Dr. Armen Victorian

Non-Lethality: John B. Alexander, the Pentagon's Penguin by Armen Victorian



 Armen Victorian, "Psychic Warfare and Non lethal Weapons."  Ch 7 & 8

Mind Controllers, by Dr. Armen Victorian, focuses on the wide variety of sophisticated technologies used to control the way people think and act.

This incredible book exposes a wide variety of highly questionable experiments conducted by the CIA and other agencies seeking new forms of “non-lethal weapons.” Thousands of human ‘guinea pigs’ were exploited and harmed both physically and mentally including hospital patients, pregnant women, school children, prisoners, and veterans. Dr. Victorian has documentary proof of all this. He lists hundreds of references for you to prove and further investigate everything he states. The book is a little slow in the first half, but especially the second half will open your eyes to the secret government’s agenda of controlling the world through subtle, unseen manipulation of our minds.