An Interview With Ottis Toole: The Cannibal Kid

By Billy Bob Barton  

Adapted from Boiled Angel #8

The following article is reprinted from Mike Diana's "The Worst Of Boiled Angel". Ottis Toole is a convicted killer responsible for, by his own approximations, hundred of deaths. The included tabloid article is taken from the October 15, 1996 issue of 'GLOBE'.

Let me tell you something: as a crime beat journalist I've met every kind of criminal scum known to mankind, a few I believed were aliens from other planets. I've interviewed Ted Bundy who knawed on the naked buttocks of a dead college coed and who fucked the week-old rotting, headless corpse of Denise Noslund in Washington State. The law never got him for that one, Bundy fried for strangling and raping the remains of a Florida schoolgirl. Bundy was so depraved that he radiated evil like a supernova. Pure scumbag.

I've chatted with serial murderess Margie Barfield who had a habit of poisoning her victims. I saw her at the North Carolina Prison for Women shortly before she was executed. She was smiling, hymn-singing, bible-thumping bag of shit who'd make you feel comfortable while pouring rat poison down your throat.

I've talked to the worst criminals on Earth - or so I thought - but nothing prepared me for my meeting with Ottis Toole, the infamous Cannibal Kid, who recently was sentenced to a mandatory 100 years in North Florida. I wrote this character a letter while he was in prison near Appilachocola but didn't catch up to him until he was sent to the infamous Florida State Prison near Starke.

The Florida State Prison is a built on a pestiferous swamp. The mosquitos almost sucked me dry as I waited to be cleared for entry into this state sponsored septic tank of a prison. A sweating fat black maggot of a prison cop wearing a shit-brown uniform examined my credentials as the vermin attacked my bare skin. I swatted the bugs as the insolent toad looked me over as if I was a new arrival for the eletric chair. There isn't any speices of human lower than a prison guard. They're far more corrupt than the criminals they watch over. In my oppinion, they're blubbergutted, tobacco spitting, animated balls of feces. Only a pervert would work in a prison and at the Florida State Prison I saw these brown-shirted perverts aplenty.

Finally I was approved for entry into the prison and was escorted to the interview area by a swishing, limp-wristed homosexual "Classification Specialist". I was afraid to ask what the pussy-boy specialized in. "He" was a "she" and a genuine charmer. Finally I was put in a little room and a chained human monster by the name of Ottis Toole was led in by a squad of prison goons. They threw Toole into a chair but left the chains on him. Toole glared at their backs as they left the room. Finally he looked at me; I looked at him andsaid, "I'm Billy Bob. Is it true you eat people or that is just bullshit?"

Toole looked me over as if I were a whopper and said "You look damn tasty. If I had me a knife I'd slit your throat and drink some blood."

I noticed Toole began to drool a bit at the idea of dicing me up for stewmeat. His eyes were red and crazy, he began to pant and hiss like a hungry animal. He liked the idea of munching on human meat.

Barton: I'm Billy Bob. Is it true you eat people or that is just bullshit?

Toole: You look damn tasty. If I had me a knife I'd slit your throat and drink some blood.

Barton: They tell me you eat young boys.

Toole: I've eaten my share.

Barton: Tell me about it.

Toole: First I go out and catch me a little boy, maybe go down to a mall or shopping center and grab one there...grab him, tie him up, use a gag, put him in the trunk of my car and drive him to my place out in the swamps. Nobody to bother me way out there.

Barton: Did you rape those boys?

Toole: Yeah, I give it to 'em in the butt.

Barton: Make them scream?

Toole: Naw, they have on a gag. Can't scream.

Barton: Ever fuck little girls?

Toole: Sure. Fuck 'em in the butt same as a boy.

Barton: Yeah, why's that?

Toole: A girl 8 or 9 years old, her pussy ain't able to take a big dick. She can take it up her butt same as a boy. I prefer a boy. I make his peter get hard, a boy maybe 12 years old, I can make him shoot jizz every time while I'm up his ass. A girl, she doesn't do nothing. Ain't much fun.

Barton: You fuck 'em, then you kill 'em?

Toole: Yeah. So what? I like it.

Barton: Ever kill any adult people?

Toole: Plenty of 'em. All the time - men, women, kids.

Barton: How'd you kill them?

Toole: All kinds of ways. Strangle some with a belt. Shoot some. Cut some throats.

Barton: I read where you use a bar-b-que sauce when you eat those kids. Is that true?

Toole: Yeah, I have my own recipe.

Barton: Tell me how you cook a young boy or girl.

Toole: After the fucking then you strip them naked and hang them upside down by the ankles; then slit their throat with a knife, slit the belly and take out the guts, the liver, the heart. Cut off the head. Let the blood drain.

Barton: Do you have a big fire?

Toole: A pit. A bar-b-que pit. Charcoal so there ain't much smoke. Take down the body, put the metal spit through them. Put it into the asshole, through the body and out the neck, wire the meat to the spit, put it on the spit-holder over the coals. Damn tasty.

Barton: Just how does a little boy bar-b-que taste, Ottis?

