The Illuminati: How the Cult Programs People

by Svali

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Secret Vatican Catacombs, Child Sacrifices, Mind Control: Svali, Involved In U.S. Illuminati For 30 years, Talks Openly About Devious Plans To Topple America

Deep Within The Bowels Of The Vatican And Illuminati: The Small Public Chapter of Svali's Life Coming To An End

Fed Up With Lies And Deceit, Svali Turns Tail And Runs From The Feared Illuminati

About Svali:
Svali used to be a programmer and trainer in the cult of the Illuminati. Both she and her entire family were involved in the cult group until several years ago, when they finally broke free.  She has been a consultant to an on-line survivors group that helps people dealing with issues related to cult programming and ritual abuse.  Svali, a writer and a registered nurse, has self-published a book on breaking free of cult programming, which several experts in the field have said has "invalueable information" for the survivor of ritual abuse.  She is now married to her second husband and has two children.

Near Death Experiences

[2000] The European Roots of the Illuminati----Svali

Q & A [2]: Svali Answers More Questions

Q & A: Svali Answers Readers' Questions

Part 1: About Svali
Part 2: Who and What is the Illuminati?

Part 3: How the Illuminati runs Hollywood

Part 4: The Illuminati - Freemason Connection

Part 5: The Illuminati - CIA Connection - Russia & China

Part 6: Ritual Abuse - Mind Control Denial; Bohemian Grove

Part 7: Illuminati Symbols and Clues; Level of Infiltration

Part 8: The Fourth Reich

Part 9: Ritual Sacrifices - Demons- Shape Shifting

Part 10: More About Demonic Shape Shifting

Part 11: Illuminati Proof - Vulnerabilities

Part 12: The Top of the Pyramid

Part 13: The UN or 'Supreme World Council'

Part 14: Illuminati History and Future
Part 15: TV - The Perfect Mindcontrol Device
Part 16: Lone Gunmen
Part 17: In the Matrix

Questions / Answers from Readers [1]
December 20, 2000

Are The Illuminati Taking Over The World?

Chapter 1: An Overview of the Illuminati
Chapter 2: Jobs in the Illuminati (or Why They Spend All That Time Training People)

Chapter 3: Conspiracy Theory Two, Or The Illuminati Plan To Rule The World (aka "Novus Ordem Seclorum")

Chapter 4: An Overview of Some Basic Types of Programming

Chapter 5: Colors, Metals and Jewel Programming

Chapter 6: Brain Wave Programming

Chapter 7: Military Programming

Chapter 8: CIA , Governmental, and Scholarship Programming

Chapter 9: Programming Linked to Stories, Movies, Cartoons, or Role Play Dramatization

Chapter 10: The Sixth Step of Discipline: Betrayal; Twinning, Internal Walls, Structures, Geometry

Chapter 11: Suicidal Programming

Chapter 12: Preventing Reaccessing of the Survivor

Chapter 15: Core splits, Denial programming, the last Five Steps of Discipline Virtual Reality Programming

Chapter 14: Spiritual Programming

Chapter 13: Shell programming, Internal Councils, Human Experimentation, Function Codes

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Interview with Svali--Illuminati Defector pt 1 of 9

The Victory

by Svali

The greatest victory belongs to Jesus,
Heís the One who heals and frees us.

Satan thought he won and laughed,
little did he know his victims are being let go!

By the greatest power in heaven above,
the redeeming power of Godís great love.

Jesus is the One kneeling beside us,
untying the cords by His,
Holy Spirit inside us.

Chasing away the darkness within,
healing and cleansing us from the sin.

Jesus we love you!
Your children cry,
Thank You for freeing us,
when we thought we would die.

Your mercy so great,
I canít understand,
Calvaryís love to free the damned.

Satan tried his feeble best,
to fight a battle heíd already lost,
because Jesus paid the cost.

His ransom paid,
I am not a slave any more,
but a child, set free to say,