury at the Society's expense. His life of
luxury during the depression is hardly known to Jehovah's Witnesses today, but it included the
use of several mansions, several 16-cylinder Packards, the best liquors money could buy, and
all his desires for comfort. He rarely spent time with his invalid wife, who lived in California.33
It is hard to picture Rutherford as a Mason. He was so narrow-minded and had so many
prejudices that it isn't likely that he would have been asked or would have cared to joined. None
the less it would not be beyond the realm of possibility, considering that some of his friends were
some of the most powerful Masons in the United States. Initially Rutherford had worked for three
time Presidential nominee, and Secretary of State and Arch-Mason William Jennings Bryan
(1860-1925). Rutherford had a friend in the in the U.S. Senate, a German-born Jew from
Cumberland, Md. named George Louis Wellington, who also was a banker and president of
Edison Electric Illuminating Co.34 Sen. Wellington was a leading Freemason (32° and a Knight
Templar). Wellington was also an Oddfellow, and Elks, and a Knights of Pythias. Wellington's
family had to leave England during Mary Tudor's reign and move to Germany. His mother's
maiden name was Meyer. She was Jewish.34a
Certain Bible Students have claimed that Russell was murdered. They believed that certain
men J.F. Rutherford, W.E. Van Amburgh, R.H. Hirsh (Jewish), Morton Edgar (Scottish), Morton's
brother Edgar, C.J. Woodworth (Methodist parents), Paul S.L. Johnson (Jewish), Czeslaw
Kasprzykowski, A.H. Mcmillan, George Fisher (his father was an Episcopalian clergyman
possibly of Jewish descent from Scranton,Pa), Isaac F. Hoskins, William E. Page, Henry Clay
Rockwell, and some others contributed to the murder. They believed that some poison was
slipped past Russell's foodtaster.35 They think the body was gotten off the train at the next stop
and embalmed quickly to hide the murder. According to Macmillan, Menta Sturgeon took the
body to an quack embalmer and got Russell into a $20 casket.36
It would be hard to determine anything now about Russell's body because the 5 foot thick
foundation of the pyramid which is over Russell is reinforced with lots of barbed wire,37 and at
least one WT reference says that Russell was cremated before being laid under the pyramid after
having lain in state in Brooklyn and Pittsburgh. Russell's body was cremated after three days in
the good Rosicrucian fashion. It is the Rosicrucian's belief that the spirit within the body must
be given this time. The WT Society at the time owned the Union Cemetary,38 and later placed
a decoy tombstone with Russell's name to deceive people as to the real burial spot.
Perhaps the second most vital position of the WT Society was the London office, as it
helped with the European and Commonwealth work. Paul S.L. Johnson, a Jew, had been assigned
this position by Russell. Paul Johnson had for some time thought Russell had selected him to
suceed,39 and a majority of the Directors thought so to.40 For a while the London office and
British Guinea were loyal to Johnson rather than Rutherford.41 But Rutherford tricked the law
into believing that the four Directors who opposed him were illegal, and forced their dismissal.42
Then he had the upper hand.
The motive for murder would have been power and money.
Rutherford and his friends like Macmillan took over the Society. Rutherford became a
recluse.43 He gradually solidified his power and wealth. He had the use of several Packards, and
several mansions, even in Europe.44
[text missing]
On Feb. 8, 1942, Rutherford died according to one WT reference with his boots on.70
Some older Bible Students on the West Coast say he fell down the stairs drunk. His death was
kept secret for several days, and the local San Diego Union paper didn't get the scoop until the
10th, three days later, and printed a story the 11th. His estranged son Malcolm C. (also a lawyer)
and his neglected wife, who he had ignored for years, Mary M. Rutherford lived in Los Angeles.
His live-in secretary Bonnie Boyd was with him at his Beth Sarim mansion when he died, and
signed his death certificate. Afterwards she married a man named W.P. Heath and dropped out
of the picture. It appears his death was kept secret until the petty power struggle between the
Triumpirate in Bethel was ironed out. Still why his death was wrapped in secrecy is not known
for sure.
His burial was kept secret because he wanted to be buried at Beth Sarim which was outside
of any cemetary zone. In a fitting tribute to a man who had no respect for anyone else's opinion
nor was ever governed by anyone else's rule, Rutherford was buried secretly against city
ordinances at Beth Sarim.71 Three months later a lone unaccompanied hearse pulled up to
Woodrow Cemetery and a mock funeral was held in the Staten Island dawn by a select group
of Jehovah's Witnesses.72
The death certificate says Rutherford died of uremic acid which he had had for 1 month,
due to Carcinoma Rectum which he had had for 18 months due to Pelvic metastasis which he
had had for 6 years.
In exploring the relationship of the WT Society to the One-World-Conspiracy several
items can be mentioned in relation to Rutherford.
1) What ever Rutherford decided to do, he would have done it, for he was not guided by moral
scruples, but his own ideas.
2) Rutherford had some powerful friends. He had campaigned with William Jennings Bryan's
presidential campaign, worked with civic groups73 and groups like the Masons,74 and had friends
like Congressman Blackburn Barrett Dovener of W. Va., a lawyer.75
3) He had some pull with some newspapers, for instance, the National Labor Tribune of
Pittsburgh ran his sermon on Thurs. May 9,1918.
4) His modus operandi to cover over the controversy over the widespread use of a demonic oeji
healing device by Jehovah's Witnesses was to allow Goodrich to write an article against it, and
then to refute Goodrich's article in a subsequent issue, and then to proclaim the issue closed to
discussion.76 In light of this and other similar coverups it is not out of the question that the antimasonic
article reprinted in the WT in 1930 may have been merely a subterfuge.
Was Paul Johnson slated by the B'nai B'rith to take over the WT Society? Was Rutherford and
his close henchmen tried on sedition, because they upset the plans of the B'nai B'rith to put their
man in? Did Rutherford strike a deal at some point with the Powers? Circumstantial evidence
points to Rutherford agreeing to some kind of working relationship with the Conspiracy. Or did
the One-world-government planners support both sides of the struggle for power over the WT
There was a noticable change in Rutherford during the 1920's. He began channeling. He
wrote that wicked angels worked their sins off by bringing messages to the earth for God. Since
his messages from these spirit beings have proved false, the conclusion is they were demonic.
After God's channel to redeem the angels had died, the WT described his death in these words,
"Brother Rutherford's advancing on to greater fields of activity, by Jehovah's grace..."77
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the many WT illustrations of topless or nude women in their publications during his reign as
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Pittsburg's Syria Shrine Temple a.k.a. the Syria Mosque, where not only the Shriners but various
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Manly P. Hall, the Great Masonic leader wrote, "Through the
labyrinth of diversity only the illumined mind can, and must lead the
soul into the perfect light of unity."1
The Freemasons have promoted the "illuminated minds" of the
New Age movement. New Age leaders who have been illuminated by
the Brotherhood of the Great White Lodge have been helped by and
promoted by the Freemasons. Most New Age channellers are not
Masons, nor are they expected to be to receive Masonic sympathy.
The leaders of the Theosophical Society, some of the higher
Masons, and Church Universal Triumphant's prophet Elizabeth Clare
Prophet are some of those who claim to have received enlightment
from the Brotherhood of the Great White Lodge.
Note the photocopy of the broshure of the New Age group
Church Universal Triumphant (Fig. ) This broshure indicates that
their group will hold a meeting with their prophetess at the Masonic
So who is the Brotherhood of the Great White Lodge?
They are called various names, such as Ascended Masters, and
spirit guides. They are spirit beings who channel to the New Age
These Ascended Master are also variously called "the
Hierarchy", and "the Brotherhood of Light" by channeller J.J. Hurtig,
"the Brotherhood" by channeler Richard Kieninger, and the "Divine
Hierarchy of Great Beings of the Universal Brotherhood" by
channeler Earlyne Chaney. They have provided much of the
information that the New Age literature consists of.
What have these Ascended Masters told their New Age
Turn your radio on and you may hear a song such as "In the year
2525, if man is still alive..." The Ascended Masters have stressed
that man is on the verge of a New Age, a New Order. Man needs to
create a one-world-governent and a one-world-religion. This new
period is often called the Golden Age. At least one spirit is reported
to have called it a grand Second Genesis. Technology and New Age
spiritual philosophy are to combine to establish a paradise New
World. 2 Examples of this are The Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch
a New Age Bible given by the spirits Enoch and Metatron to J.J.
Hurtag in a code to supposedly help man unlock the divine plan
in the minds of the Great White Brotherhood. The Keys of Enoch
speak of a grand Second Genesis, a second paradise.
Another New Age Bible given by the spirit "god" to Michael
Mathiesen warns that man will be severely punished unless mankind
organizes into a 1-world-government by the year 2000. Mathiesen
titled his 442 page "Bible" The New American Bible.
Interestingly, this message of a coming Golden Age paradise
has been given thousands of times to New Age channelers. Often the
spirits mention that a cataclysmic or series of cataclysmic events
must precede the New World System.
Yes, the terminology and message happens to be identical to
message given to Rutherford by the spirits who channeled to him.
Interestingly, the parallels don't end here. The Watchtower
Society came out with a Bible called New World Translation. It is
apparent that portions of that translation borrow from translations
which were channeled, such as Johannes Greber's translation.
The channeling connection between the Watchtower Society,
the Freemasons, and the New Age is indeed the strangest type of
connection, because it suggests a supernatural power is
coordinating such "new light."
For a while it appeared that the idea of the Devil was going to
disappear from Western culture. Psychiatrists told us that such
supernatural phenomena did not exist. It's interesting that these
would be the people to tell us that, because the early great
psychiatrists were themselves into the occult and demonic
The New Age channelers don't view their spirit guides as
demons. That is the label placed on their activities by Christians
who note what the Bible states about such activities. Most of us
have never channelled and can not address the issue of what kind of
spirits these are. However, several New Agers have confided with
the Author that at some point they discovered the spirits revealed
their demonic identity to them. One famous New Age leader who
found out that these spirit guides were demons was Randall Baer.
It is believed Randall N. Baer was murdered for revealing too
much about the New Age Movement. His book Inside the New Age
Nightmare tells the story of someone who left his channeling when
he realized he was serving demons. The reader should read his book
to fully appreciate why Baer after years of being a New Age leader
concluded that Satan and his demons were the spirit guides of the
New Age. Baer tells the compelling story of how the spirits had
power, indeed a supernatural power, and were not simply figments
of the mind. The skeptic of supernatural events, will at least
concede from his book that these spirit guides are believed to be
real by the people who communicate with them.
Some examples of New Age channeler Baer's conclusions
concerning such spirit guides are.
Public channeling is mass hypnosis. "Through speech cadence,
orchestrated body and hand movements, voice inflections, and
invisible demonic powers that fill the room, the spirit weaves a
hypnotic web of rainbow-gilded infiltration. Not only do the
participants take in false information but, more deeply, they absorb
the permeating influences of the demon's formidable powers into the
heart, mind, soul, and spirit. Often, a type of open-eyed trance-state
overtakes the listeners with a sense of relaxation, pleasant tingling
sensations, and rapt fascination with the goings-on.3
It is refreshing to see Baer, like so few prophets ever do,
reveal that the "psychic powers ultimately draw upon demonic
principalities as their source of power."4
"Channeling is indeed a blending, a merging, a touching,
between humans and disincarnate spirits. However, behind the ohso-
friendly and wise fascade are demons who touch to deceive, blend
to invade, and merge to possess. They come with an olive branch of
peace, love and universal brotherhood in one hand, and a smoking gun
concealed behind their back in the other."5
Baer became a Christian when he discovered that these spirits
were demons. Other New Agers who have told their stories to this
Author also came to Christ when they realized that demons were the
spirits that were controlling them. Baer praised the Lord God for his
salvation from "Satan's New Age Movement" and for the true
freedom and salvation received through Christ Jesus. He turned his
back on all his New Age practices and his demon Ascended Masters.
Baer felt the New Age Kingdom was a delusion. "The ultimate
paradox for New Agers is that they believe the lie that they are
heading for the New Age Kingdom-on-earth. All the while, they're
really following a Satan-conspired path to destruction."6
If Baer's insight from his years of leading the New Age can be
applied to the Watchtower's channeler Rutherford, then Rutherford
was part of a demonic conspiracy. At the very least even if some
readers are very skeptical of this whole thing, they must recognize
the many similarities between Rutherford and the New Age
There are more similarities. The similarities go back to such
things a Russell believing that Cyrus (who was supposedly an
incarnation of the sun god and worshipped by his people as such)
was a foreshadowing of Christ. Zoroaster was also viewed by
Russell as a great prophet7 (and is also tied to the sun and its
worship. One of the Ascended Masters is Zoroaster. Elizabeth Clare
Prophet has channeled Zoroaster's messages.
The Masons also look to Zoroaster. Their New Age magazine
calls this Persian prophet a "noble" prophet.8 In another article,
of the New Age Magazine (Nov. 1922, p.658,) 32o Mason M.M. Javens
writes, "It is useless to dwell longer on Zoroaster and the Zend-
Avesta as most Master Masons are familiar with their position in
The New Age Magazine, the official organ of the Scottish Rite,
in the June 1922 issue, p. 343) pronounce Magic as "good." In
another issue White Magicians are declared to be " 'angels encamped
about the people,' serving, protecting..." (Sept. 1933, p.554)
According to llluminati, masonic and other sources the
llluminati were white magicians. The masonic leaders believe they
continue to guide mankind as the Great White Brotherhood. "The
ancient llluminati manifested...in the 18th century have no
inheritors on the physical plane at this time...Their activities are
chiefly from the spiritual plane where they are momentous. They
may be said to truly exist, but their organized activities and
beneficences in aiding needy humanity are from the spiritual side."
(The New Age. Sept. 1933, p.554)
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Chapter 1.13
The reader will be shown:
• Clues that indicate that Frederick Franz, WT President and oracle is a Mason.
• Evidence that shows connections between the Power of Masonry and the WT leaders.
• The rambant homosexuality within WT Society's elite.
On Tuesday, 23 November, 1954 a slim, reticent, kindly man took the stand in the
Right Honorable James Latham Clyde's courtroom.1 The man's name was Frederick
William Franz, who besides Russell and Rutherford, has contributed more leadership for
the Jehovah's Witnesses than any other man. He was then Vice-President and later
became the President of the Watchtower Society. When he got older, arrangements
were taken to place the power in the hands of others. While Nathan Knorr was still
President, prior to Franz succeeding him, the Governing Body removed much of the
power of the President of the WT Society.2
This was a curious phenomena which will be discussed later. That his power could be
taken away so easily, is just one clue that the power controlling the Watchtower Society
actually ultimately recides outside of the Society and works through a select clique within
the elite of the Watchtower hierarchy.
Fred Franz, before joining the Watchtower Society, had studied to be a Presbyterian
minister.3 In 1913, while C.T. Russell was still considered the Faithful and Wise Servant,
Fred Franz joined.4 He was soon promoted to prominence in the Society, and as an
early key player was a key speaker already in the early 1920s.5 In 1924, he delievered
talks over the WT Society's radio-station WBBR.6 Some observers think he may have
played a greater role in formation of the Watchtower's Theology during Rutherford's time,
than is generally credited him.
Fred Franz remained a bachelor for his lifetime. As part of the Bethel Headquarters,
he lived simply, although like other WT leaders because of their power he rarely lacked
anything. He went on trips to places like Israel and Ireland. He earned a reputation of
being friendly and of not being self-conscious to the point he'd walk around headquarters
in slippers and mismatched socks.7
He was also the Society's Bible Scholar by virtue of a few college classes in Hebrew
and Greek. Because he was their most skilled leader (his nephew Ray Franz would
prove equally as adept until Ray's conscience bothered him), Fred's skill came under
scrutiny at the Douglas Walsch Trial on that Tuesday. Much time and effort was spent
in court on witnesses, to uncover the story behind the controversial New World
Translation of the Bible. It is clear from testimony that day, and that testimony is
colloborated by testimony from other sources, that Fred Franz, as the Society's leading
scholar, played a crucial role in the production of the NWT.
When asked, "Insofar as translation of the Bible itself is undertaken, are you
responsible for that?"
To which Fred Franz answered, "I have been authorized to examine a translation and
determine its accuracy and recommend its acceptance in the form in which it is
The New World Translation was billed by the WT Society as the most literal translation
available. The NWT itself expresses this, for instance, on pg. 9 of the Forward, of the
1950 ed., "We offer no paraphrase of the Scriptures. Our endeavor all through has been
to give as literal a translation as possible, where the modern English idiom allows and
where a literal rendition does not for any clumsiness hide the thought. That way we can
best meet the desire of those who are scrupulous for getting, as nearly as possible, word
for word, the exact statement of the original."
The anonymous Translating committee revised in 1961 and 1970 the NWT. They
declare that "An effort was put forth to bring about even greater consistency in the
renderings of the related parts of the Holy Scriptures,... the purpose was to attain to
closer conformity to the literal reading in the original languages. All this process has
resulted in revisions in the main text of the translation."9
According to one source connected with the translating committee, the translating
committee sat around a table with 20-30 different translations, and went verse by verse
picking the version that fit their theology best. Sometimes they relied upon Johannes
Greber's spirit channelled translation.
Whether this is exactly how they created their "translation", is not critical at this point.
The reader is asked to bear in mind, three pertinent items—
a. That the translation was an attempt to be the most literal translation possible. In this
they have succeeded in points to where it is hardly readable. However, all translations
must paraphrase to some degree, the languages involved are not constructed so that
word for word translations could make sense. In other words, they do paraphrase in spite
of their denials, but they have managed to produce a very literal translation. (This is not
to imply that they used the best ancient manuscripts, just that they tried to be literal with
the ones they chose.)
b. Fred Franz directed and edited the work. He gave the final approval and
recommendation to print.
c. Other translations were consulted, if my sources are accurate, other translations
formed the base or were relied upon heavily. The wording of the NWT supports this
So what? It's important to the discussion, because Fred Franz gives his Masonic
membership away, when he translates at Hosea 12:14 the Hebrew word adonai= Lord
as "grand master".
The word "adonai" is literally Lord. It is a single word that simply calls for its simple,
direct, straightforward translation as Lord. Indeed, almost all translations (with a few
minor exeptions) translate "adoni" in Hosea 12:14 as Lord, the Watchtower itself
translates the word everywhere else in their NWT correctly as Lord. There is no
conceivable, plausible explanation for calling God the "grand Master" except that it is a
subtle signal of his Masonic membership. Even if we believe that the committee merely
borrowed from other translations, there are no other translations that call God the grand
Master at Hosea 12:14. For instance, Young's Literal, the NAS, NIV, NEB, AV, NKJ, and
others simply use the obvious word Lord. An exception is the Jerusalem Bible which
interjects "Yahweh". In this instance, the Catholic translation does a better job of
promoting Gc s name than the Watchtower Society.
Other clues about Fred Franz's masonic membership have surfaced. The greatest
evidence has been brought to light by another researcher.
His firsthand research (which is at some point to be published) may deal with the issue
even more indepth.)10 Certainly, if the New Order's plans are defeated it will owe a big
debt to men like Russ Pine, who have labored hard to bring to light the actions of the
conspiracy to unite the world under their political, economic, and religious domination.
Franz is a German Jewish surname.11
It is interesting to note that the locations of Russell's hometown, Pittsburgh, and Franz's
hometown are centers of Jewish thought and power. The location that Russell moved
his headquarters to from Pittsburgh, Brooklyn, N.Y., is the center of Jewish power and
thought in the world. As this author travelled through Israel, the question was never are
you an American, but many times, are you from New York? because so many Jews
recide in New York City.
Someone who went to the University of Cincinnati with Franz was Sidney S. Tedeshe,
who was a Jewish Freemason, and a Rabbi after graduation. Tedeshe graduated from
both the University of Cincinnati and the Hebrew Union College in 1913. He later got a
Ph.D. from Yale in 1928. He became the Rabbi of Union Temple in Brooklyn, NY.12
Frederick's father was Edward Frederick Franz. He was apparently a German of Jewish
heritage who professed to be of the Lutheran Church. Frederick's parents made a big
display of Fred and his brother's Lutheran baptismal certificates which were framed and
hung on the wall for all to see.
Fred and his brothers though were not sent at school age to a Lutheran school but to
St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church parocial school. According to Fred, he took part in
Catholic Mass and in going to the Catholic confessional. (Catholics were expected to go
to confession before Mass until after Vatican II when it quit being a rule.) Before he
entered 3rd grade, his family moved to Cincinatti, OH which is across the river from
Covington, KT. When they moved to Cincinnati, Fred and his brothers started attending
the Second Presbyterian Church of Cincinnati where he had Bessie O'Barr as his Sunday
School teacher, and a Mr. Fisher as his Sunday school superintendant.13 Franz's family's
changeability raises questions. Having Lutheran relatives, this author is fully aware of the
deep ties, devotion, and stubborn loyalty many Lutherans have toward their church. To
prominently display the infant baptismal certificates, etc. makes one wonder if this
religiousness was a show considering how quickly they could switch churches.
Fred Franz and the WT Society have claimed he rejected the offer of a Rhodes
Scholarship to work for the WT Society.14 While making this claim to enhance Frederick
Franz's scholastic credentials, it actually undercuts the reputation of his character in
several ways. First, the Rhodes Scholarship people in response to querries have said
Franz wasn't selected. On the surface it appears Franz has lied. To have "rejected" it
means Franz is claiming it was offered to him. Even if Franz had sat through a personal
interview with an election committee (which in the U.S. selects 32 scholars), and then was
not selected— that is not the same as "rejecting" an offer of a Rhodes Scholarship.
Did Franz lie? Perhaps he didn't. Just maybe a secret offer of a Rhodes Scholarship
did occur. If secret feelers had been put out, concerning whether he would want to go
to Oxford or not, he just may have secretly rejected such an offer. What?
Cecil Rhodes was a British multimillionaire who during his life time was deeply involved
in secret societies and his vision of a united world. His vision of a united world under
B'rit-ish rule (that in Hebrew means the rule of the Covenant People, and is a way to
legitimatize their One-World State) was a big part of his life early on. By age 22, he had
already drawn up a will to leave his money for the purpose of furthering the British
Cecil Rhodes was a Scottish Rite Mason.16 He contributed the land upon which the
Bulawayo Lodge No. 2566, Rhodesia built a Masonic Temple.17 He established the
Rhodes Scholarships which to no surprise have tended to go to Masons and people
sympathetic to his vision of a One-World-State.18 Cecil Rhodes, along with some of his
friends like the Rothschilds, founded a secret society based on the King Arthur Legends
and his Round Table.19 This group ties into the Pierre de Sion whose key facet is the
Holy Grail and its legends which they are the caretakers of. Rhodes and Lord Rothschild
in 1891 formed a "Circle of Initiates" known as the Round Table.20
The key to Rhodes' spiritual philosophy are Plato and Aristotle.21 Rhodes' mentor, John
Ruskin, was heavily into Plato and Plato's idea of an "ideal state" under a single world
The Rhodes Scholarship was designed to bring together scholars, and it was viewed
that they would learn the ruling class concepts of Rhodes' One-World-State vision.
Rhodes and his friends are responsible for the Royal Institute of International Affairs,
which expanded internationally and is known in the U.S. as the Council on Foreign
Relations (CFR).23
Rhodes amalgamated the diamond mines in the Kimberley area of southern Africa
under the Jewish corporation, the De Beers Consolidated Mines in 1888.24 The Jewish
De Beers have a monopoly on essentially the world's diamond market.25 Diamonds are
mined in places like South Africa and cut in Amsterdam. Rhodes "was disclosed as
instigator of attack upon government of a friendly nation; forced to resign premiership
(1896)."26 Rhodes was involved in various political intriques, because he wanted the
British to control South Africa for the fabulous financial benefits it would provide. When
he died 6 million pounds were left which endowed 170 scholarships for youth from the
British Empire and the U.S. to go to Oxford.27 German students have been included off
and on also.28
Fred Franz played a big role as the "oracle" of the Society. It was Governing Body
member Karl F. Klein that perhaps first refered to Fred Franz as the WT's "oracle." But
he became a figure head to conceal that the real directing influence of the WT Society
was outside of the Society. A big 6'2" Jewish man has gone everywhere with Fred Franz
as his guide these last few decades. This man, Natheer Salih, was needed because Fred
became blind. However, for many years people at Bethel found that Salih was more like
a bodyguard. Indeed, he was more than a bodyguard, for any communication to Franz
has been going through Salih, who then returns with the "answer" from Franz. This
Jewish man with obvious rich tastes, big expensive rings and watches, has become the
President's mouthpiece, and in effect a decision-maker although he isn't part of the
Governing Body.29 Salih was in a position to protect against an old man saying the wrong
How has the leadership of the WT Society been determined? Apparently the guidance
of the Society is by a power outside of the Society and this is secret. However, even
those men who carry the titles of leadership are cloaked by the Society in the deepest
secrecy. During a tour of the Brooklyn Headquarters, while associated with the Society,
this Author found his questions concerning such items as the writing staff were given
"answers" that avoided giving information.
Various stories exist about Rutherford's death. It is said that Rutherford, an alcoholic,
while drunk, fell down some stairs at his California mansion.30 The official story in the WT
publication Let Your Name Be Sanctified (1961), pp. 335-336 describes Rutherford on
his deathbed passing the mantle of authority like the prophet Elijah did to Elisha. The WT
publication describes the mantle of Elijah falling to a composite three-man Elisah.
According to Ray Franz, ex-Governing Body member, Rutherford told these three men
to carry on after his death and to "stick together" as a team. These three men were
Nathan Knorr, Fred Franz, and Hayden Coveinton.31 Ray Franz has gotten of course his
information on what happened from others, these others having a vested interest in what
story would be told. Ray Franz trusting his WT brothers bought their story about
Rutherford. The WT leaders maintained that Rutherford only left an oral will. A lawyer
and author left only an oral will when he knew he was in ill health for some time?? Sure.
What is reliably clear though is that these three men took over the rulership of the
Jehovah's Witnesses, but when their group dissolved, the mantle was transferred to
certain other men on the Governing Body who were also recepients for the One-World-
State's directives.
Hayden Cooper Covington is also an interesting WT leader. He took the stand during
the Douglas Walsh Trial in Scotland. Covington was a Jewish lawyer who earned his law
degree at San Antonio School of Law in San Antonio, Tx. He began passing out
Watchtower literature in 1934,32 and was baptized in 1935.33 He succeeded Judge
Rutherford as the Jehovah's Witnesses' legal counsel in 1942. He won many cases for
the Jehovah's Witnesses, sometimes with the help of the ACLU. He also took on clients
like heavy-weight boxer Muhammed Ali. He personally argued 41 major cases before the
U.S. Supreme court for Jehovah's Witnesses.34
Interestingly, Hayden became part of the Governing Body and was made Vice-
President of the Watchtower Society from Jan. 13, 1942 until Sept. 24, 1945 without
being part of the annointed class.
According to WT Theology the JWs are divided into two major classes, the annointed
and the great crowd.35 Supposedly the recruiting by God for the annointed class was
completed by God in the early 1930s, but occasionaly when one of the annointed
apostasize, they are replaced to keep the magic number of 144,000. The annointed are
to be the governing ones. It may have been this blatant conflict with this official doctrine
that caused Hayden Cooper Covington to step down from his positions. That is what the
Nov. 1, 1955 WX p. 650 indicates.
Nathan Knorr took over the WT Presidency soon after Rutherford died. He was born
in Bethlehem, PA. Apparently he had been baptized as a baby into the reformed church,
although he possibly was of Jewish heritage. When he joined the International Bible
Students at age 16, he had his name removed from their rolls.36 He graduated from
Allentown, PA. Nathan served the Society as an administrator and was not important in
terms of their doctrinal gymnastics. He was important in seeing their plans put into
action. However, statements made by a relative of Knorr's indicate that Knorr was aware
of how the Watchtower Society is part of a world-wide conspiracy.37
Some of the other Governing Body members who may possibly be of Jewish extract
may include Albert D. Schroeder, Karl F. Klein, and William Jackson.38
The Cult of the Double-Sexed God Jehovah
The WT magazine was forced to admit to some degree that problems of morality
reached to the very top of the Watchtower Society, including homosexuality.39
The leaders of the WT Society belong to a group called the Governing Body. Even
the names of this Governing Body are kept secret. For instance, when this Author called
headquarter to try and get any information at all about the Governing Body the
spokesperson at Headquarters refused to reveal anything, not even how many men
served on the Governing Body.40
The following paragraph may offend some readers, however it is not included to
embarrass any individual but to develop a point about the occult connections of the WT
A number of men on the Governing Body have been bachelors all their life, and
are believed by people who worked at headquarters to have been homosexuals.41 Leo
K. Greenlees was forced to resign when his homosexuality became public. He then
moved to New Orleans. Governing Body member Ewart C. Chitty, was in the middle of
a sexual act with a seventeen year old male Bethelite when some unexpected guests
arrived and opened the door. The boy committed suicide. An unconfirmed report says that
Chitty was forced to resign later. Ex-Bethelites also report strange behavior by the
"oracle" of the Society—the principle light of the Society on religious matters, the
President Frederick Franz. It used to transpire that all the young boys would sit at
Frederick's table, and that at other times he would discuss scriptures with them in the
nude. That's passed, Frederick is now 97 years old. Other examples have been reported.
Anyway, these specific examples are mentioned only to give some credence to the next
There may be a definite occult link between the homosexual activity of the WT
leaders and witchcraft. It turns out that "Homosexual rites, which were most foreign to
later religionists, and disturbing to Christian ideas, were associated most strongly with all
that the Christian religion hated, notably occult powers."42 For instance," In the Congo
it was not unusual for a priest to dress as a women and be affectionately spoken of as
'the Grand Mother'.43 " Further, "It is possible to link homosexuality with religion and
magical practices all through the world."44
Several items might lead one to the conclusion that the homosexuality of the WT
leadership is related to the occult.
1. Their relationship with the channeler Johannes Greber who lived in NY (later NJ)
indicates a. that the leadership has occult connections and b. that they are willing to cover
and lie about any occult connections.
