Tri-field Meter Doesn't Work In Measuring Tower Output

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Post Tri-field Meter Doesn't Work In Measuring Tower Output 
When I tried my tri-field meter near my neighborhood tower it did not respond. My RF strength meter did. I bought it from  "Tools for Wellness" in the ad for the meter it stated: "You'll never again wonder how much microwave energy your being exposed to from cell towers". They're right! I know exactly how much now.

I can tell for sure something is going on with tower output after gifting. ( other than dor to or)They are being turned off! I get strong readings prior to gifting,when i go back no reading. The flying rodents must radio down to rats in the sewer to turn off busted towers  Laughing

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Post Re: Tri-field Meter Doesn't Work In Measuring Tower Output 
I think the only instruments that can confirm whether a death tower is turned off are radiation counters.  These towers broadcast deadly orgone radiation, after all.  To only look at the EM aspect is like acknowledging the light from the sun but ignoring the heat.

I look at the way that Tesla started out assuming the ether is real, then produced revolutionary inventions from his discoveries while Einstein labored under the assumption that ether doesn't exist and he produced nothing at all, except  scribblings. which some say his wife actually did for him Wink  

Guess which one the damaged, institutionalized academics still put on a pedestal and which one they still ignore.  Life is a comedy, sometimes.

Bad energy and good energy both give the same readings on Geiger counters, I've read.  Reich discovered that in the 1930s, if I'm not mistaken.  Since damaged scientists can't contemplate the existence of orgone, they only notice 'radioactivity' as measured on radiation counters.

Gifted high tension powerlines show the effect of orgonite on a tri-meter, too.  

In the case of the death towers the NSA or some other $#!++Y/wealthy agency has somehow made it impossible to get  reliable readings from standard devices.

It's good for folks to find this out on their own, as I did in 2003.  Until one day in March, 2003, I was easily able to get confirmation from a simple Zapchecker, aimed at the towers I was gifting.

The day all that stopped  abruptly was when I met Hugh Lovel and tried to demonstrate it to him in the field near his farm in N. Georgia.

Because my Zapchecker suddenly failed to show the requisite 15-20 minutes it took for a towerbuster to erase the reading on the device after the towerbuster got tossed near a tower, Hugh remained skeptical about my claim that orgonite turns these monsters into life force generators.  He was university-trained so wasn't inclined to pursue this, though he later moved to Australia and is making orgonite cloudbusters for sale, there Cool

He had already achieved success by demonstrating a radionics application for restoring depleted soil while increasing crops, so of course he knew something about subtle energy.  I think that I'd brought a little too much to his table, that day and the NSA or some other criminal organization thought they could turn him away from the entire orgonite subject by humiliating me at the tower sites Wink

When I returned to ATlanta to resume gifting the Zapchecker remained useless, which is when I got the impression that the freaks had made this part of their agenda.   My zapchecker cost under a hundred bucks; their ground wave (?) program probably costs them billions of dollars a year.   In terms of strategy, maybe this is like the way Himmler had to deploy tens of thousands of baby killers, for a year or so,  to put down a few hundred guys with pistols in the Warsaw Ghetto. In our war, of course, there isn't much bloodshed Wink and we don't even need Zapcheckers or Trimeters to know if we're successful, after all.

After that day, I've never been able to get a reliable instrument reading on a tower but, of course, I'd already achieved certainty about towerbusters with loads of fieldwork and observation.  In fact, the towerbusting effort was only a few months old, then, and I was in Georgia mainly to gift Atlanta.   I wouldn't have travelled across the country for something like this (we lived in Idaho) but a clever campaign against gifting was gaining ground and I needed to clear the smog from a big city in a hurry to recover some momentum. Lots of good people had been seduced away from doing this work effectively and were enthralled by a couple of folks who later got exposed, thank grid.   If you want to see that sort of thing, go visit the original cloudbuster forum on Yahoo.  You might want to wash your hands, after Wink

My first impression (that day) was that the feds had somehow created an energy field around the towers in Hugh's area that made it impossible to use a sensitive EMF device  near them effectively.   I was kind of shocked that this was happening everywhere I gifted, after that.

