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[Letter] 'Time Tunnel' Programming

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Time traveler from 2256 busted for Insider Trading!  This article was published by Weekly World News online and picked up by Yahoo.  It's interesting that two days later we can no longer find this story on the Weekly World News website!

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German UFO Alien Technology taken from eyewitnesses video

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The Navy had the ability to use the time travel technology from about 1970 and developed full operational capability in 1973. They did do an experiment where they tried to go back and kill the father of the man destined to be the head of the new One-World government. They did kill his father, but it made no difference. They didn't understand why it didn't work. Robert Lazar was voicing the concept that time is quantitized or compartmentalized and that you can't change what has already happened in terms of the past. ORION TECHNOLOGY AND OTHER SECRET PROJECTS Al Bielek and Preston Nichols

I was time-transferred to 1983, where they did the full erasure of my full memory of my career and everything as Zeb Cameron. All my credentials were removed and erased. Dr. von Neumann knew it was happening. He didn't like it, but he couldn't do anything about it.   They also pulled the age regression number on me, which was to reduce my body size to that of an infant. Now, they can take a person back to a fetus. This is a common and usual technique, now, and I know people who have gone through it, including my second son. (I have four sons by the way.) My number two son, I found and I've met and know him. It's another long story.
    He was also regressed back to a fetus; yes, the whole nine yards. I was reduced only to approximately a one-year-old boy. Why they stopped at this point, I don't know. I think part of the process they intended to put me through was subverted or failed. I know Dr. von Neumann interfered with it at one point. So, I was sent back to 1927 as approximately a one-year-old boy, because, my legal parents, whom I knew as my only parents for many years (Albertina Bielek, maiden name Kurchess, and my father Arthur E. Bielek) were the only parents I knew. I was totally wiped as memory, and I grew up as a kid, literally from a baby but, at the age of one by the birth certificate, which said March 31, 1927, by Christmas I would have been nine months old. Interviewed by Kenneth Burke at the Global Sciences Congress, Daytona Beach, Florida in August 1997