2. Their belief going back to C.T. Russell that the perfect state of man is to have the
sexual organs of both sexes. This androgenous belief goes back to Baal, to Mithras,
Aphrodite, and the Hindu's Siva who are all depicted as double-sexed in some of their
statues. It also relates to the Jewish Midrash. Rabbi Samuel-bar-Nachman (third century)
says, "Adam when God created him was a man-woman androgune." Maimonides, a later
Jewish scholar also believed this. The singular account of the creation of Brahm and
Adam led various Jewish scholars to suggest that Jehovah, like Baal and the Syrian gods,
was double-sexed.45 The two words that make up the word Jehovah were composed
with the male-female idea.46 The Hebrew letter Hod (or J) was the virile organ, and
Hovah was Eve, the mother of all living things, the procreator. This interpretation of
Jehovah as bi-sexual has been preserved by the Cabbala and the mysteries of the
At first it may seem like jumping somewhat to connect a belief in an androgenous God
to homosexuality, but after studying the lives of several homosexual religious
leaders/witches that's exactly the connection they themselves make. For instance, Manly
P. Hall, the great Masonic philosopher was homosexual. He makes this connection
between it all, "These holy persons seldom took part in war, and frequently were
distinguished by a costume combining elements of male and female attire. This practice
has been common throughout the religious world and has influenced the dress of pagan
priests and Christian clergy alike. The androgynous human being, in whom there is a
spiritual union of male and female attributes, has been widely accepted as personifying
a superior type capable of a greater understanding of the Father-wisdom and Motherlove
potencies of Divinity. Such symbolism existed in all the great Esoteric Orders of the
This leading 33rd degree Mason Manly P. Hall reports, "Philosophically, Adam may
be regarded as representative of the full spiritual nature of man—androgynous and not
subject to decay."48 He suggests that Elohim may have been androgynous. From these
it can be seen that Hall believes homosexuals are on a higher spiritual level.
3. Wicca, black witchcraft believes that Jesus is a great teacher, but not God.49
4. The use of the word Jehovah by Caballists and Masons has meant a double-sexed
This Author in researching the Occult noticed that there was a connection between
homosexuality and the New Age. For instance, upon entering a New Age store called the
Third Eye (see the chapter on the Mark of the Beast), he found that free Homosexual
literature was being given out.
The whole idea of such connections seem bizarre to those of us who have had
little to do with the occult or homosexuality. Yet, in trying to understand others, say for
instance, Catholic nuns who openly flaunt their lesbianism, and who are also into the New
Age, the possibility that witchcraft and homosexuality play a role with each other may be
a worthwhile explanation.
As one climbs the ladder of the Watchtower Society's hierarchy he becomes more
immune to any censor of immoral behavior. "Witnesses are resentful of the fact that it
seems that Elders commit 'the same wrong over and over, and little is done—and yet if
a publisher is caught sinning once, he or she is disfellowshipped almost on the spot!"50
This Author has witnessed that double-standard. This is one more reason why it is
possible that widespread homosexuality may have been practiced so long at
The Governing Body holds meetings at least weekly to discuss appointments, business,
and recommendations by branch personnel.51 The Governing Body in 1971 began a
rotation annually by alphabetical order of the offices.52 A WT spokesperson told the
Brooklyn Heights paper that the Society now had 2 Vice-presidents, George Couch and
a Pearson. The WT Society has made the Governing Body so mysteriously powerful that
just the rubber stamp of their signature is enough authorization for anything.
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Chapter 1.14
Since 1871 a powerful religious organization has grown up, first
headquartered in what is now Pittsburgh, PA and later Brooklyn, NY
where it is today. It has established itself worldwide.
Americans are familiar with the door to door Jehovah's
Witnesses. They are less familiar with the Watchtower
The Watchtower Society was actually established by a Knights
Templar Mason Charles T. Russell to destroy, and to change the
Christian churches.
In the process, an organization worth over a billion dollars
has come into being, led by a secret group of men called the
Governing Body. Out of the public's view, and even little known to
Jehovah's Witnesses these men direct the details of the lives of
the Jehovah's Witnesses.
The Governing Body has so much control that they have convinced
JWs that the Watchtower Society never prophecied that 1975 would be
the end of the world and Armaggeddon. The Watchtower Society's
financial operations are totally secret. Some rumors have
circulated that the WT Society is one funnel for money laundering.
JWs would never believe that their Society and their Governing Body
could ever do such a thing. Indeed the Governing Body has almost a
godlike image with the rank and file Jehovah's Witnesses, which
they have promoted through their slick propoganda.
Few today can escape the proselytizing efforts of the Jehovah's
Witnesses. But few understand the organization that they are coming
up against. The organization has frequently affected families, and
the careers of tens of thousands of people caught up by its slick
Much of what the Watchtower Society writes about itself is
fantasy. I have not attempted in this chapter to write an
encyclopedia of the organization and its people, but to describe
some of its personalities, policies, and political pull in order to
reveal some of the myths about the Watchtower Society.
General William P. Hall of the U.S. army and General Alexander P.
Stewart were early supporters of Charles T. Russell. Although JWs
are typically thought of as anti-military such was not the case in
the early WT Society. Some early IBS were members of the military
for years after joining the society.1 General Hall was a West
Pointer and a decorated sharpshooter. His family had associations
with the Masons. General Hall was on the IBSA Committee of which
Russell was the Chairman. General Hall was chosen to accompany C.T.
Russell on his world-wide tour.2
Fred H. Robison was one of the seven WT leaders sentenced in June
1918 for violating the espionage act. A NY District Court sentenced
him to many years of imprisonment, but he was released after only
a short time in prison. Papers were introduced at the trial
"showing their connection with German agents in the United States
of America and Mexico."3 At his sedition trial, Robison disclosed
that his religious experience before joining the WT Society
consisted entirely of several years service for the Christian
Endeavor groups. He was not a member of any church prior to joining
the International Bible Students. The Christian Endeavor groups
were known to have departed from the Christian faith.4 The
President of the Christian Endeavor Society of America (and Sec. of
the World Chapter) was Dr. Stanley B. Vandersall, who was a high
ranking and active Freemason.5
William E. Van Amburgh was treasurer of the WT Society. Some of the
older International Bible Students didn't trust him. If one
considers what the Society was teaching is it any surprise? In
court during the Sedition trial in 1918, he told the court that the
Millenium of God had started in October, 1874.6
Van Amburgh was one of the suspected ringleaders by those who
suspected foul play in the death of C.T. Russell. Before joining
the WT Society, Van Amburgh had been active in the YMCA, and the
Methodist church. He served on the editorial staff of the Watch
Tower, along with the Jew R.H. Hirsh, Robison, and Rutherford.7
The WT Society has pushed their people hard to get out in field
service, that is the door to door sales work. In order to squeeze
more time out of their people the Society ordered the JWs not to
have children. This was done in WT 11/1/1938 pp.323-324; in the Children book 1941, and could be seen in the Awake! magazine of
11/8/1974 p. 11.
About Christians the WT Society said, "Do not confuse
Christianity with the so-called "Christian religion". The latter
operates in the name of God and Christ but is wholly against Christ
and his kingdom, which is the only hope of the human race. Religion
labeled "the Christian religion" is a racket invented by the Devil
to defame the name of Almighty God."--Enemies, p. 146.
About democracy the Society says, "Democracy is the perverted
form of the third form of government. . .God's Holy Word says nothing
about democracy...God is not the Author of any other ocracy than
theocracy." The origin of democracy is demons.--The New World, pp.
Dr. L.W. Jones (of Jewish heritage) gave an address in a lodge
building to the IBSA in 1911, "I was much impressed on looking
around to see all of these beautiful mottoes. All of them seem to
speak of the one word, "Loyalty," which we have on our
badge...friends, the key...is "obedience." And surely, now is the
time we must be loyal, and we will not be loyal if we are not
obedient."--Convention Report for Convention at Seattle, Wash. July
2-3, 1911.
One ex-JW mother found out that the JWs had obtained the
political pull of the Governor of her state, which Governor is
heavily into the New Age movement, to win custody of her child.8
When a JW was arrested for peddling magazines without a license
in Tucson, AR. The JW, Hal was found guilty of violating the city's
ordinance No. 729 'Peddling Without a License'. The case was
appealed to the Arizona Supreme Court. The next day, Judge Cella,
who had sentenced him, had a mysterious fire that destroyed his
whole office, and Hal was released.9
During the Prohibition days, the WT President had fine Scotch
whiskey smuggled into the U.S. from Canada by the Branch Overseer.10
In 1938, Rutherford tried to enlist the support of various civic
agencies to support the Watchtower Society and its upcoming Seattle
During Rutherford's presidency, the office of an enemy of the
Watchtower Society was destroyed by a special team of Jehovah's
Witnesses that broke into the office of Koerber at night and
destroyed evidence against the Watchtower Society.12
So the Watchtower Society clearly will break laws, will deal
with political power clandestinely, and operate in a total cloud of
secrecy. It has remained rabidly hostile to Christians. The
sinister nature of the upper Watchtower leadership has been clouded
in the tightest secrecy, while the rank and file willingly submit
to their dictatorship.
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Chapter 1.15
The WT's Mein Kampf
Jehovah's Witnesses and ex-Jehovah's Witnesses will be surprised to see my account
of Armageddon differing from the prevailing viewpoint on various points.
It is quite extraordinary to suggest that Jehovah's witnesses would fight during
Armageddon, especially since they have built up such a public reputation for being
conscientious objectors.
This author is quite conscious that wild accusations or overstatements could damage
the credibility of this book. He is including the suggestion that the Jehovah's Witnesses
may be ordered to take more than a passive role due to careful consideration. This
Author doesn't know what the future holds. He does suggest it is naive to think that the
WT Society poses no potential threat.
Several points can be established beyond doubt. These are:
1 The Jehovah's Witnesses are not conscientious objectors in the classic sense. They
have adamently declared that themselves. Their reasons for not participating in war are
not from being conscientious objectors.1
2. Jehovah's Witnesses are instructed by their leaders to physically defend
themselves (Awake! Sept.8,1975,pp27,28) and other JWs (WT June 1,1968, p.367) and
that there is no bloodguilt in a death blow to an attacker (Awake! Sept.8,'75). Over the
entire history of the Watchtower movement there are numerous cases when the JWs
have felt the need to physically attack and seriously injure those they consider to be
threatening.2 One JW attack in N.Y.C. left dozens of people hospitalized.3
3. The WT Society is anticipating a military attack upon themselves during
4. The WT Society's literature does make statements that do include the JWs in the
fighting at Armageddon. These statements are on the record, in spite of other WT
statements to the contrary.5
5. There are numerous case histories from Africa, where WT converts after reading
WT literature, have got the mistaken impression God wanted them to kill. So they have
gone out and killed. The WT argues that their message has been misunderstood. That
may be so, but the point remains that it is at best difficult to clearly understand WT
The WT Society has played a big role in destroying the colonial governments in
Africa, and then in limiting the success of African leaders to try to create nations out of
borders left over from colonial rule.
This Author fully recognizes that the WTB&TS has urged their people to be
politically neutral, and to stay aloof from politics.
But such neutrality has in some cases in reality translated into political sabotage.
When black African leaders try to create national identities and build national concensus
from odd ball groups of people and bounderies that are meaningless to Africa, and then
the JWs block their efforts, and by intense proselytizement encourage others to block
their efforts, then it is understandable that African national leaders have often viewed the
JWs as a thorn in their side.
And while the JW literature has played a big role in promoting riots, murders,
strikes, and other tensions, the WT Society simply ignores their responsibility by claiming
that they are not responsible for people misunderstanding their literature.
In other words, an event (effect) is caused by a certain particular cause. Just
because the WT did not want the effect that is caused, they feel they are relieved of any
responsibility for the effect that they caused.
In Zaire, the Society was held responsible for the 1961 Luba rebellion.6
In Southern Rhodesia, especially at Wankie in 1923, "the Watchtower became a
kind of surrogate union movement... and was a major element in one of the earliest
strikes in the country."7
In the eastern province of what was Rhodesia"... protests led by the Watch Tower
preachers brought a quick crack-down from the colonial authorities."8
A Watch Tower self proclaimed prophet Tomo Nyirenda and his associates
murdered 174 people before Nyirenda was captured and executed by the British colonial
"... the Watch Tower was a worker's movement. The revolutionary tenor of its
teachings helped pave the way for the first modern labour protests on the Northern
Rhodesian Copperbelt, the 'rolling strikes' of 1935."10
If my literature incites people to kill and riot, am I guilt free? The WT Society has
never expressed (to this Author's knowledge) remorse for those who became victims of
overzealous WT readers. The Society's reaction is to stress that these tragedies are not
their fault.
In Africa when a political party loses and is outlawed, their leaders at times seek
refuge by joining the JWs. Although the JWs are in their own eyes neutral, by providing
a haven for dissidents, and by proselytizing for the hearts of the people in competition
with ruling political parties, they appear in practice to be a political threat.
If the WT Society's message were not so anti-state, it would be different. But the
Witnesses are taught that their governments represent Satan, and that allegience should
go solely to the WT Society in N.Y.C.
Is the WT Society merely a religious faith, or is it a
government as it so often has called itself? It may be the "
perfect scam; call one's government a non-political religion
-and then who can dare oppose you? But the Witnesses know who
rules them. They are told the WT Society is the voice of God
(WT 6/15/57, p.370) They are told that rejecting the WT Society
is rejecting God. (WT 2/15/76 p.124) They are told the WT
Society is their mother.( ) They are told that the
God's sole visible channel is the WT Society and they must be
submissive to it. (WT ) They are told to avoid
independent thinking, and not to question the WT Society. (WT
Jan. 15,1983, pp.26-27) The WT Society is not just any
government, it is a very autocratic dictatorial one, but they
believe it is the only legitimate government, all others are
My Book of Bible Stories, 1978, p. 115.
Mein Kampf
The title to this chapter is not derived from an actual
document called Mein Kampf, but rather because the
Watchtower Society's words spell out a sinister future, much
in the way Hitler spelled out his plans to wipe out certain
undesirables. The coincidence is not coincidence. Hitler
founded his Nazi religion on Hindi (New Age) beliefs. This
author has repeatedly during the course of his research come
across New Agers referring to Hitler as one of them.
The Watchtower Society adveritises themselves as
Christians. They don't now directly identify themselves with
the New Age Movement.
The Watchlower Society does a good job of portraying
their Millenium as a wonderful paradise. Hitler also
promised his people a 1,000 year reign.
The Society anticipates a special race in the New Order.
This New Age race is to be especially righteous and spiritual.
Allow the Author to digress. There is a certain disquieting
flaw in the WT's history that perhaps when taken with some
modem recent WT statements produces an uneasiness. Permit
the Author to dig up the WT's unrepented and covered up
racist past. It indicates an inability of the Society to admit
faults. Who is going to keep the Society honest in the New
Age if they have been able to hide their racism during this
century? At one time the Society was simply racist. Consider
the following Watchlower Society messages, which arc but a
sampling. "The negro race is supposed to be descended from
Ham, whose special degradation is mentioned in Gen.
9:22,25" WT 8/1/1898 A black man whose skin was turning
while was hailed in the WT 10/1/1900 as proof that the New
Age was about here. The WT 7/15/02 declares Caucasions
are more intelligent than others. Russell's Studies in the
Scriptures. Vol.6,p.490 advises to keep the races segregated
as New Creatures. On and on the articles went like this.
Reformers, such as Martin Luther King, Jr. was to become,
were branded satanic. WT 2/1/52 "It is generally believed
that the curse which Noah pronounced upon Canaan was the
origin of the Black race." The Golden Age 7/24/29 Even up
to recent times segregation was practiced. While others were
fighting discrimination; the Witnesses were practicing
discrimination, yet fighting for the right not to salute the flag
and going to jail for it. Their priorities are disquieting.
The Society has never admitted to the i r racism, or
repented of it. In all due fairness, the rank and file JWs are in
these times very commendable in their acceptance of racial
differences. However, the Governing Body continues to
make decisions that reflect a racial bias. Raymond Franz
gives an example of that in their decision not to translate the
AID Bible encyclopedia into Spanish, because supposedly the
Spanish speaking JWs wouldn't use it.
The Society promotes the idea that in the Millenium there
will be brotherhood. That is an interesting concept, because it
implies tolerence, and acceptance, and love.
For now, let's accept the WT's word that it believes in
brotherhood, and that in their Golden Age to come there will
be this love, and acceptance, and tolerance. Bear in mind, the
WT Society has consistently said that all men resurrected into
the New Order will have their same personalities as before.
Most of the resurrected will be all the wicked people
throughout history that lived before the JWs began seperating
the sheep from the goats. Likewise, those that survive the
revolution, the battle of Armageddon will also have only the
same personality as they always had. From this is to come a
special race.
The Watchlower Society has been brutally frank in their
literature about what life will really be like under their rule in
the New Age. However, because these items are slipped into
articles along with nice garden-like paradise pictures with
people smiling and a lot of verbage, few people, if anyone,
have really stopped to assimilate the whole picture and digest
what they arc really saying.
It's interesting that the Communists and the Nazi have
always spelled out publically to their people what was
intended. There seems to be several reasons for this
according to political scientists. They have done that while
simultaneously painting a rosy picture to other countries.
Equally interesting is how most foreignors have tended to
prefer to ignore clear statements of evil intentions. In spite of
repeated warning by Germans who were scared of Hitler's
intentions, the Allies gave him Czechoslovakia. A phenomena
for social scientists to study.
Hitler spelled out what he would do in Mein Kampf, but
most people choose to ignore it. The WT Society has also
prepared its people, while at the same time keeping the
illusion going that paradise will be wonderful. Hitler had the
Hitler Youth sold on his wonderful predictions for the future.
The Society has also maintained an illusion of pacifism which
when juxtaposilioned against numerous statements to the
contrary when dealing with the last battle, ought to at least
raise some eyebrows.
This author would never want to live in the New Age
1984 Orwcllian world that the Watchtower Society describes
in their own literature.
This Author has taken a few quotes from older WT
material in the following report—but in general most is fairly
recent. However, the older material is relevant along with the
new in that it hasn't ever been denied, or changed, and
today's Governing Body was around when it was published,
and finally modern WT literature tells the same story.
The actual quotes documenting each of the following will
follow this summary.
According the Watchtower Society the future New Age
has this waiting for us. l. A new mark on the forehead
will be required to survive the revolution.(more on what
this is about later) 2. A fight between "God's Kingdom"
(read WT Soc.) and those now in power breaks out 3.
precipitated by an attack on the WT Society 4. God's
forces and the world clash. 5. The heavenly Zion is
actually in part the WT Society 6. The WT Society is
God's government, and speaks for him 7.The JWs fight
in the revolution, 8. along with other revolutionary
groups 9. The genocide of all Christians 10. and those
without the mark begins. 11. A time of slaughter and pain
equal to all the bloodshed in history begins. 12. The
Society doesn't give advice to Jehovah's Witnesses on
where to hide, or protect themselves. 13. The JWs are to
treat this as a time of great joy. 14. Tears are not allowed
for any victims. 15. The WT Society survives
Armageddon to lead the New Age Society. 16 The Society
is God's government now and in the Millenium 17.They
are training their loyal people right now to govern during
the Millenium. 18. Does the slaughter end with the initial
genocide?- no, executions continue during the whole
New Age period 19. People in the New Age are afraid
20.The WT Society will serve as judges. 21. Their secret
police force will have absolute control and even control
over the minds. 22. Instant punishment will be handed out
22. Ambitious people will be killed or brainwashed 23.
People will be afraid and not permitted to mourn for
victims of the slate 24.The world will be reeducated. 25
They must confess how evil Christianity is. 26. People
will learn a 1-world-language. 27.The education will be
transforming (read brainwashing) 28. Laws will be taught
them. 29. People will work hard 30. They will be slaves
31. History books will disappear- the Bible will no longer
be used. Many of today's books can be expected to
disappear. 32. Executions will occur for any infraction of
disobedience. 33. Big brother will watch everything.
34.Factories will be destroyed and closed. 34.The people
will be sent to the countryside to plant. 35.Conveniences
will be rarer. 36.Life will be in harmony with new age
cycles. 37. Vegitarian and new age health food ideas will
be around. 38. Rosicucian and Theosophical ideas about
animals will be in force. 39.A Gandhi style of home
industry as in India will come into being. 40. Marriage is
controlled. 41. All marriages arranged by the government.
42. At first children will be allowed, 43. but they will
belong to the state. 44. Then the population will be de
-sexed, and 45. the only new people will be those
resurrected (this author suggests
possibly test-tube babies from baby factories?) 46. Christ
who is Satan's brother will rule invisibly but will never
show himself. 47. God will never communicate with the
world 48. But his occultic power will be used in the
Millenium. 49 People will still be the same people as they
are today 50. but they will not be taught anything of
Christ's redemption, 51. but they will be perfected
through training, the Laws, and executions. 52. But what
is really wild is that the JWs have all these visions of the
New Order being a lazy garden paradise, while the WT
Society say that they will spend the first seven months
burying dead bodies. Pass out the gas masks! That
certainly is one picture one doesn't get from all their
colored pictures, but it is what they warn JWs it will be
like in the New Order. 53. People will have to wait to see
anyone resurrected, because it will take some time before
things are ready for any one to be resurrected.
1. A new mark on the forehead will be required to survive
the revolution.
One of the WT Society's methods is to hint at something in
their literature in a vague fashion and then later come along
and reinterpret it in a more precise manner or even in an
unexpected manner. When they teach that a mark on the
forehead is absolutely needed they are laying the ground
work for their people to accept the New Age Mark of the
Beast. On the one hand the Society says the mark is
symbolic. But then it says that a persons doesn't
automatically acquire the mark simply because he has done
all the right things. The mark is symbolic alright. But this
author suggests it's symbolic of a sinister empire.
Somehow the JW is to receive this, but it isn't acquire by
just doing all the right things. An allusion to "standing in
line" is made in the United in Worship book.
2.A fight between "God's Kingdom" and those now in
power breaks out.
How will there be a war between God's kingdom and the
world? "Such wars during the centuries prior to 1914 were
mere wars against human nations, human governments; but
the wars that the nations, including those of Christendom,
were to fight at the consumation of the system of things
were to be against God's kingdom and its King Jesus
Christ, on the issue of world domination."A New Heavens
and A New Earth. 1953,p.246. Note the fight is between
more than just Christ but with "God's kingdom."
3. precipitated by an attack on the WT Society. The final
assault on the New World Society will provoke the final
battle. A New Heavens & A New Earth. 1953,p.32 This
will be a military attack on the Jehovah's Witnesses
4.God's forces and the world's clash.
What alliance makes up God's Kingdom forces at
"At Armageddon the nations and demon powers invisibly
behind them will meet up with the Invincibles, 'kings from
the rising of the sun", namely Jehovah God and his Son
Jesus Christ." A New Heavens and A New Earth, p.290,
para. 7
5.The heavenly Zion is actually in part the WT Society.
We read much about a heavenly Zion in WT material. Who
is God's woman, the heavenly Zion?
"The creating of the new heavens at the Kingdom's birth
A.D. 1914 was not accompanied by the creating of the
promised new earth, for Jehovah's witnesses on earth were
desolated during the world war that then began. According
to the appearance of them by 1918 God's woman, the
heavenly Zion, their mother, was desolate and a ragcovered
captive in the dust at Babylon's feet....In 1919
Jehovah...rescued the remaining ones." A New Heavens &
A New Earth, p.322
The "heavenly Zion" in this passage is definitively linked to
the WT Society leaders here on earth. The "heavenly Zion",
God's woman was captive on earth. It must be then the WT
Society that is being referred to or in the least the
____________ THE WTs "MEIN KAMPF"
WT Society and the dead members of the elect that must
make up part of the "heavenly Zion."
"On earth today the New World society is the only group
that is doing true constructive work." Ibid, 328.
You mean the WT Society plans to keep on governing after
the revolution? "The survivors of Almighty God's
victorious war will step out as pioneers into the new earth.
Although spread all over the earth according to their pre-
Armageddon location, they will promptly operate together
as a new-world society in harmony with the theocratic
organization already established among them." Ibid. 343-
344. This sounds like a subtle hint, "promptly report for
orders, so that you can work in harmony." "The new
heaven is the government of Messiah, The Theocracry,
born and in power." WT June 1,1943
Who will rule the New Order? The WT Society. "The NEw
World Society on earth really started with the remnant
restored from Babylon in 1919...the new earth can rightly
be said to have been founded in this remnant, for the New
World society continues on for eternity on earth." A New
Heavens & A New Earth, p.338
6.The Watchtower Society is God's government and
speaks for him.
7. The JWs fight in the revolution.
Who fights? To protect themselves the Society writes,
"Jehovah's woman in heaven brought forth her male child,
her theocratic Messianic government....Therefore, let all
earthly, man-made governments be put on notice that God's
kingdom is not established by any seditious, revolutionary
movement of Jehovah's witnesses on earth." A New
Heavens and A New Earth, p.222 And yet three pages
further Rutherford's oft-quoted 1922 Cedar Point Speech is
given which instructs JWs "Be faithful and true witnesses
for the Lord. Go forward in the fight until every vestige of
Babylon lies desolate." See also Babylon the Great! p.464
The only sense that reconciles both these statements is that
the true legitimate King has been born, and that his claim to
the throne can't be taken away. But that meanwhile his foot
soldiers will be out destroying Christendom until every
vestige of Christendom is destroyed.
When the revolution comes people will say, "I thought
Christ and the angel were going to do this." The WT
Society will point to a long list of statements where they
warn that the revolution actually begins with people like the
communists. Babylon the Great! p.537 The book Religion.
1940 compares JWs to an army of locust striking terror into
Christendom, (see p.183 ff) When the revolution, or
Armaggeddon comes just what will the loyal JWs be doing
under orders from their secretive Governing Body?
"...they will immediately begin working under the direction
of the 'new heavens' of Christ and his 144,000 associate
kings and priests to subdue the earth." (Life Does Have a
Purpose. WTB&TS, 1977,p.l41) A Resolution was made
that the "faithful remnant...are eager to continue in the fight
until and through Armageddon..." (Informant. Sept. 1944)
"Will some people be executed? There will be Royal
Orders "of an executioner against wicked enemies." (Holy
Spirit-The Force Behind the Coming New Order!.
WTB&TS, 1976, p. 172-173) The other sheep (that is most
JWs) must prove their faith during this by their works.
(Children. 1941,p307) "Any not desiring to serve Jehovah
will be executed, rightly." (Let God Be True, p.269)
"Jehovah's D-day of Armageddon may be strictly a military
secret..."(WT, Oct. 15,1952,p.614) "It is a combat
between God's organization under Christ Jesus and Satan's
invisible and visible organization." (The Truth Shall Make
You Free. 1943, p.348) Jehu's Chariot of God is God's
organization. The WT Society is compared to when Jehu
went to slaughter Baal-worshippers. (Children.
1941,p.201) At the St. Louis assembly the Pioneers were
greeted, "Well, it should refresh anyone's heart to greet a
company of real fighters, that are not only willing to fight,
but to fight for the greatest thing that has ever been known
or ever will be known, namely, the great Theocratic
Government. " (Report of the J.W. Assembly, St. Louis.
1941, WTB&TS, p.43)
8.other revolutionary groups fight at Armageddon.
One of the best examples of this are the WT quotes which
declare that Armageddon will be like the French
Revolution. Occultic Masonic groups are known to have
created the French Revolution. The Society tells us under
the title: French Revolution. A Foregleam of Things To
"From autumn 1793, the revolutionary government set
up a vast plan for dechristianization. The aim was to build
a "new man" who would be rid of vice. The Catholic
religion was accused of trying to take advantage of the
people's credulity. Some churches were destroyed, while
others were turned into barracks. The clergy were forced to
quit their vocation...Those who refused were arrested and
"The French Revolution sowed ideas that later grew into
both democracies and dictatorships. It also showed what
can happen when political powers suddenly turn against
organized religion. In this, it may provide a foregleam of
things to come.—Revelation 17:16; 18:1-24" (Awake!
12/22/1989, p.28)
Docs this mean the JWs receive help from others? There
is no mixing of good and evil forces according to The 1952
Yearbook. Mon. June 16. Nor will the JWs try to get any
converts, for it is too late once the battle begins, according
to the 1951 Yearbook. Fri., Oct. 12.
Who else will murder the Christians? Military units no
longer acting under orders from their original governments,
in the manner that the French military in the French
revolution killed the clergy. (Awake! Dec. 22, 1989)
Secular forces will leave the Christians "completely
desolated" (KJ, 1971, p.289.) Christendom will also be
destroyed by the U.N. (KJ, 1971, p.367)
The fighting is summed up in that God will "dash them
all to pieces at the final war of Armageddon." (1949
Yearbook, Sept.3) and "Christ will strike the enemy with
confusion and the various elements of Satan's visible
organization will fight and annihilate one another." (This
Means Everlasting Life. 1950, p.263)
9.The genocide of all Christians begins. "The so-called
'Christendom', with its demon religion, is in the most
reprehensible position of all because 'Christendom's'
leaders have fraudulently and blasphemously posed as the
representatives of Almighty God..."(Religion. 1940,p.79)
"They call themselves shepherds of the flock...The
Christian Clergy...That they will die in Armageddon is
certain...they will demonstrate that they belong to Satan and
are unworthy of life..."(Light, p.215) "Christendom will
be completely blotted out."(1943 Yearbook. July 18)
"...all those clinging to the old world will suffer
annihilation." (Report 1942 Assembly. WTB&TS, p.8)
11. "The greatest war and trouble that the world has ever
known is just ahead." (Golden Age, #278, 5/14/1930)
"The fight is on! Now the greatest issue of all ages will be
settled by the most tremendous battle ever fought, and there
will never be another. Now all four of the war chariots
abreast, and all driving furiously, come out from between
the "mountains"; and thus is pictured Jehovah's entire
militant organization, foursquare and complete
rushing into the battle." "...before Jehovah's
irresistible forces the enemy shall crumble like a rotten
wall." "Jehovah's forces are attacking every part of the
enemy stronghold." (Preparation, 1933, p.311)
Is the destruction just to governments?
No. Everyone who supports the world as it is now, and
who will not submit to a Big Brother-1984 type
government of this New Order will be eliminated.
Under the caption "Beneficial Results" in the WT book
True Peace and Security, p. 43 note the question, "What will
result from the destruction of the present world system and
its supporters? The text then relates that wonderful
things will come from the annihilation of anyone committed
to the present system.
Who else will be--as they say "cleansed" from the earth?
"God will cleanse the earth of all who ruin it." (You Can
Live Forever in Paradise on Earth, WTB&TS, p. 15) Page
14 continues, "Rather, as happened at the worldwide flood
in Noah's day, it will mean the end only of bad
people...those serving God will survive...on an earth
made clean, they will enjoy freedom from all who
want to oppress them." (This author notes that the
Scriptures actually say all people are sinners. The idea that
some people are good and others are bad is not scriptural.
God loves all people. The idea that the earth can be
cleansed by eliminating bad people smacks of Nazism and
New Age threats to eliminate Christians.)
