Sylvester Stallone
Film Doppelganger

Sylvester Stallone by Brice Taylor Sylvester Stallone is performed by Tommy Sands

The Evil of Warner Bros Studio(Time Warner), Hollywood Demonology 101 (Rihanna's Rain Man) & Sage Stallone

Two watches (Symbol)

Stallone and the first replacement:

Real Stallone has Sanpaku eyes

Sanpaku eye

Tommy Sands is son-in-law of Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra owns the rights of the first "Manchurian Candidate" movie.
Sands' manager was Tom Parker, the same manager of Elvis Presley.

I don't think the one on the left is the original Stallone - he is in fact the first replacement, which happened at the beginning of the 80's. Even as a kid I noticed the difference in Stallone during this period.

Stallone replacement, and was taken about 1983.

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