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The Medical Industrial Complex

a book by Stanley Wohl, M.D.

(Harmony Books, NY - 1984)
Although some of Dr. Wohl's material now appears dated, it is still an excellent primer on "the transformation of (modern) medicine from an art and a science to a business for profit." Wrote Robert Reich, M.D., then-Director of Psychiatry for the Human Resources Administration in New York: "(Dr. Wohl's book) is a powerful account of the passing of medical authority from physicians to robber barons--to the peril of us all." With impressive bibliographical support, Dr. Wohl shows how the medical monopoly has corrupted what was once a noble, altruistic profession. Very readable. (p. 218)

"For the medical profession this era may well be one of the most shameful and ethically questionable periods of its history."----Stanley Wohl, M.D. - The Medical Industrial Complex (1984)