12.Quest. 30 "Would it be wise to try to hide during the
great time of trouble, and wouldn't it be safer in the country
than in the city?" (The cryptic reply-) "I advise you to hide
before the time of trouble."(11th Souvenir Report, Con-
Reports, p.20) Although the WT Society has stated it
expects many terrible things to happen, they seem to have
taken no precautions to elliviate the pain that is to come.
The same thing happened in Nazi Germany. The JWs were
told simply, "Jehovah will protect you." This attitude is
reflected in the following quote, "Those who maintain their
integrity toward God and who remain true and faithful to
the Theocratic Government will receive protection and
salvation from the disasters of Armageddon." (1940
Yearbook, p.215)
13. The JWs are to treat Armageddon as a great time of joy.
"a great slaughter...This great carnage at Armageddon...it
will...be to those who delight themselves in Jehovah...joy
to their hearts and will give them strength to go onward in
their work and service which God may yet have for them
to do on earth." (1931 Yearbook. Dec.25) "...Allow your
mind to dwell upon God's righteous new world. Cultivate a
strong desire for it. Keep a clear-cut vision of it before you
all the time. Meditate upon it. Picture yourself walking in
the midst of its paradisaic beauty. Feel its peace and
tranquility. See yourself looking at the ruins of one of the
old-world cities and at happy members of the New World
Society busily clearing away those ruins." WT July 1, '57
(This sounds to this Author like a New Age visualization.)
14. Tears are not allowed for any victimes. "The present
mourning of the people world-wide speaks out plainly its
own meaning, but now such mourning will not much
longer continue. The battle of Armageddon will destroy
and remove completely the cause of mourning, the wicked
bearing rule." (The New World, p.103) "...Jehovah will
show her (Christendom) no pity at the end of the system
of things." (You May Survive Into
15."...as the smoke of Armageddon's battle clears,
Jehovah's visible organization will still be here..." (Let
Your Kingdom Come. 1981, p.176) The WT refers to its
present annointed leadership as the "remnant". "It seems
probable that some of the remnant may be used for a time
after Armageddon in directing the people in the way of the
kingdom." "...the people will come to Jehovah's temple,
his holy organization,..." (Preparation, 1933, p.329) "The
New World society will be still here on earth after
Armageddon has purged the earth." (New Heavens & a
New Earth, p.330) "The restored remnant of spiritual
Israelites dwell at the center or naval of the earth, that is,
they are at the center of the New World society." (You May
Survive...1955, p.317)
16. Who will rule the New Order? the Watchtower Society.
"The New World society on earth really started with the
remnant when restored from Babylon in 1919...the new
earth can rightly be said to have been founded in this
remnant, for the New World society continues on for
eternity on earth." ( , p. 338) "You mean
the WT Society plans to keep governing after the
revolution? "The survivors of Almighty God's victorious
war will step out as pioneers into the new earth. Although
spread all over the earth according to their pre-Armageddon
location, they will promptly operate together as a newworld
society in harmony with the theocratic organization
already established among them." ( ,p.343-344) "In
the endless time to come there shall not be different
governments on earth at the same time, one style of
government best suited for one section of the land, and
another style for another section.. There will be no selfdetermination
of peoples under the "new heavens",
different groups of people having each a distinct and
independent form of human government. There will be only
ONE GOVERNMENT, indivisible, world-wide, only one
central authority...All humankind under them shall be
subject to them as unto the King whom they visibly
represent:..." What is this government? It is in Brooklyn,
NY known as the Watchtower's Governing Body. A very
secretive group-so secretive the WT refused to tell this
author anything about it, not even how many are on it. This
Author didn't need their help to learn this. Anyway this
group is slated to lead. On page 133 of the recent
publication You Can Live Forever On Planet Earth, a
picture is shown of two JWs going door-to-door, the
caption reads, "Subjects of God's government must tell
others about it." Another tip off that they plan to rule, is
that according to their theology, the heavens were cleansed
of evil in 1914, yet today God's government rules "In the
Midst of Enemies" (You Can Live Forever On Planet Earth,
pp. 136-142) God's government must today be on earth,
because Christ is safe in heaven, and is not in the midst of
17."God has been selecting, preparing and training the new
government of those who will live on earth in the new
system." (The Truth that leads to Eternal Life, p. 73) The
WT School of Gilead is training administrators of the
Kingdom government, "originally designed for training
missionaries...Also receiving training on how to teach for
the expanded work during the Millenium." (1952
Yearbook, p.51-52)
18.After the genocide of Christians, and the executions of
all who do not have the mark, the New Order will be in
process, will the executions stop? "The new heavens of
Jesus Christ,...and his 'bride,'...will then be in complete
control over the earth. So there is nothing to hinder such
children in attaining to a hundred years of age and eternity.
And a man who attains to a hundred years of age need not
then die as if he had lived his normal span of life....Hence
if anyone then lived a hundred years and was executed for
willful disobedience to the "new heavens" King, he would
be dying relatively a mere youth or child in view of the
endless eternity he might have lived. If he did die at a
hundred years of age, it would not be then because of
extreme age and decrepitude."(A New Heavens and a New
Earth, pg 332, para 28) "If one then dies either under or at
the age of a hundred years, it will be because of the curse
that one may bring upon himself because of steady, willful
insubordination to the King.' (Ibid, pg.333, para. 29)
Note, Big Brother will execute in the New Order, but very
quietly. The option of a long life will be offered a New
Age citizen in return for his obedience. Indeed the WT
Nov.15,38 p. 1 enunciates, "What will be required of each
individual composing that multitude? Obedience. That one
word answers the question. God's instructions to his
creatures concerning obedience cannot be too strongly
emphasized." In the New Order it will be O.K. to execute
those who are disobedient, because they will be 100 years
old. Hitler, who exterminated millions was relieved of his
guilt in part because he believed in reincarnation and that the
ones he. exterminated would still see a long life. The WT
rationale is similar.
19."...mankind will fear and tremble at all the goodness
and prosperity Jehovah shall bring to them." (The Finished
Mystery, p.89)
20.In the following quote the parenthesis are the WT's
"...and all judges of the earth (the visible representatives on
earth of the Theocratic Government)" (WT 11/15/38 Article
on God's New Earth.) Russell at various times mentioned
the numbers of judges he thought would precide, for
instance see his Hell pamphlet, p.26.
21."A spiritual police force will have humanity under
absolute control. Every misdeed will be punished as soon as
it is determined upon and before it is shall have been put
into effect." (The Finished Mystery, p.334) "Any not
desiring to serve Jehovah will be executed, rightly." (Let
God Be True, p.269)
22."The trial of these is more favorable because the evil
influences will then have been removed, and society and
Christ's righteous government will be favorable to
righteousness, and faithful obedience will then be rewarded
and wrongdoers instantly punished."(Man's Salvation,
23."There will be no ambitious and stronger ones on
earth then to push themselves forward...All suchlike
will have been wiped out...This will preclude all
ambitious and stronger ones from exercising political
propensities and seizing the government or any part of
it."(WT June 1,1943)
24."An extensive educational work will be neccessary,
therefore, in the course of the thousand-year reign when
billions of 'unjust' dead, need instruction in God's
law..."(Let God Be True, p.266) "The greatest
educational program of all time will be carried forward
under the Kingdom organization." (Let Your Kingdom
Come, p.181)
25."The nations of all the earth shall come to the new order
of things and cheerfully admit that the teachings of the
clergy were chiefly lies and vanity." (The Finished
Mystery, p.89)
26."...the wiping out of language barriers will be
accomplished only by the same power of Jehovah God
during The Theocratic Government...(Consolation, Nov.
8, 1941, p.26)
27.The effect of the New Order's control on its citizen's
minds will be a "transforming effect." (A New Heaven & A
New Earth, p.333)
28. Let God Be True, p. 270 speaks of how the people will
"need instruction in God's law."
29."AI1 will need to be real workers..."(Let Your Kingdom
Come, p. 177)
30. In referring to the New World the WT 1/1/1987 says a
"A Jubilee for Millions It is noteworthy that twice in
Leviticus chapter 25 the Israelites were reminded that from
Jehovah's standpoint they were his 'slaves' whom he had
liberated out of Egypt." Already the children are standing
and pledging unwavering loyalty & alligience to the WT
Theocratic government. "2,000 Children stood and pledged
unwavering alligience to the Theocracy at St. Louis
Assembly 1941." (Report of the Jehovah's Witnesses
Assembly, St. Louis, 1941, WTB&TS, p.52ff.)
31.Already the WT forbids much secular and religious
reading material. Even more literature will disappear in the
Millenium. "There is no reason to conclude that the
publications which God's visible organization now
publishes and distributes amongst the people will be found
of use during the thousand years of kingdom reign, not that
even the Bible will be used during that time. Those
publications are for present-day use to inform the
people."(WT 2/15/37 para. 17 p.54) In reference to the
reading material of Christendom, they describe it as
miserable. So miserable that Christians are "starved" of any
spiritual food. (WT 2/15/37, p. 54, para. 17)
33."Then the eyes of those who see will not be closed, and
the ears of those who hear will be attentive. (A New
Heaven & A New Earth, p.335)
34."Well, since the big city way of life is part of a world
wide system of things that does not work, the only remedy
is to replace it..."(Awake! p.10) "Jehovah will shortly
destroy the citv..." (His Vengeance. 1930, p.3) "He will
teach the great crowd of people who will have lived through
Armageddon how to take care of the earth. These people
will learn how to plant the paradise." (From Paradise Lost
to Paradise Regained, p. 220) The Kingdom Ministry of
12/51 asks "Destruction how long?" and then answers,
"Until cities be waste without inhabitant, and houses
without man, and the land become utterly waste." —Isa.
6:11,AS." "In view of such expressions of God's
viewpoint, a more agricultural way of life will no doubt
predominate for the soon-to-be-realized 'new earth.' "
(Awake! 1/8/1976 , p.l1) A picture in that Awake! article
shows factories being destroyed. It sounds to this Author
like the clock will be turned back like Pol Pot did in
35."Or, can you imagine the majority of business, industry
and city folk willingly reverting to a less productionminded,
convience-oriented way of life? Even if political
leaders should attempt such innovations, they would be
stymied by forces beyond their control. Is the kind of
farsighted leadership and power that it would take to make
such far-reaching changes anywhere to be found? Superior
Direction Needed." (Awake!, p.10, 1/8/1976)
36.Life will be in harmony with "natural cycles". Awake!
1/8/76 p. 10
39. People are not perfect when resurrected. (From
Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained, p. 234, para.29) Other
WT articles also bring out how people have the same ideas
in their heads as they had before Armageddon. The WT
1912, p.169 refers to accidents happening in the Millenium.
40. Already in the past JWs were given a choice be loyal to
the organization or choose the selfish right to have children.
They were expected to be obedient and not have children.
This commandment was characterized in the Report of the
Jehovah's Witness Assembly, St. Louis, 1941, p.52, "The
book Children is manna from heaven prepared by the Lord
for the people of good will to enable them to see their
relationship to Theocracy." It was said to be proper to wait
until after Armageddon to have children. (Children, p.313)
41."The survivors of Armageddon under the direction of
the King and his princes, will marry..." (Let God Be True,
p. 265) Christ will personally be the matchmaker for every
couple. (WT 1956, p. 604.)
43."The real mother of children is God's organization."(
WT 9/1/41)
44. Once the earth is refilled then the reproductive powers
of people will be taken away. (WT 6/15/01 p.206 )
Mankind will be composed of perfect un-sexed units. (WT
6/15/01, p. 204-208)
45."The dead will not come back from the grave on the spot
they were buried. Christ Jesus might well resurrect a
thousand at one time in one location -from say like what
used to be N.Y.C. and from there they would be dispersed
to where Christ wanted them." (Bro. Schroeder"s Talk at
Saginaw, MI, 1953. Will Big Brother regulate who can
have children? According to the WT and Ray Franz in
Crisis of Conscience they WT Society will take over the
selection of spouses. At some time they will also take over
control of who can have children and the production of
people. They say that this is that "Allowance must be made
for those resurrected." This Author speculates such a
scenario would happen such as Aldous Huxley's Brave
New World, that could fulfill their expectations.
46.Jesus is Lucifer's brother. (WT 3/1/32, p.76) Lucifer
(now called merely Satan by the WT) was part of "the
heavens" during the Garden of Eden. "That special
organization of angels under Lucifer was spiritual, higher
than man and invisible to him, and hence they constituted
"the heavens" of that original world...That "heavens" and
that "earth," therefore, composed the then perfect and
righteous world." (The New World, p.22) "God's only
begotten Son, The Word, and Lucifer were princes,... they
are called "the morning stars" For a long time they worked
together, and on special occassions of joy 'the morning
stars sang together'..." Christ will be invisible during the
Millenium but only present as he is today. Aid to Bible
Understanding. 1971, pp.551, 1336. Satan is not bound
during, but after Armageddon. (Light, 1931, p. 187)
47. "God has no communication with the world until Jesus
has restored the men thereof to actual perfection," (Man's
Salvation, p. 87)
Difference between Samuel and his occult powers, and the
occult powers of others today is this: Samuel's were
manifested under Divine direction at a time when God was
pleased to use such powers amongst His people Israel.-
powers which doubtless will be in exercise also to
some extent during the Mi l l eni a l Age for the
world's guidance."
(WT 2/15/15, p.59) Bear also in mind Russell felt that the
Persian occultist Zoraster was taught his tricks by Jeremiah,
and that he in turn taught the Magi who chased the Star of
Bethlahem. (WT 1906, p.14)
49. In the New Order people such as the resurrected ones
will have the exact same personalities. "They will be the
same personalities, the same people....The "law of sin and
death" will not have been abolished from them..." (Life
Everlasting -In Freedom of the Sons of God, p.396-397)
Pastor Russell is asked, "Ques. 34- Please explain what
condition the body will be in the resurrection, whether a
lost eye, or the hearing will be restored at their awakening,
or how? "...It is not the teaching of the Scripture that man
will come forth in the resurrection perfect..." "If there was
a wart on that hand before it was withered, it might be there
afterwards..." (11th Convention Souvenir Report, p.20)
50. "The 'great crowd' will not undergo a change of nature
from human to spiritual and so do not need the justification
by faith and the imputed righteousness that the 144,000
"chosen ones" have required. Not imputed human
perfection by faith in Christ's blood, but actual human
perfection in the flesh by the uplifting, cleansing help of
God's Messianic kingdom-This is what the "Great crowd"
will need and what they will attain by Christ's kingdom of a
thousand years." (Life Everlasting-In Freedom of the Sons
of God, p.391)
52. "The first work is to clear away the awful debris of the
battle of Armageddon...it does not take many years."
(Golden Age. 2/25/28 #218, p.277)
"The slaughter ...Their slain also shall be cast out, and their
stink shall come up out of their carcases, and the mountains
shall be melted with their blood." (Religion, 1940,p346)
"Like dung upon the ground will lie the unburied bodies of
those who would not heed God. Strewn over the earth,
unlamented..." (1952 Yearbook July 27) "That millions
of people will be killed in that battle is certain..."(Prophecy,
1929, in the WAR chapter) "For seven prophetic
months the Armageddon survivors will gather up
the bones and bury them." (From Paradise Lost to
Paradise Regained, p.211) Boy are they in for a surprisepass
out the gas masks.
Is this New Order going to be an earthly paradise or an
Orwellian nightmare? which?
What is the current "spiritual paradise" like for
Jehovah's Witnesses - or to put it another way, what is life
like as a JW?Does he have a "new personality" or a "split
personality" as he tries to reconcile life with what he is told
to believe.
Is the condition of the New World society slavery or
Will the people be given a New Language or Newspeak?
Are the JWs truly happy , or just brainwashed robots?
Chapter 1.16
The Mark of the Beast
3 items you will learn:
• That the Power plans to cause all to take a Luciferian
• That the One World Order plans to tag and mark everyone so that
they can be instantly identified by satellites, and so they must
buy and sell through their controlled system.
• That the Watchtower Society is coordinating with these plans.
Has the reader watched a TV show on India, or met with a Guru?
Perhaps you've seen how Hinduism, expecially the Hindu teachers
mark their foreheads with a red, yellow, or white dot. This is the
position of the third eye.
Geoffrey Hodson, in The Hidden Wisdom of the Holy Bible, Vol. 1,
p. 140 tells his readers that man has now advanced to the point
where he is able to use the third eye lying beneath his forehead.
This is why public schools are now teaching subjects on the
third eye such as "Math and the Third Eye."
This third eye is on one of the Chakras, which are energy
points, and initiation sites that open up outside forces to enter
the body. Another Chakra is on the palm of the right hand. These
two positions happen by some holy coincidence to match up with the
marks of the beast prophesied in Rev 13:16,17.
The information that this Author has learned on this subject is
vast. Hopefully, the following will summarize this subject before
the details are given.
The Plans of the Satanists who control the Illuminati are to
have every one take a Luciferian initiation.1 Luciferian
intiations have been given already for years (actually for
centuries).2 These initiations have already involved using the
chakra points of the right palm and the forehead.3 Satanists may
initially only push for an invisible mark, but the ultimate goal is
to make the mark a visible mark that people will wear as a status
symbol that they will be proud of. That will give the Satanists a
perverse thrill to look over their slaves who proudly wear their
Master's brand, in the same proud manner that a Texas rancher looks
over his herd of cattle all wearing his ranch's brand.4 The New
Age Manual of Initiation entitled The Rays and the Initiations
reveals that the mark is to be given to all mankind.
It is also clear that the Power intends to inject coded
microchips into everyone under the disguise of a nationwide AIDS
vaccination.5 Humane Societies are already injecting microchip
tags into dogs to prove the viability of the tagging system.6 The
tags will enable computers via Satellites to track and identify
every human being.
It is very likely that hand scanners will come into use and
people given a manditory bar code on their hands. The bar code that
we now must use to buy or sell with already has the number 666
hidden within it.7
With all my awareness that the initiation point of the New Age
is the third eye, it is significant that Jehovah's Witnesses rather
than being warned against following the plans of Satan are being
warned that they must take a mark on the third eye area to survive
into the New World system. That Jehovah's Witnesses are being
directed in that direction is another indication who their masters
will ultimately serve. As the JWs have been conditioned to obey
without question, it is probable that they will also join in taking
the Luciferian Initiation. The JWs are not esteemed to highly by
the Internationalists. For them the JWs are merely the
Internationalists' expendable shock troops. They are not too
concerned whether the JWs do or don't fall in line for survival.
Witches receive a small mark called the Devil's Mark. New Agers
are receiving stars on theirs during a Luciferian initiation. This
initiation also gives them a Kundalini (aka Skaktipat) experience.
Their minds are altered by the initiation and their new personality
is now Satan-possessed.
ASTARA's booklet Finding Your Place in the Golden Age has a
picture of a New Age thinker with a star on his forehead.
These marks on the forehead's third eye area may vary. The
important item is the location. The third eye are is an important
point to the occult. It is significant that the Watchtower Society
has been warning people in recent years that they need a mark on
the forehead to get into the New Order.
What is the WT's test to be worthy to enter into the New Order?
Is it placing so many books? Is it praying for so many hours?
Under the section "Tested As To Worthiness of Survival" in the
WT's United In Worship, (WTB&TS, 1983) p. 106 it says that the test
is to have a "mark" that separates a person from "pretending
In the WT book Survival Into a New Earth the JWs are given
instructions how to survive into the coming New System.
Under the chapter "Identified For Destruction Or Survival" under
the Subsection "Do You Have The Mark", the JWs are instructed, "It
would be a serious mistake to conclude that if a person tries to
lead a 'good' life and if he shuns religions that are doing things
clearly condemned in God's Word, nothing more is required of him.
All who hope to survive into the "new earth" must also be
unmistakably identified as worshippers of Jehovah...What was the
key to survival? It was te mark placed on one's forehead by the man
with the secretary's inkhorn. . .All who want to be marked as having
God's approval must accept the instruction that Jehovah is
providing through that 'slave' class and become true
worshippers... No one will put a literal mark on their forehead."
It is not clear to this Author exactly where this teaching is
going. On the one hand they refer to an actual physical mark being
neccessary, yet a further page says the mark means to put on a new
personality. This sounds somewhat like the Skaktipat experience.
Whatever the Watchtower Society means, it is significant that they
have spent one chapter and a colored picture on the theme. Three
colored pictures are included in the Survival Into a New Earth
book. First is the picture of the person taking a Mark. Second is
a picture telling us to be submissive and repent of our own
prideful ways. Third is a picture of what happens if a person
thinks of what life used to be, or if a person thinks anywhere that
the Society doesn't want them to think, they may share the fate of
Lot's wife who turned into a pillar of salt. The message is that
once you are a JW you can not turn back and look at the world. You
must only look where you are being led. (Read this a mind control,
a self-imposed censorship. Now if you do this your mind in the WT
It is interesting that the location of the WT's required mark
exactly matches the New Age initiation point required to survive
into the New Age. It is not clear why if this is an invisible mark,
and only symbolic, why it is so omninously fussed over so much. The
fuss being made is that "all regardless of background, who hope to
survive into the 'new earth'...must have this mark."
One WT reference alludes to standing in line to receive the
mark. The door has been left open for the WT to do what they have
often done before, that is to come back and reinterpret in a
different but more precise way what they have hinted at in a vague
fashion. This makes it appear that they have held the view for a
long time. On the one hand the Society says the mark is symbolic,
on the other hand they say it is needed. They say a person doesn't
automatically acquire the mark by doing all the correct things.
Who is the man with the inkhorn that gives this mark on the
third eye to survive? Originally it was said to be C.T. Russell.8
Later the man was identified as "the spiritual remnant or 'faithful
and discreet slave' class"9.
Alice Bailey indicates that the Luciferian initiation will be
done in the churches and Masonic Lodges. (Externalisation of the
Hierarchy, p. 514) and that what she calls externalized Ashrams
will be active along the major line of "The public inauguration of
the system of initiation." (p. 700)
Should the Watchtower Society align itself with the New Order
when needed, then it's Kingdom Halls may become part of the system
of churches and "externalized Ashrams" that provide the initiation.
New Age sources reveal that the Watchtower Society is
cooperating with the Power, but that it is showing some signs of
independence, which the Power is wanting stopped.
Marrs found stories of marks that are being given even
today. Witches receive a small mark called the Devil's Mark.
The New Agers are receiving stars on theirs in a Luciferic
Initiation. This Initiation gives the New Agers a Kundalini or
Skaktipat experience where their minds are altered from these
initiations, the have a new personality by being possessed by
ASTARA's booklet Finding Your Place in the Golden
Age has a picture of a New Age Thinker with a star on his
The New Age and Hindu teaching of an energy point
between one's eyes on the forehead is a precursor of the
Mark of the Beast.
Marrs finds in his research that various New Agers are
already sealing people in the third eye area. An New Age
Manual of Initiation entitled The Rays and the Initiations
reveals the Mark is to be given to all mankind. It also reveals
the marks are related to the third eye and right palm chakras.
The pentagram comes up repeatedly in New Age literature as
an initiation sign on the forehead. The Mark will be a mark of
an advanced thinker.
Rather than restate Marrs' research in full, this Author will mention
one more interesting point. The number 666 is
also related to the third eye by New Agers.
There may be various marks placed on the forehead, or
third eye area . The significant item is the location. In recent
years the Watchtower Society has been warning their people
that they need a mark on the forehead to get into the New
Order. '
What is the test to be worthy to enter into the New Order?
Is it placing so many books? Is it praying so many hours?
Under the Section "Tested As To Worthiness of Survival" in
United In Worship, WTB&TS, 1983, p. 106 it says that the
test is to have a "mark" that seperates a person from
"pretending Christians".
In the WT book Survival Into a New Earth the JWs are
given instructions how to survive into the coming New
Under the chapter "Identifed For Destruction Or Survival"
under the Subsection "Do You Have The Mark", the JWs are
instructed, "It would be a serious mistake to conclude that if a
person tries to lead a 'good' life and if he shuns religions that
are doing things clearly condemned in God's Word, nothing
more is required of him. All who hope to survive into the
"new earth" must also be unmistakably identified as
worshippers of Jehovah....What was the key to survival? It
was the mark placed on one's forehead by the man with the
secretary's inkhorn....All who want to be marked as having
God's approval must accept the instruction that Jehovah is
providing through that "slave" class and become true
worshippers...No one will put a literal ink mark on their
It is not clear to the author exactly where this teaching is
going. On the one hand they refer to an actual physical mark
being neccessary, yet a further page says the mark means to
put on a new personality. This sounds somewhat like the
Skaktipat experience. Whatever they mean, it is significant
that they have spent one chapter and a colored picture on the
theme. Three colored pictures in the book give items that are
needed to survive. First, is the Mark. Second, is to repent of
pride and be submissive. Third, is a picture of Lot's wife
turning to salt. The message is that once you are a JW you
can not turn back and look at the world. You must only look
where you are being led.(Read this as mind control, a self
-imposed censorship. Now one's mind is the WT 's.)
It is noteworthy that this mark is located in the same area
that Marr's identies as the Mark of the Beast. It is not clear
why if this is an invisible mark, and only symbolic, why it is
so ominously fussed over so much . The fuss being made is
that "all regardless of background, who hope to survive into
the "new earth"—must have this mark."
1. Confidential interviews with ex-Illuminati members. The New
Globalism 2000 curriculum being introduced to the schools will have
a veiled Luciferian initiation given to all elementary students.
2. Confidential interviews with ex-New Age leaders,
3. Personal knowledge of Author of what others have experienced and
Marrs, Texe. Mystery Mark of the New Age. Westchester, IL: Crossway
Books, p. 39, who quotes "Contactee: Firsthand," California UFO,
January/February 1987, p. 29.
4. This conclusion also coincides with the exact meaning of the
word chargma (mark) in Rev. 13, and is the view that Texe Marrs
adequately defends in his book Mystery Mark of the New Age.
5. This is a plan that Joe Frick revealed, which the NSA is trying
to implement. Frick speculates that an AIDS vaccination will be
used as the cover to inject the tiny microchip tags. A vaccination
for AIDS is the only viable cover that exists today. Frick, Joe.
art. "Big Brother's Coming! Revealed: Secret plan to tag every man,
woman and child." Sun Magazine (Aug. 1, 1989) p. 15.
6. Wright, Mary (Assoc. Dir. of PR for the Marin Humane Society,
art. "An ID tag that won't get lost." Pacific Sun (May 4, 1990). 7. Relfe, Mary Stewart. The New Money System. Montgomery, AL:
Ministries, Inc., 1982. This is an excellent book.
8. The Laodicean Messenger, p. 150.
9. You May Survive Armageddon Into God's New World, p. 211
Recommended reading:
The New Money System by Mary Stewart Relfe. This book explains the
UPC code with its hidden 666, it explains hand scanners, the world
ID transaction cards, the cashless society etc. that the New World
Order is bringing us.
Mystery Mark of the New Age by Texe Marrs. This book gives the best
and most reliable analysis of where the New Age initiation point is
going to be. Texe also gives good information on New Age symbology.
Chapter 1.17
You will learn:
• The reader will learn about Smokescreens that the Jehovah's Witnesses'
Watchtower Society and the Masons have thrown up around their organizations.
• The reader will find out why the Satanic activities of the llluminati are so hard to
• The reader will be given information from history and testimonies that indicate that
the Satanic llluminati threat to rule the world is a serious and very real threat.
One April Saturday in 1974 in sunny southern California, an overconfident Jehovah's
Witness met with Bill Cetnar. The Jehovah's Witness was Duane Magnani and he was
sure that he could expose the lies that Bill had told his brother about the Watchtower
Society. Duane was trying hard to get his brother back into the organization. He felt that
Bill had to be met and refuted, even though the local elders had trembled and stuttered
with fear and warned him not to talk to Cetnar when they learned who Duane was to
meet. They had told him that to "follow God's arrangement" is what was important.
One of the things Duane learned that day was the lies and false prophecies that the
Society has propogated. And long story short, Duane did something about the information
he learned that day. Duane eventually would realize the mind control that the Watchtower
Society uses, and so Duane used their own literature to show the Society's lies in order
to crack that mind control. His campaign to expose their lies motivated him within two
years to get the largest collection in the world of JW material (outside of the WT Society
His book Eyes of Understanding, (the title based on the WT Society's explanation that
one needed eyes of understanding to know God's plan, and they of course were the ones
with the correct eyes), exposes their false prophecies. Duane went on to write Who is the
Faithful and Wise Servant? Called the Who book for short it shows the WT's coverup of
their long held view that Russell was the sole Faithful and Wise Servant. Because their
present leadership use the parable of the Wise Servant to justify their dictatorship, that
the Society held Russell to be that Servant and that Servant died, is devastating to their
theology. They have worked hard to coverup the "creature worship" they gave to C.T.
The numerous coverups by the WT Society, and their dishonesty is so pervasive, that
it boggles the mind of the sincere historian. But they are successfully carrying out their
campaign of false information, why?
Most people know nothing or little about the JWs. They have the liberty to investigate
before they join, but few know how to and they then rely on WT material. After they join,
it is difficult for them to ever make an honest appraisal of their religion or its history.
Outsiders have little interest in the Watchtower movement.
Only a small group of people keep watch over the WT Society. This is why the Society
is able to buffalo so many people.
Most of us go through life without questioning why we do the things we do. Why do we
wear ties and import granite from Vermont to bury our dead under? However, this Author
is one of those who is always asking why. And the problem of why Russell was so
deceptive many times in his life, and yet was clearly respected as a very honest man, and
indeed considered himself to be an honest man, was a puzzle. His lies in court to cover
his friends would hardly seem to be worth the trouble. But once this Author saw how the
mindset of Russell was so clearly a reflection of the views surging through the Masonic
Halls of that age, then it at last made sense.
Russell was honest as Masons are trained to be, that it is not a lie to deceive those not
worthy of the truth. Further, like many Masons, he kept his membership very quiet. He
pays close attention not to let out any clues that his beliefs are from the Masonic Hall. He
always portrays his beliefs as coming from the Bible. A Mason invented Phrenology, and
the Mormons and Russell were big on Phrenology at that time it surged through the
Masonic halls. Masons had dabbled in the occult and magic, and both the early Mormon
leaders and Russell did healing with magic handkerchiefs. The pyramidology surged
through the lodges, and both the Mormons and Russell picked it up. But Russell is careful
to always use the Bible as the "fall guy" for his beliefs. He calls his magic handkerchief
Paul's handkerchief. He ties his pyramid beliefs back to some scripture which are
misused to prove his beliefs.