Toole: Same as a roasted piglet. Boys and girls taste about the same when you roast them 8 to 10 years old. The flavor is a shade different when they're teenagers. The boys are gamier than the girls. Give me the roasted meat of a boy age 14 and a girl age 14 and I can tell the difference when you use a spicy sauce.

Barton: Ever kill teenagers?

Toole: Sure. Get a pair of lovers parking in the woods. Easy to catch them. Teenagers make a nice roast, I do favor a rump roast from a teen. Younger ones I think I prefer ribs. Juicy. Tasty. You ought to try some.

Barton: You're a sick fucker! Anyone ever told you that?

Toole: Sure. Plenty have told me. I got off death row because they said I'm too sick to burn on the electric chair. Nobody came around to try to cure me. They give me some pill. People eat pigs, cows, horses. I like to eat people. It's good meat, too. You ain't tried it, don't be saying it ain't tasty. You might like it.

Barton: How many people have you killed and eaten?

Toole: Just me killing them alone or the ones I killed and ate with Henry?

Barton: You were doing this with Henry Lucas, too?

Toole: Yeah, we'd mostly eat hitch hikers.

Barton: All together how many do you think?

Toole: Oh, probably about 150 or so.

Barton: Incredible! And the police never caught you?

Toole: Ain't no police out in the woods.

Barton: Henry Lee Lucas says now that he didn't kill all those people, that he was making it all up. What do you say about that?

Toole: We killed over 200 when we was roaming the country together. Maybe he killed more before he met me or after we split. I'd say around 200 for sure, I got over 100 my own self. Henry said he got about 400 all together, I don't know for sure. I really don't.

Barton: Do you recall any memorable killings?

Toole: Oh yeah, I remember Shelly.

Barton: Shelly, is that a boy or a girl?

Toole: A young woman about 20 or 25, around there.

Barton: What do you remember?

Toole: I got her when she was hitch hiking in Colorado. I had me an old pick-up truck. I picked her up, took her up into the Rocky Mountains and killed her. She was naked when I killed her. A pretty one. It was the summertime in 1974 and what was funny is that the police blamed the killing on Ted Bundy but Ted didn't get that one, I got her.

Barton: Ever hear of anyone else being blamed for killings you did?

Toole: Yeah. I got me a Chinese girl out by Colorado Springs in 1974; cut her throat and she had a friend and I stabbed her up, too. The cop got a guy named Estep for that case but I did it. Cops don't always get the right person.

Barton: Kill anyone else in Colorado?

Toole: Oh yeah, I remember a girl. Ellen, late twenties or early thirties in age, I got her down by Pueblo, Colorado, we rode East. I shot that one, shot her through the head.

Barton: Did you fuck them?

Toole: Sometimes. I fucked them the way I fuck a boy. Make them take it up the ass. I ain't into pussy but a girl's asshole is about the same as a man's.

Barton: Did you eat Patty?

Toole: No. Not her. I shot her; didn't eat her or cut off a hunk to eat later. Just left her lying dead.

Barton: Were you involved with a death cult then?

Toole: No, not then. That was around 1974. I joined the cult in the 1980's, early 80's. I was in it with Henry.

Barton: Tell me about it.

Toole: It was The Hand of Death. We were working for that cult and we'd grab little kids for the human sacrifices, grab young women for the snuff movies. We'd tie the women up and haul them to Mexico, only the ones that come out there. I liked working for The Hand of Death. They'd let me have the corpses when they were done with the films or sacrifices and I could take a prime cut. We got most on those people from Texas since it's near the border with Mexico. There were several death cults down there. I heard that a few years ago the police busted one near Matamoros. That wasn't The Hand of Death, it was a different one.

Barton: What's a human sacrifice like?

Toole: Secret rituals, I can't reveal it to anyone.

Barton: Generally. Tell me generally.

Toole: Put them on the altar and cut their throat; then make a burnt offering to the Devil. Like that generally.

Barton: Who? Women? Kids?

Toole: Virgins were preferred. Girls of teenage years.

Barton: Virgin sacrifice?

Toole: Yeah, slit the throat, collect the blood in a goblet, pass it around and drink it hot. Do chants. It's secret stuff. You aren't supposed to reveal it. They make you take an oath for secrecy.

Barton: You drank human blood from a cup?

Toole: Yeah, it's in the ritual.

Barton: What's it taste like?

Toole: Kinda salty. Not so good. I like cooked meat. I didn't mind eating the cooked parts.

Barton: Is eating human flesh part of the rituals?

Toole: Sometimes.

Barton: What parts are ritually eaten?

Toole: Well, I'm not allowed to tell about it.

Barton: Just tell a little.

Toole: We had a ritual where we ate sex parts.

Barton: Tell about that.

Toole: The women parts were the titty nipples and the hole where the dick goes in.

Barton: The vagina.

Toole: I guess. It's like a little bag of muscle.

Barton: You'd cut out their cunts?

Toole: Whatever it's called. A sex part. A hole the woman has.

Barton: What about the males?

Toole: Cut off the peter, cut off the balls.

