Developing the Will by Israel Regardie

'Imagine what you desire, Will what you imagine, Create what you Will'.---George Bernard Shaw

The diagram in the ashes had two epicentres; one he called 'reason', the other, 'will'. 'Reason' was interconnected directly with a point he called 'talking'. Through 'talking', 'reason' was indirectly connected to three other points, 'feeling', 'dreaming' and 'seeing'. The other epicentre, 'will', was directly connected to 'feeling', 'dreaming' and 'seeing'; but only indirectly to 'reason' and 'talking'.
I remarked that the diagram was different from the one I had recorded years before.
'The outer form is of no importance,' he said. 'These points represent a human being and can be drawn in any way you want.'
'Do they represent the body of a human being?' I asked.
'Don't call it the body,' he said. 'These are eight points on the fibres of a luminous being. A sorcerer says, as you can see in the diagram, that a human being is, first of all, will, because will is directly connected to three points, feeling, dreaming and seeing; then next, a human being is reason. This is properly a centre that is smaller than will; it is connected only with talking.'
"What are the other two points, don Juan?'.....'We may say that every one of us brings to the world eight points. Two of them, reason and talking, are known by everyone. Feeling is always vague but somehow familiar. But only in the world of sorcerers does one get fully acquainted with dreaming, seeing and will. And finally, at the outer edge of that world one encounters the other two. The eight points make the totality of oneself.' ---Don Juan

'The secret of the luminous beings is that they have another ring of power which is never used, the will. The trick of the sorcerer is the same trick of the average man. Both have a description; one, the average man, upholds it with his reason; the other, the sorcerer, upholds it with his will. Both descriptions have their rules and the rules are perceivable, but the advantage of the sorcerer is that will is more engulfing than reason.---Don Juan

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