Russell is always playing to an audience. He is very careful to say and do the right
things. He is careful not to expose his deep Masonic mindset. But every now and then
he slips. He refers to the woman of Luke 15:8 as "divine energy", but then when
questioned about this denies having written it, "The fact that something in the Tower
might be misunderstood would not surprise us any. Why, we find a whole lot in the Bible
that has been "misunderstood." (Bible Student's Convention, Indianapolis, 1907, p.26)
Russell is also asked if anyone else teaches the invisible presence of Christ. "Are there
any other papers than the Tower which teach as it does that Jesus is now present?"
Russell answers, "We know of none other which teaches the personal presence of
Jesus."(WTR p546 10/1883) That he can say this is just remarkable. He is fully aware
that others such as the Rosicrucians teach this, besides the Christians have held that he
has been invisibly present since his ascension.
Rutherford is the second WT President. He was a lawyer. He was as honest as the
common stereotype of lawyers. In other words, he does what it takes to win.
By reprinting in 1928 an article that is negative about Freemasonry, he may simply
have been putting up a smokescreen, so that Masonic goals could continue to be carried
out. Certainly, that was his modus operandi with the demonic Ouji healing devices that
headquarters were using. To stiffle criticism, he allowed something negative printed, and
then forbade discussion. However, it may be that he wasn't a Freemason. Unlike Russell,
this author hasn't any Masonic records of membership for Rutherford, although the
rumors persist. The powers that controlled him certainly were not concerned whether he
was a Mason or not, but simply that their goals could be furthered.
That Rutherford could do what he pleased without the rank and file knowing it is clearly
demonstrated. He became an alcoholic, and this and his live-in girlfriend, who even
signed his death certificate, managed to be kept secret.
During Rutherford's reign, R.H. Barber of Bethel Headquarters throws out a
smokescreen with some false clues about the conspiracy to bring in a
one-world-government. He points the finger at the Christian clergy. He says the Christian
clergy have originated the conspiracy and are in someway deceiving the governments into
becoming a party of the conspiracy. (The Golden Age, pp 277-278, Feb. 3,1932 #323.)
Another conspiracy smokescreen appears in the book The Truth Shall Make You Free
(1943). It states that Christendom has an "international police force for her continual world
But Rutherford is careful not to tell us the esoteric Masonic sources that have taught him
all about the supposed pagan connections to Christian symbols—such things as Phallic
worship. Phallic worship is by the way, declared by Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma to
be the true worship of Masonry. Each Scottish Rite Mason is given Pike's book after the
32nd degree.
Again Rutherford, like Russell, is careful not to clue us in on any Masonic connections.
Isn't easier to believe that he learned all his mystery religion/ pagan symbolism stuff from
masonic sources than from angels.
The WT Society leaders continued their secrecy. Covington, even managed to succeed
Rutherford as President and run the Society for a period without the rank and file
Jehovah's Witnesses knowing about it. Nathan Knorr pushed him aside, and apparently
that suited the Powers in control of things. Knorr, Covington, and Franz were to work
together, but circumstances didn't really work out that way. Covington, not one of the
annointed, theologically was a red herring. Yet, the Covington family is a prominant family
within the Order, so he may have had strong support, at least temporarily.
At the Scottish Douglas Walsh Trial in 1954, we see Covington lying under oath.
Another JW, named Hughes, asked the same question, gives the truth. What was the
question? The question was whether the JWs use other groups buildings for their
Kingdom Halls. The practice of using Masonic Halls and Oddfellows Halls was
widespread. Covington was in the best position of anyone to know this. So why did he
lie about it? Was this perhaps a sensitive issue?
The questions on page 381 of the trial transcript had touched on buildings rented for
use as Kingdom Halls and what steps were taken to consecrate them. On page 382 of
the trial transcript, the questioner asks, "Sometimes the Kingdom Halls are shared with
other bodies or secular societies, aren't they? A. I do not know of any such cases where
the actual hall itself is. I may say this, that Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses are
often to be found in commercial neighborhoods and in buildings where, say for instance,
on the ground floor there might be a store."
However, the truth is that the JWs were using Masonic temples and lodges. In Grand
Coulee, WA the Kingdom Hall was located on the bottom floor of the Oddfellows Hail, and
while the JWs used the bottom floor, the Oddfellows would at times be conducting
meetings above them. This lasted from about 1947 to 1952. Two of the Melbourne
Kingdom Halls in Australia were Masonic lodges to begin with. The Kingdom Hall at 256
Murray Road, Pres Victoria, Austrailia had been a Spiritist church which was
converted into a Kingdom Hall. While Covington only admits to a dedication of Kingdom
Halls occuring, the truth is that this Spiritist church required the Spirits to be exorcised by
the Jehovah's Witnesses before they could use it. Covington was privy to everything,
having been the Society head legal guardian and its President and Vice-President.
A.F. Hughes, under oath apparently doesn't know the sensitivity of the issue for when
he is asked, several questions about the Kingdom Halls leading up to the question, These
Halls are sometimes owned by the Society? A. They are owned by the local congregation.
Q. Or leased by the local congregation? A. Yes. Q. Or shared with others; outside
agencies? A. Sometimes, yes, but that would only be where there is a small congregation
that is not able to meet the costs for the time being. They would, of course, have the
ultimate in mind that they would have a Kingdom Hall of their own. (Douglas Walsh Trial,
p.626-627, 1954).
The Society has put out instructions that "Whether you own or rent your hall, it ought
to be ... a proper representation of Jehovah's true worship." (Organization for Kingdom
Preaching and disciple-making,1972, p.104) Today the Society is still using Masonic Halls
for weddings where one of the spouses is not a Jehovah's Witness. Their use of Masonic
and Oddfellow Halls for Kingdom Halls raises questions. Either, these places are proper
representations of true worship according to the Society, or the Society has been quietly
being hypocritical. This Author tends to believe that the JW top leadership is a Mason,
so in that case, the close relationship between Kingdom Halls and Masonic Halls is not
The WT Jan. 15, 1958, p. 46 states " ... it is really the holy spirit that leads to the
appointing of such overseers;" The Governing Body have issued other statements such
as this, that lead one to believe that their decisions are made after prayerful
consideration. Ray Franz, former Governing Body member, in his book Crisis of
Conscience, pulls the cover off that false picture.
One mask though that has never been pulled off, is the Jewishness of Russell's
religion. This book does that for the first time. In the twenties, it appears that some people
began to catch onto the connections between the B'nai B'rith and the WT Society. Could
this explain why the WT became anti-Zionist. Was this to hide their origins and their
Jewishness, or was it because Rutherford had actually broken with the Society's Jewish
It is an intriguing puzzle. The Jew Paul S.L. Johnson, who had forsaken being a
nominal Lutheran minister and became a Bible Student, acted like he sincerely believed
that he was to be Russell's successor. What is interesting is that 4 out of the 7 board of
Directors of the WT Society also thought so. In fact, in the 1975 Yearbook, p.89 it
explains that Johnson believed clear back in 1915 before Russell died that the mantle
would be passed to him. The British office and the Kingdom Halls in the British South
American colony of Guiana (see WT Oct. 1,83) went under Johnson's leadership. It was
only by hard fisted manouevering that Rutherford gained control. It meant dismissing
those men on the Board of Directors, who at the time didn't think Rutherford had the
power to dismiss them. (The 73 Yearbook, pg.101 also gives details of the British events
in this battle for control.) Rutherford gained control, but then he and his leadership ended
up going to prison. Could it be that the Order did not want Rutherford in? Did Rutherford
have to make a deal with them, or did he simply realize from there on that they had
One of the biggest smokescreens is the appearence the JW make of hating all
religions. In reality, they attack only one religion in their literature—Christianity. They
claim that their lack of work in India is that Hinduls are hard to deal with, but a close
examination shows they have made almost no effort over the last 150 years to convert
Hindus. The rank and file witness certainly has little affection for other religions, but his
leadership has been careful to direct his hate toward only one group in
particular—Christianity (called Christendom).
If the New Age Religion were to be capsulized into 7 teachings it could be reduced to
the following seven identifying beliefs.
1. God is impersonal.
2. Christ is not Almighty God, but a good teacher.
3. Jesus is but one of many Christs.
4. Sin and evil do not exist.
5. Man should seek instruction from the spirit world.
6. All religious teachings are of merit, except those that are Christian and believe in
absolute truth. Therefore the religious views of Egypt, Babylon, India and the Aztecs are
held to be of value for us today.
7. Man can be a god.
8. The Jehovah's Witnesses have made repeated statements over the years that God is
not personally involved in events. This is not just an insignificant idea in Watchtower
theology—it is necessary because they declare that what is happening in the world is not
the will of God. Because they have an incomplete understanding of the will of God they
need to distance him completely from evil which they do not realize he has permitted.
9. The Jehovah's Witnesses are well known for their attacks on the divinity of Christ. If
pressed, the JWs will declare he a god, a lesser God.
10. The Jehovah's Witnesses see a composite Christ class. Jesus Christ is merely the first
of a class of exalted men.
4. The Watchtower Society has destroyed the Biblical concept of sin. This is
accomplished very subtly. Sin is so trivial that sinful mankind is to receive a second
chance and will teach itself how to overcome sin in the Millennium. The Christ class will
live perfect lives without sin. Men on their own strength in a perfect environment will be
able to attain perfection and sinlessness. (See Truth book, chapter 9, para. 4 as an
example of this type of thinking.)
5. While condemning the occult to its followers, the Watchtower leaders have gone to the
occult for enlightenment. For instance, Rutherford received his messages from fallen
angels supposedly working out their redemption.
6. The WT Society does not accept all religions—in this it appears to disagree radically
with other New Age groups. At least this Author thought so, until I scratched below the
surface in researching the Watchtower Society. An indepth look at what the Watchtower
Society has condemned shows that only lip-service has been given to the idea other
religions are false. In reality, there is one exception, that is the only religion has been
singled out and targeted for attack as the enemy is Christianity.
7. The Watchtower Society believes that ultimately mankind will elevate itself to Godhood.
Texe Marrs, although very scimpy on the proof, correctly placed the Watchtower
Society in the camp of New Age religions in his book New Age Cults & Religions.
It was one of the first Masonic New Age religions.
They have been preparing mankind for an alien rulership of 144,000 alien beings—
known by Christians as demons.
This last charge—that the 144,000 will be demons is based on the following: demons
have been supplying the WT leaders with guidance, and the Masonic Plans to bring in
a world government include setting up a government of aliens to rule mankind.
Understand that only the very selected top of the leadership realize this. The rank and
file are taught to fear demons, and not to believe in aliens.
Several New Age channelers have told me (or someone who spoke with them have
said) that the Hierarchy (the Spiritual Hierarchy that guide the occult, New Age, and
Masonic groups) has been directing the Watchtower Society leaders, but that the
Hierarchy has been having trouble bringing them into line. Apparently there is an effort
to bring them into line. Share International Magazine, October 1988 has a article about
Maitreya visiting Kingdom Halls. The article concludes, "Some Jehovah's Witnesses have
had certain experiences as a result of Maitreya's presence among them which have led
them to abandon an entrenced, 'ideological' position."
Another subtle indication that the Watchtower Society is moving its people toward a
One-World-Religion is that they have been teaching their people what the other religions
believe. Only Christianity has been singled out as a target for criticism and abuse. True,
the Society hasn't approved of these other religions, but the idea of teaching their people
what the other religions believe, is a new item and a step toward a possible assimilation.
On the other hand, it could be postulated that the Hierarchy has lied to these
channelers, and that also the New Agers are exaggerating Lord Maitreya's influence
among the Kingdom Halls when he visits. Perhaps as some claim, the Watchtower isn't
smart enough to criticize the Hindus. (Even the public papers criticized the Bhagwan
Shree Rajneesh— so that argument is very difficult to swallow.)
This question can be debated, however it is clear that all the fundamental important
sacred concepts of Christianity have been attacked by this organization calling itself
Christian. Why did they feel a deep seated need to eliminate Christ's name out of our
dating system? Why have they felt such a deep seated need to attack the idea that Christ
died on a cross. Let us examine their attack on the cross. This is a prime example of their
anti-Christ anti-Christian bias.
For most people that Christ died on a cross is taken for granted. It is simply not an
issue. And what difference does it make how exactly he died? It is a rare person who
questions the idea he died on the cross, unless he is someone who has come under the
influence of the Watchtower Society.
If the Christian wants to know how Christ died, the Scriptures are very clear—he died
on a cross. A close reading tells us that. In Mt 27:37 it tells us that when Christ was being
crucified they nailed the sign above his head. (If the WT is correct then the sign would
have been above his hands as a stake would require.) It goes on to say in verse 38 that
on his left hand was one robber and on his right hand's side was another. This is
nonsense by WT drawings of Christ's hands tied above his head. In Jn 20:25, the
resurrected Jesus talks about the prints of the nails in his hands. The WT Society has
acknowledged that Num 21:9 is a picture of Christ's death. (For instance see What Has
Religion Done For Mankind where they even portray this.) They also acknowledge in the
Awake! May 22,1952 that flag banners were crosses in ancient times. The Hebrew word
in Num 21:9 picturing and forecasting Christ's crucifixion is Nec which means a flag
banner which in those days was a cross.
The mark placed on the foreheads of those saved (see Ez 9:4, also Rev 7:3) was
called "tav" in Ez 9:4. The "tav" in Ezekiel's day was a cross shaped Hebrew letter. For
this reason Christians in early times of Roman persecution made the sign of the cross on
their foreheads.
Bottom line is that Gal. 6:14 states that the cross is important for Christians to glory
and boast about. It is an important symbol. Does the Watchtower use their authority to
glorify the cross? Do they instead glorify in the torture stake which they claim was used?
NO. What truth loving Christian authority would attack Christianity so viciously as the
Watchtower Society does concerning the cross, while ignoring so many Christian
The real answer lies in the Watchtower leaders veiled hatred for Christ and his atoning
work on the Christ. As with so many Masons who lead various religious groups they do
not honor Christ in a Christian way.
The smokescreens put out by the Masonic Lodge are so thick they come close to
choking any investigator. Masonic deception and lies are so numerous that any truth
loving person should get sick to the stomach. Unfortunately, often when Christians
investigate the Lodge, they swallow whatever line the Masons give them— EVEN
Masonry is not a religion. The author has seen that line repeated by the Mason to the
public ad nauseum. Reproduced as documentary evidence are two broshures that are
designed for the publics consumption denying that Masonry is a religion.
However, practically every important Masonic authority has stated in one place or
another, that Masonry is a religion. Not only do they believe Masonry is a religion, they
believe it is the religion. That is, their religion of Masonry is superior to any other religion.
Some pages are photocopied from various Masonic sources showing how in their own
literature, they boast about the Masonic religion— and then turn around and lie to the
Albert Mackey—The Mystic Tie, p.32
—Lexicon of Freemasonry, p.404
—Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, p.439, 619
—Mackey's Revised Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Vol. 2, p. 847
—Textbook of Masonic Jurisdiction, p.95
Henry Wilson Coil—A Comprehensive View of Freemasonry, p.234
—Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia, p. 158
Albert Pike—Morals and Dogma, p. 213, 219, 718 (He calls it "a worship" on pp. 219,
Joseph Fort Newton—The Builder's, p. 243, 258
— The Religion of Masonry, pp. 10, 11
J.S.M. Ward—Freemasonry: Its Aims and Ideals, pp. 182, 185, 187
New Age Magazine (official organ of the Scottish Rite)—Feb. 1959, p. 107-108
Here then are 21 references from Masonry's best authorities written to Masons telling
them that Masonry is a religion. Contrast that to the two official Masonic broshures that
the Lodge puts out deceiving people that Masonry is not a religion. Even without these
21 references, the thinking person would realize that an organization that has temples,
priests, rituals, offers salvation, teaches morality, and worships is a religion.
What religion is Masonry? It is a super-Religion, the Religion over all others, and it is
the Ancient Mystery religion of Babylon and Egypt, et. al. according to Albert Pike (33°),
Is Freemasonry a religion?
No. Neither is Freemasonry a religion, nor does it require a religious affiliation. However,
Masons worship in congregations of their choice. Some are ordained priests, ministers, or rabbis;
many serve in lay capacities; and, others have no affiliation. With origins in post-Reformation-
England. Freemasonry's allegories and rituals are rooted in Judo-Christian tradition. They exemplify
mankind's universal experience and inculcate an admired moral and ethical value system. With respect
to religion, Freemasonry simply teaches the "Fatherhood of God" and the "Brotherhood of
Is Freemasonry a "secret" society?
No. Freemasonry is a fraternity of men who are proud to be known as Masons. Since
our inception, the world has known of speculative Freemasonry and its work. Freemasonry does,
however, have some secrets, all extending from historic tradition. Our modes of recognition, opening
and closing ceremonies, and rituals for conferring the Degrees of Masonry are our only secrets.
Thousands of works discussing Masonic history, traditions, craft, and proceedings are widely available
to the public.
(Lodge imprint here)
For more information, contact any Freemason or Masonic Lodge in your community or telephone
(503) 357-3158 (Portland Metro).
Grand Lodge of A.F.&A.M.
P.O. Box 96
Forest Grove, OR 97116
of its members to worship according to his own
belief in the church, synagogue or mosque of his
choice. Masonry is not a religion, but Masons are
All men who are 18 years of age or older, who are of
good moral character, who come well recommended
and who believe in a Supreme Being and a life after
death may petition to become a Mason.
Masons are prohibited from asking anyone to join.
We want you to first know what we do and bow we
act and then make your own decision. We want
onjy_those who seek membership because of their
favorable impression of us. If you should become a
Mason, we want you to be proud of being our
Brother and we want you to participate in our
work. If, after you have examined us, you have a
favorable opinion and would like to share in our
work and privileges, ask any Mason for a Petition
for the Degrees of Masonry.
What I Would Like
My Friends To Know
About Freemasonry
By Authority of
The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free
Accepted Masons of Oregon
Freemasonry is a society of men working together
in the interest of serving mankind.
Masons work to enhance their communities and to
help needy people in all walks of life.
Masons assist public schools and other public bodies
in a variety of ways. Masons and members of
Masonic affiliated bodies assist as tutors. Some
Lodges have scholarship programs, student recognition
programs, and activities recognizing the
achievements of students and teachers. Masons
serve as volunteers for many community projects.
The reason you may not have learned about this
involvement is that Masons seek only to provide
Most Masonic Lodges and Masonic affiliated bodies
provide funds and services for those in need.
Some of these activities include helping children
who are crippled or burned or who have learning
disabilities or visual prohlems, or who need denial
restoration, and contributing to cancer and other
research and to other health and rehabilitation
services. Masons and Masonically related bodies
spend over two million dollars a day for charitable
and benevolent purposes. In addition to National
and Statewide programs, help is extended to solve
personal problems, such as paying medical bills,
restoring fire or flood damaged homes and assist-
Masons and those in Masonically affiliated bodies
often have only modest incomes. Much of the money
spent on charity is obtained by sponsoring
fund raising activities.
The satisfaction of knowing you are helping those
in need and knowing that future generations may
be better off because of your efforts.
Fellowship. Fellowship forms a bond between
members. Masons plan many activities for the entire
family. Our families generally share our interests
and goals. Masons assist distressed brother
Masons and the wives, widows, and children of
Masons. Brotherly love is both an obligation and a
No. Masonry is a society which has some secrets.
Our modes of recognition, opening and closing ceremonies
and the ceremonies of conferring the degrees
of Masonry are our only secrets. We are
proud to show that we are Masons.
No. All Masons must believe in one Supreme Being
and in life after death. Masonry encourages each
Albert Mackey (33°), J.D. Buck, Daniel Sickles, R. Swinbourne Clymer, C.W. Leadbeater
(33°) and a host of other big Masonic authorities.
Can it be possible that Freemasonry is really involved in creating a socialist one-worldgovernment?
Obviously, the Freemasons can't be entirely faulted for trying to keep this
one a secret. If the common man knew what the ultimate goal of the Masonic leadership
was, they would likely be very angry. And who can say what their reaction would be to
find out they have made monkeys of us.
By the word of three witnesses an event is established according to the age old wisdom
in the Christian Scriptures.
Within the Masonic Reference 10,000 Famous Freemasons is an article on the
Freemason John Robison (1739-1805). John Robison was a professor of natural history
at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and secretary of the Royal Society in that city.
We are talking about a well educated respected man. In 1797 Robison published
information in a book entitled Proofs of a Conspiracy Against All the Religions and
Governments of Europe Carried on in the Secret Meetings of the Freemasons, llluminati,
and Reading Societies Collected From Good Authorities.1 The book is still available.
Clear back in 1797, there were concerned Masons willing to expose the llluminati plans
for world conquest.
Jim Shaw who was a 33 degree Freemason writes, "Freemasonry is a world-wide
conspiracy to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ on earth, a means to bring about a oneworld
church and government. With the Unitarian and Theosophical system in Masonry
it is nearing this goal. Unsuspecting Christians, who do not know that Masonry is
controlled by Satan, are also aiding it instead of exposing it."2
C.W. "Win" Jackson was a 32 degree Freemason. He wrote, "I then focused my
attention and study to learn how the lodge was started, and by whom. At this point, I
became thoroughly convinced, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that a world-wide
conspiracy existed against God, Our Lord and Savior and all mankind."3
There have been other Masons and ex-Masons that have given similar testimony.
John G. Stevens, an ex-Mason testifies, "If the lodge went unchecked, the United States
would have a Masonic monarchy for its government, a Masonic church, a Masonic way
to a Masonic heaven...Masonry was a state within a state and that one day Masons
would overthrow the democratic government of the United States and would crown one
of their 'grand kings' as ruler of this nation."4 As the reader continues into Unit 2 he will
see in detail how the Masons have done what these witnesses have warned us about.
Freemasonry has repeatedly told the public that it doesn't keep its memberships secret.
For instance, in an article entitled "What Can I Tell My Non-Masonic Friends???" in the
Scottish Rite's New Age Magazine it says, "You can explain that Freemasonry is not a
"secret society." A secret society is one that keeps its existence a secret and whose
members do not make known their affiliation with the group. Freemasonry is not a secret
society because it does not hide its existence nor do members hide their membership."
Dear friends, any Mason saying that ought to have his nose grow long. That is simply
a boldfaced lie. Repeatedly, the Masons have created secret groups within secret groups.
They seem to have a ceaseless urge to create new organizations, and many like the
Pallidium Rite are secret. That is why they do not keep written records, and why the
Pallidium Rite's finances are separate from the regular lodges. The Highest Masonic
authorities have repeatedly lied to keep secret their memberships.
Gary Blevins has a letter received from Grand Executive Director William G. Sizemore,
33°, of the Supreme Council at the House of the Temple in Washington, D.C. which
denies that Ronald Reagon is a Mason.5 The April, 1988 New Age Magazine shows on
its front page cover President Reagon receiving the honorary 33rd degree of Masonry.
When friends of this Author have called Billy Graham's ministry to ask if he has been
or is a Freemason, they were told that his ministry chose not to comment on the matter.
And yet on the authority of a number of several very reliable sources his membership has
been confirmed to this Author. (See chapter 2.1 for a discussion and an explanation of
the meaning of this.)
When President George Bush became president, by law he was required to place in
the Library of Congress information about himself. That information included his 33°
membership in the Scottish Rite, but after a few months the information disappeared from
the Library of Congress. (George Bush by the way took his presidential oath on a
Masonic Bible.)
These are just some of the examples I am aware of where the Masonic Lodge is
covering up prominent memberships. They are covering up the memberships of
Congressmen and religious leaders too.
This chapter up to this point has only scratched the surface of two organizations who
are front organizations for the Power. If the Masonic Lodge and the Watchtower Society
have been screened in such secrecy, what about the organization that controls both the
Watchtower Society and the Masonic Lodge?
Indeed, Satan's closest worshippers have been shrouded in the deepest secrecy. Each
of the top Satanists have at least one cover. That cover is a life that they live in the
public's view. They may be a mayor of a town, a business leader, or a Christian
evangelist. The primary goal is that the cover makes them look good to the public, or at
least too powerful for people to believe criticism of them. For instance, George Bush is
nicknamed the teflon president because no criticism of him seems to stick, even though
the proof is abundant that the man is a very dangerous servant of the New World Order.
Perhaps one of the most sucessful covers of the New World Order has been the one
Adolf Hitler with the help of Satanists world-wide has foistered on the history books.
Hitler's cover was to be an anti-Judeo-Masonic crusader. Hitler pretended to be the
ultimate crusader against the One World Power, while he really was a powerful Satanist
and descendent of the llluminati family of the Rothschilds. Stalin was a co-conspirator
in the Satanic llluminati's plans. Bear in mind England according to Satanists is the
Satanic mother of all nations—the center for llluminism.7 Hitler personally intervened to
prevent his tanks from destroying the British Expeditionary Force at Dunkirk. Hitler
personally intervened to prevent the German invasion force from capturing Leningrad, and
Stalin personally intervened to prevent the Soviet military from protecting itself when many
intelligence sources were warning them of a German invasion. The llluminati got exactly
the war they had planned and exactly the results they wanted, and Hitler's Satanic role
for the llluminati is still basicly secret. The fictions revolving around W.W. II are too
numerous to try to clear up, the reader's mind would simply not accept them. Perhaps
after reading this book, enough of a thinking process will have occured to get the reader
to initiate his or her own investigation. Part of what really went on behind the cover of
killing Jews, was the elimination of all devout Christians and the placement of Satanists
into leading offices. The U.S. Army and the Soviet army facilitated this after Germany
Information about the top level of Satan's organization are hard to get because:
A. Much of the activities are committed to memory.
B. Informants or people who know too much are murdered.
C. High level Satanists from the time of birth have been psycologically worked over by
mind programming to commit suicide if they think about things that they are not to reveal.
Information that has come out of the Satanic cults is so unbelievable that most people
dismiss it. Why is the information unbelievable? Because the majority of people in this
nation have been programmed by the Satanists. Chapter 3.3 documents how the leading
Satanists control the mass media. Over a period of decades they have subtly
brainwashed the people, in such a subtle way that people do not even know they have
had their behavior modified and controlled. This author has repeatedly witnessed that
buzz words when told to the masses cause them to respond like Pavlov's dog. (Part of
the reason that this Author can write this book is that I was spared from watching
Television until age 11, and since then have only seen small amounts of Television and
Movies since, in part what little has been viewed was done to understand the American
people and the Power.) A program of kidnapping and implanting of control devices within
the heads of people has also been going on, without the people knowing what has
happened to them when they return to society.
In order to fully understand why evil men, also do good deeds let us study the
philosophy of Satanism which perpetuates the gnostic principle of duality.
Gnostic religions have since their inceptions worked off a dual view of the power. This
thinking is directly linked to Hegelian philosophy, which by providing to the masses
opposite answers oftens diverts people from seeing the correct answer which has little
to do with the two extreme views nor with their synthesis. The easiest way perhaps to
explain what we are discussing is to refer people to how the force in Star Wars could be
used for both good and evil. In the final analysis, the mind set of Satanists is that they
themselves above all others have been deceived into thinking that light can be
used for good or evil. This is seen in their idea that there is white and black magic.
According to Alexander Wilder in his book Philosophy and Ethics of the Zoroasters
(pub. 1885) "The Mithraic rites superseded the Mysteries of Baccus, and became the
foundation of the Gnostic system, which for many centuries prevailed in Asia, Egypt, and
even the remote West." The importance of this is that if the foundation of the Gnostic
system with its various religious hierarchies is based on Mithraism, then it is apparent that
the concept of the Force containing both evil and good was part of the Gnostic system.
Mithraism believed in a good god Ahura-Mazda (aka Ormuzd, and aka in latin as
Oromazes). The llluminati today often uses the latin version of the word Oromazes.
Ahriman is the evil god and places evil where ever Ormuz creates good or does a good
deed. Mithras is the mediator between the two. Today the llluminati continue to believe
in two principles, Satan and Lucifer. Satan is the evil one, Lucifer is the good side of the
Force. Mithras tries to harmonize the two. In order to be in step with Mithras the
llluminatus as he (or she) ascends the occult ladder must try to balance his progressively
evil deeds with equally benevolent deeds. Consequently, the most wickedest and powerful
Satanists are big philanthropists as they try to balance their deeds while gaining Satanic
power. The belief of the Satanists is that if an unbalance occurs they are destroyed. The
initiate into Mithraism was told Mithra was his own soul, Ormuz was his spiritual nature
and Ahriman was his animal nature. The "Grip of the Lions Paw" and the references to
the Lion in the Master Masons degree come from Mithraism.8
Part of the benevolence done by Satanic organizations and Satanists is part of their
belief system to maintain a balance within their lives of the dual principles, it is not entirely
done to deceive.
In contrast to this Jesus Christ told the Gnostic religious leaders that evil is will be
judged by God, and that all the good deeds of mankind are but filthy rags.
The Caduceus is a wand with two serpents twined around it and often has two small
wings or a winged helmet on its wand's top. Today it serves various uses symbolically.
It is the insignia of the Catholic bishop in the Ukraine. The symbol is very ancient and
goes back to ancient Indian Hindu temples and Mesopotamia (Babylonia, Sumer,
Assyria). The Buddhists also use it to represent the world (wand) and the kundalini force
(serpents). But what the twin snakes are always expressing is the "idea of active
equilibrium, of opposing forces balancing one another in such a way as to create a
higher, static form." (book on symbols of witchcraft). This is a symbolic representation of
the balance the leading Satanists attempt to maintain between their evil and philanthropic
[Figures of a Swiss 1515 Caduceus and an early Sumerian caduceus from several
thousand ago.]
Why is this item put in a chapter on Smokescreens? Because what has been called
Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) is the primary vehicle for maintaining the shroud of secrecy.
The primary part of Satanic Ritual Abuse is to use a series of sophisticated and sadistic
mind control strategies which use the combined effects of physical pain and threat of
pain, double-bind coercion, split brain stimulation, drugs, hypnotism, and other methods
to program and brainwash the candidates for membership in the llluminati. In order for
the lower level covens and the Satanic hierarchy to maintain its secrecy, intense effort
is expended to program all the members of the Satanic hierarchy to commit suicide if they
betray the Satanic covens. There is no easy way for such people to talk or break lose
from the llluminati.
The professional terminology for this mind control is "conditioned stimulus-response
sequences." The programs that are taught the subconscious mind of the Satanists can
be triggered by auditory, visual, tactile, olfactory and/or gustatory (taste) modalities. In
other words the trigger to cause them to hurt or kill themselves or someone else are
subconsciously set to go off by some sensory trigger, perhaps a word that they are not
to reveal. But these people are not just given one program. Layers upon layers of
destructive back up programs are put into their minds.
These layers of programming are intentionally put into place by creating in the tiny
infants multiple personalities called alternate personalities or alters for short. Once the
splitting process is started on the human personality, it is like passing critical mass on the
splitting process of atoms in a nuclear reaction, it becomes difficult to stop the splitting
process which is self-sustaining.