Barton: You fry it all up?

Toole: No, it's put in like a little stew pot. The guy who cooks it makes it like a soup or stew. It's a secret recipe from about a thousand years ago.

Barton: Taste good?

Toole: Not bad. The part of the woman around the pussyhole is like lips. Sort of chewy and rubbery. The balls are damned good when fried. Use a little batter and a fryer and it's a real treat. Crispy. Like a crispy chestnut. Fresh fried balls is one of my favorites.

Barton: What's eating the sex parts supposed to do for you?

Toole: Gives you increased sexual potency. Powers.

Barton: Right. You believe that?

Toole: I don't know. I prefer to eat the ribs actually but I go along with what's being served at the ceremonies.

Barton: Where was this weird shit going down, Ottis?

Toole: Mexico, a ranch down there.

Barton: And these were all virgins you ate and cut up?

Toole: I don't know. Me and Henry would drive up to Texas and collect women. Girls. We'd just catch those we come upon.

Barton: Tell me about that part.

Toole: Certain times of the year the priests wanted virgins for the human sacrifices. They'd say to me and Henry to go up to Texas and collect some. We'd drive on up, get girls hitch hiking, pick up vans at bars. There are a lot of women just walking down the road in South Texas. Migrant workers. We'd get them, tie them up, gag them, put them in the trunk. We fill the trunk, 6 or 8 girls, then go back to Mexico. Down at the ranch the priests check them for virgins.

Barton: How did they check?

Toole: Took down their pants and looked at that hole. The hole is smaller on virgins. Something about that hole, I'm not into women. The priests took the virgins to one building and the non-virgins went to where they made snuff films.

Barton: Ever see any of these films being made?

Toole: Yeah.

Barton: What did you see?

Toole: A political movie about Paris, France, in the old days. They had a machine that cut off a woman's head.

Barton: A guillotine?

Toole: Yeah, I think so.

Barton: Tell about it.

Toole: The woman is strapped to a board. Her neck is locked in between a thing, her head is sticking out of a hole on the board. A big knife drops and cuts off her head. The head falls into a basket.

Barton: You watched?

Toole: Yeah, it was interesting. Her name was Charlotte.

Barton: You knew her name?

Toole: Her movie name, I guess. She was political. Broke some law, so they cut off her head. Blood squirted all over the place. It was an old-timey execution.

Barton: Did you sacrifice any virgins?

Toole: No, never did. Priests did all that.

Barton: You saw it?

Toole: Oh sure, we all saw it.

Barton: What did you see? Tell how a virgin is sacrificed.

Toole: The high priest is dressed in a goat costume. He stands behind the virgin. She's chained belly down to the sacrificial block with her buttocks raised and spread. There is a second high priest who has the knife. They do the chants, ceremonies, the secret things I can't tell about. Then the priest in front pulls the virgins head back by her hair and puts the knife against her throat. The one behind her steps up and puts his dick into her sex hole and when she screams the priest in front slits her throat. It's all secret rites.

Barton: How many virgins are sacrificed?

Toole: The main ceremony, once a year calls for 13 virgins. That's the big ritual. Usually it's only one virgin.

Barton: Do you really expect me to believe you saw 13 virgins sacrificed at one time? There aren't even 13 virgins left in America. Give me a fucking break, Ottis!

Toole: It's not all at once. One at a time, all night long because each ceremony, at sundown and the last, at sunrise which is about an hour. The first one is a black girl, she is sacrificed to the prince of darkness at the exact moment of sundown. During the night virgins are sacrificed to specific demons. Those virgins are usually Latinas. The last virgin, the 13th, is sacrificed to Lucifer, Son of the Morning; always a blond girl is used and her throat is cut at sunrise. She's called the Sun Princess. She has two slavegirl attendants who are sacrificed with her, they go with her into the Heart Of The Sun.

Barton: Ottis, you're crazy!

Toole: The year I first saw the Ceremonies, the Sun Princess was a teenage girl, a white-blond from Houston. Her cult name was "Taireina" which is "Morning Star". The year I saw it the Sun Princess was an American, so was the black girl, the others were Latinas. I saw the rituals. The Hands of Death are a most secret cult; I've already said too much!

Barton: You and Lucas were involved in this shit?

Toole: Yeah, but Henry wants to deny everything now because he's trying to avoid being executed. I'm too crazy for execution so I can tell you how it really was. Henry killed a lot of people. I know, I was there. I helped him do the murders.

Barton: We're running out of time Ottis. Do you have any particularly fond memories of your days together with Henry Lucas? He's the one they made the movie about, not you. He's famous, you're a nobody. A prison faggot. What's your last word?

Toole: Henry is going to be executed but I'll be alive surrounded by cute fuck-boys. I have everything I want in prison. Except I miss the freedom to drive down the highway robbing and killing from town to town. That's excitement at its best and miss being able to bar-b-que a boy when I get the urge. I did like to bar-b-que. You can write in your story that anyone who wants to write me and get a recipe for my home made sauce, I'll send it free. Just send a few stamps for the reply letter. That's all honey.