What Does This Mean?

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This makes the second time I noticed the flashing lights on HAARP antennas dimming significantly after I gifted them. They almost look as if they are getting ready to burn out as opposed to the way they looked before they were gifted.

(We performed some gifting on all these antennas prior to noticing the dimming effects mentioned here without noticing anything at the time)

Antenna number one: Over a year ago this antenna was flashing several vertical super bright white stobe-type of lights when I decided to gift it. The next day when I drove by I noticed it dimmed so much that it looked pathetic. This HAARP antenna is still dimmer than it was before I gifted it back then.

Antenna number two: was actually 2 HAARP antennas side by side with several vertical bright red lights and when I pointed my cb towards them recently and noticed the chaotic winds which had been blowing fierce calmed down quickly. Yesterday when I drove in from town I noticed one looked burnt out with it's lights so dim, they were almost un-noticable, and the other antenna was noticably dimmer but not quite as much. They actually appear to be wounded. Could this be a type of confirmation or were they powered down for some unknown reason? Nevertheless, orgonite never ceases to amaze me.

Has anyone else noticed similar effects?


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Excellent empirical observations, Louis, thanks!   I hope others will contribute to the thread and that readers will send us their observations to post here.

When Carol and I stumbled into  the realization that the then-new, omnipresent death towers could be disabled with orgonite, around February, 2002, we saw evidence, based on the same thing you're observing, that disabling a primary death tower also disabled some towers that were apparently connected to it.

Fortunately the town we were gifting, Paso, Washington, had many more towers per capita than the norm (norm is around 2,000 people per death tower in most countries in the world where we've personally gifted) and they were pretty close together.

Example, we put a holyhandgrenade by the biggest tower and the light stopped flashing within twenty minutes or so,  then three or four nearby towers' lights also  went out shortly afterward and Carol saw the death energy transmissions from all these towers cease.

We felt dismayed, a few weeks later, when this cascading  effect no longer happened in the areas we were gifting and our impression was that the sewer rats had managed to re-configure the networking aspect of their death towers on account  of our success.  We'd been  seeing countless thousands of new towers in our travels in the previous month, especially in the Los Angeles Basin, and we recognized that they were apparently intended to be used for enforcing martial law.  Any sensitive or psychic knows that the energy from these towers is horrific, after all, unlike the ubiquitous, low-current cell repeaters and communication satellites that had been  handling all cellphone traffic had been, before.  The thought of someone having to disable all these millions of transmitters in order ot avert global enslavement and genocide was kind  of depressing, in fact, so we focused on doing our immediate area thoroughly:  North Idaho, Eastern Washington and part of Montana.

I went, alone, to Southern Idaho  a few months later to field test the then-new towerbuster concept for several weeks in a score of cities. I went alone  because I wanted to be sure that a non-psychic could  get it done and achieve the requisite visual confirmations and when I was convinced it worked consistently, I started promoting it on the web.  Fortunately, it took  hold.

Curiously, there were many thousands of orgonite cloudbusters, by then, but only a small number of people who had built or bought the CBs were inclined to stir themselves to also  go out and disable the death towers and weather warfare weaponry.  The present 'generation' of gifters is more self-motivated,  far more numerous, less ideology-driven and more focused on results and systematic work.

Similarly, until around Feb of 2003 one could determine whether a particular death tower was broadcasting or not by simply aiming a ZapChecker at it.  This was awfully handy, as you can imagine, and a few of us were carrying zapcheckers as standard gifting equipment, then Wink .  I was interested to notice that I could point a ZapChecker at an unbusted death tower and get a strong reading but if I held the zapchecker behind and object I got no reading at all.  This 'line of sight' aspect is apparently one of the failings of the death-energy transmission tech, which is probaly why there are so damn many towers in teh first place, especially in population centers.  

That's not to say that some of their energy isn't undetectable by teh zapcheckers, of course.  I don't think orgone (good or bad) is measured with that instrument, for instance, but perhaps a carrier frequency wave is. Who knows? All that tech is deep military secret, after all; typical CIA/NSA/MI6 nastiness.  Doc von Peters, who teaches in Russia several times a year--cities throughout the country, told us categorically that there are NO death towers in Russia, by the way.  I think it's the only country on the planet htat doesn't have them. He said everyone there has a cellphone and that reception is flawless, which indicates satellites.

The range of neighborhood death towers is quite short, according to my old zapchecker readings.  The range of the drum and horn transmitter arrays, which are often found in teh  countryside, seems to be much longer, on the other hand.

They suddenly stopped working for that by the time we visited Hugh Lovel in Georgia and took him on a short gifting demonstration to the local death towers.  From that day onward, whenever I turned a zapchecker on in the vicinity of any towers the needle pegged out at the red end of the scale and stayed there, no matter what the orgonite was doing.   This was enough for Hugh to look askance at my claim about the death towers Cool but he loved the little cloudbuster we gave him and is selling his version of orgonite cloudbuster in Australia these days.

My impression was that teh NSA or some other criminal  syndicate had managed to blanket the areas around  all  the death towers and HAARP facilities with ambient, perhaps low frequency,  energy-neutral carrier waves that are able to generate a static field around the towers. It might be kind of how the chemtrails are often just composed of inert skywriting chemicals in order to stay in the sky awhile--that's enough to discourage the less discerning would-be gifters in this global scale psychological (disinfo) war that the old world order has been  waging.

My feeling is that we ought to compile accounts about the lights dimming on gifted death towers.  If the sewer rats find a way to circumvent that effect we'll at least have plenty of empirical evidence that the phenomenon is happening right now Wink

Good job, Louis!  Maybe the 'What Does This Mean' aspect will remain an open question until the old world order has been  weakened enough to be forced to disclose the technical details of their more hidden agendae, which probably includes these death towers, etc.