People who are Satanists or come out of Satanism have Multiple personalities.
Adolf Hitler is quite a visible example. He could talk peace with the Czechs and Poles
while simultaneously preparing for war.
Should something go wrong the Satanists are programmed to do such things as stop
eating, have an accident, ingest poison, not sleep, not to take medicene, break their own
bones, etc. Reminders to reinforce these triggers are enacted via such things as spoken
phrases, taps, or a rapid series of six electronic tones. These suicide programs are
responsible for many of the shootings, hangings, overdoses, auto accidents, starvation,
etc. that ex-Satanists experience. However, their deaths are not all suicide, Satanists will
also put in great effort to kill the ex-Satanists.
Satanists are also programmed with Scrambling programs to confuse and block their
alter system, emerging memories, thought processes and incoming data. Other programs
forced into the SRA victims are Flooding programs to interfere with any therapeutic
process, Recycle programs to cause the SRA victim to re-dissociate memories if any do
get revealed, Cover programs to discredit the SRA victims stories with unbelievable
content, Verbal Response programs which have been extensively and painfully rehearsed
by the SRA victim and his programmer to ward off questions about Satanism and the
victim's alters with acceptable answers. Some other programs are the Silence-Shutdown
Programs which cause the victim to stop talking, another type is called Nightmare-Night
Terror Programs which cause their minds to terrify them with horrible images. These
programs can be tripped automatically if the victim tries to talk about forbidden material.
It is critical to realize the extent of such mind programming. Not only have the Satanists
practiced this mind control for centuries, going clear back to early Hinduism and the early
Mystery religions, but the mind programming is part of the life of the child of Satanists on
an ongoing basis without time to be safe from the abuse.
The Ritual Abuse Task Force, Los Angeles County Commission for Women put out a
report in 1990. The following are excerpts from it. Because of the nature of this material,
I am quoting directly so that it will not appear to be simply this Author's own opinion but
rather this is the real story about the indoctrination that people are going through
everyday into the beliefs of Satanism.
"Ritual abuse is usually carried out by members of a cult. The purpose of the ritual
elements of the abuse seems threefold: (1) rituals in some groups are part of a shared
Les Sorceleries de Henry de Valois (Paris, 1589).
Author's collection.
Sebastien Le Clerc.
In the foreground is the Tour de Paris, where Henri III is said to have secluded himself to carry out
works of sorcery.
belief or worship system into which the victim is being indoctrinated; (2) rituals are used
to intimidate victims into silence; (3) ritual elements (e.g., devil worship, animal or human
sacrifice) seem so unbelievable to those unfamiliar with these crimes that these elements
detract from the credibility of the victims and make prosecution of the crimes very difficult.
"Most victims are children under the age of six who suffer the most severe and
longstanding emotional damage from the abuse. These young victims are particularly
susceptible to being terrorized and indoctrinated into the abusers belief system. During
and even long after the abuse victims live in a state of terror and dissociation and suffer
from the impact of mind control techniques. All this makes the initial disclosures of abuse
exceedingly difficult, and can make each subsequent disclosure a terrifying and painful
"Mind control is the cornerstone of ritual abuse, the key element in the subjugation and
silencing of its victims. Victims of ritual abuse are subjected to a rigorously applied system
of mind control designed to rob them of their sense of free will and to impose upon them
the will of the cult and its leaders. Most often these ritually abusive cults are motivated
by a satanic belief system. The mind control is achieved through an elaborate system of
brainwashing, programming, indoctrination, hypnosis, and the use of various mindaltering
drugs. The purpose of the mind control is to compel ritual abuse victims to keep
the secret of their abuse, to conform to the beliefs and behaviors of the cult and to
become functioning members who serve the cult by carrying out the directives of its
leaders without being detected within society at large."
It is not by accident the the Mason Mesmer came out publicly with hypnotism (aka
Mesmerism). The occultists who were the foundation of many of the Science Academies
have been working to give scientific credibility to their occult methods. What was once
Satanic is now scientific. Hynotism, spirit guides, visualization etc. which have long been
part of the occult's mind control methods are now "scientific" and becoming an integral
part of modern society. Other occult beliefs, such as evolution (discussed later), are being
made the foundation of many of the arts and sciences. Step by step the Satanic Plan for
world domination is being carried out. You the reader will learn what these plans are and
how they are being carried out, if you read the rest of this book.
How can this book maintain credibility in examining Satanism, when to assert the
possibility of Satanism seems so unreasonable and monstrous? Not only is Satanism a
historical fact, it is a contemporary experience of eyewitnesses who have been
interviewed by this Author.
Throughout the history of Europe (and the rest of the world) there have been
widespread reports of witchcraft.
Not all practitioners of Witchcraft are Satanists, but Witchcraft is a part of Satanism. All
across Europe and indeed the whole world come countless historical documents attesting
to the practice of witchcraft, and on a lesser scale also Satanism.
It has long been recognized by scholars who study witchcraft that some of witchcraft
is merely slight-of-hand, terror, fraud, insanity, sensory illusion, hypnosis or semihypnosis.
Witches in earlier times believed that they could fly on broomsticks on the Sabbat (the
Satanic Sabbath). Chemists who have reconstructed medieval potions that were recipes
for flying ointments have identified that these potions are of hemlock and aconite,
(henbane and Jimsonweed were also used). These were in reality drugs that often gave
the witch the notion of flying through the air when she applied the drugs. There are
reports by medieval judges who watched suspected witches toss in delirium after these
potions were applied, and then witnessed the individual witches insist that they had
"flown" to their Sabbat and returned, yet the judges knew in fact they had never left the
room.11 Apparently, the use of these flying potions was widespread, and their covens
would secretly carry the witches while they were delirious to the Sabbat, and when they
would come down from their drug trip they would believe that they had flown and their
belief in Witchcraft as a powerful fulfilling life would be increased.
But in spite of many of the non-supernatural explanations for various aspects of
witchcraft, there is an element of the supernatural that persists. I say supernatural based
on the common opinion that demonic spirits are supernatural. However, the demons may
be more a natural part of this world than is commonly realized.
In 1681, two respected scholars Joseph Glanvil and Dr. Henry More published their
scientific and empirical evidence that Witchcraft existed. The book was called
Sadducismuc Triumphatus, Or full and plain Evidence concerning Witches and
Apparitions...After the first came the Third Edition with Additions... (pub. in 2 parts)
London, 1700. The book was an extensive compilation of case-histories and other
evidence of Witchcraft. The book was so well received it settled the issue for a period
until the book was forgotten. The book went through 5 issues it was so popular.
In 1668, Dr. Meric Casaubon came out with a book that contains information and
evidence of Witchcraft. His A Treatise Proving Spirits, Witches and Supernatural
Operations by Pregnant Instances and Evidence, was also well received and republished
in 1672.
Obviously, the controversy about the existence of Satanism is an old one, but the
evidence concerning Satanism is very old and sufficient throughout history. Skeptics to
Satanism, have tended to be people who did not believe in God or perhaps anything
supernatural. But within my own lifetime, this Author has seen how those who reject God
because they supposedly don't believe in the supernatural and God is supernatural, have
turned to the occult for their values and their world-view. They claim they are rejecting
the supernatural, but their actions show they are rejecting God.
Witchcraft is not simply silly credulity. It is hoped that as the Power (Satanism) takes
a stronger power grip on the world, its Satanic aspect will become more visible, so that
when it fails people will know it for its evil deeds. Our written history has typically greatly
under reported both good and evil. Evil prefers the darkness and evil prefers good not to
shine, consequently the Power as it has controlled the media has ignored many miracles
that God has done across the world, while simultaneously ignoring the activities of
Satanism. This has served to blow smoke over the whole spiritual battlefield.
This Author can identify with something Joseph Glanvil wrote on page 6 of his
Sadducismuc Triumphatus. After years of studying witchcraft and trying to debunk the
stories and testimony of witnesses, Glanvil writes concerning those people in general who
object, "To this aggregate Objection I return, in the general, The more absurd and
unaccountable these actions [of witchcraft] seem, the greater confirmations are they to
me of the Truth of those Relations, and the Reality of what the Objectors would destroy.
For these circumstances being exceeding unlikely, judging by the measures of common
belief, 'tis the greater probability they are not Fictitious: For the contrivers of Fictions use
to form them as near as they can conformably to the most unsuspected realities,
endeavouring to make them look as like Truth as is possible in the main supposals..."11
This Author concurs. Why would people seeking help and understanding (SRA victims)
repeatedly say that they had guardian spirits that looked like E.T. (the alien on the film
E.T.)? People coming out of the Satanism, the llluminati, or Encounters of the third kind
with Flying Saucers are repeatedly making similar outlandish statements that can only
obviously destroy their credibility. These people can't all be irrational in the exact same
way. Their stories are too similar.
Statements by those who have become Christians who were into Satanism say that
Satan appears like an exceedingly handsome man with cloven hoofs. These
contemporary witness, sound just like the testimony that has come forth for centuries. For
instance, in France in 1578, Jeanne Hervillier testified that her Satan was dressed in
black with hoofs, and in 1646 an English witch named Joan Wallis testified the same thing
that Satan was "a large man in blackish clothing, but with cloven feet." Can such
confirmation of the description by people in different countries at different time periods
simply be dismissed?
These demons are reported to like the triangle symbol. For whatever reasons the
triangle is becoming a popular symbol to use today. These demons also lie prolifically.
There are many tie-ins between UFOs, demonic activity, Satanism, and the New World
Order. That is a subject vast enough for another book.
The foundation of the Satanic religion, its basic doctrine from the middle ages down to
the present was that Satan would one day rule the world. "The triumph of Satan will only
be accomplished when the dualist dilemma is obviated and when one single force, Satan,
rules supreme....This vision and ambition eventually became the fundamental Satanic
influence in medieval Europe and laid the ground for the full-fledged Satanic religion
known as witchcraft." (—Magic: Black, White, and Otherwise chapter of The Occult
Conceit, p. 81)12
The inventions that intuitively came to scientists that were involved in the occult, make
it suspicious that the technology has been spoon-fed mankind with an ulterior motive.
Satanism during the Middle Ages was extensive, but it wasn't the threat to the world, as
it is today with the increased world-wide communications, centralized controls, and high
technology. Before there was merely the will to have Satan rule, but now there are power
structures and the means to. The Old Testament states that God formed the nations to
limit the power of evil. Today, the world is being rushed into globalism without being told
the dangers. By the end of this book you will learn more about how the plans for the
future Satanic slave-state have been carefully concealed.
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6. This section is based on this Author's research and the sources are of a sensitive
nature. Suffice it to say that God has been able to break through the most powerful
attempts of the Satanists to keep their secrecy, and has given some of the leading
Satanists the power to overcome the forces of darkness, to allow them to reveal the
details of how the Satanic Power that rules the world operates.
7. A surprising number of confidential sources from the occult confirm this.
8. Hall, Manly P. 33°, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, p. xxiv.
9. Much of this section is taken from Neswald, David W. "Common 'Programs' Observed
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50. David Neswald is one of the leading specialists in the treatment of SRA. People who
do not understand the methods and power of Satanism, often tell this Author that there
could not be any Satanic conspiracy because people change their minds and plans fail.
In other words, life is too unpredictable for any such conspiracy to work. First, they don't
realize the mind control that keeps llluminati members in line, and second, they do not
realize how controlled history has been, because the Satanists have controlled what has
been put in the history textbooks and teach the masses the accidental theory of history.
The reader will learn more about history in chapter 3.4.
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Recommended for further study:
Crisis of Conscience by Ray Franz. The author was in a position to inherit the presidency
of the WT organization, and was the WT Society's leading Theologian. But his conscience
led him to a separation from the WT Society. An excellent expose by one of the leading
Governing Body members of the WT Society.
The Deadly Deception Freemasonry Exposed...By One of its Top Leaders by Jim Shaw
and Tom McKenney. Jim Shaw was a 33rd degree Freemason and a Past Master of all
Scottish Rite bodies, and a Knight Commander of the Court of Honor. McKenney and
Shaw do an good job of informing readers what it is like to participate in Freemasonry.
The book also has a good chapter comparing Masonic Doctrine versus Christian Doctrine.
Exposes some of Masonry's deception.
Ritual Abuse Task Force Report. Available from Los Angeles Commission for Women 383
Hall of Administration, 500 W. Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. cost $5.
Exposes the mind control used by Satanism to keep its secrets.
Chapter 2.1
Assassinating 3 Assassins
"The three infamous assassins are Law, Property and Religion." So says the official ritual of
the 33 and last degree ritual of the Antient and Accepted Scottish Rite.
The 33 degree Jewish Mason Paul Rosen wrote in 1888, "Once Religion is dead, Law and
Property will fall to our mercy, and we shall be able to regenerate society by founding on the
corpses of the assassins of man, Masonic Religion, Masonic Law, and Masonic Property."1 And
the Masons are doing this. This book shows the documentation of how Christianity has been
systematically assassinated and the world "regenerated" by Masonic "religion."
The official organ of the Scottish Rite The New Age in Sept. 1921 put out an article
"Freemasonry as a World Power". In this article they state by the pen of a 32° Mason,
"Freemasonry may be a 'World Power,' but all the power in the world is of little use to the man
who will not use it. The mightiest of levers may be in the strongest of hands; but if it lie there
to no conscious purpose, nothing is ever moved." After calling on its Masonic readership to use
the power of Freemasonry, they conclude, "Then 'Freemasonry as a World Power' will stand
revealed as unconquered and unconquerable."2
This book will show how the most powerful men have used Freemasonry as a lever to move
the world to their vision of a one-world-religion one-world-government. How does the Power
control Christian religions? The following chart gives the Power's basic system for control.
[insert the Chart- the tree of the policy process in Christian religions.]
Box G on the Chart is Christian leaders and research groups. The following list
is from this Author's files of ministers (or as noted a few are prominant laymen) who were
Freemasons. None to the Author's knowledge renounced Freemasonry, in other words this list is
giving the reader a feel for the influence Masonry has on the churches, and the policy process.
When a friend who has a cult ministry spoke in a Baptist church about the Mormons he
touched on the similarities between Masonry and the Mormon temple ritual, several Baptist
Masons in the audience walked out in the middle of his talk. This points out the difficulty those
of us in the cult ministry have. This Author has personally had to deal with people who say they
are Christians, but are more hostile to the Christian Apologist than they are to any cultist. Indeed,
they often are totally accepting of the cults.
(compiled from author's files from reliable sources, names found in other parts of this book are
not intended to be included)
Baptists (ministers, pastors)
—American Baptist
Robert R. Austin,Jr.,James Franklin Kunce, Robert Albert Kunz (Ark.-Valley Assn. Ministers
Pres. 74-75), William Whitley Widenham (M. Conf. leader, KT), Samuel Jerome Williams (32°)
—General Baptist
Elvis Oscar Wilson
—Baptist (Independent etc.)
Ralph David Abernathy, Myron E. Adams,Thomas Jered Ayo, John Dante Barbee,Robert E. B.
Baylor, David Benedict,James P. Garrick, Robert Lee French (Grand Master for WVA, Supt.
Sunday Schools -19 yrs.), Paul Charles Klose, John Fort Newton (KT & 33°), Adam Clayton
Powell, Jr., Charles Ray Yarborough, Jr.
—Missionary Baptists
Stanley Wade Lewis,Sr.
—National Baptists Conv. Am.
Floyd Daniel Johnson,
—Northern Baptists
Clarence A. Barbour, Joseph C. Hazen (32°)
—Southern Baptists
Samuel William Avery, William Joseph Barbour, Earl R. Little,Jr. (32°,Shriner,KT,
G.Comm.,York Rite College, Royal Ordr of Scotland, Soc. Rosicruciana ; deacon, ch.treasurer),
Robert Franklin Keatley (Shriner), Herbert Lee Kinmon,Jr. (chrmn Pastor Conf. 1968),Julius
Mahlon Kirkland, Harry Earl Kirkley, Daniel Knight, Terry Emerson Knight (mmbr. Pres.'s
Roundtable), Reese Eugene Kyzar, Jessie Ray Leonard (32°), Coley Livingston Leopard, Arthur
Horace Leslie, Sr. (32°), Harvey Dellmond Lewis, Jr. (32°), William Surncy Lewis, John
Reinhardt Link, Floyd Lisenby, Richard Adam Long, David Wayne Lowery, William R. White
(KT), William Thomas Wood, William Carl Woody, Jr. (32°, Shriner, Mmbr. Bapt. Public Rel.
Assn.), Robert William Young,
Emilio Aguinaldo (layman), Manuel M. Alberti (priest), Moses Austin, Abbe Bertolio, J. Lewis
Brown, Francisco Calvo (priest, 32°), Joseph Charless(layman), Minister Combs
(seminarian),Abbe Cordier, Jean Baptiste Noel M. Delahogue, Jesse Green (layman),Miguel
Hidalgo (priest), James Hoban (layman, R.A.M.), Andre Massena (layman, 33°), Emmett J.
McLoughlin (priest- called on carpet for neglecting spiritual duties and ordered to resign), Elias
Rodriquez (Bishop)
Christian Church
Kring Allen (32°),Jesse M. Bader,Earle Edward Barclay (32°), Perry E. Gresham (32°), Wiley
Alfred Welsh
Church of God in N.A.
Hubert Charles Lacquement (pastor of chs. & dir. spiritual services at Masonic Homes,
Church of Scotland
Dr. William J. Baxter, David Steel
Congregational (ministers)
John Harvey Alexander(32°),Edward Anderson, Charles Brockwell, S. Parker Cadman, Fred W.
Hagan, Walter H. Judd (missionary, 32°), Dr. M.H. Lichliter (33°, Grand Prior of Supr. Cncl),
Jedidiah Morse,
Disciples of Christ
Claude E. Hill (KT), Earl Russell Jarvis (32°, Chrmn. Bd. Dirs.)
Episcopal (priests and bishops)
—African Methodist Episcopal
John Hurst Adams,
—Anglican (non-U.S. Episcopals)
Edwin Ralph George Adye, D.T. Owen (Archbishop Toronto, 33°), Edward Berry, Lucius
Coghland, S. Hemming, Isaac Knapp, Ralph Robertson Latimer, A. Groom Parkham Herbert
Poole, Michael Frederick Wellwood, Thomas Arnold Wilkinson (33°), James Joseph Worfolk,
Jasper Adams, Alexander B. Andrews (32° important Mason), Frederick B. Bartlett, Edward Bass,
Troy Beatty, Fred W. Beekman, Granville G. Bennett, Alexander H. Blankingship (KT, 32°),
Howard R. Brinker, William A. Brown, Frederick G. Budlong, William F. Bulkley (Ep.
Archdeacon, KT and 32°), William T. Capers (32° ), Harrry R. Carson, Carlton Chase, Charles
Clingman (32°), Leighton Coleman (KT), Benjamin D. Dagwell (32°), James H. Darlington,
Thomas C. Darst, George W. Davenport, Philip Deloria (32°), David L. Ferris (KT, 32°), George
K. Finley, Herbert H.H. Fox (KT), James E. Freeman, Alexander C. Garrett (33°), Mahlon N.
Gilbert, Reginald H. Gooden, Fred D. Goodwin, John J. Gravatt,Duncan M. Gray, William M.
Green, Robert E. Gribbin, Alexander V. Griswold (KT), William A. Guerry, Charles F. Hall
(33°), William P. Hall (KT), Oliver Hart (33°, KT), Alan S. Hawkesworth,George C. Hunting
(KT, 32°), S. Arthur Huston (32°),Irvins (Bishop of Milwaukie, 33°), Frank A. Juhan, Benjamin
T. Kemerer, John Dominique La Mothe, Harry S. Longley (33°), James Madison (1st Epis.
Bishop, VA), Charles G. Marmion, William H. Odenheimer (KT), James H. Otey (KT),William
S. Perry, John Peterson, Henry D. Phillips (32°), A.W. Noel Porter, Henry C. Potter, George M.
Randall, Bartel H. Reinheimer (33°), Frank A. Rhea (KT & 33°), William B. Roberts (KT &
33°), Warren L. Rogers (KT & 33°), Samuel Seabury, W. Bertrand Stevens (33°), Francis M.
Taitt (33°), Theodore P. Thurston, Tucker (Preciding Bishop, 32°), George R. Vandewater,
Vedder Van Dyck, Mason Locke Weems, John C. White (KT & 32°), Wayne Bert Williamson,
Jr., James A. Wise,
—Methodist Episcopal
William F. Anderson (32°), James C. Baker, Hiram Abiff Boaz, Charles H. Fowler (KT), John
W. Hamilton, Leonidas L. Hamline,William L. Harris, Joseph C. Hartzell, Robert H.
Kazmayer, McIlyar H. Lichliter (32°) , Enoch M. Marvin, Glenn R. Phillips (KT & 32°),Hiram
R. Revels,
Christopher Karl Andre,
Friends (Quakers)-ministers
Enroll T. Elliot, Joseph Hewes (layman),
Jewish (rabbis)
E. Robert Adler, Joseph L. Baron (32°), Morton M. Bermen (32°), Abraham Feinstein, H. Geffen
(32°), Edgar Fogel Magnin (33° and B'nai B'rith in L.A.), William F. Rosenblum (33°), Sidney
S. Tedesche, Morris Teller (32°), Stephen S. Wise
Lutheran (ministers)
Johann Joachim Bellermann, Frederick Augustus Conrad Muhlenberg, John Peter Gabriel
Muhlenberg(also an Episcopal priest),
Methodist (ministers, pastors, bishops)
Walter Miller Allen, James C. Baker (32°),Phillip Eugene Baker (32°),Bruce R. Baxter (32° ,KT),
Edgar Blake (KT), Wallace E. Brown, Harold G. Cooke, Fred P. Corson (KT + Grd Cmmdr),
Frank Crane, John L. Decell, Harry S. DeVore (32°), Hoyt McW. Dobbs (33°, KT), Edward
Eggleston, William W. Foster,Jr., George L. Fox, Eugene M. Frank, Schuyler E. Garth, Levi
Gilbert, Wilbur E. Hammaker (32°), Ivan Lee Holt (33°), Robert E. Jones (33°), Benjamin
Kavanaugh (missionary), Lorenzo H. King, Herman G. Koulter, II, (32°), Earl Leonard Langguth,
Walter E. Ledden, Edwin F. Lee (KT & 32°), Adna W. Leonard, Oscar W. Lever, Titus Lowe
(33°),Daniel L. Marsh, Paul E. Martin (33°), William C. Martin (32°), James M. Melear (KT),
Charles B. Mitchell (33°), H. Clifford Northcott (32°), John R. Palmer (32°), Clare Purchell (KT),
Richard C. Raines (33°), Marshall R. Reed (KT), Angie Frank Smith (32° + Shriner), Harry
Lester Smith (33°), Wilbur P. Thirkield, William N. Thomas, Donald H. Tippett (KT & 33°), Ray
J. Wade, Ernest L. Waldorf, Ralph A. Ward, Herbert Welch (33°), Hazen G. Werner (33°),
Winslow Nathon Wilson, Earle D. Young
—Southern Methodist
John T. Irion
(32°, G.M.,KT)
—United Methodists,
Miles Walter Jackson (32°, Shriner), Harvey Bynum Johnson,Verne Dale Johnson (chairman of
evangelism -Unit. Mth. Church 72-74), William Ray Keeflee (Church official of Unit. Meth.
active in Nat. Conf. Christians and Jews), John Q. Kemper (mmbr bd. mission-Unit. Meth. Ch.
KT conf. '48-52), John Quill Taylor King (33°, Pres. Gen. Council of Ministers- 72-77, Nat.
Conf. Christians and Jews, Pres. Nat. Assn. Schools and Colleges related to Un. Meth. Ch. 70-
71), William Glenn Kirk (32° ), Virgil Spencer Leonard (32°), John Allan Lippincott (Msn +
OES), Thomas E. Weir (KT, Cryptic Mas., Rot.), Charles Denny White(sec. Gen. Conf. 68-71)
, Cecil Frank Wilkins, David Alexander Wilson,Jr.
James Ainslie, Stanford Thomas Ballard (32°), Christopher Blockwell, William J. Boone,Robert
Jefferson Breckinridge, Roy H. Brown (missionary, 32°), Frank L. Eversull (33°), Harry K.
Eversull (33°), George A. Fitch, Herbert A. Gibbons, W. Franklin Harkey, Moses D. Hoge, Ralph
C. Hutchison (32°), Minus Baskin Jackson, Arnold Hilmar Lowe (KT & 32°), Peter Marshall,
David Wayne Wiman (KT, Shriner, O.E.S.)
—United Presb.
Haven Coke Kelley, Jr., Daniel Burns Leighton, Samuel Joseph Marshall (32° +Shriner)
Reformed Church
Paul S. Leinbach
Salvation Army
Ballington Booth (KT + Scottish Rite), Charles B. Booth, Robert Edwin Kribbs (32° + Shriner,
also min. U.P. Ch.)

Unitarian (See chap. 2.4)
Leon M. Birkhead (also a Meth. min.), Howard M. Dow,
United Brethren
Arthur R. Clippinger (KT & 32°), David T. Gregory (32°), Warner Thomas Keefe (chrmn. comm.
on Christ, education Nat. Ass. Cong, of Christian Churches), Clyde A. Lynch,
United Christian
Gregory George Kendall
United Church of Christ
Donald J. Barthelmeh, Paul Franz Koepke (32° + Shriner, del. gen synod '69,'71, pres. Uniting
Rel. Community, Elkhart Co. Ind.), James McLaurin Whyte (bd.dir.Vt. conf.U.C.o.C,'62-'66),
Universalist (See chap. 2.4)
Sylvanus Cobb,Jr. (KT + Scottish Rite),
Further on, individual denominations will be examined indepth. But for now here are some
note worthy items, that can be mentioned in general about the Masonic infiltration of the
1. Ministers, especially high ranking church officials are special targets of recruitment. Not only
is this known to this Author from interviews with ex-high ranking Masons, but can also be seen
from the following quote from the Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Illinois (1909),
The Grand Master Charles R. Smith speaking to a large Masonic meeting which had
representatives from 24 foreign grand lodges, and representatives from 54 lodges in attendance
stated his following decision,
"1. I was asked, "Is a Jewish Rabbi a minister of the gospel," within the meaning of section
21, chapter XV of the constitution, entitling him, in the discretion of the lodge, to a reduction
in. or rebate of the fees for initiation? As Jewish Rabbis are authorized by law to perform
marriage ceremonies and other duties appertaining to the sacred office of the ministry, I ruled
that they were "ministers of the gospel" within the meaning of the section." (Underlining added
to highlight how recruited ministers can get their fees waived by a lodge.)3
2. In some denominations the selection of what congregation a minister is assigned to involves
church politics, that can give the Masons an edge. Conservative ministers are assigned small,
poor rural churches. More liberal ministers with the right connections are given large, rich, city
congregations. Not only is this born out by an interview with an ex-minister, but reports like the
following make it suspect. This report is from the Bishop of Southwark, Dr. Mervyn Stockwood,
"A case known to me involved a particularly unfortunate appointment to an important
living. The man, a Mason, had little to commend him. But he was approved by the diocesan, the
suffragan and by the archdeacon—all of whom were Masons. I am prepared to believe that the
hierarchy was innocent and never allowed the Masonic factor to determine their choice. But in
the diocese it was widely believed that it was the golden hand-shake rather than the Holy Spirit
that filled the vacant living."4
3. The Masons are a seed of destruction to the church using techniques parallel to what
sucessfully worked for the white man against the Indian. The American Indian was conquered
by the white man due to a series of several contributing factors such as false pretensions of peace
by the white man, the introduction of infectuous diseases and bad habits (alcohal), and the
promotion or the problem of inter-rivalry between Indian groups (divide and conquer). Within
the Christian churches Masons are introducing various "infectious diseases" such as (to name a
few) are subjective religion, witchcraft and the New Age under different labels, the Rapture
theory, fatalism toward an Armagggedon, expectations that the Jews (practicing Pharisism from
Babylon) will rebuild their temple, the notion that the Asian-blooded Askinazim Jews are God's
chosen people and have an inherent right to take Palestine, a lack of zeal toward evangelism,
especially cult evangelism, and ecumenicalism. One woman into Eastern Star, who calls herself
a Christian, informs people that one can be a Christian and believe in evolution. According to
her, those Christians who don't believe in evolution are bringing dishonor to Christianity.
Episcopalian Dr. Morey would have us believe that Freemasonry was a Christian organization
before Albert Pike turned it into a "Hindu temple." However, this is pure Masonic propoganda.
Any unbiased researcher will find the Christian churches were concerned from the very beginning
about Freemasonry. According to the Scottish Rite's New Age Magazine the first expose of
Freemasonry was in 1730 and entitled Masonry Dissected by Samuel Prichard.5 In 1798 and 1803
the Baptist Reverend Henry Crocker in Vermont preached sermons against Freemasonry saying
it" makes a disturbance in the churches..."6 In the rare Autobiography of Rev. Abel C. Thomas,
writing about 1829, records his observations of a Mason minister, "the light of Mr. Kneeland was
fast going away into the darkness of Atheism in the Masonic Hall."7 In the Masonic book The
Spirit of Masonry published in 1775 we are told, "Masons know the way of gaining an
understanding of Abrac."8 Abrac is a type of magic.
There are many other quotes that could be added from this time period, but the reader can
see the point which is being made. Masonry has been a cancer destroying the Protestant churches
for over two hundred years. Charles Finney the great Christian evangelist after he'd joined and
found out what Freemasonry was about, became a rabid anti-Mason. This was in 1824, the year
he went into evangelism. While Finney was warning Christians about Masonry, another Christian,
the Rev. George Taft was saying, "Masonry and religion—what God hath joined together, let no
man put assunder."9
Dr. Morey claims he read "everything" the Christians had written about Freemasonry.10 He
claims in the book to have studied Masonry indepth and found it was Christian before Albert
Pike. One wonders if he missed the great Evangelist Charles Finney's statements. Finney was a
Mason, but left to be a Christian in 1824. He stated in the 1830s, "Surely, if Masons really
understood what Masonry is, as it is delineated in these books, no Christian Mason would think
himself to remain at liberty another day as a member of the fraternity. It is as plain as possible
that a man knowing what it is, and embracing it in his heart, cannot be a Christian man. To say
he is is to disbelieve the very nature of Christianity."
