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The Tower Buster: Using Reich's orgone energy to neutralize cell tower effects by Don Croft with introduction by Stephanie Relfe

Many people have talked about the danger of living or working near cell phone towers due to electromagnetic pollution. Our bodies are like batteries, responding to electrical energies. The energy from cell towers is negative to our bodies. More information on this is at:

But few people are aware of the other dangerous effects of cell towers. It appears that the electronic circuits that are placed on these towers are the real problem. Many people believe that once a tower is set up for cell phones, other instruments are being added that can be used for electronic mind control. The technology for this has been with us for decades, and only gets more efficient as time goes by. A good reference for this is at:

Don Croft has come up with a wonderful new device: A “Tower Buster.” Inexpensive and compact, anyone can easily make these to counteract the negative mind-controlling energies produced by these towers. To understand how the following device is so powerful, you will need to review the physics behind Don Croft's orgone generators, which are based on the technology of Wilhelm Reich (Background information on understanding this technology is in the article “Chembuster” at )

Don believes making Tower Busters is currently more important than making Chembusters (See Don Croft's Cloudbuster in the March 2003 edition of The IO).


The concept of a Tower Buster came to me after working with what we have dubbed Holy Handgrenades, a term inspired by Monty Python's The Holy Grail. We had been using this orgone-generating device called a Holy Handgrenade (HHg) successfully in reversing areas producing dead orgone energy.

After hearing from a young mother who has made a cloudbuster, boosted some key energy sites, and neutralized many transmitters where she lives, I was sort of jolted into the realization that the HHgs may be overkill for these martial law transmitters [Editors' note: This is Don's term for the mind-control, frequency generating technology that is added to cell phone towers], so I quickly made up what I consider to be a minimal orgonite device for neutralizing these damned things. We are now calling this device a “Tower Buster.”

By 'overkill', I only mean that the HHg is more powerful than it needs to be to simply neutralize a primary or secondary martial law transmitter.

Our efforts are best spent making many more of the appropriate Tower Busters for the vast number of new martial law transmitters and save our HHgs for multiple arrays, vile vortices, masonic temples, satanic murder sites, our in-laws' shrubberies, etc., for which they are more appropriate.

(Please view the numerous articles on HHgs at

The Tower Buster is a 3oz paper cup, like the ones for bathroom dispensers, filled with a mix of resin and metal particles (50% of each) into which I insert a single, quartz crystal. Like the Ugly Duckling, these lonely crystals demonstrate that our devices work extremely well with a minimum of refinement.

My objective from day one has been to enable common folks (not unlike myself) to be empowered in their ability to make a difference by achieving miraculous results. We advocate the waging of spiritual war on the current regime poisoning our planet through prayer and the proper application of orgone energy devices.

Here's some evidence that I've struck a nerve of the planetary regime by telling the world about this tower-busting trick: In early May 2002, I wrote a short article about the purpose of the martial law transmitters and about how one can easily neutralize them. I sent that article out to a network of hundreds of e-groups. At the same time, I posted it on the cloudbuster forum and sent it to my friend, Ken Adachi, who posted the article, along with some photos of typical “mind control towers,” on his very well-attended site,

Within two days, I was prevented from posting or moderating any more in the original cloudbuster forum, hosted on Yahoo, and my huge address book was erased by someone at Earthlink, my server.

Several months ago my wife Carol and I drove by the remaining martial law transmitter in our county that had not been neutralized. Carol tossed a Tower Buster into the brush near the cell tower by the side of the road. That's our 'drive by' technique. We feel certain that locating a Tower Buster within a quarter mile of a tower is sufficient, but it's best to shallowly bury it.

We have found that Tower Busters are efficiently disabling cell towers. We encourage skeptics to obtain a zap checker to check the energy being emitted from these towers before and after dispensing a Tower Buster near its base.

The main reason for these transmitters is to enforce compliance with worldwide tyranny. Severe reductions in numbers of common people, whom they have always considered their chattel, are part of this tyranny (See The Georgian Guidestones at ).

What we're doing with our Tower Busters and HHgs can be compared to turning nuclear weapons or high explosives into chocolate or ice cream. Can you imagine a more fun and rewarding pastime than this?

A reminder: It's still important to use the HHgs to restore the compromised vortices, neutralize locations of predatory institutions, and sweeten our neighborhoods and cities, so the Tower Busters are in no way meant to make the HHgs extraneous.

We believe that disabling these towers is even more important right now than destroying chemtrails, since the infrastructure for implementing martial law under the guise of public health (SARS, smallpox) is firmly in place.

Tower busters are available for sale from:

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For a detailed article on the interconnection of Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF), Gwen Towers and HAARP, and how these technologies are being used for complete control of the population, read the article entitled Total Population Control at


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