Water and Information

by Stuart Wilde

September 12, 2003
We know from bio-resonance that water retains information. Your body is mostly water, so it is a library, not just of your physical condition but of your mind and your soul. Pictured here are photos of frozen water crystals taken by Prof. Masaru Emoto. These photos and many others are in his magnificent book about resonance called, Messages from Water

      Adolf Hitler          Love/Appreciation   After offering a prayer

He takes a small tube full of water and labels it with a word or two and then he freezes it. He then photographs the water crystals from the sample. The first one pictured here was labeled A. Hitler, you can see how deformed and ugly the crystals are. If you look at the spots marked by the arrows you can see several demonic faces that have appeared in the water sample. When you feel or speak of hatred your blood begins to change, you become the hologram of hate, and the demonic travels with you wherever you go, until you change your mind anyway.

In the second photo, the water was labeled with the words love/appreciation. You can see the beauty and the symmetry in the sample. It has a perfection to it. When you allow this emotion, the water in your body, your blood, begins to change to match the beauty of that sentiment.

The third photo is a sample of water after a prayer has been offered over the water. Here again you see the stunning beauty and symmetry of the water crystal.

The function of the WHITE® light is to repattern the bio-resonance of the water in your body, removing clusters of old information and deformity and building a new symmetry of harmony and balance.

© Stuart Wilde 2003

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