4. According to an ex-Mason now Christian, the Masons have infiltrated all the religious and
denominational groups. Whether this is an overstatement or not, it is clear from the Author's
research that it can't be much of an overstatement, because Masons can be found even in groups
that forbid them. If organizations of Christians are examined Masons can also be found in the
leadership. By controlling Bible Societies, the type of Bible translations, the distribution pattern,
etc. are controlled. Some examples of Masons within Christian Societies are:
American Bible Society- John T. Manson (Pres. ABS), Edgar C. Powers (33°, Dist. Sec. of
ABS), William Phillips Hall (V.Pres. ABS, trustee Old St. John St. Meth. Episc. church, NY, KT
& Scottish Rite), John Pintard (ABS 1st Sec.)
American Christian Alliance- William H. Anderson (founder of ACA)
Anti-Saloon League-William H. Anderson (NY branch), Earnest H. Cherrington, John B.
Lennon (V.P. of ASL)
Canadian Bible Society- Edwin Ralph George Adye (ass. dir. 55-59)
Christian Endeavors- Dr. Stanley B. Vandersall (President of U.S. C.E.Society, and Global
Board Ministries- Samuel Herbert Allman (KT, GBM world secretary)
Institute of Practical Theology- Rev. Thomas Edward Weir (G. Prelate of KT, dir. of I.P.T.)
Jews For Jesus- Tuvya Zaretsky (Dir. of Development of Jews for Jesus San Francisco, leader
at several branches, now leader of L.A. branch)
Travel Institute of Bible Research- Samuel H. Cuff
There are some Christians that this Author doesn't know whether they are members but they
certainly are for the New Age agenda. An example:
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship- David Bryant (not known if he is a Mason, but definitely
into the New Age Movement)
5. The influence of Masonry upon church teachings can be seen in what the Educational and
Historical Commission of the Grand Lodge of Georgia published in its Leaves from Georgia
Masonry, "Let us take a look at the number of great Bible classes for men which have been
organized by the Church. Many of these classes are being led by enlightened Masons....These
laymen are bringing to the interpretation of the Bible many of Masonry's great
revelations."11 (bold added)
Circle G- Seminaries and Christian Schools
Circle G on the chart is Seminaries and Schools. The following is list is made up of
Freemasons who are in Prominant positions in charge of Christian Seminaries or schools, or are
teachers. This is not a complete list, but is given in the hopes it will provide the reader for a feel
for how much influence the Masonic lodge has even on Christian education. Centers that were
thought to have been Christian centers for Theology are recruiting and training centers for all
kinds of heresy and occultism.
(also included are members of the Skull & Bones Order considered to be part of the Illuminati-in
each case they will be identified)
American Baptists- Church Education 111. State Conv., Springfield, Il.-Glenn Hall Leach
(Director 1964-68)
Andover Theological Seminary-
Auburn Theological Seminary-
Harry L. Reed ( S & B Order, President)
Baptist University(OK)-
Joshua B. Lee (instructor)
Baker University-
Wallace B. Flemming (president)
Baylor University-
William R. White (president), Robert E.B. Baylor (initial donor),
Bethany College-
Perry E. Gresham (Pres. since '53, 32° + KT)
Berkeley Divinity School-
Henry A. Yardley ( S & B Order, instructor)
Bexley Theological Seminary-
George C.S. Southworth (S & B Order-Prof.)
Brown University-
Jasper Adams (minister & Prof.),Clarence A. Barbour (President), Eli Whitney Blake (S & B
Chicago Theological Seminary-
F.W. Fisk (S & B Order-President)
Christian College (Columbia, Mo.)-
Eugene S. Briggs (President)
Dakota Wesleyan University-
Ernest H. Hahne (instructor),
Doshiba College-
Dwight Whitney Learned (S & B Order, Prof.)
Drake University-
William Koch (33°, trustee)
Drew Theological Seminary-
Wallace B. Fleming (Prof.)
Episcopal High School
Archibald R. Hoxton ( S & B Order),
Evangelical Academy-
Christopher Karl Andre (director),
Howard University
Kentucky Wesleyan College-
John J. Tigert (President)
Macclay College of Theology-
Matt S. Hughes (Prof, of Theology)
Methodist Sunday Schools-
Edgar Blake (Sec. of Board of S.S.)
Nebraska Wesleyan University-
Melvon Leroy Ireland (trustee, minister U.Meth., Bray Hebrew Award-1945)
Notre Dame-
J. Lewis Browne (faculty member)
Northwest Christian College (Eugene, OR)
Jack Jackson (bd. of trustees)
Otterbein (leading United Brethren College in OH)
Dr. J. Gordon Howard (President)
Pacific Methodist College-
A.L. Fitzgerald (President)
Presbyterian Church-
Arnold Hilmar Lowe (Board of Chr. Ed.),
Princeton Theological Seminary-
Roland Walter Anderson (Trustee),(unconfirmed Herbert A. Gibbons -hist. Prof.), John T.
Manson (Trustee)
Rochester Theological Seminary
Clarence A. Barbour (Prof.),
St. Mark's-
Edward T. Hall ( S & B Order,instructor)
St. Paul's-
Archer Harman (S & B Order, instructor), Archer Harman, Jr. (S & B Order, instructor), George
S. Stillman (S & B Order, instructor)
Texas Wesleyan-
Horace Bailey Carroll (prof.)
Texas Christian-
Perry E. Gresham (minister & instructor),
Union College-
Frank C. Laubach (dean),
Union Theological Seminary-
Henry Sloane Coffin (S & K Order- Prof. of Theol.,President)
Wesleyan University-
R. Newton Crane (prof.), Delmar D. Darrah (prof.),
Westminster College (UT)-
John R. Palmer (President)
West Virginia Wesleyan College-
Carl G. Doney (President), Wallace B. Fleming (President),
William Penn College-
Erroll T. Elliot (President)
Williamette University-
Bruce R. Baxter (President)
Yale Divinity School,Theological Seminary
George Dahl (S & K Order-Prof.).Timothy Dwight (S & K Order- Prof.)
THE FOUNDATIONS (Circle B on Chart)
The life-blood of many religious institutions comes from foundations and trusts. Without
Grants many Christian schools would end up in the red financially.
I am looking at an interoffice memo of a Christian Seminary "RE: The Five Year Planning
Process." It states, "We must cultivate a financial support base of both current and endowment
revenue adequate to securing the desired quality of students, faculty, staff and facilities."12
Seminaries cultivate relationships that bring them financial grants.
What foundations are busy giving money to religious institutions? There are a host of tiny
foundations, and some medium size ones that were started by sincere people. Most if not all of
the few big foundations tie-in to the One-World-Power. The One-World-Power in 1964
provided about one-third of the grant money going to religious groups.13
In terms of foundation power, the manipulation of Christendom can not hardly be
underestimated. In order to stand in line for life-sustaining finances, Christian institutions have
to "prostitute" themselves to the wishes of the One-World-Conspiracy.
The Mason Jesse H. Jones created the Houston Endowment. The disbursement of grants in
1984 give us an example of a small Foundation which is working for the One-World-System.
In 1984, Houston endowment gave out the following grant amounts14:
Abilene Christian University- $50,000
Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith- $5,000
Asbury Theological Seminary- $5,000
Baylor College of Medicene- $30,366
Baylor University- $795,000
Congregation Beth Israel (synagogue)- $5,000
First Presbyterian Church of Houston- $5,000
Georgetown Univ. Center for Strategy and International Studies- $25,000
Houston Baptist University- $152,000
Incarnate Word College- $25,000
Jarvis Christian College- $50,000
Masonic Knight Templar Eye Foundation- $15,000
Masonic Shriner's Hospitals for Crippled Children- $419,240
St. John's School- $5,000
St. Mary's University- $50,000
St. Paul's Unit. Meth. Church- $15,000
Salvation Army- $397,611
South. Meth. Univ.- $50,000
Texas Christian Univ.- $50,000
Texas Lutheran College- $215,000
Texas Wesleyan College $50,000
Trinity Univ.- $55,000
It is clear that these institutions must not be rocking the boat concerning the Freemasons. It
is also noteworthy that the radical Jewish ADL which has bombed and assasinated people
ruthlessly is a recepient. Until this book, few people would have seen any link between the
Church of Christ, Jewish synagogues, Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Catholics, Presbyterians,
and Salvation Army concerns. This book is exposing that the Masons have interest in all of these
In the book The Unholy Alliance details are given on how the seminaries, church boards and
Christian colleges have been captured. Much of the money for this came from the Rockefellers.
One of the principle large Foundations that was instrumental in controlling religious institutions
of various kinds was the Sealantic Fund. (They have now shifted to other channels.)
This Foundation which was incorporated in 1938 and was headquartered in New York City
(50 West 50th St.) gave enormous sums of money to manipulate Protestant concerns. In 1964,
according to the Russell Sage Foundation's book The Foundation Directory the Sealantic Fund
gave away $681, 886 in grants.15 In 1969, the Fund gave $1,889,550 in grants.16
By 1984, the Sealantic Fund was not being used. But a look at another Rockefeller non-profit
untaxed Foundation the Rockefeller Brother's Fund shows a revealing grant pattern. Until this
book, many people would not be able to assimilate the meaning of this pattern. Although these
other Rockefeller Foundations are not specifically geared toward religion such as the Sealantic
Fund was it is clear these other Foundations still impact religion.
Council on Foundations- $41,000 (This money was according to R.B. Fund info "Toward work
of project which will carry out recommendations from study that points out lack of knowledge
about global interdependence and about relationship between international and domestic issues.
Emphasis will be placed on information and educational programs to help funders become more
familiar with and learn how to analyze opportunities for international grantmaking."
Harlem Interfaith Counseling Service- $100,000.
Private Agencies Collaborating Together -$25,000 ("encourages collaboration among private
development agencies working in Africa, Asia, and Latin America...")
Trilateral Commission - $240,000
OF CHILE- $224,200, COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS -$165,000, NAACP- $100,000,
Catholic institutions have been large recepients of grants from foundations connected to the
World Order. The next chapter will explore the Catholic church's part in the One-World-
The largest of any Protestant denomination in the U.S. are the Southern Baptists. How
widespread is Freemasonry in this largest denomination? 40% of the Southern Baptist ministers
are Masons.19 Not only are large numbers of Baptist ministers Freemasons, but the various
Baptist denominational leaderships are heavily Masonic. Some examples are,
Brook Hays, 33°, President of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1957.
Joseph C. Hazen, 32°, Corresponding Secretary of the Northern Baptist Convention, 1940-51.
Commentator of the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in Amer., 1930-45.
Matthew W. Hill, Vice-Pres. of the American Baptist Convention, 33° and York Rite (K.T.?).
Kenneth Raymond Kennedy, minister of General Assn. Gen. Bapt. and later Exec. Sec. of the
Gen. Assn. General Bapt., 1965-1977
Joseph Fort Newton, 33°, author of several masonic books and a Baptist minister.
Aaron E. Prince, 32° a Baptist minister and president of two Christian colleges.
George W. Truet (1867-1944), 32°, President of the Baptist World Alliance, 1934-39, and
President of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1927-29.
William R. White, 33°, President of the Baptist Baylor University, Waco, TX since 1948. Baylor
University was by the way named after the Baptist Mason Robert E.B. Baylor.
The list could go on...Myron E. Adams...David Benedict...Clarence A. Barbour...and on and on.20
The Baptist Masons can be seen to have tie-ins to heresy.
Sidney Rigdon was the Baptist minister who threw his lot in to support Joseph Smith start
the Mormon church. Rigdon had been licensed to the ministry in the First Baptist Church in
Pittsburgh, PA. in 1819.21 The 1866 Directory of Pittsburgh and Allegheny states on p. 10 that
this First Baptist Church met in the Masonic Hall. Sidney Rigdon, was influenced by the ideas
of the same occultist thinkers who were active in secret societies in Europe as Karl Marx was.
Ideologies, such as communism, are in many ways modern forms of religion.22 The original
thinkers devising Communism were men like Saint-Simon, who wanted to give birth to a new
Messiah. In order for his goal of breaking the back of Christianity, a new religion had to be
created. His final work was The New Christianity. He and his disciples planned for a fantastic
new secular religion with globalness that foreshadowed much of this century's thinking.23
A recurrent mythic model for many of the early revolutionists was Prometheus, who in Greek
religious thought had been the Titan who stole fire from the gods for mankind. Fire, and flames
have been used as a symbol of enlightenment for many occultic groups. This gives us further
understanding behind Lenin's name for his periodical "The Spark."24 One of the Masonic adepts
says that the Illuminati Hammer of Thor represents illuminating power. This in all probability
is the origin of the Russian's flag's hammer.25
To understand the origins of revolution and today's New World Order it is of profit to realize
that "speculation about 'the year 2000' began not with the futurology of the 1960s, but with a
dramatic work written in the 1780s by the same figure who invented the word communist."26
The secret fraternal society of "Society of Flowers" in France (1836-38) was the first fullfledged
communist society." Prior to its founding there were a multitude of experiments along
a similar line. Owen founded communes in both England and America. Owen was invited to
France by one of his disciples Jules Gay to set up a "Maison Harmonienne" to unite Saint-
Simonianism, Fourierism, and Owenism. He went in 1837. The Mason Buonarroti produced a
basic text for social revolutionaries later entitled History of the Conspriracy of Equals. This book
was widely used by french social revolutionaries. The Mason Buonarroti, who headed the
Universal Statistical Society, and who looked up to Owen, helped get a small Owenite
Association of All Classes of All Nations going.27 Saint-Simonianism was continued after Saint-
Simon died by the son of a Jewish banker Olinde Rodriques and his student Enfantin.
The Scotch Baptists (immersed Sandemanians), started in 1775 by the Scot minister John
Glas, were also a primary source of Sidney Rigdon's thinking. It is not hardly known that
Alexander Campbell was converted to the Scotch Baptists, and that his Disciples of Christ were
an offshoot of this group.28 Rigdon's "Baptist" church was of this type, and maintained tenuous
if any relations with other Baptist churches. The Scot Baptists practiced a modified communism29
and believed in a Universal church.30 Alexander Campbell lost patience with their church in
Pittsburgh, PA because they were having so many problems.31 Alexander Campbell had initially
received help from the Presbyterians, and later was ordained by the regular Baptists,32 but finally
struck out on his own tangent, and Sidney Rigdon joined him. Sidney Rigdon wanted to continue
the communism that the Sandemanians had. Alexander Campbell wanted to continue the
nomenclature of the Scotch Baptists in regards to the weekly collection which they called "the
Fellowship" but wasn't interested in the communism.33
It is at this point that, the influence of the occultic-originated Communes of Owens, Fourier,
George Rapp and others also played a part. These communal experiments had all failed, but
individuals still loyal to their ideas found Rigdon's communal ideas compatible. Alexander
Campbell not only allied his church temporarily with the Unitarians,34 but allowed Universalists
and Masons to join his movement. Alexander Campbell later regreted doing this.35 People with
these types of background found their way into two commune towns that Rigdon set up, and later
handed over to Joseph Smith. John Cook Bennett, who was a Mason as a Cambellite, later
became the mayor of the Mormon town of Navoo. (He was expelled from the Mormon church
on May 11, 1842 and moved to Pittsburg, PA.)36 Rigdon joined the Freemasons. He also was the
major factor in taking Joseph Smith from being a prophet without a church to a prophet with an
organized church of two communes. Rigdon's congregations at Kirkland gave Joseph Smith the
nucleus of his Mormon community. To this came in such new converts as the followers of the
millenialist and communist Bernhart Mueller (aka Count de Leon) whose followers had left
George Rapp's failed Economy commune.37 These people were expecting the "Lion of Judah"
would reveal himself for the constitution of his divine Kingdom.
One of the practices of the Scot Baptists of going to the theatre and dances and other worldly
amusements, which were commonly condemned by most respectable Christian denominations in
those times, seems to have carried over into modern Mormonism through Sidney Rigdon and
other ex- Disciples of Christ Mormons.38
Horace Greeley, a Fourierist, an Illuminatus,39 and editor of the daily New York Tribune, gave
Joseph Smith some of his early publicity.
In 1842, Horace Greeley published in his paper information on all the Fourierist movement's
activities, meetings, conventions, and the organization of the first settlement as well as
ideological articles.40
The Mason Rigdon had been associated with a fringe Baptist group. The help the Jehovah's
Witnesses received was from a very conventional mainstream Baptist church.
In 1893, the Columbian Exposition in Chicago cut railroad rates down to about a penny per
mile, a quarter of their normal rates. This prompted the International Bible Students to have their
first national assembly.41 Five days of meeting were held, and what denomination helped them
out? The Baptists. 360 Jehovah's Witnesses, then known as Bible Students, were in attendence.
The JW audience watched in the Calvary Baptist Church while the Bible Students baptized 70
converts in the Baptist baptismal facilities.42
Baptist churches also opened up and allowed C.T. Russell to preach in them.
Will the Masons who are Baptists protect their flock from the New Age?
In answering this, this Author is reminded of how one evening his wife was remarking how
the Baptist Senator Mark Hatfield was being shown on television. The news was about a Masonic
gathering for the Senator.43 Yes, this prominent Baptist Senator, and there are other Baptist
Senators who also are or have been Masons, is a 32 degree Freemason. This Author has it from
first hand sources that the Senator attends meetings with witches and other New Age activities.
This is just one of many Baptist Masons who are involved with the New Age.
The Masonic influence seems to be the best explanation for the seepage of New Age
propoganda into the Baptist churches.
The ancient Hindu occult symbol the Ennegram was introduced and promoted in the U.S. by
the representative of The Mother. The Mother is the leader of the New Age community at
Auroville, India. Maurice and Hanna Strong, who have connections to the Order, to the
Rockefellers and the Rothschilds are the leaders in the U.S. promoting the Mother. Each year,
her disciples make pilgrimages back to Auroville for an international meeting.44 The ennegram
has spread into many areas of Christendom— but its use is no accident, it has been promoted.
Nor has the heavily Masonic Baptist leadership prevented its use by Baptist leadership. Shirley
Ann Miller, an ex-occultist who became a Christian writes, "No one really knows where the
enneagram came from but it is believed to have originated around the 14th or 15th Century by
mystics called the Sufis and the Jesuits."45 Whatever a person believes is its pagan origin, it is
now being promoted by Catholic Charismatics, mystics, New Agers, and uninformed Christians.
The Southern Baptist churches have been inviting the New Age author M. Scott Peak, an open
promoter of Zen Buddhism, to speak to their congregations. Zen Buddhism, as the reader
remembers, has no personal God, but does have plenty of meditation and works, and expects the
individual to find his own salvation.46
"Recently in The Baptist Stand, the most widely distributed Baptist publication in the state
of Texas, a top official of the Southern Baptist Convention suggested that Baptist churches did
not have to worry about losing members to New Age Churches since, There are no New Age
churches.' "47
In a perverse way, there is tiny element of truth in that, some Baptist churches don't need to
fear losing their members to New Age churches because THEY ARE NEW AGE CHURCHES.
For instance, Rodney R. Romney, the senior minister of the First Baptist Church in Seattle wrote
a book, which on the back cover says "MISSION: To find God. METHOD: By finding one's
self." Opening the book we find out that "To understand God is to finally realize one's own
godhead." Romney advocates using Eastern Mysticism, Sufism, and T.M.48
Masons within the leadership of various Christian denominations have helped lead the fight
against believing the Bible is infallible, for allowing homosexuality, and many other liberal
unscriptural ideas.
One of the Southern Baptist groups that Masons have participated in is the Association of
Baptist Professors of Religion.
Taylor Clarence (T.C.) Smith was that Association's President and a faculty member of the
Furman University, a Baptist school. Smith, who was educated in part at the University of
Edinburgh, Scotland, is well known for believing the Bible has errors, and also that modern
scholars should decide what books they want to consider as canon. T.C. Smith, in a talk which
criticized various Baptists for believing in Bible Infallibility and which advocated the historicalcritical
approach to scripture, said it is "the Bible, not God, that we are questioning."34
Three other instructors at Furman University of Greenville, S.C. were also known for their
attacks against the Bible. The book People of the Covenant was co-authored by the three faculty
members Robert Wilson Crapps, Henry Jackson Flanders, Jr. and David Anthony Smith. At least
one of these co-authors, if not more, Henry Jackson Flanders, Jr. is a Freemason.49 Their book
attacks many of the traditional Christian views such as Moses' authorship of the Pentateuch,
which they "discern" Jesus was wrong about.
Many of the Seminaries are now teaching Eastern Mysticism.50 Baylor University which has
been a Baptist Seminary run by the Masons has continued to get more and more liberal. Some
of the students that are going there are rebelling against the anti-Christian administration of this
so-called Christian seminary. On Labor Day, on Focus On The Family program, students of
Baylor Univ. who are trying to fight the anti-Christian administration of Baylor were
Baylor University has served Masonic goals well, or so says a letter from Sovereign Grand
Commander Luther A. Smith, 33°, to Dr. James Wood, professor at Baylor. The Scottish Rite
Supreme Council sent a $5,000 check to Baylor, handed to them by 33° Mason R. Lee
Lockwood. Smith, 33°, writes Dr. Wood (perhaps also a Mason), "This is another contribution to
further the cause of education in the area of church-state separation to which Baylor University
is making such a fine contribution."52
Anything goes in the New Age. An ex-Mason, now a Christian, told this Author how he and
his wife went to a Masonic lodge for an event that to their surprise turned out to be a wife
swapping party. They left disgusted.
An examination of pictures of Albert Pike and Henry Clausen, two of the most important
Masons of their time, shows them wearing the symbol of Satan.
It is hard to picture that devout Christians unequally yoked with these things, would not
become corrupted. How could they sincerely participate in an organization that promised
salvation to men practicing such things. One feels compelled to believe that high ranking
Christian Masons are not sincere Christians. Indeed, it seems that some of these insincere men
are helped into prominent ecclesiastical positions, and use those positions to subtly ruin
Christianity. Once we grasp the possibility of their insincerity, then it is easier to grasp what they
are doing to Christianity, behind the scenes. However, the specific motivations of these men
recide within their hearts. They may even be experiencing blackmail.
The fruit from the type of seeds of destruction that are planted by these Mason Christians, are
difficult to identify before they fully develop. This is why it is so important to examine ahead
of time what is being done.
Some Amish have a saying that you can tell how sucessfully a man was a Christian by his
grandchildren. (The Author may have not only heard this, but may have read it in Family Life,
an Amish periodical by Pathway.) The Amish are experienced in counting the cost of a project
or activity. Many practical or sound practices are being discarded today, because they are no
longer fashionable.
The bias to be modern and new is so great it clouds our evaluations. It's this Author's opinion
that some of the progressive types of people who were excited by cars, are now the type of
progressives that are telling us how bad car pollution is. Like the headlong rush to use cars, the
headlong rush to use computers was done without counting the cost. MIT (Massachusetts Institute
of Technology) discovered in their study of 20 Fortune 500 companies, that productivity had
gone down in all of these top 20 companies with the introduction and use of computers.
"Sophisticated technology added nothing to overall productivity."53 USA Today (Nov. 16, 1983)
in an article "High-tech can't deliver on jobs" says, "Despite the siren appeal of high-tech
industries, most new jobs in the USA economy will be created in old-fashioned service and
manufacturing fields."
So great is our bias toward change that our text books and media misportray history, for
instance, history books and movies report about the German Panzer divisions, but we seldom hear
that most of Germany's WW II army units relied on horses for transport. These horses were also
valuable as a prime food source for the encircled German 6th army at Stalingrad. The use of
horses doesn't fit our American image of what a "modern" army should be using.
This American cultural bias toward anything new makes it easier for those intent on
introducing new ideas into the Christian churches, to do so without their proper evaluation. When
these ideas wash out, we seldom evaluate what was wrong.
The failure of many Christian Masons— (this book uses the term Christian loosely—as stated
before the term is used as it is commonly used for anyone and anything that even masquerades
under that label)— to see their children maintain any interest in Christianity should be a warning.
(This has been observed by this Author and others in the States—Chick publications even has
a tract addressing this.) For instance, one of the parents of a Mason family asked this Author,
"I just can't understand why my kids are into drugs, and aren't interested in going to church at
What are the costs to the Christian churches of the various pseudo-scriptural ideas that
Masons are intoducing into the churches? What are these? Unquestioned Christian support for
Israel. That Israel will rebuild the Temple and reintroduce the Temple sacrifices. That the Jewish
rites (blood sacrifices) will be restored. That Christians should not worry about the One-World-
Power, that they will be secretly raptured. But aren't these Biblical ideas?
Before examining if they are Biblical, let us note which denomination has been very
instrumental in pushing these ideas — the Southern Baptists. The Southern Baptist leadership
which was Masonic has promoted Masonry to the rank and file. During the 1920s the Southern
Baptists joined the Masons by the millions. This had a Christianizing effect, but it also gave good
cover for the died-in-wool members of Satanic cults, who used their Baptist membership as a
cover. As an example of Baptist doctrine The Encyclopedia of Southern Baptists, Vol. IV, states
"The Millenial Kingdom will be predominately Jewish with headquarters in Palestine and Temple
worship in Jerusalem."54 Although this Author doesn't want to take the space at this point to
show it, the idea that temple blood sacrifices will be restored is completely contrary to the work
of Christ, and is actually part of The Plan, the Satanic plan to carry out blood sacrifices in the
Before examining these ideas, let us look at one good example of a leading Baptist Mason
who was very useful in spreading these ideas from the pulpit and radio. His name is Rufus
McKinley Dodrill. People in Indianapolis will remember him for several things. Some remember
there was a bad spirit in his large Broadway church. After his death his large Broadway Church
practically vanished.(This is where the importance of the long range consequences of our actions
can be seen.) Others will remember how he spoke over the radio for 37 years, much of it om
prophecy. Others will remember how most of the Baptist churches in that area were spin-offs
from Dodrill's Broadway Baptist Church. Dodrill wrote about the Secret Rapture in his book
Keep Your Eye on the Sky The Key to Prophecy which was published in 1972. He provides a big
chart of his Dispensational Premillenial overview of history in the book's back. On page 31 he
states, "When Billy Graham will have finished his last evangelistic campaign, he will have
preached the Gospel to every nation."56
A little further on p. 42 one reads that he is fully aware many scriptures contradict his Secret
Rapture theory. "As I have studied prophecy over the years I was struck by apparent
contradictions...How could Jesus come as a thief in the night and yet at the same time on the
clouds of great glory and every eye see him?" He finds the key to this contradiction (which to
him proves an invisible rapture) is that a certain week in Daniel's prophecy "was postponed till
the end of the Church Age." He sees the figure of 144,000 as literal Jewish evangelists and that
the Jewish Kingdom of David will be restored. That the man was a Mason, doesn't mean his
doctrines are necessarily wrong. But it is important for Christian to go back and unravel who has
been teaching us some of these doctrines and where they originated. It is especially critical to
our study of the One-World-Religion because the Secret Pre-Trib rapture theory has almost
wiped out Christian oppostition to the One-World-Power. Upset Christians have confronted this
Author, "Why are you bothering about this, we are going to be raptured. God is not going to
allow us to suffer."
The Pre-Trib rapture theory has been discredited by Theologians, and has fallen into disrepute
in recent years with Bible scholars. Even so, it comes as a shock to many to hear that the
teaching is not in the Bible. (This isn't to say that no one claims it comes from the Bible. As this
is a historical expose, not a doctrinal dissertation, the reader is encouraged to examine the Secret
Rapture and why it is not Biblical from other sources.)
The Encyclopedia of American Religions by J. Gordon Melton states that the Rapture idea
started with Margaret McDonald in 1830.
For 18 centuries, Christians had believed in what is called today the Post-Trib Rapture—that
is that when Christ returned they would be caught up with him. This is what 1 Thes 4:13-18
clearly indicates. However, several Protestant groups in Ireland, Scotland and England with Jesuit
ties began preaching a secret Rapture after Margaret's visions.
A confluence of two sources, a Scottish lady Margaret McDonald with her visions, and the
Irvingites, helped influence Darby to adopt the Rapture theory. The first source was a channeler
or spirit medium, and the second source, the Irvingites, received their teaching from a "Rabbi
Ben Ezra" which was the pen-name of a Jesuit Emanual Lacunza (pronounced Lacuntha)(1731-
1801) of Spanish heritage.
Margaret McDonald lived near Glasgow, Scotland at Port Glasgow. A brilliant Englishman Dr.
Robert Norton was an actual witness of what Margaret had spoken during her visions, and had
also received her own written accounts of everything. Her first vision was Feb. 1, 1830. Her
visions that the Christians would be raptured seperately before Christ would return came in the
spring of 1830. Norton cleared the air with his rare book The Restoration of Apostles and
Prophets; In the Catholic Apostolic Church in 1861. This book tells the story of how Margaret's
visions started the Rapture belief.
The Irishman John Darby, Robert Norton, and a number of Irvingites, and many others came
to Margaret's house to hear her visions. Edward Irving (an ex-Scottish Presbyterian) wrote in a
letter "The substance of Mary Campbell's and Margaret Macdonald's visions or revelations, given
in their papers, carry to me a spiritual conviction and a spiritual reproof which I cannot express."
57 It did not take Irving long after Margaret's visions to first begin to preach the Rapture. He also
then translated the work of Lacunza, knowing full well that it was the work of a Jesuit priest.
The earliest mention of the Pre-Trib Rapture by this minister, who had been preaching during
the 1820s, was in a letter written soon after July 6,1830.58 The Plymouth Brethren, even before
Darby's influence, had heard in Plymouth, England in 1831, a sermon on the Pre-Trib rapture
by Captain Percy Hall.59 Two lawyers Darby and Schofield promoted the Rapture theory in the
U.S. Darby made trips across the U.S. during the 1860s and 1870s promoting the Rapture. Darby
himself had some tainted connections during this time period.
In Dublin, Ireland, in the Brethren assembly seven leaders were chosen, and Edward Cronin
was one of these. Edward Cronin was an ex-Catholic who preached the masonic slogan "liberty,
equality, and fraternity." He was into a type of mystic Christian belief system. These Brethren
churches were part of the Tractarian movement supported secretly by the Jesuits, and to which
Darby joined himself to in 1827.60
Darby also spent time with Irvingites and Tractarians in meetings at Lady Powerscourt's castle
in 1833.
In England, The Oxford Movement, a secret Jesuit program to destroy Protestantism published
tracts promoting the Rapture. A Robert Baxter, began prophecing and receiving angelic
communications, which included the Rapture. On Presbyterian church caught up in this early
Charismatic movement, formally applied to become Roman Catholic. Later, Baxter declared that
the messages he had received although supernatural, had come from Satan.61
Since that time a interesting host of religious leaders have promoted the Secret Pre-Trib
Rapture, Herbert Armstrong, Oral Roberts, Seiss (one originator of Pyramid prophecy ideas), Hal
Lindsey, and the 33° Mason and Southern Baptist Billy Graham.
