C. Samuel West, D.N., N.D

Lymph therapy

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"Strength and vitality come directly from a clean system.  Poisons cause "trapped" proteins and rob the body of energy." Samuel West p131

"Too much simple sugar (cakes, candies, ice cream etc) will dilate the capillary membranes just like stress, shock, or poisons from damaged cells.  Sugar is also a physically and mentally addicting drug, just like alcohol.  The simple sugars will trap your blood proteins."

"Trapped protein, excess sodium, shuts the generator off, and the calcium drops out of solution and forms calcium deposits everywhere it happens.  This is the cause of arthritis and hardening of the arteries.  This has been proven by Dr Campbell, who is osteopathic physician, he wrote the book A Doctors Proven New Home Cure for Arthritis......All he does is take the people off salt, sugar, fat, and high cholesterol foods, which we know will trap the proteins.  No trapped proteins, no excess sodium, the generators are turned back on; calcium dissolves and the body rebuilds its joints.  It's just that simple!."  The Golden Seven Plus One by C. Samuel West, D.N., N.D p72


(1) Every cell in the body has a SODIUM-POTASSIUM PUMP in it that generates electricity which is POWER!

(2) Everywhere we have a BLOOD VESSEL going through our body, we have a LYMPHATIC VESSEL going side by side with cells in between.

(3) The purpose of the LYMPHATIC VESSELS is to pull out all the dead cells and poisons and excess water from the spaces around the cells which keeps the cells in the "DRY STATE" with no excess water around the cells.

(4) The cells have to be kept in the "DRY STATE" in order to get OXYGEN from the blood vessels.

(5) BLOOD PROTEIN and WATER leave the BLOOD STREAM to ALTER the "DRY STATE" which is the CAUSE OF LACK OF OXYGEN AT the cell level.

(6) Breaking the MENTAL (anger, loss of temper, holding grudges etc.), NUTRITIONAL (Man-made Tea, coffee, liquor "beer", tobacco, drugs, too much salt, sugar, candy, cakes, ice cream, pop, and too much meat.), and PHYSICAL (being lazy and being a shallow breather), LAWS OF HEALTH is what brings the blood proteins and water out of the blood stream and produces lack of oxygen. Anything that will damage cells will cause the blood protein and water to leave the blood stream and alter the "Dry State" which is the actual cause of pain, loss of energy, and every disease on the face of this earth!

(7) When we learn to obey the laws of health and ACTIVATE our LYMPHATIC VESSELS to CONTROL the BLOOD PROTEIN and WATER, there will be NO PAIN, NO LOSS OF ENERGY, and NO DEATH by DISEASE.

God help us to care "WHY AND HOW" people are suffering and dying with disease!

Sincerely, Dr. C. Samuel West - DN, ND, Chemist & Lymphologist http://www.speedhealing.com/seven_major_lifesaving_discoveries.htm