I doubt they can affect a radiation counter, that way.  Someone, someday, will try one of those.  I wonder if this is a global agenda but only  a few Americans seem to be inclined to use devices to check their gifting results.  A lot of gifters seem to get high on tossing orgonite and they don't even pay attention to what happens, after.   I bet this really rankles the corporate baby eaters Wink

The nice thing about seeing the energy around the towers is that one can know, for sure, if the tower is turned off.  In our experience, they almost never turn off the towers. Exceptions seem to be when they turn off towers in an area where a new gifter is just getting started but I think that's just an effort to confuse the gifter and get him/her to stop doing it.

Persistence always pays but only if one will also be observant.

I say ,'psychics,' but of course a lot of other people can see those dark outlines around gifted towers that indicate a transition zone between the nasty energy produced by the towers and the healthy energy it's been turned into before it's broadcast.  The outline is about 3 feet from the tower and its appendages.  I suppose that when a tower is turned off, psychics can't see anything so in our travels I'm going to ask Carol to help me find turned-off towers.

When we got to SE Florida, four years ago, Jeff had already busted all the towers for some distance around.  We were gifting with him for several months before Carol mentioned how she tells if a tower has been effectively disabled (the dark outline).   Jeff said, 'I've been seeing thast right along but I assumed they were guy wires or somethiung.'   Sometimes, people like Jeff who have a lot of natural ability just need some confrirmation from others in order to have confidence that what they're observing is real and not imagined.   This is one of the purposes of EW and it's why I hammer people to post their personal observations rather than just to tally their gifted targets.

In my experience, the corporate world order is made up of damaged people who are incapable of rational action because their heart centers are messed up or atrophied.   This is seen in the way that the US, Brit and Israel governments keep trying to start World War Three, I think, also by the way a lot of these death towers and weather weapons are 'turned up' after they're gifted, rather than turned off.   It may also be the reason they increased the number of chemtrail assaults after it became obvious that the chemtrails weren't harming anyone, any more, by the middle of 2002.

You and I would know better than to pour trillions of dollars into a program that has become ineffective, but of course we're not damaged the way they are.


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Post Re: Tri-field Meter Doesn't Work In Measuring Tower Output 
Maybe someone in the science forum feels inclined to pursue this--more hard science is always better, after all.

Alejandro knows a retired engineer in Santiago who used a Trimeter to test the effects of orgonite on a high tension powerline near his property that had evidently caused some sickness in his family.   If memory serves, the meter showed a sharp reduction in EMR after a half hour or so.

Since it's easy to find these things to experiment on, someone may evenytually take the opportunity to extend this experiment.  When a balanced psychic watches the energy it's essentially a way of getting data that instruments can't touch and when several reputable psychics are watching the same thing the result is compounded.

Thanks for bringing this up Mr Claw. I think Alan in Maine also posted something like this recently.  

The first time someone told me about using a Trimeter around orgonite was in 2002 when some folks in Texas were using one to measure the relative fields of holy handgrenades and a cloudbuster--nice raw data.


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Post Re: Tri-field Meter Doesn't Work In Measuring Tower Output 
We could count a little more coup by exposing the death tower ground wave (?) agenda with a little judicious experimenting and reporting but  the corporate world order is falling apart so fast, by now, that I've lost most of my ambition in that direction.

It's sure worth doing, though.

Stanman in South Carolina, who is one of the (at least) five folks around the US who were injected with strange poison and marked on our chests that night in late December, 2002, is now a professional helicopter pilot, so his gifting range has been extended.  I mention him because a close friend of his was installing death towers in 2003 and told him that under each new tower they were burying a large, parabolic dish, facing upward.  I wonder if this relates to the way they're cancelling readings on trifield meters, now.  Im just putting this out for our readers in case one of them can give me some more intel.  My email address is and maybe we can now get a leg up on this confusing issue.