1. Why is it that died-in-the-wool communist leaders like Billy Graham?
2. Why is it that the Pope and the Catholic church gave Billy Graham his doctorate (yes,
his doctorate is honorary)?
3. Why is it that Billy Graham is on record advocating that if the Ten Commandments
can't be read in the public schools then communist Chairman Mao-Tse-tung's principles
should be taught?62
4. Why is it that Billy Graham is on record several times saying in speeches that the
Catholic Church preaches the gospel?63
5. Why is it that Billy Graham doesn't believe in hell, but believes in Armageddon, yet
both ideas are in the book of Revelation?64
6. Why does Billy Graham support a One-world-government one-world-church?65
The meteoric rise to prominence, that Billy Graham experience resembles other
Masons who have had their careers made for them by the New World Order.
Billy Graham made his first confession of faith under the Evangelist Mordecai Ham. It
appears Billy Graham has been a Mason since the 1940s.
His rise to fame started in Los Angeles. In 1949, his first Los Angeles Crusade was
launched. Notable Holywood entertainers attended such as Stewart Hamlin. William
Randolph Hearst, head of the large Hearst newspaper chain, directed all his newspaper
editors to give Graham wide coverage with the command, "Puff Graham".
Hearst's newspaper chain is loudly touted as being a non-Jewish affair. Dilling reported
in 1940 that the general manager of Hearst papers was the Jew J.D. Gortatowsky.
Chairman of the executive committee of Hearst Enterprises Inc. was Jew Solomon Solis
Carvalho. Hearst's Boston publisher was Jew Carl Dreyfuss, managing editor of Hearst's
NY American was Jew Arthur G. Newmyer. Hearst's Int. News Service (pres. and gnrl.
mgr.) was Jew Moses Koenigsberg. Circulation director of all the Hearst papers and
magazines, and a member of Hearst exec. council before going to prison was Jew Moe
Annenberg. The list of Jews in the top leadership of Hearst newspaper chain could go on.
The reader should be getting the picture.
Following Hearst's newspaper chain's lead, the national news media gave Graham wide
coverage in magazines and newspapers.
Since that first publicity, the Jewish press, Jewish religious leaders, the Federal Council
of Churches of Christ, the World Council of Churches and others have been bragging on
Billy Graham. For instance, "Dr. G. Paul Musselman, Executive Director of the
Department of Evangelism of the National Council of Churches, spoke in warm terms
about the work of evangelist Billy Graham...'I call Billy Graham the...greatest of the
ecumenical voices,'..."66
The New Order Power has spent an enormous amount of energy, time and money to
build up Graham's image. And Billy Graham has stayed away from controversy.
Because Graham had connections to the New World Order, they got him booked in the
communist countries. This seems more evident when we read Graham's Mason friend
Robert Schuler's explanation for why Schuler was allowed into Russia to preach.
The Mason Robert Schuler explained his success in becoming the first teleevangelist
to be on Soviet T.V. as both a combination of 1. having friends like Armand Hammer and
2. because his approach would not be sectarian nor evangelistic, but would be a
message of "possibility thinking."67
For those not aware, the late Armand Hammer was close to the center of the New
World Order's center of power, and was a go between the World Order and their men
who ruled in the Kremlin. According to reports, Hammer brought instructions each time
as to who was to rule the U.S.S.R. each time there was a change. Hammer was a friend
of the Mountbattans and the Rothschilds. (See chap. 3.3.)
Graham has been very close to all the Presidents since Eisenhower. All of these
Presidents have been handpicked by the New World Order as acceptable. (See Appendix
for their connections to the New Order). Although Nixon knew that Graham was in favor
of his Presidency, Nixon told him not to publicly endorse him, "Your ministry is more
important than my getting elected President." Why would Nixon, who worked for
Rockefeller, view Graham's ministry as more important than for Nixon being President?
Nixon is not really that religious. I believe Nixon meant it more in the sense that Graham's
ministry is more important to the New Order than Nixon's presidency. Certainly, Nixon
wasn't concerned about Christ.
The New World Order doesn't feel they can fail when they can create men like Billy
Graham. The New World Order has made him the most respected man in America. And
he is their man consciously working for them. If he lives long enough he will be one of
their most powerful assets to bring in a false Christ.
Adam Weishaupt, organizer of the Bavarian llluminati, said in German, "The most
admirable thing of all is that great Protestant and reformed theologians who belong to our
Order really believe they see in it the true and genuine mind of the Christian religion. Oh!
man, what can't you be brought to believe!"68
The great evangelist Charles Finney left the Masonic Lodge when he dedicated his life
to God. The evangelist Finney spent his life warning Christians about Freemasonry. He
declared that Masons in the higher levels have lost their consciences because they have
seared their consciences so much.69
It's seems almost rediculous to imagine this great evangelist groped blindfolded in
some lodge and declared he was in need of light to the "worshipful" Masonic Lodge
Master. But that is what Billy Graham did.
Again, when we ask ourselves how is it that a Christian evangelist could be part of the
New World Order's team, we need to stop and remind ourselves that Co-Mason, New
Age leader, and Theosophical Society President Alice Bailey in her book Externalisation
of the Hierarchy teaches that "The three main channels through which the preparation for
the new age is going on might be regarded as the Church, the Masonic Fraternity and
the educational field." (Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p.511, see Chapter 1.1 for the
photocopy documenting it.)
The Jehovah's Witnesses' Watchtower and Awake! magazines in the 1950s began to
report on Billy Graham's crusades. Billy Graham's message about Armageddon and the
Millenium is so similar to to the Watchtower Society's, that they like to quote him. Billy
Graham has been warning that "many experts project that man will not live to see
2000. "70
The ultimate goal of Freemasonry and those bringing us a One-World-religion is
power. Their program has been to infiltrate leadership and recruit the clergy whenever
possible. Consequently, you will not hear Billy Graham warn you about Freemasons. 33rd
degree Mason Billy Graham does tell us that a New Age is coming. His tract is titled—"A
New Age Is Coming"- is suggestive of the New Age of Aquarius, having a rainbow on the
tract's cover. However, the inside declares the New Age to be a Bible concept. The inside
is about a Millenium and an Armageddon that Graham believes will soon be here.
Brad Steiger is a New Age leader since 1957 when he wrote an article on
reincarnation. Since then he has written hundreds of books on all types of New Age
subjects, including channeling and magic. When interviewed and asked to define the New
Age, Steiger apparently is remembering and quoting Graham's New Age tract or a similar
type of tract to prove that the New Age is Christian. "All my life I have tried to resist being
labeled. I know that when I was in the evangelical-fundamentalist school as a child, we
were told there was a New Age coming, that that was something that Jesus had
promised. Now that I am a mature author, certain people say I am in the New Age
movement, so I am on the side of Satan. I am very confused. Is the New Age a part of
Jesus, or a part of Satan? I recently saw a little tract printed by an extremely
fundamentalist church: It was called "A New Age Dawning" and had a big rainbow on the
cover. But you also have Constance Cumbey, a fundamentalist, writing an attack on the
New Age called The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow."71
When Billy Graham was in Moscow's Baptist Church, he held out in his prayer with
them the idea that the National Council of Churches were a important positive Christian
group. He prayed for the NCC to his audience, "out of this meeting [NCC's] there may
come a great message to the Christian world." NCC people were not slack in getting this
quote, and it came out in the Official NCC news release.72
Graham is supportive of the WCC, which in turn is supportive of a One-World-
Government. (See chapter 2.7)
Almost every issue of the New Age Magazine (the name was recently changed to
Scottish Rite Journal and then after two years it has again this year, 1991, been changed
back to its original title New Age Magazine) has an article that makes a big production
that this country was founded by Masons. Although neither Washington, Jefferson, nor
Franklin were Christians, Christians like to believe this.(See chapter 3.4) Paul L Boiler
in his book George Washington & Religion put an end to all such myth and nonsence.
After his book it is impossible to identify the adult Washington in any positive way as
Christian. One of the nice smokescreens that Masons like to use ad nauseum is that
George Washington was a Christian and the Father of this country and a Mason,
therefore Masonry can not be evil. Billy Graham, perpetuating this myth, went to Valley
Forge to the spot Washington supposedly prayed in the snow, and Graham knelt in Valley
Forge to "remind" us of this.
Likewise, Billy Graham's membership in the Lodge is held out to Masons as proof that
Masonry is a Christian organization. Robert Morey, who actually examined the Scottish
Rite's file on 33° Freemason Billy Graham,73 refers to Billy Graham on page 11 of his
recent book The History of Freemasonry. "Since most Masons in the U.S. are members
of Christian Churches and many clergymen belong to the Fraternity, the idea that they
are all involved in some kind of devil cult is absurd. Can anyone seriously think that such
33rd degree Masons as Senator Jesse Helms, the Christian champion of conservative
politics, is a worshipper of Lucifer? Or, that one of the most well known evangelists in the
world is a Luciferian because he is a 33rd degree Mason?"
Well Dr. Morey if I believe the Scriptures then I can answer yes to that question. The
Scriptures say that Satan will not appear as evil, but as an angel of light and will deceive
many. The Scripture warn that "in the last days perilous times shall come" as "evil men
and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived."
But some will argue isn't Billy Graham seducing men to come to Christ? In 1957, in
Billy Graham's New York Crusade the largest number of decision cards (that is the cards
filled out by Graham's counselors to people who come forward) were sent to 33° Mason
Norman Vincent Peale's Marble Collegiate Church.74 That was 373 people. Also 135
decision cards were directed to the liberal Riverside Church where Dr. Robert J.
McCracken is minister. McCracken is what Christians call an infidel, he renounces the
atonement, the resurrection, and the Virgin Birth. Repeatedly from newspapers,
magazines, and counselors at the Crusades come the reports that Catholics who come
forward for Christ at Billy Graham's Crusades are directed to join the Catholic Church.
This has been a long standing policy. In 1957, Billy Graham said, "Anyone who makes
a decision at our meetings is referred to a local clergyman, Protestant, Catholic, or
Jewish." How many Christians at the grass roots who volunteerly do much of the work
to make a Billy Graham Crusade possible, know that the people who come forward if they
are Jewish will be directed to a synagogue? It may not happen in all cases, but it is
The Jewish author Gerald S. Strober in his book American Jews Community in Crisis,
p. 110 states that after a resolution in Feb. 1973 at Pittsburgh by the NCC failed to
declare the NCC against converting the Jews, that Billy Graham announced the following
day a statement that God had a special place for the Jews and rejected "coercive
evangelistic efforts." Privately, Graham has assured Jewish leaders he is against
converting the Jews to Christianity. Strober also informs his readers (p. 111) that many
Christian organizations that are "Jewish Missions" take their marching orders from Billy
Graham. This confirms numerous reports by Christians that many Jewish Missions are
designed to simply fleece the Christians, and that they pad their figures of converts to get
more financial support while pretending to convert Jews. Christians should investigate
what their money is actually going to.
This idea that we as Christians should look at all the great things Billy Graham has
done is unscriptural. Christ said the least on earth will be the greatest in heaven. Christ
said if you've been rewarded here on earth you don't need a reward in heaven for you've
already been paid. The many books and publicity praising Graham in every possible way,
including calling him a prophet, have given Billy Graham his reward. Most of his works
are not so wonderful, as already stated, the majority of people who come forward at many
of these crusades are not directed to sound churches, but to New Age churches, etc.
People are excusing and justifying their Masonic memberships by thinking if the greatest
Christian is a Mason then it must be a good organization. New Christians also look at
Graham as the supreme role model. They think if the greatest Christian is a millionaire,
then that is a good role model. They really have no excuse for such perverted thinking
because Jesus is our role model. But how good is Graham as a role model, when people
are starving world-wide and he lives the life of the millionaire with rich food, hob-nobbing
with the elite, playing golf, etc. When Graham's works are examined they will be burned
up, while some old widow who nobody has given any attention to is going to receive
many golden crowns in heaven. Jesus' words will then come true, that the least on earth
shall be the greatest in heaven.
But it may be argued, Billy Graham doesn't water down the message of salvation. And
he has talked to more people about Christ than anyone else, and look how many are
making decisions for Christ? But Billy Graham does water down the message of Christ
in many ways. All put one of Billy Graham's children have received an infant baptism with
a sprinkled baptism.75 Supposedly, Baptists are strong on baptism on confession of faith
and reject infant baptism. Not Billy Graham.
Interestingly, a well-researched article on Billy Graham in the Journal of Church and
State concludes in examining Billy Grahams interaction with the various Presidents,
"...could Graham speak the word of truth - especially when that word may be critical or
slashing - to the man in the White House when he is on such friendly terms with him?
On the basis of the evidence now available, the answer must be no."76
"Each of us has his reference point and, for me as a Christian, the reference point by
which I measure my life and thought is the Bible, the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New
Testaments."—Billy Graham
I would like to remind Billy Graham that Christ did nothing in secret, especially not the
mystery religion of Masonry.
No man is above being rebuked by the Word of God. The Apostle Peter who was so
instrumental on the day of Pentecost and in the early church was rebuked by Paul to his
face. (Gal. 2:11-14)
Billy Graham claims to measure his life by the Bible.
"Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits, whether they be of God; because
many false prophets are gone into the world." 1 Jn 4:1 The Bible says try the spirits.
Billy Graham has been active in Freemasonry and helpful to the WCC. It is obvious by
the friends and groups he supports that he does not try the spirits to see if they are from
"Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary
to the doctrine which ye have learned: and avoid them." Rom. 16:17 The Bible says to
mark those with false doctrines.
But Graham praises and compliments the worst kinds of heretics, such as Dr. E.
Stanley Jones (author of a book on Gandhi), Methodist Bishop Gerald Kennedy (the 1963
LA. Crusade chairman and whom Graham praised as, "Bishop Kennedy is one of the ten
greatest Christian preachers in America."
The tract "Why We Cannot Support The Billy Graham CRUSADE" outlines beautifully
what the scriptures say we are to do with heretics.
REBUKE THEM-Titus 1:13
Billy Graham fails on each of these points. Dr. Robert J. McCracken head of the
Riverside Church and an infidel was the man Graham wanted on the platform to lead in
prayer in the 1957 NY Crusade. Over and over again men like this have played key roles
in Graham's Crusades. If Graham did not call on his Masonic buddies to help out in his
crusades, perhaps more people would realize that Catholics that make decisions are sent
to Catholic churches, Jews are sent to the Rabbis, and many weak Christians are
directed to New Age "Christian" churches. Of the 1,300 Catholics that came forward at
the San Francisco Crusade "practically all remained Catholic." (Sword of the Lord, 7/2/64)
Joe Kennedy, the liberal minister and chairman of a prominent NCC committee was
placed in charge of Graham's new converts in 1958.77
His Co-chairman of his Advisory Committee for his St. Louis Crusade in 1973 was
Arthur Lee Malory (32° and deacon in a So. Bapt. Church).
Before the 1972 Paris Billy Graham Crusade the Press was informed that people
coming forward "requesting reaffirmation to the Catholic faith would be turned over to the
Catholic Church."78 Flyers from Billy Graham's Crusades indicate that converts are being
sent to Catholic churches.
Billy Graham gave assurances to Jewish leaders that he didn't feel they needed to be
converted because God had a special plan for the Jews. In line with this Jews that come
forward in Crusades are directed to synagogues. Billy Graham is pro-Jewish. When a
resolution in Feb. 1973 at the National Council of Churches at Pittsburgh, failed to declare
the NCC against converting the Jews to Christianity, Billy Graham announced the
following day that the Jews are a special group and called on Christians to reject
"coercive evangelistic efforts."79 Billy Graham has used particular worldly entertainers
repeatedly in his Crusades.80 Pat Boone, a "charismatic" continued to play in Playboy type
clubs and night clubs, while Graham used him to sing at his Crusades. Pat Boone was
given a special position by the State of Israel, and is very pro-Jewish. He was involved
the Nugen Hand Bank scandal which was a CIA created bank. His daughter Debbie
Boone made a hit song "You Light up My Life"; the words of the song were written by
woman who worshipped Lucifer and wrote the song to Lucifer.
Christ warned us to beware when all men spoke good of us, and to realize that it is
harder for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a.... The simple meaning of his
words should not be lost in all the wealth and the mansion that is part of an evangelist's
Finally, if we want to get blunt about it, Billy Graham, your worship of Lucifer is
For the reader's edification, let us review how the upper levels of Satanism operate.
The llluminati requires its people to have a cover, preferably a cover identity that is very
respected. In order to keep their Satanic power, as Satanists rise through the ranks of
Satanism, they must maintain a balance between their good deeds and their evil. If this
balance is lost, they lose their power and in the highly competitive llluminati are
destroyed. This is why some of the leading llluminati are some of the most respected and
leading philanthropists.
Let us take an example. Was Jimmy Carter a. a Christian, b. a Satanist, or c. both ?
This Author would say both.
Jimmy Carter came from a family involved in Satanism. His sister was the highest witch
in North America. His brother Billy is famous for his friendship with Quaddafi. Jimmy
Carter was programmed by the Tavistock Institute. Tavistock Institute pyschologist Dr.
Peter Bourne picked Carter for President because he had undergone "an intensive
brainwashing program administered by Admiral Hyman Rickover at Annapolis."(Mullins,
The World Order, p. 192) Tavistock also maintains two schools at the Rothschild's old
haunt Frankfurt, Germany.
Through programming the llluminati are able to create multiple personalities. These
people can have some personalities that serve God, and others that are Satanic. The
various personalities are called alters. While on the llluminati's top Council of 13 before
turning his life over to Christ, Johnny Todd got a memo from the Rothschilds (the Satanic
headquarters) telling him that Jimmy Carter was totally reliable for the Satanists. Todd
also has revealed that Carter is a Mason and part of the llluminati.
Knowing then how Satanism works, we would expect that a high ranking Satanist would
have to have the respectibility that Billy Graham has. That is the way they operate. It is
also quite normal for these people to have respectible covers and multiple personalities.
God does work good through all circumstances, and can exercise His will in spite of
Satan. Christians recognize that He created Satan, and certainly knows how Satan thinks.
Some readers may wonder whether it isn't just as well to allow Billy Graham to continue
his crusades, even though behind the scenes he might be something else.
This Author would like to suggest that Christians reevalute what is really happening at
the Crusades. Marshall Frady has written perhaps the best book making an attempt to
present the real picture of Billy Graham behind the myth. His book is Billy Graham. A
Parable of American Righteousness. Boston: Little Brown and Co., 1979.
One Christian commented that if every Christian read Frady's book Graham would lose
his support. Frady covers the NY Crusade on pages 291-315. The details are especially
enlightening in terms of Be Wise As Serpent's research. The original patronage to have
the crusade came from people like the Vanderbilts, Goulds and Whitneys. To oversee the
NY Crusade an executive committee was established with names that could come from
a Who Who of the New World Order if such a book existed. The committee chairman was
Ragen Hull president of Mutual Life of NY. The committee included Chase Manhattan
bank's president George Champion, 33° Mason Norman Vincent Peale, and millionaire
William Randolph Hearst, Jr. (pp 292-93). Millions were spent on the Crusade from
money Christians and Churches donated. Enormous volunteer time and energy were put
into building everything up for the moment Graham would speak. 650 billboards
announced Billy Graham along with 40,000 bumper stickers. Although the Crusade was
billed as designed to save "Sodom" New York, 7,500 of the Garden's seats went to
Christians bussed in from all over the U.S. 11,200 seats in all were given to distant
delegations, guest ministers, the crusade staff of counselors, ushers, and choir. Only
7,800 seats were available for New Yorkers. Most of the New Yorkers who did go were
church members. Most of the decisions were made by Christians for minor backsliding.
Of the people who went forward 64% were referred to churches they were already
members of, and almost all the other 36% did not join where they were referred. Graham
himself admitted that 40 to 70 percent of the decision cards were from people of
sponsoring churches and almost all the rest were from people who had been members
of non-sponsoring churches. Frady concludes from the various studies and figures that
Graham's NY Crusade did little for the unsaved of NY, but did revitalize Christians who
attended somewhat. (It also netted the Billy Graham Crusade many extra millions.)
Observors of the crusade described the coversions as popcorn conversions. All over
the stadium comes a pop! pop! as people puff and bloom into weightless Christians, (p.
307) One minister who observed the NY Crusade said, "My greatest misgivings about
Graham is his apparent conviction that a kind of intramural revival within the church
serves just as well as a true sweeping revival out in the world. For that reason, I don't
think he's ever going to reach the truly lost, the truly destitute and despised and
unreconciled of the earth. With him, it's more an inside-the-sanctuary production --a
matter of housekeeping within the faith." (p. 311)
Graham pals around with other Mason clergymen. In his books, if he refers to people
it is typically someone who is a Mason. His masonic membership sticks out like a sore
thumb to those familiar with masonry.
Christ rubbed shoulders with all types. But he didn't legitimatize them like Billy Graham
has. Billy Graham commented once concerning his friendships, "I make every effort not
to let it appear that I favor one party over another. I count Secretary Dulles a friend, but
Senator Humphrey is also a good friend of mine, [who he met]...when we were both
swimming in the nude at the YMCA pool in Minneapolis where he was running for mayor."
Allan Dulles was especially an important player for the New World Order and Senator
Humphrey has been very connected too. Repeatedly, these are the people Billy Graham
spends his time with doing various recreational activities. Much more can be said along
this line, including his subtle support for his fellow Masons' political campaigns, such as
Sen. Jesse Helms.
One particular Christian close to Billy Graham spent time in an eastern city in a hotel
room with Billy Graham talking about the conspiracy. After spending 18 hours in this hotel
room discussing the New World Order, Billy Graham is reported to have said, "I am a
captive of this organization." It is a standard tactic of the llluminati, their New World
Order and its various branches to use fear and blackmail to bring people into line. This
is what separates those who love Christ, and those who esteem other things first. Those
who try to save their lives will lose their lives, and those who lose their lives for Christ's
sake will be the ones who really save their lives—this is taught in Mt 16:25, Mk 8:35, Lk
9:24, 17:33, and Jn 12:25.
The issue here is not doctrine, but authority. The issue involves a false authority that
has immense power, and has deluded many people. Billy Graham has been consciously
helping the Power to set up its one-world-religion (more about this and his participation
The Masons have been creating a hurricane—a concentration of power; like the vortex
of water going down your drain—power is being concentrated. This power has a plan.
Their plan is frightening. It is like Orwell's 1984, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, and
H.G. Well's The Shape of Things To Come, New World Order, A Modern Utopia, etc. For
myself, no matter how nice men seem, if they are contributing secretly or openly to an
agenda to enslave me and my posterity, then I will not support them nor their programs.
An old letter written on July 3, 1855 to a Baptist minister in this area from a Baptist
Reverend Ezra Fisher (in New England) sticks in my mind. The letter describes the
Baptist minister Boyakin, who was the first Baptist minister in Portland, OR and an arch-
Mason, "Brother Boyakin...is popular with his church and the world."81 The words are
somewhat haunting, when one thinks of Jesus' words, "Woe to you when all men speak
well of you..." (Lk 6:26)
The Masonic influence has always been strong within the Baptist ministry in this area.
A minister who tried to raise the issue of Masonry in a ministers conference in June, 1909
was silenced by the group. The event that had spurred W.M. Wyatt to try to raise the
issue was that Portland's First Baptist minister W. Brougher, a Mason, had invited his
Masonic Order to his church the previous Sunday and preached a sermon "Baptists and
Masons". In the sermon, he had declared that the two groups believed the same. An
exact quote is that they were "one in their fundamental doctrines." (This Author wonders
if Brougher considered Christ's atonement and salvation as fundamental doctrines.) This
was not the first time this type of thing had happened in the area. In July, 1904 the
Baptist evangelist Ray Palmer, a Mason, had spoke positively of the Masonic Order which
was the topic of his sermon.82 One Pietist Baptist Temple in the area, apparently
Masonicly connected, placed the Knights Templar logo on the side of their church in
Whether a denomination or a man meets Daniel Webster's dictionary definition of a
Christian or not is not important. Daniel Webster is not going to be their judge on
judgement day. Some of Billy Graham's close masonic clergy friends mock the idea of
God being a judge. The Mason G. Bromley Oxnam, friend of Grahams, leader of the
Fed.C.C.C. (see chap. 2.4), in his book Preaching in a Revolutionary Age mocks the
concept of a judgement by calling a God who would judge sin a "dirty bully."83
Definitions such as Webster's or Oxnam's will not be the issue at judgement, but what is
acceptable and righteous in God's sight. Anyone is free in this country to practice
whatever religion he wants, and to call himself a Christian. That the Constitution gives
this "right" does not make it right to practice anything. The Constitution is not the standard
God Yahweh judges by to determine whether something is pleasing to him or not. He has
given his word, and standards to mankind in his inspired Scriptures.
Many in the Conspiracy have hidden their involvement behind nebulus statements
against the anti-Christian forces. Some have even spelled out their agenda in reverse.
For instance, the Mafia owned major shares in the producer of the Godfather movie. The
Mafia made millions over a movie supposedly exposing them.
In Billy Graham's book Approaching Hoofbeats The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse,
chapter seven, the reader is told of the infiltration by the One-World-Power into the
church. Who wrote chapter seven, called "The White Horse and Its Rider" is not clear,
the reader should be alerted that major Christian publishers write books and affix with
approval the names of big Christian authors.84 Billy Graham also says on page ix that
"Without the help of a few of my associates and friends I could not have written this book.
We should say it is 'our' book."
Interestingly, whoever wrote it gives a good warning about the Power's deception within
the church.
First, Mt 24:24, 2 Thes 2:9, 2 Cor 11:14, and Gen 3:13 are quoted. These scriptures
are all good warnings to Christians that it will be difficult for Christians to recognize
deceivers, because the deceivers will perform so many signs, miracles and wonders.
Then it is pointed out that Satan comes as an angel of light, and cunningly conceals his
real intents.
2 Tim 3:13 is quoted, "Evil men and imposters will go from bad to worse, deceiving and
being deceived."
(It seems like Jesus left the embezzler Judas with the money bag, and the church has
left advice against the Power to one of the Power's primary men.)
The chapter continues, "The Bible teaches that there will be more and more false
teachers, prophets and even false religious conferences in the church as the age draws
toward its end. As the apostle Peter said, There will be false teachers among you. They
will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought
them—bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow their shameful ways and
will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you
with stories they have made up..."
Note, that some of Graham's teachings have denied the dominion of the Sovereign
Lord and made Christ a subjective truth only.
Billy Graham's book continues, "Satan does not want to build a church and call it "The
First Church of Satan". He is far too clever for that. He invades the Sunday School, the
youth department, the Christian education program, the pulpit and the seminary
"The apostle Paul warned that many will follow false teachers, not knowing that in
feeding upon what these people say they are taking the devil's poison into their own lives.
Thousands of uninstructed Christians are being deceived today. False teachers use
high-sounding words that seem like the height of logic, scholarship and culture. They are
intellectually clever and crafty in their sophistry..."85
Lord, we have allowed ourselves to be deceived. We humbly confess "The White Horse
and its Rider" chapter is correct, we have allowed great men to deceive us. We pray for
forgiveness for Billy Graham. If he would simply stop his cooperation with this evil Power,
it would gratify us. Lord, we pray that your church will resist being fatalistic toward the
Power that plans to enslave mankind, and wake up to their manipulation by the Power.
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writes and talks plenty about hell. How many of us have really determined what he
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is significant. In line with his Decision article, is how Graham describes hell in Till
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65. At a press conference in Los Angeles Graham said, "There is a great need for an
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scope than the WCC"? The WCC is as broad as can be, it already has anti-Christian
groups. There are but two ways to broaden WCC, one way would be for the small and
faithful groups of sincere Christians that do not want to join to find themselves in the
WCC, but that would hardly fit Graham's description of a "much broader" WCC, since
some of the churches in WCC include conservative elements dragged into it by their
liberal denominational leaders. The only way to take Graham seriously, is that Graham
has in mind bringing together the WCC with Hinduism, the New Age movement etc. I
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The Church of England (also known as the ANGLICAN Church in Canada and the
EPISCOPALIAN or PROTESTANT EPISCOPALIAN Church in the United States) is now
part of the One-World-Religion. There are a few conservatives who are still holding out,
but they appear to pose little threat to the power structure, and can be ignored by the
Masonic hierarchy that controls these churches. It must be difficult at best for the
conservatives, for these conservatives are placed repeatedly in positions where they must
compromise with the direction the church is going.
Several items that will be examined in further detail are:
1. How the Anglican & Episcopal Churches are run by the Masons
2. That these churches are now supporting the New Age Movement
3. That the Anglican church has been closely associated with a distorted form of British—
The Church of England was originally part of the Roman Catholic Church, and it
retained its clergy and hierarchy from its Catholic days. The reader will recall that King
Henry VII desired the privilege of divorce in order to marry Anne Boleyn. Henry VII went
so far as to force the clergy of his realm on Jan.,1531 to declare him "supreme head" of
Christ's Church in England. In 1535 he declared himself "in terra supremum caput
Anglicanae ecclesiae"—that is in Latin "supreme head on earth of the English Church".
That is the King/Priest concept. Thomas Cromwell who believed in that concept was also
a close co-worker with Henry VII, and his decendent Oliver is responsible for the Jews
coming to England and for Anglo-lsraelism becoming so prominant in the English Isles.
The Church of England did make changes after their separation from Rome, but they
were principally changes based on humanism and the Reformed movement rather than
Luther's ideas.1 After the political separation of the Church of England from the Catholic
Church, many of the problems that had plagued the church during its years under Rome's
authority continued and even grew. For instance, the Church of England became
notorious for the practice called Pluralism— that is where a clergyman will hold several
church offices in order to draw pay from each, and yet the clergyman would not perform
the function of but one office.2 When the separation with Rome occured, and for many
years afterward, the clergy in the Anglican Church were often poorly educated and had
poor morals.3
The idea of British-Israelism was so popular with the Anglican Church that many
associate the two together. The form of British-lsraelism that the Anglican Church
practices is perverse in that it elevates the Askenazim Jews to central position in the
affairs of mankind, which God never promised them.
King Alfred the Great (who reigned from 871 to 899) was positive he was fiftieth in
direct descent from Adam. King James I, who was the first to call England "Great Britain",
had written on the gates to his throne Jer 17:25, "Then shall enter into the gates of the
city, kings and princes sitting upon the throne of David." The Royalty of England, who
have been leaders in British Freemasonry, have hinted off and on that they believe that
they are descendents of the House of David. (A letter requesting clarification from the
British Queen on this point has gone unanswered.) Whether the Royalty believes it or not,
various researchers are saying they are descendents.4 On the books, technically the
British royalty has immense powers, but the today's traditional way of handling things
gives them very limited power. It is not inconceivable that they might someday regain in
reality the power that is still on the books.
Prince Charles is a New Ager,5 and when he visited the Pope in 1985 he attempted
unsuccessfully to share the mass with the pope.6
The Anglican church is also so close to Masonry, the Anglican and Episcopal churches
are really extensions of Freemasonry.
One scholar on Freemasonry describes the Church of England as paralyzed against
Freemasonry.7 Church officials (Anglicans and Presbyterians) have lost their jobs
because they criticized Freemasonry,8 so it is something that in 1987 the Masons ruling
the Church of England allowed a group of Anglican priests called The Working Group
established by the Standing Committee of the General Synod of the Church of England
to publish a report questioning the compatibility of Freemasonry and the Church. The
report says it "points to a number of very fundamental reasons to question the
compatibility of Freemasonry with Christianity."9 Even though this is a step in the right
direction, the report poses no threat to the Masonic power structure.
Earlier in Chap. 2.1 lists of Anglican, and Episcopal priests and bishops is given. This
is not a blanket condemnation of the Episcopal church, nor can the motives of these men
be questioned. However, to give documentation on how powerful Masonry and its
daughter the New Age movement are in the Anglican/Episcopal church this data is given.
Are we not to judge a tree by its fruit? Some of the top leaders of the New Age have
come out of the Episcopal church, and now in their pulpits some of the most anti-
Christian, and some of the most perverted people are preaching.
It has been popular for the Archbishop of Canterbury to be a Mason. The following are
some of the Masons who have been at the top of the Anglican/Episcopal hierarchy:
Dr. Geoffrey F. Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury beginning in 1945. He was initiated into
Masonry in 1916 and before he became the Archbishop and Primate, while only an
Anglican Bishop. He became the Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of England in 1937
and 1939.
William Howley, Archbishop of Canterbury (1828-1848) and important Mason.
Henry Chicheley- another Archbishop of Canterbury and important Mason.
Samuel Pritchard Matheson (1852-1942) Bishop and primate of all Canadian Anglican
Churches from 1909 to 1930, initiated into Masonry in 1874.
D.T. Owen (1878-1947), 33°, Primate of the Church of England in Canada, and
Archbishop of Toronto.
IN THE UNITED STATES (Also refer to the earlier listing of Bishops and Priests)
Henry St. George Tucker, Presiding Bishop of the Protestant Epis. Church in the USA
An overview of the extent of Freemasonry within the Anglican church can be seen in
an article by London's Daily Express which lists the numbers of Masons in the highest
Anglican offices in 1960. In 1960, there were within the Anglican church, 13 Mason
Anglican Bishops, including one Canadian and 6 retired. The Archbishop of Canterbury
and the Archbishop of the West Indies were both Freemasons. Also there were 6 Deans
and Provosts of Cathedrals and 10 Archdeacons (incl. those retired) who were Masons.10
It's amazing that so many men have dedicated their lives to the Masonic Institution.
Bear in mind that these men as they were initiated in Lodge were told in the ceremony,
"No institution can boast a more solid foundation than that on which Freemasonry rests,
the practice of every moral and social virtue." Yet, the Scriptures declare that "For no
other foundation can be laid except that which is Christ Jesus." To accept otherwise is
a denial of Christianity.
The reader can now understand better the common complaint that one of the
requirements in order to rise in the Anglican hierarchy is to be a Mason.
A pro-Jewish book written about a century ago indicates one reason the Masons may
be popular within the Anglican hierarchy. "It is known that five of the bishops and over
300 of the clergy of the Church of England are either Jews or of Jewish descent."11
The Church of England was especially strong in colonial Virginia, and somewhat also
in colonial Maryland. The Episcopalian who is sometimes called the Father of
Freemasonry Henry Price (1697-1780) came to Boston, Mass. in 1723 and convened a
regular lodge in 1733 in Boston.12 Irregular lodges had been meeting in the colonies
previous to this. James Madison, the first Episcopalian bishop in colonial Virginia was also
an active Mason.13
In discussing the colonial time period C.S. Coles, 32°, writes in the New Age Magazine
(Oct. 1921) p. 468, "In those days too, Freemasonry was largely confined to the members
of the Episcopal Church among English-speaking people, both Scottish and English
Masonry having its main support among the members of the Established Churches, and
it is a fine thing to know that in those days the Church and Masonry went hand in hand
in performing works of charity and good-will. Today the Episcopal Church takes the same
position as the Masons in regard to the great public school system of our country, the
past century having worked a revolution in our methods..."
The Church of England controlled its churches in the colonies through the office of the
Bishop of London who appointed commissaries for the colonies to carry out his orders.
By the time of the Amer. Revolution, there were 300 Anglican churches and 250 Anglican
clergymen in the 13 colonies.14
The Rev. Jasper Adams (1793-1841) is an example of early Episcopalian leaders. He
was a Mason and well known Epicopalian clergyman during the early years of this
country. He served as the chaplain and a professor at West Point. He eventually started
a private seminary at Pendleton, S.C.15
The Anglican church has embraced men of all forms of persuasion. From the Anglican
Church have come men like John Taylor, who became the LDS church's third President.
John Taylor was the descendent of Richard Whittington, three times Mayor of London.
He had been exposed to both Masonry and the Anglican Church's Anglo-lsraelism, both
of which Mormonism encompasses. (He also was a Methodist minister for a spell.) He
declared that Christianity was "hatched in hell" and was "a perfect pack of nonsense...The
Devil could not invent a better engine to spread his work..."16 In other words, when we
get the bigger picture we see new religious groups which we had pictured as new
formations drawing their blood from many religious heritages, but which were actually in
many ways just regroupings of Masonic thinkers accompanied by those who they were
able to get to follow and submit to them.
In 1921, William Temple (1881 -1944) was made Bishop of Manchester and in 1942 the
Archbishop of Canterbury. William Temple is quite well known, especially for his
ecumenical activities. He was instrumental in promoting the World Council of Churches
and the unification (union) of the various British Protestant denominations, which unified
under the British Council of Churches. He was chairman of the Provisional Committee of
the World Council of Churches.
W.R. Inge (1860---------- ), Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral in London is another well known
Anglican. He has promoted mysticism and Platonism.
James Parks Morton, Dean of the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New
York City, is openly a New Age leader. He is on record as in favor of the New Age plan
(called Planetary Initiative) to unify the world under a One-World-Religion One-World-
Government. And he is doing all he can to promote its happening.
For Pentecost, he inivited every type of religious group in to commune with his church.
For a Thanksgiving celebration he did the same. He describes this:
"So at Pentecost we invited the head Rabbi of New York, the Abbot of the Zen
Community, Satchidananda—a Hindu Oren Lyons—an American Indian, the head Imman
at the mosque, and we all stood around the altar and prayed for peace in our own
"Then we all received communion. Some church people said, "How can you do
that? They don't know what they're receiving!
"I say, "Well, I don't really know what I'm receiving either...
"We're increasingly being called to realize that the body of Christ is the earth- the
biosphere- the skin that includes all of us."17
For Thanksgiving in 1988, James Morton invited in witches, medicene men, nature
worshippers, and American Indians and they danced around in a "Circle dance" to
promote friendship and unity. Morton stated that the dance was to create a "heightened
consciousness of the necessity of different religions working together to save our
It is no surprise then considering the Episcopalian support for a Masonic World Religion
and a One-World-Government that 33° Freemason George Bush,19 who hopes to be the
one in office to have the honors of bringing in the New World Order, would as U.S.
President turn to such men as the Rt. Rev. Edmund L Browning, presiding bishop of the
Episcopalian Church in the United States. Another Reverend that Bush turned to during
the Kuwait crisis was the Senate chaplain, Rev. Richard C. Halverson.20
Not only have homosexuals, Satanists and New Agers spoken from the Episcopalian
pulpits, but in 1990 at the Michigan Episcopal Diocese a resolution by those
Episcopalians who apparently still believe in the Bible was ignored. Their resolution which
was refused to be given to a vote, simply quoted the Bible that "Jesus is the Christ, the
only name given under heaven by which we may be saved." It was rejected for a vote,
because it was said to be "devisive and demeaning to people whose faith in God is as
strong as ours though it is differently defined."
According to the Christian scriptures this is really warped thinking. Although pretending
to be different and Christian, actually the Episcopal Church, which now adheres to a
social gospel is preaching and defining "faith in God" just as the other religions. The
Episcopal Church by rejecting the Bible's definition of "faith in God" is not able to see that
witches, New Agers, Satanists, etc. do not have a "faith in God". The issue that
Episcopalian Masons raised that one shouldn't demean other people's faith is fake, for
the Buddhists, Witches et. al. do not have Christian faith. It is not true that Christians are
rejecting other believers by believing in Scripture.
An example of where the Episcopal clergy have gone, is Newark's Episcopal Bishop
John S. Spong, who talks about how he worships in a Buddhist temple,
"In the fall of 1988, I worshipped God in a Buddhist temple. As the smell of incense
filled the air, I knelt before three images of the Buddha, feeling that the smoke could carry
my prayers heavenward. It was for me a holy moment...beyond the words and creeds that
each [religion] uses, there is a divine power that unites us...
"I will not make any further attempts to convert the Buddhist, the Jew, the Hindu
or the Moslem. I am content to learn from them and to walk with them side by side
toward the God who lives, I believe, beyond the images that bind and blind us."21
The Episcopalian Church is officially part of the One-World-Religion. A foreshadowing
of the Union of the large power religions of Christendom was seen in 1922, when the
Greek Orthodox Church—specifically the Eastern Orthodox's Holy Synod of
Constantinople accepted the Anglican religious orders.
The Archbishop of Canterbury committed the Church of England to the pact that the
"Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders on Human Survival" decreed. That
pact resulted in a five-day Global Forum where religious leaders of all persuasions
(except Bible-believing Christians) were present. Also participating were the Archbishop
of Canterbury, the normal host of Mason religious and spiritual leaders, U.S. Senators,
Soviet Government officials, the U.N. Secretary General, the Dalai Lama (considered a
god), and a host of other types like monks, Moslem inmans, and rabbis. They declared
that their committment to a Unified Religion (which is supposedly necessary "for global
survival") is in their words "commitments that are irrevocable." In Jan. 15-19, 1990, they
held another Global Forum in Moscow, U.S.S.R. That Global Forum called for a "new
planetary perspective" involving a "new spiritual and ethical basis for human activities on
Yes, they are proposing a NEW ethical basis for us, to replace that "old time religion"
so many Christians have sung about. Theirs is the revitalized Christianity also known as
the Masonic religion that New Age leaders such as Bailey and Benjamin Creme say will
be the One-World-Religion. It is the religion of Masonry which is described by Albert
"Masonry around whose altars the Christian, the Hebrew, the Moslem, the
Brahman, the followers of Confucius and Zoroaster, can assemble as brethren and unite
in prayer to the one God..."23
Masonry and its daughter the New Age do not plan to destroy the church but to subvert
it to their purposes. New Age writer William Thompson states,
"The new spirituality does not reject the earlier patterns of the great universal
religions. Priest and church will not disappear; they will not be forced out of existence in
the New Age, they will be absorbed into the existence of the New Age."24
The Anglican Church is not being destroyed but rather subverted. And just as it was
made to bow to the dictates of Henry VII, it is bowing to the dictates of the International
Power which plans to rule the world. The Anglican priests still have their churches but
they are used for the New Age.
An example of that is the historical St. James Anglican Church just off of Piccadilly
Square. The church is a favorite for tourists, especially to the New Age type which it
caters to. The church calls itself "A Seven Days a Week Church for London and the
World." Within the church are held classes for all types of New Age religious activities
such as "Health for the New Age...through meditation, visualization...," "Lifetime
Astrology," "Yoga Meditation." If you want to join the Sufi Healing Order which meets
there you can.25
Episcopals like Bishop Lewis Stuart Keizer, who authored The 8th Revelation Reveals
the 9th: A New Hermetic Initiation Discourse (1974) are turning to the occult.
Episcopal clergyman and professor at the Catholic Notre Dame University Morton T.
Kelsey promotes the occult to Christians in his book The Christian and the Supernatural.
This apostasy is causing much glee to hard core New Agers. One said, "I am very glad
to discover such strong movement within Christian churches that is sympathetic to the
Pagan Spirit and willing to learn from the teachings of the Old Religion."26
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Most of the Puritans were Presbyterians. And the Congregational churches that rose
out of the congregations of the Puritans worked in close cooperation with the
Presbyterians. "Theologically the two were akin."1 The state organizations in New England
of the Congregationalists and the Presbyterian General Assembly had exchanged
delegates beginning in the 1790s. They cooperated in sending missionaries, in the Home
Missionary Society, and in the American Bible Society (begun in 1816).2
Forty-nine colleges and universities, many of them now secular were started by the
Many of the Presbyterians in the United States were from the Scot-Irish settlers that
had moved to northern Ireland, and left Ireland when the economic situation deterioted.
Charles T. Russell's family were part of this group.
Various Presbyterian ministers have played important roles in the Masonic Lodges.
Presbyterian minister James Anderson was responsible for the Masonic Constitution
and the development of modern Freemasonry.4 Presbyterian minister James Allan
Cabiniss wrote the Grand Lodge of Mississippi's official history, which was published in
1967 by the Grand Lodge.
This section must be prefaced by saying that the United Presbyterian church is very
close to Freemasonry. There are more United Presbyterians than all the other 7 major
Presbyterian denominations put together. There is in excess of 2 million American United
Presbyterians in 9,000 churches. In contrast, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church had only
16,590 members in the 1982 Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches and the
Presbyterian Church of North America was listed having but 4,878.5
The small Reformed Church finally took an official stand against Freemasonry in 1942.
The one Presbyterian denomination prior to that time that took a clear stand against
Freemasonry was the Associate Presbyterian Church which following the 1757 Secession
tradition had forbidden Masonic membership.
In writing this part concerning the Presbyterians, I have taken the liberty to lump the
various groups together in the same section—however, they can in no way be lumped
together in their response to Freemasonry and the One-World-Power.
Examples of Presbyterian Masons working on the functional church level are Robert
W. Cretney (33°, deacon Presbyterian church), Morton P. Steyer (KT, 32°, Shriner, York
Rite College, Royal Order of Scotland, and elder Presbyterian Church), and Hugh I.
Evans (33°, KT, National Head of the Presbyterian Church, USA.)
33rd degree Mason Hugh I. Evans (1887-1958) deserves some note here. He
represented the U.S. at the meeting of the World Council of Churches in Holland in 1948.
He was the National Head of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. in 1950-51. In 1955, he
became the director of the Foundation of the Presbyterian Church at NYC. and he served
for a while as the President of the Board of National Missions.
The Newsletter Free The Masons (Aug. 1990) says "On the other end of that, however,
is the church on whose Board sit Lodge members, or whose Deacons or Elders share
Masonic secrets. These secrets reflect their higher allegiance to the Lodge, and seem to
produce an aloofness from the rest of the Church body. These are 'good' men who attend
regularly and are often the financial backbone of many small congregations.
"One Pastor wrote of his frustration in a rural church. He put it this way, "As faithful as
these men are, I always feel at board meetings that there is a second agenda which is
not open to me. It's like they get their marching orders from the Lodge on how to conduct
the business of the church. They are good men, but they seem to operate with some
'higher' knowledge than the rest of us. There is no submission to the authority of the
church and its members." "
Sometimes Masonic literature shows its true colors almost to the point of being
embarrasing. The book Standard Freemasonry states that Presbyterians are bad material
[for the lodge] until they go against their church.6 The Proceedings of the Grand Lodge
of Oregon, 1870, p. 209 states that the world is a good place when the Presbyterian
church shares its pulpit with a Jewish rabbi in Salem, OR.
The Alabama Grand Lodge reported in 1889 that out of its 7,950 Freemasons in the
state 483 were Christian ministers.7 The New York Grand Lodge report of 1890 gives us
the breakdown of the 703 Christian clergymen that were N.Y. Masonic members:
Methodist(288), Episcopalian(146), Baptist(112), Presbyterian(59), Universalist(31),
Congregationalist(21), Dutch Reformed(13), Christian(13), Lutheran(11), Jewish(7),
Unitarian(l), Reform Jew(1).8
The United Presbyterian Church put out a "Report on Occult and Psychic Activities" in
1976 that gave a positive report to various occult activities. It encourages the study of the
occult "within the churches" (p.3). The medium Olga Worrall's book The Gift of Healing
gets a favorable review. One of the seven on the task force that wrote up the report was
Mrs. Margueritte Harmon Bro who was a medium and the cofounder of SFF.
Another example of the New Age in the Presbyterian church is Pastor H. Richard Neff,
of the Christian Community Presbyterian Church of Bowie, Maryland. He authored the
book Psychic Phenomena and Religion. He states in his book, "Occult practices...may be
beneficial and helpful for many people." (p. 166)
Presbyterian Pastor Neff believes that only fraudulent mediums are bad, and he
advocates mediumism for others. (cf. pp.166-7, 130-1, etc.)
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Some men who have joined the Masonic Lodge are difficult to understand. Lorenzo
Dow is one of these. Lorenzo Dow was solidly behind the Masonic belief system.1 He
joined the Freemasons in 1824.2 Some of the things he wrote, sound like Universalism,3
but he wasn't really theologically a universalist. Most of the people he preached to didn't
understand where he was coming from either.
Lorenzo Dow was the catalyst that caused Hugh Bourne and a friend William Cloves
to establish the Primitive Methodists in 1811.
Several denominations experienced primitive movements, for instance the Primitive
The idea of Primitivism goes back to Rosseau and Diderot's writings. (Both were
Masons.) There are parallels in Freud's Civilization and its Discontent and Spengler's Man
& Technics.
Nature is the norm. The world goes in cycles. And we are returning, that is recycling back
into another golden age. The Mason Thomas Paine encouraged this type of thinking. "We
have it in our power to begin the world over again."4 Indeed, Billington in his scholarly
work Fire in the Minds of Men, shows how the word revolution was coined by the occultic
secret societies because they believed that an upheaval would precede a revolving back
to the conditions of an ancient golden age.
Lorenzo Dow was sincere in bringing people to Christ—albeit his understanding of
Christ, which many considered heresy. He travelled almost non-stop for his lifetime, and
likely preached to more people in his life than anyone else in that time.5
He was called crazy by many. Some called him a mystic.6 He was very keen on
prophecy, and preached it a lot. He preached often on Paradise and Hell.
During his non-stop travelling, Lorenzo Dow was a constant visitor to Masonic Lodges,
to their chapters, and their commanderies,7 yet his memoirs mention nothing about such
an important part of his life. There is not the slightest hint of involvement with the
Masons, and in his memoirs there is but an offhand remark on page 122 about a lodge
meeting going on above him in a Tavern he was staying at while he was trying to sleep.
Why is he silent about his involvement?
The Primitive Methodist Church that was set up, had 12 permanent members who
ruled. Later in 1846, 24 guardian representatives were selected and legally invested with
the Primitive Methodist Church's property. It wasn't until the next century that democratic
procedures began.
What was the Primitive Methodist Church like when Russell's colpateurs found them?
Apparently, the Masonic influence was strong. John Whittaker, a Primitive Methodist
minister exposes the Masonic influence when he describes his denomination, "The desire
for latitudinarianism has wrought untold mischief in our Church. Theosophy,
Swedenborianism, Unitarianism and even Agnosticism are rampant to-day within our
borders. It is time the Church was purged."8
In England, Charles T. Russell's preachers found the Primitive Methodists and Free
Methodists very friendly. Bro. J.B. Adamson in a letter reprinted in the WT in 1881 states
"Found the Free Methodists very fair. The treatment better than I got anywhere else.
Gave the pamphlet to sixteen preachers and one hundred of the most intelligent of the
church membership."9 It's possible some of the Primitive Methodists heard of the
Watchtower movement in the Masonic Hall or at some Masonic function. The 1991
Yearbook (for the Jehovah's Witnesses)10 records an early Bible Student preaching to the
Masons in their Masonic Hall. What did he preach on? He showed them the pyramid
diagrams in the front of Russell's volume 1. Interestingly, the Masons used Piazi Smyth's
diagrams also in their literature, (such as Manly P. Hall's The Secret Teachings of All
Ages). They must have felt comfortable with Russell's pyramidology. At any rate, there
is the possibility some Primitive Methodists might have learned about the Bible Students
through lodge functions.
In England, many Primitive Methodists joined Russell's movement. Six Primitive
Methodist ministers joined his organization en masse.11
In the WT Feb. 1884, p. 2 the problem is mentioned that Russell's followers were being
mistaken for Universalists, Primitive Methodists, or Adventists.
"New readers in all parts of the country are constantly inquiring: By what names do you
call yourselves? Are you 'Primitive Baptists'? Are you 'Missionary Baptists'? Are you
'Universalists'? Are you 'Adventists'? Are you Primitive Methodists'?"12
As this book is documenting, the Universalists, the Primitive Methodists, and the
Second Adventists all have strong Masonic connections. As this book has made it clearer
what the early Watchtower Society was like (in contrast to today), and how much closer
it was to Masonic thinking in its early years, it is not such a surprise, indeed it is
understandable how the Watchtower Society could be mistaken for being Universalists,
or Primitive Methodists.
Most of the Methodist groups have been "progressive." But what are they headed
"The book, Prominent Personalities in American Methodism, by Howell, gives an
authoritative listing of the various lodge affiliations of prominent Methodist leaders.
According to our compilation from this book, bearing imprint of 1945, twenty-nine out of
the thirty-six active Bishops are members of secret orders of one sort or another.
Twenty-one of the thirty-six are members of the Masonic fraternity, many of them holding
the higher degrees of the Order....The best qualification for becoming a Bishop today is
that one be at least a 32nd degree Mason."13
Perhaps better than showing lists of Methodist Bishops who are Masons, is just to get
to the bottom line, the United Methodist Church wants a One-World Government under
the New World Order.
The United Methodist Church, Rocky Mountain Conference wrote Pres. Reagan in
1983, "Resolve that to insure world peace and disarmament among nations, we United
Methodists of the Rocky Mountain Conference urge the President and the Congress of
the United States, in concert with all other willing nations, to call a World Constitutional
Convention to reform the United Nations into a federal, representative world
Masons like 33° Mason James C. Baker who is President of the Methodist Bishops and
Verne Dale Johnson, chairman of evangelism for the United Meth. Church have been
directing affairs on the national level. Men like 33° Mason William E. Schooley (Board of
Trustees Metro Memorial Methodist church—Shriner, and into the "side orders" of
Masonry) are on the local level. There are so many Methodist Masons in England that
they have there own lodges called Epworth lodges, named after John Wesley's birthplace,
Epworth Rectory.15
The Moravians, a gnostic sect who called themselves THE MORAVIAN BROTHERS
OF THE ORDER OF RELIGIOUS FREEMASONS,16 played an important part in the
founding of Methodism. "Moravians played a decisive role in the origins of Methodism,
which helps to explain the enthusiasm of both. True, John Wesley's group at Oxford,
already called the "Enthusiasts" and the "Holy Club", was active before the Moravian
Peter Boehler came upon the scene. Still, it was Boehler, whom Wesley met in Georgia
and then again in London, whose glowing pietism had such an effect upon the father of
Methodism. It was Boehler who in 1738 helped Wesley turn his attention inward to
discover a new wellspring of religious feeling, and it was Boehler who suggested
establishing the Fetter Lane Society in London, which Wesley patterned after several
Moravian meetings already in existence."17 John Wesley advocated universal redemption,
which emphasized salvation as an option of man's free-will rather than God's free-grace.
Until American Independence, the Methodist ministers under Wesley's authority in
America and England were considered a Society whose members were scattered within
the various Episcopal Churches. The American colonies' independence caused Wesley
in 1784 to send Rev. Thomas Coke to organize the Methodists into their own
In 1972, the United Methodist church sponsored me to go with the Kansas East Youth
Study Group. The tour was well-planned and well-executed. The group was part of the
United Methodist Church's program to raise up church leaders. The group consisted of
U.M. teenage leaders (I was an exception—I was Baptist). I still have the papers and
items from the tour. The group met Methodist leaders including the head of the United
Methodist Church, Pentagon people, Congressmen, UN people, and revolutionaries from
Angola. While our group was decidedly anti-Vietnam War, it seemed that our group did
not connect the contradiction that the United Methodist church helped finance the
communist revolutionaries we talked with.
I am grateful to the United Methodist Church for the opportunity to experience the
group. In the context of this book, it could be mentioned that the Jewish and Masonic
undercurrents within the U.M. church were visible through out that trip. Some of the
concepts that were stressed were Civil Rights, Globalism, and Liberation Theology. Those
concepts all tie-in with the Power's agenda to bring in the New World Order.
The Liberation Theology and revolution that the United Methodist Church finances will
be discussed in the next chapter.
To the credit of the small, conservative, indepedent churches and denominations many
of these are not part of the One-World-Religion, but the Power has still made serious
inroads into most of them. What will the New Order do with these denominations?
They have three options, subvert the leadership, if there is no hierarchy to subvert then
subvert the people, and if neither of those can be accomplished then they will have to
make an exception for these groups or eliminate them. We will examine briefly three small
denominations that this Author is familiar with that illustrate these three approaches. It
should be noted that in prayfully studying many religious bodies, this Author hasn't found
any that don't bear out the Scriptures, "For all have sinned and come short of the glory
of God." What is presented is neither to build up or tear down the reputation of any
group— (reputations are often simply men's images of something— rather than the thing
itself) but to plot the course of the One-World-Religion as the New Order wars to destroy
the last pockets of resistence to the One-World-Religion. The next few years will decide
whether they overextend themselves like Napoleon in Russia or if they take over
Jerusalem (figurtively) like the Babylonians and Romans did.
The Seventh-Day Adventists have over a half-million members in the United States.
Started by a woman of Jewish heritage Ellen Gold White, they have made the Sabbath
a prominant part of their religion. This Author has admired their church members for the
standards that they have maintained, especially their stand against Freemasonry.
This denomination has a hierarchy with a President. Every five years the denomination
has a convention to discuss a particular issue that is placed on the agenda. For instance,
recently they discussed whether women could become ministers. The easiest way for the
New World Order to deal with such denominations is to subvert the hierarchy. That the
hierarchy can be moved in such directions can be seen by their decision years ago (even
before Roe vs. Wade) to allow abortions,19 which even their people help perform in their
hospitals. Maybe this Author is offbase on this next observation, but to think of an
Adventist doctor eating health food for lunch, and then performing an abortion seems like
a New Age value system.
That is just one indication of a shift toward New Age morality. We see people like
Seventh-Day Adventist writer Rene Noorbergen co-authoring a book with psychic Jeane
Not all small denominations have a hierarchy. The Church of Christ are groups of
independent churches. Although independent for many years a few editors of Church of
Christ periodicals and a clique of a few ministers were looked to for guidance. The trend
within the Churches of Christ seems to be one that churches are moving away from
looking to a few men for their direction.20 Because there is no powerful hierarchy to
subvert, the Masons haven't shown a great deal of interest in recruiting its ministers.
This denomination has historically put no barriers or deterence up against
Freemasonry. Masons have had free access to church positions if they have wanted
them. There are Church of Christ ministers who are Masons, and this Author personally
knows various Church of Christ churches with lay members involved in Masonry. One
Church of Christ in California meets in a Masonic Hall.
33rd degree Freemason and Church of Christ Minister Forrest D. Haggard, who
recently wrote Short Talk Bulletin which is an attack on every Christian who criticizes the
Lodge. Haggard says that critics of the Masonic Lodge can be divided into three
1. someone had a personality problem, 2. political or religious dictatorships which oppose
free speech often attack the Lodge because it insists on such freedoms, 3. for money.
Haggard even claims the lodge is "supportive of it [the church]."
These groups of churches are showing movement toward the One-World-Religion.
They are adopting the ideas that New Agers are planting within the churches, using New
Age language and moving toward ecumenicalism. In visiting with Church of Christ
ministers this Author has experienced a lack of knowledge on their part as to what are
New Age ideas as compared to Biblical Christianity.
(By the way, there have been attempt to bring these items that this Author is bringing
up in this book before the Christians practicing them. Those that have been contacted
by myself or others have stubbornly refused to listen, and so it is hoped that by some
chance some of the many people contacted will read this book and see the bigger issues
at stake. When a Church of Christ asks the United Methodist church to have communion
with it, the issues at stake are much larger than simply do we like them or not.)
Churches like the Churches of Christ are easy targets for the many schemes the New
Order has thought up to subvert the churches. They in general fell for the one where in
exchange for signing on a paper denying Christ as the head of the church, the churches
received a tax exempt status.
The top secret Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1 that the
Bilderbergers Policy Committee uses, which is discussed elsewhere (chapter 3.6) spells
out one of their methods to subvert the Christians. Because the Church of Christ doesn't
take a stand against military service, this tactic has been, and will be sucessful as one
tool to subvert there members.
Quoting one part of this TM SW7905.1 we read,
"Few efforts of human behavior modification are more
remarkable or more effective than that of the socio-military
institution known as the draft. A primary purpose of a draft
or other such institution is to instill, by intimidation, in the young males of
a society the uncritical conviction that
the government is omnipotent. He is soon taught that a
prayer is slow to reverse what a bullet can do in an
instant. Thus, a man trained in a religious environment for
eighteen years of his life can, by this instrument of
government, be broken down, be purged of all his fantasies
and delusions in a matter of mere months. Once that
conviction is instilled, all else becomes easy to instill.
Even more interesting is the process by which a young
man's parents, who purportedly love him, can be induced
to send him off to war to his death."
The manual goes on to say that part of the reason for drafting men is to corrupt them.
Why? "It further serves to make the youth as guilty as the elders, thus making criticism
of the elders by the youth less likely (Generational Stabilizer). It is marketed and sold to
the public under the label of 'patriotic=national' service." In other words, the New World
Order realizes that if the young men of this country have moral superiority over their
elders they will stand up to them when asked to do something amoral or immoral. By
making them do things that they can be made to feel guilty for under the guise of
defending their homeland—like fighting in Vietnam, they have eliminated moral opposition
by creating another generation of guilt ridden young men. This highlights what you will
learn in chapter 3.10 "Where the rubber meets the road" where we discuss methods to
cope in a Christ-like way with the New Order.
If there is a lack of safeguards for the Church of Christ churches, that is not the
situation with the next denomination we will discuss.
Some groups like the Old Order Amish can not be subverted by the New World Order
because they are not part of the system, don't believe in serving in the military, and don't
give much if any chance to outsiders to subvert them.
When Hitler took power the three Amish settlements in Germany were eliminated. The
members o